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A Little Like Whiplash

(based on this, part two of this, Russian translations under the story itself) 

Jonathan isn’t generally a judgemental person. He likes to think that he sees the best in most people, even if they don’t deserve it.

For some reason, he’s never been able to do that with Yuri Plisetsky, the Russian bombshell that nobody knows or cares to know because he’s terrifying and has a tendency to be an asshole.

He has the distinct impression that Yuri, despite clearly not being a scholarship kid (he’s wearing designer everything, and he drives a Maserati; there’s no way that he came to Portland State for any reason other than that he wanted to), would rather be anywhere but here. He sleeps through the two classes that he shares with Jonathan, and for some reason, the professors allow it. If he was a bit less of an antisocial shit, though, Jonathan would probably have a crush; for all his faults, Yuri is one the most attractive person that he’s ever seen outside of magazines with his immaculately braided, waist-length hair and pouty lips and perfect eyeliner (Jonathan is sure he’s the only one that’s noticed that last bit; the subtlety of it is the reason it’s so damn perfect).

The first time he ever actually says anything, it’s one of those days that the professor decides, for whatever reason, not to show up for class. Until the fifteen minute limit passes, the class hums with a low buzz of noise. Yuri, predictably, is asleep.

Jonathan has a few friends in this class, Anthony and Thomas, and they’re chatting quietly about the baseball game on Saturday. Somehow, the topic shifts to that one asshole that’s always sleeping through class.

“Fifteen minutes!” The girl by the door calls out, and the class gets up.

“I’m just saying, why pay for the classes if you’re just gonna sleep through them?” Anthony says, shouldering his bag and heading for the door.

There’s a snort from behind them. Veronica. Jonathan really doesn’t want to deal with her right now; she’s even worse than Yuri, if only because she isn’t quiet about her disdain for the rest of them. “You know they only accept applications from people like him because he’s part of a minority, right?”

When she sees Jonathan’s raised eyebrows, she mistakes his irritation for curiosity. “Come on, don’t tell me you can’t tell. He’s a goddamn fairy.”

He’s wondering if outing himself here and now would make the situation better or worse when there’s an angry “Huh?” from behind them. The loud bang that follows terrifies all of them, but particularly Jonathan, Veronica, and the other two. Jonathan hadn’t even noticed that Yuri was awake, much less that he was nearby. Now his foot is against the wall, not even an inch from Veronica’s head (flexible, Jonathan can’t help but think). The look on his face pumps shards of ice through Jonathan’s veins.

“There is nothing wrong with being gay,” he growls.

His voice is different than Jonathan would have expected; maybe it’s a bit stereotypical, but he’d expected a low tenor, rather than a mezzo baritone, and his accent is there, but not nearly as thick as Jonathan expected. He stalks out of the room dangerously, and the entire class just stands there in shock for a moment.

Next week, when Veronica stops coming to class and he hears that she’s been expelled, Jonathan is sure that it has everything to do with the rich guy sleeping two seats behind him.

“Jonathan, there are only three people in your group for the upcoming term paper,” the professor says, jolting Jonathan out of his thoughts. It’s true; he, Anthony, and Thomas are planning on working together, since there were an odd number of people in the class. Now that Veronica is gone, that’s not true anymore. “I’m assigning Yuri to your group.”

Fantastic, Jonathan thinks, glancing at Yuri.

He looks up blearily and mutters something in the most snide, sarcastic voice Jonathan has ever heard– yoroshiku onegaishimasu –before dropping his head back on his arms. That didn’t sound like Russian, Jonathan thinks, packing up to leave.

Thomas nudges him. “Dude!” he whispers. “He speaks Japanese? What the hell? And I think that was supposed to be polite, but it sounded like an insult.”

“He can also hear you,” comes from behind them. Yuri has apparently given up on sleep since class is over, and has his phone in his hand. The one that isn’t texting reaches behind him and tugs on something that releases the bun he’s sporting today, letting the waist-length braid fall down his back. He leans his face in one hand and stares at his phone boredly. “You three aren’t the most oblivious people I know, but you’re definitely in the top twenty.”

Jonathan doesn’t know what to say, really. The hottest, laziest guy in class is in a group with him for a paper that’s worth twenty percent of their grade, and their first conversation has gotten off to the worst start possible.

“So,” Anthony says awkwardly. “When do you guys want to meet up?”

“I’m only free on Tuesdays. Yuri, I’m pretty sure you only have class twice a week? Maybe we can meet up for lunch,” Thomas says, trying a friendly approach.

“I can’t meet up on my days off. I have training. It’s a paper on the Japan’s involvement in World War II and how it affects today, right?” Yuri asks, still looking bored.

“Yeah. What do you mean? Do you practice all day on every one of your days off or something?” Anthony sounds mildly teasing, but there’s an undertone of disbelief there.

Yuri looks at Anthony, as if he can’t believe he would ask such a stupid question. “Um, yes? What else would I be doing?”

None of them really has a response for that. Yuri doesn’t look like the athletic type, really. He’s lean, almost willowy; not skinny by any means, since there’s definitely muscle there, but it’s not the build Jonathan would expect from an athlete who practices as much as Yuri claims to.

“Anyway, I’ll deal with the history part,” Yuri says, standing up and stretching. Jonathan tries not to stare at the thin strip of skin that appears when he does. What? He may be an asshole, but Yuri is gorgeous. He’d have to be dead not to notice. “I’ll have it to you by… Tuesday, right?”

“I can do Tuesday,” Jonathan says, not really sure what’s happening anymore.

“So can I.”

Yuri blinks and glances at the table searchingly. “Right,” he says, picking up a sticky note he’d left there and scribbling something down. “Here’s my number. Text me your emails and I’ll send you my part of the project. Bye.”

He walks out of the room, phone already at his ear. “Beka! Vy prikhodite na obed segodnya?

Jonathan looks at Anthony and Thomas, not totally sure what just happened. “So who’s going to pick up the slack on his part?”

That’s not actually necessary, it turns out. Jonathan sent Yuri his email out of courtesy, but when he rolls out of bed on Saturday morning, he finds four pages of 12 point Times New Roman font on Japan’s involvement in World War II, complete with instructions to let Yuri know if there’s anything else that they want him to do (but he won’t be doing the whole damn thing, he doesn’t have time for that).

Except for a few grammatical errors, there’s almost nothing wrong with the work. Jonathan is floored. Maybe this is why the professors let Yuri sleep through class. It’s disrespectful as all hell, but from the way he writes, it’s almost like he doesn’t need to be there at all.

When he’s awake and recovered enough to send a reply, he does. He lets Yuri that there’s nothing wrong with the work, and that he’s looking forward to class on Wednesday. He’s not, but it’s the polite thing to do.

Apparently, Yuri doesn’t planning on extending the same courtesy. “Can’t make it,” he says again, looking bored as he taps away on his phone.

This time, Jonathan actually speaks up. “We could meet up after you’re done with practice or something. It actually works out better for me and Anthony, since we have class on Tuesday.”

“That would work, I guess, but I’m going to be in Japan on Tuesday.” The tone of Yuri’s voice doesn’t change, despite the bomb he’s just dropped.

Why the hell would anyone just up and leave for Japan in the middle of the semester? No matter how rich Yuri is (and he’s definitely rich; they may not know anything about him, but he’s definitely a rich Russian of some sort) it makes no sense. He’s going to miss at least three days of class even if he’s only going to be in Japan for one day, which Jonathan highly doubts. He doesn’t care how pretty or smart this kid thinks he is, there’s no way for him to pass his classes with the way he acts.

“Then cancel it.” He doesn’t even realize that he’s saying the words until they’re out of his mouth, and by then it’s too late.

The look that Yuri fixes on him is as dangerous as it was that day with Veronica. “Fuck you.”

Jonathan backpedals. “I didn’t mean–”

Yuri’s phone rings, cutting him off. The ringtone in itself is enough to cause all three jaws to drop; it’s some classical thing with a boys’ choir singing in what sounds like Latin. Yuri sneers at them, and Jonathan can’t help but think he may have fucked up pretty bad. “Just send me whatever part you want me to handle for the presentation and I’ll do it. Tell me to cancel my trip again, and I won’t do my bit. I’ll still pass without this stupid project.”

He gets up and stalks toward the door, picking up the phone. “Yeah, yeah. I’m on my way to the parking lot now. Shit! Would it kill you to wait a minute and a half, Dad? I said I’ll be there in a minute! Katsudon, get your husband off the goddamn phone when he’s driving. Do you want to die?”

Yet again, there’s this feeling of not really knowing what’s happening by the time Yuri is out of sight. I’ll still pass without this stupid project, he said. That’s almost impossible, unless he has an A in the class. Which he shouldn’t, because he sleeps through it. His participation grade alone should have dropped him to a B unless he’s gotten A’s on every single assignment. There’s no way.

“I need a drink,” Jonathan mutters, and there are murmured agreements from Anthony and Thomas both. “You guys want to go to Shizuku?”

“I’m down.” Anthony says. “Hell, I’ll pay. My treat, after all of that bullshit.”

It’s not even ten minutes to their favorite restaurant by car, but they figure it’ll be easier to walk. There’s no point in driving three cars to get to one place, and none of them are keen on getting their cars out of the student lot right now, since it’s nearly rush hour.

It takes them about thirty minutes to get there, and it’s blessedly empty when they do. There are only a few occupied tables. Still, it seems louder than it usually does, Jonathan notices as they’re waiting to be seated. There’s one table in particular that seems to be making more noise than the rest of the restaurant combined. That makes sense, he thinks, eyeing the back of a silver-haired man’s head. There are a lot of them. At least six, it looks like.

Posmotrite na kotenke, Beka! Eto tak milo! Posmotrite na svoikh malen'kikh lapakh i khvoste.” That voice… it sounds way too happy to be him, but given how the day has gone, Jonathan wouldn’t be surprised.

The silver haired guy moves slightly. It looks like he leaned his face on his hand. “Yurio, don’t be rude. You and your friend aren’t the only people at this table, you know. Richard and Estephania are here too, and they don’t speak Russian.”

“It’s fine,” the person on silver haired’s left says. She has long, dark hair that swishes when she shakes her head. “It’s funny to see Yuri so excited about something for once.”

Jonathan gets a partial view of someone with dark hair and a very serious face. It’s almost scary how quickly he realises that he’s being looked at, and he looks Jonathan dead in the eye. The man nods once, then looks away without acknowledging him further.

“Beka? What are you looking at?” A head of blond hair comes into view, and Jonathan finds himself looking directly into the eyes of Yuri Plisetsky.

I fucked up, Jonathan thinks immediately, watching the mirth drain out of Yuri’s eyes almost instantly, replaced with irritation.

“Johnny? What is it– Oh, shit.” Anthony hides behind a menu.

“If you’re stalking me, I swear to god I will shove my silverware up your respective asses,” Yuri says, looking dead serious. “I have more than enough stalkers.”

That’s cause enough for Jonathan to pause and wonder what he means, but then the strangest thing happens. Instead of looking even remotely alarmed, the way any normal person would, the three people with their backs facing toward Jonathan, Anthony, and Thomas all turn at a totally normal, unhurried pace. Two of them, the silver haired man and the Asian looking man next to him, are even smiling.

“Hello!” the silver haired man says, waving. “Are you Yurio’s friends? Here, come sit with us! We’ve never met any of his friends from school before.”

Who the hell says something like that after hearing him call us stalkers? Jonathan thinks, feeling out of his element and way too overwhelmed. There’s really nothing to do but accept, so the three of them walk to the table as a group.

“Ya dumal, chto u vas ne bylo druzey v Amerike,” the serious man says to Yuri quietly, probably trying not to be heard.

Yuri looks murderous. “Ya ne.”

There’s a split second war between Thomas, Jonathan, and Anthony as to who is going to sit next to the scary serious guy. Jonathan loses. It’s fine. He’ll take scary serious guy over angry Yuri Plisetsky any day.

“My name is Otabek. Yuri is my best friend,” scary serious guy says, holding out a hand.

Jonathan takes it hesitantly, but Otabek’s grip isn’t anything but polite. “Jonathan. That’s Thomas, and that’s Anthony. We take American History with Yuri.”

“My name is Victor, and this is my husband Yuuri! Not your Yuri, we call him Yurio,” the silver haired man says. The Japanese man next to him blushes, and Jonathan supposes that he’s the other Yuuri.

“I will shove my knife shoes so far up your ass, Nikiforov, that you won’t be able to sit for a year,” Yuri warns.

“Yurio is our son. We’re so glad Yuri is actually making friends at school, I was worried for a while. I’m sure you know how tricky he can be sometimes,” Victor continues, ignoring the incredibly violent threat as if it happens every day. What the hell did Yuri even mean by knife shoes, anyway?

“You shut the fuck up, old man!”

It doesn’t surprise Jonathan in the slightest that Yuri has two dads; it explains a lot about the whole incident with Veronica earlier this year. What he is surprised about is the fact that Yuri’s dads seem so… nice.

Jonathan isn’t sure if that’s pleasant or terrifying.

“Victor and Yuuri are my figure skating coaches,” Yuri mutters, sounding like he’d rather be doing anything but this.

“Wait, you’re a figure skater?” Thomas asks, looking intrigued; seriously, how that guy manages to be so laid back all the time is– wait, what?

“Is that what you keep missing meetings to practice?” Jonathan asks. Suddenly it all makes sense: the lean muscle, the crazy flexibility and precision it would require to nearly kick someone in the head, the whole random flight to Japan.

The entire table erupts into laughter, even the Hispanic woman and the other man that they haven’t been introduced to yet.

Yuri turns bright red, looking both flustered and annoyed. “Oh, fuck off, all of you. Especially you, Katsudon! You have no right to laugh after what happened with these two.” He points aggressively at the two people Jonathan and the others don’t know.

The Japanese man, Yuuri, is the first one to manage to stop laughing. “I’m sorry, Yura. I’m laughing because I know how you feel.” He turns to Jonathan, Thomas, and Anthony, still smiling brightly. “He actually medalled at the Olympics last year. He’s won gold for Russia several times, as well.”

Jonathan isn’t the only person at the table with his jaw dropped. The waitress comes by and sets waters in front of the three of them. Even when she leaves, he still can’t figure out what he’s supposed to say. He’s pretty sure that earlier today, he just told an Olympian medalist to cancel a trip to what was probably a competition at the last minute. He wants to die of embarrassment, even if he had good reason.

“He probably didn’t mention it because he’s too angry that he let that Canadian get gold and he only got bronze,” Victor teases. He slings an arm around his husband. “Still, my son and my husband on the podium at the same time! It’s any man’s dream. I’m so proud!”

There’s a scraping noise on the table. When Jonathan looks down, he sees that Otabek slid over a phone with the screen open to a news article about men’s figure skating and yep, there’s Yuuri. And that’s definitely Yuri, but he looks… different. Happy. Jonathan looks from Otabek to Yuri to the article, then back to Otabek. He knows he’s panicking, because there’s nothing he can really say to make himself feel less awkward but maybe someone calm like Otabek can help him out.

Otabek gives him a thumbs up.

Translations (let me know if I need to fix any, I don’t speak Russian) 

yoroshiku onegaishimasu - Japanese - I look forward to working with you (yes, he’s being a sarcastic little shit here)

Vy prikhodite na obed segodnya? - Russian - roughly translates to “we’re still on for lunch today?”

Posmotrite na kotenke, Beka! Eto tak milo! Posmotrite na svoikh malen'kikh lapakh i khvoste. - Russian - Look at the kitten, Beka! It’s so cute! Look at its little paws and tail.

Ya dumal, chto u vas ne bylo druzey v Amerike - Russian - I thought you said you don’t have friends in America.

Ya ne. - Russian - I don’t.

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Marionette and Adrien figuring it out because their class is having a trivia contest on the heroes and Adrien mentions that Chat probably calls Ladybug Bugaboo

ao3 link

“Does everyone have their groups?” Madame Bustier looked around the room, making sure no one had been left out. 

They had been allowed to pick groups for this assignment, since it was just a simple trivia game. Alya, Marinette, Nino, and Adrien had decided to form a group together since they were all relatively close (especially Nino and Alya) and they sat near each other. Adrien and Nino turned around, facing the girls (”so we can talk easier dude!” “Sure”). 

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Warnings: violence, jealousy, possessive jerome, its not smut but like its pretty frisky. WINK WINK

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I had severe writer’s block and I just really hope you all enjoy this. This kind if turned out longer than I expected.


Your finger lightly traced the rim of your glass as you nodded your head to the beat of the music. You looked particularly bored, well because you were. You wanted some action, something entertaining so you decided to stir up a little bit of trouble. You grabbed your drink and took a sip out of the tiny black straw then looked over at the ginger sitting next to you. You smirked remembering all the crazy times you two have went through together.

It had been so…boring since the red head died, but now that he was back it was time for some fun. But before Jerome died you two had a thing but it was never really established, kind of like friends with benefits. Jerome had an eye for you and it was pretty obvious because he made it clear to everyone. He would constantly flirt with you and would be very touchy feely with you. You didn’t mind of course because you had a “little” crush on him, but you liked to keep it to yourself because you were quite the fan of the playing hard to get game. No, fuck that. You were a tease.

You set your drink down and stood up from the bar stool and quickly pulled down your rather short dress. “Hey, J?” You called him in a sweet voice pressing your body against his. His arm snaked around your waist and he looked up at you with the cutest puppy eyes accompanied with his extended smile.

“What’s up, cupcake?” You smiled at his little nickname name for you.

“Will you dance with me?” You asked in a rather innocent voice, pushing a couple of stray hairs back into his neat hairstyle.

“See, I would princess, but ole’ Romey here isn’t much of a dancer.” Jerome said and you rolled your eyes and pouted. “Alright then. I’ll find someone else.”

You broke away from Jerome’s arm and walked over to the dance floor, making sure you were swaying your hips a little more because you knew he was watching you. The beat of the music slowly started to consume your body making your hips swayed seductively to the lyrics. You let all your worries go and you felt like you were living, of course with a little help from the previous drinks you had before making you feel tipsy.

“What’s a beautiful lady like you doing here by herself?"A very smooth male voice asked in your ear. You turned around to get a good look at him and he was very attractive. Tall, dark hair, perfect smile, dimples and hazel eyes. You smiled and your hands found their way to his abdomen slowly sliding their way up to his shoulders. Pulling him down to your level you whispered in his ear: "Dance with me.”

You turned around and felt his hands rest on your hips, gripping them slightly. Jerome had to do a double take to make sure what he was seeing was actually happening. The stranger pressed his body to your backside to where you could feel his member. You felt Jerome staring bullets into your soul but you continued to grind against the attractive stranger. The whole time you were making eye contact with Jerome. His jaw was locked and his fists were clenched, but he was still sitting in a relaxed position. You felt his lips softy graze your ear lobe.

“Come home with me.” You heard him whisper in your ear. As if on cue Jerome stood up from his seat and made his way over to the both of you shoving and bumping the people that were in his way.

Jerome didn’t hesitate to grab you by your arm and yank you away from the stranger. If looks could kill you would be dead. The guy you were dancing with was none too pleased either. You had to give him props though, he wasn’t scared or at least he did a damn good job of hiding it.

“What’s your problem, man?” It was evident that the guy was highly annoyed from his tone of voice.

“The problem is you, buddy!” Jerome’s tone was very cheerful but you knew he was fuming, and it was just what you wanted. You looked around and noticed that everyone had been focused on the dispute between the two.

“Listen here, I hate to break it to ya, but,” Jerome leaned into closer to the guy’s ear. “She’s not interested.” Jerome started to cackle uncontrollably until the stranger shoved him.

“Oh, that wasn’t very nice.” Jerome sounded like a parent chastising their child. He quickly pulled out a gun that he had his his jacket and pointed it to the man’s head. Then without hesitation, Jerome pulled the trigger.

You were still processing what just happened before you were being dragged out quickly by Jerome. He shoved people out of the way trying to get to the exit.

The exit door swung open because you and Jerome bursted through. The cold Gotham weather hit your legs making you shiver and regret wearing such a short dress. You soon found yourself being slammed against a hard brick wall in an empty alleyway, the only thing that could be heard was the club’s music and the late night city traffic.

Jerome had you pressed against the cold wall with no room to move. His face was inches away from yours giving you a stare that felt like he could see everything you were thinking. You avoided all eye contact with him because you felt guilty, but also so submissive and quite frankly it turned you on.

“Look at me.” Jerome ordered in a very soft voice but you silently refused. “Look at me!” He yelled making you jump. Jerome took his hand and grabbed your face forcing you to make eye contact with him.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Jerome.” You apologized quietly. You didn’t know if it was the drinks or the fact that he could possibly kill you but you felt tears running down your cheeks.

