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BTS reacting to you sexting them - vocal line

bts reacting ♥ to you sexting them ✿ rap linevocal line

Jin: It was always something about his face and his smile, an invisible veil of purity that had you mistake him for an angel. Jin was one the most handsome, or even the most handsome, men you have ever seen. 

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Saving Me Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: A Roman Godfrey imagine where the reader is attacked by something or someone in the woods then when she’s about to be killed Roman saves her. When he does he falls in love for the reader, at first sight and he promises that she’ll be okay and that he’ll protect her. Just make it fluffy please, thank you!


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All of your friends liked to call you “Red”.

Short for “Little Red Riding Hood” even though your true name was (Name). The reason behind the nicknames was for many reasons but the most obvious reason was because ever since you could remember you loved the color red and wore it everyday.

Not to mention your favorite fairy tale growing up was Little Red Riding Hood. For some odd reason you just seemed to relate with the character in the book and wanted her courage to be able to stand up to the wolf when he asked her what was in her basket.

To make matters even more coincidental your mother used to raise abandoned and sick wolf puppies. You loved to play with them like real puppies and had actually adopted one you named Beo.

You had found him when you were 12 well you were walking down the street to your grandmothers house. You had found him laying on the road whimpering and injured. He was the runt of the family so he was smaller compared to the others and appeared to have not even opened his eyes.

Your mother told you either keep the animal there since the adult was looking for them or bring it back home if it was injured and the poor wolf looked like it was about to bleed out.

So you wrapped Beo up in your red hoodie and hurried to take him back home. Your mother cleaned him up and had stitch his leg from what she said a feral cat attacking him.

The momma wolf probably thought he was dead and left him behind but you and your mom certainly weren’t going to give up on him. You made sure to feed him special milk from a tube and talk to him and cradle him until he was healthy and finally able to open his eyes.

You and him had developed such a tight bond that you couldn’t let him go and your mom accepted to keep him as a pet. Ever since then you’d been best friends since you didn’t have much friends at school.

You went to Hemlock High and really it was one of the crappiest schools ever. You were a senior and you could drive but you choose to walk from your home to school to avoid having to deal with others.

That was probably why you didn’t have any friends. You were bullied since 1st grade about you being “Little Red” so you were always quiet and independent in class and only spoke if a teacher asked a question.

Sure enough another day had started and you were walking down to school with a messenger bag slung over your shoulder. Today you were wearing a red plaid lace up dress with black details and brown combat boots.

You had on black leggings underneath your dress knowing how boys here liked to sneak peek under girls skirts and dresses. Most of the girls here were sluts anyways who purposefully bent over with heels on to get the idiots to meet them behind the gym after school.

You tugged on the hood of your red fleece coat as you passed by one of those said idiots.

Roman Godfrey.

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Hey! Your blog is so great! I love to read it very much. Can I request: MC's new boss is sexualy harassing her. She can't leave her job, because it's very important to her, but don't know what to do and is afraid to ask help of RFA + V + Saeran?

Hope you like it! ^^


RFA + V and Saeran react to MC being sexualy harassed by her boss


  • You came back from work feeling like shit, even if he was tired himself, he always knew when something was off with you.
  • “How was work, babe?” “Meh, just normal… I’m going to sleep now, ok?” hmmm, not even a smile? Yes, something was definitely wrong
  • He would let you take your time,  so he went to shower, ate something and only then he went to the bedroom
  • Only to find you sobbing from crying, he ran to you. “Babe, what’s wrong?” “Zen, you’re so right… all men are wolves, all men… are…” “Hey, hey… why are you saying that now, MC?”
  • You told him about the new boss, the way he trapped you at your desk when nobody was looking… the way he looked at you, you never felt so ashamed of your own body like you were then… “You’re right, Zen, you’re right! I’m too nice to men, right? I’m the problem, they think I’m sending theses… signs and…”
  • “MC, what are you saying? This isn’t your fault at all! Don’t this to yourself… I… I don’t really think you’re too nice to everybody, you’re just… you, and if people take it on the wrong way, they’re the problem. Your boss is a fucking problem! So where do I find him to fix this problem?”
  • “Oh… oh no, Zen, please. Let’s calm down, I… he’s my superior and I don’t want to lose my job, I like my job, Zen!” “MC, I’m sorry, but I won’t let this happen. What if he does again? With you or with some of your colleagues?” he was right, today was you, who could it be tomorrow? “Okay… what do you suggest?” “I have something in mind, but you’ll have to be brave for this!”
  • Your boyfriend, having women like the biggest part of his fanbase, announced a campain on his Tripter account, asking his fans to write on a paper all the abusive and objectifying things they heard from bosses or male co-workers and post a photo, the hashtag made a huge success and he posted on his own account a photo  of you holding your own paper with what you heard.
  • His fans, being the stalkers they are, soon find out where you worked, they gave bad reviews to the company all over social media and threat boycotting the company, they would take the bad reviews once the guy was fired. And that was exactly what happened.
  • You had no idea his fans could be so supportive to you, and you made sure to thank all of them through a video he also posted. “Zen is an awesome person who wants to make all the women in his life acknowledge their own strength.  Thank you all so much!”


  • He was aware of this new boss being a douch, you would always trash talk the guy when you’d come home.
  • But it was mainly things related to work. But then he heard this: “And you should hear what he talked about my skirt, Yoosung! Really…” “What did he say about your skirt, MC?”
  • “Hum? Oh, something like ‘you keep coming dressed like that and I won’t take responsibility on what I’m going to do with you, foxy’ ugh… such a douch, right?”
  • Douch wasn’t really the word he was thinking, and your bluntness about that was… pretty concerning. “MC, we had a seminar at college about sexual harassment last month, you do realize that what he did to you is a crime, right?”
  • You sighed deeply. “Yes, I’m aware of it. But what can I do? He’s my boss! You know what happens with girls that make a report? They lose their job, some bosses are bad enough to make sure they never find a job on similar companies… it’s fucked up as it is, there’s nothing I can do except trying to be away, and I swear I’m trying, okay? Don’t worry!”
  • But he did worry. How could he not? You wouldn’t be able to keep the guy away forever and… oh, he didn’t even dare to imagine that, just thinking about it made his blood boil.
  • Hell hath no fury like a Yoosung protecting MC! He had to make sure you wouldn’t suffer any retaliation, so he send anonymous reports to the HR’s company telling he knew there was a potential rapist working there, and if they didn’t something about it, he would go to the press.
  • When they apparently didn’t take it seriously, he sent what he knew to some shitty tabloid, who actually accused the guy directly of being a rapist. It didn’t have any credibility, but having the company’s name associated to such a low publication like that… there is such a thing like bad publicity, indeed!
  • The guy was fired after all, Yoosung never told you that he was the responsible for it, and you never told him you knew he did that. It wasn’t really necessary keep talking about this when you’re too busy being happy.


  • She’s a woman too, she knows how to recognize the signs of a girl uncomfortable over something like this
  • The shame after being cat called on the street, the concerning about wearing some clothes thinking how they can be used as an excuse if something happens to you, the embarrassment, the guilty… even if it’s not your fault?
  • Jumin Han had a lot of problems about boundaries when she used to work for him, but he was always respectful and intimidating enough not to let anybody even try something with her, who knew one day she would feel bad that you hadn’t the same luck as her?
  • But you have someone even better! An amazing girlfriend who happens to be a black belt in judo and can teach you some personal defense techniques!
  • And if it wasn’t enough, maybe you should consider changing jobs? “But, Jaehee… what if I’m not good at anything else? At least I’m kinda successful there, I don’t know if I’m good enough to… start all over again…”
  • “And do you think I was 100% sure about leaving C & R and starting my own business? Of course I wasn’t, MC! But I had to take the risk…”
  • “I don’t know if I’m brave as you are, Jaehee…” “Well, a very wise woman told me once that it’s not about money, you have to pursue happiness.” “She sounds kinda naïve…” she giggled “You said that, MC!” “Oh, right… yeah, I’m pretty naïve, maybe that’s why this guy keeps coming to me…”
  • “Stop right there! It’s nothing about you, MC! This man is a jerk! And the way I see it, you are unhappy there, so get out! You’re smart, you’re talented, you will find something that suits you pretty soon.”
  • And a few weeks later, you were starting as a barista at her cafe. And you didn’t have a boss, you had a partner, how cool is that?
  • But you couldn’t stop worrying about other girls that worked there, so you made a formal complaint, endorsed by other women who worked there, most of them secretaries Jaehee kept contact with, she knew this could be useful eventually.


