i was bored and i cant sleep so


JuicyFruitKnowles: nick….

My Oxygen: Yes B

JuicyFruitKnowles: wyd

My Oxygen: in this hot ass car :( im sleepy where are u

JuicyFruitKnowles: Im at this stupid ass basketball game im about to astral project 

MyOxygen: lmaooo why u keep agreein to go when u know how u feel about sports

JuicyFruitKnowles: bc i look cute in the lighting ANYWAY i miss u

MyOxygen: :( i miss u too just leave early

JuicyFruitKnowles: I cant my ass fell asleep and if i get up rn im gonna walk funny  & u not even home whats the point??

MyOxygen: im almost home! im waiting for my food

JuicyFruitKnowles: U got food….w/o me……..im breakin up w/ u

MyOxygen: pls crybaby ass i got u somethin and i wish u would leave u love me so much

JuicyFruitKnowles: Im usin u for sex

MyOxygen: shut up!!

JuicyFruitKnowles: I am

MyOxygen: if anything im usin u peaches ;)

JuicyFruitKnowles: whatever!! the point is im bored these shoes hurt my ass sleep this skirt too tight and now im hongry and horny

MyOxygen: make julius walk u out. come home & get changed & eat w me

JuicyFruitKnowles: U leavin out the horny part

MyOxygen: Beyoncé Knowles.

JuicyFruitKnowles: what are u wearing baby


can u believe sherlock literally went on twitter and said irene adler is so boring she puts him to sleep and he has sex with kermit the frog bc i cant believe it i dont think i actually woke up yet

  • *Me sitting alone at lucnh*
  • Friends: Omg are you okay? We are here for you, you can sit with us if you want, you are always included, we love you remember that. you. are. not. alone.
  • Me to my friends: haha thanks, but I just like sitting here because I can sleep and its quiet but thank you tho ily <3
  • Me to my counselor: Im pushing people away because I cant be close to anyone after what happened. Im still thinking about it and its bring back depressing thoughts and feelings that I dont want. Im becoming a mess again and its the only way to handle it. They're all gonna leave me so why bother with getting close to people anymore, all my friends will get bored of me and leave me soon, its what always happens, its what happened last time and the toxic friendship left me kinda tramatised, I cant be open with people and my anxiety + depression is worse because i see them everyday and I still hate myself for what happened.

Hey so I know a lot of my followers have trouble sleeping like me because of stress and other factors so I’m going to make a suggestion.

There is a podcast called the sleepwithmepodcast run by this guy called dearest scooter and I swear to god this guy has the most chill relaxing voice ever. He basically tells you a boring story and usually I can’t fall asleep if I hear any talking cause it’s too distracting but his stories somehow always put me to sleep before I even know what’s happening because they’re so boring.

You can find it for free on iTunes by searching “sleep with me podcast”, there’s a tumblr: sleepwithmepodcast, and I think a website and a Twitter which I’m not gonna link right now just cause I’m on mobile.

Anyway if you can’t sleep for some reason I would really recommend checking this out and trying it a few times to see if it helps.

Take care friends

list of things to say to anon hate
  • drag me i love the adrenaline
  • f i r e i n t h e h o l e
  • ayyyyy macarena
  • in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight
  • new phone who dis?
  • damnnnn daniel back at it again with the white vans
  • what are thooooooose 
  • what starts with an f and ends with ‘uck’? FIRETRUCK

angelandbuffyaremylife  asked:

Questions about Klaroline that you don't have to answer :) Do Caroline and Klaus remind you of any characters from classic novels or movies? Are there any songs that remind you of Klaroline? What are your three favorite Klaroline scenes? What could you see Klaus doing for a living if he were a "normal", employed mortal? What do you see Klaroline as loving to do in their spare time? What are your btotps for both Klaus and Caroline?

Thank you v much for these KC-related questions :)

Sorry for my boring answers in advance haha.

Do Caroline and Klaus remind you of any characters from classic novels or movies? 

Literally anyone and everything I read/watch reminds me of them in a way LOL.

Are there any songs that remind you of Klaroline? 

Every Ed Sheeran + Sleeping At Last song ever! (my mind isnt working rn so i cant think of specific songs ugh!) 

What are your three favorite Klaroline scenes? 

THAT’S A HARD ONE Y’ALL BUT: GIVE ME LOVE 3.14! YOU’RE SAFE 3.21! YOUR LAST 4.23! + + + 8.16 YOURS KLAUS!! (i cheated but WHO CARES)

What could you see Klaus doing for a living if he were a “normal” employed mortal? 

Klaus the artist! Klaus the man of many talents even if he was human!

What do you see Klaroline as loving to do in their spare time?

Travel! Louging around doing absolutely nothing but drinking each other in for e t e r n i t y

What are your brotps for both Klaus and Caroline? 

Klaus: marcel and kol! // Caroline: bonnie, enzo, and rebekah!


This is the most horribly self-indulgent thing I’ve done in a while but I heard someone say “Kidsona" and it’s 2012 again apparently?? Uh most of these things are pretty self-explanatory except that apparently I occasionally talk in my sleep irl and according to my roommate I say some pretty cryptic things, so I imagine my dreamself might sleeptalk in some way lmao

hello yes hi so i got tagged by this bean @extremelyharpoonedwhale and ya'know,,,im bored so why not

Name/Nickname: Im just gonna go with Lex, maybe in the future ill be more comfortable and share my actual name
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'4 ft
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hogwarts House: ?????? idfk what the fuck is a hogwarts house
Favorite color: Purple!!
Favorite Animal: Snakes!!!!
Average hours of sleep: tbh i cant even say because my sleep schedual is so fucked up that i dont even know anymore
Cat or Dog person: Neither, im allergic to both
Favorite fictional character: Edd or Heather McNamara
Number of blankets i sleep with: one or two
Favorite singer/band: cant say lol
Dream trip: England or London!!
Dream job: Art and Animation
When this blog was created: 2016 hnnnnnn
When did you blog reach its peak: there is no peak,,im unpopular as fuck
Current number of followers: 27 and none of them are p0rn blogs i just checked
What made you decide to make this tumblr: when i realized DeviantArt was a lying sack of shit

Ill do the music tag too i guess??
Music Tag (i shuffled all my music and shit so yeah)
1: Congratulations - Hamilton
2: Youth - Daughter
3: Lifeboat - Heathers
4: I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill
5: The Other Side of Paradise - Glass Animals
6: Burn - Hamilton
7: Where is the love - The Black Eyed Peas
8: Greysir Nationale - Gregory and the Hawk
9: Love like you - Steven Universe(?)
10: House of Memories - Panic!At the Disco

i,,,have barely any friends so @leijon-mustard @ourhamiltrash you dont have to do it children but it would be cool if you would lol

So, I bounce my little self into Victoria’s Secret today, right? To you know, get myself a little birthday present. And this lady’s standing there, like any ol’ saleswoman does. I walk up and asked to get my bra size measured, since I haven’t shopped there in a while, and she looks right at my chest with this completely judgmental look and goes, “Shouldn’t you be shopping somewhere a little more…your age?” Let’s just say her blouse was covered with my latte by the end of our little chat.