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character design by @cheapcookiez!

animated by me~! ^^

can’t wait for the game to come out ;;w;; decided to animate poods from one of your adorable drawings aaa <33 really glad how this came out! idk what else to say i was just bored hngn

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I got bored and decided to try headcannons.
These definitely fall under crack.

Loki headcannons:

-10/10 sass queen

-will vouch for you, but still reek havoc (cos he’s the God of mischief)

-ride or die, he literally would die for you, you’re his world, his future queen.

-takes things to heart, like jokes, does not understand midguardian jokes.

-“knock knock”
-“is there someone at the door,love?”
-“no Loki, it’s a joke ”
-“then what is this knock knock you speak of?”


-literally almost burnt the house down trying to make toast, this poor little bean.

-overly protective of you

-“Loki, they were just walking by”
-“but the way they looked at you, it was suspicious”

-sometimes a little too serious

-like one time you tried to have a pillow fight with him and he got angry because he was wearing his ‘good robes’

-has a tiny bit of hatred towards the sisterly/brotherly relationship you have with his brother Thor.

-thinks it’s a bit cute to watch you try to pick up mjölnir

-keeps close eyes on you, even if he’s not there.

-“Loki why did I find a frost giant in my bathroom?”
-“he’s just making sure you’re fine,love”
-“do you think I’m gonna fucking die from taking a shit?”
-“love I don’t enjoy the harsh language you use”

-he’s a cute smol bean.but so are you.

-he seems tough, but in reality crushes under pressure.

-like the time Clint was sparring with him and he got upset because of the trash talking Clint was throwing towards him.

-still wants to rule the world, but this time with you by his side.

-even after dating for so long, he still gets a tad bit blushy from kisses or hugs.

-you both are literal couple goals.

-like the way he treats you, it would make anyone jealous at the site.

-did I mention the fact that he would poof you anywhere you wanted to go??

-Paris? Poof
-Japan? Poof
-Russia for some reason? Poof

-his parents literally adore you.

-your fights are probably the funniest thing.

-“since when were defecations holy?”

-trying not to crack up in those types of situations.

-there have been probably no serious moments.

-did you say prank wars?

-like be prepared for never ending prank wars.


A/N: Sad to say there’s little to none of pervy Ben in this chapter but we do get a rather fluffy Ben who’s too cute for his own good along with a third wheel Hux….which sounds funny but whatever, here’s the new CB! Enjoy and thank you for reading! Feed back is welcomed :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 4K+

“Thanks for joining me today.” Taking a sip of your drink from the straw, you gave Ben a smile. “I mean, I don’t mind going alone but since I went a little wild on shopping I at least had you to hold my bags.” Shrugging, Ben’s eyebrows raised as he let out a small gasp.

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windy day in paris
aka, rin got bored and should be doing homework but decided to make a smol gif instead because she can
im trying a new program because I was scooting around on tumblr and saw a free art program that is decently good and also helps w animation so why nottt
this was actuallly pretty fun!! I might try more stuff sometime o:

Anon submission. This is a bit disgusting and I won’t apologize…

All work and no play makes Dean an annoying boy

“Dude, I get you’re bored but I’m trying to read!” You point to the book in front of you.

“Why? That’s Sam’s job.” He certainly looks like a child with his face resting on his fist.

You sigh. “Sam had to drive to Lawrence’s library to get one specific book, because they didn’t have it here, so I decided to help him a little bit.” Dean shuts up and you go back to reading.

“Hey!” Dead says after a few little seconds of silence. “I know of a way you can help me get over my boredom.”

You look up from the brownish page and he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively. “Tempting, but no. I’m on my period.” You blink and shake your head.

“So,” he says like’s nothing. “That never stopped us before. We just need to look for one of Sam’s flannels to lay on the bed and-”

“I know,” you stop him. “It’s Just- it’s the first day and I’m super bloated.”

Dean hand reaches across the table to take one of yours at the same time his eyes meet yours and he speaks in a soothing tone. “People say that when the stake bleeds, you need to turn it-”

“You better not finish that sentence, Winchester!” you interrupt again gripping his hand painfully. “Or I’ll swear I’ll make you eat it!”

“I was a vampire, for a little bit,” he whispers licking his lips.


Dean laughs, pulling his hand from yours, “I love that face you make when you’re all grossed out.”

“Fuck you!”

