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BTS Reaction to Falling In Love With You At First Sight

Requested by Anonymous, “beautiful being sent from above, may I request a reaction to the boy falling for you at first glance?”

Note; DONT MAKE ME BLUSH, lol here ya go! <3

Jin ➳ And there you were, looking bummy yet amazing once you walked through the doors of the restaurant the boys were attending, being sat down a few feet away from them yet he just couldn’t tear his gaze away from you. You were beautiful, prepossessing, and although he wanted to do anything to approach you he just couldn’t, only settling on engraving your beauty into his mind forever fore he was way too shy.

“Aw,” Taehyung mewled, pinching Jin’s cheeks as the older began to smile, “someone is in love.”

And he couldn’t be anymore right.

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Suga ➳ It was when something alerted him to turn around, and on instinct he listened, abruptly bumping into you as he quickly grabbed your hand to stop you from falling, apologizing over and over again and once he looked you in the eyes, time froze.

There was something about you, something that had his feelings arising from the dead and engulfing him whole, his cheeks flushing hysterically as he laughed softly to himself, because really, how coincidental could this be?

This wasn’t mere soft romance, this was reality. “I—what’s your number?”

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J-Hope ➳ Being bored out of his mind, he wanted to take a break off everything and just take pictures and film the beauty that resided in this world we call earth. His camera dangled from his neck, and as he turned it on to find a beautiful patch of flowers right before a small pond, he quickly zoomed in only to settle on something he didn’t see in the shot before, on something that was clearly you.

His heart flew into the sky, screaming at him that yes, you are the one, the one to fulfill his duties, his life, his soul; and once you looked up to lock gazes with his, he winked towards you without thinking as you quickly looked away and awkwardly left the scene.

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RapMonster ➳ He was dreading going to work, but when he saw you, he was glad he did. Here he was, watching someone as gorgeous as you trip quite elegantly with the papers clutched in your hands were sent flying into every direction. He couldn’t help but giggle at how much of a klutz you were, you looking around hoping no one saw but to your dismay, you saw a handsome man laugh at your state.

He walked up to you while helping you organize the papers once again, and once he handed them you you and you thanked him, he smiles. “We should hangout sometime.”

And when you nodded, flashing him a cheeky grin, he knew he had fallen in love with you at first sight.

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Jimin ➳ “Yeah, can I get–” and he froze.

You blinked towards him, tilting your head to the side in confusion when his eyes blasted open, staring into your soul and wondering what these emotions erupting inside his heart were, wondering why someone he just saw clearly had made such an impact on him. In his eyes, you weren’t the café employee but a gem, a key he had finally found that would be able to unlock his heart — and he couldn’t be anymore happier.

He was nervous, biting his lip before smiling at the realization at falling in love with someone he just met, soon being way too shy to even order but still doing so only to hear your voice once again.

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V ➳ He was sitting at the bus stop, staring ahead at the busy streets when he had suddenly felt something warm press against the back of his hand which was quickly retracted before he could register it in his brain. “Oh god, I’m so sorry.” He heard, quickly snapping his vision to the melodious voice before it could disappear.

That was when he saw you, a beautiful young human being flushed a deep red, staring to him with eyes that told a story he wanted to learn so bad. He was laughing, becoming flustered as he looked away because really, why was he feeling like he had to put a ring on your finger right then and there?

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Jungkook ➳ “Kookie, come meet my childhood friend!” Jimin had called him over, holding his phone to make sure you had a clear view of the both of them through your video chatting. Jungkook walked over to the older, looking closer to the screen only to lock eyes with yours.

“Damn,” Jungkook muttered, earning a small chuckle from the boy beside him before his eyes widened as he tried to correct his wording, “I mean..um, hello!” The boy was way too entranced, if your pixel self from a screen can render him speechless, then who know what could happen to his poor heart once he met you in person. He was suddenly happy, soon taking the phone from the owner’s hands as he began to talk to you without letting his shyness get the better of him.

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Jealousy - Finn x Reader

REQUEST: @dannyfilipame - Hey! Can you do a Finn wolfhard x reader where the reader is afraid of telling finn that she’s in love with him and then she tries to practice about her speech with her friend but then finn comes in and gets jealous ?? By the way I love what you’ve written ^^

NOTE: so this idea was really cute and I hope you all enjoy it!!!!

PLOT: Finn eavesdrops on your conversation with Sadie and Millie and accidentally becomes jealous of himself. 


It was a late Sunday afternoon and you were hanging out with Sadie and Millie. It was one of those weekends where you all had interviews and photoshoots to do as a cast and the easiest solution was to put you all up in a giant hotel room together. The three of you were sharing one of the bedrooms and the other boys were split into two other rooms. You were laying down on your bed while Sadie and Millie were sitting on the floor below you.

“Finn Wolfhard started a live video” Millie said from the floor. “How come he never live streams with us around?” You opened up Instagram on your phone and clicked on Finn’s live video. Turns out Finn was only a few feet away in the kitchen where he and Gaten were making some goofy cooking video. The three of you were all watching the video from your own phones laughing at the boys on screen.

“Finn is hilarious, I don’t know where he gets this stuff from” Sadie said.

“Where does he get his clothes from?” Millie said. “That boy totally needs a fashion intervention!”

“He still looks cute though” you whispered under your breath.

“I knew it!” Millie shouted. Apparently, you weren’t good at whispering. “You totally like Finn!”

“Oh my god, do you actually?” Sadie exclaimed.

You could feel the blush growing on your face so grabbed the nearest pillow and covered your face with it. “No, I don’t like Finn!” You mumbled from underneath.

“Y/N likes Finn! Y/N likes Finn!” Mille sang in a teasing way.

“Just admit that you like him!” Sadie suggested. “You two would be so cute together anyways!”

“Definitely! I’ve seen the way he looks at you!” Millie added. “You should tell him how you feel!”

You sat up on the bed, tossing the pillow at Millie below. “I have no idea how to tell him. And even if, if! I told Finn, he’d say no anyways since he probably doesn’t like me that way!” You said.

“Come on,” Sadie said, “he totally likes you that way!”

“You just need to get your confidence up!” Millie chimed. “You should practice what you would say to him!”

“Yeah and we can give you tips to help you out!” Sadie added.

You looked at your friends and thought for a minute. You could take your friend’s advice and tell Finn that you like him and he ends up liking you back or you could tell him and he rejects you and it ruins everything between you both. Crazy as it was, you decided to take Sadie and Millie’s advice.

“How would I even start?” You asked.

“Just, start saying some stuff and we’ll tell you if it sounds bad or not” Millie said.

