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Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Chapter 1: Dreams and Reality

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Here’s the fanfiction.net link…https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/2/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 1- Dreams and Reality.

Robyn needed to relieve some stress after pouring her heart out to Luna, the teen had retreated into her bedroom and began jabbing at the punching bag that hung from the ceiling. Luna was sitting on her sister’s bed playing a beat em’ up game on Robyn’s games console, the doctor wanted to stick around until Nick and Judy got home just so she could calm her parents down when they inevitably started telling Robyn off. “Man I miss videogames.” Luna sighed as she defeated her virtual opponent and waited for the next round to loud.

“Then when why don’t you buy a console? You’re rich enough.” Robyn replied, delivering a high kick to the punch bag.

“It’s having the time that’s the issue, between work, hanging out with my friends and making time for…” Luna began to answer absentmindedly before silencing herself, she was such a blabbermouth that she’d even snitch on herself sometimes.

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this… this was going to be an answer to a question about germany and prussia being cops, but i didnt even draw germany, so, my bad, scratch that, ill answer that ask properly later

so, you know those cops, the ones that are born bulldogs? that true detective shit, those whove seen enough to say and believe in things like, “there are people among us who shouldnt be allowed to be among us”? yeah, well, none of these fuckwads are made from that cut of fabric. ive always envisioned that uk, fr, usa, and pr were just playing at cops, that they were always meant to be doing something else. that, theyll play up the game, but when it looks to be going south, theyll break, and boy, will they break bad. in the course of the au, some of them discover what that something theyre meant to be doing is, and some of them dont 

ive also decided, just now in fact, that trucker canada was definitely a park ranger in his past. its important to me that if america is the epitome of the frontier (in all its terrible vastness, that male fantasy of untrammeled autonomy, all those myths of selfishness and individualism and isolationism – and the worst narrative of them all: the one about performative heroism), then canada can only be about survival. america is the vice of longing to be lonely (“if i must deal with others, i will do it on my own terms”), and canada is the virtue of that loneliness 

so, yeah, canada and germany divide the world of law between them; there is no third

the world belongs to you an eastern promises mafia au series

I want a good cop bad cop nellis au…like

•Nick being such a dirty cop and involved in organized crime since the start

•Ellis coming straight out of the Academy and heading to a big city (no this isn’t zootopia)

•Nick getting pared up with Ellis

•Keith stories during stake outs

•Nick getting frustrated cause the kid is just so good and genuinely wants to help people and like what’s that about??¿¿

•Ellis wanting to hang out off duty

•Nick shooting that idea down

•Nick actually having to be careful because the kid is smarter than he looks

•Nick falling for Ellis first and being PISSED about it

•Nick having to distract Ellis during a stake out so his ‘only’ choice is to make a move

police cruiser sex

Supernatural — Castiel quotes  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Hey, ass-butt!”
  • “I won´t ask twice.”
  • “I am not kidding you.”
  • “Destiny can´t be changed.”
  • “What? I was being bad cop.”
  • “I just thought I’d sit here quietly.”
  • “I’m very pop culture savvy now.”
  • “I don´t understand that reference.”
  • “You should show me some respect.”
  • “I think I´m starting to feel something.”
  • “I found a liquor store… and I drank it.”
  • “That’s why I’m here. I need your help.”
  • “Yeah, well, we’re making it up as we go.”
  • “I don’t think you pronounced that correctly.”
  • “Maybe one day, but today you’re my little bitch.”
  • “I don´t understand your definition of good news.”
  • “I´m hunted. I rebelled and I did it - all of it - for you.”
  • “And I lost everything for nothing.So keep your opinions to yourself.”
  • “Freedom is a length of rope.  God wants you to hang yourself with it.”
  • “I need your help, because you are the only one who’ll help me. Please.”
  • “I got your message. It was long, your message. I find the sound of your voice grating.”
Take It or Leave It (Jackson/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Jackson/Stiles - “How long have you been standing there?”

Nonnie, I hope you enjoy this! I was totally inspired by Stiles’ canon plans in the winter finale, so there are minor spoilers for season 6A. Fic #33 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge.

Take It or Leave It. Jackson/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

When Stiles finally has time to do the Smithsonian museum crawl he’s had planned since moving to DC, he runs into Jackson at the American History museum.

The first two weeks at GWU have been non-stop busy. Stiles has spent just about every waking moment dealing with unpacking, trying to make his dorm room feel homey, getting to know his new roommate (Zacharias—but call me Z), adjusting to the independent nature of college, and enjoying being across the country from the hellmouth known as Beacon Hills. 

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The more I am thinking about Modern Percival Graves being the cliché of the bad cop, smoking, drinking and fucking too much, the more I want to die. Bad cop Graves beating the shit out of suspects, working his ass off to resolve a case, having barely enough sleep because of insomnia. Graves who’s respected and feared by everyone else at the MACUSA, Graves whose name makes criminal shiver. Graves who makes the case of Credence Barebone personal because he used to be that beaten boy, and he doesn’t want this innocent child to become like him.

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First day// Derek Hale

Originally posted by thesweetfandomlife

Warnings: Major daddy feels!!

Word Count: 725

Word density: “Derek” and “Alex”


“Derek, you knew this day was going to come. We have to deal with it.”

Y/N sighed as she laid clothes out for the twins. Two backpacks for your two kids sat on the floor. Y/N was able to prepare for their first day of school with no problem, Derek was another story. He wanted them homeschooled. Derek didn’t want to let them out of his sight.