“Hey! We just need to go to Sam’s closet.” He shrugs.

PROFESSOR REN // masterlist

Request: Hi, can I request a college/professor kylo au? One where youre his student and he really likes you but cant really do anything about it so hes stuck trying to figure out what to do?

A/N: tbh I’m so glad I finally got to write this thing bc I’ve been thinking about it for a while now (all thanks to fuckin midnight special) and I’ve decided to make it a two parter bc I had a bunch of ideas for it. Also, can we talk about how fucking cute Adam was as Sevier? I’m dead……..anyways, enjoy! [requests are open!]

Warning: None…?

Word Count: 3.7K+

Throughout the few semesters you had been in college, never had you seen a professor under the age of fifty, let alone, forty. It was a rarity to see young professors in your college, almost as if the university didn’t want candidates that weren’t young because they possibly weren’t qualified enough for the spot. As much as you understood as to why they’d do such thing, you had wished they would’ve dropped it.

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Making you Laugh

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 2 325
Reader has to ‘babysit’ Kai all day so he doesn’t do something stupid and Kai spends the entire day trying to get Reader to laugh… 

*not my gif

Caroline had called Y/N into the Salvatore Boarding House early this morning saying it’s an ‘emergency’.
When Y/N arrived there and walked inside , she nearly tried to turn back and walk away.
“What is he doing here?” she asked as her eyes fell on Kai who was innocently sitting on the couch playing with some figurine in his hands. He turned towards her and waved.
“Caroline … what …” she started to say as Caroline pulled her away to the side.
“We need you to watch with him today.” Caroline said , Y/N’s eyes widening.
“What ? No! Have you lost your mind ? I am not -”
“Yes you are.” Caroline interrupted her. “Look , Damon and I have to go pick up some things for Jo’s wedding… and someone has to watch him so he doesn’t go killing some innocent person just cuz they pissed him off.”
“You want me  to ‘babysit’ him ?” Y/N asked incredulous in a hushed voice glancing at Kai who was innocently sitting on the sofa looking around and touching things , annoying Damon. “No.” she shook her head pushing her way past Caroline , but Caroline blocked her way. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Why me ?”
“Because he likes you.” Caroline said.
“No,  he doesn’t. He doesn’t like anyone and you know that.” Y/N snapped back.
“No , no…  I think he does … or at least doesn’t hate you as much as the rest of us.” Caroline said rubbing Y/N’s shoulder. “It will be fine. We won’t be long.”
Y/N sighed. “There is no way to talk you out of this ridiculous idea is it ?”
“Nope.” said Damon dragging Caroline behind him. “Let’s go blondie.”