You took a deep breath before starting to speak. “Well um, I really like the way he’s so nice to everyone around him and everyone he meets. He’s sweet, he’s hilarious and he always knows how to me make laugh or brighten up my day.”

“That’s good! Keep going!” Sadie encouraged.

“Okay, well…”

Outside the in the hall Finn was still live streaming on instagram. “That’s enough of kitchen time with Gaten, let’s go see what Y/N is up to!” Finn approached your door which was propped open a few inches. Just as he was about to walk in, he heard you talking and stopped outside to listen, leaning against the wall.

“His smile is beautiful, I mean that smile could cure cancer. His eyes are so soft and I love his hair and the way he always runs his fingers through it.” You said.

“Anything else?” Millie asked.

“He has an odd sense of fashion sometimes but he always ends up looking good no matter what.” You added.

Finn having overheard everything you just said felt defeated. After realising that he was still live streaming, he brought his phone up so he was looking into the camera. “Actually, I think Y/N is busy and everyone else is boring so I’m just going to cut this live stream short. Sorry guys, thanks for watching, bye!” Finn ended the stream and locked his phone. He pushed himself off the wall and headed back to his room where he found Caleb. Finn slammed the door and headed over to his bed where he flopped himself down onto the mattress.

“Everything good, bro?” Caleb asked, picking up on Finn’s behaviour.

“No,” Finn answered. “Nothing is good right now.”

“What’s up?”

Finn sat up and sighed. “Well I was passing by the girls’ room where I overheard Y/N talking.” He said.

“Talking about what?” Caleb asked.

“She was talking about some guy that she’s totally in love with and it wasn’t me, basically.” Finn explained.

“Did she say his name?” Caleb wondered.

“No. But I could tell it wasn’t me.” Finn stated and flopped back down on the bed.

Both Finn and Caleb’s phones chimed. “It’s the group chat. Sadie is asking when we are all going to go eat dinner.” Caleb said. “Gaten says that we should go now.”

“Fine,” Finn huffed. “Let’s go.”

Everyone met at the front door, ready to go for dinner.

Dinner was nice but for some reason things felt different between you and Finn. Normally you two always sit next to each other but tonight he sat on the other end of the table. You still tried to make conversation but Finn stayed silent for most of the night. Once you all got back to your hotel, you pulled Finn aside so you could see what was up.

“Finn can I talk to you for a second?” You asked, grabbing his arm to stop him from walking past.

“Yea… I guess.” He answered and followed you to your room.

You sat down on your bed and motioned for him to join you. He sat down leaving a noticeable gap between you both. “What’s up with you? You seem off tonight” you asked him.

“What’s it to you?” Finn snarked back.

“Um, because I care about you. You’ve hardly talked all night and not just to me but everyone else too.” You said.

“Why don’t you go care about that boy you love so much with the soft eyes and smile that could cure cancer!” Finn stated, crossing him arms and looking away from you.

You were confused, not understanding what he meant and who he was talking about. “Who? What are you talking about, Finn?” You questioned.

“I overheard you earlier talking to Millie and Sadie in your room going on about some boy you love” Finn explained.

The gears clicked in your head and you let out a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Finn asked, “Why are you laughing?”

You let out a sigh. “I was um, talking about you earlier.” You smiled.

Finn looked confused. “What?”

“Millie and Sadie have been bugging me for months to tell you how I feel about you and so I was building up the confidence to tell you in person” you blushed.

Finn shuffled closer to you on the bed. “How do you feel about me?” He asked, looking you in the eyes.

You reached up to tuck your hair behind your ear and looked away before answering. “Um, basically I’m in love with you” you said, just loud enough for Finn to hear. You could feel the heat on your cheeks.

Finn laughed himself. “Well, I feel like an idiot now.” He said

You looked up at him slightly. “Why’s that?”

“Well, you see, I thought you were talking about some other guy who wasn’t me and so I got jealous.” Finn blushed.

“Why were you jealous?” You asked.

“Because I’m in love with you too.” Finn admitted.

Before you could say anything more, Finn had already gotten closer and kissed you on the lips. As he pulled away you were already smiling.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous, you know that Finn?” You joked.

Finn smiled back. “Well, you’re always cute, Y/N.”


A nice crisp beginning of autumn day

˻ starry starry rp prompts ˺

→ for when you feel that space feel. ☆


  • Hey, look - a shooting star!
  • We’re gonna miss the meteor shower, come on and hurry up!
  • Maybe it’s just the moon and the stars above us and all, but you look really nice tonight. Like, more than usual.
  • Hey… Do you think aliens exist?
  • I just noticed this tonight, but your freckles sort of remind me of the stars… You probably get that a lot.
  • Aren’t you an astrologer? Do you get to go to space?
  • That’s the Taurus constellation right there, and that’s the Big Dipper…
  • Dammit, I forgot my camera!
  • Phew, it’s pretty cold out tonight…
  • This is a pretty neat first date, star gazing. Didn’t know you could be so romantic…
  • Did your bring your telescope? I wanna see them clearer.
  • I thought this would be kinda boring at first, not gonna lie, but this is actually pretty fun.


  • Send  for our muses to have a picnic under the stars.
  • Send  for my muse knock on your muse’s window in the middle of the night. (Bonus: my muse uses a rock and accidentally breaks your muse’s window.)
  • Send  for an alternate universe wherein my muse comes from another alien planet who accidentally somehow bump into yours.
  • Send  for our muses to go to the beach late at night to stargaze.
The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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Not So Boring (Riverdale & Teen Wolf) ~ Jughead Jones

“Isaac get off of me!”

“What do you mean you idiot?

You’re on top of me!”

“Am not!”

“Am to!”



“Would you two both shut up before I scream!” I finally yelled, hushing the two dorks I call my best friends immediately as they thought to my banshee scream that I shared with my cousin Lydia.

Luckily, Stiles and Isaac stopped arguing verbally at my threat, but continued jabbing each other in the ribs, which ended up jabbing me considering all three of us were tucked into a very small space…other wise known as a dumpster.

Long story short, Scott heard about some weird stuff going in on this town called Riverdale, and while he was touring his college choices, he sent Isaac, Stiles, and I to the small town to figure out what was going on, and more specifically what was behind it.

I blamed Stiles for all this considering whenever something strange or out of place happens, the Stilinski boy’s mind instantly jumps to the land of the supernatural bring the cause. And Scott, of course has to be Save-Everyone-McCall, even if they live on another freaking planet…or in this case, a really boring town.

Back to the dumpster situation, we needed somewhere to hide that was close enough to the scene of the crime where Jason Blossom was murdered, apparently by the supernatural. The plan was to hide out in here, then have Isaac use his super-hearing to clue us in one what was going on.

