i was bored and it kinda looks cool

So I was feeling pretty lonely for a while and I got a tinder, under recommendation of my friend. I guess I wanted to mess around to un-bore me and maybe get a few hook ups. So I match with this guy, he’s a bit older than me but I don’t mind, he seems pretty cool and interesting, talks about how good he gives massages. He calls me “little angel” and “sweetheart” and it kinda hooks me. We arrange up a date at the museum. Now I’m a huge museum nerd and I love this particular museum, and I really was looking forward to spending time with him there. And a few hours before the date he cancels everything! Im like okay bud whats wrong? And then he just brushes me off and tells me about how “he doesn’t feel well” and everything.

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so I mean we all know robo tobey is a thing

but he’s so boring, he needs to be manually controlled and doesn’t have any cool weapon systems or abilities and doesn’t look robotic enough; so I was thinking, what if he was better

I’m kinda bored and have been in a big yoonseok mood so:
If Yoongi and Hoseok were ever to have an actual legit subunit, what would you want out of it and how would you want everything to play out?
Things like subunit name, type of MV, songs, how the album would look and promotions are cool to imagine but I can’t think of anything really except I want them to have fun lol.

Man its very rare I can look in the mirror and feel really happy about how I look!
Even with the faded hair dye this hairstyle is kinda cool looking
I love my new glasses
And I’ve been putting more effort into the anti acne stuff. I don’t usually care about it but I was thinking if I wanted to do YouTube videos I’d have to fix it
And I even think that my boring hazel eyes look a bit better when they’re against a different colour hair instead of muddy brown
So yeah! My cool t shirts are in the wash right now but when they dry I might try taking a selfie! This is a rare self confidence day!

veesjan  asked:

So are there any Ben 10 aliens you /don't/ like?

Of course! You can’t love everyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If we’re just talking about the Omnitrix aliens:

Original series:

  • Upchuck **he’s my least favorite; I don’t care for his design or powers**
  • Spitter **design is cool but his powers aren’t**

I guess I don’t like these two since I have slight emetophobia, which both their powers basically involve and just makes me a bit queasy myself. 

Ultimate Alien:

  • Ripjaws **just this series’ version of him since it’s so drastically different than his OS and OV designs. He just looks so weird and wrong without the deadly teeth that gave him his name**


  • The Worst **his name his self explanatory; his design is just as unappealing**
  • Walkatrout **kinda boring and a weak design**

I thought I had more, but I guess these were the only ones! xD

Something I think is kinda cool is that my body is my own. It’s unique in that no one will ever look, move, or feel exactly like me. And it changes every day–never boring; always growing in some way or another. 
I have scars that match no one else’s. The asymmetry of my face is my own. I don’t run like anyone or anything else–I run like I run. 
My body is something that I have all the control over, yet none at all. I move it, feed it, water it, rest it, and care for it all by myself in the way that I choose. But, my body, itself, decides how to use what is given/done to it. It grows and shrinks in the way it desires. It feels the way it wants to. And it does all of the hard things like breathing, thinking, and doing. Amazing.

No one and nothing can take all of this away from me. Like, even if someone were to somehow take (oh, let’s say…) my foot, they can’t use it in exactly the way that I can. Because it is my foot, and my body knows how to use it best. 

My body is the one thing that I get to be selfish about. I get to decide how it gets clothed, what it gets fed, and who gets to touch it (crimes and mishaps aside). And I love that. I love that I get to be selfish over my body. I get to make the rules. 

My body is so special to me, although I don’t always appreciate it in its entirety. It is so special, and I vow to try and take care of it always


Took some well overdue pictures of Aoife, nothing too special, nothing too glorious. Just got bored and figured it was time to do these.

Alright real reason was I forgot how to change her facial expressions, so I sorta ended the shoot early because I forgot where to look up the commands for it.

Aoife found a cool rock that kinda reminded her of the lion king scene with baby simba, so she went and looked at the view. Cait sorta just looked at her, I guess. Probably wondered when they were going to start killing something. Probably.

Sometimes Aoife goes to the roof of the Red Rocket to unwind, and just sit there and listen to classical music, let her mind race, talk to herself… It just feels good to do that sometimes, just to say things aloud. You catch stupid ideas better that way.

Also caught this shot of her, literally screaming “NO MORE PICTURES IM DONE LET ME SLEEP”. This one’s getting a larger print.

Good times.

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koko yawned loudly as she began to slowly drown out her professor’s words. though she was an art major, there were other general electives that were required - meaning she was forced to take boring classes she didn’t care for. good thing she had this particular class with aly. leaning over to her friend, she whispered, “doesn’t our professor look like professor x from x-men? just imagine him with a wheel chair and british accent and actually is kinda cool.” she giggled, “also, i’m fucking bored out of my mind.”

It’s been raining for almost one day, and my creek is already flooded to the point of reaching our swing set. On the bright side, it’ll look cool tomorrow when I take pics. On the other hand through, I physically can’t leave my house with out having my parents drive our 15 passenger van. So I’m kinda stuck trying to get proper internet where I live (I practically live under a mountain) in order to watch some FMA:B episodes. Thank goodness for downloading. Bless the internet.

~end rant~


I’m still really shocked that the borax took so well to Artemis😍. This skull is now SUPER heavy and dense. It’s kinda cool to look into her nasal cavity with all the crystals that formed up inside the skull. This process was super easy, and even though I already uploaded pics I wanted to post some before shots to see the difference. 💜

I was bored and felt like translating the text. It might be obvious to everyone else and I’m just dumb enough to have to spend a couple minutes staring at it, but considering some of the text looks funky (Like the N’s looking like K’s), I figured I’d post this anyways for anyone else who can’t really read it.

It says, “What’s next for Ratchet?”

“(Megac)orp announces work on mysterious new product - Protopet.”

“Zoni - Are they fact or fiction?”

At the very least, I found it kinda cool that the film makers sprinkled in those little references to previous installments like that.

an unbiased zodiac post
  • aries: perfect. your selfies are always great and everyone wants to be your friend
  • tavros: kinda boring :/
  • gemini: stop with the twin bullshit you tool
  • cancer: small asshole son
  • leo: perfect. goddess. i love you.
  • virgo: your drinking problem is tearing everyone apart
  • libra: COOL. cool. i love you also. may fluffy kitties caress your cheeks
  • vriska: oh boy
  • sagittarius: why is everyone a fucking sag i don't get it i know like eighty people who are horse dudes. stop looking at beastiality art
  • capricorn: OH BOY
  • ampora: your fashion sense is shit
  • pisces: stop with the fucking fish puns