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Forgiveness ((So sorry I'm bored)

((Fell!Goth POV))

‘Ignorant piece of sh*t!’ That was the only thing running through my mind…I swear if I had stayed any longer I would’ve 'fallen’ again. I don’t need him! I don’t need anyone! I walked into my house the front door slamming behind me. My mind was clouded with all the thoughts…all the memories…all the things I quickly need to burn…

(Small time-skip)

I stood outside my house, fancying my handy work. Before me lay all the horrible things I could remember, I had written them down on things I could simply toss away. (All the “memories” are trash anyway they’ll fit right in) I had a match in my left hand, I sparked it and threw it into the pile of rubbish, watching as everything went ablaze. I laughed and walked back inside.

((Fell!Palette POV))

“That little brat thinks he can just walk away from me?! Heh…I’ll show him…”

As soon as Goth had stormed off, all I could do was laugh. But after awhile I realized he wasn’t coming back this time. I was enraged, so I was going to confront him, asking him just what the hell he thought he was doing. I was on my way to his house when…I smelt…smoke? I looked toward Goth’s house completely dumbfounded at what I saw…

The whole house was on fire…

My eyes widened in shock 'No no no, don’t tell me he’s in there!’ But as I was about to do something, the house folded in on itself completely collapsing.

I couldn’t move…

I fell to my knees…

I don’t know what to do now…

-To be continued- ((Probably not idk))
Idk what I’m doing anymore! It’s bad I know XD
but oh well it’s a fun concept

Fell!Goth - @nekophy

Fell!Palette - @angexci

Hey Peeps!
So sorry for the long wait, was really busy for the past few weeks

I shall continue the second installation of Jasmine story..


I deleted her in her undergarment video right away~ and snatched her panty.
She shouted “bastard!!” And hurried out of the toilet right away
Little did she know this is just the start~ I still have got the vid of her giving me handjob…..

After the whole “toilet hand job saga” i went back to join my friends for lunch.

Soon enough, it’s time for the next class.
Lesson was normal, but i can noticed jasmine had been avoiding any contact with me even though i was just sitting right behind her. I was really bored out and frustrated by it.

Soon, it’s the last lesson of the day. As usual, we have to move to another classroom for the next lesson.
I was a little late for the class as i took my own sweet time to get some drinks before the class.

To my surprise, jasmine was sitting at the back of the class all alone, with an empty seat beside her.
I took the chance and sat beside her.
Its too late for her to chance seat as the class had already started.

i whispered to her
“Hey jas~ don’t ignore me”
She didn’t respond.
I went on my putting my hand on her left tight.
She was shocked
“What do u want from me?!” she exclaimed and pushed my hands away.

I slide my phone out from my pocket.
Played back the video of her giving me a blowjob for her to see.

She was furious and tried snatching the phone.
luckily i was quick enough to drop the phone back into my bag.

Me: You better be good or the school shall see this video.

As we were sitting at the back of the class, no one can see whats really happening.

I grab her left hand, she tried resisting.

Me: Be good or u regret! (i whispered)

She stop resisting while i put her hands into my pants to feel and massage my erected dick.

i moved her hands up and down

slowly my right hand rest on her tight and slowly move my way to her inner tight and slowly up to her pussy

Jasmine stared at me and pleaded
“Please stop, i beg you. Please”

Ignoring her

i started rubbing her pussy
i can feel her getting wetter as i rub.
she even used her right hand to cover her mouth as she was afraid to let out any moans.
slowly i started inserting my finger into her, slowly using my middle finger, going inn and out in and out. Fastening the pace gradually.

Jasmine starts letting out soft moan.
soon, she reached her orgasm and her body started shivering.

i pulled out my finger

Me: lick my finger dry!

She followed my order and licked.

class went on with her hand in my pants.

Before the class end, i wrote her a note.

“Be here (my home address) at (5pm), if not u will regret”


I went home right after school to hatch my evil plans.

My parents are overseas leaving me all alone to the house.

Once i got home, i started setting up phone camera in the toilet and webcam in my room.

“knock knock” i went to the door.
it its jasmine.

i opened the door and pulled her in.

she was perspiring and scared.
Jas: what do you want from me? Please just let me go
Me: don’t worry! just let me had a day of fun and i will let u go alright?
Jas: please just let me go. (She started sobbing)
Me: you can leave right now if you want to share your body with the rest of the school! (I raised my voice)

i dragged her into the toilet
Me: awwww, my sweet little girl is perspiring so much, let me shower you first.
Jas had already resigned to her fate.
I took off her top and skirt.
Leaving her with only her bra, because i already had her panty from school
i unclipped her bra, revealing her soft B cup pair of breast with pink perky nipples.

i took off my clothes and started showering together with her.

Tears flowing down her cheeks while i turn on the water.
looking at the water flowing down her perfectly flawless nude body, sends my dick to erection.

i soap her body, caressed her body boobs, ass and pussy. Enjoying every touch.
Squeezing her breast from time to time and pinching her nipples from time to time.

Jas would let out soft moan on and off while standing still.

i couldn’t take it anymore.

i bend her down and inserted my dick right in, jas was pleading to stop.

“pls pls, pls don’t, i am still a virgin”

That got me even more horny.

I insert my dick into her pussy slowly, she is really tight.
I Started pumping her in doggystyle.
Jas lead out a loud moan and started crying.
I ignored and pump her non stop and increasing my pace while the water from the showering tap are still on us.

i grabbed her breast while pumping her doggy.
after awhile,she let out a loud moan and her body started shivering.
Jas had reached an orgasm
i was about to let put my load too,

I pulled out my dick and pushed her down to kneel right infront of my while i cum over her wet and crying face.


Lance headcanon

Okay so we all know that lance loves shakira, especially hips don’t lie
So what if he just starts singing it at random times
They’ll be waiting to get briefed for a mission and allura will come in and he’ll just start yelling
COMO SE LLAMA *runs up to the nearest paladin* SI!
BONITA *falls to his knees and throws out his arms* SI!
*starts rolling his hips around* Shakira Shakira!
The rest of the paladins just kinda groan and ignore him but its kind of entertaining watching him go. allura and coran have no idea whats going on

They’ll be sat at the table eating goo again, kinda bored, and lance will just suddenly stand up and they’re all like??????
And he just yells
COMO SE LLAMA *he puts his hand to his ear. no one joins in so he shrugs and does it himself, unphased* SI!
Bonita *stands on the table* SI!
he yells SHAKIRA SHAKIRA sits back down and carries on with his meal
Everyone has a small smile on their faces after, he counts that as a win

Later that day he’ll be around just pidge and hunk and do it for kicks and they kinda find it funny, so when he pauses for them to do it, they both scream SI and lance almost cries w happiness??? He’s so proud????
Few days later they’re all going on a some small mission checking out this planet for Garla or other life etc, and after a long day lance just kind of looks at everyone being tired and grouchy having found nothing, and when he decides to do it that time, everyone just gives in and goes for it, except keith, who refuses to take part in something so stupid and no Lance it’s not funny 

Like a week later they’re in their lions getting ready to go into a battle and lance just takes his moment to shine and at the top of his lungs in all their coms yells COMO SE LLAMA
everyone screams SI!
then lance yells keiths name and the red padalin just sighs really loudly, pauses, and then mumbles-
Shakira shakira.
And lance practically sCREECHes, they may be going into battle but if keith can sing shakira they can do anything 

The Bored Prince

AN: Cinderella-esque drabble set in the 1800s (or thereabouts). Unbetaed because lately I’ve just been flying by the seat of my pants and it’s starting to show in research/quality. Will need to stop that soon. :)


Walking toward the enormous, ornate doors, Molly took a deep breath and pressed her hand against her stomach in hopes of calming the sudden fluttering of butterflies.