“What do you hear?” Stiles whispers after a few seconds of Isaac homing in on his werewolf powers causing the Lahey boy to glare at the human.

“The sound of my fist about to collide with your face.” He replied venomously, before getting back to business. “They’re saying something about how the cause of death wasn’t drowning, but a gunshot, right between the eyes.”

I sighed, leaning my head against the rusty wall of the dumpster. We had come all the way out here for nothing.

“It could still be supernatural.” Stiles tried to add in optimistically, causing me to turn and send a death glare his way, causing him to take a gulp in fear.

“What kind of supernatural creature uses a gun?” Isaac growled through his teeth.

“One with guns for hands?” Stiles suggested, though he knew he was screwed.

“You know what?” I sighed, “The both of you just shut up, and let’s get out of this boring little town.”

Stiles and Isaac nodded, opening up the lid of the dumpster before all of us hopped out and landed on the sandy ground.

“You’ve got a little something right..” Stiles trailed off as he reached up to grab something from my hair, but stopped short as he noticed something behind me. “Oh, hi.”

I turned on my heels to see a boy our age with a strange beanie on his head, and a camera around his neck, standing a few feet away. I had to admit he was pretty cool, in a kind of creepy-way.

Isaac pushed his shoulder against mine to bring me back to the real world, probably so I could explain to the guy why he had just seen three strangers climbing out of a dumpster.

The guy looked at me, his green eyes shining, “You’re not from here.”

I nodded, “Nope. We’re here to find the killer.”

The boy studied me for a moment before speaking again, “I’m Jughead. Jughead Jones.”

Stiles snorted from my left, “Strange name.”

Isaac rolled his eyes, “Coming from the guy who goes by Stiles. And don’t get me started on your real name, Mi-” Isaac was cut off by Stiles running at him pathetically.

“Don’t you dare, wolf boy!”

I rolled my eyes at the two boys fighting in the background, “Don’t mind them, they’re idiots. I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

Jughead smirked slightly, “Well, (Y/N) welcome to Riverdale.”

I smiled lightly, maybe this town wasn’t so boring after all.


“Wait. Did he say wolf boy?”


If Hetalia was a Reality TV Show
  • Germany: Good Morning everyone. The first topic of today's meeting will concern our socio-economic policies...
  • America, to the camera: first meeting of the day, and it's starting with a SUPER BORING topic! Ughhhh!!
  • Germany: would anyone like to speak first on the topic- Okay, America.
  • England, to the camera: of course it's America. Typical.
  • Russia, to the camera: Germany shouldn't really ask this question if America always puts his annoying hand up. I prefer his other brother to talk~ ... huh? I'm sitting on him right now, you say?
  • Germany: Now, please raise your hand accordingly to those who would like to be on the speaker's list.
  • Italy, to the camera: veh! I didn't prepare today's topic!! I hope Germany won't notice, ve~
  • Germany: ... it seems like no one wants to discuss first. Very well, I will talk first... as usual.
  • China, to the camera: *rubbing his eyes* ughh! I'm too tired to listen to Germany... I think I'll take a nap during the first part of the meeting. It's a good thing I've perfected the act of sleeping with my eyes open~! *points at camera man* Don't you dare tell Germany!
  • Japan, to the camera: I turned to the right to see China-san sleeping with his eyes open... again. And when I glanced around the room, I can see countries' bored expressions. Poor Germany-san, no one seems to be listening to him... well, until...
  • Germany: I would like to discuss the regional socio-economic situations of each continent, starting with Europe; due to its current and troublesome situation from a certain event last summer.
  • England: what.
  • France, to the camera: Mon Dieu!! Germany... wow... he... he called on the eyebrowed-elephant in the room! I'm stunned and excited to see that arrogant Brit weep!
  • America, to the camera: dude!! OMG, I can't believe Germany called out on England like that! Dude... that's ballsy!
  • China, to the camera: I'm mad I slept through that one.
  • Italy, to the camera: veh, I've never seen so many countries look so... what is it called? hmmm... oh, attentive~
  • Russia, to the camera: I was thinking 'this looked fun'~ I like looking at people being uncomfrotable~ Oh, I'm still sitting on him? C-Canada... that's the country's name?
  • Germany, to the camera: I had to do it. I mean, I know no one was listening to me since the meeting was at eight in the morning. I was initially annoyed with Brexit prior to the meeting, so it felt... refreshing to let it out.
  • Canada, to the camera: um... guys... I'm over here- no wait, don't run, I'm not a ghost for pete's sake!!
Imagine Alexander saying he wants to have a big family, with more children than his father, with you in an interview and trying to convince you about it.

“Alexander, it’s- it’s such a pleasure to have you here tonight!” the interviewer said with a smile and the man smiled back

He glanced at the audience as everybody, along with you sitting on the front row, cheered for him. His smile, he had to confess, got a little bigger when he saw your wide smile but tried to keep himself from getting carried away. You had that effect on him, even after all these years and he could still not understand it, but he never truly complained about it. Your eyes locked for a split second and he winked, not caring if it was on camera because he had done much more over the course of time to show his affection for you anyway.

“It’s a great pleasure to be here as well.” he nodded his head with a smile.

“I always- I always wanted to ask you whenever we met, how is to have that many siblings? I’m- I’m an only child so I always thought about it but you- you are eight siblings, am I right?” she asked and he subtly nodded his head “That certainly can’t be boring at all huh?” she added an waited for his response.

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Modern Times

Pairing: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers x Reader // Nat, Clint, Sam, Tony, Wanda.

Warning: cynically none Romantic, being blunt about none relationships and sex.

A/N: This is something I found randomly in my saves figured I would post it. See what y’all think.

A one shot about Reader whose a none romantic and doesn’t believe in relationships trying to explain her lifestyle to the Avengers Team, specifically the two men from the 40′s who don’t understand as she teases them.

“It just doesn’t make sense.” Steve shakes his head. Nat and Wanda laugh, Tony shrugs, Sam nods that grin on his lips, Clint is watching you with curiosity.

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anon said : haechan fluff where he’s on the baseball team and like he catches a ball that was about to hit you with his bare hands and you have to help him around for the week until his hand heals and at the end he like ?? confesses to you ?? :> I just really need some haechan fluff pls

Summary: After hurting his hand to save you from a baseball flying directly at your head, Haechan finds numerous excuses to spend time with you so that you can quote-unquote “make it up to him”…

Warnings: A disgusting amount of fluff bc I love Haechan and listened to “My First and Last” while I was writing this…

Genre: Fluff!