* * *

Y/N shut the door after Caroline and Damon left but when she turned around found Kai standing a step away from her. She jumped back a little.
“Hi.” he said grinning.
“Jeez, Kai … Don’t do that.” Y/N said , pushing her way past him. Kai followed her , a few steps behind her.
“Come on Y/N. There is no reason today can’t be fun.” he said brushing his hand against her waist.
Y/N stopped and turned around so abruplty , Kai nearly bumped into tackling them both over to the ground. She put her hands on his chest pushing him away.
“Look , Kai. I don’t like you , but for some reason my friends have decided that you need a babysitter and that I am the person for the job…” she said trying to sound calm but they’ve been alone in the house for less than 5 minutes and Kai was already starting to get on her nerves.  "So here is how today will go - I’ll go get a nice book from the shelf and sit on the sofa to read… and you will sit quiet , not doing stupid things.“
“Ouuchh..” Kai said mockingly. “You know there are about a dozen other things we can do … Play chess or do shots or -”
“Kai … ” she interrupted him. “If I promise to do one thing you want later ,  would you just please let me read my book?” There was no way to shut him up and Y/N surprised herself saying that.
Kai grinned. “Deal.”
Y/N sighed , taking her book from one of the shelf , tossing herself onto the sofa , Kai sitting on the other side. She opened the book and started to read.
A few minutes passed , Y/N kept glancing at Kai to make sure he hadn’t quietly left the room or something. He was starring at her. Y/N tried to ignore him but every time she glanced at him , he was still starring at her. She flipped the next page and tried to concentrate on the book.  Just when she thought that maybe he’d listen and actually stay quiet … “You are so boring.” Kai said breaking the silence. Y/N glanced at him again and found him more near the fireplace playing with some vase.“I see why they left you to ‘babysit’ me. They probably think you can bore me to death.”
“Ha.Ha. Funny.” she said scastically. “Would you put that down please? Damon would kill me if he comes home and finds out something has happened to his things….”
“No , he won’t. They all like you , even tho you are a human which still doesn’t explain why they decided to leave you with me today…” he thought about it for a moment and shrugged his shoulders. “I could gut you and no one would even hear your screams.”
“Kai ..” Y/N said taking a deep breath. “I thought you promised to keep quiet while I read… ”
He made a gesture as if to zip his lips and sat back on the sofa. Y/N returned her attention to the book , but 5 minutes later when she glanced up Kai wasn’t there.
What the …  she thought. Y/N shoot up confused looking around the room and then suddenly saw him slowly popping up from behind the sofa , only his eyes showing at first. He was grinning , she was sure of it. Kai glanced at her and winked before dissapearing again.
“What are you doing ?” she asked.
“Trying to get you to laugh. Isn’t it obvious? You are too serious for your own good.” he said.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “I am not 'too serious for my own good’…” she said , a crinkle showing on her face.
“Yes , you are. ” he said , his gaze drifting to something behind her. “I will make you laugh.” Kai said , determination in his voice.
Y/N locked eyes with him for a moment. “Good luck with that.” she said getting up and walking over to one of the small tables. “You wanna play games ? Lets play games..” she said waving a chess board in the air. Kai grinned.
“Finally , something fun !” he said. “If I had to watch you read that book for 5 more minutes , I might’ve had to toss myself off the Wickery Bridge.”
Y/N rolled her eyes.
They sat on the floor , Y/N ordering the chess pieces and Kai helping her. He kept glancing at her smiling.
“You will lose tho..” he said suddenly. “I just hope you won’t cry when you do , I hate it when people do that.”
Y/N scoffed. “Please.. I always win.” she said glancing at him. There was determination in Kai’s eyes… “Black or white?” she asked.
“Black. White ones always go first and I am a gentleman.” he said winking at her.
Y/N glanced at him , the corner of her mouth twitching for a second. In the end he was probably get his wish and make her laugh , as much as she didn’t want to admit it.

