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Vocal team kinks in detail please omg

I did hip hop team so I should stop being a fucknut and do vocal (and performance) team already since there’s multiple requests for both right yes 


Hair Pulling: okay not bc Jeonghan has long hair or his bob and whatnot but bc I legit see him as one who would have a thing for hair pulling, but more often pulling your hair than you pulling his. Especially when receiving blowjobs and if you do doggy style he gon get that shit

Biting: I think Jeonghan would like biting as well as being bitten. Not so hard where either of you are like bleeding or something because god damn but like more than just a little nibble but not too painful do you understand me probably not

Being Deep Throated: I see Jeonghan as a hisser and also someone who goes “ah” in bed and SO this would be right up his alley just like he would be right in your mouth I hate myself

Face Fucking: okay this is kind’ve a big dick move because it’s similar to the one above but I mean Jeonghan bites his lip a lot and I could see him doing so a lot if you were to allow to fuck your face and so I meAN


is already done here whoops 


Biting: long story short I have a weird thing for Jihoon’s teeth like I really love his teeth they’re v cute and his little canines IDK ALRIGHT I JUST FEEL LIKE HE WOULD ENJOY BITING WITH THOSE TEETH ST O P JUDGING ME

Domination: okay so Jihoon is always saying how he’s not cute and stuff and I’m pretty sure  he can beat someone’s ass if needed despite his small stature anD he hates being taken lightly because of his height so I feel like he’d have a thing for domination as sort’ve a reminder not to underestimate him. Especially on a day when you tease him all day about being cute and small and whatnot that night he’s gonna top you so fast and be like “aw look how cute” in the same teasing voice you used on him when he sees that look of shock your face from it being unexpected I made this too long yikes

Rough Sex: also related to the last one, Jihoon would also enjoy giving it to you rough in that situation for the same reasoNnSs and if you like it rough then I mean added bonus woo

Finger Fucking: Jihoon also has really nice hands mmk and he can play piano play guitar play the motherfucking drums like boi what them hands do, that and I could also see him with a smirk on his lips as he watches how unravelled he can make you with just his fingers squeaks


FInger Fucking: do I even need to explain bc I don’t think I need too LOOK AT THOSE HANDS SON JUST IMAGINE HOW’D THEY FEEL IN YOU what

Submission: I see Seokmin as one who is like 50/50 when it comes to being a dom or a sub and so I feel like he’d appreciate you dominating him sometimes you know slamming him on the bed teasing him riding him into the sunset you knOW

Being Ridden: I should stop being a lazy fuck connecting two kinks together buT another kink related to the last one like just imagine you doing so and just him biting his lip and only letting go of it to moan before biting it again and the look in his eyes and his hands on your waist and woWee

Teasing: listen here Seokmin would love teasing you you understand me he would love that shit. He would enjoy you occasionally teasing him as well but you see he would tease you when you guys aren’t alone foR EXAMPLE if you guys were out eating at a restaurant he’d squeeze and rub your thigh under the table and when you smack his hand for him to stop he just flashes you his 11/10 smile boiii if you don’t


Occasional Sub: I don’t see Seungkwan as a complete sub but rather a 60% sub and 40% dom or some shit but listeNnNn I see him as an occasional sub because once you make a move and just start dominating him when you were cuddling on the couch he’d be too flustered to do anything about it aw

Teasing: Like Seokmin, Seungkwan would enjoy teasing you as well in the same way. Would low key enjoy being teased as well although every time you do he’d throw one of his little fits

Leaving Marks: also doesn’t know if this really counts as a kink but fuck it it’s 2AM I’m tired and this is my post SO I feel like Seungkwan would enjoy leaving marks in areas that would be easily visible so whenever someone asks you about it he’d have this look on his face like that’s right bitch that was me

Begging: this is one that could go both ways when either one of you crack from the relentless teasing, him enjoying listening to you beg and on the occasion enjoying begging for you hey hey hey


it is 2:24am but I forced myself to stop being a bitch ass and said I won’t go to bed until I finish this post anD AFTER MUCH WORK AND EFFORT it’s finally done and shitty as ever I hope you guys somehow manage to enjoy this even though I was half dead for most of it so if there’s typos pls forgive but !! if you read this til the end congrats you survived and sorry it’s hella long rip me 

~pimp Sara 

[Optional Bias] Late night reading

Fluff. 1083 words. 

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“What are you doing?”

“Huh?” Your trance is broken but you keep your eyes focused on the bright screen in front of you.

“What are you doing, looking all serious and weird this late?” He chuckles, bending down to kiss your cheek and peek at your laptop resting against your thighs.