Word Count: 3.6k+

There were definite pros and cons to being part of the yearbook club. A pro would be that you were given the opportunity to take photos. Taking photos may very well have been your favorite thing to do. A con would be that you had to take photos of the baseball team… including the team’s heartthrob.

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Just Forget the World (Eugene Lee Yang x Reader One-Shot)

A/N: I noticed that there just wasn’t enough for the wonderful Buzzfeed series, The Try Guys. Here’s a lil something with Eugene. 

Walking into the office on a Monday morning, at 6 in the morning to be exact, was not how Y/N wanted to spend her morning. Instead, she wishes she was still at home, snuggled up next to her boyfriend, Eugene Yang. She smiled when she thought about him, and when she first met him.

She smoothed down her skirt, willing away her nerves. It was her first day at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures and she was nervous as fuck. Sure, it was just like any of her old jobs, but Buzzfeed was a giant company, and she would be running the LA sales team. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, raised her chin, and pushed the doors open. Her heels clicked along the wood floors and eyes turned towards her. She could hear the whispers.

“Isn’t she the new leader of the sales team? She looks like she’s 21,” she heard one person say. She gave that person a look, and continued walking to her office.

“Hi, I’m Eugene.” She looked up, and was instantly star struck. Standing in front of her was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His brown eyes were sparkling, and his smile put her weak at the knees.

“Y/N, it’s my first day here,” she replied, finally finding her voice.

“Yeah, Andrew asked me to show you around.” Little did she know, she would have fallen for him within a few hours.

“Y/N, you’re needed in the studio,” Quinta said, gently knocking on her door later that day. Y/N set down her glasses and looked up at her.

“Why? I’m not an actor or anything,” Y/N asked. Quinta shrugged, but Y/N could tell that she was trying to hide back a smile.

As the two girls walked into the studio, Nikkie, the camera girl, motioned for Y/N to sit down on the stool in the middle of the room. Y/N sat down and smoothed her skirt.

“What am I doing here? I’ve never done a video,” she asked.

“Andrew wants to do a video with you and Eugene, just go with it,” Quinta said. Y/N shrugged her shoulders. Kieth walked into the studio and sat down next to her.

“Okay, so for this video, we’re just going to ask you a few questions about your relationship with Eugene, is that okay?” he asked her. Y/N nodded and he grinned at her. “Great. Nikkie, are you ready?”

“Yep. Recording now!”

“Hey everybody! We’re here today with Y/N, and we’re just gonna be asking her a few questions today. How are you today?” He turned towards the girl. She gave a smile.

“Tired, but excited to be here,” she replied.

“Great, now can you tell everyone what you do here at Buzzfeed?”

“Sure! I am the head of accounting here at Buzzfeed, and what I basically do is I control everyone’s salary, I make go over all the budgets here and make sure no one goes over it, and I also file taxes for the company.” She gave a grin to the camera and crossed her legs.

“No offense but that sounds incredibly boring,” Keith laughed out.

“It is, but it’s really fun when I get to yell at people with they go over budget for a video,” she replied with a coy smile.

“And who do you yell at the most for that?”

“Eugene,” she deadpanned.

“And you are dating Eugene, right?”

“I am, we’ve been together for three years now.”

“And what’s that like?” he asked, leaning towards the girl. ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol suddenly started playing over the speakers, but she just furrowed her brows.

“Honestly, it’s been amazing. I know it’s going to sound like a cliché, but he’s truly the love of my life,” she replied with a blush forming on her cheeks. Keith smiled at her, patted her shoulder, and stood up. “Wait, what’s going on?”

“I love you, too, sweetheart,” Eugene’s voice said from behind her. She whipped around, seeing him holding a dozen of roses.

“What are you doing here? What the fuck is going on?” she asked, taking the flowers from him. He stood in front of her, with her facing the camera, he dropped to one knee. Her free hand flew to her mouth and tears started welling in her eyes.

“I love you with every single ounce of my being. You have made my life worth living and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love waking up to you every morning, and I love going to sleep with you every night. I love that you challenge me, and how you never put up with any of my shit. Most importantly, I love how you’ve made me a better person, and for that I ask, will you do me the honor and marry me?”

“Yes yes yes! A million times yes!” she shouted. He slipped the ring onto her finger and picked her up into a bone-crushing hug.

“I love you so much,” he whispered in her ear. She pulled away from the hug and stared into his shining brown eyes. She got onto her tiptoes and kissed him hard. He pulled her closer into his chest as the cheers disappeared from around them. In that moment, they were the only two people on the earth, and nothing else mattered.

Are you bored with traditional "slenderverse" horror?

Tired of seeing kids in masks running around with binary videos?
Sick of seeing the same skinny man standing still all the time?

Well shit boi, I got a series just for you!

Sit your ass right up and grab a drink because we gonna talk about a little series called SOURSALT.

You ever been bored with your best friend and thought, “man i sure wish we could be pretending to hunt ghosts.” or perhaps “wowee, i sure wish i was covered in shit and yelling into a camera right now!”

Well that’s exactly what we did!

“Soursalt” is a mystery. We don’t know what it is and we don’t ask. It just exists and that’s ok! It starts out with a few creepy videos introducing us to some cocksniffer named Madman Re but then the videos start to talk about dreams and whether or not uploader is dreaming.
Then before you know it some idiot is rambling about ghosts and idiot #2 is pissing into a lake.
This series is definitely worth the view. I honestly can not stress it enough. I can see it getting big, like big big. Large slenderseries sized big.
The best part; it’s not a slenderseries.
It’s *original* :O

Part 1 section 1: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgUeoPE8TlAeHMTTnzJULEyC9WUguPQm7

i guarantee you will not be disappointed please reblog and share with your friends to spread the amazingness thank u ❤️

Father's Day

This one shot was written for @glitzthings by request (Sorry it’s late my friend!). I hope this is okay, I’ve been having the worst case of writer’s block lately.


Vegeta folds his arms tighter around his chest, sinking further down into his seat. An impatient groan escapes his lips, as soft as a sleeping breath, but still earns him a scowl from his wife. Her sapphire eyes burn the color of gasoline fire and say all of the words hidden behind the confines of her lips, making him turn his head away. He gets it; she doesn’t need to look at him like that anymore. He clicks his teeth loud enough to tell her so, but he can still feel her heated stare  shredding the skin on his neck.  He ignores her, and instead decides to make a mental list of the worst moments in his life.

1) Frieza. Enough said.
2) Kakarot. A tolerable ending, but their beginnings will always stain his tongue with acid.
3) Any combination of 1 and 2.
4) What he’s doing at this exact moment.

