i was avoiding spoilers

WHY IS EVERYBODY UPLOADING THE ART FROM SU ARTBOOK IT’S NOT EVEN ALLOWED U KNOW??!! I can try avoiding spoilers from the new episode but it’s hard avoiding the pics from the artbook!!!! I swear that I’m gonna see the whole page even tho I don’t wanna look at the single thing💥💥💥 I reserved the artbook weeks ago before it was out but mines not even started shipping yet!!! Work amazon woooorrrrrkkkk!!!!!! You’ve got a hungry SU fan here!!!!!!!!!!


Splatoon 2 is out!

I’m sure everybody is busy either playing or abstaining from the Internet to avoid spoilers, but for those of you who aren’t, here’s a little Easter egg: when you’re queueing for a turf war match, you can remix the background music! Pressing the arrow buttons or ABXY buttons will play specific vocal segments, while tilting the joysticks up or down will alter the audio balancing!

Have fun, everyone!

Random thoughts about episode 16
(Might have spoilers. I dunno, I tried to stay clear, but just in case)

What the fck is favaro wearing

Shout out to Bacchus as my most favorite God in the series lmao

El has completely lost it

Ok maybe not too much?¿? I have faith in him

Anyway, about Favaro’s clothes-

iT wAs A fReAkInG dReAm. And what dream. I have feelings.

No but seriously Favaro, wtf man I love you. You made my day

duuuuude, Azazel Kaisar and Favaro brot3 ftw

Cha ri oc e actually as k i n g Kaisar to be f r i e n d s (kinda) he’s the nerd with 0 friends, I can’t

why do the previews have to be non-canon, I need them to be canon!

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Are you ready for tonight's spoilers and tomorrow's chapter 👀 do you think they'll take Touka ??

I’m gonna try to avoid the majority of the spoilers because i wanna spend the night writing, if i read them i’m gonna go crazy and i won’t be able to concentrate, but i’m super ready for the chapter and my heart is cheering for toukachan 🐰

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So is dream daddy a good game? Im interested and trying to avoid spoilers, but i dont want to bother if it has any gross representation or anything...

it’s good so long as you don’t touch joseph (don’t touch him, don’t go near him, avoid at all costs)

About to reblog some content relating to the audio of the sdcc promo after my queue runs out (so about an hour). To anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, it does not nesessary spoil too much, but if anyone still wants to avoid it, I’ll tag them as “su spoilers”

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Are you avoiding spoilers? Just wondering so I don't accidentally cross a line. I mean, it's a stupid question since you listened to the leaked audio but better safe than sorry.

I generally try to avoid spoilers, BUT if there’s potential Lapidot then I make an exception ;p


The jacket origin story that no one asked for