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Sun and Moon update where, after the beach battle, you can see Guzma elsewhere besides the Battle Tree, please.

Heck, give me more side stuff with him. I imagine that now Guzma’s pretty bored, and a little lonely, so you just go to various locations together and he starts slowly opening up to you when he’s not training with Hala.


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Do you have a YouTube account? Would you be willing to share it? Your music choices are phenomenonal and I want to start listening to more music like you and since you don't have a Spotify, YouTube would have recently watched videos to see what you're listening to (That's how it works, right? I think?) What's your favorite song right now? Favorite band? I love you

I do have an account but it’s a personal one and I’d be too embarrassed to let people seeing all the crap I watch when I’m bored! (so many star wars theory videos! So many…) As for my favourite band and song, it fluctuates a lot because there too much good stuff out there but I’ll always adore Florence and the Machine as a band and as for a song, I’ve been obsessed with ‘Never Look Away’ by Vienna Teng for ages now as you can probably see by the fact it is referenced in the title of chapter 2 of umfb&mha and I use the phrase ‘never look away’ like a hundred times in obs&bh!

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Is it common for sx-blind people to make lots of friends but never really care for them or something? I tend to make new friends whenever I'm bored, and then said friends think that it's a deep and secure bond, and I'm like "Huh? It wasn't anything like that, I was only being nice." but I can't tell that to them because that would hurt their feelings and I need to stay on good terms with people to achieve my goals, which sounds like I'm manipulative - Does that mean I'm an INTP or an INFP?

Your writing style sounds so/sp INFP. An INTP would at least have the decency of having more self-doubt.

- “make new friends whenever I’m bored“
- “It wasn’t anything like that, I was only being nice.”

It’s amazing how you don’t see the irony in this. What on earth makes you think that those people you call friends aren’t just like you: only superficially being nice to you out of boredom or because society expects it of them?

“Is it common for sx-blind people to make lots of friends but never really care for them or something?”

Well, yes, but only with a very questionable definition of the word “friend”.
I can assure you that out of those “friends” you are supposedly making left and right, only about 10% genuinely like you (those that look for a deeper bond), 10% secretly hate you, and 80% feel indifferent about you.

And no, being nice to people because you see them everyday at school or work and want to keep your job or avoid unneccessary conflict is not being manipulative. It’s just simple common sense in a social world.

I really don’t want to shit on sx-blinds all the time because many of you are really sweet and kind people, but damn you are just awful at reading and sending barrier signals.

Just some examples of baffling shit I frequently hear from sx-blinds irl all the time:

> “My boyfriend’s parents love me so much, they can’t wait to have me in their family!”

- lol why? because they didn’t threaten you with a gun when you stepped into their home or because they hugged you? they are just nice to you because that’s expected of in-laws

> “He hasn’t answered to any the last four e-mails I send him over the last year. It’s not his fault, he is either too busy or he didn’t get the mails because of some weird server error.”

- he doesn’t want to talk to you, he is obviously ignoring all your attempts to contact him and is a timid shithead for not telling you so. Stop making up excuses for him.

> “that woman living next door is so creepy. if i’m gonna get murdered you should know that she is the first suspect. but i don’t want to be be rude and tell her to not contact me again. i will meet her for a coffee instead.”

- i don’t even have words for this

antis be like “omg you think rey is a skywalker? that would be sooo boring! we already have a new skywalker! rey shouldn’t be a skywalker bc it takes away her agency and it is anti-feminism for her to have a dad! we have already seen skywalker vs skywalker before…!!!”

as if like, these next episodes aren’t delivered as the next chapter in the SKYWALKER saga. LF keeps saying it, but i GUESS…

 it wouldn’t be interesting at all to see rey uncover who her mother is/was. it’d be soooo boring for her to have familial tension with kylo. it wouldn’t be intriguing to know how rey reacts to her family/being a skywalker and the mishap of her being left on jakku. wow it’d be sooo stupid to develop rey and kylo as the solely known grandchildren of anakin/vader.

i can’t believe how lame it would be to see luke skywalker face some brand new character development as the sight of his daughter being lost. since you know… this is how he looked at rey on ahch-to.

yeah. rey skywalker sucks and it’s the most unbelievable theory to engulf. LOL LUKE HAVING A KID AND TRAINING HIS OWN DAUGHTER… HAHA, HOW SUPER UNINTERESTING, SILLY ME.