“It’s a little late for sorry, princess.” Jerome wiped your tears, intentionally smearing your makeup in the process. “No amount of tears will help me forget tonight. You know, I’m very disappointed in you” Jerome continued to chastise and tease you, making you wonder what he’s going to end up doing to you.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, and I think you need a punishment.” Jerome leaned in and started to bite on your neck making you bite your lip holding back your moan. His hand slowly trailed down your side and soon found its way under your dress, rubbing your very sensitive area in circular motions.

This was going to be a long night

The Promised No-study SAT Tips

I saw that a lot of you wanted these~ Disclaimer: You still have to know English and the basics of math for these. This goes especially if you’re not a native speaker - your English needs to be at a pretty good level.


  1. Read. A lot. Whenever you see a text that’s at least a paragraph or two long, take time to practice skimming. If you’re bored and have a little time, take something, for example a food wrapper, and try to find occurrences of a word (for example “Acid” for food) as quickly as possible. Hard mode: look for synonyms.
  2. Practice filling out the answer sheet. This is a massive time-sink for a lot of people, so you should practice to eliminate it. Print out an example answer sheet and try filling out the circles quickly and accurately without distracting yourself a lot. Hard mode:Try doing it while not focusing only on the circles - look away or start thinking about the next question.
  3. Check. A lot. The main goal of this strategy is to leave yourself enough time when you’ve filled out an answer for each question when you’re calm, know the questions and can focus on checking. Try and go through the questions, thinking, “This question tests this and that.” If you have the time, look at each answer and identify the error in it (harder for the math questions, but loads of fun if you can do it).
  4. Think in patterns: Whenever you’re stuck on an example question, don’t just check the answer. Try and understand how the person found it, if this question is similar to others you have seen. The SAT only uses a few different types of questions, there will rarely be something to surprise you if you know the common patterns.
  5. Rest: The SAT is a very demanding exam. Give your brain time to relax - my advice would be not to do anything mentally strenuous the day before the test. Also, something I found out from competitions - bring chocolate. The sugar in it helps your brain work better and shrug off tiredness and eating it will draw blood away from your brain, effectively hibernating it for the break to conserve energy. Also, it’s just a really tasty snack!


  1. Use the right format for the essay. There are a lot of easy points for using the four/five paragraph system. Introduction, Reason 1, Reason 2, Conclusion. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and follow up with a story from your life or a book/movie to illustrate it. This way, even without using fancy vocab or grammar, you can get the points for structure and critical thought. Now just try not to make any obvious spelling mistakes and call it a day!
  2. Try to quickly find an argument for the essay. They don’t actually rate how intelligent your argument is. So, take a minute or two, breathe deeply, and no matter how stupid your idea is, write it out. (You might still want to take caution with sensitive topics, especially if you’re an international. A dumb mistake I made in my first sitting was bashing on American charity - that definitely did not endear me to the proctors.)
  3. Paragraphs: You have to have experience reading - look at how the topic never changes abruptly. Insert sentences that link what’s written before and after the gap. Final sentences of paragraphs shouldn’t raise more questions.
  4. Sentence questions: Skim through the questions. Try to answer most of them, the first thing that comes to mind, and fill out the answer sheet immediately. Chances are, if it sounds good to you, it’s the correct choice. Do this quickly, then try and do the paragraphs. After you’ve done this, go back to the questions and start checking.
  5. They usually test for a few broad topics. Identify if each sentence fits one of the patterns and answer accordingly. For the others, try and think what error they might want you to make. If you know you have the time, look at each answer in turn and identify the mistake in it. The most common ways for you to change a sentence would be:
  • Fragments: Try and see if each clause has a subject and a verb. Example: “In the dim light, making his way through the cave.” -> “In the dim light, he makes his way through the cave.”
  • Subject-verb agreement: Make sure that the subject is the one actually doing the action and singular/plural match. Example: “Gathering stones, the river was blocked by the men.” Did the river gather stones? No.
  • Consistency: Make sure that something introduced one way is always referred to like that (don’t switch out ‘one’ for ‘you’ or ‘they’). Make sure there are no extra linkers (”Since I was there, but he went too.”). Check if any verbs change tense when they shouldn’t. Don’t compare apples to oranges (”His homework was as good as John.” -> “As good as John’s”).
  • Adverb or adjective? If it describes a verb, it has a ‘ly’. Example: “She winked playful.” -> “She winked playfully.”
  • Singular or plural? Make sure not to refer to a plural object in singular. “Pandas, numbering in the hundreds now, is an endangered species.”
  • Prepositions, linkers, all the small words Sadly, you’ll have to know how they’re used.


  1. Word fill: Note the answers that obviously don’t make sense. Mark the one of the others that sounds best to you (in the answer sheet, too!). If you don’t know one or more of the words, aim for simplicity. After you’ve quickly answered all of the reading questions, come back to these. Look at the relationships between the gap and the sentence - are you looking for a positive or negative word? Antonyms or synonyms to something before? Try and guess what unknown words mean. This way, you will probably be able to eliminate all the wrong answers.
  2. Reading comprehension: You are not tested for understanding the text. Keep this in mind. What you are actually trying to do here is quickly find synonyms. If the question asks for “Was Anna’s family a) warm b) cold c) the spawn of Cthulhu?”, chances are that the text contains “Anna’s relatives acted chilly.” or something like that. Read the first question. Skim the text until it comes to that topic, then look for synonyms of the answers. Don’t make deductions! If you come across a ‘general message’ or ‘tone of the author’ question, skip it and answer it at the end of the text. The other questions will be in the same order as the answers are mentioned in the text. Checking: If you have time, look at each answer and try to see what in the text could mislead somebody to make that mistake.


  1. Calculator use: My advice would be to not bring a complex graphing calculator. They just slow you down. Try and do most operations by hand, then use the calculator only for, well, calculations.
  2. Basic topics to know: You are expected to be familiar with how to rearrange equations (ab=1 is the same as a=1/b) and solve linear and quadratics; cosine and Pythagorean theorems; number representations of lines and their intersections; median, mean and mode.
  3. Solve like a crab! One of the best things I learnt in “Fun Math” classes was that problems are solved more easily if you work from the answer back. Try and see what you would need (in terms of information) to find the answer. Then look back to the text of the problem - is what you need there? In most SAT problems, it is, or you can easily find it.
  4. Visualise: Especially for distance or geometry problems, make a small chart of what’s happening. Make lines for the distances the cars traveled or draw that pesky cylinder. Try and see in your mind how different elements move and which stay the same.

I guess this is all that I can say for now. Of course, this is my strategy so it might not work for everyone or it might not work without practice, so don’t think it’s a miracle solve-all. I’m always open for questions about ideas or specific problems, just write an ask~ And good luck to all future test-takers!

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Do something with Sombra! Sombra/Zarya or Sombra/Katya or Sombra/Symmetra or just Sombra being Sombra and booping someone!

Okay, I totally forgot the booping part. Whoops. 

Friends with Benefits - Katya x Sombra - SFW (sorry)

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Katya should have expected that woman would be back very soon. ‘Sombra’, was it? Whatever her name was, Katya should have known. People like that didn’t stay away from people like her for very long. 

When she returned, she’d cause another security breach, Katya assumed. Maybe alarms, drama, chaos—that seemed like the sort of situation Sombra liked to manufacture. She clearly had a flair for drama, after all.

What Katya didn’t expect was to wander into her office late at night after most of her staff had gone home and find herself suddenly face to face with

God! That woman, who was sitting poised on Katya’s executive table, legs casually crossed, shaking a Chinese Baoding Ball beside her ear and listening to it chime. “Huh,” she said, examining the ball. “Are these really all that relaxing? I always wondered.”

Katya’s breath caught in her throat. “You.”

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Molded for each other.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, violence, more violence, smut (NSFW).

P.S: Thoughts are in italic.

Gifs by @grungedaddykinks and @mypapawinchester

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It’s been about 2 hours that you’re on top of Sanctuary looking around, people working, walkers on the gates… normal life on theses days. Suddenly you can hear the door open and closing and when you look behind you see Negan, he put Lucille aside the door and came close and hug you.

“Why I always get a feeling that you come here to run out of me?” He says while kisses your neck. “Or just want to commit suicide and abandon me?”

“Yes, cause the less painful way to die is cracking all my bones” you say sarcastically as always looking him on the corner of yours eyes.

He laughs, that maniacal/sexy laugh that’s a essence of him. 3 minutes passed while the two of you look around. Just breathing a little and enjoying the sun getting ready do dusk.

“Would you call me crazy if I tell you that I prefer the world in that way?” You say cracking the silence.

“Yeah, I fucking would” He looks at you with frowned brows.

“Is just… I mean of course have a lot of issues and in the start was a completely hell. But "normal life” was cliche, going to school, working, finding someone, marrying, having kids and blah blah. And I always thought that 95% of the people was never happy, like they just existed, not lived. And now we fight but at least people don’t act like they want to win a trophy for ‘The Best Friend’, is just more natural now. The planet isn’t dying like before, without wars or discrimination. And less buildings, less pollution. The planet is breathing again, after a long time. Actually I think all the walkers will serve as a good fertilizer one day.“ You say so deep in your thoughts.

"Wow, I forget how freaky-deaky that pretty lilttle head of yours can be” He says moving his hand to put a bit of hair behind your ear.

“Come on, think about it, before was boring, now we feel the adrenaline all the time” you say looking around, sort relieved.

“Y/N Y/L/N you’re something else” He says while incline his back.

“Says the man who maniacally kill people with a bat”  you tease him, giving a wink, Damn is nice play with danger.

“Do you want it to get personal hun? It might not end pretty way for you” Negan say while getting close to your soft lips, Feeling his breathing on your lips, and the heartbeat increasing, he might be able to hear it.

When things were getting closer to a kiss, Dwight open the door of the old fabric penthouse.

“Boss, sorry but we have a little problem” Dwight say with a worried expression.

“Is better be more than little for you cut my moment with that pretty ass freaky minded one” Negan say looking over Dwight with a annoyed face and next look at you showing that wonderful grin of him.

“A group that we get stuffs collected. Marcel called me on the radio saying that they’re coming with guns, three trucks and even a tank” Dwight say desperately looking at both of you, he was pretty scared, actually you though you never saw Dwight like that. It might be a big group coming.

Negan expression change in the moment, What was happening? Which group is that one?

“Get all the Saviors and heavy guns we have, and let’s put some charge in that shit” Negan says looking at you and going after Dwight, you didn’t know what to do, actually you got worried. A tank? They can blow it here, which group can it be? Not Alexandria, or Hilltop even less The Kingdom. But I know Negan has plenty places to get people to work for him you thought.

While you were lost in thoughts you heard Negan calling “Y/N, don’t worry I will fix that shit up. Isn’t the first group of fucker whose think it can change the new world” you give him a nod.

“Come with me, let’s get ready for put these idiots in place” Negan say with a annoyed place. More a day trying to put some control he thought.

You go to his room and get ready, got the small knife putting on the right boot, and the big one on the belt and your colt python putting the bullets inside, and a couple extra on the belt side. Whatever is going to happen, you need to get ready.

Negan get his radio asking for some of the Saviors how was everything. How close they were.

“Boss, I can see they coming in the front side. 3 trucks and a tank” Michael said in the radio, and in his voice he was scared.

“Chill your ass Tiny-Mike, I will put these fuckers on place. Call all the Saviors and tell them to find me on the front” Negan say and after turning off the radio he got out of the room and you followed him. When he see you following he stopped and says “What you think you doing Y/N?”

“Hmm, going with you?!”

“Na-ah you’re not going, is to dangerous out there, those fuckers don’t have love to they fucked up life’s anymore. You stay here and when I got back we can do whatever you want”

“Don’t act like I can’t protect myself, you’re the one that call me 'Feisty Badass’ for a reason. I’m going and have no way you’re not allowing me” you say determinedly looking into his hazel eyes, he put his hand on his salt and pepper beard looking frustrated. Probably knowing that’s no chance you are not going.

“Okay doll, you go too, but do not show mercy with them. They screw with and my men, and I smash they brain” When he say that, you can feel chills running up your spine, you know what Negan is capable. Everybody knows.

All the Saviors are ready and waiting for the “rebels ones”. Simon with a group on the front, Thomaz with a group on the left side, Richard with the right one and Sean on the back side. Meaning, the Sanctuary is ready for anything.

On outside, the sky was a mixture of orange with pink, The Saviors with all the Sanctuary ammo and ready. Negan look around with Lucille lazily on his broad shoulders. His bite his bottom lip a moment and look at the Saviors and turn around to give you a wink.

“They are here boss” Michael told Negan, and Negan wave at Arat and Dwight for the typical “put back the order”.

You all can hear the trucks coming and the load and powerful sound of the tank. When suddenly you hear a exploding sound coming of the tank hitting the left side of the Sanctuary, the explosion wasn’t big because it didn’t blow everything just a tiny part, and you actually are glad for that, for the result is a old one.

Negan make the signal to let the Saviors know that is to start the fire. Everyone start shooting and Negan walks closely, and see that the rebels was getting easily “removed”, Sean and his group get into the woods and attacked them from behind, killing most of the men and women there. Of 3 trucks and 1 tank with 25 people now have only 7. You run in direction to the tank but carefully to not let them know you’re going there when you got closely enough you get a grenade and display the safety and tosses it down the barrel of a tank. When you throw it inside, you hear screaming coming of inside of it, and you see a man trying to open above it to get out but the grenade explode in the exact hour. Even in that world and after everything you had to do to survive, It always get you sad when you kill someone.

Suddenly you feel someone holding your waist, and with a hand on your mouth. You freak out , didn’t know who is it, when you hear “Stop with that, it will only got worse” and then you feel his face on your neck where he lick it and say “Hmmm, I know you, you’re Y/N. Negan favorite little toy right? Well he screw my life, now he will feel the same feeling” you get so desperate that start jumping and trying to kick him. “We will get out of here right now, and you better stop” in middle of the desperation you realise if he is with both hands on your body, he is not holding any gun, you bite his hand and kick his right knee, turn around and put the gun on his face, he start to laugh and you see that his face is burned in the right side, like Dwight. Was him from here?

The guy start to laugh, and you can’t hold yourself but punch him. You tell him to walk on front, and you both walk back where Negan are, the gun never leaving his head.

When you get back you hear Negan asking Arat where are you, then you yell to let he see you.

“Holy smoke, look at this, my ex favorite ass Savior. Robbie the robber, I didn’t knew you was with that group. That’s a surprise since you help killing they friends once” Negan say looking him up and down. “Go to the lineup you fucker” when Simon get his left arm to put him on his knees, you clean your neck with a bandana that is always in the pocket of your pants. Negan eyes on seeing what you’re doing  "You’re okay? What happened over there? Why you wasn’t fucking here? Y/N you need to stay in a place that I can fucking see you.“

"I saw a opportunity and since we don’t need more broken pieces here, I went to blow the tank”

“Blow the tank?” He ask while looking for the tank.

“Yes, I put a grenade inside it and I kill the men inside, I think it had at least 2.” You say putting the bandana back on your pocket.

“Damn doll, I think I might just have a boner after hearing that. But I have some things to do now. You can get inside, all under my control now” he says pointing to the old fabric.

“No, I want to see you kill that fucker.” You say and nod your head towards 'Robbie the Robber’.

“What, what did that bad-made-fuck did?” Negan say getting pissed.

“He hold me and tried to sequester me, and in mean while he licked my neck.” You can feel Negan face burning when he got to the lineup. You following him to see what was about to happen.

Five guys on the lineup, Robbie there never leaving his eyes of you. The others look like they’re pissing they pants. Some of the Saviors around, other making sure to shoot the head of the “fresh dead” and getting a few ones to put on the gates before they wake up (in a dead way).

“Hot diggity dog, look at these ungrateful asses. Me and my men keep you fuckers safe and you piece of shit just threaten me and my people? Not cool.” Negan says walking through them. Now that is darker, Dwight and Thomaz turn on the cars headlights. You start having flashbacks, when you first met Negan, in the lineup. You instantly shake your head to forget these memories. You love Negan, but it wasn’t like that always.

“You know what Robbie? Universe gives you a sign, and you just shove your finger right up its ass. You’re a little coward” Negan get down to hold Robbie face on his hands. “You were one of my trust’s ones, and when I caught you hooking up with one of my wives, that was a grave no no. But I didn’t killed you, of course I made a badass mark that screw your sexual life forever, but .. either way I was pretty merciful. And you, you prick just run away. Was that all about hun Robbie? Running and find some group to try attack my Sanctuary? My house? My men? My wife?!” Negan eyes went dark when he mention you, one the things you more love about him, is the way he hates when man get advance with woman. And in that case, of his woman.

Negan get up and look at all of their faces “Now I think I might just smash your stupid heads with Lucille. She is fucking thirst. I mean, I think you prick’s remember how dirty she is. She is a vampire bat. Let’s start it” when he beat the first one, he beat it hard. The guys aside crying and praying, but Robbie was still looking at you like you was dinner.

“Well, that one was good. Had a long time I didn’t do it. My baby Lucille is very fucking happy right now.” He says with that maniacal smile. “But do I kill you two?” And then the guys start to cry and ask him for mercy, telling that they’ll do whatever Negan wants. “Hell yeah, you will. So hear me now you fuckers. You will go back to your little happy group, and tell them to not try play the hero’s.” They shake their heads desperately nodding, and even when you look away to make sure all is safe, You can feel Robbie eyes burning on your body. Negan go to Robbie and put Lucille on his face, Robbie look at him slowly with a grin on his face.

“Robbie Robbie, let me ask you something. You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick name Robbie the Robber who thought he knew shit but didn’t know shit? And is a ungrateful ass? Well you piece of shit, it’s you and guess what, coming here thinking you have any power, and I don’t like it. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. And I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU HOLDING MY WIFE TRYING DO SOMETHING WITH HER” Negan punch him in the same side you did earlier. Robbie start to bleed and spit on the floor some blood. And look at you again. Negan get his face on his hands and make him look at him. “Don’t be rude asshole. Say sorry to her now!”

“Why would I? She is just some other pussy for you fuck when you’re feeling into the mood. She is not special, actually she is, if she was here when I still worked for you, Fuck… I would had shoved my dick into her cunt untill she bleeds. You got luck with that hot one, I mean Sherry is hot” Robbie says looking over Dwight giving a wink; “But that one?! She is hotter. What her name? Number 7? Number 8?” Negan punch him again and again.

“STOP” You scream making Negan stop and looking behind him, he face confused. “Let me smash his head” Negan realized you is referring to Lucille, he look at her and then at Robbie who was with a swollen face and blood coming out through his nose and mouth.

“Damn it, of course you can my doll. Hot diggity dog. Look at her everybody, she is just insane as me”. You give a small smile, but your eyes fixed on Robbie. You got closer to him, got Lucille and Negan step back. “Any last words you fucker?” You say playing Lucille carefully knowing that if you broke her Negan would be beyond angry.

“Just to tell you’re damn stupid if you think he loves you, trust me you would be better with me.” You laugh and look to the sky, “Seriously, that is the last line of your miserable life? Well, that’s just… It makes me sad… I mean, you should say something with more impact. Not a phrase that makes you seems more pathetic that you already seems. Come on, a second chance, you can do better than that”

“Fuck you, you cunt” You laugh while shakes your head “Fuck, you’re shit at dying, you know that?” And then you bring Lucille over his head, is such a powerful feeling. You get why Negan do it, she is heavy but, you feel like a heroine. When all you can see is blood and smashed pieces of what was a brain, you stop look at your side seeing the others guys looking at you with so much fear, the fear that they have of Negan.

You feel more flashbacks, flashbacks when you saw Negan killing your friends, and now you’re killing somebody friend in the same way. You get out of the though’s when you feel Lucille getting away of your right hand, you look around to see Negan with a happy and surprised face. “Damn, that’s is a big turn on. Hot damnit”. You let a shy smile.

“Okay fuckers, take a picture of that. And throw the body to the walkers.” Thomaz and Sean got the body. “Simon, Arat, make sure those fuckers go home safely, and well… make sure both of them let the others know exactly what happens with who messes with me, with us” he winks at you. Damn, you was kinda in shock but Negan is a sexy man. The sexier man alive in your view actually.

“Well, I will take a shower.” You say realising that’s blood everywhere on your shirt and a bit on your pants.

“I fucking want to join you doll. But I need see how it’s where those fuckers with a tank shoot. I don’t think it did some big damage, but I need to check it.” You nod and he got closer to kiss your forehead. Was that real? Negan showing a cute affection demonstration in public, you feel butterflies. When you turn around, you can feel his gaze on your hips and ass.

After some time, after a hot relaxing shower. Negan come to your room, he probably had a shower too, cause he is clean and without Lucille. “Why you aren’t on my room?” His says when he saw you picking some comfy clothes to sleep.

“I didn’t know if you want spend some time with one of the girls. And I definitely didn’t want to open the door and have a surprise.” You say without looking at him, disarming the gun and putting it on the small closet.

“What? Y/N after the hardening cock show you did out there, I think I couldn’t fuck any one else but you” he says getting closely to hug you, you move to get out of his grasp.

