i was bored and like that pic a lot


a very rare set of selfie pics where messybub isn’t smoking 😱

1.9k ?!? the fuck 😯 i kno it may seem like a small number but to me that’s crazy 💚 some of u may kno I’m having some trouble at home so I’m only posting old pics atm but once I’m in a more stable place lots of body posi pics will be coming 💁🏻

also when I hit 2k (so close to it) I’ll be making a snapchat specifically for u guys to talk to me & see a bit more of my daily (boring) life 😘✨

so let’s get me to 2k😉

03.18.17 // update

as some of you might have noticed, i haven’t been very diligent with the march study challenge. i’ve been overwhelmed by schoolwork as well as complications in my personal life, and i just haven’t had the time to post very much original content (a lot of it was old photos oops). i’m probably not going to be completing the challenge unfortunately because of the aforementioned reasons. thank you to everyone who has supported me w/my high school acceptance/rejection deal and everyone who participated in my blogrates (it was a lot of fun!!), and just all you lovely people in general :3

on brighter note, i’m currently on a four day weekend (though most of it will be spent at competitions and tournaments) so i have a bit more time to work on my notes. i actually really like how this post turned out; when it was just the two pics on my phone not together, it was pretty boring but they go really well together.

i know i’m kinda far away from 1k right now, but i was just wondering, would you guys be interested in me revealing my face, sort of as a thank you for your support? tell me what you think!!

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hnnng i would liek more edd ones???

here’s everything i got in my folder that I don’t remember uploading rn (A lot of them are really boring tbh)

If anyone would like to submit their edd pics feel free to do so!

(^^^this one’s my personal fav^^^)

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LV's angry at you for not talking about Gladdy. You still missed one, honey.

I was AVOIDING Gladio because it’s likely that I’ll run into Gladnis shit, and that causes my program to crash. Gladnis is fatal.


This face… I cannot call it boring or ordinary.

I slept on him I swear I did and @louisvuittontrashbags will clown me for it forever because now I look at him and salivate a little (read: a lot)

And his eyes really are this beautiful shade of amber

(StCygnus on DA)

… *eyes linger on his pants slung low on his hips*

Yeah, his eyes… um… HE HAS A NICE SMILE LOOKIT:

And him in his Crownsguard vest showing off that tat and his glorious arms:


A few days ago someone on Tumblr asked why I don’t post much. I didn’t really know how to answer their question. I guess the answer is because I really don’t feel like I have much to say. I’ll start to type something out and once I’m finished and ready to hit send– I hit delete instead. Part of it is that I said what I had to say. So in my mind I was done with it. Another reason is that I feel like what I have to say is boring so why wouldn’t everyone else think the same thing. I spend a lot of time replying to other blogs- making comments- liking them and moving on. I got a few new followers in the last few days that weren’t porn related. I wonder what they saw that made them hit the follow button.

My eyes look almost the same color in both pics??

Sears is going out of business here. I rarely shop there. Wondering if I need any power tools or appliances before they close their doors.

I bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight. Again I’m not impressed. In a few weeks I’ll be in the store hungry and they will smell sooo yummy. I’ll think to myself – maybe it will be different this time. I need to learn my lesson.

Anyway happy Sunday to everyone.

15,000 Followers: A New Milestone

Yesterday I logged my 15,000th follower – someone named ‘D. Trump’, who said ‘you’re an “8″ in my book’.   All kidding aside, I never thought I’d have this many.  I thought I’d recognize this milestone by dipping waaaaay back into my archives for some very early pictures I had posted on an earlier tumblr site, back in 2013.  I chose a few pics that represent different personal milestones for me.  The pictures are small in resolution, and often poorer quality.  But they mark my path, and I feel like there’s some personal growth.  Sorry if I bore you with these – it’ll be over soon.

This was from one of my earliest bedroom posing sessions.  I like doing these to add variety to my pictures, and some poses and outfits just look better on a mattress.  Plus, it takes a lot less energy to lie around in bed taking pictures than to be on your feet for hours posing in different ways.  


i was messing with adobe lightroom and i kinda enjoyed the results.

me, falling rapidly in love with adam kovic:

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Oh my god. This is EXACTLY what I've been saying!! I didn't know about Sarah (omfg she seems so wonderful. My heart did not well handle the stuff from her.) but I definitely see Gen and Jared, constantly - constantly!!!! Showing their love for each other and how happy they are together. A beautiful family and joy and all that. But photos of Jensen and Danneel..? Nothing. Like... They look stiff. Unmoving. Like dolls in a shop window.

I love Sarah. I have a lot of love for Gen, but Sarah is probably my favorite wife. She’s just so incredible and supportive. You can tell she actually cares about Mark and his accomplishments.

Now, onto Jensen and D regarding pictures of them together.

But photos of Jensen and Danneel..? Nothing.

