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omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomomomogomggmgggg I cant believe this!!!! thank you guys so so so much for following me, I really and truly appreciate it <33 I know ive said this before but its true: you guys really make my day. seeing your comments on my posts and getting to talk to some of you always makes me smile :) I would love to get to know more of you, so please please just drop by my ask box!!! talk to me about whatever, whether its about someone you like or something that’s bugging you or something totally random!!!! I love hearing from you all <33 you keep me going :) anyways, to celebrate, I wanted to do blogrates and name playlists!! I haven’t done them in a while, so I thought itd be good to bring them back! blacklist #ganj celebrates 2k if you don’t want to see this!


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thank you guys so much!!!! ily all <3333


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hey guys! I’m super bored and I haven’t been very active lately (sorry about that) I’ve just been kinda down recently and not feeling like myself. I wanted to do something for y'all since I’ve been gone for so long and I really need new music to listen to so I thought why not do some blog rates?

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anonymous asked:

Where do you get the patience for being a simblr? I love sims but I can never sit for hours doing it because I loose focus and drive for it. I desperately need a hobby and I thought maybe dedicate myself to sims?

Hi there~

To be honest anon, some days I blast music and binge play sims for hours and some days I can’t play the game at all because I get bored of it. On the days I binge play the sims I make sure to take plenty of screenshots so that I’ll have something to post to my blog if I don’t end up playing for a few days. I would never force myself to play sims tho, sims needs to be fun! You should never feel forced!

Hope this helps❤️

I’ve always been really pale, with blonde eyebrows, eyelashes and almost a transparent skin, so whenever I don’t wear make up I’m quite pale. To some that’s how a sick person look, so I’ve often been asked if I’m okay. Haha

When I was younger I hated the fact that I was so pale all year around, but it’s something I’ve grown to accept and deal with.
I’m a pale freckled ginger that get sunburned after just 30 minutes in the sun, but that’s me.

We all have something we struggle with that can make us feel insecure. (This is just one of mine)

I thought it was about time for me to post a new #nomakeup photo, because it’s important to show you that I’m not perfect. I use make up to give my face some color, to mark where my eyebrows are and to give my face some contrast.

We need to do our best to embrace our individual beauty, because imagine if we all looked the same? How boring would that be?

So, apparently...

According to my mom, talking with people online doesn’t count as actual human interaction

For context, she told me that I needed to go out and visit friends. I told her all my friends either live out of state or out of the country. She then says that those friends don’t count, I need to go see my real life friends

All my irl friends are boring though. At this point, you guys have become something like my real life friends. At least I know you guys are actual human beings (maybe some of you…|ω•)) and you guys are always up for talking and are here when I need you

I barely have anything in common with my irl friends, and sometimes I feel like I can’t really be myself around them (with the exception of one, but I don’t see her at all). I mean, it’s not like I’m losing any social skill talking with you guys, amirite?

I mean, yeah, we’re not physically with each other, so I guess I can see where she’s coming from with that in a sense, but she shouldn’t look down on internet friendships. All of my best friendships come from the internet, soooo…

Anyway, gonna try and go to bed now, I suppose. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night, frens.

Love square analysis

because I’m the boring type. Also, sorry for the long, nerdy post. Read at your own risk. 

Okay, I need to get this off my chest, it has been nagging me for awhile. One of my favorite things about ml is the huge expectation that circles around The Reveal TM, and like, how each possible interaction between Adrien and Marinette implies something for the ultimate end-game move.

 So basically this is just me writing a little analysis that I thought about while running on literally 4 hours of sleep in a 72 hour period and trying not to fall face first onto my office’s desk.

 First things firsts: Our combinations and their roles in the story.

 So we all know our love square TM, home of ship peace because they’re pretty much the same two people and all four ships will eventually happen. The sequence in which they happen before and during the reveal are up for grabs though.