  • You didn’t tell him, you were scared because you knew what kind of things he could do.
  • He would, idk, buy the company and make you president of it and the guy your secretary. Yes, this was exactly what he would do! And it would be so weird and senseless…
  • But you couldn’t control the gossip on his own company, he overheard some employees talking about that guy who used to work at C & R and got promoted at the company you were working.
  • He remembered the guy, he had to come to press telling C &R wouldn’t condone with women being disrespected and the guy was withdrawn for undetermined time, Jumin didn’t even know he quit during this time and was  already working somewhere.
  • He didn’t think nothing like this would ever happen to you, but he was curious and casually asked about it. “W-why do you ask?” your voice broke as soon as you opened your mouth.
  • “Nothing in particular… I was just curious, do you know him?” “Yeah, we’re at the same department.” “He is your co-worker, then?” “More like my boss…” Hmmm…
  • “MC, is there something I should know?” “N-no?” “MC…” how did he do that? He was collected and calm, his voice was monotone, he wasn’t doing anything rather than saying your name, yet you felt like he could see right through you…
  • “Jumin, I… I don’t want to talk about it…” you didn’t need to “As you wish, MC.”
  • The next day, you went to work and just saw the guy’s room empty. “Have you heard? He got fired and left the country. They say they found some things about him on his previous job at C & R…” one of your colleagues said, you definitely didn’t want to know what those things were.
  • Jumin made the HR department strict their criteria on hiring, he could never let a guy like this enter at his company again and treat the female employees like that. Oh, he did the same with the new company he bought, the one you worked (but no, he didn’t made you the president, much to your relief)


  • You’ve been acting weird ever since you came back from work, you were quiet and he could swear he heard you crying in the shower, this was bad…
  • What could it be that bad that you wouldn’t even talk to him? He needed to know, he needed to help you!
  • He knew violating your privacy once more was wrong, but seeing you like this was breaking his heart, so he hacked your phone.
  • And what he found made him almost punch one of his precious computers, those gross texts from that guy along with a dick pic… that was awful!
  • And when he remembered this guy was the one you’ve been talking about, that weird dude who just got promoted. Saeyoung lost it!
  • “Don’t be mad at me, please, but I hacked into your phone and I saw the texts. Why didn’t you tell me?” “I… was afraid and ashamed, how would you react if I told you my boss sent me a photo of his dick?” “I would be pissed at him, not at you!” he hugged you and comforted you “I’ll make him pay!”
  • “No, Saeyoung, NO! I don’t want to lose my job!” “Hey, he won’t know it was you, don’t worry… we have to do something, MC, today it’s just a dick pic, tomorrow he can be much more direct, you know what I mean?” both of you were sick just to think about this…
  • So Saeyoung just sent the conversation to a person in a higher position than the guy, along with a threat: “If you don’t do something about this, I swear I’ll let everybody know about those contracts” and he sent a copy of what else he found.
  • Next day, the guy was fired, and you got his job. Saeyoung swore he had nothing to do with that and he had proof! He showed you the emails your superiors exchanged talking about how you should have been the one promoted at the first place.


  • He knew something was off. You were acting as gloomy and distant a… well, himself.
  • He couldn’t ask you, he was afraid he might be invading your personal space or something like this.
  • But this was torturing him, you were coming from work sadder and sadder everyday.
  • So ironically, he invaded your personal space and followed you to work.
  • Only to find your boss touching your hair, his eyes rovering through your body, and what’s more agonizing: your uncomfortable expression.
  • He didn’t even think, he just caught himself over the guy punching him. “Saeran, stop it! Please!” you cried.
  • “Don’t you see she does not like it? Or you actually enjoy she’s not liking it, you fucking creep!?”
  • “Saeran…” your voice took him aback, he promised he would never let you see this side of him again, but just remembering your uncomfortable face made him see red… he tried to calm down.
  • “I’ll tell you what, asshole. If you don’t quit right now, I’ll make sure to erase this company from internet. I want to see what kind of business survives these days if they can’t be found on Google. Don’t think I won’t wreck this just like I did o your gross face!”
  • “Saeran, don’t do that…” “You are smart and competent enough to find another job wherever you please, MC. But I won’t let this guy stay in the same place with you, so It’s his choice…”
  • “Fuck this! You’re not even that hot, and your boyfriend is a freak! I’m out of this!” “Wise choice, and you’re half right on there, buddy. She is that hot, she is the hottest, actually, and yes, I’m a freak! A freak who will fucking whoop your ass if you don’t get the fuck out of here right now!” the dude went away, letting a trail of blood from his face.
  • “I’m sorry if I scared you now, it’s just… I can’t stay still letting someone treat you like this. I hope you don’t lose your job because of me…” “I’ll be fine as long as I have you” and you hugged him, he was so relieved you could not see him blushing right now.


  • He overheard a conversation between you and probably one of your co-workers.
  • “Yes, he tried to make a move on me again! Yeah, I keep telling him I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t care, he said he’s the boss and I got to do what he says! I… I don’t know, but I’m pretty scared right now…”
  • He’s so mad, but in front of you he just smiles bluntly. So you two keep at that, both of you know something is really wrong, and just keep smiling trying not to worry each other.
  • But he won’t stay still knowing something bad can happen to you anytime. However, he’s really smooth.
  • So when he stopped by your work to bring you lunch, everybody liked him, even your boss, who invited him to a drink at his office.
  • “You’re the only man in your department, I suppose…” “Yeah, but it’s not as great as it looks, most of these girls are ugly, and the only decent one is pretty dumb, but hey, these are the best type, right?”
  • “I wouldn’t know, I can’t really see.” “Oh, sorry, dude. But yeah, there’s a girl here who’s very hot, but she plays hard to get, you know? It’s only a matter of time, wait and see.”
  • “I already told you I can’t really see.” His voice was low. “But there’s something here you don’t really need eyes to see. That very hot girl is not into you and she has a boyfriend, and you are a sexist jerk who’ll step away from her and from any other girl who works here if you know what’s best for you.”
  • “Or what?” V moved fast, placing his cane against the guy’s balls “Or else I’ll destroy these, since they are the only thing that you can count on to feel superior. Don’t test me.” And he got out of the office, letting the guy squirm in pain.
  • You never knew what made the guy finally back away, but deep inside you knew it had something to do with that day. He never denied or confirmed either.
Split. Kai Scenario - Part 6.

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

Word Count: 4000+

A/n: It’s here. I hope you’re not angry at me.


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Jongin knows he’s messed up in multiple ways for the past month. Although he’s still not sure about when or which of his actions were the most wrong and which were less. And the moment he realizes that – he knows he’s lost.

For the first time in his life, Jongin is stuck. He doesn’t know how he got to the point where he is now. Neither does he know where to go from there. Was it right to come here? Has anything he’s done lately been right?

His vision is dark, he’s lost, he’s drowning but he keeps stepping deeper into the pitch black water. Every step he takes that he thinks will save him, only ruins him – and everyone around him – more.

When will it stop? When will he see the light?

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In Time

“As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.” Instead of returning to the barn with Hook, Emma gets sent even further into the future.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to @phiralovesloki as an early birthday present. She digs the time travel trope, so here it is! Special thanks to @starlessness for the beta.

Rating: PG

Read on AO3.

The portal swirls behind her, Hook and the other woman already gone to the other side. Emma isn’t sure how long it will last or if her magic will hold long enough for her to follow. Rumplestiltskin’s grip is an iron vice on her wrist. How she had never noticed his strength before now, she does not know.

“I loved him too! I wanted to save him!” she shouts, pleading with him to let her go home and not let Neal’s death be in vain.

Does it make her a terrible person to be pleading for Neal’s father to allow his son to die? She feels like she’s betraying Neal by begging for his death. But if she doesn’t convince Rumplestiltskin to release her, she believes she could be failing everyone. Neal wouldn’t want his own life saved at the expense of the timeline and everyone else.

She wants nothing more than to get back to everyone else, to home, to finally begin to build her life in Storybrooke with Henry and her family. She wants the chance to know what that will mean, to discover just what her future holds there, not trapped here in the past.

Somehow, the Dark One listens to her, wrenching her free. As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.

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I am a bit new so my opinion isn't 100% firm about harry and Louis relationship yet and the biggest thing that makes me ??? is that I don't understand how it is possible that there is such a difference between their situation.. do you have any idea why Harry is able to seems detach from all the mess and not Louis? How is that possible? That one seems incredibly stuck in the worst stunts ever and the other one is pursuing his career free of all of that? Thank you :)

Hi anon,

Sorry– I forgot about this ask for a few days.

I guess your question might have been prompted by Harry’s appearance in NYC last week, with Jeff Azoff. He was rumored to be meeting with Columbia records re: his solo album.

The next day, The Daily Mail in the U.K. published an article stating as much, contrasting Harry’s beatific airport pap photos (and photos with stalkers) to Louis’s disastrous LAX arrest. Unsubstantiated slander of “woman-hitting,” emotionally volatile Louis was reiterated in this article. He was again painted as an unreliable father. All stories we’ve read before from U.K. tabloids associated with the Bauer Group, with ties to Simon Cowell.

Read more about this connection here:

I guess my line of answering is:

Harry hasn’t done anything to encourage this line of thinking. He literally has not given any statement on it. He has not given a statement about his solo album, either. It’s not because he is being coy–because he clearly is getting some blowback from fans about why he hasn’t said anything. Fans are curious and impatient. His image has suffered too.

And making a public statement, in the general public’s eyes, would only improve his image and increase his visibility. It benefits Harry to make a statement.

So why hasn’t he?

Why haven’t his managers at Full Stop? Why don’t they address industry rumors? Why are there so many leaks coming from Sony, including statements by Rob Stringer, while Harry’s team has said nothing? What is Sony’s objective in publicizing Harry if Harry does not confirm?

Alternatively, why has Louis’s team said nothing to refute his public image?

These allegations are clearly slanderous. Louis has not been tried in a court of law. No one has given sworn testimony. His arraignment date has not come to pass. Emotional states are purely speculative. No official statements have come from anyone quoted in the article. His image has suffered from false allegations (U.K. And U.S.A.).

So where is his team?

And, why are these two always tied? If they have been enemies for three or four years, why keep writing articles linking them?

They’ve been on hiatus for 15 months. If they really disliked each other so much, they should already have deleted each other from phone contacts, SM, etc. Why keep in touch with your enemy? I don’t store the contact information of people who hate me, anon, do you?

Their airport sightings literally HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. They aren’t even on the same side of the country. What is the purpose of linking them?

If I knew nothing about One Direction, I would experience a cognitive dissonance from the way the article swerved so awkwardly from “angelic Harry” to “devilish Louis.” The purpose seems so transparent, it’s embarrassing.

Except for one glaring fact.

They DON’T hate each other.

The band united to support Louis during his X Factor performance.

They came together as one band to accept their Brits for best video 2016. @srslycris and @lawyerlarrie
have great posts about this.

They tweeted in unity to wish Harry a happy 23rd birthday.

As Harry’s has said, “Draw what you see.”

1. There are restrictions on their public statements.
2. The images are being manipulated.
3. Their relationship with each other is good.
4. None of the four remaining 1D band members have been allowed to be specific about their solo projects.
5. Louis has been photographed to write with songwriters from Warner Chapel. He may very well have a solo album in the works. They are all working hard.
6. They are fighting a silent, bts, very ugly and drawn-out fight.
7. Recording labels have a history of screwing artists over.

