i was bored and had photoshop


Smooth Gif Tutorial by Hanxbi! (With Photos) 

Hello everyone! 

I finally had some time to make this gif tutorial and let me not waste your time with a boring ass intro so let’s get started! 

What You Need: 

  • Photoshop CC (preferably) 
  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop controls (espcially opacity & filters)
  • PSDs
  • Clipconverter (or 4K downloader) 

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Coloring/Shading Tutorial

I got an ask, so I guess I’ll go ahead and make a more in-depth tutorial!

I actually just use the default round brush that Photoshop has, but make sure Transfer is on. That’s what gives you transparency in your strokes. If you know how to use it, boring default brushes will do the job just great!

Besides learning how to layer strokes to make them blend well, it’s important to know which thickness of brush you should use. As you can see, the hair was shaded with a small diameter (emulates hair texture and strands) while the clothes had a bigger diameter (like clothing folds). As you keep practicing, you’ll get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Hope this helps!


Don’t kill me *hides behind Yukimura* I was bored okay?
I managed to raid the laptop from my brother and do some crazy flower crowning with my (terrible and lack of despite doing photography) skills. I didn’t use Photoshop (I don’t have that kinda money at all) so I used pixlr.com. Shingen’s flower crown was supposed to be a light blue but it went black and white instead ( DX ).
Mitsuhide had to rush his flower crown. XD
Lemme know who you think looks best.
The others will be in a serpate post.
And yes. Sasuke wanted one too. XD

I’m sorry I disappeared with a pretty cryptic message and had people worried for like a week.  In reality, my laptop broke down and I have tumblr on mobile but I just couldn’t be bothered to come on when I felt like shit.  I don’t even know if I should be back bc I don’t feel completely well but I just upgraded my laptop so photoshop is 3x faster and making gifs is the only way I can stay calm and distract myself.

I respond quicker on twitter if you want to get in touch.

Ohhh well yeah!
Got myself a Surface Tablet couple days ago and of course I had to test out photoshop and illuststudio on it immediately!
I am quite satisfied with the results and it is extremely comfortable to draw on it, as soon as you get used to the glass surface. Rly love it so far.. And finally I was able to try out a bit the colouring technique with the lasso tool since it’s so easy now to switch between tools!
More to come, hopefully, soon.
And I couldn’t care less about if it might be boring to draw the same character all over again and again. I’m having fun here.

Now that Ghostbusters is getting a ladies-only reboot...

I, tumblr user khaleesi, had an idea for for another cast that keeps getting frigging rebooted. Because I have like basically no Photoshop skills and also I am lazy, this is fully text-based sorry 2 make u read (only not rly).

BATMAN. BATMAN AS ALL WOMEN. I know Batwoman is already a thing and she should have her own movie but just FOLLOW ALONG CHILDREN. TRUST IN ME.

Batwoman: Viola Davis OR Laverne Cox. I am not picky and think they would both bring something different and much more interesting to a role that is, tbh, really fucking boring overall. (Sad rich white dude gets mad, seeks justice through money! I FELL ASLEEP HALFWAY THROUGH THIS SENTENCE.) Tbh I am envisioning this as a Bruce Wayne thing and not a Kate Kane thing, though I also want Kate Kane around. Viola can be one and Laverne can be the other. There.

Robin: Stephanie Beatriz. I’m thinking a Jason Todd Robin here – equal parts sheer badass and surprising vulnerability. We’ve seen that Beatriz can do both in spades in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Nightwing: Lupita Nyong'o. I will hear nothing else. Preternaturally beautiful and an eternal optimist? I would LOVE to see this goddess in this role.

Alfred(a): Maggie Smith. Just the right level of gravitas, snark, and innate competence.

Comissioner Gordon:Lucy Liu. I think she does soooort of a similar role as Watson on Elementary, but imagine Lucy Liu and Laverne Cox or Viola Davis working together to take down the forces of evil. You’re welcome.

The Joker: Rosamund Pike. End of discussion. Did you see Gone Girl? That’s what I thought.

Catwoman:Rosario Dawson. I am in no mood for making Catwoman a dude and in every mood for villain/hero lesbian relationships bye.

Harvey Dent: Yo, this is a Gina Torres role if ever there was one. Dent’s a tragedy – I think she would be very, very capable of bringing that edge of desperation and heartbreak to Dent’s villainy. I kinda like keeping Harvey as her name, too. Why the hell not. Gender is a construct anyway.

