i was being nice to her when i took this picture

here are some kent parson headcannons that i have been working on for way too long and ended up being 1100 words and even then i had to stop myself or it would have really gotten out of hand

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Save Me - Chapter 67

It took Amber a full minute to finally get the picture that he was done talking to her before she eyed me up and down then turned and walked back to her station. I was beginning to realize that was somewhat typical behavior from a certain part of his fanbase. All I could do was be as nice as I could and blow that stuff off…unless they got really shitty like those girls from the Meet and Greet. If I ever ran into that again, I’m not so sure I could be nice.

When we sat down Amber gave me a menu but I never opened it. I just placed it on the table and sat back to enjoy the view. I knew Jared would order for us and it would be perfect as usual. I wanted things to go back to the way they were so desperately. Before he questioned my feelings, before my punishment, when it was just us being us so I was making sure to be on my best behavior. I wanted to please him.

Our waiter, Steven, was very prompt and attentive as soon as we were seated. I’m sure with the way Amber was acting, the entire staff already knew Jared Leto was dining there. If they didn’t already know who he was, then I’m sure she would tell them. At least Steven was acting normal and wasn’t falling all over himself. Jared didn’t bat an eye at her behavior at all. I guess after so many years in show business, he’s used to it.

After he spent a few minutes looking over the menu, Jared placed our order which included a bottle of wine. I was tremendously grateful because I could use a drink after the afternoon I just had. I kept that thought to myself though. The wine was immediately brought to our table and Jared had Steven pour each of us a glass. After Steven walked away, Jared held his glass up to toast so I did the same.

“I think we should toast…. To you baby girl. I’m very proud of you.” He said, clinking his glass to mine then took a sip.

“Me? I don’t know why you would be proud of me right now…” I said shaking my head.

I didn’t understand why we were toasting to me at all. I still felt horrible about earlier. This toast didn’t make that any better either. What did he have to be proud of?

“I’m proud of you because you took responsibility for your actions. You can’t beat yourself up over mistakes, baby.” Jared said taking my hand in his and giving it a squeeze.

“I’m just mad at myself for everything… I wish I could go back and change it.”

“Then you wouldn’t have learned, would you? Look, I told you earlier we needed to talk about what we were doing. What each of us wanted out of this. I think had we been able to have that conversation this morning, what happened this afternoon wouldn’t have.”

Here comes the “talk”…. From the waist up, I sat there quietly listening and completely calm. Under the table was a different matter. My hands were twisting with anxiety and my palms were sweaty. I was trying really hard to hide my nerves. As much as I was scared to have this conversation, I knew it had to be done.

“What I’m about to say isn’t going to sound romantic but this is how it must be done. I want you to know exactly what you’re getting into. I’m not trying to be cold but this is all so new to you that I want to be really clear. I want this to work between us.” Jared explained as he took my hand in his under the table away from any prying eyes.

“Thank you. I’d like you to just spell it all out.” I said.

And, I meant it. I knew I was in over my head. It wasn’t as simple as just giving into the cravings I had to submit to his dominance. It was far more.

“Good. I’m going to tell you what I want in our time together and what you can expect from me if you choose to gift me with your submission. You are ultimately in control.” He said.

I am in control…huh. I don’t feel in control at all. Actually, I feel quite out of control. So out of my element.

“I understand.” I said as I reached for my glass and took a gigantic sip of wine.

I just realised something

Look at this picture, closely.

The main thing I want you to focus on is Greg. Look at him, his hair and his eyes.
Remember how Greg looked in the video that Rose recorded when she was heavily pregnant with Steven?

He was balding, but he had more hair then than he does in that picture.

Then look at his eyes. He seems to have heavy bags under his eyes.
He looks like he’s been crying.

That picture, the photograph of Greg and Rose must have been the last photo of them together. Taken very VERY close to Steven being born. Greg was crying because he knew what was going to happen; he knew Rose was about to be gone.
It’s a bittersweet picture, he looks so happy to be with her, but so sad that it’s the last chance he’ll get to see her.
Rose probably spent the whole day with him, and took him out for hot-dogs because she knows he likes them and it might cheer him up a bit if they just have a nice day together.
That photo was taken right before Rose’s “death” and Steven’s birth, and it was the last chance Greg had to be with Rose, so they took that photo to remember how they were together in Rose’s last moments.

William Kircher receives the Fanbook

And here we go:

There were lots of people in William’s line and luckily that gave me the time to consider really carefully, what I wanted to say to him, otherwise I probably would've stammered.

The reason why I think that he truly liked the book and wasn’t only being polite was his voice, because when he is on stage his voice has a different sound, when I gave him the book he sounded really calm and attentive.

As I mentioned, William’s line during the autograph session was really long, so it wasn’t possible for him to have close look at the book, but he had a look at the index page, flipped a bit through the book and saw the FanArt of mariejacquelyn

-Madara- was so nice and took the pictures, when I told William that two of the many stories were from her, she apologised instantly for her English and William just replied this with: “Your English is better than my German”. Such a gentleman.

A big thanks to all of you, who made this project possible!

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So my warped tour date was July 18, 2015 and I met Cody Carson of Set It Off and Ashley Costello of New Years Day. So when I met Ashley is was sooooo nice and she’s a lot prettier in person. She tried to high five me but I went for a hug instead not realizing she was trying to high five me lol. She apologized for being so sweaty and I was like “nah girl you’re good”….well I didn’t really say that but you get my drift XD we took a selfie together and I thanked her again before leaving. She’s so beautiful in person oh my god.

Then a few hours later I met Cody. First I met the entire band (Zach, Maxx, and Dan) and afterwards my friends and I waited around to take pictures with them. After standing around for like ten minutes they left the tent to take pictures with fans. We walked up to Cody first and waited a little bit be used there was a huge crowd surrounding him. When I approached him I pulled him in for a hug and posed for a picture with him. I was so nervous already I didn’t really look him in the eye haha. I thanked him and he said “of course”.  And then I walked away.

I was pretty stunned the entire day considering I met the lead singers of my two favorite bands in one day. Definitely one of the best warped tours I’ve been too ^_^