i was being a stalker but then he came and asked if i wanted a photo

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I am a bit new so my opinion isn't 100% firm about harry and Louis relationship yet and the biggest thing that makes me ??? is that I don't understand how it is possible that there is such a difference between their situation.. do you have any idea why Harry is able to seems detach from all the mess and not Louis? How is that possible? That one seems incredibly stuck in the worst stunts ever and the other one is pursuing his career free of all of that? Thank you :)

Hi anon,

Sorry– I forgot about this ask for a few days.

I guess your question might have been prompted by Harry’s appearance in NYC last week, with Jeff Azoff. He was rumored to be meeting with Columbia records re: his solo album.

The next day, The Daily Mail in the U.K. published an article stating as much, contrasting Harry’s beatific airport pap photos (and photos with stalkers) to Louis’s disastrous LAX arrest. Unsubstantiated slander of “woman-hitting,” emotionally volatile Louis was reiterated in this article. He was again painted as an unreliable father. All stories we’ve read before from U.K. tabloids associated with the Bauer Group, with ties to Simon Cowell.

Read more about this connection here:

I guess my line of answering is:

Harry hasn’t done anything to encourage this line of thinking. He literally has not given any statement on it. He has not given a statement about his solo album, either. It’s not because he is being coy–because he clearly is getting some blowback from fans about why he hasn’t said anything. Fans are curious and impatient. His image has suffered too.

And making a public statement, in the general public’s eyes, would only improve his image and increase his visibility. It benefits Harry to make a statement.

So why hasn’t he?

Why haven’t his managers at Full Stop? Why don’t they address industry rumors? Why are there so many leaks coming from Sony, including statements by Rob Stringer, while Harry’s team has said nothing? What is Sony’s objective in publicizing Harry if Harry does not confirm?

Alternatively, why has Louis’s team said nothing to refute his public image?

These allegations are clearly slanderous. Louis has not been tried in a court of law. No one has given sworn testimony. His arraignment date has not come to pass. Emotional states are purely speculative. No official statements have come from anyone quoted in the article. His image has suffered from false allegations (U.K. And U.S.A.).

So where is his team?

And, why are these two always tied? If they have been enemies for three or four years, why keep writing articles linking them?

They’ve been on hiatus for 15 months. If they really disliked each other so much, they should already have deleted each other from phone contacts, SM, etc. Why keep in touch with your enemy? I don’t store the contact information of people who hate me, anon, do you?

Their airport sightings literally HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. They aren’t even on the same side of the country. What is the purpose of linking them?

If I knew nothing about One Direction, I would experience a cognitive dissonance from the way the article swerved so awkwardly from “angelic Harry” to “devilish Louis.” The purpose seems so transparent, it’s embarrassing.

Except for one glaring fact.

They DON’T hate each other.

The band united to support Louis during his X Factor performance.

They came together as one band to accept their Brits for best video 2016. @srslycris and @lawyerlarrie
have great posts about this.

They tweeted in unity to wish Harry a happy 23rd birthday.

As Harry’s has said, “Draw what you see.”

1. There are restrictions on their public statements.
2. The images are being manipulated.
3. Their relationship with each other is good.
4. None of the four remaining 1D band members have been allowed to be specific about their solo projects.
5. Louis has been photographed to write with songwriters from Warner Chapel. He may very well have a solo album in the works. They are all working hard.
6. They are fighting a silent, bts, very ugly and drawn-out fight.
7. Recording labels have a history of screwing artists over.

Believe in our boys. They are the same good people you fell in love with. They haven’t suddenly been blinded by fame. They want to make music for us, and they have been working toward that. Every event and every article doesn’t need to be dissected for whether Harry is defending Louis. Trust them.

The people manipulating their image want us to have doubts, to fight within the fandom. Not only that, they are trying to divide the band members themselves. For years, the boys have had psychological manipulation in the guise of “protecting the 1D brand,” down to the way they move, talk, dress, look at each other, answer certain questions. Zayn’s recent article in NY Times Sunday stated he had anxiety when he was in 1D. He had an eating disorder because he wanted “to have control over one thing.” Is that really a surprise?

It’s infuriating, what’s happening to Louis right now. But it’s temporary. It’s going to end. This abuse has an end clause. Art is long– Louis is young and he’s going to fight it, with the support of his boys.

Sorry I went off in such a tangent, but I wish we could see past these media games, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Let’s be smart in evaluating the data, and not be so easily manipulated.


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Hey! Your blog is so great! I love to read it very much. Can I request: MC's new boss is sexualy harassing her. She can't leave her job, because it's very important to her, but don't know what to do and is afraid to ask help of RFA + V + Saeran?

Hope you like it! ^^


RFA + V and Saeran react to MC being sexualy harassed by her boss


  • You came back from work feeling like shit, even if he was tired himself, he always knew when something was off with you.
  • “How was work, babe?” “Meh, just normal… I’m going to sleep now, ok?” hmmm, not even a smile? Yes, something was definitely wrong
  • He would let you take your time,  so he went to shower, ate something and only then he went to the bedroom
  • Only to find you sobbing from crying, he ran to you. “Babe, what’s wrong?” “Zen, you’re so right… all men are wolves, all men… are…” “Hey, hey… why are you saying that now, MC?”
  • You told him about the new boss, the way he trapped you at your desk when nobody was looking… the way he looked at you, you never felt so ashamed of your own body like you were then… “You’re right, Zen, you’re right! I’m too nice to men, right? I’m the problem, they think I’m sending theses… signs and…”
  • “MC, what are you saying? This isn’t your fault at all! Don’t this to yourself… I… I don’t really think you’re too nice to everybody, you’re just… you, and if people take it on the wrong way, they’re the problem. Your boss is a fucking problem! So where do I find him to fix this problem?”
  • “Oh… oh no, Zen, please. Let’s calm down, I… he’s my superior and I don’t want to lose my job, I like my job, Zen!” “MC, I’m sorry, but I won’t let this happen. What if he does again? With you or with some of your colleagues?” he was right, today was you, who could it be tomorrow? “Okay… what do you suggest?” “I have something in mind, but you’ll have to be brave for this!”
  • Your boyfriend, having women like the biggest part of his fanbase, announced a campain on his Tripter account, asking his fans to write on a paper all the abusive and objectifying things they heard from bosses or male co-workers and post a photo, the hashtag made a huge success and he posted on his own account a photo  of you holding your own paper with what you heard.
  • His fans, being the stalkers they are, soon find out where you worked, they gave bad reviews to the company all over social media and threat boycotting the company, they would take the bad reviews once the guy was fired. And that was exactly what happened.
  • You had no idea his fans could be so supportive to you, and you made sure to thank all of them through a video he also posted. “Zen is an awesome person who wants to make all the women in his life acknowledge their own strength.  Thank you all so much!”


  • He was aware of this new boss being a douch, you would always trash talk the guy when you’d come home.
  • But it was mainly things related to work. But then he heard this: “And you should hear what he talked about my skirt, Yoosung! Really…” “What did he say about your skirt, MC?”
  • “Hum? Oh, something like ‘you keep coming dressed like that and I won’t take responsibility on what I’m going to do with you, foxy’ ugh… such a douch, right?”
  • Douch wasn’t really the word he was thinking, and your bluntness about that was… pretty concerning. “MC, we had a seminar at college about sexual harassment last month, you do realize that what he did to you is a crime, right?”
  • You sighed deeply. “Yes, I’m aware of it. But what can I do? He’s my boss! You know what happens with girls that make a report? They lose their job, some bosses are bad enough to make sure they never find a job on similar companies… it’s fucked up as it is, there’s nothing I can do except trying to be away, and I swear I’m trying, okay? Don’t worry!”
  • But he did worry. How could he not? You wouldn’t be able to keep the guy away forever and… oh, he didn’t even dare to imagine that, just thinking about it made his blood boil.
  • Hell hath no fury like a Yoosung protecting MC! He had to make sure you wouldn’t suffer any retaliation, so he send anonymous reports to the HR’s company telling he knew there was a potential rapist working there, and if they didn’t something about it, he would go to the press.
  • When they apparently didn’t take it seriously, he sent what he knew to some shitty tabloid, who actually accused the guy directly of being a rapist. It didn’t have any credibility, but having the company’s name associated to such a low publication like that… there is such a thing like bad publicity, indeed!
  • The guy was fired after all, Yoosung never told you that he was the responsible for it, and you never told him you knew he did that. It wasn’t really necessary keep talking about this when you’re too busy being happy.