He feels a palm on his thigh and he whips his head back to his left, expecting to meet the cooling eyes of his hot tempered spouse. She’s gotten bored of his tantrum apparently as her eyes are glued to the stage, smiling widely with excitement. Instead, he catches the stare of his son, who’s sporting the same goofy grin as his mother, his  lavender hair hanging loosely in his eyes.

“Papa,” he tries to whisper, his voice cracking with manhood, “She’s coming on now!”

Vegeta nods, thankful that  Trunks can read him so easily. Bulma expects him to be dutiful and pay attention, but Vegeta knows the boy is just as bored as he is. In fact, if a certain doppelganger of Kakarot were not keeping him company right now, he is sure that Trunks would be playing away on the noisy game he likes to carry around. Or even better, causing some sort of mischief.

“Do it like we practiced, Bra!” Bulma whispers, raising her fists with anticipation. Vegeta cocks an eyebrow to this, wondering exactly the woman has planned. If it’s anything like he’s become used to for the past decade and some change, he knows it’ll be interesting. Chaotic, undoubtedly, but interesting.

Vegeta turns his attention to the stage finally, peering over the heads of rows of parents and children alike. No matter how much it pains him to admit it, he’s short. And short people, no matter how powerful, struggle to see past taller men who refuse to take better seats. Especially when Bulma insists they sit towards the back so Bra doesn’t get nervous when she sees them. He grunts louder this time, even letting a curse slip from his dirty lips. Several parents turn around in their seats and glare at him. Vegeta lets out a warning growl that’s similar to a bark and they change their minds in their judgment. Their faces go whiter than his tense knuckles and they turn around with no further complaints. He’s earned himself a heavy slap on the knee from Bulma. He grins wickedly as he sits with no regret. He never tires of putting inferiors in their places.

A miniature Bulma walks across the stage past her peers, her chin aimed pointedly high in the air. She oozes confidences and the children don’t like it. Vegeta has heard Bra complain about then to Bulma at bed time before. “They’re so boring, Mama,” she says in her five year old sleepy voice, “And they don’t want to talk to me.” Bulma asks her how she feels about it. Bra pulls the thick blanket to her chest and says truthfully, “I can beat them up so I don’t care.”

Vegeta has never been more proud.

Her actions prove her words true as she glides to the microphone, earning attentive eyes from the audience and her peers. A bright yellow banner hangs over her head, Father’s Day Assembly sprawled across the fabric. An arrogant smile —his arrogant smile— steals her face as she looks over the crowd. Her eyes land on his and she smiles and waves, a look of sincere glee coming over her features. He feels  the immediate embarrassment, but puts up two fingers in this air as a salute so she won’t cry about it later. He ignores Bulma’s yelping about how ‘cute’ the situation is.

“My name is Bra Briefs,” she says into the microphone, a little too low for Vegeta’s tastes, and he wants to tell her to talk louder, “And this is the story of my papa, Vegeta.” She extends a tiny palm in his direction. The stage lights hover over him and he grits his teeth. The parents don’t bother to turn and look, having already been bitten with his venom. He sits with patience until the light is back on Bra and then finally grumbles under his breath.

“In order to tell this story, my friends said they would help me out. So I hope you enjoy this play! Me and my Mama worked real hard on it!” She turns to the curtain, the red of her ponytail ribbon matching the fabric perfectly. “Guys?”

Vegeta is interested now, but the curiosity turns to vile as he watches Kakarot, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin take center stage. They all seem embarrassed to be here, especially Piccolo. He hears a few parents wonder if he’s feeling sick. Vegeta questions what sort of manipulation Bulma’s used to get them to be here.
“My Papa was a proud prince,” she starts, and an exact mirror of Vegeta walks smoothly on stage. He does a double take at first. Tarble? He’s about to question it further until he spots the tail and how wrong it is. It’s pink and curly where it should be long and brown. Of course Oolong would agree; he’s caught the Sunday dinner staring at his wife’s breasts a little too long on multiple occasions.

“He was the strongest prince of everyone in his kingdom, and no one could beat him, not even giant refrigerators and freezers!” Oolong-Vegeta flexes his muscles in a dramatic fashion, while kicking over a fridge prop, cleverly painter with specks of purple. This elicits a laugh out of Vegeta, but he keeps it low so Bulma doesn’t hear.

“One day, my Papa got too strong and he got bored. So he flew to Earth to rule over the people there.” Oolong is pretending to fly in a circle, getting closer to the four men to Bra’s right. “And when he came, a group of men who were…umm…Mama, what’s that word again?”

“Naïve!” Bulma yells, and Bra smiles widely.

“That’s right, naïve. The group of men were naïve and thought they could beat him up.” A flash of anger rolls over Piccolo’s face. Vegeta hopes Bulma’s brought a camera.

“Aarrghh, I am Vegeta! Prince of all Saiyans! And I will whoop your butt!” Oolong is a bad actor and his voice is too squeaky to rival Vegeta’s. And  most important, Vegeta thinks, is that he would never use the words, “Whoop your butt.” Obliterate you? Sure. Send you the fiery pits of hell? Absolutely. But never, “I’m going to whoop your butt.” It sounds like a parent chastising a child, but he listens on anyways.

“No, Vegeta, we can’t let you do that,” Gohan is trying to act, but he’s too serious about it, “So please leave here at once.”

“I’m going to whoop your butt first, Goha—err — stranger!” Oolong produces some sort of contraption and confetti sprays in Gohan’s direction. Gohan dramatically falls to the stage, claiming he has been defeated. Goku starts laughing wildly, and Vegeta declares he will kill the man if he messes up his daughter’s stage play.

“One by one, the men come to fight my papa, but they are too weak and pathetic so they die,” Bra says this with such pride that Vegeta’s heart swells. Piccolo and Krillin fall to the ground, yelling  how strong Vegeta is. He turns to look at Bulma briefly, unable to believe that she would agree to help Bra with this inaccurate play.  She shrugs, as if indicating that this was all Bra’s idea.

“But one man didn’t seem to get it, so Papa had to put him in his place.” Goku grins and crouches down into his fighting stance, looking too seriously at Oolong-Vegeta. The buffoon. He can’t even pretend to fight without getting a hard on. Vegeta scoffs at his pathetic mannerisms.

“Even though you’re so much stronger than me, and I could never  ever beat you, I will fight you Vegeta!” Strangely enough, Goku isn’t bad at reciting his lines. Vegeta swallows away the compliment, mildly upset it penetrated his mind in the first place.