“Wow, you’re a real life gentleman” Negan realize your sarcastically mood.

“What? What you’re bitching about?”

“Nothing Negan, forget it” You say looking around the room to avoid his eyes. Those sexy eyes.

“No, tell me what’s wrong? Is because of that bastard? Cause come one darlin’ he deserved it”

“Is just… he sort had a point” You say while play with you hair.

“In exactly fuckin’ what ?”

“That I’m ‘just another pussy for you to fuck’” You say looking in his eyes.

“Seriously? That’s why you’re acting like that?” He says with a annoyed look; “Listen doll, you know you’re special to me” when he say that getting close to hold your cheeks on his hands, you got away of his grasp.

“Yes, cause this isn’t definitely something someone told to get laid before” You say rolling your eyes.

“Listen, I know the liars assholes you had deal with, but I’m a man of my fucking word darlin’. And if I say that you’re special is because you fucking are. Do you understand?” Negan say coming close to your body. The heat coming from him make you feel relaxed yet tense.

You nod, but wasn’t 100% sure about that; ‘Come on I don’t care if the world is shit and have corpses walking around eating people; Is hard see someone you love with someone else, fuck especially with a group of “someone else’s” ’ you thought.

“I don’t think you do” Negan say holding your hips and looking into your eyes “Let me show you how much especial you’re to me baby” he says quite on your ear, that sexy deep voice of his, anyone could get in the mood just hearing it.

“Show me” Was all it takes to he grab your hand and lead you two to his room. When got there he waste no time closing the door and coming back to you, to your lips, his kisses, damm it. So deep and sweet, and the way he suck your lower lip make your knees weak; and you know how weak he gets when you bite lightly his lips, so you start playing that tease game too. After some minutes of kisses you two sit on the couch, your legs kneeling in the side of his hips and your mouths working together like the were molded for it.

“Baby, is about you, get off your clothes and get to bed” Negan says with a voice of predator while kisses your neck.

“Take them off to me” You say putting your face in front of his to watch his pupils dilated with lust.

His eyes wild with desire, he take the end of your shirt putting out, while Negan see your bra he cup his hands around the fabric, while look up at you and start kissing the part above your beautiful breasts. You instantly start to grind your hips on his lap, needing some friction of that Greek god on this apocalyptic world.

“I love those, are one of my fucking favorites doll. But I prefer you without it” and then he unclasped it taking them slowly of your shoulders, watching how your hard nipples look already just for him. Negan let it fell and instantly get your right nipple on his mouth, sucking so lightly and sexy, is like he isn’t rushing anything. He wants you to feel it all. Want to prove a point to you.

“Oh Negan, oh baby” You says while putting your hand on the back of his head massaging it knowing that he loves it. He finish the right one to go for the left doing the same thing, but that time he is biting lightly while move your hips on his lap.

He stop his track on your breasts to start on your neck, while kissing it he see that have a part that It’s sort red and swollen. “What is that?” He says worried.

You put your hand on your neck, the part where “Robbie the robber” had licked, you forgot how hard it was trying to cleaning it at the hardest you could.

“Hmm, is because I wash it harshly, is where that guy licked”

“Son of bitch, I’m glad that bastard is dead. By the way well fucking done baby” he says kissing it, “I’m the one that can kiss here, and every-fucking-where on that hot ass body” he says kissing it while gripping your breasts on both hands, then you feel his hands going off your breasts to go to your hair, pulling it aside to have more space.

“Let’s go to bed, it need to be romantic tonight, other day we can do some foreplay over here” he smirk, knowing the effect it has on you when you remember one day the two of you were over here doing some “hot stuffs” when Simon came in and saw and you got really shy about it. And couldn’t face Simon for 2 weeks.

When you was starting to get up from his lap he shake his head “No no no, let me” then he lift you by my your thighs and walk through his bed. Is always pleasant lay on his bed, that bed is like a cloud. Is a luxurious that is rare on these days.

Negan start to taking of his jacket when you got up, get on your knees on the bed “Let me” and with his eyes locked on yours, you take it off letting hit the floor, then drag your fingers up and down on his biceps, analyzing the tattoos, passing your hands on his chest feeling it clench under the white shirt. Damn. That man was made by God on hands.

You take off his shirt and start to kiss his neck and his chest, you got the belt and start taking it off. You let it fell and start kissing his hip bone. And start kissing until get in the boxer line. He lift your chin carefully up like you was made by glass and with that sexy voice says “No darlin’, is for you remember?” And then you got to met his lips, he kiss you, more lustful that time, you two get in the bed and start making out, his colossal hands going through your hips, abdomen, breasts and going down again going to lift your ass making you grind in his fresh erection.

He stop, get your face on his hands and kiss you softly, when he get out to breath he look in your eyes “I fucking love you doll, don’t let any motherfucker or motherfucking thing change your mind about that.” You nod getting his face on your hands, his salt and pepper beard tickling lightly your hands, and since you whole body is relaxed it makes goosebumps. Negan start to kiss your nose, your forehead, your cheeks looking in your eyes again. Then he start kissing your temple, your jawline, and then neck and collarbone.

“Oh daddy” you let it out while feeling his hot wet kisses on your sweet spot.

“Yes darling?!” He say and you can feel his smiling on you neck between kisses when you called him that pet name.

“Please, do something” you say while grinding into his boxer looking for friction. And you felt it, his already hard as rock.

“I’m already doing it doll” he kisses between your breast.

“Quit teasing me Daddy” you say letting your head fell back on the pillow.

Negan kiss your body moving lower, he stop and kiss your hips biting it softly both of them. He take out your short shorts and drag it out of your fresh shaved legs, he kiss you from your toes to the legs until he reach your thighs biting and making hickies on it. When he get to your panties he look up and say “Goddamn darlin’, that’s a heavenly fucking view. If I get to chose how I’ll die, I would definitely pick that fucking view.” His words make shivers run up your spine. 'How can he be that hot?!’ You thought and somehow you think he can hear it since he smirks.

Suddenly he put his hand on your left leg, lifting up putting it on his back, and then you feel he licking your wet folds outside the thin red pantie. He licked it over and over, slowly his beautiful lips press on your clit, your back arch with that sensation. He take your leg off his shoulder and then he gets the sides of the pantie and put it out of you, you look at him with desire wanting to have him inside you already.

Negan look at your beautiful pussy and let a moan with some line like “Holy fuck”, you aren’t sure since you’re desperate for him. He kiss above your clit, kiss your folds, kiss close to your entrance, kiss everywhere but your clit. Then he bring his long finger and put one inside you and start kissing your clit, then he insert a second finger and start moving it faster and you instantly grab your breast trying to make it even better, you start grinding on the bed and Negan left arm grab your hips making you unable to move. When you thought it wasn’t getting any better he put a third finger there you moan loudly at the sensation, he keep moving inside you, then he curled it, and you can feel a burning sensation on your lower belly, a fire. “Fuck doll, I can feel you about to come, just the way you’re squeezing my fuckin’ fingers” he saying practically moaning, kissing your clit harshly. And all that sensations and that deep voice was enough to send you over the edge. Yours hips bucking up still being holding by his arm as you feel the wave go through your body, you put your hands on his beautiful hair, squeezing it lightly. When you calmed down a little you look down looking at Negan while he suck his fingers.

He got up kissing your body again until he reach your upper lip kissing it softly. You moan and put your hands on his neck putting his face towards you, you two make out and then you move and now you’re on top of him. He look at you, massage your sides with his hands up and down your hips and go to you breasts, he get up and kiss your lips again, you got lost in the kiss that you didn’t even realised he move you again and he is above you. He start kiss your neck, your face, your temple and over and over, you can feel you become wetter and needy for him. He drag his hand to your ass cheek and turn your body, now you’re laying on your stomach. Negan start kissing behind your neck, going down, he get on your ass cheeks and start kissing it and biting lightly, while he kiss one he put his hand on the other massaging it and giving some slaps on it and then massaging again. “Ahh” you let as a moan when you feel the slap. He keep working there, and then he get higher, kissing your lower back licking, kissing, biting, sucking. The sensations burning in you. Then he get higher and get on your ear “Damn it darlin’, your body is a fucking masterpiece. Fuck I could worship you all day long”, then he get your hair and pull it making you getting up putting your head on his solid body, you moan and he moan back. You can feel his cock grinding on your butt cheeks. Damn it.

Negan moved you, now you’re on your left side and Negan on his right, you kiss him and go kiss his neck, you see a opportunity and start pumping his cock up and down slowly making him moan on your mouth. He is so hard that is almost painful for him. You let a little giggle on his neck licking and biting it.

“Enough, I can’t cum without making you cum again.” He says grabbing your hand of off his marvelous cock.

“What a gentleman” You say the second time in that day.

“For the right one I can fucking be baby girl” he say giving a sexy grin.

Then he kiss you and put you closely to his body, you can feel his erection on your thigh and you moan immediately. You can’t get any longer without feeling him inside you.

Then he put your right leg upper his hips and positioned himself inside you, you two look at each other eyes, Negan kiss you lustful and put his hands in your back pulling you even closer to him, like he never want you to let go. You put your arms around him, one under him and holding his left shoulder, and the other on his ribs massaging it. He guide himself inside you slowly, strengthening every inch, he moan on your mouth and stop kissing to close his eyes, probably lost in the pleasure of your bodies becoming one.

When he get all in, he start slamming into you. You can feel his thick, long cock hitting places you didn’t know it has, maybe on that position it make it deeper.

After kisses, trusts, you can feel the pleasure building again, that time harder and even better, your walls start to get tight around him and it makes him getting almost there too.

When you come around his cock moaning on his mouth he open he eyes to watch your face, your face that is overflowing with pleasure because of him. He put you on your back and trust a feel more times riding your orgasm. Then you put your legs around his lower back, putting him even closer. Then with all the pression and pleasure he feel his orgasm going to hit and you feel another wave hitting you, a smaller that time, but still good.

He get his cock out of your pussy and cum on your stomach, getting a bit on your breasts. He lie in your side, both of you tired mess after that great feeling.

“Holy fuck, that was hot as fuck. I mean I never made that position before, I thought that shit was cheesy. But fuck, I think I cum so hard on that way, like that fucking grenade you throw on the fucking tank earlier.” You giggle after hearing his language. You found sexy but funny sometimes.

He get up and you see him going to his bathroom to get a wet towel. 'Look at that ass’ you thought. When he come back he see you with your legs in a knee position moving it lightly, happy after what just had happened; 'She is so motherfucking cute. Hot damm it’ he thought. He gets into you and clean you up, then he went to his bathroom and throw the tower somewhere.

He get back and lay on the massive bed. “Goddamn baby, I know we just have a great ass time, but seeing you with all my cum on that beautiful body, fuck. I can feel my dick rising like the fucking sun” He says with a stupid smile on his face. “But I thought it had more on your titties” you look at him with a grin, and in the most sexual way you could find you say “It has” then he make a surprise face “Damn darlin’, you can fucking show me it later”.

You get up, to get his shirt and your pantie putting on your body “Am i going to sleep here?” You ask hoping he say yes.

“Hell fucking yes you will. Get you beautiful ass over here” you get into the bed, laying on his chest, he caress your hair and you fell asleep.

Holy shit, we were made for each other Negan thought drifting to sleep. Was a hard day with some rebels, but now laying in his bed in security and with his favorite fucking person in the world in his chest. Robbie the shitty robber wasn’t right no fuckin’ at all, she is not another pussy. She is my love. Negan thought giving a lightly kiss on your head and drifting to sleep.


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1997 [3]

Part 1, 2

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A/N: Just gonna clarify that this could be any town, I’m not thinking of anywhere specific while writing this. The episode ”After School Special”, where I’m taking names and characters and so on from — I’m using the setting — might take place in a certain town, I don’t remember, but yeah. My series doesn’t, it’s just a small town, that’s all.

Music suggestion: Tennis Court - Lorde (Again, I just listened to it while I wrote, and didn’t think of the lyrics, so yeah.)

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The beautiful thing with moving around and switching schools like you and your brothers did — was that you could become anyone. No one knew you from before, no one knew what you’ve been through — and they definitely didn’t know what your father did for a living either for that matter.

So, you were free to be whoever you liked, because the only ones who really knew you — the real you — were your family. Because, no one ever got to know you. Because, before you could make friends, true friends, you had to leave again. Just like Sammy had said.

Dean usually hung around the ”cool” kids. With his sarcasm and charisma, he had no problem with getting people to laugh. And for some reason, he was popular with the girls too. You didn’t understand that one.

Sometimes, you joined Dean and hung out with those crowds. But, other times, you went a different way. You tried out hanging with almost every type of group that existed in high school.

It was just that you didn’t bother this time. This time, as you said to yourself, you were going to keep to yourself. It would spare you energy, and then it wouldn’t be hard at all to leave. There would be nothing to miss.

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paint on me + mgc

> synopsis ~ ur best friend michael loves to paint but he’d love to touch you even more
> word count ~ 3,575
> requested? ~ yes by a cute anon: hi love! would you write a michael smut that is like rough and super hot and stuff please? <3 i love your writing! 
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Saturday mornings were by far one of your favourite mornings. Michael would turn up to your house at 11AM, with his paintbrushes tucked into his pocket, and a canvas tucked underneath his arm, dragging you into his car and driving back to his house. Saturday mornings were when he began on a new art project, and he would never begin a new project without you picking out the colour scheme for him. It caught you by surprise, the first time – when he stood at your doorstep with an eager grin, while you tiredly let him lead you to his paintings despite you being in your pyjamas. Since then, you’ve prepared yourself, never bringing anything to keep you entertained, because watching Michael stand by the easel with a smear of paint blurring across his cheek was enough for you.

That Saturday morning, you sat cross legged on the floor, looking around at all the other paintings he had hung up on the white walls, and the scrunched up sketches strewn along the linoleum ground. Picking one up, you unravelled it, eyes training across the smudged pencil lines. You weren’t sure what he was trying to depict, other than a small house at the top of a hill. Assuming it was his own, you rolled it back on the linoleum, lifting your head to see your friend twirling his paintbrush around his fingers and staring at the blank canvas indignantly. He dipped the bristles into a pot of water, and nearly let them brush the deep blue you chose for him, until retreating and sighing, setting the paintbrush back in its tin and pacing around the room. Shaking your head, you picked up one of the pencils he left on the floor, and doodled a rose on a piece of paper you found.

“No inspiration?” you asked, and he huffed, nodding and sitting next to you. It wasn’t a rare occasion for Michael to have a complete blank of what to paint, it happened rather often. Whether it was because he couldn’t get the image in his mind correctly, or he felt like everything had been done before, it wasn’t something new to you. Shaking your head, you turned to look at him. “Come on. You can do this.”

“I can’t.” He tipped his head back, and ran his hands through his hair. “I need a new canvas to work with.”

You raised an eyebrow. “A new canvas?”



“It’s just…” He leaned back, stretching out his legs and staring at his cheap trainers. “Look up. Look at all my paintings.”

Obliging, you rested your eyes on the framed and unframed pictures bordering the whole room, some propped up against the shelves, and some paper sketches tacked onto the door. You couldn’t see what they had in common – other than having a splash of colour in front of a white background. They were all different sizes, some taller than him, and some that could fit in the palm o your hand. You knew you were supposed to focus on the canvases, but you couldn’t help be made breathless by all his talent. His talent was everywhere in that room – on the walls, on the ground, everywhere. It bled out of every portrait and astounded you.

“Okay,” you said after a while. “So what?”

“There’s no variety.”

“You’re shitting me.”

He laughed, his eyes fixing on you. “What? I’m not wrong.”

“Hell yeah you are,” you told him. “There’s so much variety.”

“I mean, not really, if you think about it.” Standing up, he approached one of the large paintings supported by a table. It was mostly purples an lilacs, a picture of a woman and a man. They had each other in an embrace, kissing with fingers lost in each other’s hair, and hands pulling each other closer. When he first showed you, you were breathless. If you’d seen something more beautiful, you couldn’t recall. Pointing to it, he said, “look. It’s pretty much the same as this one over here.” He picked up one of the tiny canvases, a painting of the moon against a blurry pink sky.

“In what way?” You set down the pencil you held. “They’re two completely different things.”

“Yeah, but there’s just this massive blank background behind both of them. It’s getting boring having to use these canvases all the time.” He placed down the painting of the moon, and returns next to you. Lying down, he pressed the back of his hand against his forehead. “I want something different.”

You lay down next to him, propping yourself on one elbow to see him as you spoke. He already had a smudge of sapphire along his chin, which you assumed was from when he was pouring the paint onto the palette. You resisted yourself from reaching over and brushing it with your thumb, knowing he might find it strange, or just give you a look. Before you could do anything impulsive, you lay back down, a blush rising from your neck to your face just at the thought of it. He didn’t notice, you silently observed, and instead stared up at the ceiling, which had a faulty light hanging off the middle. A wooden beam ran above it, leading all the way to the other side of the room. You looked at Michael.

“What are you thinking about painting on?” you asked.

“Something different.”

You rolled your eyes. “Okay, what have you painted on before?”

He raised his hands, counting off on his fingers as he listed. “I’ve done public graffiti.”

“Okay.” You joined him, raising one finger. “What else?”

“I’ve painted on the floor.” He motioned to the ocean of red out on the linoleum. You remembered him painting that, the way he had to crawl around and be ever so tentative every time you came anywhere near, just in case you accidentally stepped on it. “I’ve painted the tour bus. I’ve done stained glass. I’ve even painted my guitar, for Christ’s sake.” He rubbed his hands over his face.

“How can I be drawing a blank already?”

You said gently, “have you ever painted on somebody?”

“I’ve thought about it,” he replied. “But, I can’t really paint on myself without screwing it up. The angles would be all wrong.”

You didn’t even hesitate. “Paint on me, then.” It was beyond you why he never brought it up to you, before. If he couldn’t do it on himself, why didn’t he do it on you? You were his best friend, you would’ve welcomed him to embellish you with his art.

His gaze met yours, but in a different way. Not in a way you had discovered from him before. He regarded you for a while, his face flushing until you realised what you were offering for him to do. By painting on you, you would be letting Michael touch you, touch places that were foreign to him, and that made you shy just to think about. You sobered, pushing your hair behind your ears and breaking the contact between you both. You remained lying down, but this time, hitched up your shirt to expose the skin on your lower belly. He inhaled, and sat up, keeping his fingers balanced on the fold of your shirt.

“Are you sure?” he asked gently.

Shrugging, you pushed it off like it was nothing. “I mean, you need a new canvas. Plus, it’d look cool.”

He took a moment, glancing from your stomach to you again. Finally, he got up, picked up his palette, water, and paintbrushes, and sat beside you once again, dipping the bristles of a thin brush in the water and sweeping it over a deep blue. You couldn’t see what he was doing; you jumped when the wet brush touched your skin. He steadied you, hand moving to your opposite waist and making it even more difficult for you to lie still. His palm was cold, and you wanted him to slip it just a little lower down on you. Just to feel how it would be – having his grip on somewhere you’d only dream of him seeing. His gaze softened as it met yours.

“Sorry.” He smiled at you, then continued painting, mixing different colours on the palette and on your skin. He didn’t make you feel like a canvas – he made you feel like a sky with every shade of the afternoon mixed together. His brush teased the cincture of your skirt, and he paused for a moment, looking up at you for permission. “Uh… Y/N…”

“Take it off,” you mumbled. “Take off whatever you need to. I’m yours.”

Your heart pulsed in your chest when the words left your mouth, and his lips parted in surprise. He didn’t break your gaze when his hand slipped up your legs and over your thighs, fingers as cold as the paintbrush as he tugged down your skirt. A gust of a breeze erupted hairs all across your legs, and you realised how exposed you were in front of him. Left in a shirt and underwear, with Michael’s fingers pressed on your hip, and only him to see what he did. He swallowed, hand moving to your ankle to push off your skirt completely. You fought off the urge to push his hair away from his eyes.

“Okay, I…” he trailed off. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna work on your upper thigh, if that’s okay.”

“Of course. Do what you need to.”

He nodded, more shapes blooming onto your thigh beneath his paintbrush until he picked another colour from the palette, this time a lighter blue. He filled in all the areas he made, starting from your stomach down to your thigh. The whisper of his strokes made you hold your breath, and how his hand kept its grasp on your body to balance out all the colours he carefully added. You observed him, the way his lip was between his teeth, and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, leaning close onto your body to see properly. His shadow cast along you, and when your opposite leg moved, somehow it brought him out of his trance enough to remind him what he was doing, as his face turned red once again, and he nearly stumbled on the shadows he was working on. Dropping the paintbrush between your legs, he sighed.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I-I keep getting distracted.”

“No, it’s okay, don’t worry.” You reclined up to see what he painted. He was drawing the night, the moon hanging in the deep blue sky and spilling down onto your thigh. He turned away coyly, but you took his head in your hands and fronted him again. “Hey. Look at this.” You gestured to the paint across your body. “It looks so pretty. You made me look so pretty.”