Believe in our boys. They are the same good people you fell in love with. They haven’t suddenly been blinded by fame. They want to make music for us, and they have been working toward that. Every event and every article doesn’t need to be dissected for whether Harry is defending Louis. Trust them.

The people manipulating their image want us to have doubts, to fight within the fandom. Not only that, they are trying to divide the band members themselves. For years, the boys have had psychological manipulation in the guise of “protecting the 1D brand,” down to the way they move, talk, dress, look at each other, answer certain questions. Zayn’s recent article in NY Times Sunday stated he had anxiety when he was in 1D. He had an eating disorder because he wanted “to have control over one thing.” Is that really a surprise?

It’s infuriating, what’s happening to Louis right now. But it’s temporary. It’s going to end. This abuse has an end clause. Art is long– Louis is young and he’s going to fight it, with the support of his boys.

Sorry I went off in such a tangent, but I wish we could see past these media games, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Let’s be smart in evaluating the data, and not be so easily manipulated.


Sweet Obsession #5

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#1  #2  #3  #4

Summary: Taehyung finds himself having a sweet obsession with you. is it dangerous? Or is it a mere children’s crush?

Pairing: Reader X Kim Taehyung

Genre: Stalker!Taehyung Psycho!Taehyung


October 12th
Two years prior

“I can’t believe you did that” You walked outside of the police station, flashes of red and blue surrounding your peripheral vision.

“Do what? You didn’t have to bail me out”  Taehyung slid into the passenger seat of your car.

“Graffiti all over that old mans car, I get he’s a dick to you when he see’s you but his wife just died” you gripped the steering wheel and swerved onto the road.

Silenced passed for a couple of minutes.

“Thanks” he mumbled staring out of the car window, this was a special occasion since it was your mums birthday.

“You’re lucky I just got paid” you smiled at him, he continued to stare at the road.

“I’ll help you clean the car” you whispered, trying to cheer him up from whatever was bothering him.

“You don’t have to-”

“Where am I taking you to?” you cut him off, you cared for Taehyung and you didn’t want him to feel shitty for the rest of the week.

“Kim Taehyung?” A man in uniform asked him.

“Thats me” He smiled at the police officers. The short man flashed his id to Taehyung.

“If you could please come with us to the station” The officer said, making Taehyungs father step in.

“Why do you want to investigate my son? He’s done nothing wrong” Taehyung stopped his dad before he could say anything else.

“It’s only for a few hours, I’ll be fine” Taehyung walked off with the offices to their car.


You stood up gripping onto whatever you could for support. The first thing you do is hobble into the bathroom, searching for the first aid kit. Bending down and opening the cabernet from under the sink you find the white box.

A while after you patched yourself up, bandaging the cut. You laid still in the shared bed, not wanting to hurt yourself even more then you already have.

Your stomach grumbled, you hadn’t eaten in 24 hours. You got up, groaning and moaning, clutching your side as you walked.

“There has to be food, every psycho planning their kidnapping always thinks ahead” you mumbled, opening the cabernet to see the packet of ramen.

“Okay, now bowls” you whisper. Opening drawers, you find the small bowl and boil the water.

Sitting down on the chair at the small table you sigh, you wondered what will come next. How your new life will be, with the beatings for every minor thing you do wrong.

You could just end it all.

The kettle signaled that the water was done, you sat there in your thoughts. You didn’t want to deal with this, you were afraid you were hoping that you knight in shining armour saves you. But that’s just not the truth.

“Where were you last night?” the officer asked.

“Lets see, I was at Y/n’s studying with her. We were both hungry so I went out to our favourite food place and got food. I was on my way back but car ran out of gas, I stopped on the side of the road and waited until someone came to help me. Around two am I got home.”

“So you aren’t aware that Y/n is missing?” The female officer asked Taehyung.

His face turned shocked, tears brimmed his eyes. “She’s missing?” his hands started shaking, the police officer handed him a box of tissues.

“H-How?” he asked, playing the game well.

“A boy named Jisung, was founds beaten to death in Y/n’s home. Y/n was no where to be found. Her friends say you were with her last night, we had to make sure that you weren’t the one doing this”

Taehyung nodded.

After the meeting Taehyung stepped outside with puffy eyes, Mina, Jungkook and Jimin were already sitting on the seats waiting to be questioned. Jimin glared at Taehyung while Mina cried into Jungkooks bomber jacket.

“He’s lying!” Jimin shouted at the officers in the questioning room. “Jimin, calm down” Jungkook pleaded him. “We’ll keep an eye on him, if he does anything suspicious let us know okay?” the female officer said with her soft voice.

The three friends stepped out of the building.

“He did it” Jimin whispered.

“You have no proof, he’s just as innocent as us” Mina spoke up. Jungkook kicked a pebble, walking over to Jimin.

“You believe me right? That freak has been obsessed with her ever since she met him” Jimin turned to Jungkook.

September 6th
Two Years Prior

“Take a picture of us Jimin!” you grabbed Taehyungs phone and gave it to Jimin. Taehyung trying to get it back you grabbed his hands and put them around you.

“Pose and look happy” you laughed into Taehyungs ear, obviously drunk.

While you were getting Taehyung to pose, Jimin flipped through the camera roll. He stumbled upon an album of you, photos of you filled the album.  Jimin too drunk to question it continues with taking the picture.

“Say drunk” Jimin laughed.

“Druuuuunk” you slurred.

You sat on the couch and flipped through the tv channels, it being night time you were trying to find a movie to watch. Instead you found the news.

“Y/n Y/l/n, 19 year old girl has been missing since this morning. After Park Jisung was found dead by his mother at Miss Y/l/n’s house, the mother could not find Miss Y/l/n and called into report the missing girl.” Your eyes went wide at the sight of you on television.

“I think she killed that poor boy, she’s known around the neighbour hood to be quite violent with that boyfriend of hers” your neighbour said on TV.

“That’s a damn lie!” you shouted at the TV.

Your breathing became heavier, tears streamed down your face. Your sobs became so loud that by passers on the street could hear it.

“That’s it” you whispered, getting up off of the couch and heading out the door.

“If you leave this building, I’ll kill all of your pretty friends one by one” Taehyungs voice rang through your head as you ran down the steps.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” you repeated over and over again. You ran to the near by bridge. Tripping over the uneven pathway, but still continuing.

You stood at the end. Your chest heaving up and down. You heard the sound of a car screech to a halt.

“Y/n!” Taehyung shouted.

“Don’t come near me you psycho!” you screamed.

You turned to him crying.

“Do you see what they’re saying about me on TV!?” Taehyung took one step closer, crying himself.

“Y/n baby, you don’t have to do this”

“They’re saying I killed the poor kid! Me! I killed him. I loved him like he was my own brother…” you whispered the last part, crying and coughing. “You did this! You’re the one that should be in Jail, You’re the one that should be blamed…not me” you screamed.

“No! Don’t say that! It wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t my fault!” he continued, pulling at his hair.

“It doesn’t matter now” you whispered.

Leaning backwards, letting the wind carry your body.

The water soon engulfed your body, dragging it into the cold darkness. You held your breath, you felt like your head was going to explode. You looked up to see small bubbles surrounding you.

Arms wrapped your body around another, you blacked out.

Opening your eyes, you saw your body laying flat on the bed. Your hands were tied up to the bed head.

“What?” you whispered.

“You’re awake” your vision became not blurred, his hair was damp and so were his clothes.

You started crying, you wiggled and squirmed. His hands attacked your shoulders controlling your bodies movements.

“Shhh” he cooed.

“Do you want me to untie you?” he asked. You nodded your head. Your hands were free in a matter of minutes.

“You dressed me?” you asked.

“Of course, I couldn’t let you stay in wet clothes for hours” He smiled at you, getting you to drink the tea he made for you.

“Why?” you whispered.

“Because I love you Y/n, that’s why” He kissed your forehead, then your cheek and then your lips.

“Now get some rest” He pulled the covers over you.

FBI!Shawn: Chapter 1

A/N: Honestly i just really hope you enjoy this ahah i had no idea where i was going with this because i only had the first couple of paragraphs written out but i’m so happy with how it turned out. Thanks for reading x
The rustling sound from the hallway created a rushing sensation for the woman handcuffed to the steel, cold table. She looked up at her appearance in the mirror across her and examined how guilty she actually looked, the black smudges on her face could easily be chopped up to tripping over in the park but she was caught red handed at the scene and had no idea how she was going to talk her way out of this one; but if she knew anything for sure it was that she’d seen enough TV to know her reflection wasn’t the only one staring back at her. 

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I appreciate you

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Request: Can you make a ethan x reader where you are a fan of ethan and you live in LA working at a coffee shop. One day ethan comes in and you act like you dont know him but on his cup instead of writing ethan you write blue boi and he notices? you can write what you want after then thanks!

A/N: Im pretty sure I’ve seen a fiction like this before, so full credit to that and I don’t want to be seen as copying, but it made me laugh to think about this now he has brown hair, so I couldn’t resist writing it! 

  • Ethan X Reader
  • Summary: With the high-end coffee shop across town closed for the week, lots of new faces appear in the coffee shop the reader works at. One of which more familiar than the others.
  • Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of food/drink
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns for reader

You’ve been a barista for coming up to eight months now, and you’d never served anyone famous, despite how many celebs live in LA. You gave up hope long ago, knowing they all go to the coffee bar across town that’s twice as expensive. You were happy with your job and you had gotten to know your regular customers and you always felt comfortable at work with how relaxed it was compared to the snobby places people go to when stalking famous people.

You woke up early and fixed up some breakfast, before changing into your black work jeans and shirt, and then getting cosy in your soft blue sweater. You ran a comb through your hair and grabbed your bag as you practically skipped along your driveway. The crispy leaves on the ground made you so happy, you loved fall.