“Bring it on, Goku! “ Oolng pretends to fight Goku, once again disappointing Vegeta with his misrepresentation. He watches the two prance about and shoot fake lasers at each other. Goku is losing on purpose, and Vegeta relishes in how satisfactory the feeling is.

“After a long battle, the man does a horrible, miserable death—“

“Oh no! I’m dying so miserably!”

“—Ending any defiance against my Papa. So he became the prince, no, the king of Earth. And he even found his queen in the audience!” Another person emerges from the curtain, wearing one of Bulma’s old dresses with a cheap blue wig on their head. Its Yamcha, Vegeta notices with disdain, and he’s tried a little too hard to dress like Bulma. She’s having several fits of laughter at his side, unable to even look at the stage anymore. A ghost of a smile plays on his lips. Bulma is a devious genius.

“Oh Vegeta,” Yamcha has his hands resting at his cheek and his voice is higher in range, “Even though I’ve got a totally awesome boyfriend who’s the best thing that ever happened to me, I just can’t resist the Prince of Darkness!”

“Hmph,” Oolong-Vegeta folds his arms and closes his eyes, “Your boyfriend sucks. Drop that zero and get with a real man, pathetic woman.” Finally Oolong has gotten Vegeta correctly.

Yamcha runs daintly towards Oolong and they hug, although Yamcha has to bend down to embrace him. Vegeta grits his teeth and wants to yell out that he’s not  that short, and how the only time Bulma’s bending over is in the bedroom, but their children are present. He’s sure he’s scarred then enough already.

“And then my Mama and Papa got married and had me and brother Trunks! He’s still the strongest man on the planet,” he watches as her eyebrows mesh together in an angry fashion and her entire mood changes, “And if any of you ever disagree with me or him, he’ll make you all die a miserable and scary de—“

“Okay and thank you Ms. Briefs!” The principal of Bra’s school intervenes, her face a cloudy mix of disbelief and shock. She tries to laugh off her nerves by complimenting Bra on her creative imagination. The adults in the audience have covered their children’s ears and look toward the stage in fright. Vegeta lets out a heartfelt laugh, focusing unwanted attention on him. He’s clutching his belly as he bends over, not remembering the last time he was this entertained. The Briefs women have definitely outdone themselves.

Bra doesn’t bother to sit with her peers, instead walking off stage and heading directly to them. Her face is beaming as she approaches, running straight to Vegeta and hopping in his lap. She throws her arms around his neck and he lets her, feeling like she’s more than earned public affection.

“How did I do Papa?” she whispers in his ear, tossing a thumbs up to Trunks, Goten and Bulma.

Vegeta smiles and stands, seeing no reason to stay for the rest of this catastrophe. He gets it; these children like their inadequate fathers and their boring jobs of teachers and salesmen. But had their fathers ever saved the world? Ever brought them back to life? No? Then he has no interest in praising them.

He cradles Bra in his arms as they exit, and leans in close to her ear so that only she can hear. “It’s the best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received,” he says and means it. “Just don’t tell your brother.”

I haven’t edited this, so please forgive any errors

also I may or may not have written this while I’m drunk soooo

a lock yourself out drabble inspired by these tfln

“Baaaabyyyyy,” Harry whined.

“One second!” Paulie called out to her very impatient boyfriend.

“What’s taking you so long?” he whined again.

“I wanna make sure everything’s in place. Now shush.”

The other day, Harry had ordered three sets of lingerie for Paulie and as soon as the package had arrived he knew he had to see her wearing them sooner rather than later.

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Jack Maynard Imagine - Fallen for you.

You were not always sure whether you could take Jack seriously or not. The way he talked to you and behaved around you, sometimes had you confused. You thought it was obvious that you liked him as more than a friend, you were so sure. So everytime he got a little too cute, or a little too close, you wondered whether it might be you, who either didn’t notice he was dying for you, or were making a whole love story up.

“Hello again, guys” you heard Jack say as he held his vlogging camera up “So now I’m here with Y/N because everyone else dumped me” he put his strong arm around your shoulders as you got into the shot and waved.

“I’ll dump you as well if we don’t leave to get some food right now” you warned him, making him laugh.

“So” he continued “As I was saying, I’m here with this loser because I was bloody bored out of my mind and she has no friends, so she’s available” he joked, pointing the camera at you to get your reaction. You gave him the middle finger as you put your pink cap on.

He then took it off your head “I’m pretty sure this is mine” he laughed, putting the cap on. It wasn’t uncommon for you to steal Jack’s clothes. Anything from a loose t-shirt to an oversized jacket could appear on your wardrobe without you even noticing. 

You blushed, as it was the third day in a row he had caught you wearing something his. He chuckled, putting the cap back on your head “It’s fine, you can keep that” he said “Looks cuter on you anyway”

“Of course it does” whenever Jack complimmented you on camera, you never knew what to do. The fact that you had millions of people watching you, people who in fact dreamed of you getting together - you even had a ship name, for calling out loud - didn’t help at all. It might sound ridiculous, a YouTuber being camera shy; but there was something about Jack that never let you relax completely.

Eventually, he put the camera down and you headed towards the nearest mall. It was already fairly late. The sky was dark, filled with heavy clouds. You didn’t dare to venture London center in case the weather decided to play you.

As you walked besides each other, your sides touching, it hit you that maybe you were making it all up on your head. That maybe you were seeing things. That maybe he saw you as another sister, even though you definetly didn’t think of him as the brother you never had. 

“Hey” he spoke, waking you up from your day-thinking “You’re so quiet, everything alright?”

You looked up at him, and even though his sunglasses didn’t let you see his eyes, you thought they looked as comforting as always “Yeah, I just zoned out for a sec” you said, which was indeed kind of true. He put an arm around you and kissed your cheek. He didn’t say a word until you arrived at the mall, and neither did you.

“I don’t know how this happened, but I’m being dragged into Homebase” Jack spoke to the camera, a while after you left the coldness of the street behind and met the festive looks of the mall.

You turned your head “I just want to smell the candles” you laughed, as he pointed the camera at you while you held a cotton candy candle “Jeez, this is nasty” you said, making Jack laugh.

He then pointed at another candle behind you. This was gingerbread house scented “Totally smells like Christmas” you said as you sniffed it “I totally had these ones growing up” you said to the camera, inhaling the homey scent “Crap, now I want ten”

Jack laughed, still recording you “When did we become candle bloggers?” he asked, as your eyes lit up. Jack knew your passion for candles. He would often surprise you with a random one because ‘it reminded me of you and I couldn’t help myself’, usually followed by a weird look from Conor. Since when did his little brother stop by the candle aisle?