“You always look pretty.” He leaned back, and picked up the paintbrush he dropped. “You have really soft skin.” Moving his hand up, he touched your opposite thigh, the one without the paint. He rubbed it gently, and you took in a sharp breath. His eyes met yours. “It’s okay if I touch you here, right?”

“I don’t see why not.”

You shared a smile, and he picked up the paints, pushing them to the side so he could lie down next to you. His hand shifted, so it sat between your thighs, and before you could register it, his lips were on your skin, starting from your stomach and around your underwear. You gasped, the warmth of his mouth catching you from the cool air in the room. They were gentle pecks at first, beginning from your hip bone down to your thigh, until they grew lazy and wet, leaving a trail until he reached just above where he began his painting. His eyes met yours, and there was no form of backing out. Playing with your waistband, he spoke quietly, like there was somebody else to listen in one what he said.

“I don’t think a body as pretty as this should be limited to just being painted on,” he said.

“You’re not allowed to touch the art in museums.” You gave him a smug look, teasing him. Of course you wanted him to touch you. In that moment, you wanted nothing more than for him to touch you.

“Guess I’ll just have to break the rules.” Michael slid his fingers underneath your underwear, and looked at you. “You want me to take ‘em off?”

“Yes,” you breathed.

Lifting up the fabric, he made sure not to disturb the drying paint on your skin, and pushed it next to your skirt, running his fingers up your leg. Pleased, he looked at what he revealed for himself, about to steady himself by grabbing your thigh, but stopping himself. He groaned, and pulled back, moving his hair from his face and watching you.

“Come here,” he said earnestly, and when you began to kneel up, he lay down, pointing to his red lips. Your stomach knotted, with his leg between both of yours, and the denim of his jeans hard on your clit. “Baby, over here. Come ride my face.”

He took your hand and helped you over, leaving you with a shuddering breath as you hovered over his mouth, knees either side of his head. You felt the paint drying on your thigh, and Michael’s lips so close to your heat. When his mouth finally touched your centre, you gasped, biting your lip and digging your nails into his knuckles. He was merciless, teasing your clit with the texture of his lips and the wetness of his tongue. You grinded yourself onto his face, and he groaned, the vibration sending you to tremors. He licked your clit gently, eyes searching for yours to see how they changed with you on top of him while he did things you would’ve never imagined him being able to. He sucked on your clit harshly, and you moaned, which dispersed into a sigh when he pulled away.

“You’re so responsive, you know?” He leaned in, and with his lips barely touching you, licked up your core. You shivered, whimpering and clutching his hair. He chuckled on your heat, proving his point and lifting you off his face. Your wetness soaked his shirt, and he tutted. “Look, baby. You’ve made a little mess.” He picked up your hips, and you saw the mark on his tank. Raising a finger, he swiped it over your folds. Your stomach tightened, and you looked up. “Who made you this wet so quick, hmm?”

You stuttered, your lip falling numb with how much you chewed on it. His finger circled your clit, edging you to answer him. “Y-you.”

“What was that?”

“You– fuck, Michael – you did.” You burned for him, while the pad of his middle finger flicked over you.

“Yeah?” He propped himself up on his elbows, leaning over and kissing your neck. You rolled your head over to give him more access, and he was lying you down on the linoleum again, fingers remaining between your thighs as your carefully wrapped your legs around his waist, although the paint on your body had long dried. His voice was deep in your ear as he cupped your heat, slipping a finger into you. He was warm, his breath on your neck, his chest on yours. Groaning, he shifted so he could watch you. “Fucking hell, you’re so tight. So, so tight.”

“Mikey…” You twisted your hips around, trying to get in as much friction as you could. “Please. More.”

“I don’t think so.” He took his fingers out, leaving you flush on the floor with a pulsing clit and heart beating loud in your ears. You stared at him, impossibly angry and needy for him simultaneously. He pulled off his shirt, and for a moment, you were stunned. It hit you, what you were doing, that you were spread out in front of him, and he was the real art to be admired between you both. Your eyes trailed the pale expanse of skin on his chest, down to the trail of hair leading into his jeans. You swallowed, reaching your hand out to touch him, before he caught it. “Sit up.”

You gave him a docile smile, and did as told, playing with the hem of your top. “Can you touch me?” you said softly.

“On your hands and knees first, baby.” He cupped your hands with his own, and lifted up your shirt. “But let me take this off first.”

Your shirt came over your head, revealing you in your muddy grey T-Shirt bra. Although your self consciousness came over you, you kept yourself exhibited in front of him, watching a smile grace his lips when he took over your body – the body he’d thought of beneath those clothes for as long as he could remember. His cold fingers danced up your spine, your chest meeting his when he unclipped your bra, your breasts freeing and his eyes fixing on them once they could. He swore underneath his breath, and ran his thumb over your nipple, rolling it between his fingers and observing your reaction. It was a subtle wash of pleasure, feeling your nipples perk up at his attention. When he let go, he lead his hands down, and squeezed your hips.

“Do as I said, my love,” he told you, and you required no more requesting for you to follow.

With your palms pressed against the linoleum, your naked body exposed to your surroundings, you felt the air hit you from every direction, and the vulnerability you possessed drew you further into Michael. You waited for him to do something, when you felt his two fingers push into your heat, curling up as deep as they could. You looked down, thighs trembling as he gripped one of them, and grinded back onto his palm. His free hand drew a fist into your hair, and tugged your head up, locking your jaw in his grip, and pulling you in with his mouth on yours. It was an electric kiss, feeling how his lips melted into yours, and at the same time, how his fingers slid past your hips. He kissed you hard, but it softened, when you both noticed it was the first you both had ever shared. His fingers slammed into you once, and he curved them up, stroking your G-Spot. You parted from his mouth to whine into his neck.

“Come on, Y/N,” he whispered, his back pressing onto yours. “Come kiss me again.”

You responded, capturing his mouth once again and felt your stomach move in circles. The paint was already dry on your skin, settled as firmly as the kiss you shared with him. His fingers released you, and moved to your hips, and his mouth broke from yours, leaving you remaining on your hands and knees, apprehending for his touch.

“Michael,” you said softly, “you can’t leave me like this. Feel how wet I am for you.” You searched for his hand, and set it on your heart. Your voice fell to quiet. “Do you feel that? You made me like this.”

He chuckled, and retracted his hand. You heard him undo his belt, and saw as he pushed his jeans aside, his cock throbbing between your thighs. Your stomach tightened in anticipation, and he mumbled below your ear. “The thing is, princess, if I wanted to, I could leave you like this.”

His cock sunk into you, and you gasped, reaching over your arm and feeling the base of him under your hips. Adjusting to his size, you inhaled, moving your hand away and letting him begin to thrust. They started slow, strung out groans rising out of his throat. He pressed himself deep inside you, letting him fill you up with his nails marking your hips. You wanted him to make you a piece of art – you wanted him to mark you and bruise you so you were always his.

“My pretty, pretty girl,” he murmured, and picked up his pace.

His hips met yours with each harsh pump he buried in you, and you submitted to your forearms, your hair falling in front of your eyes as you heard Michael moan above you, matching you whimpers and mumbles as he hit your sensitivity each time. Your toes curled, and your body wept for him, the sweat on his chest slipping across your back. You pressed your forehead against your hands.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” he said, leaning back and lazily grabbing your hips, pulling you onto his cock and circling his hips. “Are you gonna cum with me?”

“Y-yeah.” You felt it swell in you, and you knew you were close.

“That’s my girl.”

Ensued were heavier breaths, and harder thrusts, until Michael let out one last groan, and you felt the delight course through right into the tips of your fingers, and he pulled out, leaving you feeling fulfilled with his cum dripping between your thighs. You remained in your position for a while, before collapsing onto your back, wiping the sweat off your forehead with the heels of your palms. You just had sex with Michael.

He caught his breath, then approached you, pecking your forehead, and taking his hand in yours. “You’re a work of art.”

You smiled, watching the beams across the ceiling. “I’m your work of art.”

You can’t fuck in a changing room

Summary: Kihyun teases you in a changing room and at the dinner table, it ends with fucking in the restaurant bathroom.

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A/N: I wrote this to get @yoonskookie beack for destroying me with daniel and various other things. There are probably a lot of mistakes since i didnt proof read sorryy

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader X Kihyun (Monsta X)

Word count: 1.7 k

This was supposed to be a chilled evening at home with your boyfriend Kihyun. You waited for him to get home from practice and then you two wanted to order take out and watch some movies. But apparently there were others plans. Kihyun cam through your door and you greeted him with a kiss as usual.

“Babe, my parents invited us for dinner later.”

“What? But we wanted to have a nice evening at home.”

You pouted and he smiled at your cuteness.

“I know but I don’t see them often and they really like you.”

“I don’t even have a nice dress for dinner.”

“Then I guess we should go and buy one shouldn’t we?”

You grabbed your jacket and sighed. Kihyun hated shopping if he was so willing to come a long he had something planned. Something bad. You sat next to him in the car as he drove to the mall. He looked gorgeous today. It was not that he didn’t look good everyday but this comeback the company went for a really nice style. And he seemed so happy lately. You looked at him with a bright smile on your face.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes I was just admiring how good you look.”

He chuckled and blushed slightly. The mall was pretty crowded and you went from one store to the next, searching for a nice dress to wear. You wanted something black, casual but still sexy. Kihyun looked pretty bored now that you were in the third store. You had a choice of three dresses and went to go to the changing rooms, as you noticed Kihyun following you. Before you could close the door he manged to slip in with you and you looked at him confused.

“Kihyun you can’t come in here with me, I need to try on these dresses.”

He had caged you between his arm his head very close to your ear as he spoke with a raspy voice.

“Shopping is boring, how about we do something more fun.

His lips trailed along your jawline to your neck, gently sucking at it to form a hicky.

“Kihyun!! How am I supposed to hide that at dinner?? Also we can’t do this here we are in public!”

“Your mouth says no but your body says something entirely different.

His hand dipped down into your shorts to rub you through your panties. You were indeed getting excited by the thought of this. But you still couldn’t do this. Before you could complain any further he captured you in a kiss, pushing your panties aside to rub your clit. Your moans were muffled by his mouth as you still tried to fight against him.

“Kihyun really we can’t do this here what if someone comes in-”

To cut you off he slowly pushed one finger inside you, curling it upwards and holding it there.

So you want me to stop now?

He pushed a second finger inside and picked up a slow rhythm looking down at you.

I’m waiting for an answer.

You shook your head weakly as he thrusted his fingers inside in a faster pace.

That’s what I thought.

You leaned your head into his shoulder and tried to stifle your moans. You were close to your high as suddenly a women from the outside asked what the two of you were doing together in that changing room. Kihyun looked at you as he pulled his fingers out of you. You whined at the loss but he was quick to find an excuse.

“I needed to help her zip up the dress.”

The women probably didn’t buy that but she walked off anyways. Kihyun wiped his fingers off and looked at you with a smirk.

“Sorry baby I guess we need to continue after dinner. Also you should buy this dress.”

He excited the changing room as you tried on the said dress. You were frustrated even though you knew he would make up for it later. The dress looked amazing so you bought it and you both went home again.  There wasn’t much time left till you needed to meet his parents, so you took a shower and got ready. You did you hair and make up nicely, put on the dress and looked for your favorite high heels that had to be somewhere in the mess of your wardrobe.

“You look amazing babe.”

Kihyun gave you a quick peck as he lead you out to the car. He opened your door like a gentlemen when you got in and out of the car and pulled back your chair so you could sit on it when you arrived at the restaurant. You chuckled at his behavior, trying to look like a pure angelic boy in front of his parents. You knew better.

His parents loved you and you really like them, they were always really friendly. The conversation carried on as you could feel Kihyun letting his hand brush over your thigh a few times. You glared at him before he would pull any shit but he just gave you a little smirk. The evening went on like this. His hand rest on your thigh, sometimes he let it run up and down. As long as he didn’t go further this would be okay. But of course he had to give you a lovely smile as he dipped his hand below the hem of your dress to stroke over your clothed folds. Your breath hitched in your throat as you pretended to cough.

“Are you okay love?”

His mother seemed really concerned as you just smiled.

“Yeah of course I’m fine.”

You gave Kihyun another warning side glare. The evening just wouldn’t end and Kihyun wouldn’t stop teasing you under the table. He didn’t went as far as fingering you but you were still frustrated from earlier in the changing room. The dessert hadn’t even come and you just couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m sorry I’m not feeling very well I need to go freshen up a bit and maybe catch some air, I’ll be back soon.”

You gave them your most apologetic smile as Kihyuns mother nodded sympathetically.

“What are you waiting for Kihyun, go and look after your girl.”

Kihyuns father had a ever so slightly smile on his face that you couldn’t see anymore as you were already on your way to the bathroom. Luckily the bathroom and the entrance were in the same direction so they wouldn’t actually be able to see where you two had been. Kihyun had put his arm supporting around your waist as he guided you into the bathroom. He closed and locked the door behind himself looking at yourself as you supporting grabbed the sink and let out a deep sigh. He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist pressing soft kisses onto your neck and shoulder blades.

“Kihyun you can’t do this, you left me unsatisfied earlier in the changing room and now you are teasing me like hell in front of your parents and the evening just won’t end, can we please excuse us and go home.”

I don’t think we’re gonna make it home anymore baby.

Before you could process what he had said he spun you around and lifted you up the counter. In seconds he was kneeling in front of you, hooking his fingers in your panties, pulling them down.

“As much as I love the teasing, we can’t stay gone for too long so I’ll just make it up to you quickly.”

How could he play so sweet in front of his parents and be so sinful when you were alone. He kept what he promised seconds ago and went straight to your already soaked core, wrapping his lips around your clit. You stifled your moans with your own hand as he didn’t waste any time to push two fingers at once inside of you, thrusting them in and out in a quick pace. You were already pretty close to coming since he had teased you so much before. Your hands tangled into his hair, disheveling it pretty badly. This needed to be fixed somehow before you left. Kihyun curled his fingers upwards reaching you spot perfectly and you were gone. His fingers didn’t slow down one bit as he rode our your high and he only removed them when you were whining for him to stop. You jumped of the counter holding yourself up as best as you could and turned around to fix your hair in the mirror.

You didn’t really think we would leave now before I fucked you did you baby?

“But your parents, they’re wait-”

Before you had finished your sentence he had bent your upper body over counter and grabbed your dress to push it upwards. You heard him unbuckle his belt as he positioned himself behind you. Even though you hadn’t much time he always found time to tease you a bit. The tip of his dick ran teasingly against you folds and clit as he presses kisses up your spine till he reached your ear.

“We will just say you needed a lot of fresh air.”

He finally pushed inside you till he filled you up completely. His rhythm was quick and determined since you two had no time to waste. He pulled out entirely to slam back into you reaching your spot perfectly. You were a whining and moaning mess trying to hide your moans in your hand as your second orgasm quickly approached.

“I’m c-close I can’t hold it any longer.”

“I know baby I can feel you, just let go and make sure the restaurant can hear you.”

He grabbed your wrists to hold them behind your back as he pounded into you. You reached your orgasm seconds later, clenching erratically around his length, pushing him over the edge as well. You kept your moans and curses as quiet as possible without your hands. Kihyun rode both of your highs out until he pulled out. You grabbed some paper towels to clean yourself up.

“We should hurry and get back before they worry about us.”

No shit Kihyun, you were the one that wanted to fuck in here.”

“You loved it babe.”

“I know.”

You grumbled as you both fixed your hair a bit and headed out of the bathroom. Kihyuns mum asked you if you were now feeling better and you agreed thanking them for their understanding.

“Sorry dessert came when you were gone.”

Kihyun smiled in your direction as he grabbed your coat.

“Oh don’t worry mum, I’ll just get mine at home.”

paper airplanes - part six

“I think I might join band.”

Alex stared at him, raising his bushy eyebrows in question. Phil shrugged.

“Really? I didn’t peg you as a band freak.” His voice was rough, probably from shouting at the other guys on the team. He slung a towel over his shoulder, continuing to sort through his locker.

“Well, why not? I’ve always liked music…” Phil shrugged again, resting his chin in his hand. “I played the trumpet in sixth grade, and the drums in ninth.”

“That’s not the same as being a band freak.” Alex ran his fingers through his sweaty blonde hair, grinning crookedly. “You’re not obsessed like the kids in that club. They take it seriously, trust me. One time I accidentally went in there during practice, and almost got impaled by a drum stick.”

Phil laughed, shaking his head. “That’s not true.”

“Could be.”

He slammed his locker, moving to walk past where Phil was sitting on the bench.

“I’d rather be a sports freak, myself.”

Phil rolled his eyes, standing to follow him. “Of course you would.”

Phil practically jumped when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He quickly checked it.

Dan: what’s your favorite color ???

Phil smiled. He and Dan had basically been playing a giant game of twenty questions ever since Phil had texted him.

Me: Blue
Me: Well maybe green

God, Phil was so tempted to just type the color of your eyes. I always liked coffee, but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to ruin this right away. He wouldn’t scare Dan away.

Dan: cool
Dan: i think mine might be yellow

That surprised Phil a bit.

Me: Really? I thought for sure it was black

Dan: ha ha, funny

“What are you smiling at?” Alex attempted to peak over at Phil’s phone, but he pulled it away roughly.

“None of your business.”

Alex just smirked, shrugging. “Fine. Just curious, no need to get defensive.”

Phil rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever.”

Alex shoved him lightly.

“Well c'mon man, let’s not be late to French.”

Phil sucked in a sharp breath. Dan was in that class. And no matter how much he texted him, he didn’t think he was ready to actually talk to him.

He sighed, following his friend out of the locker room.


Dan was so god damn pretty.

It was a wonder that everyone in the school wasn’t already in love with him. So maybe that made Phil lucky.

Phil watched him watch the teacher, posture slumped against the desk; curly brown hair falling in his eyes. He was wearing black today, surprise, a black hoodie and black jeans.

Phil would kill to see him in yellow.

Dan was typing.

Phil’s phone buzzed.

He grabbed it quickly, not wanting to get caught but also not wanting to miss an opportunity to talk to him.

Dan: le français est tellement ennuyeux que je veux mourir

Phil grinned. French is so boring I want to die.

Me: Agreed. You’re pretty good though

Dan: thanks, tell that to my grades

There was a moment of nothing, and then ;

Dan: i have a question
Dan: are you only texting me because you’re too ashamed to talk to me irl
Dan: like do you not want to be seen with me or something

Phil’s heart sped up. Oh. Was that what Dan thought?

Also. Dan knew who he was. Dan knew who he was!

Phil: No ! Of course that’s not why I’m texting you

Dan: then why can’t you just say hi ?

Phil looked up, meeting eyes with the teacher. She gave him a warning glance.

He sighed, shoving his phone back in his pocket. He couldn’t focus the rest of class.


Phil sighed, tugging at his hair as he trundled down the hall. He had responded the second he had gotten out of class, but Dan hadn’t answered yet.

Was he mad at him…?

Had Phil already screwed this up?

Most of the hallway was empty; school was already out, and the only people left were the ones in clubs and the teachers. Phil was just bored; he had no reason to get home quickly.

He heard something, from a bit far away, something tinkly and soft. Something other than the general hushed talking that flooded the school at this hour. It sounded sleepy.

Phil walked quicker, gripping the straps of his bag, some hair falling in his eyes as he speed-walked. He didn’t brush it away.

He stopped right in front of the band room, where the music was coming from. Oh. Of course; it was piano.

Phil peered around the door, immediately having to hold in a gasp.

Dan was sitting at the piano bench, his book bag tossed to the ground beside the instrument. For a moment Phil just thought he was very focused, but then he realized that Dan’s eyes were closed. His fingers glided over the keys like second nature; the same ease you expect someone to breathe with, or sleep.

The notes weren’t something that Phil immediately recognized, but that was probably because he wasn’t that invested in classical music. It was definitely something classical.

And to make it all worse, the afternoon light from the window was just gently dusting his face in rose gold, and Phil couldn’t breathe. He had to pull back, leaning again the wall and practically gasping for breath.

He was so pathetic.

He took a moment to calm down, sliding to the floor and listening. Dan didn’t miss a single note, what was he, a prodigy?

He pulled a notebook and a pen out of his bag, hardly realizing what he was doing, just going through the motions.

Ta musique est belle, mon amour

He quickly folded it into an airplane, standing and glancing in again. Dan’s eyes were still closed.

Phil threw it before he could change his mind, watching it hit Dan’s shoulder and fall to the floor. The music stopped, and Phil pulled away from the doorway.

He ran.