I’m so upset about singing in The Beauty and The Beast, like, YOU’RE MAKING A MUSICAL, MAYBE HIRE MORE PEOPLE WHO CAN ACTUALLY SING?? You know what I mean, that autotune or whatever they did to change some of the voices was ugh, might be the first time I actually glad I watched it first in Russian. 

 @attackedastoria I have a lot of different ones but mostly boring stuff like shales and limestones? A ton of sedimentary rocks because I think they’re really cool. But OK here’s some of my weirder/rarer ones that I LOVE (the pics are bad because its 2 am and its my phone camera)

This one’s a type of banded iron! It’s really heavy and has some really cool wave patterns

This one is Amazonite which is a Microcline variation and it’s teal and really pretty

This is my fave rock I have it’s Labradorite and it’s gorgeous because you can only see the colors at certain angles or in the light and it’s blues and greens and SO pretty, also my test good luck charm

Opal bits! They were a gift from my partner and they’re so pretty for being so small and I cherish them 

This one could have killed me according to my professor, it’s Azurite and Malachite ore! Really cool, slightly poisonous, I’m not sure why the Azurite hasn’t destabilized but there you go

And I just love this one because it’s just a big ass amethyst point 

I’ve also got a lot of cool fossils I dug up last spring, really cool chalcedony bits, calcite, wulfenite, aventurine, serpentine, all sorts of stuff I love rocks so much 


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

I mean… you’ve got to be stirring my pasta. From Epsiode 1 to Episode 12, Mob Psycho 100′s animation remained consistent, it didn’t suffer from the “We blew the whole budget on the first 3 episodes so the rest of the series looks like trash” syndrome.

In fact, the animation quality actually improved as time went on? Episode 12? Hello??? Not to mention all those amazing scenes where the paint on glass was used. Then the fact BONES stayed pretty loyal to the original style from the comic instead of just using the same, boring and generic typical anime style. You can honestly see all the love and hard work BONES put into the adaptation.

I don’t care if YOI is a million times more popular, Mob Psycho’s animation blows it out of the water.

You think you can’t love Yuri Katsuki more...

…and then you realize that in Episode 2, when he gets anxious seeing how Yurio is more comfortable with Viktor… he goes to the Ice Castle to practice Figures. 

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Let me geek out for a bit: 

School Figures or Compulsory Figures are an old staple of figure skating, that were taken out of competition after 1998 - lots of people didn’t like them because they were repetitive and boring to broadcast (Each skater had to do the exact same 6 to 12 figures (depending on the year) one after another, alternating both feet). Plus, historically they amounted anywhere between 20 and 60% of the total score. 

Very few skaters learn them anymore, as they are no longer deemed necessary to be competitive. 

Though they are believed to help develop stronger skating skills and give better symmetry  to the body and a better line, since you learn to use both legs rather than just favoring your dominant one. Many also think it helps to reduce injuries, particularly to the ankle. 

Anyway, when Viktor finally tracks Yuri down at the Ice Castle, Yuri is seen skating slowly in the background. He’s not just stroking or doing cross overs, he’s repeating the same pattern while alternating feet. 

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It makes total sense that Yuri does this to calm down. As I said, figures are repetitive in nature, and when you got anxiety problems, repetitive tasks can actually be quite soothing if it’s something you enjoy doing (I knit, for example). 

That he took the time to learn them when he didn’t have to (Yuri is 23 and the figures have been discontinued for almost 17 years by that point), say something both about him and about the people who coached him as a kid. His technique must actually be quite solid. 

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Little chatterbox Seung Jae

I Wish You A Merry Christmas
Mystic Messenger
I Wish You A Merry Christmas


MC: Who is it?

I wish you a Merry Christmas… I wish you a Merry Christmas…
I wish you a Merry Christmas… and a happy… new…

…Haha… Hahahaha!

Look at your face… Yes, that’s the face I wanted to see.

Your heart’s racing, no? I can see your hands shaking… haha…
Should I call myself the Santa Claus watching over you? I’m always thinking about when I should bring my present.