“Reading, shhh it’s getting to the good part,” you reply, picking at your chapped lips while your eyes continued to take in the words. You jiggle your legs hanging off the armrest of the sofa, suddenly feeling pins and needles creeping up on them.

You could tell he is annoyed that you didn’t react to his kiss at all and chose your story over him but you couldn’t care less, the characters in this story are being all angsty and you need to ride this emotional roller coaster with them.

He sits down on the sofa behind your fortress of cushions and pulls them out under you causing your body to crash down and your laptop to almost come flying to your face from the momentum.

He catches your laptop and tries to read what you’ve been reading. You look up at him without moving your body. It is an awkward position but at 2AM your body is basically comfortable in however position as long as you don’t have to move a lot. “How is it? Got the feels?”

“What are you even reading, it’s not even a real book,” he scoffs before handing your laptop back to you and adjusting both your bodies so that you are leaning onto him, his arms curling around you.

“A good story doesn’t need to be in a book to be appreciated, lots of people write well and post stuff online nowadays,” you explain, trying to find where you left of. “And this is giving my poor heart such a hard time that I’m considering saving it.”

“Psh. What’s the point, it’s not like they can make money by posting a story they made up online for everyone to read.”

“No, but they get something more valuable.” You look up at him, eyes wide, still picking at your lips . He looks down into your eyes and raises an eyebrow as if challenging you. You continue, unfazed, “They get recognition and people all around the world reading their creation, they get to share their vision and the images they had in their mind through the words they typed up, they get to connect with others over something that they originally felt so strongly over. Isn’t that valuable?”

He sees the twinkle in your eyes and smirks, deciding to drop the topic. “Stop doing that, your lips will bleed if you’re not careful,” he gently pulls your hand away and kisses you.

“Admit it,” you say as soon as you surfaced.

“Admit what?” he asks, confused, obviously still feeling the kiss and wanting more.

“That I won that one,” you turn away to your laptop as he tries to steal in another kiss. “I know you’re dropping it ‘cause you don’t wanna admit I’m right,” you say coolly while moving your cursor to stop the darkening laptop screen.

There was a sudden chill in the air as you realise you’ve gone too far. You could practically feel his hurt from you ‘rejecting’ the kiss, especially since you haven’t exactly been showering him with love and attention from the moment he came looking for you to go to bed.

“Kidding!” You say, turning to smile brightly upside down at him, flashing your best eye smile. You hold on to your laptop to prevent it from falling off as you turn to close the distance between you both and kiss him softly. “I’m sorry.”

He smiles and kisses you again, taking in your sincerity and apologies from your soft lips. “I acknowledge your point,” he replies through the kisses, no longer hurt but amused from how you’ve been tonight.

“Now let’s finish reading this and go to bed,” he says, pulling you close into him while his other hand tries to wake up your laptop.

“Oh so after all the ‘what even is this, blah blah’, you want to read too!” you laugh, mocking him but leaning into warmth nonetheless.

“I never said it was a bad piece of writing,” he defends himself, sticking his tongue out.

You both continue reading, quietly enjoying the silence while the laughter and warmth still floats in the air around you. You have been together for so long now that even your reading speeds have matched up, so it was smooth-scrolling through the fiction without having to indicate or ask whether each other have finished reading to go on to the next part.

In no time, the story ended and he echoes you in a heavy sigh. “Was it a good idea for you to read something this angsty before going to bed? How will you sleep?” he asks you, stretching out his muscles from the weight of the story.

“Yeah why not, I mean, doesn’t it just make you feel so tired that you just want to end your day and sleep?” you say, closing your laptop and turning around to look him in the eyes. “Plus, when I have you how can I not sleep well? All the pain or angst from anything I read just melts away when I’m in your arms.”

A noticeable pink flush creeps up his neck and you smile at his adorableness, he could never handle it when you are so direct since you very rarely do it that way. His squishes your cheeks and avoids eye-contact by putting your foreheads together, mumbling, “What, is it drag me night tonight…”

You pucker your lips and say through squished cheeks, “You’re just sho cuuute.” You close your eyes, wanting a kiss, but he laughs - “you look like a goldfish” - and kisses your forehead. “Now let’s for real go to bed.”

He stands, pulling you up with him and he hugs you from behind. He nuzzles into your neck and starts to step towards the bedroom. You laugh as you imagine him from a third-person view, waddling blindly with his face tucked in your neck and his arms tight around you.

And with a fuzzy feeling, you realise, from a third-person view, that this scene, with you laughing because of his cute actions, would be exactly what you want in your relationship.  You smile blissfully, melting into his body, thanking the stars for his love.