The Riddler: Rachel Weisz. I actually have no idea why, I just think it would be amazing.

Harley Quinn: Jesse Williams. Again I don’t have a justification for this, just a deep-set surety that it is Right.

Poison Ivy: Idris Elba. Unexpected but again PRETTY PERF. Also I think he would like fantastic in a lot of green.

Oracle: Sebastian Stan. Just imagine it with me for a minute. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. No, look, I know that would mean Sebastian Stan would have to be Lucy Liu’s child and also somehow exist as people in both DC and Marvel universes. The obstacles are many, but the chin dimple is worth it. Just let me have this. JUST LET ME HAVE THIS, INTERNET.

► When he sees the cover for the first time, he’s on his way to an ABC meeting and bypasses a bodega selling magazines and snack food. He stops dead in his tracks, staring. 

On the plus side, the picture they ended up using is a good one; Enjolras is happily surprised that they hadn’t whitewashed his skin in PhotoShop, a fear of his that had pervaded his thoughts these past few weeks after the interview and photoshoot. 

The title on the other hand, well…

“’Savage Antinous’?” Enjolras splutters later as he slams a copy down on the café table for Combeferre to see. “What the hell is this micro-aggressive bullshit? What – because I say what’s on my mind that makes me ‘savage’? If I were a thick-and-thin, one-hundred-percent white guy, they’d applaud me for my ‘brave words of wisdom and insight,’ but nope. I’m the ‘savage Antinous.’ I mean, do they realize how negatively connotative the word ‘savage’ is when talking about people of color? In 2015? Who’s writing for Time Magazine these days – people who haven’t seen the light of day or read the news since the 1700s?”

Combeferre waits a few seconds before responding: “At least everyone agrees that your picture is hot.”

Enjolras makes a loud noise of exasperation and flips the magazine off the table.

Christmas Lights

Cody saved the work on his laptop and got off the floor, heading out of the spare room to find James. He only had boxers and one of James’ sweaters on. It wasn’t often he bothered to get changed if he was just sitting around the house. Cody was bored of homework now, having been working on it since before breakfast, and wanted to do something else. Initially his mind hadn’t been on something as innocent, but he wanted to start decorating the apartment for Christmas. Cody found James after checking both the living room and their bedroom, going and sitting next to him. “If I see the photoshop logo one more time my brain’s going to explode.” Cody brushed his hair off his forehead, tucking his feet beneath him. “We should go get Christmas decorations.”


My neck is killing me, I had to stop. Good thing this was just for fun and not anything too serious. It’s actually not totally finished but I’m getting bored with it and my skill level is nowhere where I really need it to be to make this look even better. 

Here’s NU’EST Ren and Red Velvet’s Irene as merpeople for that fanfic idea I had. I used actual photos of the two of them and then painted over them. I only used their torso’s and up, the rest was by me with the help of several photoshop brushes.


Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

Today was a cold, wet, boring day. It started off with me going up the road to my favourite local cafe (in the cold, wet weather) to get a coffee. When I got home, I sat down outside and had my coffee and cigarette. I then realised that I had left my keys inside and I was stuck outside for nearly three hours (again, in the cold, wet weather) not knowing what to do with myself. All I wanted to do was sit down and draw or paint, but I was stuck. That was when I realised how much I like art, and how much I miss art school, and how much I want to go back to art school, and that I should be doing more art because it’s good for the brain. So the first thing I did when I got inside was draw this lovely ladies face - I like to draw faces. I got bored and didn’t really want to do more to the drawing itself because even though it was incomplete; it felt complete. More time went by and I put it onto photoshop & mucked around a little bit to produce the above image. I quite like it, it’s a weird and quirky take on an immaculate photograph of a woman. It has a pop art style, with the colours, layers and line thickness and I have always loved pop art. Anyways, take it as you will. Comments and feedback would be much appreciated.

Taking submissions for OAWP here, more information on OAWP is here

What do I do on Saturday past midnight when I’m a loser with boring friends?

Photoshop this scene

To make it look like Aria’s in labor and Ezra’s being a great husband and bringing her gummy bears (the food that she obvs had been craving during her pregnancy.)

Or…at least I tried my best.