As you got behind the counter you noticed a slightly different crowd, you didn’t recognise all the people who sat down sipping their drinks, and even your co-workers seemed oddly dressed up for a Wednesday morning.

“Am I missing something here? Is like a big management boss coming?” You ask in confusion to a fellow barista.

“It’s just cause the fancy place across town is shut down for renovation so everyone got all excited thinking a movie star might walk in, but all I’ve served is some snobbish rich people who think they’re better than me. I mean, they probably are, but that’s not the point.” They respond and laugh, before welcoming a customer. You look around at all the upper class families and roll your eyes in disgust. You can do this, you can handle shitty people.

A few hours passed and you were practically praying to see one of the sweet old ladies that come in daily after the crowd of snobs you’d been serving. You were wiping down the counter tops as you notice a group come in, and go to take orders from the man who stepped up first. 

“Hi-” You silenced yourself as you met his gaze. You’d forgotten he had brown hair now and so you assumed it was a stranger, but you knew him. It was your idol, your favourite youtuber. You quickly snapped out of it, hating to embarrass yourself. “What can I get you?” You smiled as you listened.

“The name is Ethan by the way.” He smiled as you froze in confusion. The cup! He’s telling you so you can write it on the cup! 

“Yes! Sorry! My brain’s a little slow today, I apologise.” You just want to scream and hug him, but you resist, both for his comfort and so you don’t get fired. You walk over the coffee machine and grab the pen, and scribble onto it, making sure to be clear and readable.

Blue Boi

You then make the coffee, and smile as you place the lid on top and call his name. He walked over without breaking the conversation he was having, briefly thanking you as he took the cup and headed for a table. You grabbed your cloth and started wiping to seem busy, as you watched out the corner of your eye. 

“Did you tell them to write Ethan?” His friend questioned, looking at the cup.

“Yeah, why is this not mine?” He asked as he turned the cup to look for the name. 

“Oh its yours for sure.” They giggle as he soon notices the writing and grins.

You find yourself grinning too, before quickly getting back to cleaning as to not seem creepy or stalker-ish. You could tell he was looking at you, which made you both immensely happy as well as a little nervous. You had to do something.

An idea lit up your mind as you found your boss and convinced them this was important as he was within the public eye and so they wanted him to feel good about the coffee shop for publicity, and you soon headed over to his table, a plate in hand. He noticed you approaching and smiled at you, you felt so giddy you nearly dropped the plate, but played it cool.

“I heard your usual shop gives out free cookies with drinks, but I also heard they cant guarantee it to be nut free, so I thought you might like to try some definitely nut free cake as a “this coffee shop wont try and kill you” gift.” You smile as you place the plate down at the edge of the table. His eyes light up at the sight.

“You didn’t have to do that! But I really appreciate it, thank you so much.” Ethan speaks as you can practically feel your heart flipping with joy.

“You’re so welcome! I appreciate you too, Crank.” You wink as you turn and head back to the till. You’re glad its a full 180 turn so he cant see how red you turn as you curse at yourself for calling him crank? and then winking??? 

You went back to work and caught the occasional smile from Ethan, so he clearly didn’t hate you for being so awkward. 

The week went by and you saw him most days, sometimes just flying by to get drinks for the team, sometimes sitting down with friends, and you’d always try to sneak them free cakes and cookies when you could. 

Then came Monday. You woke up late with a dry throat and a sneeze. Great. You must have caught a cold from the different crowd of people coming into work. You dragged yourself out of bed and stared at the zombie that looked back at you in the mirror. You washed your face and shoved your hair into a messy knot on top of your head as you rushed to chuck on some clothes and leave for work. 

Today the coffee place across town re-opened. You tried to stay positive and be grateful that you wouldn’t have to deal with so many rude snobs, but nothing could cover up how much you were going to miss having Ethan around.

You dived into work, apologising for being late, and your heart was soon warmed by the lovely old lady you’d seen daily for the past 4 months. You enjoyed catching up with your customers, hearing about cats stuck up trees and their relatives getting into college. As you cleaned up a table with ten minutes of your shift to go, your head felt foggy and the cold made you tired. You accidentally launched a napkin off the table, and as you went to retrieve it, someone beat you to it.

“Looking awake as ever! You know coffee is pretty good at waking you up. You should try it sometime.” They spoke, sarcastically.

You wanted to scream and leap into his arms at the sight of your blue boi, but you had to stop yourself from getting too excited. You took the napkin and smiled.

“You know your usual place is back open, right? It was only a week long renovation.” You ask, confused as to why he returned.

“Yeah I know. But its cosy here, and they overcharged at that place anyway. Plus where else can I get free food that wont kill me? As well as said free food being delivered by pretty staff members who call me Crank to piss me off?” He said with a smile. He thinks you’re pretty? 

“Not looking too great today” you say as you twist your mess of a bun between your fingers as a curl comes loose.

“Looking pretty cranky I’d say.” He winked as he lifted the tray and emptied it into the trash for you. You blushed as you walked over to the counter.

“What will it be, blue boi?” You ask he decides on a drink, your co-worker offers to make it, reminding you that you’re off the clock. Ethan picks up on it.

“As you’re done for the day can I get a side of company with my beverage?” He smirks, gesturing at a table for two. 

“Sure. It’s an extra twenty dollars though is that okay?” You smirk back, his face soon sinks thinking you’ve rejected him.

“Kidding. Take a seat, I’ll bring them out.” You giggled as you got to making his drink. By company standards you usually paint a leaf onto the foam with chocolate, but you decided to have some fun and carefully crafted a gizmo into the foam. You removed your apron and pulled on a fluffy sweater, then grabbed two slices of chocolate fudge cake and headed over to the table.

“Care for some fudge cake with your cranky coffee?” You smile as you placed the tray, Ethan’s face lighting up at the sight.

“Oh my god! Its Gizmo! and he’s adORABLE!” He smiled like a kid in a candy shop, before pulling out his phone to take a photo. You giggled as you watched him and sipped your drink, before asking his opinion on the cake as you’d heard its a new recipe (and of course, nut free.) The two of you talked as if you’d been friends for a lifetime, and to top it all off, the cake was delicious. 

Anonymous | pt. v

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Scenario: Tumblr AU
Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader
Word Count: 2226
Rating: T

Summary: Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?
You just shot to tumblr fame when the latest chapter of your webtoon went viral. Messages start flooding in – hundreds of people saying things good and bad alike. One anon catches your eye, and you find you just have to reply to them…

<< previous part x next part >>

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Pairing: Implied:SherlockxReader, Eventual!SherlockxReader (There will be a part II)

Warnings: Cliff hanger, kidnapping, mentions of prostitution (not the reader), mentions of murder and violent/graphic scenes, and very creepy Moriarty.


“That isn’t fair!” How could he give you a ‘C’ when you did more work than everyone else? Even he admitted it was the best piece, and most supported article! But no- he gave you a 'C’ because it had nothing to do with “current events”. Because the brutal slaying of a prostitute doesn’t seem to qualify. Does no one else think even they deserve some ink? 

“Your essay was supposed to be on a current topic, not the mutilation of a street-” That’s where you drew the line.

 "So, if I had done the assassination of a diplomat, I would’ve gotten an 'A’?“ You snapped. No one wanted to admit that they thought whoever killed people like her were "cleaning up the place”. But that woman had a life, just like any other victim. How was her death any different, or less impactful on the world? She was someone’s little girl, a sister, and a mother to two boys. But that’s not how anyone else saw it, and that really burned you up inside. 

Almost sheepishly, he replied, “Yes.” Now you wanted to tear his stupid office apart, but you knew it would do you absolutely no good. You’d handle how the general public saw the people working on the streets when you were an actual journalist. For now, you’d have to find away to fix your grade. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you carefully chose your words.

 "Can I fix this, in any way?“ And that’s the question that led you to start researching the one and only: Sherlock Holmes. If you could just get the story to make any other journalists’ career- he’d fix your grade. How could you say no to such an opportunity? You couldn’t, and that’s what lead you to take the flat right below him at 221C Baker Street.

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“My little star” (Riddler x Reader)

Hello! Im back!! 💖


Please forgive me, please.

I’ve been drepressed for almost all summer and also on an hard writers block for some time and now college just started and its even more stressful than before. Im sorry for the hiatues. Ill try to update as often as i can! I promise!

 For now, I’ll update “The family’s girl” next, following it will come “Stop that wedding!” and in between will come part two of “Notre Dame de Paris” (Hunchback au) So IF YOU STILL HAVENT VOTED for  (STW) and (NDdP) , VOTE NOW!

Requested by Anon!

Request:  We are lacking some Riddler, May v we hey some Eddie lovin’ please?

Requested by Anon!

Request:  Could you write a Riddler x Reader? Pethaps he takes them hostage and….? Idk. Take it where you will! Please keep it SFW if you can. Thank you!

He may take you hostage in the future… who knows…he can become quite like Jon in stalker *wink wink* ;))

Tags: @hamsterforlive @plethora-of-things @wonderlace19  @cursedfaechild

If you want to be tagged or have any request, message me any time!!!

💖 Now, Enjoy!! 💖

It was a peaceful Gotham morning in your work, you were the head of the Gotham gazette. Your drive to get as involved as possible in the crime scene is what made you one of the best and more truthful of Gotham’s journalist. You always told the truth of the cases, making you also amongst the most hated people of Gotham.

The truth hurts sometimes.

But it also made you very respected in the hero and villains community. The first ones for your values and honesty, amongst the seconds because you didn’t demonize them. You treated them right.

You could kinda say you had a fan club.


A pretty big fan club.

They even have a president!

Edward Nygma.

He was a big fan of yours, since you started on your College newspaper. He felt attracted to you on an intellectual level at first. He soaked in your work, drinking every letter as if it was water in a desert. He was so intrigued in meeting you … That knowing your drive to get into the wolf’s mouth you would come directly to his trap.

And he would finally meet you.

Eddie smiled at your new article that shone in his barely lit room.