“Give this video a thumbs up if you want Jack and I to make a side channel for candle blogging” you joked.

“Jack! Y/N!” you heard someone calling your names loudly. You followed the direction of the voice as your eyes met three young girls, probably around fifteen, holding their phones in their hands and smiling widely “Can we take a quick picture with you guys?” a girl with long braided hair asked.

“No need to ask” you smiled back at them.

“Sure” Jack said, as he put his camera down. The girl gave him her phone and you took a few selfies.

“Thank you” the girl said once Jack gave her her phone back “Were you guys vlogging?” she asked.

“Yeah” Jack said, smiling at how excited the girls seemed to be “We are candle bloggers now” you said, holding the gingerbread candle up. The girls laughed.

“You’re so cute together” a short girl with blonde girl said, making you blush and Jack chuckle. 

The girl with braided hair spoke again “I know it’s none of our business and you probably wouldn’t admit it anyway” she said, and you were surprised at how casually she was talking to you when she had just freaked out a few moments earlier “But tell us, please, that you’re dating or something”

You both laughed, not knowing what to say. The answer was no, yet none of you made it clear “Or something” Jack said, and he laughed again. 

The girls left shortly. After having Jack drag you out of Homebase, you decided to grab some Chinese takeaway and take it to your apartment. When you went outside, it was pouring rain. 

Jack took out his vlogging camera again “Look at the daily vlogger” you said before he could say anything else. He pushed you aside, a cheeky grin on his face “You’re such a pain in the ass” he joked, and you pushed him back. He grabbed your arm and pulled you into a hug.

“You’re a fucking idiot” you said, laughing as you adjusted your cap, only to have Jack pushing it back against your forehead. You whined.

“You love me” he smiled, as he earned a death stare from you.

“You wish, Maynard”


Before you could get any more wet, you arrived at your place. Jack took off his jacket and threw it at you “You just can’t stop, can you?” you rolled your eyes, as you left him behind, laughing, to change into your stay-at-home clothes.

When you went back to the living room, he was already waiting for you on the couch, your dinner spread on the table next to two beers. You plopped down next to him “So” you spoke, taking your chopsticks out of the bag “Have you found any place to move in yet?”

Jack opened his can of beer, and all you could do was to stare at his hands, suddenly longing his touch “Nope” he said, popping the P “And I literally need to leave my place in three days” he took a long sip.

“You can stay here if you want” you offered “I mean, until you find somewhere else”

He grinned “Can’t I stay with you forever?” he turned his head to look at you.

You moved your eyes away from his to avoid blushing “Forever is a really long time” you almost whispered.

“I know” you heard him say, while your eyes focused on the black TV screen “Do you think you could stand me forever?” he asked after a pause. Your heart sank. You didn’t dare to look at him just yet.

You took a long sip of your beer “Well” you started “I don’t think I could stand a girl in your room every day of the week” you said without thinking. When you heard the words that left your mouth, you gulped, and your heart started to race.

Jack, however, chuckled slightly “I meant being with you, forever” he corrected, but it didn’t make your heartbeat go any slower.

Your eyes finally met his, the blue in them burning your pupils “Are you being serious right now?”

He looked down, and left his can on the table. His fingers went through his hair, and that’s when you knew he was indeed, being serious “Why wouldn’t I be?” the grin on his face vanished. Yours was long gone.You were at ease.

“What do you mean, Jack?” you asked, leaving your beer on the table as well.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked at you. You looked vulnerable, afraid. You were afraid of him hurting you, because it was the last thing you needed, and the last thing he wanted.

“I mean, you’re probably gonna punch me in the face for this” he laughed, his hand scratching his neck “But I’ve kind of…well, yeah… I didn’t intend to, I just-”

“Spit it out, Jack” you interrumpted him abruptly.

He sighed “I’ve kinda fallen for you…yeah” he admitted, his eyes still not meeting yours. Your heart finally slowed down, causing your features to turn softer. You let out a small laugh, making he turn his head “Why are you laughing?” he asked, but before he could get any offended, you closed the heavy gap between you and pressed your lips against his.

His hand instintively went to your waist, like it usually did, just this time his grip was a little tighter. You cupped his face on your hands, slowly working your way towards his lap. He happily lifted you up so now your legs were around his hips, kissing him more passionately than before.

When your lungs ached for air, you pulled apart slightly, as your foreheads were still connected “I repeat, you’re an idiot” you smiled as his finger brushed the corner of your lips. He kissed you again, holding you close to his warm body.

And you realized it was true what they said, that you can miss places you’ve never been to, and people whose touch you never felt. But now, inside Jack’s arms, you closed your eyes as you let love rub your back. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have advice on drawing backgrounds with characters?

First, don’t imagine backgrounds as “backgrounds,” like some kind of giant placard you place behind characters on a stageplay. Think of them as “environments!” A place where your characters interact, make conversation, eat food, sleep, grab stuff, jump around on, fight, etc. The environment is just as important to the visuals as the characters, nobody exists in a void. 

The most important thing to do is to plan to draw the character(s) IN the background/environment, not as an afterthought.

I also like imagining myself as a cinematographer in my own comic, somebody with a camera, who is on the set with the characters. I think about the best way to “shoot” the characters doing what they’re doing based on what they’re doing and the tone. Is it a happy scene? A sad scene? I also think about the environment they’re in and what are some interesting ways to frame the character.

I’ll give a quick and dirty example. Say you Character1 is waiting at a bus stop. It’s a very boring and normal bus stop. It’s got a bush, a tree and a bus sign on a sidewalk. 

Not a very exciting drawing, but it establishes what Character1 is doing and where at. Notice I used the underside of the tree and the bus sign to make a little “window” around Character1′s head. It puts the viewer’s attention right on them. But what if Character1 is really anxious? How would you convey that?

Now, the “camera” moved to the side. It puts Character1 more on the bottom-left corner of the drawing, making them look more on edge. Once again, notice that I used the tree, bush, and sign to frame around Character1.

Now the camera is behind the bush AND tree, so we’re now looking at Character1′s back. Maybe you don’t want people to know what Character1 is thinking. 

Or what if Character1 is having an existential crisis while waiting for the bus? Here, I’m shooting upward on them and dutch angled the drawing (which means tilting the camera) to give it a jarring, disoriented feeling. 

These are just some ways to draw the environment with the characters in it. And note, this works best if you’re doing comics or storyboarding, but it might not be necessarily true for some illustration styles. This is just the way I do it. :)

Surprise! // Buttercream squad

Word Count- 1233

Summary- You return from America after a year, and visit some old friends.