  • She’s a woman too, she knows how to recognize the signs of a girl uncomfortable over something like this
  • The shame after being cat called on the street, the concerning about wearing some clothes thinking how they can be used as an excuse if something happens to you, the embarrassment, the guilty… even if it’s not your fault?
  • Jumin Han had a lot of problems about boundaries when she used to work for him, but he was always respectful and intimidating enough not to let anybody even try something with her, who knew one day she would feel bad that you hadn’t the same luck as her?
  • But you have someone even better! An amazing girlfriend who happens to be a black belt in judo and can teach you some personal defense techniques!
  • And if it wasn’t enough, maybe you should consider changing jobs? “But, Jaehee… what if I’m not good at anything else? At least I’m kinda successful there, I don’t know if I’m good enough to… start all over again…”
  • “And do you think I was 100% sure about leaving C & R and starting my own business? Of course I wasn’t, MC! But I had to take the risk…”
  • “I don’t know if I’m brave as you are, Jaehee…” “Well, a very wise woman told me once that it’s not about money, you have to pursue happiness.” “She sounds kinda naïve…” she giggled “You said that, MC!” “Oh, right… yeah, I’m pretty naïve, maybe that’s why this guy keeps coming to me…”
  • “Stop right there! It’s nothing about you, MC! This man is a jerk! And the way I see it, you are unhappy there, so get out! You’re smart, you’re talented, you will find something that suits you pretty soon.”
  • And a few weeks later, you were starting as a barista at her cafe. And you didn’t have a boss, you had a partner, how cool is that?
  • But you couldn’t stop worrying about other girls that worked there, so you made a formal complaint, endorsed by other women who worked there, most of them secretaries Jaehee kept contact with, she knew this could be useful eventually.


  • You didn’t tell him, you were scared because you knew what kind of things he could do.
  • He would, idk, buy the company and make you president of it and the guy your secretary. Yes, this was exactly what he would do! And it would be so weird and senseless…
  • But you couldn’t control the gossip on his own company, he overheard some employees talking about that guy who used to work at C & R and got promoted at the company you were working.
  • He remembered the guy, he had to come to press telling C &R wouldn’t condone with women being disrespected and the guy was withdrawn for undetermined time, Jumin didn’t even know he quit during this time and was  already working somewhere.
  • He didn’t think nothing like this would ever happen to you, but he was curious and casually asked about it. “W-why do you ask?” your voice broke as soon as you opened your mouth.
  • “Nothing in particular… I was just curious, do you know him?” “Yeah, we’re at the same department.” “He is your co-worker, then?” “More like my boss…” Hmmm…
  • “MC, is there something I should know?” “N-no?” “MC…” how did he do that? He was collected and calm, his voice was monotone, he wasn’t doing anything rather than saying your name, yet you felt like he could see right through you…
  • “Jumin, I… I don’t want to talk about it…” you didn’t need to “As you wish, MC.”
  • The next day, you went to work and just saw the guy’s room empty. “Have you heard? He got fired and left the country. They say they found some things about him on his previous job at C & R…” one of your colleagues said, you definitely didn’t want to know what those things were.
  • Jumin made the HR department strict their criteria on hiring, he could never let a guy like this enter at his company again and treat the female employees like that. Oh, he did the same with the new company he bought, the one you worked (but no, he didn’t made you the president, much to your relief)


  • You’ve been acting weird ever since you came back from work, you were quiet and he could swear he heard you crying in the shower, this was bad…
  • What could it be that bad that you wouldn’t even talk to him? He needed to know, he needed to help you!
  • He knew violating your privacy once more was wrong, but seeing you like this was breaking his heart, so he hacked your phone.
  • And what he found made him almost punch one of his precious computers, those gross texts from that guy along with a dick pic… that was awful!
  • And when he remembered this guy was the one you’ve been talking about, that weird dude who just got promoted. Saeyoung lost it!
  • “Don’t be mad at me, please, but I hacked into your phone and I saw the texts. Why didn’t you tell me?” “I… was afraid and ashamed, how would you react if I told you my boss sent me a photo of his dick?” “I would be pissed at him, not at you!” he hugged you and comforted you “I’ll make him pay!”
  • “No, Saeyoung, NO! I don’t want to lose my job!” “Hey, he won’t know it was you, don’t worry… we have to do something, MC, today it’s just a dick pic, tomorrow he can be much more direct, you know what I mean?” both of you were sick just to think about this…
  • So Saeyoung just sent the conversation to a person in a higher position than the guy, along with a threat: “If you don’t do something about this, I swear I’ll let everybody know about those contracts” and he sent a copy of what else he found.
  • Next day, the guy was fired, and you got his job. Saeyoung swore he had nothing to do with that and he had proof! He showed you the emails your superiors exchanged talking about how you should have been the one promoted at the first place.


  • He knew something was off. You were acting as gloomy and distant a… well, himself.
  • He couldn’t ask you, he was afraid he might be invading your personal space or something like this.
  • But this was torturing him, you were coming from work sadder and sadder everyday.
  • So ironically, he invaded your personal space and followed you to work.
  • Only to find your boss touching your hair, his eyes rovering through your body, and what’s more agonizing: your uncomfortable expression.
  • He didn’t even think, he just caught himself over the guy punching him. “Saeran, stop it! Please!” you cried.
  • “Don’t you see she does not like it? Or you actually enjoy she’s not liking it, you fucking creep!?”
  • “Saeran…” your voice took him aback, he promised he would never let you see this side of him again, but just remembering your uncomfortable face made him see red… he tried to calm down.
  • “I’ll tell you what, asshole. If you don’t quit right now, I’ll make sure to erase this company from internet. I want to see what kind of business survives these days if they can’t be found on Google. Don’t think I won’t wreck this just like I did o your gross face!”
  • “Saeran, don’t do that…” “You are smart and competent enough to find another job wherever you please, MC. But I won’t let this guy stay in the same place with you, so It’s his choice…”
  • “Fuck this! You’re not even that hot, and your boyfriend is a freak! I’m out of this!” “Wise choice, and you’re half right on there, buddy. She is that hot, she is the hottest, actually, and yes, I’m a freak! A freak who will fucking whoop your ass if you don’t get the fuck out of here right now!” the dude went away, letting a trail of blood from his face.
  • “I’m sorry if I scared you now, it’s just… I can’t stay still letting someone treat you like this. I hope you don’t lose your job because of me…” “I’ll be fine as long as I have you” and you hugged him, he was so relieved you could not see him blushing right now.


  • He overheard a conversation between you and probably one of your co-workers.
  • “Yes, he tried to make a move on me again! Yeah, I keep telling him I have a boyfriend, but he doesn’t care, he said he’s the boss and I got to do what he says! I… I don’t know, but I’m pretty scared right now…”
  • He’s so mad, but in front of you he just smiles bluntly. So you two keep at that, both of you know something is really wrong, and just keep smiling trying not to worry each other.
  • But he won’t stay still knowing something bad can happen to you anytime. However, he’s really smooth.
  • So when he stopped by your work to bring you lunch, everybody liked him, even your boss, who invited him to a drink at his office.
  • “You’re the only man in your department, I suppose…” “Yeah, but it’s not as great as it looks, most of these girls are ugly, and the only decent one is pretty dumb, but hey, these are the best type, right?”
  • “I wouldn’t know, I can’t really see.” “Oh, sorry, dude. But yeah, there’s a girl here who’s very hot, but she plays hard to get, you know? It’s only a matter of time, wait and see.”
  • “I already told you I can’t really see.” His voice was low. “But there’s something here you don’t really need eyes to see. That very hot girl is not into you and she has a boyfriend, and you are a sexist jerk who’ll step away from her and from any other girl who works here if you know what’s best for you.”
  • “Or what?” V moved fast, placing his cane against the guy’s balls “Or else I’ll destroy these, since they are the only thing that you can count on to feel superior. Don’t test me.” And he got out of the office, letting the guy squirm in pain.
  • You never knew what made the guy finally back away, but deep inside you knew it had something to do with that day. He never denied or confirmed either.
Rainy Nights Jerome Valeska x Reader One Shot

Summary; You get off work late after a bad day. It’s raining and you have to walk home. You get caught up with trouble in an alley and a friendly stranger saves the day. He invites you to his home to stay for the night. It’s cold and you’re scared, so you accept. But he’s less of a stranger than you think…

Warnings: stalker!jerome, violence, language, guns, fingering and penetration.

Originally posted by miravnda

Rain. You can barely see through the rain as it pours upon Gotham. It’s almost summer and the poor weather still won’t leave Gotham alone. You heave a sigh, the days been bad enough already. You shiver and try to wrap your coat around you tighter as you rush down the half-full streets. Everyone was trying to get away from the rain.

Bad. This whole day itself had been a shitshow. Your boss was being rude the whole day and making your job hell. Your boyfriend broke up with you over text and you ended up crying through your lunch break. Plus your landlord was on your back about rent. You barely escaped her this morning. You ponder how you’ll escape her to get to your apartment when your thoughts are interrupted.

Pull. A rough hand tugs at your shoulder and slams you into the brick wall to your right. You hit your head and feel blood trickle. “I want everything you’ve got!” A man with a gruff voice demands lowly. He then presses a gun to your abdomen and you feel panic rise in your cheeks and make your hands tremble. “I-I — no I-” He hits you in the side of the cheek and it busts your lip as well as causing a cut in your cheek. He presses the gun harder into your ribs so much you’re sure it’ll bruise. He looks down at your purse and you attempt to push him out of the way by knocking him with your knee. You fault and he grabs your leg then lets you fall. He’s gonna shoot you and take you’re cash. He lifts the gun then-

Stranger. A tall stranger hits him in the back of the head. The robber falls to the ground and groans until the stranger steps on his chest and grabs the gun. Then, stranger shoots him in the head. Your eyes widen and you try to scooch away. But he looks to you and fear paralyzes you.

