i was bored and sick

below thunder showers

sci-fi au
inspired by billie marten’s heavy weather.

pairing: jungkook | reader, past yoongi | reader 
genre: angst with bits of fluff
word count: 29.885
warnings: none

Min Yoongi leads Earth with a stern hand and a pair of cold eyes. You lead a withered space station that’s been losing hope for years, mind tired and heart torn. Jeon Jungkook is no more than a broken soldier who’s slowly losing his humanity, but his longing for the rain keeps him tied to the ground.

Three paths converge again when the two worlds clash, and as precarious as they were, it does not stop you from falling in love for a second time.

You are just eight years old when you look at Earth’s sky for the first time.

Though you are considered an observant child, you are still too young to understand the underlying meaning of your actions. Your eyes only see an unexplored vastness, infinite and alluring, undiscerning of the coiling tendrils that precariously tie two worlds together — yours, and Min Yoongi’s.

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it’s almost 6 am and i didn’t sleep because i’m ill

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why i even posted this

as far as im aware amethyst has only cried in one episode

garnet has cried in uhhh like at least three? probably?

and pearl has cried like in like 200 episodes she for sure cries the most 

Chronic Illness Myths...

Myth #1: Staying home all the time is fun.
Truth: It’s boring.  It’s demeaning.  I get sick of my house, even with all my lovely possessions.  I get tired of the same sights everyday - pill bottles, blankets and hot water bottles, the toilet…..Yeah, the fun is all happening at my house.

Myth #2: I’m a drug seeker
Truth: Sure, I ‘seek drugs’.  I need them for a small degree of the normality that you have.  Do you know how many meds I take a day just to be able to move, or prepare my own meals?  I don’t take drugs to get high, or party.  I take PRESCRIBED drugs that my Doctor feels I need.

Myth #3: I don’t want to work
Truth: I get offered jobs all the time.  My brain is excellent, but sadly my body does not reflect the same degree of excellence.  I would LOVE to work!  Have you taken the time to consider that taking care of my broken body and managing the diseases/conditions and malfunctions of my body is work in itself? 

Myth #4: I have so much free time
Truth: Yes, I have time.  But I have become its slave.  There are 12 hours in a day and almost half of that I spend nursing my broken body through pain and discomfort.  The other half is appointments, counselling and catching up on mundane tasks you could do in minutes…Remind me again of how much ‘free’ time I have.

Myth #5: I love the attention people give me because I’m sick.
Truth: The attention is NOT positive!  It’s not “well done you for getting out of bed!”, it’s more likely “Jesus, you’re STILL sick?!” Oh boy, do I love hearing that *sarcasm*

I am not writing this because I hate my life.  Despite everything, I am doing ok.  I wrote this because I wanna invite people to educate themselves on what it means to be chronically ill and perhaps re-evaluate what they say and the hurt it causes.

The Marauders and Romeo and Juliet

So, muggle studies with the lesson of Muggle classical literature. Just imagine these:

James will take note of every metaphor he can identify.
He will most likely to practice it with the other three at their dorm room.
Peter is more than willing to play Juliet for James to practice with.
He will most likely be encouraging James to be more dramatic.
Remus will be on his bed doing homework and pointing out some metaphors that aren’t really for romance purposes.
And of course, Sirius. Sirius had been MIA for half a day only to burst in on a full length dress, hair charmed longer and is beautifully braided, “Romeo, oh Romeo!” He dramatically exclaims as he looks at James. “How dare you replace me with another, you filthy stud!” And right at that moment, Remus knew that his friends are fucked in the mind.

I might write a full fic, I might not. Feel free to add.