A/n; I had this idea while I was busy all day and just wrote it out now, I kind of forgot the main plot so I somewhat winged it, not super proud of this one but I wanted to post. Also note, this is a platonic imagine.  I hope you enjoy! (I’m always welcoming feedback!)


“Hey guys!” You said to your camera. “Welcome back to my channel! Today’s video is going to be a bit different. Today, we’re going to surprise a certain few boys.. you may know them. They call themselves the buttercream squad, perhaps?” You smirked mischievously. “That’s right! I’m surprising Jack, Conor, Joe, Josh, Mikey and Caspar! Right now I’m in an uber on my way to Jack’s flat, where all the boys are, and they have no idea I’m in England. Oli helped me out, and we’re going to pretend I’m someone who broke into Jack’s flat, then scare the boys. I know, this video could end up totally boring, but I didn’t have a video for this week and I’m hoping they have good reactions!” You joked to the camera, winking and turning it off as you exited the uber, texting Oli you arrived and he entering the building once he buzzed you in.

For as long as you could remember, you were best friends with the buttercream squad, and if you haven’t guessed, you were a YouTuber as well. You were originally from America, though had moved to London during your childhood. You’d met the boys through a YouTube party, you’d all clicked instantly, and have been friends since. You were originally an official buttercream, but you’d moved to America for family issues and had been there for over a year, not seeing the boys since. You were returning to England, so you figured you’d surprise the group. You contacted Oli, who was probably the most responsible in the gang (in your opinion, anyway), and least likely to spoil the surprise, and he’d told you to meet at Jack’s flat and he’d be ready when you arrived.

You smiled happily as you knocked on the door. You faintly heard Oli call “It must be the pizza. I’ll get it!” and some feet padding heavily on the floor, indicating he was rushing. The door swung open and he pulled you into a hug immediately, pulling back he put a finger to his lips, silencing you. You nodded and followed him quietly into the flat.

You and Oli weren’t really the pranking type, your group typically left that to Joe, Caspar and Josh. Obviously the others in the group did some occasionally, so it wasn’t going to be expected. You’d decided you were going to pretend you were someone who’d broken it and hide in Jack’s bedroom, while Oli was going to make sure none of the boys called the cops or anything drastic. He’d also set up his camera in Jack’s room unknown to the boys and was ready to go.

You’d slid into the room Oli indicated to, and situated yourself beside the door, waiting for the right time. You decided to pull out your camera and turned it on. “Hey guys, it’s time for the surprise, here I am hiding in Jack’s room, we have a camera right there,” you pointed to it, “It’s almost time, so I should be quiet. Wish me luck!” You whispered to the camera, smiling as you turned it off. You could easily hear the boys in the next room over, they weren’t exactly quiet.

“Oli? Where’s the pizza? I’m starving!” You heard Caspar whine. “It wasn’t pizza, mate. I think someone’s just knocked and ran.” Oli said, to which you slightly giggled with a hand pressed firmly over your mouth to muffle them, but obviously not well enough. “Hey, do you guys hear something?” Mikey asked, and you heard sounds of disagreement. You sighed, and kicked your foot against the floor. You heard the boys pause their game, and all quiet down. “Told you” Mikey muttered, only to be silenced by the others. You stood up, and stomped your foot again.

“What the bloody hell is that?” You heard someone, presumably Joe say. “I think it’s coming from your bedroom, Jack! Have you got mice?” Josh asked, sounding disgusted. “I do not have mice in my flat!” Jack defended, to which you pulled open the door slightly, causing it to creak. Luckily, his bedroom was out of view. “I think we should go check it out.” Oli said, his voice becoming clearer as he began walking towards the bedroom. They all crept silently towards the room, and you ran behind the bed and crouched out of sight.

The boys warily entered the room, all in a ready-to-fight stance. “There’s nothing here, mate.” Conor said, relaxing out of his stance and chuckling at his friends’ uptight behavior. You jumped up without warning shouting “HONEY, I’M HOME!” All the boys jumped, Conor shrieking in a high pitch voice and jumping behind Jack, making you and Oli burst out laughing.

Josh was the first one to snap out of his shocked stupor and ran over and engulfed you into a big hug. “Hey, Y/N/N!” Josh said, giving you a quick squeeze. “Y/N!” The boys cheered, as they finally processed what had happened. You did your rounds of hugs, smiling brightly at your friends who you’d missed terribly. “Jeez Conor, working on those high notes? Could you go any higher?” You teased, shoving him slightly. His cheeks tinted slightly pink and he pouted. “Y/NNN!” He whined, dragging out your name. You giggled and pulled him into another hug. “Our missing buttercream is back!” Caspar said, throwing an arm around your shoulder, making you smile.

Oli grabbed his camera and stopped recording, you gave eachother a high five, clearly proud you actually managed to not mess up and spoil the surprise. You half expected the boys to spot you before you could jump out. You weren’t really worried about the video, however, as you really missed your best friends, and were just happy to be there with them. Of course, you all still texted while you were in America, but it wasn’t the same.

“Wanna help me finish my outro?” You asked the others, pulling out your camera, to which they all nodded. “Hey guys! So that’s it for today’s video!” You said to the camera. “What did you guys think?” You asked the boys. A murmur of excitement was all you heard, as they all spoke at once, making you giggle.

“I think we did a great job! Maybe we should prank more often!” Oli said, making all the others groan. “Great! More pranks!” Jack moaned, and we all smiled at him. “I think we know our next target.” You whispered to the camera, but loud enough that everyone could hear it. Jack groaned, but was smiling as well. You said your regular outro and turned off your camera.

“Now that you’ve finished your video..” Caspar started, making everyone turn to him questioningly. “Did you actually order pizza Oli?” Caspar asked, with hopeful eyes. “Nope!” Oli said, laughing. Caspar pouted. “Can we PLEASE get pizza then? It’s so rude to tease us like that!” You all laughed and agreed, ordering the pizza and gathering in the living room.

For the rest of the night, you all ate pizza, the boys all asked you about your time in America, as did you about England and just caught up with each other’s lives. You all had bright smiles on your faces for the whole night, cracking jokes and enjoying your much-needed time together.

Finally, you were reunited with your boys and right now, you couldn’t be happier.

Anything is Possible

AKA: YouTuber AU

Chapter: 1/?

summary: Thomas didn’t appreciate someone else putting a glass ceiling on his options. It wasn’t like he actually wanted a relationship with Hamilton to be within the realm of possibility but fuck anyone who thought he couldn’t make it happen if he tried to. 

word count:  2534 words

inspired by this conversation i had with @teamfreefuckery

taggins: @angerybisexual & @ryanreyolds !! 

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