Gaze. The stranger looks to you with concern across his face. You’re dizzy. You probably have a concussion and you feel an ache in your cheek and lip. Still sitting on the cold concrete you try to get up and your knees fail you. “Sorry if that scared you, it’s just he would’ve fought me to the death if I hadn’t shot him. It’s a lose lose situation, y'know?” He says and he makes a good point, so you trust him.

Home. “Come home with me, you don’t seem like you can even walk right now and you’re freezing.” He suggests cautiously as he can, he could easily seem like some sort of criminal. Your scared and cold, so you accept. “Thank you” you say quietly and he looks spiteful down at the robber as he goes to help you up. He offers to carry you but you don’t accept. You may be weak right now but you weren’t that in need and you don’t trust him that much, yet.

Warm. His apartment was warm and simple. The walls were brick and it seemed so cozy. Everything about him was gentle, the murder thing scared you but you felt a little hypnotized by him. You couldn’t stop thinking about the little information you know and you yearned to know more. If only you knew his true intentions. He led you to a couch and sat you down. “I’ll be right back” he said. You take your coat off and shiver. Your cuts ache. You only want to sleep and forget this whole night.

Blood. He comes back with a towel and a few bandaids. He sets the towel on your head and you begin to dry your hair as he cleans the cut on your cheek. You decide to let it air dry and set the towel in your lap. Your eyes move to the stranger. His eyes are brown, a bit bright if you will. His hair is red and a single strand peeks out that makes him classically handsome.

Stay. “You can stay here for the night. I can get you a change of clothes and I can sleep on the couch.” He offered kindly and you look up. You give a small smile. “Yes. Thank you so much for saving me then letting me here.” He just gave a small smile then began to clean the cut on your lip.

Jerome. “My names Jerome, Jerome Valeska.” He said as he put a bandaid on your cheek. “I’m _____ ______.” You replied. Now you knew his name. But you had other questions. “What do you do?” He chuckles at your hinted nervousness and replies “I used to work for a circus but I ran away, i’m in … college, now.” You found it strange he paused but brushed it off. The your mind wandered to him in a circus. What did he do? Was he a performer? Or a sort of clean up crew? At the same point of feeling unsettled you have a deep trust in this stranger. You can’t discern why but you already trust him. You don’t need to know anything more.

Bathroom. He gives you a large t shirt and some boxers. You close the bathroom door and peel off your soaked clothing. You are about to open the door when you notice something strange. A magazine rack and a photo reaching out of a gardening magazine. You don’t want to snoop to be polite but something so familiar makes you grab the photo. It’s you. A photo from just a few weeks ago of you and your friends on your birthday night. You were all smiling in a group and your boyfriend is holding you in his arms. You broke a heel and he offered to carry you. A small tear slips your eye.

Forget. This memory is so sad you almost forget where it came from. But before you can even fully realize, a voice interrupts. “So I guess you want answers.” You look to Jerome with scared eyes and you almost run. But it’s a narrow path to take and you’re gonna get out, one way or another. You nod.

Stalker. “I’ve been watching you for a year now. We met once at a carnival and you were my first kiss.” You’re just so confused. But pieces starting fitting together and he started seeming more familiar. He didn’t seem dangerous, only slightly obsessive, but not completely insane. So you fake being fine. This way you can get out. “Why?” You ask quietly, trying not to offend him. “You were the first and only woman to ever be kind to me. You got me and all my jokes. And as I watched you, I fell more and more in love.”

Scared. He told you he was sorry. You waited silent for a few minutes as he stared at you, in an almost doting way. He doesn’t seem very sorry, but you felt something strange comfort you. You want to trust Jerome. He didn’t really mean anything he did, right? A reluctant “It’s okay.” Escapes your lips quietly, almost inaudible and at these words he leans forward and kisses your cheek with one hand holding your other cheek and the other hand on your waist. The gesture gives you butterflies in your stomach in the worst way. You felt wrong for it but there was something endearing about this. His lips lingering a little longer and he pulled back.

Hungry. “You should eat.” You nod. He takes you by the hand and leads you to the kitchen. You sit in a stool as he prepares something to eat. As you process everything you remember him mentioning following you. “Jerome?” You call out as he sets bowls down. He hums in response. “D-do you follow me a lot?” He stops for a moment and turns his head. “A few times a month.” He lied, easily. You believed, barely. But you wanted to trust him. He sits down and fills your bowls with spaghetti.

Escape. “I’ll be right back.” You watch him go to the bathroom and you stand you quickly. Ignoring your attire you tiptoe to the front door. You fiddle with the locks and suddenly you feel the fresh air at your face. Freedom is right in front of you. Hope courses through you. Rain is still pouring and a moment before you can be free and hand grabs your shoulder and slams the door in front of you.

Pain. He turns you around and you’re against the door now with a fearful look. His eyes are darker now and his breathing a bit ragged. “Where do you think you’re going, doll?” You try to turn your face away but he uses his free hand to grab your chin. He looks you in the eyes with an intensity you weren’t familiar with. He was different, now. Possessive. “I-”

Bed. He grabs you by your forearm and makes you sit on the bed. He leaves the room and doesn’t bother telling you where he’s going or telling you not to go. He comes back with a glass of water. He squats in front of you and holds the glass in front of you. “Drink.” You look to the glass then him. You take the drink and he says “Good girl” as you bring it to your lips. It tasted just like water, but you know better. He sets the glass on the nightstand and goes to his dresser. He begins talking off his clothes and soon he’s in just in boxers. You realize your hair is still wet and shiver bit. You bring your knees up and wrap your arms around your legs. He turns around and looks to you.

Touch. He slips into bed and has you slip under the covers too. You turn from him and feel tears well in your eyes. He pulls you closer by your waist and puts his head in the crook of your neck. He notices your tears. You try to pull away but he pulls you back, quickly and says. “Turn around” He attempts to say it gently but a force lies behind his words. You do as he says and a few tears slip from your eyes. He wipes them from your eyes and begins kissing down your jaw. He uses his arms to hold you in place by the small of your back and your waist. His hand on your lower back traces upward and tugs at your shirt.

Give in. You struggle now and shake your head. You push him away by his chest and he grabs your wrists. There’s a certain force in his grip that matches the lust and adoration in his eyes. You can’t deny he makes you feel good but you won’t allow yourself to show him. He takes his sweet time kissing his way to your neck and he caresses your cheek then brings his mouth up to yours. He captures your lips in a kiss and you can’t hold back a small moan. He smirks and his free hand moves south to the boxers he let you borrow. Your hand reaches his fore arm that’s at your undergarments and you look to his eyes wary. He hushs you and continues.

Gentle. He’s so gentle. Until he’s not. He pulls the boxers off you slowly and you let him. Your hands grip his shoulders. You didn’t expect it but he stopped and you opened your eyes. He reaches in for a kiss from you and you don’t notice his hand edging toward your heat. It’s feels so wonderful. He’s so soft with you. Your ex-boyfriend was quick and selfish. He didn’t bother with your pleasure, only his own. Jerome slips his tongue into your mouth and suddenly puts a finger in your heat pumping roughly. You gasp and he adds another digit. “Make some noise for me, doll.” He murmurs against your lips. You don’t bother holding back pleasureful sighs and moans, anymore. His movements get rougher and a whimper escapes your mouth. He kisses you, again with more passion as you get closer to your climax. Suddenly he pulls his fingers from you and his mouth. You shudder in his absence.

Closer. He removes his boxers and hovers over you. He begins biting at your neck and groans when whimpers you make get louder. “Jerome, please…” You plead. “Hmm?” He chuckles and teases the skin on your collarbone with kisses. “Couldn’t hear you.” You turn away to escape but he grips your waist and neck with the other hand. You’re on your stomach now and you whine under him. “Please…no.” He laughs quietly and whispers in your ear. “Babydoll, you want me, I know you feel it.” You shake your head and he turns you over and straddles your waist. “If you don’t…” He positions his tip at your heat and says “then why are you so wet for me.” And thrusts into you roughly.

Tease. He doesn’t tease you anymore. He doesn’t hold back. He rolls his hips against you, thrusting roughly and you moan loudly. “Jerome” you breathe and hold onto his neck. He kisses you harshly and speeds his pace feeling close to his climax. His hand reaches into your shirt and he massages your breast. He suddenly stops and you whimper. “Jerome.” He loved hearing you call his name. You try to get friction and move your hips but he stops you and holds your hips completely still.

Belong. “Jerome-” “Who do you belong to?” He questions and you feel your neediness grow. But now your anger has to. “No one, asshole!” You yell and push at him. You almost make it off the bed but he grabs your waist tightly and pushes you down. You squirm and try to fight. You attempt to turn your head but once again his hand stops you and holds your jaw there. “Who?” Be demands louder and you give in with spite. You hated yourself for this. “You.” You breathe and he thrusts into you roughly once again and uses more force this time. You grip tightly onto his arm and shoulder as he pumps in and out of you, harshly. You let out moans and whimpers. He came inside of you after a few minutes and groans at your tightness. “Come on, babydoll. Let go for me” He praised and your body responds. You cum around him.

