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“Was I able to live inside someone’s heart? Was I able to live inside your heart? Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little? You’d better not hit “reset!” Don’t forget me, okay? That’s a promise, okay? I’m glad it’s you, after all. Will I reach you? I hope I can reach you.”



Sexy, stubborn, dangerous and independent, this man eating femme is a blazing type of soul with a touch of macho in her personality. They feel bored with routine, desiring some adventure in life, a cause, something to fight for in the world.  Her femininity is fuelled by her courage and passion to live. The Aries femme is the heroine; fearless and intelligent - she knows how to stand out from the crowd. Just like the light, she can illuminate. The Mars-Ruled femme fatale always want things to go the way she desires. These femmes cast their love spell with an unmatched heart and eyes that say “I dare you”, she will leave behind anyone who doesn’t take her up on that challenge. She will make love until she can’t anymore, dance until she can’t anymore and be passionate until her last breath. 


In ancient times, the Lion (Leo) was held in total awe and admiration and given deep respect for its power and authority. Being close to the Leo femme is like reliving a sunshine day. She is like the golden days of summer that make the sea sparkle like jewels warming and lighting the world up. She shows off a goddess-given authority and powerful inner spirituality. She makes a cult of beauty - her own. The ultimate sex symbol - an enchantress with much more sexual power than she herself can manage, the zodiac’s Helen of Troy. 


Dangerous to bore, Sagittarius women are every bit the zodiacs wild vixen. This femme can put any man on edge with her reckless wild side. She is hard to keep track of: first she’s here, then she’s there - full of bounce and good cheer, the Saggitarian femme has a sunny disposition capable of putting a smile on even the most miserable of souls. The Femme Fatale of the Jupiter-ruled are savage, lustful and unrestrained, but also possessing a mysterious wisdom, perception and understanding of life, far greater than the ordinary man. 


A really lame and boring animation, but STILL!!

I was dying to experiment with those boiling lines for a bigger animation I want to do, so I thought Double Dee would be the perfect test subject… still haven’t perfected it yet, but I learned a lot, so I’d say it was worth the effort, anyways. ;)

..Edd is making the same face all of you guys make when I post something stupid. 


Just one chance 

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part I)

Part II Part III

A/N: One about Zach YAAAY! I hope you like it and if you’re wondering there will be more parts of this one.

Warnings: English is not my first language.


Words: 2.052


I had noticed. I noticed how he hoped to find that piece of paper in his compliment bag hanging on the wall next to the rest. Hoping to find that someone had written something that made him feel a little better, he didn’t lose hope that someday that bag would have something inside, he didn’t care how long it took.

I had stopped looking in my bag a long time ago; it wasn’t like I couldn’t use some nice words even though they came from an anonymous source that I would probably never know who it was. I had stopped looking inside because I never got any notes, so I decided to stop wasting my time and to stop feeling bad every time I looked inside.

Nevertheless I was surprised that someone like Zach Dempsey didn’t get a hundred of notes, after all he was the star player in the basketball team, he was friends with the popular people of the school, he was always in all the parties and I knew girls liked him, still he didn’t get any compliments in his bag.

I couldn’t help to feel bad for him, so I gather my things very slowly to be the last one in the class and I wrote a note for him, which I left in his compliment bag so the next day he would have something.

I didn’t write a love letter or something like that, it was something pretty simple, something that would make him feel better for the rest of the day; we all deserve to receive compliments from time to time.

A few days passed since the first note I wrote him and I had to admit that I loved how he reacted so I decided to write him a couple more for the next weeks, but I didn’t make it a daily thing.

One day while I was running to class, considering that I was late to first period. I was looking in my bag for my book and being the clumsy person that I am I ran into someone, luckily for me I didn’t fall backwards, that would had been even more embarrassing.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking” I said as fast as I could while I bend down to get the book that I made that person drop.

I saw it was the biology book, the same one that I was looking for in my bag and when I looked to the owner I saw it was Zach and I thanked that it was him and not one of his stupid friends, because even though he hanged out with them Zach was so much nicer than all of them together.

“Don’t worry, are you ok?” he asked grabbing his book and smiling for some reason.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just really bad at walking without running into people” I joked putting my bag on my shoulder “I was looking for my bio book but it seems that I forgot it at home” I sighed “but it doesn’t matter, see you in class” I added walking to the classroom, I didn’t want to get even more late.