 First we have what I like to call our cornerstone ships. These two ships are one-sided and  push the plot forward in terms of action, not character relationships: Adrinette and Ladynoir.  Then we have our transition ships, Ladrien and Marichat. I call them transition ships because they either help cornerstone ships happen, or they deter them (e.g. Marinette has an easier time interacting and showing herself more truthfully when she talks with Chat than with Adrien, so Adrien gets a better picture of who Marinette is while being Chat. But when Ladybug interacts with Adrien, their respective infatuations increase and they keep ignoring the other person’s alter ego as a potential romantic interest). These ships are not one-sided, but this is where it gets interesting. There is mutual attraction in Ladrien, but not in Marichat. But why is this relevant? Because when Mari develops feelings for Chat and Adrien develops feelings for Marinette, the status quo will be broken.

 Look at my nifty little tables to illustrate the point:

Status quo (Season 1)

Pre-reveal, reveal (Season 2)

Post-reveal (Season 3)

So what am I getting at here? Marichat is uber important in terms of plot resolution, because this ship enables Marinette/Lady and Adrien/Chat to “like” (and I put it quotes because they already like each other, just not romantically) each other in the cornerstone ships (Chat in Ladynoir and Marinette in Adrinette). This, of course, is bound to generate a lot of conflict (in the literary sense) and tension. I almost dare bet that the love square is going to become two love triangles when Marichat starts happening, but note: not as a ship, but a platonic interaction like the rest of the ships. Because you’re gonna have a) Adrien/Chat still infatuated with Ladybug but also falling for Marinette as he interacts with her as Chat and reafirming his feelings as he interacts with her as Adrien. And b) Marinette will be happy because Adrien is showing more interest, but guilty and confused because now she also likes Chat. Basically, instead of a love square now we’re gonna have two love triangles composed of two freakin people.

The best part about this is that if ml indeed lasts only 3 seasons, it’s very possible that the reveal process will start next season, and that means we are going to get some more transition ship action, not to mention I’m pretty sure Volpina will have some sort of catalyst role here, too. Think of all the awkardness and the moment when Mari realizes she actually loves Chat. And like, her trying to flirt back with him and leaving the poor little kitty extremely confused. And then Marinette having a heartstroke because Adrien actually stutters when talking to her, or he actually seeks her out, all of this while she falls for Chat. And then finally, when they couldn’t be more confused and lovesick, the reveal happens.

So point is, what I really love about the ml plot is that we already know what’s going to happen, but it’s how it happens that matters.  And that’s why I love analyzing the ships. Yes, I know I’m boring. I’m a scientist. I need order. And that’s the thing. There’s something oddly satisfying in the symetry of each interaction in ML. You got the neat love square, and then the double couples (AlyaxNino -is there a name for their ship, btw?- and Adrinette). It’s so orderly and symetric and simple that it becomes obvious there are going to be some major disruptions in the next season. AND I. CAN HARDLY. WAIT.   



of course, this is only about my daily entries, as i format everything else the way the original bullet journal website suggests to do. i just thought i’d like to share the way i use my bullet journal in case people are looking for inspiration. i’m neurodivergent myself, so i utilize the bullet journal as both a planner and a personal journal to vent with– and it works really well. so here we go!

img #1: here’s my typical format. i ALWAYS make sure to do the header of the next day before i sleep: date, weather, and water intake. for the weather i simply google it to see what the weather will be like so i can expect what the day is going to be like the next day i open it. i also write down some expected tasks (likely migrated ones) and an event if it exists. 

later on, on the actual day, i’ll write about my feelings on doing (or not doing) said task, and any other things that i want to vent about! 

img #2: basically an example of said format. i like to doodle sometimes on my entries whenever i’m bored. 

img #3: sometimes when i need something else to remind myself of (phone numbers, checklists, money spent) i definitely write it down in my journal. it helps to write it down immediately b/c i have minor short term memory loss and will forget all about it if i don’t. 

img #4: it doesn’t have to be important serious things you need to note down! i found these life tips on a tumblr post one day and thought i’d write it down as a pick-me-up. (which…. sadly didn’t seem effective seeing my vent entry right beside it) but you know! do whatever you want! it’s your journal, and whatever helps you, go for it.