They played chess for a while. Y/N actually having fun watching Kai concentrating and trying to figure out what her next move is going to be. At first the game went well for her but soon after Kai figured out her strategy and now he was 2 moves away from beating her.
“Checkmate.” he announced , a grin on his face. “I win. You are not going to start crying now are you ?” he asked , a hint of amusement in his voice.
“No. You won fair and square. Congratulations.” she said getting up. “I’m going to the kitchen , do you want something?”
“I’ll come with you… Don’t want you hurting yourself and getting blamed for it later.”  he said.
“Oh-kay then.” Kai followed her to the kitchen and his eyes lit up.
“Yum , cupcakes !” he said grabbing a chocolate cupcake from the counted. “Love those !”
Y/N suppressed a smile. He was like a little kid , swishing his finger on the frosting on top licking his finger.
“Want some?” he asked after noticing Y/N was starring at him. She just shook her head and opened the fridge to get out some orange juice. It took her a moment to find it , she took it and closed the fridge but …  when she turned around something squishy smashed her in the face.
“Boop !” Kai said amused. Kai had smacked a cupcake on her face , frosting covering her nose. Y/N  locked gaze with him , pressing her lips in a thin line trying very hard not to laugh.
“Oh come on , that was funny !” he said disappointed , wiping some of the frosting from her face before reaching for some wipes and cleaning it all off her face.
Y/N stood there mesmerized by his eyes , forgetting for a moment she didn’t like him.  
“Y/N?” Kai’s voice snapped her back to reality. “Are you OK? I cleaned it all , I promise …”
“Yeah yeah , I’m fine.” she said , pouring herself a glass with orange juice.
Y/N didn’t want to admit it but she was starting to like him a little. He wasn’t so bad when he wasn’t going off killing people… then again all her friends were vampires who have done things just as awful.
Maybe I judged him too fast. she thought.
“You are not going to make this easy on me , are you?” he said suddenly serious.
“Nope.” she said “But you are going to pay for smashing that cupcake in my face…”
“Oh am I ? Can’t wait.” he said amused.
Y/N suppressed a smile. There she was planning to get back at him and Kai couldn’t wait.
“Wanna play another game of chess?” she asked suddenly. “I wan’t a rematch.”
“You are going to make me lose , is that it ?” he laughed. “You really are boring.” he said getting out of the kitchen.
Oh yes , I am very boring. she thought , a smirk on her face.
“You go ahead , I’ll be right back.”  she called out after him and ran upstairs to one of the many bedrooms , grabbing two pillows. When she got downstairs , Kai had already ordered the chess pieces and was sitting with his back to her. He hadn’t even heard her come in.
“What the -” he said suddenly ,  knocking over half the chess pieces on the chessboard. “What was that for ?” he asked , a spark of anger in his yes.
Y/N just smacked him with the pillow again , her lips pressed in a thin line.
“That ..” she said sitting on the floor next to him. “.. was for smashing that cupcake in my face.”
Y/N started ordering the chess pieces again when Kai hit her with the other pillow.
“If that was your payback …Why are there two pillows?” he asked with a little smirk. She didn’t answer , just looked at him as if daring him to try and hit her again.
Kai seemed to figure out he was about to get what he wanted and he hit her again , knocking her over. Y/N reached with her hand trying to grab the other pillow but there was nothing there. Kai had grabbed it and was hiding it behind his back.
“Ohhh…did you want that?” he said mockingly. “Come and get it.”
Y/N took a deep breath , her eyes still locked on his and launched for him but he kept the pillow out of her reach. He was enjoying himself so much , he got distracted for a second and she finally grabbed the pillow knocking him on the floor , feathers flying everywhere.
Kai eyes lit up. “Come on … you know you want to laugh.” he said seeing her trying hard to stop the smile that was trying to find a way to show on her face. The more she stared at him the harder it got. Kai left his pillow on the side , suddenly looking all distracted as if he was thinking about something and in the next moment he tackled Y/N on the ground tickling her.
“Laugh,  please laugh ! ” he said laughing and Y/N couldn’t contain herself anymore and started laughing uncontrollably. Kai laughing along with her.
“Finally !” he said tickling her stomach. She tried to push him off her but Kai was two steps ahead of her. “Oh , is someone ticklish?” he said grinning.
“No. I’m not.” she said laughing , nearly out of breath finally able to push him off of her. She got up straightened her shirt and fixed her hair , sort of. Y/N took a deep breath looking all serious. “I’m not ticklish…” she said turning around trying to get ouf the house to get some fresh air but Kai came after her chasing her.
“I’m gonna get you!” he said laughing.
Oh , God.  she thought and ran down the hallway making a few turns , Kai at her feet laughing , before she found her way back to the living room. She grabbed a pillow and hit him.
“Hahahah” she started laughing , Kai laughing along with her. “Got ya.”
Y/N had caught him by surprise and for a moment he got all serious, a startled expression on his face before he started laughing again.
“You are not as boring as I thought and you have a nice laugh , should laugh more often.” he said , his eyes glowing with happiness. Suddenly Kai tackled her over and started tickling her again. “But … I am not going to stop tickling you until you admit that you are  ticklish.”
Y/N had to admit it , Kai was fun and it was pretty nice spending time with him.
“Fine fine , I am ticklish.” she said laughing. “Could you maybe stop for a moment , I gotta catch my breath.”

  *   *   *  

The doors opened , Damon and Caroline walked in carrying a few bags and boxes , freezing on the spot with shocked faces.
Kai and Y/N were laughing uncontrollably , Kai on top of her tickling her. Feathers mixed with chess board pieces on the floor around them. They hadn’t even noticed someone had walked in.1
“What is going on here ? Why is the living room such a mess ?”
Y/N and Kai looked at Caroline and Damon , then at each other serious expressions on their faces and then burst out laughing.

NOTE : (to the anon who requested it) 
I’m sorry it took so long , not sure if this is what you wanted but I hope you like it anyways :)


Title: Sleeping Habits Pt. 1

Genre: Smutty Smut Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Kim Joonmyeon

Notes: Not a request, just bored. Look forward to a baek smut too:) I decided to start putting warnings on my works, for those who get triggered so they don’t read my shit. Even tho i hate warnings cause its like spoilers:(

IMPORTANT NOTE: I put the name ‘Mo’ in this piece because i plan to continue this as a series of some sort.

Warnings: Slight Dirty Talk - Hickies - Foul Language


I rubbed my eyes, flipping off the thin blanket of my dorm bed. No one told me that university life would fuck up my sleeping schedule majorly.

