i was bored and like that pic a lot

Alberto's meeting at the #ITAInstituteCon

- Alberto worked as a waiter for 6 months in a Japanese restaurant before being casted for Simon and he had to talk Japanese. He said that it was a very “in” restaurant and people have to interview for months and just two of them (Alberto and another guy) got the job. He worked there from december to may (when he was casted);

- I asked him to spoil us something about 2x16 but he said that:
1- he can’t spoil
2- he doesn’t always remember what happens in an episode because they didnt shoot in order for 2B
3- he doesn’t like spoilers and he tries to stay away from them (he said that he’s trying his best to avoid spoilers about spiderman homecoming). He said “like i don’t even know what happens in 2x17” and i reminded him about the scene of Simon, Isabelle and Max at Simon’s boat house and he said “oooh cool one!!!”;

- I asked him if it bothers him the fact that they give Simon so many love interests and he said no because with Clary wasn’t like that and yes he shipped climon in the books because Climon is important for both Clary and Simon. It’s important for Simon because it let him understand that Clary wasn’t there for him and it’s important for Clary because it let her understand that she’s in love with someone else. And he talked about Izzy and said that they just need to be ready for eachother;

- We talked about being ready for a relationship and he said “Alec and Magnus are lucky to have eachother”;

- He said that he’d like to sing for real, something serious but acting will always be his first job;

- He said that once he went at the cinema and the film he watched was so beautiful he stayed in the room for so long that the popcorn guy had to send him away and he walked for like two hours straight thinking about that movie because he touched him really bad;

- He’s team Captain American because he understands Cap’s point of view and he thinks that his country needs something like that right now and he loves and admires Chris Evans so much;

- Shooting for 2x15 was really hard because he had to relive, even if from Simon’s pov, a break up because a person wasn’t ready for him and that’s what happened in his real life;

- He wants to start a book club and he’ll post a different book every month and he’ll do live and talk about it because “i’m going to do it for me because lately i haven’t had much time to read but i want you guys to be part of it”;

- He said that Simon doesn’t have curls because Simon is still a fledgling and it was a decision he made with the writers/producer. They didn’t want Simon to be the same because being a vampire it’s like going through puberty all over again and when he was a baby he had straight hair and now he’s curly and “It would be boring i mean you see a totally different Simon from s1 and s2, he changed a lot esthetically and like a person”;

- He said that sometimes he looks at his old pics on instagram (when he was like 15) and thinks “holy shit, that was really me.. no style!”.

- Being casted for Simon made him really proud of himself because it was a challenge and he thought “yes, i did it. i worked hard and i did it” and it was very important for him.

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Sea, do you think Louis is with Harry? I mean if Louis is going with Harry in his tour. Because as long as I know, Luis is MIA. I thought Louis was traveling with Harry, but maybe he's just chilling in LA. There is a pic of Harry having lunch with his band, it seems they're alone. What do you think?

I don’t think Louis is traveling with Harry from stop to stop, tbh. Touring involves a lot of boring logistical details involving transportation, lodging, meals, soundchecks, etc. It’s not very interesting or romantic, especially for someone like Louis who’s done it all before. There’s not much free time between performances, and you see how Harry keeps up with health and fitness.

Louis also has to finish his album. From the way he talked during BTY promo, he wasn’t done writing for or recording the album yet, and it seemed to me that the original date of release was pushed back because of some discussion about the content. I suspect he’s working on it now.

It’s interesting that Harry stops touring in December and starts up again in March, with time in between for Louis to drop his album and promote it. True, winter is awards season, and hopefully Harry (& Liam & Niall) will perform at many award shows, but this still gives Louis time to shine alone. Pick someone supportive.

They have private planes at their disposal, and can fly to a location and back within a day. They can literally have lunch with each other and take photos in different cities and we’d never know it. Or get in a game of FIFA/ Mario Kart/ do a quick load of laundry. Clean laundry is important.


03.18.17 // update

as some of you might have noticed, i haven’t been very diligent with the march study challenge. i’ve been overwhelmed by schoolwork as well as complications in my personal life, and i just haven’t had the time to post very much original content (a lot of it was old photos oops). i’m probably not going to be completing the challenge unfortunately because of the aforementioned reasons. thank you to everyone who has supported me w/my high school acceptance/rejection deal and everyone who participated in my blogrates (it was a lot of fun!!), and just all you lovely people in general :3

on brighter note, i’m currently on a four day weekend (though most of it will be spent at competitions and tournaments) so i have a bit more time to work on my notes. i actually really like how this post turned out; when it was just the two pics on my phone not together, it was pretty boring but they go really well together.

i know i’m kinda far away from 1k right now, but i was just wondering, would you guys be interested in me revealing my face, sort of as a thank you for your support? tell me what you think!!

