i was bored and idk what i was doing

This is inspired by the fact I can’t pay attention in my LA class. Enjoy!

Human’s can’t pay attention for shit, okay.

I’m not talking about ‘oh I zoned put for a minute whoopies daisy’ but forgetting what you are doing in the middle of doing the exact action. Human’s have such complicated brains, right? So, theoretically, we be able to concentrate for hours at a time. But nah. If our brain registers something as boring, it attempts to nope situation, because we need stimulus. If we don’t get it, our brain tries to force us to do other things - even if we can’t.

There was another post around here about how Aliens could hyper focus on certain tasks to get shit done (gotta hunt that down later for credit but its 12 am and im tired sorry) and how human’s being inpatient could confuse them. What about how human’s can think about multiple things at once? Like ‘No, Ari'ik, I’m not just making dinner at 7pm! Steven Universe comes on and I’m definitely not missing that. My nephew is being dropped off started. I need to have a play pen set up. My little sib is going to a sleep over and needs to be dropped off by 8. I have to pack eveyones lunches, clean the house, do the dishes, wash laundry, shower, and be in bed by 9.’ Don’t get me started on stuff like homework because I could probably rant until my lips fall off.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes my brain wants to procrastinate so badly my words literally run into each other. A quick example of this; ‘And so Franny Devut is the true heroine of the story despite WHOISTHEMAIDWITHTHE BUTTERCUPHAIR her questionable WHOSLEEPSONMOONBEAMSANDDANCESONAIR methods of WITHTEARSMAIDOFHONEYANDAHEARTFULLOFBUNNIES obtaining WHOSINFINATEDVIRTUESAREKNOWWIDE IN FAAAARRRRRRRR information! ITSMEWNISOWNDEARESTOURPRINCESSSTAR’ I could easily see aliens sending in their small, day-dreamer human friend for an infiltration mission. The human gets capture for interrogation, but the mind reader can’t tell if they’re telling the truth or not, because who the fuck thinks about chocolate cake when standing in front of two intergalactic tyrants.

Feel free to add on to this if you want, it’s pretty short!


screenshot redraw(?)

is that what you call it-
anyways itS FINALLY DO Ne

this one was a lot harder cause it would always look plain and boring once I try to add something to it and like I just kept going back and forth with the effects n all arghh-
It still looks empty and boring to me but idk what else I could’ve added :‘O

my neck hurts aga i n


i don’t know how this happened but it did.


music artists posters: axl rose (Guns n’ Roses)


hello over the last week or so i made around 300 video game icons cause i was bored and i had a bunch of old messages asking for some. there’s more witcher 3 and uncharted ones than anything but there’s also the last of us, horizon zero dawn, bioshock, overwatch, assassin’s creed syndicate, plus i plan on making more for various other games

here is my full icon page, go ahead and request stuff, i’ll do my best to complete them! i’d appreciate a like or reblog if you use them but it’s not needed, just don’t claim as your own :)