She could do this.

Her black gown fit her like a glove. She had spent the better part of three months sewing in what little free time she had to make the ball gown out of her mourning dress. After her father passed the year before, she was left with no more family; no one left to mourn. A black gown was surely a social faux-paus, but with the mask on her face and the silver chain threaded through her flowing, uncovered tresses, no one would recognize her as the morbid morgue mouse. And she couldn’t afford to buy even a third-hand dress. She’d had to scrimp and save for the silver beading she’d added to the sweetheart neckline. The fitted sleeves ended at her elbows and the skirt billowed out from the bottom of the corset, the fabric brushing the ground with every twist she took.

She couldn’t stop the excited and nervous smile from spreading across her face.

The manservants on either side of the entrance opened the doors to the ballroom. Music and laughter filled her ears and she pulled her shoulders back.

She was going to the ball!



He’d danced with seventeen women. And all of them were insipid little dullards. Sherlock caught his mother’s pointed glare over the head of his current dancing partner, a particularly arrogant duchess with nefarious designs on his crown, and forced an emotionless smile.

They whirled about the floor and Sherlock glanced at the line of masked ladies waiting for their turn with him. It stretched around the enormous room. He inwardly groaned. Why had he agreed to this?

Behind him, the doors opened and a subdued hush came over the attendees in a wave.

Latecomers were not an uncommon occurrence, so it was a surprise to Sherlock that the small orchestra trailed off in a discordant mess and the conversations around him come to a stumbling halt as everyone turned to look up.

Sherlock followed their gazes and turned around.

A woman stood at the top of the stairs, petite with soft brown hair. Her features were pleasing, if a bit plain. But was most striking about her was the black gown she wore. The silver beading along the neckline shimmered in the lights as her chest rose and fell. Already he could hear the snide comments from those around him about the audacity of the stranger for brash, inappropriate colour she wore, but he found himself admiring her for that alone. Her hair was loose and fell to her waist in a gentle wave and, unlike all the other women, her arms were bare of jewelry or gloves.

Sherlock quirked an eyebrow in intrigue.

At last, someone not concerned with ‘proper etiquette’.

Abandoning the duchess, Sherlock kept his eyes locked on the newcomer and slowly made his way toward her as she descended the stairs. A dark blush stained her cheeks at being the center of attention, but she kept her head held high. When she reached the bottom, Sherlock broke free of the crowd and stepped in front of her path.

She looked up at him and her brown eyes widened behind her mask in shock when she realised who was blocking her way.

'Your H-Highness.’ She belatedly remembered to curtsy and Sherlock cursed the ridiculous custom even as he bowed at the waist.

A small gasp escaped her lips when he took her hand and pressed a kiss to the soft skin. When she tried to pull it back, his fingers caressed the flesh of her palm and he felt the callouses on her fingertips and he glanced down to note the minute scars on her fingers.

This woman was most certainly not born of royalty.

A genuine smile creased his face and he held fast to her hand.

'May I claim the first dance?’

The blush traveled down her neck and spread across her collarbone.

'You may,’ she replied in a soft, but confident voice.

The gaping onlookers parted as he led her to the center of the dance floor. Sherlock turned and placed his free hand on her waist, tugging her closer. She had to tilt her head up to look him in the eye. He could see the pounding of her heart against her throat and, for the first time, found himself flattered to be admired by a woman.

The first notes of a waltz flowed through the air. With confidence, he stepped forward and they fell into the dance with ease.

'You are not royalty.’

Instantly, her red cheeks paled and fear crossed her features. Sherlock regretted his untethered tongue and rushed to reassure her.

'Do not worry, I have no intention of outing the one person in this room who has not made me wish to perish from boredom.’

She swallowed nervously and glanced over at the King and Queen, who watched them unabashedly. But then she looked up at him and suddenly Sherlock felt as if she was reading his very thoughts. How could this stranger see him so well?

'Then I have arrived just in time,’ she quipped with a mock serious frown. 'One cannot have the crown prince dying at his own ball!’

Sherlock chuckled and spun them in a quarter turn. The skirt of her gown billowed out around his legs and he found himself entranced by her smile. Though not as conventionally beautiful as many of the other women, with thin lips and a small figure, her gentle confidence and courage made her all the more beautiful in his eyes.

'What is your name?’

Her eyes twinkled mischievously. 'Now, why would I tell you that? It would rather spoil the anonymity of a masque ball.’

'True,’ he agreed. 'But I find myself at an unfair disadvantage. You know who I am, yet I must spend the evening wondering who you are.’

'I doubt that. Once our dance is finished, you will be on to the next woman and forget all about me.’

Sherlock sobered and slowed to a stop. 'I doubt that.’

Her cheeks darkened further and she lowered her eyes. But Sherlock could see the shy smile she was trying to hold back. Readjusting his hand on her waist, he pulled her just a bit closer and led them back into the dance.

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hope you like it :)

“Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.”

Their Tuesday meetings at the theater had become a routine for everyone in the cast, Jasmine and Anthony always reminding themselves to get to the theater just a little earlier that afternoon, not wanting to miss it. They went over little things form the shows the week before and what to work on in the shows this week, continually working to ensure that the show continued to get better.

Jasmine and Anthony sat on the steps in the back slightly separated from most people, Jasmine sitting on Anthony’s lap. The stage was littered with everyone from the cast filing in to listen, all of them praying that the meeting went as quickly as possible so they could have free time.

“This one is so long and so boring,” Jasmine whispers just loud enough for Anthony to hear, leaning her head back against his shoulder. Anthony laughs at her remark, nodding as he reaches his free hand up to take her hand in his, squeezing it gently.

“Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.” Jasmine’s eyes widened before she covered her mouth to hide her laughs, burying her head into his neck. Anthony smiles at her reaction, pulling her closer to his body.

“You can’t just say that stuff when we’re in the middle of a meeting,” Jasmine laughs as she looks around to make sure no one has caught them, Anthony laughing.

“I’m just being honest. I mean, there’s a million things the two of us could be doing that I’d like, but I think sex is on the top of the list,” He teases, Jasmine shaking her head as she continues to stifle her laughs so they’re not caught.

When the meeting finishes and the two of them begin making their way back upstairs towards Jasmine’s dressing room to eat their dinner. “So, sex?” He teases, Jasmine hitting his arm as they walk into her dressing room, grabbing their dinners from her bag.

“Not enough time now,” She glances at her phone, Anthony smiling.

“Tonight?” He presses, Jasmine rolling her eyes as she takes a bite of her salad, laughing.

“We’ll see. I’m usually pretty tired by the time we’re done this show.” She knows she’s being a tease, Anthony laughing as he nods, eating his dinner as well.