Sweet. He slipped out of you and laid beside you. Rain patters on the windows. His arms encircled your waist and you gave a small shiver at his touch as he begins to play with your still damp hair. The gesture is almost sweet. The moon gives a little light to the bedroom and a question fills your mind. “Jerome?” “Yes.” “Will I ever get to go home?” “You are home, baby girl.”


Pairing: Implied:SherlockxReader, Eventual!SherlockxReader (There will be a part II)

Warnings: Cliff hanger, kidnapping, mentions of prostitution (not the reader), mentions of murder and violent/graphic scenes, and very creepy Moriarty.


“That isn’t fair!” How could he give you a ‘C’ when you did more work than everyone else? Even he admitted it was the best piece, and most supported article! But no- he gave you a 'C’ because it had nothing to do with “current events”. Because the brutal slaying of a prostitute doesn’t seem to qualify. Does no one else think even they deserve some ink? 

“Your essay was supposed to be on a current topic, not the mutilation of a street-” That’s where you drew the line.

 "So, if I had done the assassination of a diplomat, I would’ve gotten an 'A’?“ You snapped. No one wanted to admit that they thought whoever killed people like her were "cleaning up the place”. But that woman had a life, just like any other victim. How was her death any different, or less impactful on the world? She was someone’s little girl, a sister, and a mother to two boys. But that’s not how anyone else saw it, and that really burned you up inside. 

Almost sheepishly, he replied, “Yes.” Now you wanted to tear his stupid office apart, but you knew it would do you absolutely no good. You’d handle how the general public saw the people working on the streets when you were an actual journalist. For now, you’d have to find away to fix your grade. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you carefully chose your words.

 "Can I fix this, in any way?“ And that’s the question that led you to start researching the one and only: Sherlock Holmes. If you could just get the story to make any other journalists’ career- he’d fix your grade. How could you say no to such an opportunity? You couldn’t, and that’s what lead you to take the flat right below him at 221C Baker Street.

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Mayday || Jinyoung

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Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 2463

Warnings: mention of abuse


two years later

“Good afternoon, America!” I heard from the TV that was being played in the dressing room. Looking ahead of me, I watched the screen through the reflection of the mirror while I was being pampered for the shoot. For a year, I’ve lived in Los Angeles and pursued the dream that I’ve always wanted. I worked hard and eventually became one of the most demanded models for top brands and magazines. Not to mention that I received an undying love of fans from all around the world. I’d never imagined that becoming famous would be both rewarding but also frustrating. Rumors, paps, and stalkers were the downside of becoming well known. However, I’ve learned to deal with it from the past that I’ve experienced.

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Atomic Man -Stalker!Jughead AU

A/N; hey guys! I’ve been having this one itch at me for a while and finally decided to post it. If you want on the tag list just ask and if you have any requests, my ask is currently open!

Credit to @thekillingquill for seriously helping move this along! Promise the next parts gonna be moving along much quicker :)

Words: 903
(As this is formatted on mobile I can’t currently add a read more, but I will at a later date)


It started as a complete accident. He was documenting the discovery of Jason Blossom’s body for his novel and she ended up in the background of one of the pictures. Facing away from the river, in the arms of her mother, her teeth gritted and tears frozen to her cheeks as he immortalized the moment when everything changed. The moment they would look back on and notice the intricacies of Jughead Jones the III and Elizabeth Greenwood.

He found his eyes were constantly drawn to her in that picture. Like a pendulum swinging back in forth, he found no matter what he did he always returned to it. He didn’t understand. First, his hands would begin to jitter, bones filling with a molten excitement he had never experienced before. Then, the itch started.

It was insatiable, gnawing at his bones and slowly weaving its way through his veins, hooking its way into his mind, his being. It started innocently looking in his old yearbooks, trying to put a name to the face. Never before had he seen a face quite like it before. Long, blonde hair framing it in an indescribable sense, features too perfect to exist in this marred world.

His freshman yearbook was a bust, but he found her in the eighth grade yearbook. At 15, it was younger than he would’ve liked, but it would do. He kept it in his wallet, obsessively looking at her class photo, admiring how the lights reflected her eyes and the tiny smile she held upon her features. The class photo was devoid of colour, but he had studied his picture enough to know the exact blonde shade of her hair and the precise hue of her eyes.

His heart pounded in his chest as he traced a finger over her face. Even the idea of touching the photo made him nervous. She was perfection, she was his muse. He couldn’t bare to see her beauty marred by a fingerprint. She was untouchable.

Then, he started to put sticky notes on each page of the yearbook where a picture of her appeared. One where she was at badminton practice. One in her home economics class.

He looked through his seventh grade yearbook and did the same, noting the differences a year makes upon her soft features.

He carried his camera all summer telling himself it was for the book, but the truth of it was that he was hoping to see her again. Hung around his neck like a personal noose, his mind was filled with nothing but the fated day when they would meet. Would it be in Pop’s? With the neon lights illuminating her form in a idyllic photograph? Or would it take place by Sweetwater River, sunlight floating through the trees, helping him in his quest to capture a clearer image of her? He imagined that by July her skin would be sun kissed and her hair would be lighter.

On the first day of school he debated leaving his camera at the drive-in where he lived. He had always known he was often targeted in the halls. He had visions of Reggie Mantle smacking the camera out of his hands. Calling him out, expose him as being too busy writing his manifestos to get laid, but the possibility of seeing her overrode his logic.


Halfway through the day he spotted her down the hall from his locker. She had a soft smile on her face as she stood on the tips of her toes, reaching into the depths of the top shelf for something. One of her friends was gesturing wildly as they relayed a story.

It was a moment he captured for eternity in his first of many candid photos of her that year. Perhaps, had he been looking where he was going, he could’ve avoided what happened next.

“Watch it, Wednesday Addams.” Reggie’s sardonic voice ripped its way through his ears, a harsh shove destroying his view of the girl. His camera jostled roughly against his chest and the wall. Rage clouded over his mind, quietly taking in every fibre of his being.

Before he could respond, a soft, melodic voice wrapped around him.

“Piss off, Reggie.” She stood in front of him, bright eyes framed with dark lashes and that blonde hair that cascaded perfectly. A small smile was held upon her features.

That smile changed everything. It could build towers, crush empires. It was a quiet secret shared between two lovers in the early morning. It was the soft breeze, telling you everything would be alright. Hidden within the curvature of her lips lay a darkness, a slight twisting of the mind. Try as she might to hide it with her baby pink lip gloss and bright coloured dress, he knew. Blonde hair in waves to her hips swayed around her body as a shield. He saw the way she interacted with people, a slight hesitation used to distract from her reality. He spent every waking moment thinking about her words. They lingered in his mind and sew themselves into his soul.

And when everything came crashing down around him, that’s when he knew. He would spend the rest of his life with her, or die trying.


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Second Chances || Tyler Down x Reader

I’ll be meeting you there, because that poof hair, heart shaped cookie got me like damn daddy what that ass do. 😘 😘

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: Reader is a Mild Sadist, Mentions of Suicide


    September had swooped through Crestmont briskly, turning the trees brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow. The air had become frigid within the span of a few weeks. Enough so to burn your lungs with every breath, and leave you puffing clouds of white smoke when you exhaled.

    Things had changed around the small, friendly town. It had grown cold after Hannah and Jeff’s deaths. When the Bakers came out with a set of tapes recorded before their daughter’s suicide, the truth was outed.

    Bryce was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Since his first offense was considered a class two felony, and his second involved a minor, he was given no chance of parole.

    Tyler had been changed to a correctional school in the city. Many people thought he should of been arrested too, but as it was his first offense, and he hadn’t reached the legal age of adulthood, they sent him off with a warning.

    Marcus’s dream colleges all suddenly decided they didn’t want him anymore. As for Courtney, it was revealed she was a lesbian, but the funny thing is; people disliked her for defending Bryce, not because she turned out to like girls.

    Shortly after Alex had been pronounced dead, Justin was reported missing. No one had seen him for nearly three days. He had yet to come back, leaving Jessica distraught.

    Sheri was sued by the Atkins family for not reporting an accident that resulted in the death of their son. She was going to be paying off that debt for a long time.

    Zach and his family moved away to an entirely different state, probably to give him a chance to start over.

    Ryan quit writing the school paper, and eventually graduated early to head off to college.

    Clay got the best ending of everyone. He was barely seen without Skye Miller anymore. Word had spread that they were in a relationship shortly after he had asked her out on a date to Monet’s. He seemed happy, and Skye certainly was.

    You pulled your jacket tighter over your chest, staring down at a pile of leaves that your dad had raked up the day before, now scattered across your shoes. It was dark, save for the blinking porch light strung up around the front door to your house.