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hnnng i would liek more edd ones???

here’s everything i got in my folder that I don’t remember uploading rn (A lot of them are really boring tbh)

If anyone would like to submit their edd pics feel free to do so!

(^^^this one’s my personal fav^^^)

Tumblr AU

alright humor me

  • adrien having a blog dedicated to his shitty romantic fanfics between chat noir and ladybug
  • and everyone is ofc like lol dude you’re basically chat noir omg
  • he’s over in the corner sweating like a sinner in church
  • and marinette has a blog about fashion which occasionally posts stuff about ladybug and chat noir
  • and she finds this fic blog is like OMG WHAT
  • she’s reading through it an shit and just losing her mind
  • eventually she decides to call this boy out like 
  • hm you got this ridiculous niche fact wrong (in anon)
  • which sends RED FLAGS off in adrien’s brain like wtf how would anyone know that
  • so now he’s like okay fuck i’m- this is- fuck- LB?
  • the romantic route would involve marinette not saying anything but just quietly reading and cringing and blushing and noticing chat wayyyyy more than she should and just yes 


  •  in a universe without lb and cn, their blogs would memes and fashion (respectively)
  • and they don’t know each other, haven’t met, adrien is trapped at his homecage
  • and she sees a pic of him and is like omg wtf yes pls
  • so after freaking out to her bff, alya takes over and msgs adrien flirty things about memes
  • and they hit it off and chat a lot and then
  • so yea
  • i got bored in class again today

i kept putting making this off in the vain hope that i would still actually finish something this year but lmao

but making this, it made me happy to see how much i actually drew this year because it kind of feels like i was just art blocked all the time, and it’s extra nice to see how much of the stuff i drew i actually find myself liking.

january: first gangster AU pic! i drew some other pics i really liked this month as well, but i figured since this was the one picture that started my awful descent into this awful thing, it should be the highlight.

february: it’s coloured, therefore i like it.

march: baby!sans makes me happy

april: again drew a lot of stuff i still like, including the one with mob!sans doing stand up, him getting the snot beat out of him and some other awful things, but in the end i chose this one because i think it has a nice atmosphere.

may: i was really art blocked in may and this was pretty much the only proper thing i managed to draw during that month, and it had to go and cause some stupid drama that i was neither prepared nor willing to deal with. it still makes me a little sad, because i really liked - and still like - this pic and the AU to go with it, but i haven’t really been able to do anything with it since then because of that bad experience.

june: why is june always the month when i draw nothing

july: barely drew anything this month. still, pretty fond of the sleepy boy.

august: not my favourite of this month, but the most presentable and “mainstream” (???)

september: again, not my favourite of this month - personally i’m by far the most fond of the 18th century fencing sanses - but the one i spent the most time on.

october: idk october was very boring art-wise

november: as with august and september, not necessarily my favourite but it is the most presentable and the one i spent most time on. my own personal favourites are the pool-playing mob!sanses.

december: lot of stuff been going on, haven’t had the energy or the correct mindset to really draw anything, just making shitty boring sketches that i don’t know if i’ll ever finish.

all in all, i feel like it was an okay year for art? i don’t know if i’ve improved at all but at least i’ve been drawing a lot and having fun with AUs and stuff. here’s hoping 2017 will be a good art year too.