“Fair enough, but I think you’ll be fine for me,” He whispers as he leans forward to kiss her cheek, Jasmine laughing.

Jasmine can’t believe that Anthony had said what he said during their meeting, but when she glances at him while they eat dinner and catch up on what they had done during the day without each other, she knows that she’s never loved him more, inappropriate comments or not.


A bit of birthday nonsense for my beloved @feyestwords. It’s set in the Say Cheese ‘verse, so you know…crack ahead. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, Fey!

         Will felt a little guilty when his phone buzzed. It was the 8th time in the last 10 minutes. He knew he shouldn’t be ignoring Hannibal, but he really didn’t want to go home.

         Hannibal had promised no birthday party this year. Had sworn there wouldn’t be a repeat of last year’s debacle, when Will had come home on his 40th birthday to find the entire opera board in black tie toasting his happy day. He ended up trapped between a bore and a letch throughout dinner. Mr. More Money Than Sense had told Will all about the fascinating world of Swiss bank litigation while his trophy wife, Mrs. Handsy, kept sliding her bejeweled hand up his thigh.  

         In desperation, Will decided to personally clear out the liquor cabinet. Around the time Hannibal was bringing out dessert, Will wanted to show these opera hacks what real music was. He stood on the table belting I Go Walking After Midnight, much to the horror of the dinner crowd and the delight of Hannibal. When Will woke the next day, with a sandpaper tongue and eyes that didn’t seem to open properly, Hannibal was looking up mandolins online so that he could accompany Will for his next impromptu Patsy Cline concert.

         This year was supposed to be different. He’d told Hannibal ahead of time that he didn’t want a party. All he wanted was to lay around all day in his boxers, sipping whiskey, playing with Gerhard, and making out with Hannibal. It was such a simple request, so beautiful in its design.

         But leave it to Hannibal fucking Lecter to ignore Will’s wishes. The doctor had been secretly squirreling away to the store, making quiet phone calls in the study, and combing through online recipes. Will knew what it meant. It meant a fucking party, with bow ties, snooty opera people, and Mrs. Handsy and her grabby little fingers.

         He wasn’t going to do it – not again.

         So Will had told Hannibal he was going for a run. Four hours later, Will sighed. It was getting cold and he really wanted to come home. Maybe he should just check his messages.

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No Questions Asked

A/N: Unedited and just a little something that was sitting in my folder!

Warning: Swearing..I think that’s it… Fluff

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 908

The Bunker was quiet. Which made sense considering the fact that everyone was asleep except for you and you were bored as hell. The boys and you had just gotten back from a rough hunt, with a group of vamps that you all took out. Luckily no one had been seriously injured, but as soon as the problem was taken care of, Dean was hell bent on sleeping on his own bed. Therefore, he made both you and Sam pack your shit from the motel and get in the car, making the long drive from Virginia to home. You softly padded through the library, a glass of whiskey on the rocks in hand in hopes that it’d make you somewhat sleepy.

You had known the Winchester’s for a very long time. Growing up alongside Sammy, Bobby Singer raising you since your parents died on a hunt they were on. It certainly wasn’t a life you would have picked for yourself, but it was in your blood. Ever since you were born, it was only bound to happen. That you would pick up a knife, that you would have your own favorite gun, etc. You had hunted with Dean as soon as you were able to leave Bobby’s. With Sam leaving the hunting life for Stanford, and John Winchester going solo, Bobby had suggested the idea to you on a warm summer night. You were surprised that your adoptive father would even suggest you leaving, but he assured you that it was because of his trust in Dean, that if you really wanted to- you could go. And ever since then you were joined at the hip with the eldest Winchester brother. Not that you minded.

You couldn’t help but smile softly at the memory. Somehow, you found yourself standing in front of Dean’s bedroom door. You hesitantly pushed the door open, peeking inside only to find him passed out and sprawled all over his bed, a soft snore escaping his lips. God he was so fucking beautiful.

“Dean?” You whispered, kneeling next to him. His eyes fluttered slightly, a groan of annoyance escaping his lips as he rolled over to the other side, hugging the pillow tighter.  “C’mon Dean,” You gently ran your hand through his short hair, a soft chuckle escaping your lips as he swatted your hand away.

“What do you want?” His voice thick with sleep sent a jolt down your spine, a blush appearing on your cheeks at how rough it was.

“Um, I – never mind. Go back to sleep,” You quickly picked up your glass of whiskey before heading towards the door. How stupid were you? Dean never showed any signs of interest towards you, why would he help you try to sleep? Or stay up with you so you weren’t lonely? Your hand grasped the door knob.

“Hey, hey what’s wrong? Get back here,” He called out, sounding more awake as he watched you with those green eyes, full of concern. You were so fucking tired, but for the life of you – you couldn’t seem to fall asleep, and that frustrated the hell out of you. “Sweetheart, tell me.”

“I can’t sleep. I – I don’t know I just hoped that maybe … never mind. I’ll just go with Sam or something. I’m sorry, Dean. I don’t want to bother you,” A lump formed in your throat as your cheeks burned with embarrassment. He quickly shook his head, turning on the soft lamp light by his bed before opening the covers, a silent invitation for you to climb in. He wore a black t-shirt along with some sweatpants, his hair was a mess. You slowly made your way towards the bed, your lips trembled slightly. It was just one of those nights that seemed as if everything about you, was shit. Your chest was heavy with the overwhelming feeling of emotions you wanted to suppress. You set the glass down on the floor after you downed the rest of the liquor quickly. Sliding underneath the covers, Dean gently cradled you to him, one arm throw around your waist, and the other tracing your facial features lightly.

“You’re okay. I got you. Don’t ever think you could bother me, alright?” He watched you intently, making sure you were understanding what he was saying. He placed a soft kiss on your forehead before tucking you underneath his chin, a soft humming coming from his chest. The familiar notes of ‘Hey Jude’ made you laugh slightly. Gripping his t-shirt, you shut your eyes and relished in the comfort that was Dean Winchester. “Get some shut eye, Y/N. Tomorrow we can go to your favorite coffee shop in town for breakfast, okay?” You nodded slightly, a sigh of relief escaping your lips before resting your head against his warm chest. His words nearly bringing you to tears. Dean wasn’t one to go into town unless it was for a grocery run. This was your heaven. Dean never asked questions until he was sure you were well rested and emotionally ready enough to talk about whatever it was that bothered you. And maybe that was the thing you loved most about him. He understood you. Knew when you needed a hug and when you needed your space. He never pushed you for answers and was always there to be your best friend. And that was enough for now.  

Modern Day Cinderella- Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous requested: Can you do an imagine were the reader gets invited to a masquerade party at the Stark tower and the reader ends up hanging out and dancing w/ Peter most of the time, but she doesn’t find out its him until the next day. I’m sorry this is long.

(PS, using female pronouns. It just makes sense for this story particularly, sorry) I really had fun with this one and I love it so I really hope you like it! It’s my longest one so I hope you enjoy!

“Tony, what’s the point of having a masquerade? It’s 2016! I’m from the 40’s and I can tell you that a masquerade isn’t modern. Why not a normal party?” Steve said, looking down with distaste at the invitation Tony had handed him. Tony shrugged and handed an invitation to Natasha, saying “I don’t know. I’m just bored”.

