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Until My Last Moment

Summary: Thanks to Bucky, during a game of truth or dare the reader is put into a compromising position..which may or may not lead to more fun positions with a certain super soldier later on. 

Word Count:  6028

Author’s note: Guys…SMUTT SO MUCH SMUTT! The reader also has a past with Wade Wilson..so this is kinda a dead pool imagine too? ( but not in the way you guys will think;)~ the reader also has powers!!)

Sam laughed, “ And that was how I lost my virginity..but if that story leaves this room y’all are cold”. The entire room laughed along with him, even though there was only five other people in it.

You all had been bored in between missions and decided to play a game of truth or dare. When alcohol was thrown into the equation, things got dirty real fast. Steve laughed, “ God after hearing that story I don’t think being a virgin is too bad”.

Bucky and Natasha threw you knowing glances, but the blush on your cheeks made things pretty obvious anyways. How could you not have a crush on the most well liked man in all of America?

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I’m trying to decide whether you’re a clue, an accomplice, or an assistant. Who are you? What is this? Have you noticed an acceleration of strangeness in your life as of late? Perhaps a series of intense or extraordinary events, which, as of now, seem unconnected, with the exception of each being separately bizarre? Perhaps every day before now has, for the most part, been humdrum and inane, your life a mundane, unvarying slog through unfulfilling jobs, shallow depression, and boring, boring sex? And then suddenly, today, everything changed, and your life became a swirl of interesting activity?

Hi there, I was a little bored so I decided to make a simple click&drag game// Now I have no way to edit GIF animation and feel really sorry because I’ll have to leave it like that Ooops

Anyway, i hope you’ll enjoy this one, let’s play


1. Best friend;

2. Bullying you;

3. Copies off your class work;

4.  Usually lab partner

5. Your secret crush;

6. Has a crush on you and doesn’t hide it;

7. Cute secret admirer;

8. Ex-boyfriend;

9. Lunch crew (pick 3);

10. Seatmates (pick 2);

11. Walks you home;

12. Your tutor;

13. Asked you to prom;

I got bored and decided to try headcannons.
These definitely fall under crack.

Loki headcannons:

-10/10 sass queen

-will vouch for you, but still reek havoc (cos he’s the God of mischief)

-ride or die, he literally would die for you, you’re his world, his future queen.

-takes things to heart, like jokes, does not understand midguardian jokes.

-“knock knock”
-“is there someone at the door,love?”
-“no Loki, it’s a joke ”
-“then what is this knock knock you speak of?”


-literally almost burnt the house down trying to make toast, this poor little bean.

-overly protective of you

-“Loki, they were just walking by”
-“but the way they looked at you, it was suspicious”

-sometimes a little too serious

-like one time you tried to have a pillow fight with him and he got angry because he was wearing his ‘good robes’

-has a tiny bit of hatred towards the sisterly/brotherly relationship you have with his brother Thor.

-thinks it’s a bit cute to watch you try to pick up mjölnir

-keeps close eyes on you, even if he’s not there.

-“Loki why did I find a frost giant in my bathroom?”
-“he’s just making sure you’re fine,love”
-“do you think I’m gonna fucking die from taking a shit?”
-“love I don’t enjoy the harsh language you use”

-he’s a cute smol bean.but so are you.

-he seems tough, but in reality crushes under pressure.

-like the time Clint was sparring with him and he got upset because of the trash talking Clint was throwing towards him.

-still wants to rule the world, but this time with you by his side.

-even after dating for so long, he still gets a tad bit blushy from kisses or hugs.

-you both are literal couple goals.

-like the way he treats you, it would make anyone jealous at the site.

-did I mention the fact that he would poof you anywhere you wanted to go??

-Paris? Poof
-Japan? Poof
-Russia for some reason? Poof

-his parents literally adore you.

-your fights are probably the funniest thing.

-“since when were defecations holy?”

-trying not to crack up in those types of situations.

-there have been probably no serious moments.

-did you say prank wars?

-like be prepared for never ending prank wars.


It was a stupid idea.

But you never could resist a bet, especially when it came from your best friend. 