“I know, I just don’t want them to go.” He wrapped his arms around you from behind and nuzzled his head into her hair.

“They’re growing up so fast, soon they’ll be going to highschool, then moving out for college, and they’ll find someone they love and get married!” She teased and he pulled him down with her.

“You seem pretty prepared to let them go, should I be worried?” He laughed.

“Don’t be worried. I’m not stressing about it because they’re so happy and they actually want to go. How many kids actually aren’t scared to start true?”

He gazed into his wife’s eyes. Never did he think five years ago, that he would be here.Y/N put her hand on his cheek and smiled, that was always her way of calming his nerves.

“In retrospect, the kids going to school isn’t such a bad thing.” A smirk crossed his face.

“Is it?” Y/N giggled as he rolled on top of her.

“Yeah, now we can work on baby number three.”

Laughter filled the room as Derek nuzzled his face into her neck and started leaving soft kisses. Y/N let out a small sigh as he finally placed his lips onto hers. They never had much alone time anymore, this was so new to them both.

“Do you want to? The kids are already tucked in.” His voice bled want and neediness.

“Yeah, lets-.”

“Mommy! I changed my mind!” The door was thrown open and Alex walked in.

Derek quickly rolled off of Y/N. She let out a sigh as she sat up. She knew this was going to happen. Alex had been changing her mind about her outfit all day. Alexx climbed off the bed and squeezed in between her parents. She held a pair of striped shorts in her hands.

“Alex, it’s nine o’clock. You should be in bed.” Derek scolded her, always being bad cop.

“I know, sourwolf.” Y/N laughed at the use of the nickname. “I decided that I didn’t want to wear that skirt, I want to wear this.” She put the skirt in her mother’s lap.

“Alex, uncle Peter got you that skirt. He really wanted to see you in it.” Exhaustion filled Y/N’s voice.

“I know, but Declan isn’t wearing a skirt. I don’t want to if he doesn’t have to.” Dere laughed.

“Okay, fair trade. Let’s go back to bed. You can wear the shorts, I don’t think Declan has any skirts.” Derek laughed as Alex climbed onto his back.

“Then, you have to buy him one.” She laughed, “Night mommy.”

“Night, baby. I see you in the morning.”


“Declan, you’re going to okay.” Derek rubbed his son’s head.

“Daddy, please don’t leave me!” He whimpered and held onto his father tighter.

“Baby, I thought you wanted to come to school! You were so excited yesterday, what changed?” The small boy pulled away and wiped his eyes.

“I’m just scared, I want to go home.” He let a few more tears fall.

“You’re going to be fine. Look at your sister. She’s already making friends, you will too.” Dere pointed to his daughter and smiled as she waved at him.

“Declan, come play!” She called her brother over.

Alex quickly noticed the discomfort in her twin. They were able to feel each other’s emotions. Although she was only five, she understood that he was upset. Alex grabbed her stuffed toy and walked over to her brother.

“Come on, Declan. Hold my hand.” She held her hand out for her brother.

“Lexie, I’m scared.” He held onto her hand tightly.

“It’s okay. mommy and daddy are coming later, come say hi to Cassidy. She’s like us.” She whispered the last part to him as they began to walk away.

Tears filled Derek’s eyes once he realized that his kids would be fine without him.

Regarding: Daniel, Jack, and Character Growth

I rewatched the episode tonight. This will be time number three, for those who are keeping track (which I’m sure is no one). And, of course, now that it’s not two o'clock in the morning, my thoughts will hopefully be more coherent than my ‘Agent Carter Finale Thoughts’ post.

Under a read more because… long, very long. Also, fair warning: Cartson, anti peggysous (though not anti Daniel).

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How Did We Get Here?

The tragedy in a South Carolina classroom is a national tragedy. It falls on all of us. We built this society, where when kids see a cop come into a classroom, they pull out their phones to record it, just in case. We built this society, where children can be body slammed and we are disgusted, but we are not surprised.

But how can we change it? What can we do?


If a student refuses to put away her cell phone, then she can fail. That’s fine.

She refuses to leave? Okay.

Have you ever seen a school desk? Those things, particularly the kind they have in that ill-fated South Carolina classroom, those are hard to get in and out of. So tell me, what kind of threat does a 16-year-old girl in a school desk pose which is so horrible the COPS need to be called? No one can leap from one of those desks and attack anyone else without some significant warning.

A sixteen-year-old girl in a school desk? NOT. A. THREAT.

Because, my friends, the problem starts there. That teacher called in security because a girl was SITTING STILL and he did not want her to do so anymore. There are other ways to deal with belligerent students. I know. I have been using other methods for thirteen years.

And don’t tell me, DO NOT tell me I don’t know the context. I know there is a video of a man letting one of his own students be assaulted and he does nothing. I know that police officer is there because an educator called him. So, I am tired of all the responsibility being put on bad cops. Let’s put a little on bad teachers. How can he stand with his hands neatly together, while someone attacks a CHILD in his classroom?

I get sick to my stomach just watching a video of the incident. It makes me want to cry.

I think of every girl I have ever had in class. Even the ones who waved their hands in my face and told me I was a bitch. That has happened You know what I did? Dealt with it. Because that is what we are trained to do. That is what we are paid to do. That is what we are accustomed to doing.

That sort of thing is well within our own skill set. We can handle it.

We can handle it.

Educators of America, we do not need to call the cops every time a kid makes a clock or disobeys a rule. We need to take some responsibility.

Not every situation has to escalate.

We do not need to live in a world where an assault on a teenager is an increasingly regular part of the day’s news.