I glanced at my kitty clock, reading the cute pink numbers. ‘2:47 AM’. Hey, that’s a record. I haven’t slept that long in months.

I’m deep in my second semester of university, studying to become a veterinarian. I shared a dorm with some highschool friends, and most of them were guys. But I didnt mind. Honestly, I got along better with guys.

Slipping on my slippers that stayed by my bed, I drug my feet lazily to the bathroom. I didn’t make it but to the doorway when I was pushed into the bathroom and the door was shut.

Immediately, lips were pressed to mine and I was set on the sink counter. I pushed the body off, only to meet the hungry eyes of Joonmyeon.

“Jesus Myeon, you scared the fuck out of me!” I yell whispered, hitting his chest. Joonmyeon smirked. “You don’t have to whisper.” He said. “Everyone went out to get breakfast early before their classes. Its just us baby.”

I pouted and blush was brought to my cheeks. “Don’t call me that.. someone can still be here..” I rubbed my shoulder shyly.

Me and Joonmyeon had been screwing around for what seemed to be a few weeks now. I knew it was breaking a fuckton of rules, but he was so addicting. He majored in business managing, following after his wealthy father. But God, did he look sexy in a suit.

“Joonmyeon if you aren’t more careful we’re gonna get caught.” I said. Myeon ignored me and began to kiss my jawline and neck. I tilted my head to happily give him easy access. “And what would your father think when he finds out you were expelled from university for ‘fucking a dorm mate on campus’?”

Joonmyeon paused, looking up at me. “I’m just having a little fun,” He shrugged. “Live a little, Mo.”

I frowned but let him continue. His lips trailed strawberry kisses to my collar bone, and I was too lost in my thoughts to realize that he planted a bright purple and red hickey right in clear sight. He continued to the dip in my pajama shirt, tugging at the bottom of the fabric. I pulled the fabric off my torso.

He licked his lips, diving subtly in between my breasts. It always made Myeon happy when I slept without a bra. His lips cascaded every inch of skin, leaving my chest shiny with saliva.

His kisses trailed down my stomach, to my navel. He reached my shorts. “Joonmyeon..” I whispered as he teased. He bit the edge of the fabric.
“What is it baby? Hmm? You can tell me. Nobody’s here.”

I whimpered, running my fingers through his hair. “Please..” I whined. He could be such a brat sometimes.

“Please what? Say it baby.” He hummed through the fabric and the vibrations hit my clit. “Please fuck me..” I mumbled. He grazed his teeth up my shorts enough for me to feel the friction. “I can’t hear you. Louder, darling.”

“Joonmyeon please fuck me.” I whispered a bit louder. He sighed, sitting up. “Why so quiet, babygirl. Nobody can hear you..” He trailed off, his fingers lightly ran up my thighs. He hooked one under my shorts and dragged them off my ankles. He slipped his fingers under my panties, feeling how wet i was for him.

“Your words are telling me you don’t want it.. but your pussy is telling me another thing.. which one is it darling?” He flicked my clit and i whimpered.

“Joonmyeon, just fuck me already!” I whined, clutching his shoulders and throwing my head back. “Good girl..” He purred.

He picked me up by my hips and set me on the floor facing the sink and mirror. He pushed my panties to the side. I ran my fingers over the swollen hickey on my neck and whined. “Joonmyeon.. everyone’s gonna see-”

I yelped, words caught in my throat as Joonmyeon shoved his full length into me. My fingers turned white as they gripped the sides of the sink. He was so big, how did he expect me to adjust that quickly?

Joonmyeon stayed put, a breathy moan leaving his lips. “So- uggh.. so tight..” He groaned. One of his hands gripped mine on the sink strongly while the other shakily calmed down my trembling thighs.

“Myeon.. it hurts..” I whimpered. He kissed my ear and whispered sweetly, “I know babygirl, but you have to get used to my cock sooner or later..” His breath was still wavering and he slowly pulled out.

Being stretched, I whimpered and whined. He continued to peck my ear, then my neck, then my shoulder. He created a slow rhythm with his hips, small moans leaving his mouth.

The pain morphed to pleasure quicker than before and i found myself begging for him to speed up. His hips sped and he leaned up, one hand now on my shoulder and the other spreading my ass so he could watch his actions.

“Yeah.. good girl..” He praised. I bit my lip and leaned up, pressing my back to his chest. I knew he loved the way that position felt and looked. He watched in the mirror, his parted lips pressed to my ear so i could hear his rapid breathing. He reached around to fondle my breast.