“Wait!” he exclaimed making me turn in his direction with a surprised expression on my face “we can walk together and if you want you can sit with me and I’ll share my book with you” I couldn’t help the frown on my forehead. Zach was definitely kind, but not to this level, he was socializing voluntary with me, someone who wasn’t even close to his little world or the people in that world, it was odd.

“Okay… thank you” I answered trying to sound convinced. He reached me and we started walking to class together “how it is that you’re late to bio? You’re always the first one there” I added realizing he was late to his favourite class.

When I didn’t get any answer I looked in his direction and I saw him smiling again, this time even wider. We got to class so I wasn’t going to get any response to my question.

The class went by as usually, this was one of the few classes I liked, I liked to consider myself a person of letters, but I was good at everything in general, even though I hated all the subjects related to science or maths, that’s why it was something unusual that I liked this one in particular and that was the reason why I was always dazed in the teacher’s explanations, but not this time. I couldn0t stop looking to Zach and see how he took notes of everything and how he knew all the answers to the teacher’s questions, even though he just answered them in his notebook and not out loud. I guess that being good at something not related to sports wasn’t “cool”.

Unluckily for me Zach caught me staring and I tried to hide my smile, but it was impossible, I just looked in the teacher’s direction and started to take notes.

“You’re better at this than I thought” I whispered while I was writing the things that I saw in the blackboard.

“That means you knew I was already good at this” he answered looking at me all the time.

That answer was as odd as the rest of things that were happening with him this morning.

“Well, we have this class in common, why wouldn’t I know you’re good at it?” I asked looking at him again.

“Just an observation” there it was again, that smile, the third time I got that smile.

The bell was close to rang when Mr. Porter came into the classroom and I knew he was there for me, I just had to wait to hear my name and see how everyone looked at me.

When he did it I looked at Zach, who was looking at me with something like surprise and concern. I just grabbed my things and followed Mr. Porter to his office.

“I know why you have called me here” I said before he could even start “and I just have to say that everything is ok, I’m fine” I added with my usual tone.

“Your parents don’t think the same, they seem really concern”

“well, they are parents, when you have kids you’re life turns into an endless hole of worries, but I’m fine, I don’t know what they’ve told you, but I know exactly how I feel, can I go now?” the bell rang, great I was going to be late for second period too.

“How do you feel? I’d like to know it so that way I can help you”

“Why do you want to talk about it? To make me feel bad? I’ve said I know how I feel, it doesn’t mean I want to talk about it”

“If you don’t talk about it you won’t be able to solve it”

“This is a waste of time” I said standing and taking my bag. I was in a good mood this morning, but not anymore, thanks to this stupid “try to talk about your feelings”.

“(Y/N) wait” Mr. Porter stood like he was going to follow me, but he didn’t, I walked out of his office without looking behind and I let a big sigh leave my chest.

I started walking to communication class when I heard a certain voice calling me; I turned in his direction with surprise in face again.

“Is everything ok?” Zach asked coming to me.

“Yes, what are you doing here?” I needed to know the answer to that question, because we weren’t friends, we just had a few classes together and now all of the sudden he’s worried about me.

“I just wanted to make sure everything was fine” when I heard how sincere he sounded I felt something I had never felt before, it was like something inside me was completed and I just smiled widely.

“That’s really nice of you” I mumble “Thank you”

We remained silence, I didn’t know what else to say and he looked like he wanted to continue talking, like there was something he wanted to tell me and just when I was about to turn in the opposite direction he talked.

“Would you like to go to Monet’s some time?” he sounded almost nervous. Like if he was exposed to a terrible danger.

I looked at him, confusion all over my face, I was trying to make sense to the fact that he wanted to go out with me, I didn’t want to think he was playing with me, like it was some kind of bet with his friends, that would be really painful.

“Zach… I don’t want you to misunderstand this, but… why?” his expression didn’t change.

“I don’t know, you seem interesting and I’d like to get to know you better” now I was totally amazed.

“Is this some kind of bet you want to win? Because if it is-“

“No!” he said stopping me “no, no bets” I think he realized then why I have my doubts “I promise you it’s nothing like that”

“Then why are you interested suddenly? We’ve been in the same classes since freshman year and we have never had a real conversation, we’re from different worlds and I know you’re nothing like your friends, because if you were I wouldn’t even be talking to you, but when you’re with them… I don’t know, you’re not like this, I guess…”

“I get it, I have a reputation, but give me a chance to prove you that I’m not like that, and you won’t regret it”

“I’ll accept if you tell me the real reason behind this interest”

He stopped for a second, maybe thinking if he wanted to talk about it or not.