You were both at another party, semi tipsy and bored- a combination that always led to situations like this.

“I bet I can make that girl want to fuck me in 20 minutes.” Namjoon’s voice was cocky as he smirked at me running a hand through his freshly dyed pink hair. How he still managed to look punkish and badass with pink hair was beyond you.

“Bullshit. Of course you can, she doesn’t know all your fuck boy tricks like I do.” You teased affectionately taking another sip of your drink. You loved your best friend, he smart and kind guy. He was also a fuckboy who couldn’t keep it in his pants longer than a few days.

“Oh please. It doesn’t matter who it is. I could even make you want my dick if I tried.” He boasted and you had to catch yourself before your mouth dropped open in shock, even as you felt your stomach clench at just the thought of him trying to seduce you.

 You weren’t blind. You knew your best friend was attractive. Legs for days that let him tower over you, full lips perfect for kissing, big strong hands good for more than just making music, and a brain fully capable of coming up with the most panty soaking dirty talk. 

Basically if he wasn’t your best friend you would have started fucking him a long time ago.

“I’m too smart for that.” Was all you said. Because if he knew even you found him attractive you’d never live it down.

Namjoon only smirked before sitting up holding out a hand to you, the one word on his lips that made it impossible for you to back down.


And so you found yourself in back at your apartment, which was thankfully down the street so you didn’t have to drive and the cold air helped both of you sober up. As soon as the Namjoon closed the door he turned to you, ready to start so he could win the bet and rub it in for the foreseeable future. 

If he was eager because he found you just as attractive as he knew you found him, he’d never admit it.

“What are the rules, y/n?” You could feel his eyes on you as you stripped off your leather jacket before facing him, and it made your heart beat faster thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. But you knew if you backed down now you’d die of shame.

“No rules. If you get me to ask you to fuck me in 20 minutes, you win. If you don’t, I win.”  The agreement you both had come up with was if he won you’d have to admit, publicly, that he was good in bed. If you won he’d have to admit, publicly, that he was a fuck boy. At the time it made perfect sense.

Immediately he was in front of you, his large hands gripping your hips and picking you up forcing you to wrap  your legs around his waist before you lost your balance. You couldn’t help but gulp when you felt the hard length of him through his jeans pressing into you. Namjoon saw your reaction and chuckled smugly.

“This is going to be easy.” His cockiness made you stick your chin out stubbornly and glare at him playfully. You had to win. Glancing at the clock you decided to do whatever it took to hold out for 20 minutes.

“We start now, okay fuckboy?” You did your best to your voice bored not wanting to show how much you were getting turned on but you could tell he saw the lust in your eyes. 

“20 minutes is a long time y/n. And I know you, babygirl.” The nickname made your eyes widen in shock. You’d never realized hearing your best friends deep voice call you baby girl would be enough to make you think of him saying it to you in bed. It was right then that you knew you were screwed.

He carried you to your bedroom and laid you down, looking you over from your boyishly cropped hair just long enough to hold onto to your heavy biker boots at the end of your fishnet clad legs. Even if he’d never tell you so you were one of the most attractive women he knew and win or not- having you in bed looking up at him like you were now was enough.

You didn’t know what was happening to you. If it had been any other guy you would have been the one taking the lead, using the guy to get off and kicking him out the door all within an hour. Why was Namjoon different? You decided to try and get back to your old self and take control of the situation.

“Come here, Joonie. I don’t like waiting.” You tried to make your voice stern and arrogant a combination that usually had guys scrambling to do your bidding, but Namjoon just smirked at you again. He did that a lot you noticed. But it looked so good on him you knew why he did it, it made you more turned on just seeing his plump lips  curved that way. Damn it he was good.

“You don’t get how this is going to go yet, do you y/n?” He was  taking off your boots slowly somehow making his large hand around your ankle arousing before moving on to dragging your tights down your legs. The whole time his eyes were on yours with an intensity that made you melt even more than his deep voice already did. “You’re mine until we’re done, baby girl. Got it?”

And before you could stop it, “Yes, sir,” came out of your mouth. You squeezed your eyes shut in embarrassment

A smug grin and a chuckle were only reply you received. Namjoon just continued to strip you until you were naked beneath his gaze, but you knew without opening your eyes where all his attention was.