Could they look any more disinterested in each other? She looks bored out of her mind and Jensen looks like he’s calling up a cab to get him the hell outta there. (Also this pic is super old, she wasn’t full of botox then)

Again. No smiles. More like, “what am I doing here?”

Like… They look stiff. Unmoving. Like dolls in a shop window.

The level of discomfort is strong in this one.

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And this kiss. You can stop pretending like you care about each other, because you clearly don’t.

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For the sim questions thing: 7,8, and 9 for Archer and Levi ❤

7. What is their favorite movie? 

Archer: Friday the 13th! I love the whole series but the original is my favorite for sure :x

Levi: I can’t stand that cheesy gore crap *chuckles, winks at Archer* Mine is probably Minority Report.

8. What is their latest google search? 

Levi: …shit. Umm… Brody Wilder. He looks a lot like my own blondie so I, uh.. am a big fan of his body of work (the pic linked is borderline nsfw)

Archer: Wow, Levi *laughs shyly* Umm, now I feel especially boring. I was looking up sheet music for classic piano pieces I’ve never played before.

9. Are they inspired by anything/anyone?

Archer: My father Owen. 

Levi: His father Owen. My brother, for his natural musical talent & caring nature. I did have this one professor in college who was a big influence.. but then I realized what a piece of shit he was so, now we all know what I think about him. 

welp my last race of junior year was today

i had never been to state before and neither had two other legs of the relay and we were all kind of overwhelmed because it’s ridiculous, there are so many people (obviously the stands behind me in this pic are nowhere near full haha but they were full earlier in the day and the side of the stands you can’t see was full the whole day) and it’s just like you’re running through a tunnel of unbelievable noise and everyone is yelling and the parking lot is totally overflowing and you’re surrounded by thousands of people who love your supposedly boring sport and it’s amazing

at the beginning of the season, my coach said he thought i could break 2:30. and last week, with a best of 2:32, i was really ready to resign myself to not making that a reality. and today, in the second leg of the 4x800 relay, i ran a 2:28 split.

OOH GUYS also i got my SAT scores back a couple days ago and i got a 1500

so i’ve had a pretty solid end to junior year

jungkookie...you’re staring

following thirsty kookie, we now have heart eyes!jungkook; 

remember how jungkook hated jimin? 

oh yeah…the hate was REAL. 

yup, since the debut days…

(x) you okay there, jungkook-ssi? does this also count as thirst?

(x) obviously he’s not staring at jimin laughing. no way. 

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^ when jimin walked into the room. he totally doesn’t care. 

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when will i get over this moment? answer: never. are you confessing jungkook?

i dont even know what to say…

i can hear his breath hitch because he’s hit once again by how beautiful his jiminie-hyung is *dodges bricks*

jungkook obviously hates jimin. look at that disrespectful way he’s staring at him. 

why does it look like jungkook wants to slam jimin against the nearest wall and kiss the shit out of him? and why does jimin look oblivious as fuck? does this count as thirsty too? idk. 




(x) why does jeon lean over other PEOPLE to STARE at JIMIN???

(x) he’s boring holes to the side of jimin’s face what the fuck jungkook???

listen to me, EVERYONE is looking at hobi bc he’s about to dance, but not jungkook. why is he staring at jimin? 

i feel like this pic is not talked about enough. we are seeing jimin through jungkook’s eyes, literally. he took this picture. jimin looks like an absolute angel, like this pic is so…warm and im in tears bc of this ship once again. 

someone stop me from making these. i realized jungkook stares a lot this could have like 15 parts wtf. 

@spunkiestein - #Idk why but this like my fav lapis that you’ve ever drawn

Commissioner asked for a blasé look on Lapis, like a bored expression as she usually has, and I’m like oh boy, oh no. I have to go through all my old Lapis pics to make sure I don’t redraw the same thing I’ve drawn 10,000 times

Exo React To You Having Asthma

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can you do a exo reaction to when their s/o has asthma? (Sry for my bad english, hope you understand what i mean)

Hey! It’s been a while everyone! I don’t want to bore anyone, so I’ll just say that a lot has happened in the past couple of months and I didn’t feel like writing anything at all, so I’m deeply sorry. Thank you for being patient nonetheless.

Xiumin: I imagine he’s often on the lookout. With an inhaler, he’s confident you can make it through, but when he can’t find it, he freaks out big time.

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Luhan: He knows all about breathing exercises and what to do if an emergency arises. Just trust him to coach you through it.

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(pic and text have no correlation but i just wanted to applaud and thank luhan’s mom for creating him)

Kris: Very very worried Kris… he practically has his phone ready to call an ambulance at any and all times. 

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Suho: This man is always prepared, no matter the situation. He carries an inhaler everywhere and tends to be the one to remind you to take medication.

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Lay: He’s surprisingly good at managing the situation, probably knowing what it’s like to have a condition, and always finds your inhaler at the right time.