“I know you are the one who has left notes in my compliment bag” I opened my mouth to say something, but words didn’t come to me, I was speechless, I didn’t know if I should deny it or tell the truth “You’re not the only one who notice things, you know? I’ve notice how much you enjoy when we are in literature, how you are in your own world when you are bored, how much you like animals” I was blushing by the second “you like bio even though science is not your favourite area and how you laugh even when the jokes aren’t funny at all”

I couldn’t believe how much he noticed me, I always thought no one looked in my direction and that was why I felt so comfortable doing my things.

“How… how do you know the notes were mine?” I whispered, trying to recover myself form the things he had said to me.

“Because I know you’re the only one who knows how much I like bio” he answered giggling “and in your first note you wrote how cute I look when I’m paying attention in bio and that you think I looked happier there than playing basketball”

“That could be anyone…”

“That’s what I thought at first, but you have confirmed my doubts today” he said laughing at my recently shyness “Thank you for the notes by the way”

“Compliments are necessary” I said trying to change the subject.

“Then what do you say, do you want to go to Monet’s some day?” I wasn’t entirely sure about this, I really wanted to believe him, but I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe this was just a game and I think he knew how insecure I felt “I get you have doubts, I just ask for one chance”

“Ok, I’ll go out with you” I said almost cutting him, if I thought about it more I’ll change my mind and I wouldn’t give him a change to prove he had good intentions.

His expression change suddenly, he smiled brightly and I tried to hide mine but it was impossible, I looked in other direction so he couldn’t see it, but I think my attempt was useless.

“I promise you won’t regret it” he said thrilled “do you want to go to the library? We are already really late to class anyways”

“Sure, and you can help me with something I don’t understand in bio” I said walking by his side to the library.

“Of course”

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TITLE: You Know What They Say About Love and Hate….

IMAGINE: Steve and (Y/N) hated each other when they first met. But it’s been three years, did feelings develop or do they still hate each other? You know what they say about love and hate…

[gif is not mine. requests are open. this one shot was heavily influenced by dan and blair’s relationship from gg -some quotes are directly from there, see if you can spot it]. 

warnings: swear word, mention of the word slut. 

word count: 2.4k+

‘…Because when we open our heart we can explore a world of love. And be pleasantly surprised by the people already in our life…’ gg 3x18

(Y/N) walked down the stairs, the train of her dress flowing nicely behind her. She felt like she was in a movie. ‘I feel like a goddess right now,’ she thought. She smiled to herself imagining her date’s face as she came down. Her smile however dropped as soon as she saw that it wasn’t Nick. “Rogers, what the hell are you doing here?”

Steve turned and saw her at the bottom of the stairs, he swallowed the gasp that would have escaped out of his mouth because of her beauty. He put on the facial expression that he often wore around her -indifference and anger.

“Trust me, I don’t want to be here either but there was a change.”

“What kind of change?”

“Tony,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes, sighed and crossed her arms. “Look (Y/L/N), we need to do this, for him.”

“We’ve tried everything, Rogers. I mean there’s nothing on the guy.” The guy in question was Pepper’s new paramour. Of course nothing was happening between Pepper and the new guy but that didn’t stop Tony from wanting to rip him to shreds. Tony, being Tony of course wanted intense background research on the new guy, trying to find out his deepest, darkest secrets.

“I know, but he wants us to try one more time.” Steve walked towards her, standing in front of her but not close enough to touch her if he extended his arms.

“He’s pathetic.”

This time Steve rolled his eyes. “He’s your best friend.”

She shrugged, “Gives me more reason to call him pathetic.” (Y/N) started walking to the door, Steve couldn’t help but watch as her arse sway. “Coming Rogers? Or are you too busy staring?”

Steve shook himself out of it and followed her.

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“The Game”

Happy Lowman x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

[A/N: Ok so this is the dream I had last night lol. I added some theatrical shit to make it flow but overall this is what I dreamed about. I hope y’all enjoy!] 


“Haaaaaap,” you whined from the opposite end of the couch, “I’m bored.”

Happy looked away from the movie he had on to meet your eyes and you could tell he really didn’t care, but he also knew that if he told you he didn’t care, you would be mad at him. Since he wanted less to do with your attitude than he did your boredom, he offered what he thought was a helpful suggestion, “We can go in the room and fuck,” he said bluntly.