“Nipple piercings?” The surprise and raw lust in his voice made you forget your embarrassment and peek up at him. His eyes were glued to your nipples and you swore you saw the bulge in his jeans twitch in excitement. “Piercings, calling me sir, you a freaky little thing aren’t you baby girl? But I think you can do better than sir.”

You didn’t even know how sensitive your nipples were before his calloused fingers pinched them, lightly at first then rougher and rougher before you were a moaning mess beneath him. You’d heard the rumors of what Namjoon was like in bed. Teasing, almost torturing, skilled, and most of all; he liked being in complete control. You knew exactly why you called him sir and you knew what he wanted you to call him. He’d have to drag it out of you by force because you were sure you’d die of embarrassment if you called him daddy, bet or no bet.

“Sir is all you’re gonna get, Joonie.” You said bravely even as your voice wobbled from the pleasure of him tugging on the bars through your nipples. He sighed in fake disappointment before he took both your wrists in one hand and held them over your head before reaching down to cup your sex, drawing a breathless moan from your lips.

“You’re soaked. It’s only been five minutes, y/n.” It was impossible. You were sure time was almost up, but it had only been a quarter of the time. There was no way you were going to make it. “You must really want me huh, baby girl.” 

Namjoon couldn’t believe it- if it hadn’t been for the wetness coating his fingers he would have thought there was no way his best friend was this easily turned on. It just made him want to fuck you more. Prove to you that he was the best you’d ever had. 

His long fingers pushed into you and you couldn’t stop the whimper if you tried. You never really thought about how much the size difference between your fingers and his would make, but feeling his large calloused fingers inside you had you ready to cum in minutes where your own fingers took you at least half an hour. 

“All you have to do is ask, y/n. Just ask and I’ll let you cum from my cock.” Namjoon’s deep voice in your ear and his fingers inside you were destroying your will power slowly but surely. Even shaking your head was a struggle at this point. When you refused to speak he pulled his hands away and stood ignoring your whining for him to come back. 

Your protests stopped when you saw him reach for the hem of his shirt. Namjoon had always wore loose shirts and baggy pants, the most you’d seen of his body were his muscular arms. So seeing his lean and muscled torso on display left you in awe. By the time he was fully naked his thick cock fully hard and dripping precum you were ready to beg, shame be damned. You knew then having him inside you would be the best sex of your life and you wanted it. 

“Please..” The wetness on your thighs grew the longer you looked at him, and you held out your arms desperate for his weight over you.  

Namjoon just shook his head and braced his body over you not letting your bodies touch. His eyes were serious as they trailed over your curves, biting one of his plump lips before murmuring, “Ask me correctly, baby girl.”

This time you only hesitated for a moment.

“Please, daddy, just fuck me!” You practically screamed at him. At this point you would have said anything just to feel him inside you. 

Namjoon finally smiled, truly smiled. 

You both moaned in relief when he finally pushed into you. His fingers and your wetness made it easy for him to fit with only a slight stretch. Your legs were around his waist immediately and your nails dug into his broad shoulders, your breathy voice begging him to fuck you harder as all shame was forgotten.

You didn’t care about the bet, you didn’t care about anything but having your friend fuck you just as good as the rumors said. His thrust grew faster and harder until you were holding onto his shoulders and unable to think hardly about anything other than the pleasure of him being inside you

Namjoon was saying something. His deep voice was making you wetter even as he was fucking you, and when you finally focused enough to listen to what he was saying it just got worse.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since forever, y/n. I just knew you’d be this tight, this wet for me. You’re mine now. You’ll keep this pussy just for me won’t you baby girl? You want to cum don’t you? Only I can make you feel this good, baby girl. Never forget that. Never forget you belong to daddy now. You’re mine, y/n. Mine.”

You couldn’t hold on anymore, not when he was claiming you so thoroughly basically ruining you for everyone else. Stars burst behind your eyes as you came harder than you ever had before. Namjoon’s lips finally met yours as he found his release inside you, his kiss oddly sweet compared to the rough way he’d fucked you.