“(y/n)! Have you finished the paper in the new rector elections?” One of your coworkers asked.

“Here” You said as you gave her paper. “Parker will bring the photos later this evening.”

“Perfect.” She turned around and ran into the frenzy that was your editorial.

“(l/n)!” Your boss yelled. “Come here, now!”

“Coming boss.” You hurried to the office, a bit worried. Once inside you stood up in front of the table. “Is something wrong?”

“No. But we have received a note. The Riddler is about to strike! And you will be covering up!”

“Yes boss!” You smiled, reading the note. “I’m on it.” You ran to your spot and investigated the Riddler’s movement to discover where we will strike. You received an email that said:

“Riddle me this…Riddle me that…

If you want to find me

Tell me what I am…

·    Until I am measured

I am not known,

Yet how you miss me

When I have flown.

·       I never was, am always to be,

No one ever saw me, nor ever will

And yet I am the confidence of all

To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.


·       What time belongs to men twice a day?


·       At night they come without being fetched,

And by day they are lost without being stolen.

·       Whilst I was engaged in sitting

I spied the dead carrying the living


Good luck, miss (y/n).


Hmm…quite though…but if you want to find him you have to crack them…

After staying afterhours, you finally cracked the code.

“I got it!” You write down:

·       Time

·       Tomorrow

·       5:14, Upside down on a digital clock it spells “his”

·       Stars

·       Ship

Hm…. this is kinda…like..a meeting place?

Time: Tomorrow at 5:14 pm in the..the Starship! The boat stranded in Gotham!

“Gotcha!” You smirked and write down everything. Then you changed in your pajama and went to sleep.

Tomorrow you were meeting a criminal.


The Riddler was wearing his best suit, ready to meet the little star of Gotham. He grabbed the flower and drive to the boat, the shadows covering him until he made it to the boat. There he set a table and two chairs, a candle and drinks too.

“hm…ready.” He smirked. “I wonder if her mind is capable of matching mines…oh well, I guess we’ll find out!” He sat in the chair, his can on his lap and waited for her.


You arrived at the boat and carefully entered, making your way up.

“Riddler?” You asked.

“Hello Miss (y/n)” He smirked. “Sit down please.”

You entered the place looking around, it gave of a kind of love vibe. You shrugged and sat down.

“What is your plan?” You got your notebook out.

“Wow, down to business, eh?” He smirked and served a glass of (f/d).

“No thank you, and yes, that’s why we are here…no?” You raised an eyebrow and he smirked.

“Indeed. I see you solved my riddles.”

“I did. clever hide your location on riddles. Very your thing”

“Thank you, it was a challenge. See if you can measure to me. I guess you can.” He smirked.

“Thank…you?”     You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Now…I guess you want to know what I am up to?” Edward smirked.

“Well, obviously?” You raised an eyebrow and he smiled, his cheek got a bit redder.

“First, let me tell you, miss (y/n) that you look beautiful tonight! “He got a beautiful (f/f) out of nowhere and gave it to you.

“Oh… thank you…” You smiled and grabbed the flower, smiling and blushing. He smirked and got his bowler hat. “Now…what’s your plan?”

“Well, my beautiful maiden. My plan is and has always been prove I’m smarter than batman.” He shrugged his shoulders. “And destroy him, of course. But for now, I just want to know more about you, my dear. You know, you quite had the fan club back at Arkham.” He smirked.

“Oh? I do?” You felt flattered really. But for some reason, being idolized by the likes of the joker didn’t make you feel really…safe.

“Indeed darling. I, myself am draw to your truthful approach to the news.” His hand came to rest above yours, a charming smile on his face.

“Really? It usually makes me hated.” You looked at his green eyes thought the black mask.

“Nonsense, darling! People can’t stand the truth! You’re better than them! Smarter, more honest!” He said with so much passion as he clutched your hand in his. You blushed at the flattering speech.

“Thank you, Mr. Nygma” You smiled.

“Please, call me Eddie” He smiled loving.

“Okay…Eddie” You smiled.

You two keep talking for hours, exchanging riddles, theories and arguing about hot science topics.

After a wonderful 3-hour chat, he helped you down the boat and to your car. Before you could enter he pulled you flush against him, his hot breath mingled with yours. You blushed, and for some reason, your heartbeat had become faster and your cheeks burned in a blush.

“I like you, my little star…I like you very much…Maybe, maybe we could go out again? Tomorrow? There is a really interesting symposium in Bludhaven…maybe we could go, you know…together?” His cheeks became red as his green eyes looked around, shyly.

“Cute” You though as a smile took place on your lips. “Well…If any nothing comes up…. I don’t see why not.” You smiled.

“YES!” He though. “Perfect! I’ll send you a new note with the place and time!” He smiled exited.

“Great, can’t wait to know what you come up with!” You winked at him, making him blush. “Have a good night, Eddie.”

“Have a good night, (y/n)” He smiled before his eyes widened “(y/n) wait!” he grabbed your hand and pulled you in a sweet, chaste kiss. You froze in place, blushing madly.

As he pulled away a few seconds later, you looked at his dreamy eyes and blushing face.

“Now, Have a sweet night, my beautiful star.” He smiled dreamily, you smiled back.

“Good night” You smiled back and sit inside your car, a silly smile took place on your face and you couldn’t shake the warm feeling off.

“he was pretty cute…” You bit your lip before shaking some sense on your head and drove back to your home, to write that article you had to hand tomorrow.

He smiled one last time on the direction your car took before sitting inside a black car, that took off almost immediately.

“How was it, boss?” One of his lackeys asked.

“Perfect. Now, the other plan starts now.” He smirked evilly as his lackeys smirked back.

“Batman won’t know from where the hit came!” One of his crooks laughed.

“Down, down,down,down!” They cheered. 

Eddie thoughts drove of the cheering crew and to your beautiful smile, your soft luscious (h/c) hair. Yous beautiful mind, your enchanting eyes…he sighs dreamily….


“Down, down,down,down! YAY!” They cheered loudly.

Edward smirked.” Easy boys…” He looked outside his tinted windows to see the characteristic shadow of the bat and his Robin jump in the direction they just came from.

Eddie smirked evilly.

“Riddle me this, riddle me that…who is afraid of the big, black, bat?”  



Meanwhile, at Arkham Asylum:

“THAT GREEN ASSHOLE THINKS HE CAN DESTROY THE BAT, TAKE GOTHAM AS HIS OWN AND TAKE THAT PLESURE FROM ME?! NO FUCKING WAY!” The joker screamed as he his fist against the bulletproof crystal as the other inmates looked at him with a bit of fear. “IM SICK OF HIM! OF HIS FREAKING ANNOYING RIDDLES!.unless…” The manic grin on the joker face became crazier as he let out a more than usual, manic cackle that sounded in all Arkham. “He thinks riddles are funnier than jokes? Hahahahahaha well see about that!” The Joker banged his blood-stained hands on the clean crystal, imprinting his handprints in it.

His catlike smirk widened, almost splitting his face in half.

This is war.”

(so…Want a part two?)

Picture Perfect

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Requested: No

Summary: (Y/N) is a photographer for the yearbook. It’s come to the point in the year where she has to start getting pictures of the different clubs and extracurriculars. Next on her list: The Blue and Gold. But when the Cooper women are running late and she’s left alone with one Jughead Jones, what will happen?

Word Count: 1,786

Warnings: None

AN: Gif is not mine. Requests are open

Originally posted by riverdaleselite

Being at school at 7:30 on a Saturday morning was not something (Y/N) wanted to do; but what else could she do when she needed this picture. (Y/N), while only a sophomore, was in charge of taking pictures of all of the clubs, extracurriculars, and sports teams for the yearbook. The last extracurricular on her list: The Blue and Gold.

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anonymous asked:

hi omg i ///love/// your works. can you do a taehyung reaction of him announcing your relationship on public and you're just a recent highschool graduate so you're scared that you might get bullied or have rumors at you back when you go to college? thank you so much !!

Thank you! I hope this is what you wanted :D

Taehyung is many things.

  • He is really good-looking (obviously), 
  • He is talented (his voice has made people cry and his dancing have caused severe heart attacks to millions of fans), 
  • He is kind (so kind that he could literally befriend anyone he meets and get close to them like they’ve been friends for years), 
  • He is sweet (like the the epitome of a sweet boyfriend: the type to bring you flowers for no occasion; the type who leans over you all of a sudden and kisses you in the middle of telling him about your day because he missed you and he just wanted to kiss you.)

The list could go on and on… Taehyung is definitely many things.

But you never really pegged him to be the type to do things on a whim. Especially not announcing your relationship on live broadcast after you practically kept it under wraps for almost two years now. 

The media was fast to pick up; the netizens even faster. Soon there were articles upon articles being posted online about his “secret girlfriend”. Photos arise, taken by fans and paparazzi’s who were skeptical at first about Taehyung’s relationships status but were now sure that he was indeed hiding someone. You were surprised to see photos of him sneaking out of the dorms wearing a mask and a hoodie, and there was even one that caught you two by your apartment building’s entrance… holding hands

You were a bit torn on how to feel about his sudden announcement. Half of yourself was relieved because you’ve always wanted to let the world know about the two of you and it felt good to finally get it out of your chest. But half of yourself was also worried because with the stress of applying for college, you didn’t think you can take more stress from the media and from fans who would be not-so-supportive of your relationship with Taehyung. You’ve seen how they could get, and it frightened you.

Later that night, Taehyung comes to your place with a bouquet of roses and a box of your favorite chocolates.

“Don’t be mad.” He mumbled, looking like a kicked puppy. And you sighed because who were you to deny such a cute puppy?

“I’m not mad, Tae.” You say and it was the truth. You look out the hall and notice that it was quiet. Taehyung had probably gotten help from his mangers to lure his stalkers away. You stepped aside and opened the door wider to let him in. 