Should I give the present today…? Or tomorrow?
When would you like to receive it?

MC: I don’t want it.

… I see. I appreciate your answer.

Of course, I have no intentions to do what you want me to do. Hahaha…

Entertain me with your frightened face, with your trembling… everyday from now on… If you bore me, I’ll go find you, okay?

You thought that if you’re nice, you’ll get a present on Christmas? Well… I have a different way of giving gifts.

I despise nice children… I despise them very very much.
Try and be nice until I go see you. Don’t you want to know what I’ll do?

Merry Christmas~!

Be patient and wait for the day… you come to be by my side.

You know, we see a lot of cisswap aus for Disney, but can we have more role reversals pls?

I want to see Jasmine as the sly street rat, enchanting passersby with a bat of her eyelashes and the swing of her hips - before robbing them blind and disappearing over a rooftop before they even know what’s hit them.

Flynn as the sheltered prince bored out of his skull, ready to jump out of his tower if only to sate his restlessness. Then in comes the small and spunky Rapunzel, long, wispy blond hair braided in a thick rope down her back, arms wrapped in lean muscle and a white palace horse following her like a lovesick puppy, despite her being a known criminal.

Big, burly Kristoff, so shy and awkward despite his stature. Kristoff who adores his big sister to the ends of the Earth, who desperately longs for the days of closeness they used to share when they were younger. Kristoff who always thought it was his duty to protect his petite, delicate little big sister, with her soft pale skin like fine white lace, her dainty fingers and gentle smile. Kristoff who blames himself for not being able to protect her when she accidentally freezes her entire country in an eternal winter. Kristoff who is enchanted by Anna and somewhat terrifying reindeer, Sven. Anna who is strong and capable, but still ditzy enough to make Kristoff toss and turn at night with worry for his airheaded new friend.

Tarzan as the cultured, eloquent young man, on a study trip with his eccentric mother to learn more about the gorillas. Tarzan meeting the mysterious, half-feral Jane, draped in animal skins and hair cut short and choppy around her face, lest it get snagged on tree branches or tugged out by ferocious predators as she flies through the forest on her vines.

Phillip as the naive, sheltered young prince raised as a simple village boy, meeting the alluring Aurora and her horse in the woods one day as they hunt for game. Her long golden hair is tied back in a neat knot high on her head to keep it out of the way, her fingers sure and unflinching as she strings up her prey. Aurora facing the dragon to save her prince charming; befriending the poor creature, soothing her ferocious rage borne of pain love - the rage of a mother separated from her hatchlings. Aurora promising the dragon to help find her babies, if only she can first be let through to save her prince charming.

It’s ironic that people call Taurus a boring sign when they literally embody what most people in society try to aim for: luxury, comfort and money. At the end of the day, most people would want to be comfortable in their house, eat some nice food, and dress nice. Not a bad thing at all.

People with Taurus people are completely capable of embodying the qualities of a rich person. They’re calm, steady, and they have great taste, but they’re also accused of being lazy and overly indulgent, which can be true but… Like, I feel like most people who follow societal norms would aim to do that, yet they will call Taureans boring at the same time. Do you see how it’s not making any sense at all?

People strive to be what Taurus embodies, but they will also turn around and call them boring at the same time and it literally makes no sense.

You member how wiishu said her appendix story was boring? Well i decided to fix it. She ain’t lose it cause it decided to be a little bitch and say “imma just stop and fuck yo shit up lol” naaaah. u see she waz in re7 ya’ll just ain’t see her and the bitch ass son of jack and margerite “can’t remember that bitch name” did one of dem puzzle shits and she wuz locked in a room with a knife and a bomb. That bitch ass son was like “yo, i burried a key to the door in yo appendix. Why? idk fam i waz high as shit but if you wanna live you gonna cut that shit out.” And you know what? She did that shit fam cuz signe ain’t a lil bitch. Here’z proof she did dat fam.

Now not only iz this bitch a fucking artist, photographer, and a fashion idol but she a doctor. Dr.stooplstein fake ass doctor bitch ass better move out the motherfucking way. This mofucka can do appendix surgurey she just didn’t tell yall cuz we’d be overwhelmed by the level of cool she iz. I’m onto u fam i’m onto u. @wiishu