When you both finally caught your breath you couldn’t help but laugh lightly perfectly content and feeling safe with Namjoon’s big body covering yours.

“I guess you won the bet.” You mumbled, not even able to feel upset about losing. If losing felt this good you didn’t think you could handle winning. This time when he smirked at you you didn’t mind so much.

“No, babygirl. I’d say we both won.”

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Making you Laugh

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 2 325
Reader has to ‘babysit’ Kai all day so he doesn’t do something stupid and Kai spends the entire day trying to get Reader to laugh… 

*not my gif

Caroline had called Y/N into the Salvatore Boarding House early this morning saying it’s an ‘emergency’.
When Y/N arrived there and walked inside , she nearly tried to turn back and walk away.
“What is he doing here?” she asked as her eyes fell on Kai who was innocently sitting on the couch playing with some figurine in his hands. He turned towards her and waved.
“Caroline … what …” she started to say as Caroline pulled her away to the side.
“We need you to watch with him today.” Caroline said , Y/N’s eyes widening.
“What ? No! Have you lost your mind ? I am not -”
“Yes you are.” Caroline interrupted her. “Look , Damon and I have to go pick up some things for Jo’s wedding… and someone has to watch him so he doesn’t go killing some innocent person just cuz they pissed him off.”
“You want me  to ‘babysit’ him ?” Y/N asked incredulous in a hushed voice glancing at Kai who was innocently sitting on the sofa looking around and touching things , annoying Damon. “No.” she shook her head pushing her way past Caroline , but Caroline blocked her way. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Why me ?”
“Because he likes you.” Caroline said.
“No,  he doesn’t. He doesn’t like anyone and you know that.” Y/N snapped back.
“No , no…  I think he does … or at least doesn’t hate you as much as the rest of us.” Caroline said rubbing Y/N’s shoulder. “It will be fine. We won’t be long.”
Y/N sighed. “There is no way to talk you out of this ridiculous idea is it ?”
“Nope.” said Damon dragging Caroline behind him. “Let’s go blondie.”

* * *

Y/N shut the door after Caroline and Damon left but when she turned around found Kai standing a step away from her. She jumped back a little.
“Hi.” he said grinning.
“Jeez, Kai … Don’t do that.” Y/N said , pushing her way past him. Kai followed her , a few steps behind her.
“Come on Y/N. There is no reason today can’t be fun.” he said brushing his hand against her waist.
Y/N stopped and turned around so abruplty , Kai nearly bumped into tackling them both over to the ground. She put her hands on his chest pushing him away.
“Look , Kai. I don’t like you , but for some reason my friends have decided that you need a babysitter and that I am the person for the job…” she said trying to sound calm but they’ve been alone in the house for less than 5 minutes and Kai was already starting to get on her nerves.  "So here is how today will go - I’ll go get a nice book from the shelf and sit on the sofa to read… and you will sit quiet , not doing stupid things.“
“Ouuchh..” Kai said mockingly. “You know there are about a dozen other things we can do … Play chess or do shots or -”
“Kai … ” she interrupted him. “If I promise to do one thing you want later ,  would you just please let me read my book?” There was no way to shut him up and Y/N surprised herself saying that.
Kai grinned. “Deal.”
Y/N sighed , taking her book from one of the shelf , tossing herself onto the sofa , Kai sitting on the other side. She opened the book and started to read.
A few minutes passed , Y/N kept glancing at Kai to make sure he hadn’t quietly left the room or something. He was starring at her. Y/N tried to ignore him but every time she glanced at him , he was still starring at her. She flipped the next page and tried to concentrate on the book.  Just when she thought that maybe he’d listen and actually stay quiet … “You are so boring.” Kai said breaking the silence. Y/N glanced at him again and found him more near the fireplace playing with some vase.“I see why they left you to ‘babysit’ me. They probably think you can bore me to death.”
“Ha.Ha. Funny.” she said scastically. “Would you put that down please? Damon would kill me if he comes home and finds out something has happened to his things….”
“No , he won’t. They all like you , even tho you are a human which still doesn’t explain why they decided to leave you with me today…” he thought about it for a moment and shrugged his shoulders. “I could gut you and no one would even hear your screams.”
“Kai ..” Y/N said taking a deep breath. “I thought you promised to keep quiet while I read… ”
He made a gesture as if to zip his lips and sat back on the sofa. Y/N returned her attention to the book , but 5 minutes later when she glanced up Kai wasn’t there.
What the …  she thought. Y/N shoot up confused looking around the room and then suddenly saw him slowly popping up from behind the sofa , only his eyes showing at first. He was grinning , she was sure of it. Kai glanced at her and winked before dissapearing again.
“What are you doing ?” she asked.
“Trying to get you to laugh. Isn’t it obvious? You are too serious for your own good.” he said.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “I am not 'too serious for my own good’…” she said , a crinkle showing on her face.
“Yes , you are. ” he said , his gaze drifting to something behind her. “I will make you laugh.” Kai said , determination in his voice.
Y/N locked eyes with him for a moment. “Good luck with that.” she said getting up and walking over to one of the small tables. “You wanna play games ? Lets play games..” she said waving a chess board in the air. Kai grinned.
“Finally , something fun !” he said. “If I had to watch you read that book for 5 more minutes , I might’ve had to toss myself off the Wickery Bridge.”
Y/N rolled her eyes.
They sat on the floor , Y/N ordering the chess pieces and Kai helping her. He kept glancing at her smiling.
“You will lose tho..” he said suddenly. “I just hope you won’t cry when you do , I hate it when people do that.”
Y/N scoffed. “Please.. I always win.” she said glancing at him. There was determination in Kai’s eyes… “Black or white?” she asked.
“Black. White ones always go first and I am a gentleman.” he said winking at her.
Y/N glanced at him , the corner of her mouth twitching for a second. In the end he was probably get his wish and make her laugh , as much as she didn’t want to admit it.