Ta musique est belle, mon amour

You sound beautiful, my love

Scatter-Brained (Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 1200+

Request:  Can you please write a Reader X Hamilton where the reader is good at singing but she is scatter brained and wants to discover the world and stuff rather than stay home? it’s okay if you’d rather not! I just figured I’d ask since requests were open. :3

Warnings: cussing 

A/N: im not sure how you wanted the plot to be, so i kind of just trailed off a little.. (almost forgot to post something today oops)

“Try again, Y/N.” Your vocal instructor said, his arms crossed against his chest. You sighed, hitting your head against the table. You were already bored of this training, wanting to do something else. Like go outside. And get out of this stuffy room.

“But why? I think I hit that high note pretty well.” You said, looking at him. He sighed, rubbing his hands on his temples. His straight brown hair was a crazy mess, pulled out of his hair tie.

“Yes, you did fantastically. But we have to make sure that you are doing it 100%. Every single time, not just once.”

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Title: Sweetheart

Pairing: Reader x Jin

Genre: Smut & Fluff. One Shot. 

Warning: This is super sexual, if you are not comfortable with oral sex or just sex in general, I wouldn’t read this. Seriously. You have been warned. Also, there is like one swear word lol. 

A/N: This is my first Smut so please don’t freak out on me. I am already a nervous wreck over uploading this (I have no problem reading it but writing it makes me feel really weird) I saw this gif and was like I need to write a smut with this gif. I also showed my friend, who talked me into actually doing this. So yeah, I hope you guys like it.


Relationships, when you are a tomboy, can be difficult. Especially when most of your friends are guys.

You had only been in one relationship in middle school and It was so mild that you didn’t even kiss the guy. Needless to say, you had no relationship experience and boy did your guy friends notice.

Kookie: “y/n we are here, let us in we are hungry.”

You chuckled and went over to the door of your apartment, opening it to see your seven closest friends smiling on the other side.

These seven friends happened to be boys and they treated you as if you’re just another guy friend.

Namjoon walks passed and nods, “pizza again?”

“Your favorite Namjoon,” you say as you chuckle, closing the door after all seven boys shuffled into the living room and sat down.

They all started up in their conversations about girls they liked and new video games they wanted to play as you brought out the pizza and placed it on the coffee table, taking a piece for yourself before they scarfed it all down.

After eating you were talking to Jungkook about a new action movie that had come out when Jin interrupted, “y/n can I talk to you for a moment?”

You nodded, and stood up and followed Jin to the kitchen confused as to what he wanted.

He leant up against the countertop, looking at you seriously as you sat on the countertop opposite of him.

“What did you need Jin?” You thought it was odd that he would want to speak in private, it wasn’t like him at all. Normally he would just talk about things openly In front of the others.

“Actually, a few of us have been talking, when was the last time you, uh, were in a relationship?”

You chuckled, “I have told you guys, it was with some guy in middle school.” You looked at him confused. They all knew it has been a long time since you were in a relationship, considering that you all were in college now.

“Well, I more meant, did you well, ya know.” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and looked away embarrassed.

Your face flushed a shade of pink as you let his question sink in. Looking at your feet dangling from the countertop you whispered, “No. I haven’t Jin.”

He nodded and looked back at you. “Have you even kissed a guy?”

Your face grew even brighter as you hunched down, trying to hide your embarrassment. “No.” You shake your head slightly.

He sighed and nodded. Pushing himself away from the countertop and towards you. Leaning down slightly so he could see your face, before quietly whispering, “Have you ever wanted to?”

Your head shot up at him in shock. “What?!”

He chuckled and moved closer to you. He could now see just how pink your cheeks had become as you stared at him, confused by his question. “You heard me y/n. Have you ever wanted someone to kiss you?” his voice was soft and velvety. Calming your nerves slightly.

“I, uh don’t know. I have never really thought about it. Because no guy has ever told me he likes me. I have always been the girl the guy just wants to be friends with.” You bite your lip nervously. You did have crushes here and there throughout the years but you never acted on them, usually just letting them fade to friendships.

He smiles and places the back of his hand against your roses cheeks. You swear you felt your heart skip a beat. “Maybe those boys are just stupid to miss out on someone like you.” He chuckled as your cheeks start to redden again.

“Jin Hyung! Namjoon is bullying me! Make him stop!” You hear Taehyung squeak from the living room.

He frowned slightly before winking at you and leaving the room.

You sat there a moment, trying to calm down. What was up with him? Why was he suddenly acting so strange around you? Why did it seem like he liked you? You shook your head. Maybe he was just asking, you thought as you shrugged it off rejoining the boys in the living room who were now watching a movie.

You stood up behind the sofa for a moment before Jin grabbed your hand, “Here sit next to me y/n,” he said. He patted the floor next to him.

Nodding, you sat next to him and hugged your knees, trying to focus on the movie, but you could feel Jin’s gaze on you. Looking you up and down.

He eventually looked away, watching the movie. Making you relax a bit, but that was short lived when he placed his arm around your shoulders loosely. Before you would never have been uncomfortable with it because he did it all the time. But this time it felt different.

The movie ended and you stood up saying your goodbyes to everyone as they one by one started to leave, before you knew it everyone had left except Jin.

You closed the door after saying goodbye to Yoongi and Hoseok, walking to your room to change. “Hey, I will be right back. Feel free to put on another movie while you wait.”

Jin nodded, as you walked passed him to your room. His gaze glued to you until you closed the door.

You leant against your door, why was he still here? You assumed he didn’t get to finish his conversation from earlier.

After you changed, you walked back out and sat on one of the chairs next to the sofa. Keeping a space between you and him. The awkwardness in the room making your nerves worse.

“Y/n why are you sitting over there? Come sit on the big sofa.” He patted the empty spot next to him.

You shook your head. “Thanks but I am good here.”

He frowned slightly, “I am sorry about earlier if that is why you are freaking out. I won’t do anything unless you ask.” He looks over at you, his eyes boring into yours. “I am serious.”

Your heart fluttered slightly. You wanted to kiss him. You would be lying if you said you didn’t want to. He was so beautiful, and when you first met him you did kinda like him, but you thought he didn’t have any feelings back so you let it go.

Biting your lip you open your mouth to say something, “Jin, do you like me…” your face started turning red. You glanced away nervously, scared for his response.

He chuckles, “I thought I had made pretty obvious since I met you.” He got up, came over and knelt in front of you. He looked at you. “I have been trying to get up the courage to ask you for a while, but you didn’t show interest so I let it go. Only recently did I find out the reason why was because you have never been in a real relationship.”

You opened your mouth to protest, saying your first relationship counted but he put his finger on your lips. “It doesn’t count. He didn’t even kiss you y/n,” he said with a chuckle. “Now do you want me to show you how a real relationship feels?” His words were sharper, needier. His eyes soft but lustful at the same time.

You nodded and blushed, looking down trying to hide it. He grabbed your chin before you could move it down and guided you towards his face. Stopping your face inches from his.

“Y/n are you sure you want this?” His lips grazed yours as he spoke, his eyes searching you for any sign of regret. “Say it,” he whispered.

You gulped and squeaked a small “Yes” out.

His lips met yours immediately. You could feel the need in the kiss. You followed his movements, your lips moving together, moments passed as he continued the kiss, getting needier the longer your lips interlocked.

You pull away to gasp for air, and notice his gaze was different. All the softness was gone, his eye now dark and lustful.

“Are you sure you haven’t kissed anyone else y/n?” He looked at your lips, biting his own.

“Never. You are my first.”

He growled something under his breath before he stood up, leaning over you and kissed you again. This time though his kiss was more sloppy. He held himself up with one arm. His other, sliding into your hair until he got to the back of your neck. Where he pushed you closer to him.

Normally you would freak out, but you weren’t, you were in bliss. The feeling of his soft plump lips on yours, you wanted more. You became needy. Biting his lower lip, a groan escaped his lips.

You smiled into the kiss before you both broke to breath, but before you could even say anything his lips travelled to your neck, his teeth grazing your skin before he stopped and whispered, “May I?”

You shivered and nodded. His teeth digging into your skin, you yelp in pain and he jumps back.

“Shit, y/n I am sorry.” He steps back and stands back up fully.  Before chuckling at your deep red face.

You stood up and looked up at him. “Don’t be, it’s okay I just didn’t know what to expect. I.. uh liked it”

He smirked “Is that so?” He put his hand on your lower back pressing you against him. His other hand resting on your warm cheek.

“Yes,” you said. Your confidence was sky high. Probably from the adrenaline rush.

He smiled and moved his hand away from your cheek and down to your waist as he leant back down placing a peck on your lips. Working his way down to your neck and begin to kiss it gently. This time when he bit down, you let out a small moan. His grip around you tightened, he did it again. Sucking on your skin this time, your moan louder than the previous.

You placed your hands on his chest and started to run one of your hands up and down. He smiled against your neck. “Are you sure you have never done anything before sweetheart? You sure seem to know what you are doing.” He places a kiss on your neck before he looks back up at your face. Kissing your nose.

You chuckle, “I swear I haven’t done anything, this is all new to me.” You blush slightly.

He smiles back at you. “Well then, may I ask a silly question?” You nodded quickly as he moves down to your ear nibbling it quickly before whispering into your ear, “Are you a virgin?”

Your eyes opened in shock. You pressed your face into his chest and covered it with your hands.

He laughed quietly, “Guess I should take that as a yes.” He stroked your hair, comforting you. He wanted to ask more but figured it would be a bad idea.

You both stood there like this for a while. Before you spoke, “Yes I am, it’s embarrassing”

He smiled, “No it isn’t. You are just waiting for the right person is all. It’s smart.”

You looked up at him. His smile making you feel at ease. Biting your lip you asked him the question this time, “Are you, uh, a virgin?”

He chuckled and shook his head, “No, I lost mine when I was 17.” You could see a small pink cross his cheek as he bit his lip. “This is bold if me to ask, but… can I be your first?”

You froze. Did he really just ask you that. It was then you felt the warmth in your core. His length against you. You realized you were both aroused as hell and you really wanted him. “Before I answer I have one question Jin.” You step back. Getting a better view of his face as it turned to worry.

“Sure, go ahead.” He let his hands drop to his left sides. Preparing for you to reject him.

“If we do, what does that make us?” You wanted to know. Was he just using you for a quick bone or did he really want to be with you? You have heard all the boys talking to each other about hitting up a girl just to have sex. You didn’t want to be one of those girls.

He laughed, “If you are worried that I am using you for sex, or for a good time you are wrong. Like I said earlier, I have had feelings for you for a long time. I want this to be forever.” He grabs ahold of your chin, kissing your lips sweetly. “Do you feel the same?” He said as his lips ghosted over yours.

You let out a little giggle. “Of course Jin, I have felt this way for a while too, but like you, I thought you weren’t interested.”

He groans and pulls you close to him, any closer and you wouldn’t be able to breath. “You have no idea how much I have wanted you y/n. The guys have teased me nonstop about how much I liked you.”

Before you could reply his lips were on you again. Lustfully kissing you, his hands, roaming up to your sides and down to your backside.

You moaned as he hit your spots. He smirked and ran his hand over them again, only to hear you moan again. Your kisses had become hard, he pushed his tongue against your lips and you opened your mouth letting him enter.

He pulled away to breathe for a moment placing his forehead to yours, “Tell me y/n. Do you want me, tell me.” he asked lustfully.

You looked at him trying to kiss him again, but he stopped you and whispered, “Tell me.”  blushing you whisper back to him. “I want you Seokjin. I want you so bad right now.”

A smirk crossed his face, he grabbed you and picked you up, carrying you to your bedroom laying you on the bed and crawling on top of you. His hands, roaming up and down your body as his lips crashed into yours again.

You put one arm on his chest and the other in his hair. Grinding up against him impatiently. You were so needy for his touch, you’d had plenty of practice yourself, but you wanted to know how another’s touch would feel.

He chuckled in the kiss, “Impatient are we?” You blushed a little and nodded as he broke the kiss to take off your shirt and his. His lips meeting yours quickly after. His hand held up your back so he could undo your bra, as he moved it off you, grabbing firmly onto one of your breasts, kneading it in his hand.

Moans quietly escaped your lips as he continued to work your breast. Making you even more impatient.

He was taking his time exploring your body, taking in every inch of your curves. Eventually, he moved down to your one of your breasts and took it in his mouth. As he played with the other one. You groaned grabbing onto his hair harder. “Jin, please you are taking too long,” you said in between moans.

He smirks against your breast. “I am enjoying myself, sweetheart. Don’t worry, we will get there.” He bites down and you gasp in pleasure before he grabs your hand. “Here why don’t you help me out, it may make me move faster.” He guided your hand down to his hardened length, when you rubbed your palm against it, he let out a low growl as he kissed you forcefully again. “Yeah just like that sweetheart.”

You started to work his length, feeling it become harder the more you rubbed up and down. All the while he let out low growls and groans as he started sucking on your breasts again. This fueled you to pleasure him more, putting more pressure on his length where you would hear him groan. You started to wonder what else you could do to make him feel so good.

Both of you were thinking the same thing as he got up and stood up. “Come here, I want you to do something for me.”

You followed to the edge of the bed as he takes off his pants and boxers in one shot. He steps toward the bed as he pumps his member a few times, “Want to help me out?”

He smirks as you nod obeying his request. Placing your hand on his thick member pumping it up and down a few times looking up at him to make sure you are doing it right. He leans his head back, his mouth opens a little as he groans. “Yeah, you are doing good sweetheart. Keep going.”

You start pumping faster, feeling more confident now, he lets out a few quiet moans before he looks back down at you. His eyes needy for more. “Suck on it baby girl,” he moans. You bite your lip nervously before leaning down and licking the precum from his tip.

He gasped causing you to shoot a worried look up at him. He smirked at you. “Don’t worry that felt amazing, keep going.” He puts his hand in your hair as you slowly take him in your mouth.

He moans and gently pulls your hair, he was trying his hardest to not just shove his whole member in your mouth. Since you were still adjusting.

Soon enough you started going deeper and faster causing him to moan louder. “God, y/n you are doing so good sweetheart,” he said as he began to push your head further down as he becomes more and more aroused.

Seeing you do this to him, it took all his power not to be more rough to you, he couldn’t take it anymore and pushed you away and back down on the bed as he kneeled on the edge of the bed and slide your pants and underwear off.

He smiled as he looked at your core. You were blushing like mad as he closed in, his breath fanning over you making you moan softly. He smirked and looked up at you before he slowly ran his tongue up you. Tasting your sweet juice. Making you moan loudly.

“You taste amazing sweetheart,” he says before he goes back down, exploring you.

“Oh my God Jin, that feels so good,” you moan out loudly as you grab his hair, tugging softly.

You could feel him smirk as he went deeper. You felt like you were going to explode in pleasure when suddenly you felt him insert a finger into you, making your back arch. It hurt a little but the pain faded quickly to pure pleasure.

He looked up at you, as he slowly increased his finger count to two. You pulled harder at his hair “Jin, I need you inside me. Please,” you moaned loudly. Making him smirk as he nodded, standing up.

“Are you sure you can handle that sweetheart? We have plenty of time to do that if you aren’t ready.”

You groaned, “Jin please,” as you backed up and rested your head on your pillow. “I want you to be my first. Please.”

He smiled and quickly grabbed a condom from his wallet. Sliding it on his member, as he climbed on top of you. “Now this is going to hurt baby girl. If it is too much you have to promise to tell me okay.”

“I promise,” you say nodding kissing him as he slowly inserts his member into you.

You would be lying if you said it didn’t hurt, but you knew it would fade.

He started off slowly. Watching your face carefully for any type of pain. You moaned slightly and he cocked his eyebrow surprised. “Already sweetheart?”  

You nod and blush as he smirks a little as he increased his pace slightly.

“You are so tight baby girl, my god,” he said as he continues to go faster. He starts to moan with you as he leans down and starts kissing you roughly as he pushes in and out of you.

You dig your nails into his back which causes him to growl, “fuck, y/n” He said as he started to suck your neck roughly. His hand playing with one of your breasts.

“Jin, I think I am going to cum!” You moan out loudly and you arch your back. It felt like you were going to explode in pleasure.

“Cum for me sweetheart. I got you.” He said as he places his arm on your back holding you up as he started kissing your lips sweetly.

It hit you so hard that you felt as if you were going to pass out, your moans becoming almost screams as you screamed his name. Biting his lip.

Feeling your walls tighten around him, while also hearing you scream his name pushed him over the edge. “Sweetheart, y/n. I’m, shit…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence as he rode out his high.

Once you had both finished, he collapsed on top of you. Trying to catch his breath.

“That was amazing Jin. Why haven’t I done this sooner?” You chuckle as you gasp for air.

He laughed and pulled himself off of you, laying next to so he was facing you. He placed a hand on your cheek as you turned to face him. “It’s because you were waiting for the right moment, and I am so happy I could be that right moment.”

You smiled. “Thank you, Jin.”

He chuckled “No, thank you.” He said as he leaned in and kissed your head. “I guess I should ask you officially.” He blushes as looks down your body then back up at your eyes, “Will you be mine forever?”

You blushed and giggled, “Of course I will Jin,” You smile as you hug him.

His face lights up as he tightly hugs you back. “I am happy you said yes’” he whispers.

“I am too.”


Ps. Credit goes to the creator of any gifs i use. i know i dont say this often but i usually forget i am sorry :/


anonymous asked:

could you please make headcanons of a fight between murasakibara and his s/o? like they're just heated up and you see how murasakibara gets "bored" by basket? maybe he can say that to the female s/o, like "you're a bore too" or something. thank you!! can it have a happy ending? i love the man too much for my own good.

  • There’s only two things that can make Murasakibara angry: One, losing in basketball, and two, an empty fridge. Today, both of those things happened.
  • It didn’t help that you were also in a terrible mood and were incredibly hungry
    • “__-chin, I’m hungry, there’s no food.” 
    • “Me too. Why don’t we go to the Korean chicken restaurant by the station?” 
    • “There again? Ugh, sometimes __-chin’s such a bore. Let’s go somewhere else, __-chin” 
  • Ticked off, you began listing all his shortcomings as a boyfriend
    • Picking up a sock, you bellowed: “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR SOCKS SMELL?!” 
    • “Well, I carry all your bags all the time, __-chin” 
  • You walked out and went to your favorite restaurant on your own, leaving Murasakibara annoyed and confused
  • Order everything you want in the menu, you deserve it after he called you boring, which is totally untrue
    • Alone, you began to think of all the times he’s criticized you as a girlfriend
      • “Hehe, __-chin is so short, so cute”
      • “Let me help you with those bags, you look tired”
      • Ok, maybe not
    • Ultimately, you remember all the happy memories he’s given you throughout your relationship
    • “I was pretty harsh on him, wasn’t I?” you text your best friend, asking for confirmation
    • “Yeah dude, you prolly were just hungry or someth”
    • You already miss him
    • So, so much
  • You came back home late at night on purpose hoping he was finally asleep as your anger finally subsided
  • However, he was still wide awake, waiting for you in the living room which was littered by at least 15 shopping bags.
  • As you creeped up to his sleepy form on the couch, you asked “Atsushi, what is all this?”
  • “I went grocery shopping… and bought all of __-chin’s favorites” 
  • How can you possibly stay angry at him after this?
  • Needless to say, you both shared the sweetest mind night snack ever afterwards (❁´◡`❁)
I Hate You

Request: Scenario where chanyeol find out that his girlfriend (he was going to propose) don’t want to have children. you choose if the end will be happy or sad. Thaaaaanks

Word Count: 2734

Genre: ANGST

Part 2

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Summary: You and Yugyeom do a photoshoot with a sexy concept, and it leads to a little more after.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2226

Requested Here

You walked in front of the bright lights, feeling extremely exposed. When your company had told you that you would be doing a photoshoot with Yugyeom, you had been thrilled. You and Yugyeom had known each other for a while, and you had a little crush on him, but you two had never spent that much time together just the two of you. However, when you agreed to doing the photoshoot, you had no idea it was going to be a sexy concept or one that was so revealing at that.

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anonymous asked:

hope this isn’t too specific: Nash, Hanamiya, Haizaki, Aomine, Kise‘s best friend (a girl) tells them the girl they wanna ask out and have been flirting with doesn’t actually care about them and they say is not her business so she yells something like “whatever I can’t believe I was so stupid to fall for an idiot like you” and turns to leave

I changed up some of the situations for each so it wouldn’t be too boring lol 

General Situation:

“Look, I know you have a pretty big ego with your looks and all. But I’m saying this to save you the trouble. She’s not even remotely interested. She just wants to go out with you for the popularity.” You huffed, hands on your hips.

“Tsk,” he rolled his eyes. “This isn’t any of your business.”

“Whatever, I can’t believe I was stupid enough to fall for an idiot like you!” You growled, turning on your heel to leave.

AOMINE: It just clicked in his mind. His hand darted out and took yours. “Wait, what?” You glared at him. “You like me?” His eyebrow raised in confusion. He never knew of your feelings since you were usually snappy around him, being one of his closest friends and all. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me that before?”

“I didn’t want it to be weird between us!”