“I know I was wrong for announcing it on a whim. I know you said we should talk about things before–”

“And why didn’t we?” You ask him and he pouted. He was wrong and you knew it, but you weren’t really upset with him. Sure you were a bit worried and scared, but you weren’t upset about your relationship going public. You knew it would come out eventually.

“I’m sorry,” Taehyung says sincerely. “I just… I didn’t know what’s got into me! I just felt like I should say it then…” he pouted even more and you weren’t sure if he was doing it on purpose to get you to soften up or he was just being his normal cute self.  “I was wrong for not telling you, baby. Please don’t be upset because I can’t take it when you’re upset with me.” He almost begs as he hands you the flowers. 

You simply chuckle and pinch his cheek, shaking your head. “I’m not mad, pabo. Surprised sure, but I’m not upset. I just wished we had planned this out. But hey…that’s life right? We just have to jump over one hurdle at a time.” You cross your arms and shoot him an accusing stare–but it was meant to be playful. “But that was one curve ball you threw there, Tae… Expect my revenge.”

Taehyung grins and pulls you into a hug, knowing he was forgiven. “I’m sorry. I promise being in a public relationship with me is less stressful than being in a  private one,” he jokes which makes you laugh. 

“I hope you’re right.”

“I’ll make sure no one bothers you. Everything will be as it is,” he assures you and that somehow lifts your worries that has been pressing down on you since the news came out. “Besides, the fans love you! Have you seen our Twitter?” 

You snort, although you knew he was telling the truth. There were fans who were very supportive and had even started making ship names. 

“I’m sorry this is all so sudden, but I don’t regret announcing our relationship, Y/N. I love you. And I just want the whole world to know already…”

You blush at his words, sinking deeper into his embrace. “I love you too, Tae Tae.”

He hums, swaying the two of you from side to side. Taehyung was a lot of things…but most of all, he was everything you could ever ask for in a partner. Someone supportive, protective, and loves you wholeheartedly.

You were just getting comfortable when he suddenly added, “And because I saw that guy the other day giving you the eye, so I hope he knows now you’re taken.”


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haha cutie Tae <3 Hope you liked this one anonie!

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen

Second Chances || Tyler Down x Reader

I’ll be meeting you there, because that poof hair, heart shaped cookie got me like damn daddy what that ass do. 😘 😘

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: Reader is a Mild Sadist, Mentions of Suicide


    September had swooped through Crestmont briskly, turning the trees brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow. The air had become frigid within the span of a few weeks. Enough so to burn your lungs with every breath, and leave you puffing clouds of white smoke when you exhaled.

    Things had changed around the small, friendly town. It had grown cold after Hannah and Jeff’s deaths. When the Bakers came out with a set of tapes recorded before their daughter’s suicide, the truth was outed.

    Bryce was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Since his first offense was considered a class two felony, and his second involved a minor, he was given no chance of parole.

    Tyler had been changed to a correctional school in the city. Many people thought he should of been arrested too, but as it was his first offense, and he hadn’t reached the legal age of adulthood, they sent him off with a warning.

    Marcus’s dream colleges all suddenly decided they didn’t want him anymore. As for Courtney, it was revealed she was a lesbian, but the funny thing is; people disliked her for defending Bryce, not because she turned out to like girls.

    Shortly after Alex had been pronounced dead, Justin was reported missing. No one had seen him for nearly three days. He had yet to come back, leaving Jessica distraught.

    Sheri was sued by the Atkins family for not reporting an accident that resulted in the death of their son. She was going to be paying off that debt for a long time.

    Zach and his family moved away to an entirely different state, probably to give him a chance to start over.

    Ryan quit writing the school paper, and eventually graduated early to head off to college.

    Clay got the best ending of everyone. He was barely seen without Skye Miller anymore. Word had spread that they were in a relationship shortly after he had asked her out on a date to Monet’s. He seemed happy, and Skye certainly was.

    You pulled your jacket tighter over your chest, staring down at a pile of leaves that your dad had raked up the day before, now scattered across your shoes. It was dark, save for the blinking porch light strung up around the front door to your house.

    Lying on top of that pile, looking dazed, was Tyler Down; the school’s ex-junior photographer. The only reason you knew his name was because of the tapes.

    “It’s a little cold to be sneaking around taking pictures, isn’t it?” you asked, the sarcasm evident in your voice.

    This wasn’t the first time you had caught him, but it was the first time he saw you catch him. You stared down at him, watching his baby blue eyes dart around nervously. He was looking at everything but you, purposely trying to avoid meeting your gaze.

    You knelt down in front of him, clicking your tongue. “Wasn’t it enough when you killed Hannah Baker?”

    He gritted his teeth. “She killed herself.”

    “Bullshit. You don’t kill yourself for no reason,” you replied. “That’s like saying the world spins just because it wants to. There’s always a reason. You’re one of them.”

    He blinked, tears glistening in the corners of his eyes. “I didn’t do anything compared to what Bryce did, or Jessica, or Marcus.”

    “No, not what they did,” you agreed. “But that doesn’t make you innocent, Tyler. You crept outside of an emotionally devastated girl’s window. Your camera kept her wide awake when the only thing she wanted was to be able to sleep. You took away the last bit of privacy that she had left. You sent a picture of her topless and making out with Courtney to everyone, because you were angry she didn’t want to hang out with her stalker. ”

    “Why are you doing this?” he asked quietly.

    “For the same reason you do what you do,” you said. “I get pleasure out it.”

    He tried to stand, but you pressed a hand against his chest. You reached down to pick up his camera from where it had fallen when he’d tripped. He turned away, attempting to cover his face as you snapped a photo of him.

    “Aw, isn’t that just adorable?” you cooed mockingly. “Not used to being on the other end of the camera, are you? A little shy?”

    His shoulders began to shake, and it wasn’t long after that you heard him choking on a slew of hard sobs. You threw the camera to the side, reaching to pry his hands off of his face. You brushed away the tears rolling down his cheeks, silently watching him break down.

    You sat back, legs crossed, and waited until he had cried himself out. When it was all said and done his eyes were puffy and red, his face was flushed, and he was shivering from the wind.

    You peeled off your jacket, throwing it over him.

    “I don’t get it,” he whispered. “Do you hate me or not?”

    “I don’t hate you. I just like hurting people,” you replied. “Until I start feeling bad, and then I try to help them like that’s going to make it all better.”

    He stared, bewildered.

    “When my family and I lived in a town called Millborough, there was this kid. He was really smart, all the teachers loved him. I used to make fun him every day after school,” you said quietly, plucking up strands of grass. “I was just having fun. I thought he knew I was joking. Then he threw himself off of a nearby bridge at the end of 9th grade.”

    “You got someone killed too?” he asked.

    You nodded. “Just like you, I still do what I shouldn’t do. I hurt people because it makes me feel good. You take pictures because it makes you feel good. We’ve got a lot in common.”

    He sat up, hugging your jacket tightly around himself. “I guess we do.”

    You smiled. “The stalker and the sadist. What a pair.”

    He brought his knees to his chest, sighing shakily. “I don’t like what I am.”

    “Same here,” you agreed.

    His eyes met yours for the briefest of moments. “I forgive you… for what just happened. Not like I didn’t deserve it.”

    “Don’t forgive me,” you muttered. “I don’t deserve it.”

    “Yes, you do.” He pushed himself a little closer, grabbing your hand. He sniffled, rubbing at his nose, still irritated and crimson from his tears. “I could be your second chance.”

    You felt your heart clench, throbbing within the confines of your chest. “Okay. Then I’ll be yours.”

    “Then let’s start over.” He held out his free hand for you to shake. “I’m Tyler.”

    You took it, giving him a light tug. Your lips collided as you dragged him to the ground. Your mouths moved as perfectly as two puzzle pieces fitting together. He gasped as your teeth found his lower lip, biting down hard enough to break the skin.When you tasted blood, you pulled away, leaving the both of you breathless.

    “Hi, Tyler,” you said. “I’m Y/N.”

Newt Scamander X Reader- Drawn Together

Newt Scamander x reader-Drawn Together

A/N: This is my first Newt Scamander Imagine type of thing. I don’t know how good it will be or if anyone will read it. But if you do happen to stumble upon this, hope you enjoy. I had fun writing this. There are no warnings, just a bit of fluffiness from a famous Hufflepuff. Enjoy!

You and the Newt had been close friends ever since your strange first encounter during your shift at a dress shop. You were sitting behind the counters, lost in your own world. The notebook you always carried was spread open on the polished counter, as the dresses in the shop always gave you inspiration to create and sketch. It had been one of your favorite pastimes, especially when business was rather downtempo. Lines and colors all connected to make your image in your mind spring into reality. A ringing bell stole you out of your thoughts, signaling that there was a customer. In the doorway stood a panic-stricken man in a deep peacock colored coat.

Newt was in a bit of a frenzy. He had neglected to get his case locks fixed before traveling again. Once again he was back in New York after finishing the publication of his book, however, it turns out that he had once again lost his thief of a Niffler. He was supposed to be heading over to the Goldstein residence with Jacob, but he would have to push that back. After chasing him down several streets, he came to a stop as he noticed the Niffler scurry inside your shop to get ahold of the crystals on the dresses. With a groan of disbelief, he stumbled into the dress shop, earning a questioning look from you. At first you thought he was trying to steal something since he just kept rummaging through the intricate skirts and sleeves, tossing them randomly all over, but you soon cleared up the misunderstandings. Apparently he was looking for his creature, which you two found of course, but there was a problem. You were what he called a Muggle, or No-Maj in America, so you had to be obliviated.

After making sure the Niffler was back in his case, Newt pulled out his wand, looked into your eyes, and felt slightly guilty. He couldn’t just get rid of your memories, regardless of the rules. He knew he had slightly exposed the wizarding world with the Niffler chase, but he couldn’t knowing you were kind enough to help him. A man who probably sounds completely mad walks into a store you’re working at and instead of calling the police, you assist him. You provided him help, even if you did think he was some criminal on the run at the start. And in all honesty, Newt didn’t want to lose someone who acted so kind to him.