They played chess for a while. Y/N actually having fun watching Kai concentrating and trying to figure out what her next move is going to be. At first the game went well for her but soon after Kai figured out her strategy and now he was 2 moves away from beating her.
“Checkmate.” he announced , a grin on his face. “I win. You are not going to start crying now are you ?” he asked , a hint of amusement in his voice.
“No. You won fair and square. Congratulations.” she said getting up. “I’m going to the kitchen , do you want something?”
“I’ll come with you… Don’t want you hurting yourself and getting blamed for it later.”  he said.
“Oh-kay then.” Kai followed her to the kitchen and his eyes lit up.
“Yum , cupcakes !” he said grabbing a chocolate cupcake from the counted. “Love those !”
Y/N suppressed a smile. He was like a little kid , swishing his finger on the frosting on top licking his finger.
“Want some?” he asked after noticing Y/N was starring at him. She just shook her head and opened the fridge to get out some orange juice. It took her a moment to find it , she took it and closed the fridge but …  when she turned around something squishy smashed her in the face.
“Boop !” Kai said amused. Kai had smacked a cupcake on her face , frosting covering her nose. Y/N  locked gaze with him , pressing her lips in a thin line trying very hard not to laugh.
“Oh come on , that was funny !” he said disappointed , wiping some of the frosting from her face before reaching for some wipes and cleaning it all off her face.
Y/N stood there mesmerized by his eyes , forgetting for a moment she didn’t like him.  
“Y/N?” Kai’s voice snapped her back to reality. “Are you OK? I cleaned it all , I promise …”
“Yeah yeah , I’m fine.” she said , pouring herself a glass with orange juice.
Y/N didn’t want to admit it but she was starting to like him a little. He wasn’t so bad when he wasn’t going off killing people… then again all her friends were vampires who have done things just as awful.
Maybe I judged him too fast. she thought.
“You are not going to make this easy on me , are you?” he said suddenly serious.
“Nope.” she said “But you are going to pay for smashing that cupcake in my face…”
“Oh am I ? Can’t wait.” he said amused.
Y/N suppressed a smile. There she was planning to get back at him and Kai couldn’t wait.
“Wanna play another game of chess?” she asked suddenly. “I wan’t a rematch.”
“You are going to make me lose , is that it ?” he laughed. “You really are boring.” he said getting out of the kitchen.
Oh yes , I am very boring. she thought , a smirk on her face.
“You go ahead , I’ll be right back.”  she called out after him and ran upstairs to one of the many bedrooms , grabbing two pillows. When she got downstairs , Kai had already ordered the chess pieces and was sitting with his back to her. He hadn’t even heard her come in.
“What the -” he said suddenly ,  knocking over half the chess pieces on the chessboard. “What was that for ?” he asked , a spark of anger in his yes.
Y/N just smacked him with the pillow again , her lips pressed in a thin line.
“That ..” she said sitting on the floor next to him. “.. was for smashing that cupcake in my face.”
Y/N started ordering the chess pieces again when Kai hit her with the other pillow.
“If that was your payback …Why are there two pillows?” he asked with a little smirk. She didn’t answer , just looked at him as if daring him to try and hit her again.
Kai seemed to figure out he was about to get what he wanted and he hit her again , knocking her over. Y/N reached with her hand trying to grab the other pillow but there was nothing there. Kai had grabbed it and was hiding it behind his back.