    Lying on top of that pile, looking dazed, was Tyler Down; the school’s ex-junior photographer. The only reason you knew his name was because of the tapes.

    “It’s a little cold to be sneaking around taking pictures, isn’t it?” you asked, the sarcasm evident in your voice.

    This wasn’t the first time you had caught him, but it was the first time he saw you catch him. You stared down at him, watching his baby blue eyes dart around nervously. He was looking at everything but you, purposely trying to avoid meeting your gaze.

    You knelt down in front of him, clicking your tongue. “Wasn’t it enough when you killed Hannah Baker?”

    He gritted his teeth. “She killed herself.”

    “Bullshit. You don’t kill yourself for no reason,” you replied. “That’s like saying the world spins just because it wants to. There’s always a reason. You’re one of them.”

    He blinked, tears glistening in the corners of his eyes. “I didn’t do anything compared to what Bryce did, or Jessica, or Marcus.”

    “No, not what they did,” you agreed. “But that doesn’t make you innocent, Tyler. You crept outside of an emotionally devastated girl’s window. Your camera kept her wide awake when the only thing she wanted was to be able to sleep. You took away the last bit of privacy that she had left. You sent a picture of her topless and making out with Courtney to everyone, because you were angry she didn’t want to hang out with her stalker. ”

    “Why are you doing this?” he asked quietly.

    “For the same reason you do what you do,” you said. “I get pleasure out it.”

    He tried to stand, but you pressed a hand against his chest. You reached down to pick up his camera from where it had fallen when he’d tripped. He turned away, attempting to cover his face as you snapped a photo of him.

    “Aw, isn’t that just adorable?” you cooed mockingly. “Not used to being on the other end of the camera, are you? A little shy?”

    His shoulders began to shake, and it wasn’t long after that you heard him choking on a slew of hard sobs. You threw the camera to the side, reaching to pry his hands off of his face. You brushed away the tears rolling down his cheeks, silently watching him break down.

    You sat back, legs crossed, and waited until he had cried himself out. When it was all said and done his eyes were puffy and red, his face was flushed, and he was shivering from the wind.

    You peeled off your jacket, throwing it over him.

    “I don’t get it,” he whispered. “Do you hate me or not?”

    “I don’t hate you. I just like hurting people,” you replied. “Until I start feeling bad, and then I try to help them like that’s going to make it all better.”

    He stared, bewildered.

    “When my family and I lived in a town called Millborough, there was this kid. He was really smart, all the teachers loved him. I used to make fun him every day after school,” you said quietly, plucking up strands of grass. “I was just having fun. I thought he knew I was joking. Then he threw himself off of a nearby bridge at the end of 9th grade.”

    “You got someone killed too?” he asked.

    You nodded. “Just like you, I still do what I shouldn’t do. I hurt people because it makes me feel good. You take pictures because it makes you feel good. We’ve got a lot in common.”

    He sat up, hugging your jacket tightly around himself. “I guess we do.”

    You smiled. “The stalker and the sadist. What a pair.”

    He brought his knees to his chest, sighing shakily. “I don’t like what I am.”

    “Same here,” you agreed.

    His eyes met yours for the briefest of moments. “I forgive you… for what just happened. Not like I didn’t deserve it.”

    “Don’t forgive me,” you muttered. “I don’t deserve it.”

    “Yes, you do.” He pushed himself a little closer, grabbing your hand. He sniffled, rubbing at his nose, still irritated and crimson from his tears. “I could be your second chance.”

    You felt your heart clench, throbbing within the confines of your chest. “Okay. Then I’ll be yours.”

    “Then let’s start over.” He held out his free hand for you to shake. “I’m Tyler.”

    You took it, giving him a light tug. Your lips collided as you dragged him to the ground. Your mouths moved as perfectly as two puzzle pieces fitting together. He gasped as your teeth found his lower lip, biting down hard enough to break the skin.When you tasted blood, you pulled away, leaving the both of you breathless.

    “Hi, Tyler,” you said. “I’m Y/N.”

Paleyfest 2017: TWD Panel. A Retrospect.

OMG, I had so much fun tonight. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get to ask Andy a question, but I’m super proud of myself for actually standing up (to try to get my question asked/making a sign for Andrew Lincoln). I usually don’t like to put myself out there. Yet, this whole week I kept thinking “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

I’ve always been conflicted about meeting celebrities.  I’ve always found something weird about the fact that I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life and them not so much. Also they’re just people. Also me: that’s Rick F’ing Grimes. 

Anyways some take aways from tonight. I’m 99% convinced that Rick and Michonne are going to have a kid together. I think there is going to be a time jump after this All Out War with Negan and BAM Richonne Jr.     

This cast is utterly amazing/beautiful. Honestly, I’ve never considered TWD my favorite tv show. For me there has never been a perfect season and certain storylines have dragged. Looking a you Hershel’s farm. However, I’ve always loved the characters. I think the show shines the brightest when it’s focusing on the characters. So Tom Payne “Jesus” talked about how Jesus is getting a back story and how he never felt part of a (post apocalyptic) family until Sasha and Maggie came along. Josh McDermitt “Eugene” talked about how the whole “I am utterly Negan” thing is just who Eugene is. He’s a survivor first. It not about being disloyal to the group. Anyways Christian “Rosita” has been getting a lot of hate for how she’s playing Rosita lately, but I kind of love the fact that she’s kind of being a bitch. Not everyone responds to loss the same way and I’m weirdly happy that her character is angry/selfish about it. Anyways, the whole cast gave really great commentary about their characters and I’m really excited to learn more of their backstories. 

Side notes: Season 8 episode 1 marks the 100th episode of TWD. At the start of the panel Scott Gimple mentioned something about how they are hoping to make it to another 100 episodes. Hmmm. I feel like I’m now so invested in this fandom that I couldn’t get out even if I wanted too.

I met a fellow tumblr (we follow each other) and some generally awesome people at Paleyfest. The lady I was sitting next to has been to Walker Stalker 16 times and just came back from the one in London. She’s raises money for Andrew Lincoln’s charity. I did not know Andy has a charity. I love this man. 

I thought Andrew Lincoln would be taller. 

It is impossible to try to get an autograph and take pictures at the same time. I was inches away from Andrew, Melissa, Josh, Tom, Gimple, and Austin, but i was too busy trying to get an autograph when I could of got some really good pictures. However, Melissa and Josh did sign my TWD issue 150 and Melissa asked me if I did reaction videos for Walking Dead because I look like a girl that does reaction videos. So apparently Melissa watches reaction videos Awesome.

Thanks tumblr TWD fandom. This is the first fandom that I’ve really been a part of and I love it. Anyways, here some pictures from last night. I’m poor, so these aren’t high quality photos. 

Next stop: WonderCon, then fingers crossed for SD Comic Con, and seriously considering Walker Stalker Georgia or New Jersey. 

Mafia Part IV: Stolen

Rating is M+18 for this reason is why the ‘keep reading’ is set before any reactions take place.

Viewer discretion is advised.  

Mafia Reactions: Part I | Part II | Part III |   

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Newt Scamander X Reader- Drawn Together

Newt Scamander x reader-Drawn Together

A/N: This is my first Newt Scamander Imagine type of thing. I don’t know how good it will be or if anyone will read it. But if you do happen to stumble upon this, hope you enjoy. I had fun writing this. There are no warnings, just a bit of fluffiness from a famous Hufflepuff. Enjoy!

You and the Newt had been close friends ever since your strange first encounter during your shift at a dress shop. You were sitting behind the counters, lost in your own world. The notebook you always carried was spread open on the polished counter, as the dresses in the shop always gave you inspiration to create and sketch. It had been one of your favorite pastimes, especially when business was rather downtempo. Lines and colors all connected to make your image in your mind spring into reality. A ringing bell stole you out of your thoughts, signaling that there was a customer. In the doorway stood a panic-stricken man in a deep peacock colored coat.

Newt was in a bit of a frenzy. He had neglected to get his case locks fixed before traveling again. Once again he was back in New York after finishing the publication of his book, however, it turns out that he had once again lost his thief of a Niffler. He was supposed to be heading over to the Goldstein residence with Jacob, but he would have to push that back. After chasing him down several streets, he came to a stop as he noticed the Niffler scurry inside your shop to get ahold of the crystals on the dresses. With a groan of disbelief, he stumbled into the dress shop, earning a questioning look from you. At first you thought he was trying to steal something since he just kept rummaging through the intricate skirts and sleeves, tossing them randomly all over, but you soon cleared up the misunderstandings. Apparently he was looking for his creature, which you two found of course, but there was a problem. You were what he called a Muggle, or No-Maj in America, so you had to be obliviated.

After making sure the Niffler was back in his case, Newt pulled out his wand, looked into your eyes, and felt slightly guilty. He couldn’t just get rid of your memories, regardless of the rules. He knew he had slightly exposed the wizarding world with the Niffler chase, but he couldn’t knowing you were kind enough to help him. A man who probably sounds completely mad walks into a store you’re working at and instead of calling the police, you assist him. You provided him help, even if you did think he was some criminal on the run at the start. And in all honesty, Newt didn’t want to lose someone who acted so kind to him.