His hand slid across my stomach and below to my clit. He circled his thumb, his hips bucking faster and more erratically. “I’m so close..” I moaned, letting my head fall back onto his shoulder. He sucked on my neck, leaving yet another hickey but I could have cared less. My legs started to shake and my stomach tightened.

“Cum baby, cum now.” He whispered, biting my earlobe and rubbing my clit in quick circles. I closed my eyes to see white flashes. My stomach fell undone and i let my juices drip out and onto his and my legs. I heard a loud groan from Myeon and he bucked roughly, pulling out and smearing his white pleasure onto my back.

Once i felt a pulse in my neck, i turned to him. “You realize, I’m on the pill. You didn’t have to pull out.” I chuckled, but Joonmyeon didn’t seem very impressed.

“Fucking hell.” He cursed, pulling back up his joggers. He threw me his shirt.

“Come and lay with me before our classes.” He said once i put the shirt on. I turned. “But my underwe-”

He tugged me to the bed, pushing me on it and falling on top of me. “It can wait.” He mumbled sleepily with his face pressed into my neck. I smiled and got comfortable. Quickly falling asleep.

I think I found the solution for my sleeping schedule.




(Y/n) sat with the story book in her hands, tracing the pages fondly.

“Which story do you want?” She asked quietly, glancing at the boy who sat far away from her, glaring at her.

“How about none” he smirked, leaning back in his chair.

“You didn’t want to watch a movie, you didn’t want to play a video game, you didn’t want pizza” she replied, eyes narrowed “We’re doing something! So pick a damn story!”

“How about this one, hmmm?”


“Tell me our story (Y/n)” he chuckled “I gaurantee that’s its different from how I’d tell it”

The girl sighed, closing the book gently and placing it on the bed next to her.

“Once upon a time there was a shy boy who struggled making friends. He sat alone at every lunch and wondered why none of the other children would play with him” she realised he was already hating this, the boy’s eyes darkening “Then one day a new girl moved to his town. This girl was very loud and very friendly. The girl decided to make friends with the shy boy and the two were inseparable. They went everywhere toegther and-”

“This parts awful boring” Henry interupted, faking a yawn “Maybe skip ahead a bit”

“To which point?” the girl asked through gritted teeth.

“The end”


“How does our story end, (Y/n)” he stood up sharply “Because I can tell it wont be happy in any way”


“You’ll probably get sick of constantly having to fight with me, it’ll drive you insane” He started to walk towards her, a dark look in his eye “We’ll get into our biggest argument yet. Maybe I’ll take it too far-”

“Henry you’re scaring me”

“Maybe I’ll hit you”


“Maybe I’ll attack you”


“Maybe I’ll kill you (Y/n)” he was right in front of her now, the two practically nose to nose as he stared her down “Maybe I’ll reach right in here” he placed his hand just above her heart “And rip this out”

“No you won’t”

“What makes you so sure?”

“You said you’d never hurt me”

“Maybe I will”

She let out an unsteady breath, gulping lightly. She had two thoughts. Run. Or stop him. She knew if she ran he would stop, but he would alos stop believing in her. He needed her right now, he needed someone to show him that he had support and not everyone was afraid of him.

“You won’t” she replied, her voice shaking lightly.


She reached forward an inch and kissed him lightly. It was barely even a kiss, more of a quick peck. But it was enough to snap him out of his psychotic rant.

“Because you’re in love with me, and you have been since we were very young” she whispered “And no matter what kind of monster you turn into, you would never hurt anyone you loved”

*Requests are Open*
Spencer Reid Imagine: I’m Flirting With You
Warnings: None
Masterlist: x
Prompt List: x
Send me a number from the list and the name of the person you’d like it with, it can be pretty much anyone!

Stumbling out of the way-too-full Elevator, files carried clumsily in the grasp of both hands, you struggled the way into the main area of the B.A.U, fate-tempting you with the possibility of letting the documents fall out of your grip and across the floor, leaving you with a vision of papers everywhere, luckily, that hadn’t happened just yet. As you finally reached your already cluttered desk, your arms faltered for a moment and the collection of folders slipped through your fingers, hitting the top of your desk. The large sound causing heads to turn momentarily, a passing Garcia pacing her way to your desk to observe the chaos you had just caused.