“Well, now it is.” He snapped. “We’re going to talk about this. We will. Dinner tonight. Your place or mine, I don’t care. But… I think it’s best if we sit our asses down and talk about this.”

HAIZAKI: “What?” He couldn’t help it. A devious smile curled on his lips as his eyebrow quirked up. He jerked you towards him, putting you down on the table, trapping you between him and the table with his hips. “You fell for me? When?”

“Fuck off.” You snarled, knowing full well that if he ever found out he’d probably use it against you. That was just the type of guy Haizaki was.

He tipped your chin up with his fingers, smiling down at you. “Why didn’t you tell me, babe? You wanna head over to my place and I can make you feel goo—“ Slap. “What the fuck?!”

“Go screw yourself.”

HANAMIYA: For a few milliseconds, the pieces began to settle in his mind. Then he quickly pulled you towards him again, raising an eyebrow. Face void of other emotions. “What? Is that why you’ve been trying to veer me away from this girl? Because you’re jealous?”

“I’m your best friend first, moron. I don’t want her hurting you.”

His lips twitched at ‘moron’. “She can’t hurt me. You know me well enough. But apparently I don’t know you enough. Care to tell me more about these feelings of yours?” By this time, he had an arrogant smile on his face. “Come on.” He urged. “Tell me.”

KISE: His lips parted in surprise at your sudden confession. He let you escape first, barely processing your feelings. He’s usually so observant that he wondered how he could possibly have missed this. A few days after, he approached you, asking to speak to you alone and brought you to the roof. “___-chi—“

“Nope. I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“But we have to.” He pouted. “This is important. I didn’t know that you liked me. Why didn’t you tell me that before? Why didn’t I notice? Why did you keep supporting me? Why didn’t—“

You placed a finger over his lips. “Stop. This is exactly why. I didn’t want to make it weird between us. But I guess I can come clean. At the same time, I don’t want you to feel pressured to do anything. I just want to come clean. Okay?” He nodded.

NASH: The laugh that escaped his mouth drew you back to him. You narrowed your eyes in annoyance at him. “You think this is funny?” He shrugged, lips twitching in amusement. “You’re such an asshole.”

“Don’t be so angry, angel.” He grinned, pulling you to him, hands wrapping around your waist as you beat your fists against his chest. “Finally, you tell me. Took you long enough.” Your brows furrowed in confusion. “Been trying to make you jealous for weeks now and I finally made you snap.”

Your mouth gaped open at him. “You were manipulating me?” He shrugged. “You asshole!” You snapped, lifting your fist to punch him. He grabbed it though and pushed you forward towards him with a hand on the small of your back. His lips crashed down on yours as they split into a huge grin. “You’re such a dick.”

Joker x deaf!Reader Part 8

The ride back to Y/N’s house was mostly silent, with J talking occasionally. She looked so depressed, slightly shaking and sadly staring at her lap so J decided to tell her some funny stories.

“So then this guy, this hostage, got up and tried to attack me! With a pen! So naturally I grabbed the pen and gouged the guy’s eyes out. Oh, you should’ve been there, it was hilarious.” He wiped a tear from his eye, chuckling softly. He looked over to Y/N to see her reaction only to find her staring at her lap. Without thinking he reached up and grabbed a lock of her hair and tugged. She looked at him, her eyes wide.


“What did you think?”

“What?” J rolled his eyes, remembering she was deaf.

“Never mind.”

They got to the house and J opened the door for her, dramatically extending his arm. Once she was inside she turned around to shut her door, only to find him entering her house as well.

“What are you doing?” She sighed, just wanting him to leave so she could cry herself to sleep.

“Can I have that drink now, doll?” He shut her door and saw her blinking, not really understanding why he’s staying.

“Um, are-are you staying?”

“For a bit. Can I get that drink?” Just wanting to get him out, she walked over to her fridge and opened it before looking back at him.

“What do you want? I have, kool-aid, Capri Sun, apple juice-”

“Do you got any wine?” Y/N paused. He mouthed it again when she looked confused.

“Wine? Like, alcohol? Um, yes I think so.” She opens a dusty cabinet and pulls out an ancient bottle of wine.

“I’m not sure if it’s expired yet-” J laughs.


“Nothing, doll. Something tells me it’s not expired.” He found her ignorance amusing. Taking the glass, he drank it while keeping his eyes on her. She obviously wasn’t used to visitors, or maybe it was just him, because she had her hand clamped around her forearm, nervously glancing towards the side. He didn’t want to leave on a bad note, wanting to see her smile before he left.

“Come sit, doc. Tell me about yourself.”

“Huh?” She timidly sat beside him.

“So what’s a pretty thing like you doing in Gotham? Were you always a psychiatrist?” He would have found this out by Frost sooner or later, but he wondered if she would tell him.

“I-uh, well, I actually worked with a group of people who would find historical artifacts. We would go so many places and just do all sorts of crazy things. We’ve been to thousands of years old temples and did all kinds of jobs.” She smiled. J twirled the liquid around in his glass.

“So you worked with those types of people? That’s interesting.”

“I did them.” His eyes went from the wine to her, and she choked on her drink. “I did the things, I mean. The jobs, the traveling, not the people.” J looked at her in amusement.

“Surprising, what would happen if an avalanche was heading straight towards you?” Her lips quirked.

“Well that’s why I brought others along. So they could warn me of the impending avalanche. And that is one of the reasons why it didn’t last long.” J smiled, surprising himself with how genuine it was. He put his glass down and cleared his throat. He stood up, offering her his hand. She hesitantly took it, and stood up as well.

“Dance with me?” She didn’t answer, so he just wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into a dance. She stumbled over her feet and giggled, relaxing slightly. She was still tense around him, knowing how he could go from ‘Yes, doctor you’re so helping me’ to ‘I’m going to fry your brains so you’ll stop being a good person’ real quick. It saddened her but she couldn’t help but fall for his charm. He twirled her around, her swaying slightly and awkwardly falling back into his arms.

“Uh, I can’t dance.” She stammered.

“No one has ever danced with you before?” She shook her head.

“I prefer to keep to myself. That way I’m not anyone’s liability. I can take care of myself, anyway.” She politely pulled back, showing she’s slipped into a bit of a dark mood. J took it as his cue to leave.

“Well, Y/N, I’ll be going. Expect to hear from me soon.” J trailed off into laughter, and she gave him a confused look.


“You get it? Hear from me? No? Never mind.” She rolled her eyes. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Once he was gone she slid down the door and put her head in her hands. It surprised her how he could go from sweet to violent and controlling, and how he could make her fall in love with him all over again.


He came sooner than she expected, only two days later. They drank her ‘expired’ wine and chatted, and Y/N noticed he was more possessive than before.

“Are you getting a new patient?”

“I haven’t gone back to work yet.”

“That didn’t answer my question.”

“Well, that is my job.”

“Have you found out who?” Y/N looked down, biting her tongue. J grabbed a lock of her hair and  tugged on it, making her eyes find his lips.


“You know who.”

“Well… it’s not important.”


“Can’t you just find out anyway? Even if I don’t tell you?”

“Yes, but that’s not the point.”Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and leaned closer. J couldn’t ignore the pull he felt from her and leaned in himself…only to realize she was just getting a better look at his lips. “Kiss me.” He said, wondering if she still liked him, even after all the things he put her through. Her eyebrows furrowed. Diss me? Oh. Kiss me. She surprised him and put her lips on his, making him purr. His hand wrapped in her hair, getting ahead of himself and she pulled back.

“I have a meeting I have to go to today. I need something pretty to look at when I’m bored. Do you want to come?” He saw her hesitation. “You know I wouldn’t make you do anything that you’re uncomfortable with, as long as you keep up your end of the bargain. Just, act-” like you love me. He frowned, she was affecting him too much. “Never mind. You’re going. Get ready.” Not wanting a repeat of last time, she quickly got off of the stool and went to go get dressed.


Y/N is sitting in J’s lap, openly gawking at the glory of the VIP section. She figures she must have been too nervous last time to notice it, but it was amazing. J glared at the client who was giving Y/N a weird look, although he couldn’t blame him. She was looking around the place with her mouth open. There were gold beads hanging all around, J was wearing gold chains and watches, and the whole place seemed to be made of gold. Although she made good money, she never really went anywhere or did anything with it since coming to Gotham. The only ‘gold’ thing she owned was a bracelet from a toy machine at a store. Since she’s so amazed she forgets her manners and relaxes, something J wished she’d do more often. She’s always so tense.

“So Mr.J, I was thinking about-”

“Is this real gold?” Y/N accidentally cut the client off, but J didn’t mention it. He felt that everyone else was beneath him anyways.

“Yes, doll. You like it?” She giggled and nodded. “When we get home I’m turning everything in our house gold.” She was too happy to notice he implied her moving in with him.

“So Mr-”

“It’s amazing.” Y/N unintentionally cut him off again.

“I didn’t know you’d like it so much.” She looked at J in shock.

“Are you kidding? It’s gold. Like real gold. That’s amazing.” J smiled at her, finding her completely adorable as she looked at the beads. He kissed her neck, trailing up to her cheek.

“I’m gonna get you a gold dress, gold necklaces-” He stopped and growled with annoyance when he noticed she wasn’t looking at him. He tugged on her hair, their new communication system, and her eyes found his lips. “I’m gonna get you a gold dress…” He named everything he would get her, making her giggle and squeal. About five minutes later J remembered the client and continued their conversation, not caring that the guy looked annoyed. But the one time Y/N interrupts J, boy does he let her know.

“Batman has been-”

“J how did you afford all of this?”

“Doll you just interrupted me. That was very rude.” He scolded, making her cover her mouth with her hand and squeak out a ‘sorry’. J goes back to coddling her and kissing her face, bringing her smile back.

“To answer your question doll, it’s not like I work hourly on minimum wage.”

“Oh.” He kisses her face again, eventually finding her lips. They end up chatting for about thirty minutes, mostly J telling her about all the things he will buy her and her politely refusing, but still amazed.

“Can I try them on?” She motions toward his gold chains. He takes them off and puts them around her neck, making her give a little squeak.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s just so cool.” J laughs at her being weighed down by them, and takes one back.

Then J remembers the client.


“Mr. J is it necessary for her to keep interrupting?” J looks at Y/N who’s still looking at him.

“Baby, give daddy a kiss.” She complies with a smile, and J uses the distraction to shoot the client in the head. He makes sure Y/N keeps kissing him until Frost can get the body out of the way. When she pulls away, she gasps and looks towards where the client was sitting.

“I forgot he was here! I didn’t interrupt him, did I?” J smiled, throwing his head back to rest on the couch.

“Of course not, doll. I would’ve told you.”

With some hesitation, he manages to talk her into coming to his house. His erratic driving terrified her, and he told her to close her eyes while she clutched his hand. When they get to his house on the outskirts of Gotham, he kisses her hand and leads her inside. He gives her time to gawk at his house, watching her expressions as she looks at everything. She marvels at his bedroom and does a little circle, taking everything in before her eyes find him. He was looking at her intently, and she blinked. He crossed the space between them faster than she could open her eyes and slammed his lips against hers before throwing her on the bed.

Because I Love You

It was the middle of the day and you still hadn’t seen J.  You knew he was busy at work in his office and he probably wanted to be alone so he could focus but you just couldn’t help yourself.  You decided a little company wouldn’t hurt him so you made your way down the hall, sliding on the wood floor in your fuzzy socks.  You had been together for almost eight months now, so you decided knocking was on longer necessary.  Surely he would be happy to see you regardless of how absorbed he was.  You stepped in the room and closed the door gently behind you.  A huge grin spread across your face as you saw J, busy as always.  He paid no attention to you as you walked up to his desk and sat on the opposite side of him in one of his large, dark leather chairs.  Since he obviously wasn’t going to pay you any mind you decided to get comfortable by tucking your feet under you, curling up to just watch him at work.

Several minutes passed before he spoke up, “Why are you looking at me like that?” He said, never looking up from the papers covering his desk.

“Well, I was bored and I figured you’d be in here for a few more hours so I thought I’d come watch.” You replied with a smile.

He gave you his low growl that you loved so much before saying, “Doll, I’m really busy and you know I find you….distracting.  How about you go find Frost and stare at him for a while.”

Not wanting to leave, you decided to change the subject to something sensitive that you knew would get his attention.

“J, your hair is looking pretty dull.” you said, trying to contain a giggle.  You knew that you were going to hit a sweet spot and you did it on purpose.

He immediately brought his gaze up to meet yours.  You could see the panic that was setting in as his eyes widened.

“What?” He said softly.  There weren’t many things that he cared about, but his hair was one of them.

“I’m just saying, J….you’re really letting yourself go lately.”  You got up and turned around to walk out of the room, you really wanted to laugh but you couldn’t in front of him.  Before stepping out of the room you hollered back, “Maybe when you’re done working so much I can help you dye it. By the time that happens, though, all the green will be gone.”

Without waiting for his reply you walked out of the office, shut the door behind you, and started running up the stairs laughing.  Just when you were about to reach the bedroom you heard his office door open and steps coming your way.  You ran into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed, grabbing your phone. I’ve gotta act natural, my plan is working! You thought to yourself.

Moments later J stepped into the room, frantically looking in the large mirror by the closet doors.  He ran his fingers through his hair as if he were searching for something.

“Dye my hair. Now.” He growled towards you before striding into the large master bathroom.  You had to bite your lip to suppress your smile as you jumped off the bed and followed after him.

He sat down on the bench in front of your vanity, watching you intently as you brushed the neon green dye through his hair.  He tilted his head back and flashed you his silver smile in happiness, this was always one of his favorite things.  After the dye had sat for long enough you had him turn around and tilt his head under the sink so you could wash it out.

“You wanna know something, J?” You said as you ran your fingers through his hair, rinsing it out.

“Hmmmm?” He growled in response.

“Your hair looked fine, I just wanted to spend some time with you.” You giggled as he opened his eyes and glared at you.  He sat up, clearly agitated.

“Doll, if there’s one thing I don’t like it’s when you play games with me. I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO AND I DON’T NEED YOU FUCKING IT UP!”

You weren’t expecting his sudden change of tone, or your response.


J started to walk out of the bathroom but you grabbed his arm and took a deep breath.

“J, just talk to me for once instead of walking away. Sometimes I just need-”

“That’s the fucking problem Y/N! You always NEED. Why the fuck do you have to be SO FUCKING NEEDY?” J said, raising his voice once again.

“Because I love you god damn it!” You covered your mouth with your hand immediately after the words came out.  You knew you had loved him within the first week of your relationship, but he told you to never fall for him.  His face went blank and he tensed his jaw.  His eyes looked anywhere but at you as he whispered, “Never say that again.” before turning and walking away.

Harry Styles Is A Fanboy Imagine

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Spike and Angel Analysis Part 1

Warning: Long and includes mentions of Spuffy, Spangel & Sprusilla


In Destiny, we see a flashback where Angelus first meets the newly vamped William. Angelus moves from the shadows, in a scene not dissimilar from the scene where Spike first sees Buffy at the Bronze in School Hard. He then grabs William’s arm, thrusts it into sunlight, and says this…

ANGELUS: Do you have any idea what it’s like having nothing but women for travel companions, night in and night out?…don’t get me wrong, I do love the ladies, it’s just that lately, I’ve been wondering what it’d be like to share the slaughter of innocents…with another man. Don’t think that makes me some kind of a deviant, do you?

He smirks at William in a way that leaves us with little doubt as to his intentions. The line is a blatant come-on. But I think William only sees the male-ego challenge. William is an upper-class 19th century British fellow, and I’m guessing he has little idea what homosexuality even is. Angelus on the other hand has been roaming around for over a century, exploring every corner and walk of life, and other countries where homosexuality is more acceptable due to different cultures than it was in 19th century England. He means exactly that, but William doesn’t have a clue.

Angelus takes William’s accepting of his challenge as a good sign; they go out hunting, and William immediately praises Angelus’ killing prowess. Angelus is pleased by the attention, but his expression looks like he still wants more. He offers William a drink from his spoils, but William rejects her. Angelus starts pushing and William says “Nah, I think I might go and find Drusilla.” Angelus’ expression immediately darkens and he probes “She’s special, isn’t she? Our Drusilla.” William starts espousing his romantic ideals about Dru, and Angelus responds by dumping on her “She is a sweet plum - a bit dotty and brain-addled, but - ” This scene seems almost out of a sitcom, where the guy with the unrequited crush on the cute girl immediately starts dumping on her new beaux.

What seals the deal here for that interpretation is that this flashback in the episode Destiny immediately follows a shot of Angel looking on as Spike runs off to go sleep with Harmony. Now, unlike Drusilla, there’s no way that Angel was jealous for Harmony’s sake. He doesn’t give a damn about Harmony - not that Angelus cares much more about Drusilla, but he had been sleeping with her since before William showed up, so some idle viewers might think he’s just annoyed that William is hitting on his special creation. But no - he was the one who gave Dru the idea to create a mate for herself in the first place! The Flashback from Darla shows Dru mourning that “His head’s too full of (Darla)” for Angelus to truly make her a good playmate. Angelus suggested Dru make herself a boyfriend in the first place, and Dru followed suit. I think Angelus just didn’t expect her mate to be so damned good looking and gutsy and emotional, and more importantly, so damned attractive to him, Angelus. He’s been thinking (as he said above) about experimenting, I’d imagine, with a guy for a long time now; he’s been with Darla for over a century and Darla recently scampered off to go be with her Master. He’s bored with Drusilla, and wants to try something new. But it goes beyond simple experimentation here. I think Angelus is legitimately attracted to William and disappointed that William doesn’t feel the same. The juxtaposition of this scene with the Harmony scene pretty much proves it.

Angelus responds the only way he knows how - by boning his love rival Drusilla and telling William to “come and take her”. He can’t get William to pay him the attention he wants, so he resorts to ruining his relationship with Dru.


Angelus hopes, I think, to dominate William, the same way he dominated Penn and currently dominates Drusilla. But William is a surprising fellow. Within a year’s time, he’s changed his name to Spike, adopted a lower-classs accent, and taken to such wild public brawling that he’s got Angelus and his women hiding in the luxury of a mine shaft. Anyone else who made so much trouble for Angelus I’d imagine would be dead pretty quickly, but Angelus keeps William around. I think Angelus is perplexed by his inability to mold William to his wishes, and I notice his dislike of using William’s preferred name of Spike, and his annoyance at his changing accent. Angelus was attracted to upright, romantic nice boy William with his well-tailored shirts and classiness, and this new lower-class brawler is alarming to him; try picturing Angelus as a girl, dismayed at her man’s abandoning of hygiene and sudden lower-class loutish behavior. Angelus is a man of class and taste who likes the finer things in life, and seeing William degenerate into a brawling, filthy blood knight seems to distress him.

Still, Angelus is willing to negotiate with Spike, and even though at first he thinks he knows best, Spike’s ideas about a full-out fight seem to get to him. Spike baits him into fighting - and I notice that the insult that gets Angelus to attack him is when Spike calls him “Poofter.” Which is a rude British slang term for a homosexual. That’s right, the one insult that makes Angelus snap at and nearly stake Spike, losing his usually fairly calm temper, is when Spike makes fun of his orientation - which he’s established, earlier on, that he’s not very comfortable with. I think Angelus is frustrated by Spike’s lack of reciprocal interest, and now Spike’s essentially made fun of his feelings - feelings that for him (yes, even for a sociopath like Angelus) are quite intense. Intense enough for him to snap, like Spike does so often, and act on pure emotion.

Angelus is a sociopath, and a soulless demon with a particular level of uncaring. We’ve never seen another vampire or another being get this kind of an emotional rise out of him. Darla doesn’t elicit much emotion from him other than lust; Drusilla doesn’t get much more than pleasure at her pain, and most other vampires he completely ignores and derides. But William the Bloody is special. Spike gets a rise out of him, gets his attention. I don’t believe Angelus capable of love, but he is capable of attraction and obsession, and sometimes even caring - at least, if something he values is in danger, he’ll go to lengths to protect it. Usually the things he values are himself and his belongings, but the only vampire we ever see him showing some real fondness for is Spike.

Also, note the phallic weapon in their fight scene, and Darla and Dru’s delight at their wrestling.

Angelus responds to Spike saying “now you’re getting it”, showing that he was baiting him deliberately, by calming down and tossing the rod aside, almost like he’s ashamed at Spike getting a rise out of him - or even realizing that Spike isn’t aware of his feelings and was simply baiting him, not deriding how he really feels. He gives Spike some advice  - that he can’t keep this up forever, and if he keeps this up, he could get killed. I think Angelus is honestly really concerned, and this line is the last line he has in this scene. I think everything he said to Spike before, about his recklessness and need to change his style, is out of concern for him. He wants Spike to do better, and he doesn’t want him to get hurt.