He tucked his wand away. You stared at him again and asked, “Aren’t you going to do the obli-whatever that thing is?”

“No. It’s against the rules, but for some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t,” he was putting too much trust in you, “But I can’t have you telling people about this…”
“I won’t,” you said, not paying attention to the smile on your face, “Besides, people think I’m weird enough already.” You gave a slight laugh and Newt smiled back with his cheeks turning crimson.

“Alright, um…”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and your name is what exactly?”

“Right, (Y/N), and it’s Newt, Newt Scamander.”
But that was some time ago. You two learned a lot about one another, and learned to trust one another rather quickly. He told you all about the wizard world and past adventures, he even introduced you to Tina, Queenie, and Jacob, who you formerly knew as the baker down the street. You two also frequently met after your work ended for a cup of tea or coffee. Newt was quite the fascinating man.

You found him even more fascinating when he told you about the interior of his case. All sorts of creatures large and small resided in there. Except for Pickett the Bowtruckle, he usually hid in Newt’s pocket or behind your hair. Newt found this a bit odd since Pickett typically stayed with him. He did feel a smidge jealous, but he was also overwhelmed with a source of joy, the type that made your heart swell.

Today was one of those days where you both found one another inside his case. Newt was tending to the mooncalves while you were greeted by Dougal.
“Hello to you again Dougal,” you giggled. The Demiguise looked up at you before hopping onto your lap. Once again, your notebook was open, and currently being filled with your interpretive sketches of Newt’s case. You became immersed in your own world again, surrounded by the calls of magical beasts with Dougal peacefully resting on you still.

Newt brushed his hands after setting down the pail of mooncalf food and looked at your concentrated form. Your (H/C) hair was pushed slightly back and your hands carefully worked in your notebook. You paused to stroke Dougal and give him attention, breaking your concentration. A smile crept onto your face again as your eyes filled with adoration for the miraculous creature. Newt sighed in contentment. It began to get increasingly hot even though he wasn’t wearing his thick coat anymore. He could only lie to himself for so long, for he was completely infatuated with everything you did. You were beyond beautiful, of course, but you were also intelligent, kind-hearted, and by far the most incredible human he has ever met. He didn’t care if you weren’t like him. If anything, that only made him more attracted to you. He was madly blushing by this point, and also feeling a bit like a stalker as he admired you from afar. He couldn’t look away though. You were different and he was different, both in each of your own individual ways.

He didn’t want to just be friends anymore, he had known this for a while. He loved the way you didn’t run away screaming in terror from his creatures, but instead, opened your golden heart to them. When he first brought you down into the case, you bombarded him with questions he was thrilled to answer. You were curious, lovely and curious, and he couldn’t understand where you had been for all his life. You beamed with excitement and radiated acceptance. You accepted them. You accepted him.

He picked up the bucket and walked closer to you, accidently awaking Dougal.
“How were the mooncalves?” you questioned.

“They were well (Y/N). I see Dougal has found a new place to nap,” he laughed.
You laughed along with him, igniting his cheeks once more as your melodious laugh filled his ears.


Newt looked over your shoulder and took notice of a set of new sketches you had added to your book. One of them was the sleeping Demiguise, and a few along the bottom were of the young Occamy babies, but the larger one caught his attention. It was a hand drawn sketch of himself. His hair swept over his face slightly as his form was drawn rather attractively. He didn’t realize you could draw so well, he knew you were good, but you managed to make him like a man you would see in photos on display. His muscles were outlined under his shirt, and he suddenly felt ten times stronger than what he actually was. Even his freckles were placed so delicately, like stars in the night sky. He kept staring but was interrupted when he heard you gasp. He instantly became nervous.
“(Y/N) what’s wrong?” he asked, concern coursing through his veins.

You started to tuck the notebook away. “You, you weren’t supposed to see that one.”

He knew right away which one. “It’s okay (Y/N), there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It was rather amazing and lovely.” By now he was kneeling beside you.

“But you weren’t supposed to see it Newt.”

“But it was beautiful, intricate and amazingly beautiful,” he trailed off before speaking again, you were still cringing at your own embarrassment and rosy cheeks. “Just like you.”

Your eyes went wide, before you spoke put a soft, “N-Newt.”

He hadn’t registered exactly what he said until moments later. His heartbeat was thumping and escalating, like a raging thunderstorm. He debated as to whether he should speak again, hoping he wouldn’t appear too daft.

“I-I yes you are, (Y/N). You are quite remarkable. You-you have been my end, I mean friend and I, well um,” he stuttered as the butterflies inside him took over. He was running out of things to say. His words were stuck and weren’t coming out. Your mouth was slightly hanging open and your face was still beet red. You were about to ask something, but you were cut off. You were cut off by Newt leaning in, and kissing you right on your lips.

It wasn’t rough, but instead smooth. Newt thought you would pull away in horror at his abrupt actions, but he couldn’t confine his feelings anymore. There was no way of sugar coating it. He was in love with you. You were just as strange and nervous as he was, just as understanding. You kept kissing him, pulling yourself closer, for Dougal had disappeared off of your lap. He entangled his large hands through your hair. Nothing but passion was exchanged between the two of you in the serenity of his hidden world. When the two of you pulled away, Newt began apologizing rapidly.

“I’m so sorry. I t-thought you, I thought it was okay I-,”

“Newt, it’s okay.”

“It is?”

You looked up at him. He was breathing heavily as you smiled at him. You could see every detail etched on his face.

“Yes. I just thought you didn’t like me, you know, like that. I always thought you would go with Tina.”

“But Tina and I are friends.”

“Yes but Tina is a lot more-,”

You didn’t get to finish because Newt began to squeeze your hand again. He stared into your eyes, becoming mesmerized again.

“Tina is my friend, and I don’t want you to finish that sentence. You are the most astonishing person I have ever met. I never thought I would meet someone as caring towards me or even my beasts would ever come into my life as you have. There is no one other than you that I would rather have in my arms or by my side.”

You were touched by his words. This man, this awkward yet wonderful in every way possible man loved you. All of you was loved and cherished by Newt. He grabbed both of your hands to stand you up. He glanced down before pressing another sweet kiss to your cheek. You returned the favor by pulling him closer as you rested your head on his chest briefly.

“I love you Newt.”

“And I love you my darling.”

You pulled away from him once more.

“Newt, the rest of the creatures probably still need to be fed.”

You didn’t want the moment to end, but you knew the other creatures shouldn’t have to wait for food while you two were busy kissing.

Newt chuckled before responding back, “Yes love, come on. Let’s go.”

He grabbed another bucket of food in one hand, and he cradled your hand in his other. You picked your notebook up before heading to the other parts in his case, ready for anything that now came to you and Newt. You were both unique, and together, you were incredibly perfect, both like colors mixing together for the perfect shade.



Title: Reconnected

Warnings: None

Request: Hi there! I saw that your requests were open, so I was wondering if you’d write a Martin Jones one? Maybe where you used to be close when he played for the Kings and you both secretly had feelings but you lost contact when he got traded, then maybe you reconnect with him? I just love your writing and I love this blog! I’ve been going through a hard time lately and I always feel better after I come and scroll through all the different stories, so thank you for what you do! ❤

Note: I’m slowly but surely getting through the current list of requests. Let me know what you think of this one!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

 “That guy keeps staring at you.” your friend muttered, nudging your foot with hers under the table, nodding her head discretely towards the bar behind you.

“He can’t even see my face. He’s probably staring at you.” you reasoned, shaking your head, forking another bite of your dinner into your mouth.

“Well,” she smirked. “I’ll guess we’ll find out because he’s walking over here right now.”

You glanced up, smiling at the stranger in the dimly lit restaurant who had come to stand beside your booth. You almost choked on your dinner, doing a double take when you realized he wasn’t a stranger at all. It was Martin.

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ask-doodle-heart  asked:

The ship ask with lawlicht #3! Pweez!

LawLicht {3: Things You Said Too Quietly}

“You turned our hotel room into a stalker’s den!” Licht came back from his performance to find their hotel room filled with photos and magazine clippings. In the center was Hyde, who was cutting out an article. He thought that it was strange when Hyde said he didn’t want to watch his performance but he didn’t expect him to be busy collecting photos of him.

“Welcome home, Angel Cakes! I thought I was going to finish this by the time you came back to surprise you but, now that you’re here, you can help. I’m making a scrapbook of us. I got the idea when Lily showed me the one he had of Misono.” Hyde cleared the spot next to him and gestured for Licht to sit next to him. “I printed out all the articles I could find of you and some of my pictures. Help me choose which one to use.”

“You mean which one to burn? When did you take all these pictures of me? I know for a fact that you couldn’t take this many pictures of me.” Licht sat next to him on the bed and took the book from Hyde. He turned to the first page and there was an article about his performance in New York.

“That’s the first time I ever saw you but I don’t think you saw me in the audience. I remember being late and you were starting another song just as I walked in. I was so spellbound by you that I didn’t even sit down. I knew I just had to have you so I followed you to Boston.” Hyde’s voice was soft with nostalgia and he leaned against Licht. When he didn’t push him away, he rested his head on his shoulder.