Originally posted by getlayd

Baekhyun: He’s constantly misplacing the inhaler, but once he finds it and you’re alright again, he does his best to cheer you up and succeeds. (ofc)

Originally posted by tipannies

Chen: He’s forgetful that you have a condition at times, and so he panics a little more than he should, but he’s quick in helping you out.

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Chanyeol: He has to reassure himself before anything, and once he’s good, he’s such an expert at helping you that he might as well be a doctor.

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Kyungsoo: He’s calm and knows how to help you through it, but still insists on going to the doctor every time it’s a second longer than it should be.

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Tao: He’s worried and sad even after it’s obvious that you’re fine. He just wants you to lay down and rest and not hurt yourself or trigger anything.

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Kai: Like Luhan, he’s really good at breathing exercises and rarely shows that he’s panicked for your sake, but is internally freaking out every time.

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Sehun: Poor thing doesn’t know anything about asthma or how to deal with an attack. He’s the type to secretly do extensive research on it.

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ok most of the gifs and text have nothing to do with each other it was difficult ok im sorry this sucked

Rules/Guidelines | Masterlist

-SuperAdmin Bambi 💕

Season 7

So, I thought I would be able to avoid the ‘spoilers’…NOPE.

Honestly, at this point, D&D are either just giving up and going with the most obviously boring tropes that will shock and surprise no one or they’re hiding/misdirecting a lot. I’m actually surprised at how many pics we’re seeing. I thought security would be tighter on the last season.

As far as my fav bae, it’s not that he’s most likely to die this time that bothers me, it’s the lazy fashion and poor writing if the spoilers are true.

I’ll wait and see and not get my hopes up or worry anymore. It is what it is. It’s either going to be awesome storytelling for the last season or D&D has just wasted 7 seasons with the most predictable ending ever.

Now, I’m going back to writing fanfiction so I can equally piss off my loyal readers and make them hate my guts.


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I would definitely trade you. I'm not the biggest fan of warm weather, haha. Except for swimming, of course. :D And thank youuu <3 It's going a little better now. :) I wish I could crochet more. It's so fun! And pretty relaxing, too. By Stitch sampler, do you mean Stitch from Lilo and Stitch?? Because I would love to see pics when you're done with that!! (If that's okay, please don't feel like I'm pressuring you <3)

Yeah, I complain about being cold, but I still prefer the cold to the heat haha

Yeah, I get most of my crochet done while catching up on TV shows, cos I can’t just watch without doing something, I get too bored just sitting there lol so I either crochet, or write, or cross stitch, or game haha

No, it’s just a blanket that has rows of a whole lot of different stitches, sort of like the way an embroidery stitch sampler is a piece of work showing lots of different stitches =)

I only just started it when I stopped to focus on the mermaid tail blanket for my bestie. Although I’m regretting some of my colour choices now haha but it’s just for me so it doesn’t matter, I’m working through my stash of yarn, I have the whole colour range of that 12 ply yarn, so enough that if I keep changing colours I can probably finish the Queen size blanket without buying new yarn =)

I’m following a pattern, and actually, it doesn’t have that many different stitches. I’ve learned heaps doing different kinds of fancy granny squares, so when I’m done, I might design my own blanket that uses more stitches =)

Although, I did recently learn to c2c crochet so I can do pictures like that, I did a basic heart that I’m gonna turn into a cushion cover, and then I want to try more complicated pictures and do some Star Wars and Harry Potter pixel art stuff =)

(This is the heart, super basic, just me learning to manage multiple balls of yarn while working without tying off all the time, also learning the c2c thing, and also trying to use up that awful bright bright red haha it’s so bright, I can’t stand it lol I’m gonna fob it off on my mum when it’s finished)

(and I wanna make a pokemon blanket for my flatmate with diff squares being diff pictures of her fav pokemon =))

and in case you didn’t see it when I reblogged it a while ago from my side blog, this is my yoda, flawed, but my first amigurumi so I’ll get better =)

And omg this is so off topic for this blog haha but oh well this is what I do when I’m not writing, I crochet, and game haha my other 2 big hobbies

Looking for internet pals basically

First and foremost: I have no intention on meeting anyone irl unless we’ve talked for a long time, called each other before, and exchanged pictures and the like, but those even take lots of trust (I mean feel free to send pics of yourself but don’t expect me to send one right away you know?). Now to the point.

I’m looking for new people to talk to because I’m kind of extroverted but verryyyy shy! I’ll list some things:

-I’m 16, female and I identify as such.
-I draw a lot
-I watch some anime but not too often, I’m either obsessed with one or not into it.
-I get bored of things easily
-I am mostly a gamer
-I am bi (only saying this because it’d be nice to rant occasionally about being closeted, I’m not looking for a partner)
-Some fandoms I like include:
> Fire Emblem (8, 13, 14, 15)
> Kingdom Hearts
> Final Fantasy (9 and type 0)
> Hunter x Hunter
> Stella Glow
> Danganronpa
> Ace Attorney

Okay all you need to do really do is pm/do me.