The next flashback we see is 14 years later in 1894. Angelus and Spike have been hanging around together for years and years and are long past the phase of petty brawls. In fact, by this point, not only are they friends, but they are equals. Angelus treats Spike in the Flashbacks from TGIQ more like a friend than we ever see him treat anyone else. Darla and Drusilla he never shows much affection or bond with; Penn is clearly his inferior, and humans are all beneath him. But I think that Spike was a good influence on Angelus. While Darla was always breeding his sadistic and petty sides, and Dru was pretty much just his pet, Spike challenged him. Spike - that being of pure emotional wildness, that pure, raw force of nature who is pretty much incapable of not affecting everything around him by his sheer volatility, was changing Angelus for the better. The flashbacks in TGIQ are the most human we ever see Angelus, before the ensouling.

The first scene shows Angelus and Spike chained up in The Room of Pain - Spike is shirtless, probably indicating that he was tortured more than Angelus, who is not. Angelus wakes up first, and as soon as he regains consciousness, he expresses concern for William (I like how Angelus still calls him William at this point, showing that he remembers the romantic poet he met back in 1880 and still sees him there behind Spike). He immediately swings into William and checks to see if he’s all right. That’s right, Angelus shows concern for someone else. Angelus, who during the flashbacks in Heartthrob sold out Darla and both  of his travel companions for a chance to get away from Holtz, actually shows some concern for another vampire.

Spike wakes up and Angelus proclaims “The immortal thinks he can do this to US?” That’s a phrase Angelus uses again and again throughout this episode - he likes to refer to himself and Spike as “Us”. Then follows another exchange I really like: William says “He’s gonna curse the day he ever crossed purpose with Angelus.” Generally, Angelus takes credit for all his evil deeds and refuses to acknowledge anyone as an equal. But when William praises him here, he adds “And William the Bloody.” Angelus makes sure to say that he and William are on an equal footing as formidable threats. William says “We’ll see just how immortal he is when we’re done with him.” Angelus responds to what sounds almost like a question with a long over-the-top death threat; then as he struggles, actually asks Spike “How you doin?” Another instance of Angelus showing concern for William’s welfare - and from his expression, I think it is genuine concern.

When the servant of the Immortal comes in, Angelus again makes a threat in which he makes many references to himself and Spike as “Us” “Ferry US to hell, then. WE’LL save a spot for him.” The next bit is really something to see. The manservant unshackles Angelus and says to HIM “YOUR recent actions against his concerns merited stiff reprimand”. I think this comment is angled more directly at Angelus, and Angelus doesn’t fight him; he’s angry with him, but is aware that there’s a bunch of cross-bow wielding servants behind the guy and it would be unwise to attack him. William asks the manservant as he unshackles him “His concerns?” Angelus protests “This is OUR city. WE were here first.” This makes him and William firmly identified as “WE”, and while the manservant referred to Angelus alone before, I think he’s referring to both of them in the next sentence. Bear in mind the previously mentioned - that the manservant has armed guards behind him, that Angelus was wary but not murderous around him before this point, and that attacking this guy is an unwise move, particularly for the generally stolid and uncaring Angelus. So the manservant says “YOU (both of them) will leave this city tonight and never return under a penalty of death so swift  that - ”

He never gets a chance to finish it, because Angelus promptly kills him with a look of pure outrage. What set off this potentially unwise move - a move that seems more like something Spike would traditionally do, allowing emotions of the moment to take over? The manservant threatened both him AND WILLIAM. I think the threat against William’s life was what made Angelus react that way and snap the guy’s neck.

He then uses anger and wild threats - something again very Spike-like of him to do - to intimidate the guards into leaving. As soon as they do, and he turns back to William, he calms down and goes to retrieve his shirt as they share a laugh; William asks about the arrows, and an in an interesting change from the last time we saw them talking about over-the-top displays of violence, Angelus is actually modest in response to the question, admitting “The arrow thing? I don’t know, never tried.” Angelus usually boasts all the time about how great he is, even to Penn, Darla and Dru, but to William, he’s honest; he admits right out he was bluffing, and mourns the destruction of his nice shirt. William murmurs “His benevolence, the immortal”, sounding annoyed and a little bit dejected. Angelus tells him, no doubt commiserating him “In for a shock, he is. There’s gonna be a reckoning.”

TGIQ does more to humanize Angelus than any other episode I’ve seen. Prior to this, we’d only ever seen Angelus (the Angelus of Flashback land, mind you) as a cold-hearted, almost emotionless being. He showed nothing but blithe amusement at the Master, cold pleasure in killing Holtz’ family, mild concern for himself when threatened by Holtz, sociopathic lack of concern for James and Elizabeth, not even much caring when Holtz was torturing him, amused tutoring of Penn, rude disrespect for The Beast, and obsession with but no passion for Drusilla. Angelus was always shown, in any flashback before William, to be a cold, passionless being, self-assured and pretty much not giving a damn about anything. But throughout TGIQ, and really in any flashback showing Angelus post meeting William, there’s something much more passionate, much more emotional, much more caring about him. Again, in TGIQ, he seems almost human. I think that’s William’s influence; it’s almost impossible to be around William/Spike and feel nothing. Even Buffy, when she goes into freeze-out mode, can’t quite manage it. He just brings out emotions in people.

So back to the flashbacks, Angelus and William come home and find Darla has been beaten up. I notice Angelus’ attitude towards her here is so passionate, so caring “Darla, my sweet death! What have they done?” That’s so completely different from his attitude of blithe uncaring from Heartthrob, where he cheerfully turned her over to Holtz. Here, he’s shocked and scared, even caring and romantic, claiming - in a line that seems very William influenced “i’d claw my way back from the depths of hell to lay by your side.” That doesn’t sound at all like the Angelus we used to know - the man who, again, cared so little about Darla he’d turn her over to Holtz without a moment’s thought to save his own ass; he’s never said anything so passionate or romantic to her before he met William. I think that’s the effects of Spike’s romanticism. Being around him, seeing him with Dru, I think brings out the passionate lover in Angelus, a side of him we thought was long-dormant or even inexistent.

He’s immediately disgusted to find that The Immortal has tasted her, and actually asks if he hurt her. I love how he actually seems concerned for her here - in a way we’ve never seen Angelus show concern in any other flashback. Of course, then Darla says she banged The Immortal willingly. Angelus seems angry, but not wildly so; God help him, he actually looks wounded. William says “She’s glowing, mate.” Angelus is more defensive of his sexual prowess to Spike than he is to Darla - unlike William, who even at the sight of Darla (who he doesn’t love) glowing over The immortal starts defending his sexuality (“We’re immortal), he simply is angry over Darla having slept with his arch-nemesis. But when William starts questioning it, Angelus starts getting defensive, replying to "She’s glowing” with a hasty “She isn’t.”

William starts telling him that he’s been made a cuckold, but then Drusilla comes in and William screams “Son of a bitch!” Angelus suddenly becomes more dismayed and more concerned when he see that Drusilla slept with The Immortal. Darla’s betrayed him before, many other times; this is a bad one, but not something he can’t recover from. But when he sees Dru’s also gone with him, and William’s pain and dismay, he’s suddenly a lot angrier. “That’s why he had us tossed - so he could violate our women.” Angelus doesn’t use the word “Violate” lightly - we saw him in I Only Have Eyes For You claiming that he was violated by love, in a tone of voice that nearly shakes. He starts using much harsher language on finding out William’s been cuckolded too - because unlike him, William legitimately loves Drusilla. Angelus has seen what the effect of Dru straying has on William, and since this time he’s not the cause of it (and I fathom hasn’t been for a while), he’s outraged.

When Angelus finds out that the Immortal slept with them “Concurrently” by consent, he says “You never let US do that.” I think Angelus rather fancies a four-way with the Whirlwind - to be honest, he’s the only member of the group who’s definitely slept with every single one. Drusilla and Darla walk off, hand in hand, in a very les-yay laced scene; I like how William’s arrival didn’t change the relationship between Darla and Dru, which was implied to be sexual back in 1880. In fact, I think William has actually helped them get closer if anything. In 1880, Dru seemed more distant form Darla, but now, with William around, they’re so much more blatantly affectionate.

Angelus is so pissed off now that he smashes a vase against the wall. Again, I note how much more emotional post-Spike Angelus is than pre-Spike - Holtz caused him about as much trouble as The Immortal, but pre-Spike Angelus just ran the other way. Post-Spike Angelus is willing to take him on, face-to-face, and responds with pure, violent emotion to his actions. The two go and seek blood vengeance - Angelus is the one to suggest “Blood vengeance.” Back in the scene in “Fool for Love”, Angelus felt that “a good kill takes pure artistry. Without that, we’re just animals.” But being around William for so long has changed him; he’s willing to go for something as wild and crazy as blood vengeance, and when the Bouncer rejects them, says “To hell with the list” and tries to barge into a room he’s not invited in. Spike sure has changed our evil asshole, hasn’t he?

The two walk away, with Angelus moaning “He mocks US at every turn,” again with the “us”. William concurs, taking about a past incident involving nuns and a rathruhn egg. Angelus rages “Those were my nuns!” - Again, the formerly stolid and controlled Angelus sounds like a petulant five year old here - and William commiserates “Nuns are your thing, everybody knows that - they respect it, they respect US.” Angelus adds to this praise by adding “WE’RE the reason men fear the night!” They walk out, angry.

But yes, even though he’s distressed throughout this episode, what strikes me the most about these - the last flashbacks we see of Angelus before the re-ensouling - is that post-Spike Angelus is a different man. Like I said, prior to meeting Spike Angelus was a cold, uncaring SOB, who wasn’t easily roused to rage or any emotion whatsoever. Here though, he’s a raging, emotional guy, quick to anger and act on impulse. He’s become more like William, even shedding some of his glamourous clothing - he’s dressed a lot shabbier here - but I think he’s happier for it. In fact, the entire Whirlwind seems so happy here, in this episode; aside from the Immortal, I get the impression that they’re a much happier, more emotional and closer bunch with Spike around. Darla and Angelus were a cold, unloving duo, who killed a lot of people and slept together a lot, but never really felt happy or emotional. Darla, Angelus and Dru weren’t much better, with Dru as a kind of third wheel pet. But William has changed the group forever. Just like he’ll change both the Scooby Gang and the Fang Gang in later years, William’s a loose canon, and his passion and emotion can’t help but change a person.

I think that had the Whirlwind stayed the way they were, they would’ve been pretty damn happy now. All those years of Angelus and Darla alone and I get the impression that they were never really happy. But here, Angelus is finally feeling, finally expressing himself, finally allowing some of his baser instincts to come through and acting almost human, showing vulnerability. William sure did change that man, didn’t he?

It’s stated in Power Play that Angel and Spike had at least one sexual encounter during the 18 years they were roaming the countryside together. My guess is that it happened before TGIQ’s flashbacks, and probably sometime in the late 1880s. Angelus made his come-on to Spike, who was to pre-occupied with Drusilla to notice, but I’d imagine once they all got more comfortable with each other, something just happened - and I’m guessing it happened in St. Petersberg. But I’m thinking that William was loyal to Dru and rejected the idea of anything more - which probably stung Angelus more than he expected it to. We saw his reaction to William rejecting the spoils he offered him in the Destiny flashback; I  think he suddenly was able to feel sad that William wasn’t interested in more than one quick encounter and general friendship. And I think that changed him forever - we see his emotional state in TGIQ. William has made him more caring towards Darla, more volatile emotionally, and also more willing to defend his friend and call them “US”.

For a point of comparison, think about Buffy in Season 6. She’d come back from the dead and was unable to feel anything. The only time she ever felt anything was when she and Spike were fucking. Spike’s obviously pretty damn good. Angelus was with him at least once, and we see his response. Just like with Buffy, I think Spike made the undead, uncaring Angelus feel something for the first time since he died, and that allowed him to open up to the feelings, to caring. Sadly though, for Angelus’ sake, I don’t think “that one time” meant as much to Spike. Spike didn’t see it the same way he did. Still though, the fact that Spike made Angelus finally be able to care about things was changing him for the better.

But alas, things aren’t going to last. A gypsy girl, a curse and a soul await Angelus four years after the run-in with The Immortal. Angelus comes home to Darla, who he’s now learned how to truly care about, and she rejects him for his soul. Interestingly, though, she doesn’t tell Drusilla and Spike. In fact, Spike doesn’t find out about Angel’s soul for another century.


We don’t see Spike’s reaction to Angelus’ leaving, only that he apparently fed off of the gypsy’s family and that the remaining members of the Whirlwind massacred them all. Spike doesn’t seem to concerned, though, which goes to reinforce my idea that he never cared about Angel as much as Angel did him. Angelus does return, though, tracking them down during the Boxer Rebellion, and I note that he inquires about Spike and Dru rather quickly - using Spike’s preferred name now.

During the Rebellion, Spike kills his first slayer. Angel’s reaction to this is interesting, because he has a soul now. He understands that what Spike has done is wrong, an evil act, and his face is so dead, his voice quite glum “Congratulations. I guess that makes you one of us.” I think Angel sees the tragedy in Spike’s descent; he knows that there was a time when William was a nice, innocent human guy, rather than a killing machine. He cares about William/Spike as much as he can care about anyone, and he realizes that he’s become a monster now, a true one. Spike picks up on his gloomy mood and says “Don’t be so glum, mate!” The last time we saw Spike call Angel “Mate” Angelus rejected it - perhaps because he wants to be more than “Mates”. Spike also suggests that when the new girl comes along, he’ll give angel first crack at her (foreshadowing). I notice that when Dru and Spike start cuddling, Angelus turns away and suggests they get out of there. He never stops being jealous of Dru, does he?

In the aftermath of the boxer rebellion, Angel escapes and goes to live a miserable, lonely life full of guilt for years and years. I think that while Angelus was a little bit in love with Spike, Angel can only see him as a vampire - an attractive one he once slept with, but still - as a reminder of the evil in his past, and as an evil, soulless being.


Still though, when he runs into him on a submarine in WWII, his reactions are quite interesting. Angel first protests to his Nazi uniform - checking out that sexy leather, I suppose - and is clearly stunned to hear that he was captured at a “free virgin blood” Party. I think he’s a bit disgusted with this - although his disgust is more hypocritical than Buffy’s. Spike introduces him around, and Angel reigns him in, not letting him kill anyone. He’s quite contemptuous of him throughout the whole experience, even manhandling him several times. Where Angelus felt love and allowed Spike to raise his emotions, Angel feels disgust nd tries to shut him out. I do note that when the Prince of Lies and nostroyev disobey his commands, Angel promptly kills them, but he tries to reason with Spike. He has a past emotional attachment to him and can’t bring himself to dust him. Even a few emotions come out of Angel being around Spike, and in the end he gets Spike off the ship safely, before dawn.

I think Angel’s attitude on Spike is similar to Spike’s attitude towards Buffy in TGIQ “Look, I know I don’t have a shot with (him), all right? Probably never did. But I still care about (him).” Angelus had, I’m pretty certain, feelings for Spike and Angel shares those feelings; he isn’t in love with him, and he knows the attraction will never be mutual, but there it is; he’s been dealt the losing hand in this love story. He doesn’t see or hear from Spike again until 1998. By then he’s fallen for Buffy and is fully committed to helping her side. Right?


I think Angel overhears the conversation probably from Willow’s line onward “Could we hide? I mean, if that Spike guy is leading the attack - yeeesh.” Giles replies to Willow “Well, he can’t be any worse than any other creature you’ve faced.” Angel overhears this and realizes his old friend is back and now in Sunnydale, threatening Buffy, and says “He’s worse. Once he starts something he doesn’t stop until everything in his path is dead.” Angel doesn’t like to talk about his past much, but Spike elicits this long line of description. Angel remembers him vividly.

When Xander brings news about Spike’s attack on the school, Angel enacts what, from a new viewer watching SH for the first time’s POV, seems like the dumbest plan imaginable; he uses Xander as a Trojan horse, grabbing him by the neck and going into vamp-face. If we look at Angel as just the “good guy in love with Buffy” in that scene it seems completely idiotic. But taking Spike and Angel’s history into account, it makes perfect sense. Angel wants to have at least a minute to talk to Spike - to figure out his game plan, and even, just for a moment, to be together with him, to hang out like they used to.

Spike looks thrilled initially to see him, and even gives him a great big hug and a laugh. Angel criticizes his guarding, but it’s an affectionate criticism - he’s smiling throughout it and Spike takes it as such, saying he’s surrounded by idiots. He asks Angel what’s new with him and Angel admits “everything.” It feels very much like two old friends meeting up for the first time in a while. Spike then brings up Buffy and Angel tells a big story about the “act” he’s keeping up. There’s no real reason for him to do this, except that the wants a minute to talk to Spike like old times; it reminds me of Buffy kissing Angel in the series finale, just for a minute reliving her old times before going back to the hard reality. Spike asks him why he’s scared of Buffy, and criticizes him, asking if he’s housebroken. He even tells Spike that he saw Buffy killed the master.

Here’s my interpretation on this scene: Angel wants Spike to get out of town. He knows that Buffy can kill him and probably will; he still cares about his old friend, regardless, and he wants him safely away from the Hellmouth where Buffy can kill him. So he takes on his old identity, using Xander as  bait, so he can covertly warn Spike to get away. True he’s also concerned for Buffy’s sake, but I think he believes Buffy can take Spike. And he doesn’t want that. He wants Spike to leave - he will later on tell Dru in Lie to Me to take Spike and go. Angel still cares about him, and can only respond to Spike’s outburst at him with “things change.” Spike calls him an “Uncle Tom”, and I note Angel’s dejection at the end of the episode, and his notable lack of appearance in INCA MUMMY GIRL. I think Spike’s words stung him, and the fact that his old friend looked at him with contempt and will probably get killed soon facing Buffy - I think it affects him. He says to Xander that if Spike had bitten him, they would’ve known he bought it. Clearly Spike buying his facade was more important to him than Xander’s safety.


Angel takes until Lie to Me to directly confront Drusilla - maybe that’s how long it took him to track down either Dru or Spike. He tells Dru to take Spike and get out; he adds “If you don’t leave it’ll go badly. For all of us.” He’s talking to her as an old friend - he wants them to get away. This is very different from his attitude towards Darla; true, he hadn’t sten Buffy klill the master at that point, but he showed no concern for Darla’s safety and no interest in trying to get her to leave Sunnydale for her own best interests. Spike is different, because Spike Angelus actually cared about. And still cares about, despite himself.

They kidnap him in WML P2, and Dru starts torturing him. Spike says “I’ll see him die soon enough. I’ve never been much for the pre-show.” Since finding out about Angel’s ensouling, this is the first time we’ve seen Spike explicitly threaten his life. Spike kidnaps him and lets Dru torture him; Angel is confronted with his old friend not only upset with him, but completely rejecting his new ensouled state. No wonder he waited so long to tell him - Spike has nothing but contempt for him anymore. And just as he did back in the day when Spike rejected the offer to share his spoils, Angel responds by taunting him, and implying he’s not keeping Dru satisfied.

Knowing Spike and Angel’s sexual history, the comments they make are rather…suggestive. “Or maybe you two just don’t have the fire we had”, says Angel. The obvious surface idea is that he’s referring to himself and Drusilla vs Dru and Spike - but remember how Angelus used to refer to him and Spike as “WE” and “US” all the time? That’s what’s on his mind, though not on Spike’s. Angel has always been jealous of Spike and Dru, but it’s the blonde he’s jealous of.

Buffy saves Angel and we don’t see him and Spike on-screen again until SURPRISE. Even then, they don’t interact much, other than Spike snarking at him a few times. Angel is focused on Buffy and saving her.

So after a hundred plus years, Angel has spent his time with a soul, brooding and mourning over his years of violence, but his feelings towards Spike are still rather tragic. He still cares about him, even if he can’t sort out that feeling. A part of him longs for the chance to go back to being evil, to be with Spike and Dru again (particularly Spike). And when the soul is taken away from him, he makes a B-line for Spike and Dru.


In response to Spike questioning Dru about what she saw for Angel, Angelus makes a sarcastic speech about fulfilling that broadway dream, symbolically explaining that he’s been playing a part. Spike tells him “You don’t give up, do you?” Angel’s response is basically him explaining how he feels toward Spike, now that he’s soulless “As long as scum like you is walking, well, rolling the streets, I’ll be a round. Look over your shoulder. I’ll be there.” He’s saying basically that he’ll always be there with Spike.

Angel’s venom directed at Spike - and everything - is venom he’s been building up for a century. He’s spent a century unable to be rude to people - and I think he enjoys it. When the truth comes out, Angel is cheerful; Spike asks him “No more of this ‘I’ve got a soul’ crap?” and he responds that he was going through a phase, striking up a cigarette. Spike is thrilled to have him back, and I think this is very gratifying for Angelus to hear. Spike is so thrilled to have him nearby again, and it seems for a moment that maybe his old unrequited feelings aren’t so unrequited after all - he saw Spike’s response to seeing him after all that time in SH, and since he agrees with Spike on hating his ensouled self, his behavior since then isn’t indicative of anything. Spike’s behavior in SH may have given Angel the tiniest bit of hope that the feelings aren’t as one-sided as he used to think, and Spike’s ecstatic reaction to having him back only seems to confirm it - particularly as Spike says “It made me sick to my stomach seeing you the Slayer’s lap dog.” This phrase, which Angel agrees with, gets him to kiss him.