At this point, Peter walked in, looking a little glum. “Hey kiddo, what’s got you down?” Tony asked, having concern for his youngest member. “Oh nothing, Mr. Stark. It’s really nothing,” he said, trying to blow him off. He put his chin in his hand and leaned against the breakfast bar in the kitchen and sighed. “Is it a girl problem,” Tony teasingly asked, patting Peter on the shoulder. He stopped when he felt the young boy get stiff underneath his hand. “Or a lack of one” Peter muttered, knocking Tony’s hand off his shoulder and walking out. Tony looked around the room at the other Avengers and gave them a questioning look, wondering what had just happened.

“What can we do? The kid seems really sad,” Natasha said, looking down. Her motherly instincts were kicking in; it was hard to see a young boy said like that because he was lonely. He should be able to have a normal life as a teenager, but he couldn’t because he had great responsibility. “Hey Tony, don’t you have a niece around his age?” Steve said, leaning back in his chair to look at Tony. Tony’s smirk grew as an idea began to form in his head. “I’ll get right on it”.

You came home from school that day, went to the mailbox to get the mail as you always did and sorted through it as you absentmindedly flipped through the mail. Bill, bill, bill, letter for me- Wait. You never got letters, what could this be? It certainly had your name on it! It was addressed from your Uncle Tony’s Stark Tower so you knew it out to be good if he didn’t just send you a text or call you. You two were fairly close but you hadn’t heard from him in awhile. You were busy with school and he was busy with, well, saving the world as Iron Man. You opened up the enveloped and squealed with excitement. A masquerade ball was just what you needed to get your mind off of school. But what to where was the next problem!

Peter sighed as he put his mask on. Why did he have to do this? He wanted to impress Mr. Stark, but a dance? He knew how to dance, his aunt had put him through classes, but he certainly did not want to do this. Why couldn’t he just skip it and sulk in his room like he had been doing? He looked in the mirror and sighed once again. He looked good in his regular black suit with a plain black mask, but he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. Might as well get it done.

When you walked in, all eyes were on you. You were in a beautiful black and white dress with a matching mask. You had got your hair done professionally but what really struck people was your confidence. You knew you looked good and you showed it. You smiled when you heard your Uncle Tony’s booming voice in front of you and you went right up to him. “Hey kiddo, you look great!” he said, giving you a hug. You smiled back at him and thanked him. “All right, now go have fun! There is also someone I think you should meet, but I’ll let you do that yourself,” he said, walking away to talk to someone else. You frowned but shrugged it off and walked away.

Peter had never seen someone as beautiful as you.You were glowing and he knew that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to you.”Excuse me, miss?” he said shyly behind you, just trying to get your attention. You turned around and smiled, seeing a cute boy around your age behind you. You smiled up at him and replied with “Yes?” You could tell he was nervous when he stuttered out “Would you like to dance with me?” You giggled at his nervous attempt and held out your hand. “I would love to”.

He introduced himself as Peter and you told him your name. You danced (he was quick on his feet!), you laughed, and you talked about life. You decided to go out onto the balcony and overlooked the city. You began to shiver as it was getting cold out, due to the New York weather that was always changing. “Are you getting cold?” he asked. You nodded, and he began to take his suit jacket off and draped it over your shoulders, also rubbing your shoulders. “Peter, I’m really starting to like you,” you said, turning to face him. His breath caught in his throat for a second, completely caught off guard. He cleared his throat and replied with “I’m really starting to like you too, [Y/N].” He started to lean in, but got nervous and backed off so you smiled, grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him towards you, sharing a very sweet first kiss. It was ended quickly however when your phone began to ring. You apologized and answered the phone. You smiled apologetically at Peter and said, “It’s my parents. They want me back home right away, I have to go”. You rushed away, without realizing that you dropped your phone at Peter’s feet. “Wait!” he yelled out, holding onto your phone, but you were already gone. He sighed, not even getting to see your face without a mask.

You woke up the next morning, stretching and reaching out to grab your phone but realizing it wasn’t there. You sat up immediately, realizing exactly where it was. You fixed your bedhead, threw on some loose pants and a sweatshirt and ran out the door to Stark Tower. Once inside, Tony greeted you along with Steve, Natasha, Wanda, and Vision. You smiled at them and Tony threw your phone knowingly. You caught it with ease and thanked him. Just as you were about to walk out, your Uncle Tony yelled “Wait, I want you to meet someone!” You turned around and saw your Uncle Tony with a giant, goofy smile on his face. You gave him a questioning look and walked back in slowly. A young boy walked in, and you smiled at him, thinking he looked kind of familiar. “Hi, I’m [Y/N],” you said quickly, holding your hand out for him to shake. He stood there for a second with his mouth wide opening. You looked at the other Avengers and they were giggling quietly to themselves. “Uh, hello?” you asked, waving your hand in front of his face. “My name’s Peter”.

You froze. You could tell that voice from anywhere. It was the Peter, the one you had wondered about. You two stared at each other, until you jumped in his arms. “My modern day Cinderella” he said, running a hand through your hair. Tony and Steve shared a fist bump, while Natasha wiped a tear from her eyes. Steve turned to the two and said “You owe me”.

I hope you enjoyed this like I did!

i can’t wait till i’m boring and old and rooting for my kids to go raise hell, fall in love, fuck up, spread kindness, and break rules. bc i remember what it’s like to be their age and feel every emotion at once for the first time and i miss it.
i miss being naive and inexperienced to where almost any thing i did was new. drinking for the first time, making out for the first time, getting your first paycheck and BLOWING it, when you’re finally old enough to go to the movies, smoking weed with your friends when your parents probably gave you a little too much freedom bc they had no idea what you were doing, that first car ride alone after you get your license, the anticipation of the final bell ringing to get out of class, or the feeling i had when i first held my boyfriends hand in his car how it felt like stars shooting in my stomach.
growing up really is a great thing you don’t really grasp to think about until you’re in the midst of it all. until you’re missing that feeling after its long over. i would give a lot to feel a couple things twice.
being an adult and in your right mind with your life together is cool and all
but being a teenager who lives for moments of just feeling alive and experiencing shit was pretty damn cool too.


Sorry if this is a little off, this is my first time writing something like this :)

Caught Red Handed (Dan Howell)

Word Count: 966


Studying was your least favourite thing to do, you couldn’t understand the importance of GCSEs if they were cancelled out by A Levels when it came to getting into university. But here you were on a sunny evening trapped inside your bedroom with your friend Dan who was equally if not more bored than you.

‘I don’t understand this y/n. Why do I need maths?’

Dan groaned in frustration and threw his maths book off the bed, it landed by your feet and you bent down to pick it up.

‘Dan you need maths if you want to study law.’

When you stood back up you noticed Dan switch his attention to his phone, had he been staring at your ass? You were wearing cut off shorts which showed some skin but he’d seen you in less.

‘Maybe I don’t want to study law any more y/n.’

You scoff and jump on the bed next to him, his eyes glance down at your chets for a brief second and you realise you’d taken your hoodie off which left you in a low cut tank top. You didn’t think anything of Dan’s wondering eyes because he was a boy and boys looked at girls chests all the time.