You laughed for a second until you saw he was being serious, “No, Happy. That’s what we always do when we’re bored. I wanna do something different,” you bit your bottom lip and scooted to his side of the couch, sitting on your knees at his side. He looked at you and raised an eyebrow, your demeanor worried him, because it usually meant you were going to request something outrageous.


“I want to play a game!” you grinned and he narrowed his eyes at you.

“Hap, pleeeeease,” you begged and he threw his head back against the couch.

“Fine,” he spoke at last and you squealed with excitement, “but I get to pick the game,” he finished with a smirk. Your excitement faded considerably because Happy’s idea of ‘a game’ was much much different than yours.

“What kind of game requires us riding out to the Wahewa to play?” you questioned as you stepped off of his bike. Nothing but the dirt road his bike was sat on, desert on either side, and the blue sky surrounded you.

Happy held his hand out for the backpack he had given you to wear on the ride and you shrugged out of it, tossing it to him and wondering what was inside.

You didn’t have to wonder long. Soon Happy was tossing something towards you, “Catch,” he said as it was already in the air.
You looked up, shielding your eyes to find the small black object falling down towards your face and you snatched it out of the air.
You pulled the object town to study it and as soon as you realized what you were holding a loud popping sound made your head snap up towards Happy.

He was grinning mischievously, holding a taser identical to yours in his hand,
the blue electric arc beading across the two terminals creating the cracking sound that startled you.

Your eyes widened with confusion and worry as you watched him lick his lips. You were speechless and wondering what the fuck kind of game involved tasers until Happy, of course, answered the question you hadn’t dared to ask.

“Taser Tag,” he triumphed, his eyes were glinting with anticipation and delight.

“Oh my God, Hap, you’ve got to be kidding me!” You were both exasperated and horrified that this was his idea of a game, but when he stepped towards you, the taser in his hand snapping as the electricity coursed through, you had no choice but to play along.

You ran away from him across the sandy ground, jumping over bushes and cactuses, trying but failing to tase him before he could get you. Happy jabbed at you with the black stick of death and got you in the ribs, the voltage stunning your body and making your whole left side freeze up as you fell to the ground and he chuckled. He stood over you, reaching down to help you up when you lunged up and jabbed him in the chest. The audible crackling sound coming from your taser and the vein in the side of his neck popping out was the only indication that your device was even working, as the voltage had no affect on your old man at all.

He smiled down at you as you scowled back at him, “You bastard!” 

He had conveniently forgotten to mention that he had built up a tolerance to electrocution, and you honestly didn’t care to know why or how he had done so.

You couldn’t help but laugh as this exact scenario was the reason you both questioned, and also justified your relationship with Happy Lowman.


*Pick your man: Tom/Chris/Sebastian/Jared/(Jeremy or Keanu too)

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A few days after the two of you got married, you discover that he’s not wearing his wedding ring anymore. When you confront him about it, he gives you a lousy and evasive excuse along the lines of “I just can’t get used to it” or “It doesn’t really fit, it’s uncomfortable”. You suddenly realize that your husband will never wear that ring but god forbid you take yours off.

What would you do? 

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It Hurts Like Hell
                                    - PART I

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 491

Events in the story begin TVD mid-season 6 ,
before the merge and continues on afterwards.

Kai kidnaps reader to force the MF gang to give him the 1994 Ascendant.
(It’s a little AU but … I hope you like it.)


It was already dark , the streets of Mystic Falls deserted. She had spent the past few hours catching up with her friends at the Grill.
Y/N turned the corner and started walking. A few minutes passed and Y/N felt someone following her. She turned around but there was no one there , so she kept going but the feeling of being followed didn’t go away. Y/N turned around again and came face to face with Kai.
“Oh hello.” he said , innocently. “Enjoying your walk?”
Y/N froze in place. Kai was dangerous , unpredictable and whatever he wanted from her … it wasn’t going to end well for her.
“Kai… why are you following me? What do you want?” she asked nervously.
“Who says I’m following you?” he asked smirking.
That smirk always made Y/N’s heart flutter. It was insane , Kai was a sociopath with murderous tendency … He had done so many awful things. Something’s must be wrong with me. she thought.
“What do you want Kai?” she asked again.
“Sorry to disappoint , but it’s not gonna happen.” she shook her head turning around to leave but Kai was faster than her and he blocked her way. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Get out of my way.”
“Why didn’t you run when you first saw me ? Is it because you are drawn to the darkness in people ? Damon mentioned it in the Prison World…” he said not taking his eyes off of her.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” she said , wriggling her way around him but he grabbed her wrist , making her spin around so fast she got smacked against his body.
Kai clenched his jaw , anger flashing in his eyes.
“Let go of me.” she said trying to keep her voice calm , it was anything but. Having Kai this close to her was starting to doing things to her.
Snap out of it.  she told herself.  He is going to hurt you.  
Y/N spotted Stefan on the other end of the street and called out for him , but he didn’t appear to hear her at all.
“He can’t hear you. I may have put a cloaking spell on us.” he said suddenly serious. Y/N’s heart was beating faster than ever and she wasn’t sure if it was from fear or because of how close Kai was standing. He was right. She was drawn to darkness , towards him but at the same time she was scared as well.
“Which means I can do this.” he said.
Before Y/N has had time to process what was happening , the world around her went dark.