Ah, the only male-male kiss of any kind in the Buffy-verse. It is kind of sad that a verse so full of great female/female relationships has no canon (other than Spike and Angel) male/male couple, so we’ve got to cherish this one. This kiss bears some analysis. Angel has spent a hundred years with the memory of what it was like to have some kind of sexual encounter with Spike. Recall that Spike’s sexual powers were enough to make Buffy feel alive, and got Harmony to put up with an awful lot, even him staking her. I get the impression that Spike is generally amazing in the bedroom, and only leaves his partners craving more. Angel is no exception; he’s pretty much spent a century of longing for that kind of sexual release. For Spike, essentially. Dru says “We’ll feed and we’ll play”, putting Angel’s mind on sex. Spike has spent the scene elated that he’s back, and says even more forwardly “It made me sick seeing you the Slayer’s lap dog”. Hearing this very certain proclamation, Angel lunges forward with a growl, seizes Spike’s shirt, and stares into his eyes. He flicks his tongue out, his expression just ripe with longing, and kisses Spike on the forehead in a moment of sexual release.

They both start laughing and everything seems right with the world. Angel plans to go destroy Buffy. He doesn’t talk about Buffy until after Spike brings her up. Earlier in that scene, Angel said nothing of Buffy and the Slayer, not even mentioning that she had something to do with his soul returning (you wouldn’t believe me if I told you); when Spike called him 'the slayer’s lap dog’, he starts asserting, over-compensating, about how he wants to destroy her, how she won’t be anything resembling a threat. I think Spike puts his mind on his urge to destroy Buffy; he wants to prove to his old friends that he prefers them.

He does so, and returns with his triumphant story of ruining Buffy emotionally, hoping to impress Spike. It doesn’t; Spike just wants her dead. Angel tries to reassure Spike “Don’t worry about it.” And when Spike says he does, Angel snaps at him - again, no one can get a rise out of Angel like Spike can -  "Spike, my boy, you really don’t get it! Do you? You tried to kill her, but you couldn’t. Look at you, you’re a wreck!“ He clearly sees Spike in the wheelchair as a bit of a wreck of his former self, but he continue educating Spike on the better manner of ending the Slayer. Back in the day, wild and volatile William was easily the dominant force, and Angelus had to listen to him as they duked it out for how best to kill people. Now Spike is in a wheelchair and Angel has the floor, and he can educate Spike on the advantages of psychological warfare, maybe prove that his POV has some validity too - show himself off as a capable warrior.

As Angel and Dru leave, Angel whispers in Spike’s ear "Too bad you can’t come with, huh? Be thinking of you.” Though Angel is generally in sarcasm mode this episode, I think there’s some sincerity to this line. There’s an element of mocking too it as well, of course - back in the day Spike was always the one out for a good fight, and now he can’t come and facilitate the attack with the Judge with them. Spike again brings up Buffy, demanding “What happens if your girlfriend shows up?” Hmmm…


The next time we see Spike and Angel, Spike is mooning over Drusilla on Valentine’s day. I’d imagine in between this and Innocence, Angel has realized that those minor hopes he’d entertained of Spike having learned to reciprocate are pretty much just that  - minor. Spike is still completely in love with Dru, buying her jewelry and everything. Angel responds by giving Dru a torn out heart and taunting him by tying the necklace around Dru’s neck. He taunts him that “it’s so much easier when I do things for her.” Angel is getting a kick out of Spike now being the inactive, weaker one, since Spike ran so strong over him in the 1890s. Spike again brings up Buffy - awfully fixated on her, isn’t he? - and suggests ripping her lungs out. Again their two different styles of violence are clashing, and since Angel has the trumph card as the mobile one, he can do whatever he wants.

Angel sees Spike in a very pathetic state and finds him easy to mock. But some of it is in response to Spike’s lack of interest in him. When Dru says “we were worried”, Spike says bluntly “no we weren’t.” It’s in response to this that Angel starts mocking him again - asserting bluntly that he doesn’t need him. Spike threatens him “You’re a bloody guest in my bloody home” and Angel comes up close and personal to him and starts twisting the knife in his soft spots, implying he’s already boning Drusilla. Angel’s initial delight at hanging around Spike again is gone, because Spike is once again batting away his affection.


In response to hearing that Jenny is going to re-ensoul him - turn him back into the creature that Spike regarded with nothing but contempt, forever dashing his chances - Angel not only kills her, he snaps her neck and arranges her body in Giles’ room, an act that Spike of all people calls him out on for its folly. But there it is - Spike is Angelus’ berserk button. Hearing the possibility of being torn away from him again, he acts on pure, wild, vicious emotion, the same way he did in TGIQ. The chance that he could lose his second shot is too much, and he decides Jenny needs to suffer brutally for threatening to alleviate it.

But this act doesn’t impress Spike; in fact, he’s infuriated and even says “I find myself preferring the old Buffy-whipped Angelus. This one one is not playing with a full sack!” Angel seems stung here - and tries to reassure Spike that he has everything under control, don’t worry. But I think this response hurts him to his core. He pretty much killed that teacher for him, for Spike, and for Dru, and their little family together, but Spike has now stated that he likes him better Buffy-whipped now. His second chance is pretty much a disaster now.

Spike and Angel continue being very prickly with each other through the next episode. Spike criticizes his new choice of residence and Angel bites back with a series of wheelchair jokes. Spike isn’t amused, and Angel says “What can I say? I just love to see you smile, buddy.” I think this increased pursuit of Drusilla is a response to the previous episode’s “Buffy-whipped Angelus” preference.


But there’s one more layer to these interactions - a completely unexpected one that will come to define their relationship for the rest of the series. There’s a new player in the endless tug-of-war between Spike and Angel, one that I’ve mentioned, but whose significance I’ve kind of downplayed so far. And that player is Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer.

So far I’ve only talked about Buffy’s influence on Angel, but she’s already starting to be a huge influencing factor on Spike. Spike has become a bit too interested in Buffy already; he’s constantly worried about her, and pretty much every time we’ve seen him and Angel talking since Angel turned, Buffy’s name cropped up in the conversation - brought into it by Spike. In Innocence, Spike brought up Buffy first when Angel came back, and later on when Angel was about to leave with the Judge. In Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, Spike brought up Buffy when there was really no reason to bring her up “You should worry less about Dru and more about that Slayer”. In Passion, Spike made the death of Jenny about Buffy, even though it was really about the threat Jenny presented. But Spike didn’t see it as “this woman was threatening us”. He sees it as “Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy this person’s connected with Buffy We need to kill Buffy not leave gifts in her friends’ beds, this will make Buffy mad, I prefer the BUFFY-WHIPPED Angelus.” I note that by this episode he’s started referring to her as BUFFY, not the Slayer. “His little pranks will only leave us with one incredibly brassed-off Slayer!”  Slayer, Buffy, Slayer, Buffy. Spike just can’t shut up about her, can he?

Something has changed in Spike - something besides the wheelchair. He’s met Buffy. He’s seen her, and I think that from the first minute Spike saw Buffy, he was never the same again. She got under his skin. She alarmed Dru from the first (“It’s all dark where she is”). And he fell into obsession with her. Dru was still his priority, but Buffy is starting to take over him. Spike usually has two strings to his bow - “Drusilla” and “Fighting”. Pretty much his only purposes in life - but a third string is starting to take over. The Buffy string. And this one is going to be even stronger than the previous two. Buffy completely takes him over. She becomes his everything, his obsession, his life, who he is and what he wants and loves more than anything.

So Angel, once again, is passed over in favor of a woman. Spike never makes Angel his priority. Nowadays, even Drusilla isn’t his priority. Buffy is. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is all that’s on his mind, all he bloody thinks about. He’s worried about her, overly concerned, constantly bringing her up. And he only ever sees Angel’s actions - all those actions undertaken to impress Spike, really, to be around him and Dru, to be his old self again - in how they relate to Buffy. Angel’s back? Well, that’s good - at least he’s not being controlled by Buffy anymore. So Angel, what’re you gonna do about Buffy now? You gonna kill her? Why didn’t you kill her? You’re supposed to kill her. I’m worried about her, what’s she gonna do? What happens if Buffy shows up when you try and destroy the world? You should worry less about Dru and more about Buffy (just like i do cough cough). The Dialogue in Passion could almost go like this:

Spike: You killed that teacher who was going to re-ensoul you and take you away from me?

Angel (like a dog wanting a bone) Uh huh! Aren’t I a good boy?

Spike: Are you insane? You’ll make Buffy mad! We can’t have Buffy mad! I’m worried about Buffy, she’s who matters, you dolt!

Angel (pouts).

So yeah, it would seem that Angel now has yet another rival for Spike’s attention, and this one is even bigger and even worse than Drusilla. At least around Drusilla Spike was willing to be friends with Angel. But with Buffy in the picture? Angel might as well be dead to Spike with Buffy as his competition. Spike makes it clear over and over again that there’s only one thing on his mind, and that thing starts with B and ends with a word that rhymes with Mayor.


In I only Have Eyes for You, Angel is much more focused on Drusilla and much harsher with Spike. Spike seems defeated and downtrodden, and can only snark at Angel on occasion. Drusilla brings up Buffy and Spike responds “Big deal. He won’t do anything. Our man Angel here likes to talk but he’s not much for action. All hat and no cattle.”

In response to this, Angel does something rather remarkable. Ever since Innocence, he’s been obsessing over Buffy, trying to one-up her and get back at her, and in Passion he was stalking her and following her. But suddenly, he declares “I don’t know about that. I think this whole Slayer thing has run its course.” And later on in this episode, he goes to actually kill Buffy - not taunt her, not kill her friends, but kill her. Why the sudden turnaround? He maintains this attitude from this point onward, ending his obsession with Buffy and concentrating on bigger goals. So what provoked him here? It’s not Drusilla; she’s the same as she ever was, nothing in her has changed. I think his attitude has been different ever since the start of E19, he’s been acting differently with regards to Buffy - hell, since E18, he’s been more keen on eliminating Buffy than tormenting her.

Spike’s remark about preferring the “old Buffy-whipped Angelus” I think got to him. But more than that - I think Angel realizes that Spike’s now obsessed with Buffy. Buffy comes first for Spike, and once again he doesn’t. Buffy is who matters. Before this, Angel was focused on hurting Buffy in return for her making him feel human, and by doing so thus demonstrating to Spike how he’s no longer the “Slayer’s lap dog.” But the issue is, Spike’s the one who’s really obsessed with Buffy, and all Spike cares about is her (and Dru, but mainly Buffy). Again Angel has been thrown over for a woman, in spite of everything he’s done to try and prove himself to Spike, prove his evil, his superiority, and his sexual prowess.

So he goes to actually kill Buffy. She’s become his love rival. She has all of Spike’s attention, all of his obsession. Drusilla he could control, Drusilla/Spike he could mediate. But Spuffy is out of his control. Spike’s obsessed with Buffy, and Angel responds by trying to flat-out kill her. I think it goes to show how powerful a hold Buffy really has over Spike already; even more than Drusilla. With Dru, Angel was jealous but never tried to off his rival. But with Buffy? She has to die, right away, right now. No questions asked.

He goes to kill her and gets “violated” by love; he can’t shower enough. Spike observes him and Angel is, in his moment of emotion, very nakedly honest with him “What do you know about it? I’m the one who was frigging violated. You didn’t have this THING in you.” Love, he says. But we’ve seen Angelus understanding a few moments of affection with Darla. I honestly wonder if “This thing in you” was also Buffy. Buffy was in him (her tongue, at least), and she’s now his hated rival, rather than the thing that made him feel human. The last time he used the word “Violated”, it was with regards to The Immortal violating Darla and Drusilla - another romantic rival, taking up the affections and interest of someone he desires. Angel sees it as himself being violated by Buffy, but I think he also dreads the idea of Spike being violated by Buffy-love. He goes out for a particularly violent kill.

Notably, his dialogue to Spike in this time of distress, is less outwardly sarcastic “I’m sure he’d be hell on wheels but we don’t have much time. Gotta travel light. Sorry. Try to have fun without me.” There isn’t as much of a sarcastic edge here; he’s being partially sincere. He’s sorry Spike can’t come. Of course, Angel doesn’t have a clue that Spike’s Buffy-pull is even stronger than he could’ve imagined.


In the early scenes, the two banter as usual, with some of the venom from the previous episode gone; there’s a mild enmity, rather similar to S4 Spuffy. Speaking of which, I think Spike has been holding his rage in a little better lately because he knows he can walk, and he knows he’s planning a terrible revenge on Angel, so he’s more civil. However, his mild mocking of Angel has also become a mocking of Angelus’ over-the-top wicked schemes. Spike’s Buffy pull has already started to pull him away from generic evil, which he never really liked that much anyway. Spike’s character is magnificently complex, and I haven’t really talked about him as much in this manifesto because Spike’s feelings to Angel are just less complicated than Angel’s towards him. Spike, I think, has always essentially enjoyed the good side, has liked living in the world and existing in life and seeing people live and be and do. He doesn’t like destruction for destruction’s sake, and he’s attracted to the goodness and light inside of Buffy. The truth is, deep down, Spike wants to be a hero, a good guy, to stand in the light beside Buffy and save the world. And in this season already, he will choose the good, heroic, world-saving Buffy over the evil, wantonly destructive Angelus and Drusilla.

In other words, Betty=Buffy, Archie=Spike, Veronica=Angelus.

Angelus doesn’t know that, of course. He doesn’t know that Spike has a deep down naughty longing to be good, just like Willow has a deep-down naughty longing to be bad (there are a lot of Spike-Willow parallels throughout the series). He believes that Spike likes villainy and evil, so he shows off his evil powers and skills. He gets the stone of Acathla and plans a great big dramatic show of evil - its kind of like a grand romantic gesture, the kind guys pull at the end of romantic comedies in order to get the girl before she makes a mistake and marries the other guy. Like Benjamin slamming his fists into the glass of the church and screaming “Elaine!”, Angelus goes over the top and tries to one-up Buffy by destroying the world - the ultimate victory.

Spike says, in response to the history lesson about Acathla “Let me guess. Someone pulls out the sword - ” “Someone worthy” corrects Angelus. He wants no mistake to be made. Angel the Series establishes that Angel has a very old-fashioned “knight in shining armor” attitude towards life; he wants to get the girl and slay the dragon. The person who is worthy of the sword is also worthy of the princess. Or in this case, the prince. Angel will be worthy of the sword (phallic symbol), and of Spike. He’ll have proven himself truly evil, made it up after all those years of doing good deeds, and he’ll be worthy to stand aside Spike and Dru again. Maybe, at long last, Spike will reciprocate. And that pesky little Buffy-obsession? No need to worry about that once she’s dead in hell, right?

In case you doubted the association between Angel, Spike, the sword and worthiness, in the scene where Angel makes the melodramatic proclamations about Acathla, he looks at Spike as he says “I will be worthy to free Acathla.” He wants to be worthy of the evil Spike, essentially - and when he fails, Spike mocks him “Someone wasn’t worthy.” That’s what Angel has proven here. He tried to pull the sword from the stone, and the “princess” himself tells him he isn’t worthy. Angel insists, there must be something he missed - but WE’LL have OUR armageddon, he swears. Again, he calls them “we”, his favorite phrase to refer to himself and Spike. He thinks this is what Spike wants, after all - to be as evil as possible. After all, when they first met, William called him a “bloody killing marvel”. He got praise and love from Spike the most when he did horrible things, so surely he can recapture that moment - and get back that old passion we saw Angelus only ever show around Spike - by proving himself worthy through being as evil as possible.

But it’s too late. He’s already lost Spike to Buffy.


In the very next episode, Spike colludes with Buffy, forming an alliance with her against Angel to save the world. The truth is, Spike can’t love the truly evil Angelus any more than Buffy says she can love the soulless Spike in Season 6. Spike and Buffy both, essentially, prefer to be good. They find good appealing, desirable; saving the world is something they both want because both Spike and Buffy like this world and like living in it. Buffy’s hold on life is due to her having ties to the world in her friends and loved ones; Spike’s hold on un-life is due to him liking this world and all the things that come with existing in it. And neither one of them can ever really love the evil Angelus, because they don’t crave destruction for destruction’s sake. Spike’s collusion with Buffy here will forever change and alter his path in life, and although he claims it’s just to get Dru back, his previous scenes have proved that, as he says to Buffy later on in Sleeper “God help me, Buffy, it’s still all about you.” Spike’s had Buffy on the brain ever since he met her, and Angelus can’t compete.

But rather sadly (and yes, I do feel some sympathy for Angelus here), Angelus doesn’t have a clue. Spike interrupts him from his pleasure torture, and actually manages to reign him in. While back in the 1880s, William brought Angelus out of his shell and set loose his temper and emotions, nowadays Spike can stop Angelus with logical reasoning. Angelus listens to Spike, miraculous as it may seem; Spike can influence him. Spike says to Angel “You have your way with him, you’ll never destroy the world, and I don’t fancy spending the next month trying to get librarian out of the carpet.”

This is interesting - I’m guessing that Spike hasn’t indicated in conversation his distaste for the destruction of earth. In Innocence Spike seemed onboard with destroying the world, and as far as Angel knows that’s still true. Noticing Spike’s influence on Angelus - his ability to dictate his actions like no one else can - I wonder, if Spike had told Angelus how he really felt, how he honestly didn’t give a piss about destroying the world, and how it doesn’t impress him one bit, would he have been able to persuade Angelus out of it? I think he could.

Spike convinces Angelus to stop torturing Giles for fun, and even to spare Giles in case he’s lying. Spike can pretty much bat Angelus around like a ping-pong ball with a few choice words. And in return for this supposed affection, Angelus says “You know, I kind of like having you watch my back. It’s kinda like old times.” Oh, I admit it: my heart just aches for the savage sociopath here. He thinks he’s finally gotten Spike back, that he’s watching his back, that he actually gives a damn about him and whether he succeeds. For just a short crazy while, Angelus has some hope again. He sees the chance to get things back the way they used to be - like old times, when they were friends and he got to sleep with him just that once.

Angelus says to Acathla as he does the ceremony “You will be free, and so will we all.” Angelus has been locked down for so long, I think in his mind he’s creating a happy ending. I’ve seen Angel’s mindset on Angel - he’s always trying to get what he wants through some big, grand gesture, like Jonathan Levinson. Here, what he wants is to incinerate all the humans, especially Buffy, and be together with Spike and Dru and other demons for all eternity. Here, he’s got his chance. But who should come to try and wreck it but the Slayer herself.

Angelus is definitely uninterested in Buffy by now. He rejects her with a cold “I don’t have time for you.” Buffy replies that he doesn’t have a lot of time left, and Angelus replies “Coming on kind of strong, don’t you think? You’re playing some deep odds here. Do you really think you can take US all on?” Oh, poor Angel. He thinks there’s an “Us”. But Buffy responds “No. I don’t.” And up from behind Angelus rises Spike, and with an andiron, he beats Angelus down, savagely, brutally, again and again. Just as Angelus is about to accomplish his dream, his end-goal, the lover betrays him. Spike strikes him down. That dream of things being “like old times” is dead. And Angel collapses to the ground. Spike has picked Buffy over him. The real US here is Spike and Buffy. We saw them earlier - they worked together like a well-oiled machine, taking out Angel’s vampire goon (symbolism anyone?) in seconds. Angel’s long-standing love for Spike doesn’t stand a chance against Spuffy.

All Angel has left is his vengeance on Buffy - and in the wake of her winning with Spike, he’s pretty focused on killing her. Whereas before all he could say was “I don’t have time for you”, now he’s a lot more focused on her, a lot more vengeful “You almost made it, Buffy. My boy Acathla is about to wake up. You’re going to hell.” He perks up a bit when Spike leaves Buffy behind, swaggering off with Dru. The obsession can’t be that big if he’s gonna abandon her. I think that helps him deal with the betrayal a bit and gives him the confidence to corner her. However, Buffy still wins. She wins the fight. He’s re-ensouled by Willow, and sent to hell by Buffy. Angel completely loses.

Basically, if this were Aladdin, Angel would be Jafar, Spike is Jasmine, and Buffy is Aladdin. The scene where Spike pretends to be his friend reminds me of the scene in the movie where Jasmine flirts with Jafar to keep him distracted while Aladdin sneaks in to steal the lamp back. Angelus wants power, sure, but he also wants Spike, and to prove that he’s evil enough for him. But Spike doesn’t want Angelus. He wants Buffy; like every classic “damsel” in fiction, he prefers the hero to the villain.