He tucked his wand away. You stared at him again and asked, “Aren’t you going to do the obli-whatever that thing is?”

“No. It’s against the rules, but for some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t,” he was putting too much trust in you, “But I can’t have you telling people about this…”
“I won’t,” you said, not paying attention to the smile on your face, “Besides, people think I’m weird enough already.” You gave a slight laugh and Newt smiled back with his cheeks turning crimson.

“Alright, um…”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and your name is what exactly?”

“Right, (Y/N), and it’s Newt, Newt Scamander.”
But that was some time ago. You two learned a lot about one another, and learned to trust one another rather quickly. He told you all about the wizard world and past adventures, he even introduced you to Tina, Queenie, and Jacob, who you formerly knew as the baker down the street. You two also frequently met after your work ended for a cup of tea or coffee. Newt was quite the fascinating man.

You found him even more fascinating when he told you about the interior of his case. All sorts of creatures large and small resided in there. Except for Pickett the Bowtruckle, he usually hid in Newt’s pocket or behind your hair. Newt found this a bit odd since Pickett typically stayed with him. He did feel a smidge jealous, but he was also overwhelmed with a source of joy, the type that made your heart swell.

Today was one of those days where you both found one another inside his case. Newt was tending to the mooncalves while you were greeted by Dougal.
“Hello to you again Dougal,” you giggled. The Demiguise looked up at you before hopping onto your lap. Once again, your notebook was open, and currently being filled with your interpretive sketches of Newt’s case. You became immersed in your own world again, surrounded by the calls of magical beasts with Dougal peacefully resting on you still.

Newt brushed his hands after setting down the pail of mooncalf food and looked at your concentrated form. Your (H/C) hair was pushed slightly back and your hands carefully worked in your notebook. You paused to stroke Dougal and give him attention, breaking your concentration. A smile crept onto your face again as your eyes filled with adoration for the miraculous creature. Newt sighed in contentment. It began to get increasingly hot even though he wasn’t wearing his thick coat anymore. He could only lie to himself for so long, for he was completely infatuated with everything you did. You were beyond beautiful, of course, but you were also intelligent, kind-hearted, and by far the most incredible human he has ever met. He didn’t care if you weren’t like him. If anything, that only made him more attracted to you. He was madly blushing by this point, and also feeling a bit like a stalker as he admired you from afar. He couldn’t look away though. You were different and he was different, both in each of your own individual ways.

He didn’t want to just be friends anymore, he had known this for a while. He loved the way you didn’t run away screaming in terror from his creatures, but instead, opened your golden heart to them. When he first brought you down into the case, you bombarded him with questions he was thrilled to answer. You were curious, lovely and curious, and he couldn’t understand where you had been for all his life. You beamed with excitement and radiated acceptance. You accepted them. You accepted him.

He picked up the bucket and walked closer to you, accidently awaking Dougal.
“How were the mooncalves?” you questioned.

“They were well (Y/N). I see Dougal has found a new place to nap,” he laughed.
You laughed along with him, igniting his cheeks once more as your melodious laugh filled his ears.


Newt looked over your shoulder and took notice of a set of new sketches you had added to your book. One of them was the sleeping Demiguise, and a few along the bottom were of the young Occamy babies, but the larger one caught his attention. It was a hand drawn sketch of himself. His hair swept over his face slightly as his form was drawn rather attractively. He didn’t realize you could draw so well, he knew you were good, but you managed to make him like a man you would see in photos on display. His muscles were outlined under his shirt, and he suddenly felt ten times stronger than what he actually was. Even his freckles were placed so delicately, like stars in the night sky. He kept staring but was interrupted when he heard you gasp. He instantly became nervous.
“(Y/N) what’s wrong?” he asked, concern coursing through his veins.

You started to tuck the notebook away. “You, you weren’t supposed to see that one.”

He knew right away which one. “It’s okay (Y/N), there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It was rather amazing and lovely.” By now he was kneeling beside you.

“But you weren’t supposed to see it Newt.”

“But it was beautiful, intricate and amazingly beautiful,” he trailed off before speaking again, you were still cringing at your own embarrassment and rosy cheeks. “Just like you.”

Your eyes went wide, before you spoke put a soft, “N-Newt.”

He hadn’t registered exactly what he said until moments later. His heartbeat was thumping and escalating, like a raging thunderstorm. He debated as to whether he should speak again, hoping he wouldn’t appear too daft.

“I-I yes you are, (Y/N). You are quite remarkable. You-you have been my end, I mean friend and I, well um,” he stuttered as the butterflies inside him took over. He was running out of things to say. His words were stuck and weren’t coming out. Your mouth was slightly hanging open and your face was still beet red. You were about to ask something, but you were cut off. You were cut off by Newt leaning in, and kissing you right on your lips.

It wasn’t rough, but instead smooth. Newt thought you would pull away in horror at his abrupt actions, but he couldn’t confine his feelings anymore. There was no way of sugar coating it. He was in love with you. You were just as strange and nervous as he was, just as understanding. You kept kissing him, pulling yourself closer, for Dougal had disappeared off of your lap. He entangled his large hands through your hair. Nothing but passion was exchanged between the two of you in the serenity of his hidden world. When the two of you pulled away, Newt began apologizing rapidly.

“I’m so sorry. I t-thought you, I thought it was okay I-,”

“Newt, it’s okay.”

“It is?”

You looked up at him. He was breathing heavily as you smiled at him. You could see every detail etched on his face.

“Yes. I just thought you didn’t like me, you know, like that. I always thought you would go with Tina.”

“But Tina and I are friends.”

“Yes but Tina is a lot more-,”

You didn’t get to finish because Newt began to squeeze your hand again. He stared into your eyes, becoming mesmerized again.

“Tina is my friend, and I don’t want you to finish that sentence. You are the most astonishing person I have ever met. I never thought I would meet someone as caring towards me or even my beasts would ever come into my life as you have. There is no one other than you that I would rather have in my arms or by my side.”

You were touched by his words. This man, this awkward yet wonderful in every way possible man loved you. All of you was loved and cherished by Newt. He grabbed both of your hands to stand you up. He glanced down before pressing another sweet kiss to your cheek. You returned the favor by pulling him closer as you rested your head on his chest briefly.

“I love you Newt.”

“And I love you my darling.”

You pulled away from him once more.

“Newt, the rest of the creatures probably still need to be fed.”

You didn’t want the moment to end, but you knew the other creatures shouldn’t have to wait for food while you two were busy kissing.

Newt chuckled before responding back, “Yes love, come on. Let’s go.”

He grabbed another bucket of food in one hand, and he cradled your hand in his other. You picked your notebook up before heading to the other parts in his case, ready for anything that now came to you and Newt. You were both unique, and together, you were incredibly perfect, both like colors mixing together for the perfect shade.



The Note Tree ❋ L.H. Pt.6

Part S I X 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 4.5k+

AN: hAPPy fOURTH you guys (to whoever celebrates it, that is.) i hope you all have a good day today, disregarding of the holiday. i hope you enjoy this part and get it to 100 notes so we can flip out over 7. take care, stay safe, and be rad xx 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

I M A G I N E 

Saturday (Almost 1:00 A.M.)

“Why am I doing this?” You groaned, despising the agreement you had made with Luke. 

You were outside the venue, L8, with the girls waiting with you. Of course it wasn’t a school night, so you allowed yourself to be just a little exposed. Your torso was hugged lovingly by a tube top, flaunting your cleavage as well as the evident collarbones by your neck. Over it was a denim jacket with wisps of wide from scratches and rips. Your legs were covered by gray leggings with converse swallowing your feet. 

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“Stalker” (Jonathan Crane x Reader x Jason Todd) Part 2.

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Part1 Part2 (here)  Jay’s ending  Jon’s ending

Hope you enjoy!

Its been a week since The scarecrow had taken Gotham. The villains ran wild while the civilians tried to escape, but being intercepted and captured by any villain to serve as the playthings. The worse one could get was being captured by the Joker, as death came slow and torturous.

You looked out of the windows at the burning city, the screams of panic hurting your ears as you hugged yourself. Your white nightgown did nothing to stop the piercing coldness of the once city Gotham.

Your back was to the door as Jonathan came in, sitting behind you in the windows and hugging your waist. His head laid on your shoulder and he gave you little, sweet kisses.

“Good night my beautiful” He whispered before kissing your ear.

“…” Since he had kidnapped you, his words were answered with silence.

“My love, come to bed. You are freezing. Come, we shall warm you “ He got up and carried you bridal style to bed, he laid you on the right side and then he laid next to you. His hand caressed your naked legs slowly as he kissed your neck.

“I love you so, my (y/n) …” He whispered before kissing your lips. You didn’t move, to scared of him. “You love me too….” He cuddled you and fell asleep. You silently cried until the darkness overcame your senses.


Jason Todd wasn’t the most patient man.

Nor the most peaceful

Batman’s shit was pissing him off greatly

He seriously didn’t expect him, Jason Peter Todd to not go save the only person on the world he truly trusted and loved.

Fuck you bats.

So in order to destroy the villains he had the best group in mind.

“ Hello, ladies gentlemen. I’m thankful you all came to this hideout, and decide to defy Batman” Jason smirked as he looked at his companions.

His team

Damian Wayne aka Robin

Roy Harper aka Arsenal

Koriand'r aka Starfire

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman

Clark Kent aka Superman

Barry Allen aka Flash

“ We are all here because Bats plan isn’t gonna work. There is people, kids, babies dying…and he’s taking to much time to act!”

“I normally don’t agree with Todd. But you are right this time.”

“ We can’t let more people die! I can’t take his pleas and pained screams of terror anymore!” Said Superman, holding his head. Wonder Woman patted his shoulder amicably.