“You really are a stalker.” Licht clicked his tongue and turned the page. He was surprised to see a picture of Hyde in his hedgehog form. It was taken when Licht didn’t know that he was a vampire. He took a lot of pictures at the time but deleted them out of anger when he learned the truth. He couldn’t help but regret it now. “How did you get this picture?”

“Kranz saved some for us. You used Kranz’s camera and he backed them up before you deleted them. I’m just glad he kept them all this time. You really doted on me when you thought I was just a hedgehog. Sometimes I wish you would be sweet on me again but I like how you are now.” Hyde reached over and turned to the next page.

Licht was surprised at the amount of detail Hyde remembered the moments they shared as he reminisced about each photo. He had a soft smile on his face as he spoke. Licht flipped through the pages and skimmed through all the pictures. He didn’t know why but something felt off about the photos to him. Then his eyes fell on a picture of them. He was asleep and Hyde was kissing his cheek in the photo.

“When was this?” Licht’s eyes narrowed and it was obvious that Hyde took the picture without his permission.

“Now, don’t be mad, Angel Cakes.” Hyde quickly took the scrapbook away from him, afraid that Licht would take the picture from him. “It was after our first date. I was too happy to sleep and you were just so cute that I had to take a picture of you. We didn’t take any pictures of on our date and I wanted something to remember the occasion. I never thought I would be this happy so I want to be able to remember these happy memories forever.”

Hyde placed his hand over Licht’s and threaded their fingers together. There was something bittersweet in Hyde’s eyes so Licht leaned closer to him. While he had a lot of pictures of Licht, he didn’t have many of them together. Without meaning to, Licht mumbled his thoughts. “We should take more pictures together.”

“What about pictures?” Hyde turned to him and Licht quickly turned away from him to hide his blush.

“I said we should put these two pictures together.” Licht took two random pictures and placed them in the scrapbook. He was certain that Hyde would take endless pictures of them together if he knew what he said. But truthfully, Licht wouldn’t mind.

I admittedly have a folder full of LawLicht stuff that could put Hyde’s scrapbook to shame because I love this pair so much.

[Send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic] 

Happy Birthday to Me - part 4 of 4 - Jonsa

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY @qinaliel !!


The kiddy table wasn’t so bad, Jon mused as his attention was pulled between his two new companions - a 5 year old with cute little wire framed glasses named Oliver, and a 6 year old girl with frizzy red hair called Alice. There were a couple of moody looking teens at the table too, who were busy projecting their bored-as-hell-and-not-interested-in-anything state of being whilst being glued to their phones. “What colour should the girl’s hair be Jon”? Alice asks, her happy wide green eyes perusing the selection of crayons for her colouring as she absentmindedly pulled at the elastic from her pointy party hat, letting it gently snap back under her chin.

“I’ve always thought red hair was very pretty” Jon smiled at the young redhead.

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A.J. Lee/Seth Rollins fic. ‘Work Me Out’

     A.J. Lee and Seth Rollins smut.

First fic I wrote. Posting this now on Tumblr. Was originally posted by me on FF.net Hope you like! 

“Unf…” That’s the one persistent thought that trawled through her mind as she watched him. Watched him train.

She watched as he assiduously completed his phases of exercise. Cardio. Strength. Power.

She saw through (hopefully) undetected glances behind her in the gym’s mirror how he tore up the indoor track, did pull-ups on the gymnast rings and completed the snatch with a 350-lb barbell. It may sound dramatic but if this were a Victorian novel, she’d be one of those the cliché swooning heroines. Gosh! He was delicious!

No! No! She was NOT a stalker, Although the thought DID sneak into her head that this WAS the sixth time she just happened to be at the same gym facility he was.

“Shut up, conscience!” she hissed.

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For @haleinski24!  I hope this high school AU fluffiness is to your liking! Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Because That’s Love

Derek hated carrots. Derek hated a lot of things Stiles liked. But none of that stopped Mr. Popularity from asking Stiles out.

Stiles had originally thought it was a joke, becoming another punch line of another joke for the popular crowd to laugh at. So, Stiles may have panicked and practically ran away from Derek when he approached him in the hallway while Scott was invested in staring longingly at Kira as she spoke with Allison and Lydia.

Derek was left in the hallway to stare after Stiles, a slightly confused and bewildered look falling over his features. He looked at Scott for a helpful hint, getting nothing more than a confused look before Scott realized what happened and ran after Stiles. However, he didn’t give up.

Derek had always been a bit of an attention whore when it came to showing off. He did backflips to the cheers of the crowd when warming up before a basketball game. He flashed a charming smile when running for class president, beating Lydia Martin by only a few votes—which didn’t matter because Derek and Lydia entered into a pact to being each other’s vice president, despite the results. He helped to arrange a drive for charity by having rallying the basketball team into posing for a calendar—all classy photos, PG enough for the PTA and school board to not petition.

In short, sitting down next to Stiles at lunch wasn’t that big of a deal to Derek. Derek offered a nod to the others, registering that he wasn’t a threat.

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Surprise, again//Norman Reedus

Related to my other imagine Surprise but not the same story line.

Info: Norman has to leave his pregnant wife for a walker stalker con. He didn’t want to but you convinced him into it, you wanted fans to have the chance of a lifetime to meet the man they swooned over. During the con tour, you purchase an extra ticket and go surprise Norman.

Warnings: swearing

Originally posted by fuzzytreesandnorman


You joined the hundreds of fans at walker stalker right before Normans’ photo op. You already see the other cast and there was no need to linger around during this operation. You joined the line among fans who had never seen the man before, but you were fortunate enough to sleep in the same bed with him, call him your husband, the father of your child. You were only about 6 months i, no time close to being due but Norman wanted to stay home to take care of you two, but you forced him to leave. 

Some fans recognized you but you told them to keep it down and not share any photos until after. While in line, Norman left through a side door, probably to smoke. You smiled seeing him, he waved to everyone but you kept yourself hidden with your hand. He was about 20 feet away and you just wanted to tell him you were here, right then and right now. But you didn’t, you couldn’t ruin it. You hung by the back of the line, letting fans pass in front of you.

The line creeped forward minute by minute, fan by fan. hi, photo is taken, bye, next, and repeat. 100$ for less than 30 seconds with the man. As you approached the curtain, you filled with excitement, the baby even kicked. Soon you could see in the makeshift room but made sure to not step too close. 

“Next” A man in a yellow shirt said.

You walked in and saw Norman sitting on a chair in front of a camera. He turned to you and smiled. He didn’t recognize it at first, didn’t know it was you, but you could tell when he did. His eyes filled with tears, a huge goofy grin appeared on his face, he stood up. He covered his mouth with his hand and walked to you quicker. He wrapped his arms around you, being gentle due to the baby bump in your shirt.

“Shit, (Y/N)” He mumbled and pulled away,

He kissed you and held your face.

“How are you? How’s the baby, is she okay? Why are you here? Is everything okay?” Norman asked nervously.

“We’re fine, Norm. Just wanted to surprise you, I missed you, we both did” I said holding his face, stroking his stubble with my thumb to calm him.

“Damn, woman. You had me scared shitless. I love you so much” He said and kissed you again.

He crouched down to your belly.

“You had dad scared out of his mind, glad your doing well, princess” He said in a baby voice.

“I gotta go back to my booth now. Wanna come or are you going back home?” He asked.

“I’ll come, I’m in no rush” I said with a smile,

His manager came to the photo op room and led us with security. He had one arm around me and the other waved to fans. They took photos and screamed, I was so happy to be with Norman seeing him making other happy, I was content. This was a trip well spent.

RFA turns Yandere?

Requested by an Anon!
WARNING: Violence and violent acts. Do not read further if you’re sensitive!
Also turns out writing about yanderes is quite difficult o_o
ALSO, I might also separate these into several posts, just in case people want to reblog one but not all the others. Give me a message/ask if you want me to do that.

Zen: He was always protective of you and although you thought it was a healthy and sort of joking protectiveness however that belief was blown out of the water. You had realised someone was stalking you on the way back to the apartment the past few nights and of course you told Zen but something about his look that night gave you shivers. A certain night after that, the stalker made his move and tried to catch you out while you were alone but Zen came out from behind a corner and pinned him down on the floor. You were going to call the police however when Zen pulled out a knife, your fingers went numb and cold. Your body was completely frozen as you watched Zen continuously stab the man on the floor without hesitation. What made it worse was when Zen turned his head back at you with a smile, blood splattered on his cheer,”It’s alright now Jagiya, he won’t hurt you!”

Yoosung: This ball of sunshine seemed so innocent however after that night, everything changed. Yoosung was feeling a bit down after having a dream about Rika and you offered to listen to his worries, as you would normally and he seemed alright as he hugged you a bit tighter to sleep. You were out late the next night, going out with friends and when you returned, the lights in the apartment were turned off. You were suspicious at first but then arms wrapped around your neck and a hand over your mouth.
“Where were you?” the voice asked, it was Yoosung of course.
You demanded that he let go of you however he gripped you tighter.
You’re mine now, I won’t let you go like she did.”