‘Daniel James Howell, I need you to become a successful lawyer so you can bail me out in the future.’

He laughs and chucks one of your cushions at your head, luckily you duck but nearly fall off the bed in the process. He picks up the maths book and opens it.

‘Then I better get reading if I plan on getting your sexy ass out of jail.’

You gasp and playfully slap his chest.

‘Oh you love my sexy ass Dan.’

He hummed and continued to study. For the next couple of hours Dan studied maths while you continued your art project which focused on peoples lips. It was odd but you hoped it scored high. You stared intensely at Dan’s lips as you sketched them, he had beautiful lips. The kind of lips you wouldn’t mind eating you out.

Yes you were attracted to Dan, that’s why you wore the short shorts and the tanks to get his attention. Though he only really glanced which annoyed you, maybe he didn’t feel the same way.

‘Well I better go, my mums making tea.’

You were bought out of your daydream fantasy by Dan gently shaking you. He laughed and put his bag on his shoulder, you reached out and he hugged you.

‘See you tomorrow Mr Howell.’

Once Dan left you looked around your room and noticed Dan’s iPod on the bedside table, he would want it back. Luckily you lived two doors down and his mum gave you a spare key because you practically lived over there.

‘Mum I’m just popping to Dan’s as he left his iPod behind.’

Your mum pops her head out of the kitchen and smiles.

‘Be back in ten because your teas nearly done.’

You skip out of the house and down the pavement towards Dan’s. However when you get to his drive you notice his mums car isn’t there, he’d told you his mum had made him tea. Why had he lied to you?

You opened the front door with the key and slip inside. Dan’s bedroom is on the first floor so you creep up the stairs. On the landing you can hear low moans, was Dan watching something on TV? As you neared his room you saw the door was slightly open. The moaning got louder, was he pleasuring himself? You were about to turn around and leave the iPod downstairs when you heard Dan moan your name out loud.

‘Oh god…y/n..’

Was Dan wanking while thinking of you? You should have been disgusted but it kind of turned you on. Biting your lip you slowly push the door open and shuffle inside.

‘Well Daniel I think I can help you with the real thing.’

Dan nearly bolts upright at the sound of your voice. His cheeks flush red but he doesn’t make a move to cover himself up.

‘Shit…y/n…it’s not what it looks like…’

You quirk an eyebrow and move towards the bed.

‘I think it is Dan. I didn’t think you liked me like this.’

You crawl onto the bed and straddle his thighs with little protest from his lips.

‘Ah fuck y/n I really like you…’

You smirk and slowly wrap one of your hands around his base, Dan jumps but relaxes as you pump you hand up and down his length. He grips the bed sheets and bites his lip to stop from moaning. You liked the effect you had on him.

‘Good because I really like you to Dan.’

You bow your head and take him in your mouth inch by inch, and along with your hand you start to bob up and down. Dan moans loudly and you feel his hands tangle in your hair forcing you to take in more of him.

‘Shit y/n I’m about to come.’

His body twitched and you feel the foreign liquid in your mouth as you swallow. Dan releases your hair and you pull out. Dan then pulls you up so that your head is resting against his chest.

‘Fuck y/n thanks. Now I think it’s about time I returned the pleasure.’

Next thing you know Dan has flipped you so that you’re on your back and he’s leaning over you. He brushes his lips against yours and you lean up to deepen the kiss.

‘We’ll have to be quick Dan because my mum wants me back in ten.’

Dan smirks and pulls away from your lips, there was a mischievous glint in his eyes.

‘I’m going to take my time y/n. I’m starving.’

Three Strikes: CatDog Is Out

     I had spent the day writing and reading a fascinating book. I did my best to ignore the fact that I would spend my evening with the CatDog. I knew I was exaggerating my reluctance to spend time with him. He was not a horrible man to be around. He was interesting to talk to when he stopped his monologues about things and circumstances that could not have possibly interested me, and the sex was boring, easy, and over quickly. I never had to ask where my allowance was. It was always handed to me casually. Perhaps it was the monologues that made it so difficult. I smiled. The thought that it was the talking, not the sex, that made things difficult amused me.

     We had dinner at one of his favorite hole in the wall spots. The food was delicious. The remainder of the evening was to be spent at a little theater seeing a play and we’d maybe have a drink after. The play was well done for a little theater. The play was where I started to make mistakes. I know that this is work. I understand that sugaring is a business for the baby and a pleasurable escape for the daddy. The successful baby runs her business by making sure her daddy never has anything but an exceptional time. I was quiet during the play. I am not good at small talk. Especially not with him. He’s maintained a constant monologue throughout our time together. I didn’t know what to say to him when during intermissions he’d finally decided to shut up. I also tend to become introspective during artistic and educational experiences. I wonder how what I just saw can be translated into how I present my writing, my paintings to the world. He wanted to talk. I wanted to think. Strike one. 

     He commented on my silence as we made our way to the bar. Was I upset with him? No, I wasn’t. Had he done something upsetting I needed to know about? He decided this was an excellent time for a sexist joke. Did a man have to do something for a woman to be upset? He thought that was just something we arbitrarily decided to do. This, I reminded myself, was why he had made it through the majority of his life unmarried. Sexist jokes weren’t enough however. He wanted to continue our ride but discussing #BlackLivesMatter. I managed to stay quiet until he began to say that there was no real reason for protest, no real reason for anger, no real reason for riots. There had to be diplomatic solutions, quieter solutions. I might have snapped at him that as a white man in America he had no idea what it was to be black. His lack of experience should probably be taken into consideration when he expressed his completely erroneous opinion. He tried to continue the conversation. I continued to be short with him. Eventually he began to sulk. He didn’t want there to be things we couldn’t talk about. My inner self burst into gales of laughter. There were so many things we couldn’t talk about, shouldn’t talk about. There were so many thoughts that weren’t ever going to be shared with him. What in the world was he thinking? When was the last time he had been in a real relationship? When was the last time he’d checked in with reality?

     I patiently explained that, of course, there were going to be some hot button topics that we shouldn’t address until we knew each other better. He didn’t like that. Strike two for me.

     We arrived at the bar and each ordered a drink. I thought it was over. I thought we could move on. I was wrong as I so often am. It was not enough that we had had a heated discussion in the car. He wanted to try again. The conversation delved deeper. I was too busy drinking to notice that he was only pretending to be relaxed. My refusal to agree with him, to comfort him were making him angry. My logical answers to every single nonsensical thing he said were making him angry. I waded deeper and deeper into territory that I shouldn’t have entered into with a man who was paying me to make life pleasant. I addressed white privilege. His absolute shock and disbelief that his race played a part in his success, that America was not a land of equality, that Obama was not enough, and his condescendingly told stories of the self serving things he’d done to feel better about racial relations in this country benefitted him more than the African American race were staggering. When I threw in sexism? He walked away. Strike three.

     He wasn’t so upset that he couldn’t very briefly engage with me sexually. I was naive enough to believe this meant we were okay. He went away on business the next day and text and emailed me as if things were fine. I stepped away from my easel a day or two later and saw that I had two unread emails. The first was a hollow and weak article about hiring practices in the city. The second said that he wanted peace at this point in his life. He didn’t think we could have that. We would always be arguing. He knew I would have no problem finding someone new and wished me the best. I was in shock silly girl that I am. I thought the sex was enough. Wasn’t that enough to heal all wounds?