“Ohhh…did you want that?” he said mockingly. “Come and get it.”
Y/N took a deep breath , her eyes still locked on his and launched for him but he kept the pillow out of her reach. He was enjoying himself so much , he got distracted for a second and she finally grabbed the pillow knocking him on the floor , feathers flying everywhere.
Kai eyes lit up. “Come on … you know you want to laugh.” he said seeing her trying hard to stop the smile that was trying to find a way to show on her face. The more she stared at him the harder it got. Kai left his pillow on the side , suddenly looking all distracted as if he was thinking about something and in the next moment he tackled Y/N on the ground tickling her.
“Laugh,  please laugh ! ” he said laughing and Y/N couldn’t contain herself anymore and started laughing uncontrollably. Kai laughing along with her.
“Finally !” he said tickling her stomach. She tried to push him off her but Kai was two steps ahead of her. “Oh , is someone ticklish?” he said grinning.
“No. I’m not.” she said laughing , nearly out of breath finally able to push him off of her. She got up straightened her shirt and fixed her hair , sort of. Y/N took a deep breath looking all serious. “I’m not ticklish…” she said turning around trying to get ouf the house to get some fresh air but Kai came after her chasing her.
“I’m gonna get you!” he said laughing.
Oh , God.  she thought and ran down the hallway making a few turns , Kai at her feet laughing , before she found her way back to the living room. She grabbed a pillow and hit him.
“Hahahah” she started laughing , Kai laughing along with her. “Got ya.”
Y/N had caught him by surprise and for a moment he got all serious, a startled expression on his face before he started laughing again.
“You are not as boring as I thought and you have a nice laugh , should laugh more often.” he said , his eyes glowing with happiness. Suddenly Kai tackled her over and started tickling her again. “But … I am not going to stop tickling you until you admit that you are  ticklish.”
Y/N had to admit it , Kai was fun and it was pretty nice spending time with him.
“Fine fine , I am ticklish.” she said laughing. “Could you maybe stop for a moment , I gotta catch my breath.”

  *   *   *  

The doors opened , Damon and Caroline walked in carrying a few bags and boxes , freezing on the spot with shocked faces.
Kai and Y/N were laughing uncontrollably , Kai on top of her tickling her. Feathers mixed with chess board pieces on the floor around them. They hadn’t even noticed someone had walked in.1
“What is going on here ? Why is the living room such a mess ?”
Y/N and Kai looked at Caroline and Damon , then at each other serious expressions on their faces and then burst out laughing.

NOTE : (to the anon who requested it) 
I’m sorry it took so long , not sure if this is what you wanted but I hope you like it anyways :)


Hey all!

I haven’t posted in a while because there simply isn’t much to show. I’m mainly working on boring stuff, logic and bug fixing. Today, in an effort to do something exciting and not get burnt out, I decided to put the skeleton warrior in game. So here he is! Walking around and slashing at the player. 

Not too sure about the screen shake with each step as it might be too much when there’s other stuff in the room so I might take that out. Sometime next week I will probably put in his shield blocking and death animation and he will be ready!