Y/N woke up feeling dizzy with a slight headache at the back of her head. She tried to move but couldn’t - her wrists and ankles were tied up.
“What the hell?” she muttered under her breath. She was tied up to a chair in a room with a very small window , too small for her to escape she noted , not that she’d be able to undo the knots anyways …
A few moments later footsteps echoed and the door swung open.
“Oh , you are awake ! Good.” he said approaching her. “Now we can have some fun.”
Y/N looked at Kai confused. What was going on ?
“You know , Kai … ” she started to say “Kidnapping me and tying me up was a complete waste of time. You should’ve just asked.” she said adding a small sarcastic smile at the end.
“Where is the fun in that ?” Kai said smirking.
His phone rang and he stepped outside to answer the call. Y/N tried to make out some part of the conversation to try and figure out why he had taken her , but no such luck. The weird thing is that she should’ve been worried , terrified even. Kai was a sociopath , who knew what he could do to her… but she wasn’t. It was as if somehow he had gotten  her emotions mixed up. 
The first impression Kai had given her when they met for the first time at the Grill a few days ago was seared into her mind… He had been charming as hell and before she even knew what was happening to her , something had stirred inside her. 
Y/N knew the logical decision was to run and part of her wanted to , but another wanted to stay.
She sighed , Maybe I am starting to lose my mind.  she thought.
Her life hadn’t always been this complicated. She grew up in Mystic Falls , a small boring town where nothing interesting or even remotely dangerous ever happened. That was until the Salvatores rolled into her life and things had changed completely. Y/N learned that vampires , witches , werewolfs were real and her best friend - Stefan Salvatore - was a vampire… and now so were two of her childhood friends - Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes.

A few minutes passed and Kai came back with a food tray.
“I made you lunch.” he said , as if it was the most ordinary thing ever - making lunch for someone you’ve kidnapped and tied up to a chair in an unknown location.
Y/N stared at him for a few moments. “Thaanks … I guess.” she said pausing for a moment “Not sure how I am going to eat that , tho. You tied me up , remember ?”
Kai squinted his eyes for a moment , considering if he should untie her or not.  
“If you try to run , I will hurt you.” he warned , Y/N nodded and Kai untied her hands. Y/N waited until he was distracted and made a run for it. She ran past him , shutting the door behind her with a loud bang , then down the hallway , trying to find a way out.
What is this place ? she thought , hearing footsteps catching up with her.  Y/N tried to open one of the doors but they were all locked.  Finally she reached a staircase leading upstairs somewhere and she started climbing as fast as she could.
Kai had already caught up with her. He grabbed her foot , pulling her down the stairs and pinned her on the ground.
“What did I say about running away?” he said out of breath , his hand wrapped around her neck. “Did you think I’d let you go so easily ? Wrong.”  
“Just kill me , Kai , and get it over with.” Y/N barely managed to say.
“I don’t want to kill you , Y/N. ” he said , his voice suddenly soft. “I don’t want to hurt you either… You are leverage.”
He pulled her up , his grasp on her hand so tight it was causing her pain. “And you are not going anywhere before I get what I want.”
“And what is that ?” she croaked , her throat still hurting.
“The Ascendant for the 1994 Prison world, of course. I don’t want it used against me.” Kai said while dragging her with him back her ‘room’.  He tied her up again.
“Don’t worry. You will be back with your annoying friends soon enough.” Kai whispered , leaning in closer. “I hoped I wouldn’t have to drag you into this but …”
Right in this moment his phone rang and Y/N caught a glimpse at the screen. ’Stefan’.
“Right on cue.” Kai said answering the phone. “Hello , Stephen. Are you ready to make a deal or … ” he trailed off.
Of course it would be Stefan that comes to her rescue. ‘Always the hero’ , as his brother Damon liked to say.
Whatever Stefan said clearly made Kai upset. He clenched his jaw and hissed through his teeth.
“Whatever happens to Y/N from this point on … it’s all on you.” Kai grabbed a knife from a small table near by and stabbed Y/N in the abdominal making her cry out in pain.  From the other end of the phone , she could hear Stefan scream ‘STOP!’ …  Kai pulled out the knife and plunged in her abdominal again before returning his attention to the phone conversation with Stefan.
“She will bleed out in a few hours. Better think fast. Tick tock …”