     The answer is no. Do I regret it? No, not really. He needed some learning, as my grandmother would say. Is he really gone? Not according to the emails he’s sending me. The real question is: will I take him back?

B.A.P. Bedtime Reaction

B.A.P’s reaction to you trying to sleep while they’re wide awake.

This is a little thing I ended up thinking up with my sister. To give you a little insight, my younger (I can’t say ‘little’ anymore because she’s all grown up and going to college.  I’m so proud! -cue proud mama voice-) sister and I live together, sharing a one bedroom apartment.  I work nights, so usually we each get the bed to ourselves while the other is at work or school respectively; however, on my nights off we sometimes end up sharing the bed which happened to be the case tonight. Long story short: We had both gone to bed (at different times) but both woke up at midnight wide awake and feeling like it was already morning, so we ended up chatting for a while and whatnot before she decided she needed to try to go back to sleep because she has school in the morning.  I, on the other hand, am far too awake to even attempt sleep anymore and find myself bored as my only companion (aside from my beloved cat, Arya) left me for unconsciousness once again.  I end up poking her and playing with her hair out of boredom which is when she made a comment of seeing one of the B.A.P. members being like such in a similar situation (though Himchan is my UB, B.A.P. is my sister’s favorite group while I’ve been leaning more toward BTS lately. Himchan I’m swear my eyes will never wander!) and that is what spawned the idea for this.  Sorry for all the rambling… It’s 1AM and I’m so alone D;

Yongguk: I see Bang being a super cute, sweet, caring and understanding boyfriend.  Knowing you had to get up early for work or class or whatever the case may be, he wouldn’t want to disturb you while you tried to sleep, so he would give you a quick kiss and leave the room so you could sleep while he entertains himself with a quiet movie or some work in another room until he’s tired enough to join you.

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Himchan: Himchan’s a little harder to place. On one hand he can be pretty playful and energetic, but on the other hand he has his motherly antics. I think at first he would tease you about being ‘old’ and going to bed so early when you could be spending time with your ‘amazing, sexy, and loving’ boyfriend.  But in the end he’d be supportive of you getting your well deserved rest and use his knowledge of your little quirk of falling asleep quickest with a certain movie to help you get to sleep.  He’d get out his laptop and set up the movie before snuggling into you making sure your comfortable while the movie begins.  (He has a knack for remembering silly little bits of information about those he cares about.) Psssst… Himchan, Despicable Me and Nightmare Before Christmas are my ‘can’t sleep/sick’ movies

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Daehyun: Would have a hard time leaving you alone.  Your time together is limited enough as it is, so he’d want to make the most of every moment with you; sleeping is hardly important in such case.  He would lay beside you, playing with you hair, poking you in the side, whispering random thoughts to you until you finally give up on sleep and entertain him as he wanted.

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Youngjae: I see him as being another sweetheart that knows the importance of a good night’s sleep.  If you’re having trouble sleeping, he would do all he could to help by wrapping a warm around around you and softly singing to you until you do fall asleep.  He’d remain by your side, staring lovingly at your beautiful slumbering face until he finally falls asleep himself.

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Jongup: At first I had a hard time deciding how this ball of adorableness would react, but upon so refection I feel he would be another one that tries to aid in getting you to sleep, while not wanting to leave your side.  He’s a bit too shy to sing to you; though he’s got such a sweet singing voice that you’ve heard countless times before.  Instead, he would simply offer himself up as a pillow and wrap his arm around you as you snuggle into him before running a hand relaxingly through your hair or lightly up and down your back, cooing sweet nothings as you drift off to sleep in his arms.  I volunteer as tribute!

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Zelo: This one was another hard one to place.  I definitely see him being very careful not to disturb you while you’re trying to sleep, but he’d want to make the most of your time together.  I also see this shy little squishy being very affectionate and cuddly with his s/o, so he would remain by your side (perhaps only with the exception of the time spent to make you a hot cup of tea to help you sleep) and making a little spoon out of you as you lie down and attempt to fall into your dreams.

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Sneak PV: AkaFuri College!AU

Because I’m bored and procrastinating af I decided to share with you another little sneak peek at this monstrous AkaFuri College AU I’m working on. If you’re worried that I’ll have sneak previewed the whole thing before I even finish it, worry not! I am currently on 9K AND NOT EVEN HALFWAY DONE I NEED HELP. Shout out to genderqueerfuri because it’s their fault that I’m so obsessed with loser!Akashi and now I have this potentially 15K+ monstrosity (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Anyway, please read and let me know your opinions? It’s kinda my first time writing Reo too.

Later that night, Seijuurou was staring intently at his phone, Furihata’s number shining on the screen. His hands trembled lightly. His last attempt to call Furihata had resulted in utter and absolute failure and he was unsure of whether he would manage himself better this time. He looked up at Reo, who gave him a thumbs up and he pressed the call button.

The line beeped twice and clicked.

This is Furihata.”

Seijuurou froze up. He didn’t know what it was about Furihata’s voice in the phone that made it really hard to think straight. He actually found it harder to speak with him on the phone than in person. Perhaps the fact that he sounded so close, almost as if he were whispering in his ear, and he could imagine his body heat seeping into his skin and…

Hello? Is anybody there?

He opened his mouth and managed to produce an odd guttural sound but nothing more. He looked at Reo again, slightly panicked, and was surprised to see his friend holding a small whiteboard with words written on it. It took him a few seconds to understand, but he finally read the words out loud.

“Hello. This is Akashi Seijuurou.”

Reo gave him another thumbs up and started wiping the text away.

“Oh, Akashi-kun! I didn’t have your number so I didn’t know it was you.”

His eyes quickly searched  for the whiteboard and the words Reo had written on it.

“I was calling so we could settle on the details of our previous agreement.”

“Ah, sure, of course. I have classes all day on Monday and Thursday and I work part-time on Saturday, but any other day I’m free after lunch time. When’s good for you?”

He mouthed at Reo asking when he had free time on his schedule because for the life of him he could not possibly remember what classes he was taking, let alone when or whatever other commitments he might have. Reo mouthed back at him and he parroted it to the phone while his friend rushed to write something.

“H-hold on a moment.”

In his nervousness, he didn’t even stop to consider the words written on the whiteboard and just read them out loud without thinking.

“Sunday ‘s when you meet your fath-“he bit his tongue. “I mean, I, I can not make it on Sunday, but any other day should be alright.” He wanted to slap himself in the forehead. What a pathetic display he was making. Reo looked like he was having a stroke from second-hand embarrassment.

Great! So is it okay if we start on Tuesday? The sooner the better?” Furihata’s voice came light and cheerful, so wonderfully well-intentioned and blissfully unaware of the storm going on in Seijuurou’s head.

Seijuurou nodded furiously, momentarily forgetting that the other man could not see him, and incapable of uttering even the extremely simple word he should.

Reo’s eyes widened in disbelief and he quickly wrote a short sentence on the board.

“Yes, that would be fine.”