Jaehee: She had always been somewhat stressed out from work and no matter what you did, she would continue to ignore her apparently deteriorating health. One day while you came to the office to give her dinner, you found her working hard as usual. You gave her the dinner, a kiss on the forehead and soon exited however a man dressed in a suit ran up to you. He started asking you questions at an incredibly fast speed the one you understood was if you wanted to go out for coffee with him. Although you refused, he grabbed your wrist and started to lead you away however the door slammed open and Jaehee stormed towards you. You didn’t know if it was the stress or not but something snapped inside her to make her push the man to the ground and start pummelling him with her heels. You tried to stop her but Jaehee was just in another world of her own.
He’s somebody that is not needed in your life,” her cold words hit hard.

Jumin: You never thought he’d get his own hands dirty when executing plans however there was nothing he wouldn’t do in ‘insuring’ your safety. Jumin had been late home often these days and you couldn’t sleep so one night you took a walk to the balcony however something strange caught your eye. Jumin was pacing around in front of the entrance seemingly aimlessly however when he caught sight of a man in the distance, he rushed towards them and dragged them off by the collar. You had a bad vibe sent through your body as you rushed down to chase after him but before you could prevent anything you saw him chuck the man on the floor with stab wounds all over him. You tripped backward in fear as Jumin looked over and sighed,”I didn’t want you to see this, but this way I don’t have to worry if you go outside. He was someone dangerous, I’m sure you’re aware.”

707: He had always been a man of secrets but had a happy attitude most of the time. One day Seven realised that the agency was still hunting him down and were coming for the bunker. He took your hand and lead you to the car where he immediately started it up however black cars were soon following. Seven stopped the car near to an alleyway as a blocker and told you that he wouldn’t let them touch you. Gunshots started to be fired one after the other and once the commotion ended you looked out from behind the car to see Seven with a bloody knife in his hand. He vowed to protect you but something about his look scared you, with his dripping knife and dark smile “I told you I wouldn’t let them touch you.”

V: The angelic V who would never dream of hurting a fly changed drastically that day when you were beginning to get harassed at one of his photo exhibitions. At first you tried to reject the person however they kept on being pushy. V then came to intervene and ask them to back away, and although they did for a bit of time, when V left they came right back. Eventually the event ended but the person still hadn’t stopped harassing you. V came to your side, smiled and took the person away telling you not to follow although your curiosity got the better of you, causing you to run after them. V stopped in front of an alley and looked directly into the enemy’s eyes and used his arm to push up their chest, pressing on their neck.
Don’t ever come bother her again, or it’ll be more than just a gentle press.”
When he lowered his arm, the person fell down to their knees and searched desperately for their breath.

“Friends of Friends” Part 6

Originally posted by wonyeols

Part: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7

Rating: PG-13

Note: Next part after this will be the last! :)

The following days I was constantly groggy, finding it hard to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. Jooheon hadn’t messaged me at all, but I’d gotten a couple calls from Wonho I refused to pick up. I replied to a couple of his texts with short answers, despite him telling me over and over we needed to talk.  I told him to focus on his work, instead.

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anonymous asked:

Scenario in which you are at the movie theatre on a date/night out and some guys behind you kick your chair for attention? How would they react? Up10tion maknae like please!

Up10tion reaction to guys trying to get your attention when you’re on a date - maknae line

A/N: so I guessed when you wrote ‘maknae like’ you meant ‘maknae line’ but if I was incorrect then please tell me :) I wrote this as a long written reaction (kind of like drabble length) hope you enjoy!


You were walking into the movie theater, Hwanhee had his arm wrapped around your waist as you stood in line for tickets when you noticed a line for concessions as well and an idea popped into your head.

“Hey babe, there’s a line to get snacks too so how about you get the tickets and I’ll get the food. That way we only have to wait in line half the time,” you said with a smile.

“Oh, that’s a good idea! I’ll see you in there.” He responded before pecking your cheek lightly as you walked away.

You stood in line and the crowd grew behind you, scanning the menu you thought about what to order when the trio behind you interrupted your thoughts. Vulgar catcalls and ‘compliments’ left their lips as whispers but you heard them perfectly clear, fear started to overtake you before the cashier motioned for your attention.

“What can I get for you today?” She asked with a polite tone.
You gave her your order and bowed a thank you as she handed it to you, you turned and scanned the crowd for your boyfriend when a hand grabbed your waist, causing you to jump.

“Woah woah, what’s wrong?” Hwanhee asked with an apologetic expression.

“O-oh, nothing sorry you just, caught me off guard. I got the popcorn!” You explained, holding the bag in your hands up.

He smiled before taking the large drink from your other hand, sipping out of one of the straws you had put in as you continued to your specific screening room. Relief washing over you as you realized you wouldn’t have to face the boys who called you before again.

Hwanhee pointed out two vacant seats in a lower row and you gladly followed to sit, the theater wasn’t too busy for this movie - considering it’s been out for a while now - so there were quite a few spaces between you and the other groups of movie-goers. You placed the bag of popcorn on the armrest between you two and grabbed a handful of the buttery substance, eating a few pieces at a time as Hwanhee did the same.

The movie was about half over when you felt a sudden blow against the back of your seat, you straightened up and tried to shake it off as a mistake before another set of kicks shook your chair. You narrowed your eyes before turning around to see the boys from earlier sitting there, smug grins set as their expression. You quickly turned back and taped Hwanhee’s shoulder, fear obvious on your face when he met your gaze.

“What’s wrong babe?” He questioned in a low tone.
You gestured to the boys behind you, and just as you did, they kicked your seat again - causing you to flinch. Hwanhee narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, standing up and eyeing the trouble makers down. The trio instantly stood up, apologizing thoroughly as they left the theater. You sighed in relief as your boyfriend sat back down and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him.

“Y/n, if you ever have a problem like that again, please tell me as soon as it happens - okay?” He spoke out softly.

“I promise,” you whispered before leaning your head on his shoulder and enjoying the rest of the movie in peace.

Originally posted by wando-tomato


You had your fingers tightly laced with Dongyeol’s as he swung your arms in unison as you walked. You approached the well-light building as excitement grew in your stomach. You’ve been wanting to see this movie since they started advertizing it, and now you were going to see it with your favorite person on this earth, what could be better?

You glanced at the clock on your phone, skipping in place while your boyfriend bought the tickets before a snapchat notification popped up. You shrugged, tapping the screen and opening the picture - only to see a picture of yourself standing in the outfit you were currently wearing while staring at your phone and the caption saying ‘what are you doing’. You blinked twice, staring in perplexed before the picture disappeared. The contact of who sent it being one you’ve never seen before.

“Y/n, I bought the tickets, let’s go!” Xiao’s charming voice called out to you, snapping you out of your terror infused daze before you ran up and held his arm tightly as you walked into the theater.

You stood in line for some snacks when another notification came to your phone, you resented tapping the photo - only to be greeted by a picture of a man’s face, disheveled hair and a 5-o'clock shadow obvious on his face - although he looked to be dressed slightly decent. The caption read 'wouldn’t you rather be holding me?’ caught you off guard before the picture disappeared again, the same, mysterious contact appearing to have sent it.

You cringed, looking around to see if anyone was staring at you before your boyfriend handed you a cup. You shook your head and smiled at him, taking his hand once again as you walked to your screening room.
You were sitting in one of the back rows, most of the seats having been occupied before you had arrived. Neither of you minded though considering that you could still see the screen quite well. You leaned back against your seat, relaxing from the 'events’ that occurred earlier that evening.

The movie had barely started when you felt a strong push against your back, shrugging it off as an accident considering the theater was quite full when not that far after another had caught you off guard. You turned your head to see the same guy with the 5-o'clock shadow from before sitting there. You widened your eyes and turned your attention back to the movie, too scared to try and do anything else.

The movie had continued and so did the constant kicks, they seemed to be happening every thirty seconds and discomfort was obvious on your face. Dongyeol turned his attention back on you as noticed this, looking behind you as the man sent another blow to the back of your chair. He widened his eyes and tapped your shoulder, questioning you if it was the first time he did that. When you shook your head and he noticed the fear that was present in your eyes, he grabbed your wrist and marched out to the manager.

“Excuse me, sir, this guy has been kicking my girlfriend’s chair in the theater all night and I believe he should be kicked out.” He said with an authoritative tone, hugging you tighter to his side.

“A-and that’s not all he was doing, earlier he sent me stalker-like photos and said that I should be holding him and not my boyfriend.” You informed, causing both the men to widen their eyes.

“Y/n, why didn’t you tell me that? I would have had that guy’s head beat in by now!” Xiao exclaimed before holding your head to his chest. “Please, if this ever happens again, let me do something about it. It’s not right and you deserve to feel safe with me.”

Originally posted by wonyeols

A/N: So, that ended up being way more complicated than it needed to be, but I hope you enjoyed! excuse any spelling errors/parts that don’t make since I didn’t have any time to proof read :/

-Admine Yeonie