Prompto’s S/O is a Phantom Thief

Persona 5 x Final Fantasy XV 

Takes place in an AU where Japan is a Lucian region

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  • Our resident sunshine boy is a very big fan of the Phantom Thieves. He’s just not very open about it like Mishima. 
  • He keeps quiet about it since people at school are on the bridge of whether the Phantoms are  “right” or “wrong,” and Prompto doesn’t want to be on one side, but he is a firm believer that the Phantom Thieves are people who stand up for justice. 
  • “They’re like superheroes, [Name]!” 
  • Cue secretive smile.
  • The Phantom Thieves don’t know that you have a boyfriend, not that you’re not proud of Prompto, but because, “You guys never asked.” 
  • You’d only give them small hints. 
  • During the school trip to Galdin Quay: 
    “What kind of person is your type, [Name]?” 
    “I’m into blond hair and blue eyes.” 
  • Anne thinks that you have a secret crush on her, and will flirt with you to test the waters.
  • You feel like you should keep Prompto as far away from the whole Phantom business as possible, so he doesn’t get caught up in your mess. 
  • But once the Phantom Thieves become more busy and you spend more time with them, Prompto becomes very insecure.
  • At first he would try to play it off, saying that your friends are just as important to you as his friends are to him, but his deep-rooting self-consciousness would tell him otherwise. 
  • Unlike Noctis, Prompto would believe that it’s his fault, and that you’re growing bored of him, or on the verge of breaking up with him. 
  • You don’t read much on it, because Prompto is just so proficient at hiding his inner feelings, but you do find some of his behavior a bit strange. 
  • If you take lots of pics with your friends, he tries to out-selfie your friends. 
  • He would say things like, “You took a while to text me back last night, were you doing something?” or “Your friends are all so talented…I wish I was more like them.” 
  • If you manage to drag this on for long enough, Noctis will confront you about Prompto’s feelings, and you eventually talk to Prompto. 
  • “Did I neglect you somehow…? Am I…Am I not good enough for you…?” 
  • You have to assure Prompto as he cries that he’s more than enough for you, and breaking up with him never crossed your mind. You play it off by saying that one of your friends has been feeling down lately, or it’s exam season, so you have to study. 
  • Prompto knows that this isn’t the whole story, but is already over the moon when you say that he’s perfect for you. 
  • Prompto is not an idiot, and he knows that something is up, but wouldn’t figure out that you’re a Phantom Thief. 
  • Prompto would find out one night when he follows you and your friends to the Metaverse. 
  • “H-Huh? W-What’s all this…?! [Name]…?” 
  • Ryuji would quickly jump in and knock him out. 
  • “Ryuji, you idiot! That’s my boyfriend!” 
  • “Huh? A boyfriend?” 
    “Yea! How was I supposed to know that this guy was your boyfriend? You never said anything!” 
    “We were unaware that you had a significant other.”
    “You guys literally knocked him out and you’re just worried about my relationship status?! Oh, my poor sunshine boy…!” 
  • Secret’s out. 
  • “Y-You guys are the Phantom Thieves…!” 
    “What? No we’re not!” 
    “You’re a talking cat!” 
    “I’m not a cat!” 
  • You would have to take him home that night and explain everything to him. 
  • Prompto goes through multiple emotions at once, he’s confused, then he’s embarrassed because he constantly tells you how much he admires the Phantom Thieves in front of a Phantom Thief, then he gets excited. 
  • “Can you change everyone’s heart?” 
    “What’s it like to have everyone talk about you, yet they don’t know it’s you?” 
    “Ah! You looked so cool in that outfit! I wish I had my camera!” 
  • He gets along with your friends pretty well, and doesn’t like one person above the other. Although Morgana says he gives some pretty good scratches. 
  • He dislikes Goro Akechi though. 
  • It’s rare that Prompto would dislike anyone, but Akechi gives him a bad feeling, and he doesn’t like how the sly detective always tries to discreetly get close to you. 
  • If Prompto is getting his Crownsguard training started around this time, he will ask you to train with him sometimes, or teach you how to improve your aim when you shoot a gun.  
  • He puts on a random masquerade mask: “Look! I’m just like you!” 
  • Also, cheesy pick-up lines galore. 
  • “Ah! No wonder you’re a Phantom Thieves of Hearts—” 
    “Prom, no.” 
    “Because you stole my heart!” 
  • Noct voice “GAaAH” 

Currently I have 7 hours to kill so I decided to draw some pokemon ^^
I still have lot of space left so feel free to sent an ask/comment/pm if you want another poke on the page (if you don’t mind this sketchy art)
Pokemon on the page:


i was messing with adobe lightroom and i kinda enjoyed the results.

(it’s the great story i promised)

so I just saw a pic of a v basic pen (like, PaperMate Kilometrico style) and it reminded me of the other day when I was staying in a hotel for my exams and idk if you guys stay in a whole lot of hotels but I do and they’re the most boring places, honest to god, the pools and gyms are awkward af during the day, spas are a one-time visit, and there are only so many meals to order on the room service menu without being judged by the service guy.

so I decided to go shopping, because I needed retail therapy so I made a beeline to officeworks and found some new exam materials bc who doesn’t like buying new stationery just for an exam?

and I tried every pen in the entire store just to get the perfect pen for the exam (lots of writing) and I usually spend like upwards of $9 on a good pen, so I was soooo surprised when I picked up a cheap-gel-pen-looking-thing (you know the ones, there’s a pic below)

alright so it was the Uni-Ball Signo Ballpoint 0.5 black right, like something I would usually not glance at twice, but today I had the entire day to waste so no pen was going untouched, anyway GIRLS, BOYS, LADIES, AND GENTLEMEN


I’m telling you no catching, smooth flow, the type of pen you could write an ENTIRE ESSAY WITH

like oh boy I usually hate exams bc I have to use pen and I hate writing long essays etc. with pen but shiiiiit this ballpoint I’m telling you

I also usually HATE ballpoint pens with a burning passion but again, this pen i’m telling you if you don’t have it you’re missing out

Anyway it inspired me to race back to the hotel, order some 6-course meal on the room service menu, and write the 90 practise exams I refused to do all year

GO AND BUY THIS GODDAMN PEN IT DOESNT EVEN SMUDGE ITS A MIRACLE (although srs good luck finding one bc I bought about 70 of them on the spot ahahaha they didn’t even charge me for a bag)

bye fam {*not sponsored although boi if Uni-Ball is reading this my email is always open ;) }

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What's your opinion on rarepairs like Makoharu and Yutaba?