“Alright! So where do you want us to meet? Normally the library or the study room would be fine, but I don’t think we can properly talk and discuss things there, and maybe the cafeteria is too loud to study… uh… we could use my place but it would be really cramped and I have a roommate who could interrupt us… uhm, do you have any ideas?”

His nostrils flared. He had considered this possibility, hoped for it to come to happen, but now that the opportunity was right in front of him, he was, as expected, completely incapable of forming a coherent thought. He looked at Reo and was surprised to see his friend had foreseen the direction of the conversation and written an according response.

“I have a single room in the dormitories. It is not far from campus, so if it were fine by you, we could meet here.”

Furihata chuckled, making some bubbles burst in Seijuurou’s stomach. “I didn’t know Akashi-kun lived in the dorms too, that’s quite a coincidence.

“Uh… uh-huh…”

Okay, so we’re settled then. Send me your building and room number and I’ll meet you there on Tuesday at… would six in the afternoon be alright?

“Y-yes… yes that would uh… be alright…” Why had Reo stopped writing? Hadn’t he realized that even these extremely simple phrases were absurdly difficult to come up with in his current state of mind?

Cool, I’ll see you then.”

His brain was telling him it was time to use a basic good-bye phrase, but that same brain refused to provide him one. ‘I’ll look forward to it’? No, too obvious. ‘Sure, see you’? Too casual. ‘Good-bye’? Too formal. ‘Farewell’? Too ominous. And now he’d been quiet for too long and Furihata would definitely discover what a disaster he was. He looked at Reo, who still seemed a little in disbelief, but mouthed something he could repeat at the phone.

“See you on Tuesday.”

Sure, bye!

The line clicked shut.

“Seriously, Sei-chan, sometimes I just don’t know what to do with you.”

He didn’t pay any mind to his friend’s words, relishing in the fluttery feeling blossoming in his chest.   A small smile pulled at the corners of Seijuurou’s lips. Tuesday. Tuesday was barely one weekend away.

Date me.

I have a lot of time on my hands as it would seem, and I’m not the type of person to just sit around and do nothing. So today, I went on a Tinder date.

Actually, let me rephrase that, it was not a date. I met with someone who had mutual friends with me for a coffee (who I met on Tinder). Hey, don’t judge, I’m bored and curious!

So I met up with this guy, he was a little older and works for a prominent media company here in Sydney. I’ll be 100% honest when I say that I have no intention of anything romantic with this fella, he just seemed like a very interesting person. We met up, we chatted, we talked about what we do, traveling, the city and our mutual friend, and we both went on our way.

THIS is what I’ve missed. I miss being in a city where you can just meet someone who is interesting, have a coffee and chat, learn about them and be on your way. I think I will catch up with him again (as mates), he seemed like a nice guy. Ahhh, to be back in the big city dating world again… Not that this was a date… You know what I mean!

So, I recruited Hancock

As always, had some interesting things happen.

First, I followed him out onto the balcony ‘cuz I wanted a front row seat to his speech this time dammit.

And apparently Nick got bored and decided that messing with his hand with a screwdriver would be more interesting.

I didn’t raise you to act like that, that’s r00d.

Second, Hancock fucking locked the door and left me out on the balcony after his speech, that turdburger.

This is probably your fault, Nick.


Literally a couple seconds after I get him in my group he immediately goes and sits down.


I actually said that out loud too, and when I did he just looks up at me and gives me this grin

This little fucker

Anyway, I immediately went to pick up Paladin Danse since I’ve been informed that I can do that and for some reason didn’t stop to think about bringing Hancock into BoS headquarters because um.


Anyway, this was the first time I’d been there since the Fort Strong quest so Maxson jumps into this huge fucking speech and I just look over and

He’s just chilling like “mom this is boring af can we leave now”


The speech ends and on the way to find Paladin Danse I manage to lose Hancock and when I go looking I find him iN THE FUCKING CONTROL ROOM

Stop touching things dammit you’re gonna kill us all

I turn in my documents to this guy and naturally he decides the best thing for him to do is SIT IN HIS CHAIR AND DRINK

And give me that “mom can wE GO NOW” look AGAIN


Daddy!Luke Grocery Shopping


Requested: Yes

Warning: Cutest Overload :-)

Summary: Daddy!Luke takes his baby girl to the grocery store. 

A/N: Sorry its so short lovelies! My request box is open :) 

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It was about the time of week that normal families dread. Grocery Shopping. You, on the other hand, really looked forward to grocery shopping. You would always make it a required family outing because doing something boring with people you think are hilarious is not boring at all. You would stand behind and push the cart and look at the list, the one you had to make sure to write or you knew you would forget, while Luke would walk in front holding your four-year-old daughter, Aria’s hand. Ari absolutely loved to help pick the groceries off of the shelf, but because she was so short, Luke would stand next to her and grab the items off of the shelf for her and give them to her so she could place them in the cart. It was quite a process and shopping took forever but it was extremely worth it to watch the man-giant interact with his princess. Sometimes, on special occasions, Luke would place Aria on his shoulders so she could reach the up-high items as well. 

“Okay darlings, we need noodles! The long stringy ones! Can you grab them for me Ari?” You ask your daughter as she nods happily, her long blonde hair swishing around as she does so. Luke chuckles as he watches his daughter look frantically through the shelves to find the pasta. After a few minutes she finally spots them on the top shelf. “Daddy?” Aria tugs on his pant leg. “Yes Bug?” Luke looks up from his phone and Ari points to the noodles and pouts. “Don’t pout my little bug, I will get them for you.” He smiles cutely while he reaches up and easily grabs the string pasta before handing them to the small child so she can stand on her tip-toes to put them in the cart. The rest of the shopping went the same way and about an hour later, you, Luke and Ari were all standing at the cash register. Luke had your daughter resting on his hip as he helped you grab the items from the buggy to the conveyer belt. She rested her head in the crook of his neck and her thumb was plopped in her mouth as you watched her eyes slowly droop.
You giggled slightly as you took a peek at the lady working the cash register. You could tell she was in her late teens or early twenties and you could also tell she was trying to keep her composure. Her name tag read ‘Jessie’.
“H-hello Mr. and Mrs.Hemmings. How are you this afternoon?”
“We are great! Thank you for asking love.” Luke smiled politely as he handed me his wallet to grab his card. His hands were a little full to do it himself.
Jessie blushed a deep red and continued to bag the items.
“Your daughter is the cutest.” She blurted out and Luke answered a well-mannered thank you as he slightly bounced the child in his arms, trying to get her to fall asleep for good.
After packing all the bags of groceries back into the cart, you walk to your car with Luke right behind, carrying the sleeping toddler in his arms.
You hear him whisper, “It’s time for your nap little bug, go back to sleep.” Smiling at your husbands attitude towards your daughter, you realize you’re just about as pooped as she is. What an eventful day for the Hemmings family.


I had some real hope during the first couple episodes of this season, I did. Emily, after being sidelined from the main mystery for most of 6A and shunted off into a subplot where she fell for the boring and obviously evil Shower Shark, was interesting again!  In the five years of the time jump, she lost her dad, dropped out of college, burned through all her money, and became a bartender.  She came back to Rosewood with a cover story about the Salk Institute and a nihilistic no fucks to give attitude.