“Stupid folders anyway, It’s 2016, someone needs to put this all online” you grumbled to yourself, resulting in a chuckle from Garcia as she started to help somewhat recollect the scattered information.

“Actually y/n, it’s going to be a long time before this information is going to be transferred online, they won’t trust me even though I am clearly the best at what I do, they’re still scared someone can hack me, I mean could you believe it, someone hacking me? I-” You shot Garcia a ‘you’ve been rambling for ages’ look and she closed her mouth and picked up the remaining documents.

“Thank you” you sighed, placing the gathered files onto the floor under your desk to get to later, “It’s been a long day, and yes I know it’s only nine, I couldn’t even get my coffee from Rocco’s this morning” Garcia faked a gasp before her phone started to buzz,

“It’s Genius boy, I better go take this, it’s too loud in here, you know where to find me” she winked and slipped away from the busying room leaving you to deal with your morning solo.

There was no case to take this morning, so you had little to do, Prentiss and Morgan were discussing something with Hotch and Reid hadn’t shown up yet so
you decided to visit your friendly neighbourhood technical genius.

“We need to stop meeting like this” you whispered slipping through the door to Garcia’s very bright, very colourful, very Garcia’s, room of technical magic, pausing  as you saw she was in the middle of a phone call.

“Yeah, that’s such a good idea Spence, she’ll really appreciate it, maybe she’d even get the hin-” she stopped instantly when she saw you stood there with a quizful look scratched across your face.

“H-H-Hey y/n” she spoke an emphasis on your name, “Okay well I better go, see you when you’re here, bye Dr Reid” she forced out down the phone before shutting it off to greet you.

“Am I interrupting?” you offered slipping onto Garcia’s desk next to her, pushing a couple pens out of the way.

“Oh no, it was just Spencer, you in need of any wisdom?” she flirted spinning in her chair to look at you, giving you a subtle wink as she did so.

“Oooh, Spencer huh? Is there something going on there, not that I blame you, he’s so dorky but I so would y'know,” you laughed as Garcia’s eyes shot up. “What?” you giggled, “Its just a little crush don’t give me that look” Garcia faced formed a smirk as her phone buzzed once more, she took a few moments to read the message before she spoke,

“Maybe you should tell him, he’s a really nice guy” her words usually would have been light hearted however, her serious tone gave you second thoughts.

Moments later the door swung open making you jump slightly and nearly slip off the desk. “Morning Genius” Garcia smirked, spinning around in her chair to greet him.

“Morning” he retorted only glancing at Garcia for a second before his eyes switched to you.

“Hi y/n, here I, I got you this” he smiled, his arm outstretched to see a coffee in his hand, “Pumpkin spice, just how you like it, I even got it from Rocco’s” he beamed, like a small child proud of himself, as you took the plastic cup from his hand, shuffling along and offering the space next to you on her desk as a seat.

“Here I’ll be back in a second you two wait there” Garcia smiled to herself as she took a random file and left the room, letting silence fill the space.

Looking down, you noticed that not only had Spencer gotten the barista to scribble your name across the cup but also a quickly drawn heart. “nice” you giggled, leaning ever so closer to Spencer and pointing to the heart.

“Oh, I er, yeah, I thought it would be cute” he blushed after his words and scooted a bit closer to you, so his shoulder was almost touching yours. “Garcia mentioned on the phone, you’d had a bit of a rough morning so I decided to make you feel better, you light the room up when you’re happy, without you happy the B.A.U can be really boring, I guess” he paused to look at you “I guess you lighten my day”.

“Spencer, what’s going on with you today? You’re not like this usually” you questioned watching him bit the inside of his cheek. You, like him were a profiler, a good one, it only took a millisecond to read him, the cheek biting suggests he was holding onto something he didn’t want to say.

“I’m flirting with you” he breathed, causing you to turn to look at him before looking down at the drink. “I really like you y/n, and I know that I’m not good with his feelings”

It was Spencer’s turn to look down and as he did so you took the opportunity to kiss his cheek gently, feeling his cheeks heating up under your lips. You ran a hand over one of his much bigger ones. You took a sip of your coffee before speaking, “This coffee is great, maybe tonight after work we could go get some more?” you offered intently watching as his eyes lit up.

“Yeah, definitely, I- I would like that” he smiled, pausing for a moment before placing a small kiss on your cheek in return. “I would really like that”.