“ This is the plan, we enter the city on-“

“That’s not going to work Jason” Barbara welled to the middle of the circle. “I’ll help you…we all help you “ Dick and Tim entered with Cass behind them. “ I’ll plan everything, she’s going to be okay…everybody is” Barbara opened her laptop, where a map of Gotham sewers was displayed.

“This is the plan, Jason, Dick and Cass will enter Gotham sewers and fight Killer croc, then walk to the scarecrows hideout in Wayne Labs.

Superman, wonder woman and starfire will fight Ivy, Quinn and Mr. Freeze. While Robin, Red Robin and Arsenal take penguin, riddler and catwoman.

The joker presumably is with Scarecrow, trying to ask for …expand their territory…”

“Well, those fuckers are mine!”

“The rest will take Twoface and Clayface”

“OK” Everyone said, and they prepared to march to Gotham. Jason looked down at a locker with a photo of you and clutched it in his hand.

“I’m coming (y/n)… I’m saving you” Jason kissed the locker and hided it under his shirt.

“ LET’S GO!”


Jonathan waked up with his beautiful fiancée next to him, he kissed her shoulder and then all his bite marks.

“Wake, my dear “Jonathan kissed his lover lips…those lips he haven’t seen laugh or smile since his jail time on Arkham. “My dear… today is you day! Joker will get another experiment for you to investigate! Aren’t you happy?! You can write another thesis!! Any editor will publish it!!! ” Jonathan smile was wide and crazy and you couldn’t look at him. “ My love…please look at me” You still didn’t look, he got angry and turned you around harshly “LOOK AT ME!” You looked at him with wide, scared eyes and whimpered. His harsh look softened and he smiled kissing your lips over and over. “ shhh, my love…I’m sorry….you just-made me angry! I’m sorry! I love you!” He kissed you passionately “ Now dress…your test subject is getting loud….Joker is getting antsy. “He opened the door to exit the room as a woman’s pleas and a child’s cries made you feel light headed and nauseous.

You let yourself fall to the ground of the shower, the cold water clashed with the hotness of your tears. You hugged yourself and whimpered.



“ Nightwing to Oracle, fase one of the plan done” Dick talked to his com.

“Great, now you had to be careful…Bane has disappeared of my radar… You just have to follow my voice. Now, right and go on!”

The team followed Oracles orders but just before the exit to the hideout of the Scarecrow a big, burly, shadow blocked their way.

“Birdies came to play” Said the Bane.


Jonathan waited for you outside your room, he was getting worried when you took too long and when he was about to enter the room you came out in the black, short dress he bought (robbed) for you.

“Beautiful, my darling….” Jonathan smiled “As beautiful as your mind! “a deeper voice said, but it still came from Crane.

You bowed your head in acknowledgment and Crane smiled lovesickly.

“I have a present for you!” He searched on his pants smiling wildly, his tongue sticking out a bit until he found it. “Here!” He kneeled on the ground “My beautiful fiancée. It would be my honor if you had this ring! This belonged to my mother! It would be my pleasure if you had it!” His smile was so bright you couldn’t say no.

“It’s…. beautiful…” You half smiled.

“Let me your hand?” He grabbed your hand and put the ring on. Then he kissed the ring. “I love you, (y/N) (y/l)! Now come! Your subjects are waiting!”

He dragged you to a room were a woman and a child here hugging desperately, with a few bruises. The joker laughing menacingly next to them.

“We had to…convince them to stop screaming…” Jonathan gave you a paper and a pencil. He then pushed a button to open the mic.

“Joker out, the experiment is on” The joker laughed and got out of the room. The woman and the child screamed and pleaded. Crane smiled and let the button go.

“Now, my love! We have improved my toxin! Now it’s worse! Hahaha! You will be the first one to see my beautiful princess of fear!” Jonathan pushed another button and a weird lilac gas was pushed in the room. The screams got worse, the woman started hitting her head on the wall and the child was hiding in a corner. You let the notepad go and started trembling.

“stop please. Jon please!! STOP!!! STOP THIS! I HATE THIS!” You started crying “ STOP THIS ! NOW ! PLEASE!” Jonathan pushed a button and all the gas disappeared, letting the woman and child breath. The child ran to the woman who hugged him back.

“YOU MONSTER!” You yelled at him, running in the room with blankets. “I HATE YOU!”

You put the blanket around the both of them and hugged them, saying sorry, over and over again.

“Buhh, I wanted to see the show!” Laughed the joker.

Jonathan didn’t answer, his eyes where put on you. His eyes started feeling hot and hurted as his head only remembered your words, the first words you said to him…

I hate you.

I         hate    you

You monster…


“out” Cranes eyes didn’t look away from you.

“What?” the joker said.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” Scarecrow yelled.

Joker laughed as he went out “Oh? So jonny boy’s heart is brooookeeen hahahaha!” Joker ran out as Scarecrow punched the wall angrily.

“I see…we will….need it in the end” Crane smile was wicked and vicious as he saw you carry the women and child out.


Jason smirked as Bane body fell to the ground.

“Peachy, now let’s follow!”

The three of them exited the sewers, arriving on the parking lot of the labs.

“Great, now what?” Nightwing said.

“You and cass take the guards, I’ll go get (y/N).” Jason said and cass noded.



After you helped the woman and child out of here and gave them a safe map out of gotham.

“Be safe” You smiled.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!!” The woman said.

“It’s nothing…just go! And be safe!” The woman carried the child.

“Thanks!” The child smiled.

You smiled as the both ran away.

But while you weren’t watching, someone knocked you out.


When you waked up you were tied to your bed. Scared, you tried to untie yourself nut the bonds were too tight.

“HEELP! SOMEONE HEELP!!!” You screamed as Jonathan came in.

“Jonathan???” you smiled.

“Yes, my dear.” Crane smiled as he caressed your cheek. “I’m sorry my dear…I didn’t want this to come to this.”

“What? Jonathan?? What?” You said, afraid.

“ I wished this hadn’t come to this….but you didn’t gave me options.”

“What- are you talking about?”

“You…said you hated me…that I was a monster…I love you…I need you to love me back…. i hope you aren’t afraid of needles my dear… This will hurt me more than you.” Crane smiled crazily.

“Jonathan?’ no please! Im-im sorry!!” You cried as Crane injected you a tranquilizer.

“now sleep.”


Jason punched the last crony before entering the labs.

“Babs im in! How are the others?” Jason said

“It’s Oracle, and Dick and Cass have took all the cronies and  Superman, wonder woman and starfire took care of  Ivy, Quinn and Mr. Freeze. While Robin, Red Robin and Arsenal beat penguin, riddler and catwoman. They are now taking them to BlackGate.”

  “Okay, Thanks Oracle”

“Did just Red hood said thanks to me??”

“Red hood out!”

“Wait i-”

Jason turned off his com and smiled looking at the picture again.

Now it’s a matter of finding you.

And he wasn’t going to give up”

“I’ll save you, (y/N)… I love you” He kissed the picture before puting it near his heart.

Jason entered the labs and  walked around opening the doors, finding scared civilians who ran away.

But there was no trace of you.

He went up, closer to the main labs. He knew his way around, this was Wayne’s, and even if he said no. He’s still was a wayne.

“HEY YOU! YOU CANT BE HERE!!!” a armed crony shot at Jason. He smirked and trew his gun at the cronie’s face, the gun bounced and returned to Todd’s hand, then he jumped above the crony and shot him four time.

“Oh, but i can. “ Jason smirled and went up the stairs. When he was about to enter the room you were on…

“well well well! A birdie fell from the nest!” Tha joker laughed.

Red hood smirked.

This was going to be fun.


Crane was sitting next to you unconscious form, caressing your hair lovingly. He smiled ar the little smile you gave him when he kissed you cheek.

“Soon, (y/n)… very soon the process will be over and you will love me back! We  will then fly this scum place and live together! We’ll go to Europe! I’ll be a teacher! And you will be a brilliant psychologist! Oh and our child! Our child will be beautiful and smart!!” Jonathan kissed you lips

“I love you, (y/n)…” Scarecrow smiled. “you are the only one for me.,,”

“I just hope Stockholm syndrome is enough….i don’t want to hurt you more…” He kissed your lips and fell asleep next to you.


“Well birdie…looks like you are about to lose hahahahaha!!! This gives me so many memories! Ahh! To bad the big bad bat won’t come! ☹ But anyway…im sure you came for your little princess??? Ohhh you did hahahahaha!! The little robin is alone again!! Poor youuu! Too bad she doesn’t love you anyway!! Hahahahahaha” The joker laughed, over the blodies body of Red hood.

“ Fuck …you” Jason said.

“Good night!” The joker prepared for the last strike.


Jason Todd Ending     (here)

Jonathan Crane Ending.   (here)

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harry x pansy social media au headcanons ? <3

This is a muggle au for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet Summer Vacation Challenge!
You can also find this drabble on AO3.
Note: I HIGHLY enjoyed writing this. It was very humorous for me, and Harry James Potter is clueless. I love my son, and I love my daughter. This is dedicated to @provocative-envy cause I know she’ll appreciate this. 

Harry didn’t understand social media, just like he didn’t understand girls. He was awkward, and he knew it. But Ron insisted that he needed to find someone and try one of the popular dating apps. He needed to get laid this summer; it was finally time.

The only problem was that Harry didn’t know what social media apps were actually dating apps and what ones were strictly for over-sharing your life to strangers. He was too embarrassed to ask Ron for clarification, because he learned quickly that he actually did in fact live under a rock. He didn’t want to deal with Ron’s shocked expression and the constant teasing for months to come.

So, he scrolled through his new iPhone’s app store, and he rubbed his temple in frustration as he downloaded all the free popular social media apps he could think of. He took a drink from his black coffee and concentrated on how it felt flowing down the back of his throat. It was a nice distraction for a moment, before he decided to open up Instagram.

He heard this was the app that people his age liked to post pictures of their Cappuccinos on, and he stared at the Starbucks cup in his hand. 

People found this entertaining? He thought to himself. Why would anyone want to follow this pointless trend?

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