Her vision blurred , the world starting to spin. She wasn’t sure if it was the pain or the blood loss. A very blurry version of Kai left the room.
Y/N kept blacking out and waking up.  Y/N had no idea how long it had been since Kai had left her , all she knew is that every time she became conscious , she felt weaker.
Someone shoved a hand full of pills into her mouth alongside some water. Slowly the pain started going away and she drifted into a dreamless sleep.



My bad - here’s more Dean. - I’m sorry, the angst came to me. :/ Just pretend he has his shirt off in this gif. Hehe.

Are You Gonna Stay the Night?

I didn’t know much about Dean Winchester in the two weeks we had been seeing each other, but man was he good in bed. Currently, he was between my legs, hovering over me, giving everything he had while I struggled to breathe as I was getting closer to being sent over the edge. His hands were roaming anywhere they could reach and I shivered at the calluses on his hands that were tickling my soft skin. 

“Dean,” I moaned as I arched my back and clawed at his shoulder blades, while I finally hit the point of climax. My whole body shook as he started to relax onto me and slow his breathing. “Wow.”

He chuckled and climbed off me, then rested his head on his elbow as he laid on his side next to me. He looked down at me with a small, endearing smile, and I knew I was in trouble. “Satisfied?”

For a moment, I sighed to myself and knew that he wanted just a tad bit more than I did. “Yes, very,” I managed to say, but then I started rising from the bed and getting dressed quickly. I could practically feel the confusion in his eyes boring into the back of my head as I slipped my boots on. As I tried to come up with something else to say, I bit the inside of my lip, then finally stood up. “I’ll call you.”

He sat up and gave me a look of disappointment. Shit. “Are you gonna stay the night?”

“Dean,” I sighed, looking down at my hands. “I don’t think that’s the best idea.”

Two weeks had past since I had met Y/N. She was truly different than any other woman I had met in at least a decade and I was really beginning to like her, but as fate would have it, I could tell she wasn’t that interested in me. When she told me she wasn’t going to stay tonight, my heart sank and I looked down at my hands. I didn’t want to make her feel guilty, but I couldn’t help it. I thought we were hitting it off pretty well.

“Okay,” I muttered and watched as she tied her sweaty hair into a ponytail, then fished around the pile of my clothes for her car keys. “What is this?”

She stopped and stood up, then gave me a knowing look. “Look, Dean. You’re a nice guy and you are amazing in bed, but…”

“But you’re not looking for a relationship?”

She shook her head, “No,” I could tell she was going to continue. “Dean, you don’t want to be with me. The baggage I have is…”

I scoffed, “Baggage? You wanna talk about baggage? You’re looking at the definition of it, Sweetheart.”

She bit her lip, then pulled her jacket closer around her, “Trust me, Dean. You don’t want to get involved with someone like me…I’m broken and in all honesty, I’m a fuck-up. All I do is ruin things. Just…don’t call me anymore Dean. it’s for your own good, I swear. I’m sorry, I really am.”

As I watched her leave, I couldn’t help but want to know what was bothering her so much. I laid back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, my mind racing with possibilities.

Maybe it was me.

As I waited for morning to come, I flipped on the television and turned it to some national news station and my eyebrows furrowed when a story came on about a woman that was wanted for murder. Believed to be in Arkansas, driving a black Dodge Charger, license plate AKT 437. As I jumped up and looked out the motel room window, I watched her car drive off and realized there was no license plate. 

Then I looked back at the TV and saw the photo, my breath immediately hitching in my throat. Staring back at me through that screen was Y/N’s mugshot, clear as day.

“Yeah, I would say she has some freakin’ baggage,” I muttered to myself, running a hand over my face and picking up my phone to call Sam.

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