And then…..nothing.  I mean, she got her eggs stolen, and Ali held her hand in the hospital, and she helped Aria with a golf club heist, her mom busted her on the faux-photo of her graduation, she was mildly menaced by Harvey Hands, she was stared at by the mailman, she almost got mowed down by a monster truck while getting her fingerprints all over a possible murder weapon, after which explored the train tunnel underneath Radley and got her boob grabbed by Hanna, then investigated a shady garage and eventually twisted Mona’s arm to get the info that she called Charlotte from the Two Crows, which culminated in her flirt and grab caper with Spencer.

But of these various storylines, the only one that’s all Emily’s is the stolen eggs. (Which the other Liars barely bother to count when they’re tallying their hospital visits for the half-season.)

Where is the Emily who put on Wayne’s army jacket and went to the shooting range post-Doll House?  Hopefully she’s off somewhere flying around with the real Alison in her plane, because current show Emily is like:

Compare Emily’s saga to Spencer, who’s had her mother’s campaign, her feelings for Caleb, suspicion of Melissa, phone hijinks with Mona and Yvonne, Toby drama, the potential leak of her mom’s medical records, Caleb taking the fall for Yvonne’s leaked abortion info, the term paper she wrote for Murder 101, a stint as a cat burglar that led to the discovery of the Radley plans and Aria’s trip to Narnia, and the eventual discovery of the Mary Drake paperwork. (Notice how Spencer has so much going on, Operation Flirt & Grab doesn’t even make the list.)

Compare it to Aria, who has the Liam/Ezra triangle, the book that she decides to write for Ezra and then with him, her suspicious seeming walk about the night Charlotte died, her fear that Ezra or her dad killed Charlotte and the resulting Great Golf Club Goose Chase 2016, her parental relationship drama, her internet ordination that results in her marrying not only Ella and Byron but also Ali and Rollins, her Team Sparia plan that results in the trip to Narnia, her time in the police line up which leads to her bush spying and coffee spill sleuthing, and then she gets s’mored by the Smart Loft and almost burned to death.

Compare it to Hanna, who has her demanding boss and fashion job that she got fired from, a will they/won’t they dynamic with her rich and toothy fiance, sad face all over the place whenever Spaleb is in sight, the erasing of the security footage, the offensive plan (which was half-Aria, but again, Aria has so much going on it didn’t make her list) to strike at ‘A’ via the fake drive, a million dollar business offer and a free stay at the Murder Loft courtesy of Lucas, and finally her big fake out Evil Emoji plan that results in her getting kidnapped through a hole in the floor.   

Now I’ve always said that I would not mind having one or more of the Liars be single - who has time for tons of romantic drama when you’re being almost murdered all the time?  So this isn’t entirely a rant about the lesbian character getting the smallest piece of the relationship pie, it’s about the show being unable to figure out what to do with a character other than serve up relationship drama.

Our flashbacks to the previous five years have been: Hanna and Caleb getting catty in an alley; Spencer and Toby having their pregnancy scare; Spencer and Caleb and the little dog print in Europe; Hanna running through the rain (because that’s always fixes longstanding relationship problems) to try and win Caleb back; Hanna and Melissa throwing shade and phones in a London bathroom; Aria listening to Byron and Ella having a Charlotte-related fight; a flashback/imaginary blue lit Ezria book scene of him leaving Nicole in a huff and a puff and a grinding of gears; and the group scene of what happened to Harvey Hands that night as told by Spencer to Caleb.

Who has no flashbacks to show for this half season?  That’s right - Emily Fields!  Because dropping out of college and the death of your father are far less important and interesting in terms of character development than the bonanza of romantic drama engulfing all the straight characters on the show! Seriously?  This is like the show basically indicating that nothing happened to Emily in the past five years that’s worth showing us, not because ‘A’ was on a lunch break, but because she wasn’t hooking up with anyone (and she’s not fancy enough to run into Melissa in London, and her dad is dead so her parent’s can’t fight about ex-stalkers). What kind of message is this?

So now, if we are talking about a show that only knows what to do with itself if it’s forcing the cast to square dance (Switch yo partners!  Round and round!) amid shipper drama, that actually makes it way worse that the Last Lesbian Standing has nothing to do but hang out like:

We’re looking at a show this season which has seriously been 80% relationship stuff, 20% mystery.

So let’s run a check on the distribution of love interests, shall we?

Spencer: Caleb (dating, having sex with), Toby (jealous of, making puppydog eyes at)

Aria: Liam (boyfriend, kissing, having sex with), Ezra (ex-boyfriend, also kissing and presumably having sex with in the finale)

Hanna: Jordan (engaged to, having the sex), Caleb (ex-boyfriend, kissing), Lucas (living in loft of as perk of giant residual high school crush / obsession) 

Emily: Sometimes holds hands with Alison, hugs Alison, tells Alison she loves her, then lets her commit herself to a mental hospital.  

(And lest we get too carried away by all this epic non-romance,  let’s not forget that Alison responds to all these breadcrumbs of affection by snuggling, smooching, and MARRYING Dr. Rollins.)

Which is to point out that all other Liars had two (or more) love interests, and Emily got like, a quarter of one.  Let alone the fact that Hanna has two different millionaires who want nothing more than to take care of her forever (or make a suit out of her skin, you never know)!

Honestly, Emily has been more sidekick than main character this season. She’s around to be back up when the other Liars get up to some mischief, but she’s way more supportive best friend than active agent this season.  

Of course I still want Emison to be endgame, but ideally I’d like it to be for actual reasons and not because everyone is out of ideas.  I’d like for Alison and Emily to have arcs that lead them back to each other.  Sure, maybe Ali is in such an arc right now, and she’ll realize that she married Dr. Evil and that Emily is her OTP.  And if that happens - great!  But I’d really like Emily to have actual important vital-to-the-main-plot things to do while it’s coming full circle.   

She better start off 7a by throwing a moltov cocktail through the window of that mental hospital to bust Alison out, that’s all I’m saying.  It’s still important to have a lesbian main character on the show, but she needs to be written as a main character, not a house plant with legs.

Witch Tip

I’m new to witchcraft, but this is something I’ve discovered that works pretty well.

I often get feelings of pin pricks and burning on my body because this little sneaky bitch witch has a poppet of me she likes to play with when she’s bored. Not an assumption, it’s a fact. She let me know about it for “fun”. 

SO, since I’m not well-practiced in spellwork, and I don’t have many ingredients because I’m broke as hell, I’ve had a hard time getting rid of the damn annoyances she’s sending my way.

BUT… Just now I had a pin prick in my middle finger on my right hand that shot all the way to my wrist. It was really effing painful. Then the thought occurred to me to put ice on it. I held a piece of ice in my left hand and charged it with the best energies I could muster and imagined it to be like a magnet for the needle in my poppet. Then I held it to my fingertip until it was a bit numb, and slowly pulled it away–imagining it was attached to the needle and pulling it out as well.

You know what? Immediately felt better! It’s been about a half hour and my fingertip still feels like I have a little prick on it, but the rest of my hand and wrist feels completely normal!

Just a little tip for any of you who might have the same situation going on. :)