I don’t mind them. I actually think a lot of ships (including these) are great!

Makoharu is a pretty good ship. Makoto would provide some stability and rationality in Haru’s life, and Haru would bring out Makoto’s empathetic side and open-mindedness. They’d try all sorts of things together, whether it’s something like pottery or laser tag, and I think they’d be able to communicate effectively. 

As far as Yutaba goes, I think we can all agree on the height difference being real cute lol. They banter and sass each other a lot, but once they get past their differences, they vibe really well, and their relationship would be very intellectually stimulating. I could definitely see Futaba taking pics of his paintings and using them as her wallpaper lol. These two would never get bored, and they’ll become so much closer as they mature and grow together.


some holiday icons i made while bored at work (i’m bored a lot these days aren’t i bssjjs) 🎄

feel free to use but please like/reblog if you do so! ✨

this is literally just Finn because i have the most pics of him and two are of Sophia but if you have any requests for holiday headers/icons with any of the cast shoot me an ask!

15,000 Followers: A New Milestone

Yesterday I logged my 15,000th follower – someone named ‘D. Trump’, who said ‘you’re an “8″ in my book’.   All kidding aside, I never thought I’d have this many.  I thought I’d recognize this milestone by dipping waaaaay back into my archives for some very early pictures I had posted on an earlier tumblr site, back in 2013.  I chose a few pics that represent different personal milestones for me.  The pictures are small in resolution, and often poorer quality.  But they mark my path, and I feel like there’s some personal growth.  Sorry if I bore you with these – it’ll be over soon.

This was from one of my earliest bedroom posing sessions.  I like doing these to add variety to my pictures, and some poses and outfits just look better on a mattress.  Plus, it takes a lot less energy to lie around in bed taking pictures than to be on your feet for hours posing in different ways.  

So I stalked the Twitters of 3 Trumps

Melania, Ivanka, and Barron (the acct was unverified tho so idk)
There are some things I observed from stalking them.

-her smile was so beautiful pre-botox/es
-it was mostly active 2014-early 2016
-she really likes flowers
-and her porch
-and the new york skyline
-she loves calling her husband and son “my two boys”
-she tries to be ig aesthetic but it probably was acceptable in those years to filter most pics
-she looks so uncomfortable ???
-it looks like she forced most people to take pics w her “for the memories” HAHAHA
-okay but really her husband cannot smile without looking forced
-she had a pregnant photoshoot and her husband’s fave part was the big fan bc it proved he wasnt in a toupee wtf
-boi u have a wife that is hot and preggers appreci8 her
-my fave tweet is this one tbt of her parents and Barron because it really is the best pic there

-she supports LGBTQ ppl (idk about ++ but this is from a pride month tweet)
-also she spread awareness abt gender gap
-okay her tweets were too boring to stalk too deep
-but she loves her little boy !!!
-and her daughter !!!
-she shares lots of articles that seem pretty okay
-I’m sorry she bored me but what a proud mom she is hahaha

-little boi asked to be added on steam
-tweets went from “i love my fam” to “i like tanya from youjo senki”
-he’s currently looking for fan-art of himself for a new icon
-he’s retweeting some of them !!!
- and complimenting the artists
-whatta nice boi
-he also has crunchyroll premium
-and asked suggestions for “japanese animations”

TL;DR they are normal people too despite their riches and that one relative they have in common. Also Barron is a weaboo dont @ me.

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how often do you play? what are your queue settings? do you take a lot of gameplay pics?

hey!!! when i’m not distacted by anything i can play 12 hours straight lol pls don’t do like me i’m a bad exemple!! atm i post three times a day, 6am, 12am and 6pm!! and it depends, if i play a lot yes, if i don’t no. sometimes the game’s boring so you don’t take any screenshots :-)

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For me honestly, flat colours in your art work looks really reAlly good. I never ever thought once about it being boring or plain or like you weren't putting a whole lot of effort into it. For me, it's the whole opposite.

Oh well thanks but to me they always seem so undone and not finished.
To me it just feels so weird to leave pics like that i feel like they’re not interesting or important if i do just sketches or flat colours and i end up throwing em away

me, falling rapidly in love with adam kovic: