i was basically screaming the first time i watched it

Subtle shippyness

Ok so remember “Kill Switch” when Mulder is inside the AI and he’s having that dream/nightmare where all the nurses look and talk like porn stars? From the first time I watched I noticed something this: 

That looks familiar…. 

But really that entire part is fully of shippy goodness. 

-I mean when Mulder is scared and in trouble he is yelling for his doctor: Dr. Scully (I wonder if he ever calls her that in bed?)

-When he really becomes desperate a fake Scully busts down the door and comes to his rescue. She is like his dream hero. 

-And! While he is in this fake world his subconscious mind is screaming for Scully in the real world. 

So basically the AI was trying to get info out of Mulder and was using information from his brain to trick him into giving away where the kill switch was. First it uses fear, then porn stars, then Scully. But somehow it decides that putting those necklaces on the nurses will set Mulder at ease in some way. It accesses parts of Mulder that he was probably not even aware of. 
In his mind she is his ultimate hero! He sees her as the person who will always come and save him no matter where he is or how difficult it is to get to him he knows that Scully will find him. AND SHE DOES! 

So for those reasons and many more “Kill Switch” is one of my favorite episodes. 


it’s called subtlety, fuckrag

i watched scream with @chrisjoshington and kai seafucker who cannot be tagged for some reason for the first time last night and this was basically what i got from the movie. murder what?? ghostface who??? only badly hidden boyfriends here (also i have no idea how to draw them yet, and probably never will) 

Imagine Person A finally starting to read/watch something Person B has been recommending to them for a long time and Person A screaming about it while Person B sits there and is just like “Yes, I was thinking the same thing when I got to this part”

reasons why you should never rewatch haikyuu season 1 episode 24 w/ me:

- there’s a lot of kunimi in it
- seriously theres sO MUCH KUNIMI & i didnt notice the first time i watched it bc i didnt use to love him //this much
- but now i do
- so it results in a LOT of screeching and screaming and wailing
- every few seconds i screech once
- basically you will have no peace
- at all
- i will pause it repeatedly and replay the same scenes over and over again because they contain kunimi 
- & because they contain kunimi there will be even more screaming 
- at times its likely u wont even be able to hear the actual dialogue over my wailing
- i am dying
- save me
- actually dont save me if i have to pick a way to go this is it
- death by overexposure to Favourite Character
- wonderful
- im crying