i was bored and i did this dont judge me


So, lemme explain this. I was really tired, and kinda’ve bored, so I decided to work on some fusions, and instead, this idea came to me.

What if I designed them as gems and then fused them?

So I did, the support classes aren’t completly done yet, but everyone else is.

Scout is a Red Beryl

Pyro is a Pyrope Garnet

and Soldier’s a Red Rubelline




Accidents Happen

Yeah im bored at this game and fymagconboyz wanted me to post this so why the hell not. dont judge me its my first time writing and this only the first part.


Chapter one

“Why did Magcon have to come to our city the EXACT same weekend as regionals?” I whined to my coach as we were getting ready to leave for the rink.

“To tell you the truth, I think it is just your luck. Maybe they will stop by and watch!” She said jokingly.

“This isn’t fair I’m not even skating this weekend why do I have to go?” I asked.

“Girl just stop complaining and get your stuff in the car, Who knows maybe the boys are at this hotel.”

And with that comment my life changed.

After sitting at the rink for 12 hours and cheering on my team I was glad to get back into the hotel so I could get the smell of sweaty bodies and fresh roll on off of me. Right as my car was pulling into the hotel I saw 3 black escalades pull in infront of us. “Hey, those are some nice cars. I wonder who is in them?” a girl on my team asked. “No clue but remember last year when we all met Wiz?” screamed my coach. “I just want it to be the boys” I complained.

As I got my skate bag out of the car I hear about 12 girls scream and run to those cars. “Im telling you if Wiz is here again im going to get a picture with him” I said as I walked into the doors of the hotel.

When I got to my room I automatically went to my shower, then realizing I didn’t have any shampoo I hauled myself down 2 or three flights of steps into one of the teams rooms and stole some. At about 8 I was all clean and I smelled like strawberries. I threw on some yogas, a sports bra, and a towel over my hair and ran back down to give my girl Sarah her shampoo back.

When I got to her room it wasn’t half open like usual, ‘maybe shes changing or something.’ I thought to myself. I knocked maybe 3 knocks before the door opened. “Here is your sham-“ was all I got out before I looked up and realized Jack Gilinsky was standing right infront of me. “Uh.. I think I have the wrong room..” I said as I backed away. “Yeah, I think you do, but I like your outfit.” He said while smiling. I looked down and realized I had no shirt on and turned bright red. “uh.. I’m going to go.. bye!” I said while jogging away. “But wait! I didn’t get your name!” was all I heard as the door to the stairs closed.

When I got back to my room I had to take a second to breathe properly. “Jack fucking Gilinsky just saw me in a sports bra. It couldn’t have been a cute bra, but no. A SPORTS BRA.”  I screamed to myself. I heard my phone buzz and I sprinted over to it. It was a tweet alert from Gilinsky. It said, “Shout out to the girl that just came by my hotel room, hope to see you soon! Next time tell me your name. ;)” Holy crap. He just tweeted about me. Im pretty sure my screams could be heard from his floor.

Here is chapter 2 guys :)