i was attacked by zombies!

what it means

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know.

For him, the kiss means ‘thank you’. Thank you for bringing me back. Thank you for remembering me even though it was practically impossible for you (or anyone else for that matter) to do it. Thank you for believing in my existence even though eveybody thought you were crazy. Thank you for convincing Scott and my dad and Malia that I actually was a real human being and not some idea that was stuck in your head.

It also means ‘you’re so smart’. Like you actually opened a rift through space and time to save me. And you were the one to know where I was and how to get to me. Once again, you figured it out. God, you are so smart, that’s probably my favorite thing about you.

It also means ‘I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a child’ and I don’t care that we’ve already kissed because right now I’m not having a panic attack, even though the feeling of your lips against mine could actually give me one. I have been dreaming of kissing you hundreds of times, in my dreams, in math class, in the morning or when I went to sleep, and now I’m finally doing it, I still don’t realize it’s really happening.

It also means ‘god, I missed you so much’ and now you’re actually in my arms so I’m probably never letting go of you. I finally found what’s my favorite feeling in the world, and it’s having your body pressed against mine while your hands are on my face and mine are on your waist.

Finally, it means ‘I love you and you don’t have to say it back’’. God, I love you so much I would die for you, but I know I wasn’t going to die in the Hunt, because I had to see your face once more first. Then, I could have died if it meant you were going to be safe. I love you so much I actually can’t believe that you love me back. And you don’t have to say it back, Lydia, because I know. I have known for a while, because the way you used to look at me changed, and I felt more alive than ever everytime your eyes met mine. And I knew, but I didn’t want to believe it, because it would practically impossible for Lydia Martin to actually love me, a pale boy with lots of bones and flannel shirts. But I knew, Lydia, and I know now, and it makes me so happy that I don’t have time to hear you say it, I just want you in my arms right now. You can tell me later though.

For her, the kiss means ‘I’m sorry’. I’m sorry I didn’t remember you earlier. But as soon as you left, I knew something was wrong, I knew someone was missing, and I knew that this someone was important to me. I’m sorry I didn’t convince everyone you were real on the first try. I’m sorry I almost doubted myself when it came to you.

It also means ‘I didn’t say it back, but I do’. Since i first kissed you, I knew. I didn’t know that I loved you, but I knew that something was different between us. I knew the way I looked at you had changed, and the way you looked at me was still the same loving, tender and sweet look you used to gave me since the third grade. But I was scared of admitting it to myself, because I was scared of the consequences and I was afraid of being weak.

It simply means ‘I love you’. God, I do. I love how you make me feel, like I can do everything I never thought I could. You make me feel like I could climb mountains, and bring the dead back to life. You make me feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt in my whole life, inside and out, even when I’m screaming at the top of my lungs or when I have spent the night working instead of sleeping or when I have been stuck in a mental house or when I look like a zombie. And my favorite part, you make me feel smart and important. God, nobody ever made me feel smart, not even my parents because they thought it was ‘normal’ to be smart. You make me feel like I could win the Field’s medal and solve the Riemann hypothesis. You make me feel like I am the most important person in your eyes, and sometimes in the world. I love how sassy you are, even when we’re being attacked by zombie cowboys or nazi werewolves. I love how you’d do everything to save the people you love, even though you say you’re ‘just a human’ and you have no superpowers (I love how you always fight with a bat, I told you it was stupid but I secretly love it). I love how you always look out for us, all of us, and you feel like Atlas, because you don’t care about your problems, you just want to carry everyone’s problems on your shoulders. I love your smile. God, your smile is everything, it could light up the whole town. And your eyes. Your eyes are not brown, they are the most unique shade of hazel and everytime you look at me, I feel like you can see through my soul.

And it means ‘I missed you’. I’m not a fan of intimacy, but I missed you so much I couldn’t not touch you. I couldn’t wait. And I just had to run to you because you had been missing for 3 months and I have missed your face and your flannel shirts and your scent and your height and your hands and your smile and your everything about you. When I found your jersey in your room and your dad kept it, I almost cried because I wanted to keep it to myself so I could at least have your scent with me and you could be with me, even if it was not physically. I hated being alone. When you were there, you were my bestfriend, and I never felt lonely when I was with you. When you came back, as soon as we collided, I knew I would never be alone again. And as we were kissing, our bodies were almost intertwined but I still wanted to get closer to you. Because I missed you so much, and I finally got you back.

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know. But they knew that they had a lifetime to figure it out together.

Old World


It’s early morning, just after dawn. And the last of the evening fog curls about the base of the wall, slips between the chain link fence and around the corner of the building next door.

But nothing stirs. The bulbs in the lamp lights remain cold and dark. The windows who face the road barred, intricate metal designs that hint of things long past.

The street is empty, the barest beginnings of a breeze dusts across the sidewalk, disturbing trampled pamplets, the words smeared and torn.

A low cry pierces the air, from somewhere close by.

The flaps of the lime green tent are still pinned open, the low cots inside lay empty and exposed.

An oxygen tank reflects back the patch of sunlight that reaches it, to the mound of clothes that rests against the door to the infirmary tent.

Waist high barricades divide the street from the grass and sidewalk, thick yellow rope that almost completely has fallen all the way down.

The smallest patch of grass, just a few feet wide in either direction, muddy footsteps dug deep into its dry, caked earth. The prints scramble across the concrete, leave a mess of directions.

The door facing the street opens, slowly, the knob creaking quietly from disuse.

The silence is broken as a low growl comes from around the corner, then eventually settles back down again.

The man behind the door rumbles to himself, talking to himself in a hushed tone that doesn’t reach past the wooden barrier, before turning the knob the rest of the way and letting the door fall open.

Delirious doesn’t make much of an opposing figure, dressed as he is in an old blue sweater that sags off his shoulders, and hand-me-down jeans that expose his knees. But the shotgun clutched firmly in his right hand more than makes up for that.

Worn pale wooden handle, the brass of the gun is dark and smeared with what remains of a darker paint job that’s since but faded away.

He steps into the scene, his sneakers scuffing the edge of the doorframe as he moves, slow and smoothly, shifting from step to step as he watches the street. Like a dancer trying to sneak across a stage, his toes touch the ground first as he shifts to the side, keeps his back against the wall.

There is no one else in sight, nothing more alive than him and the faltering grass, and the shotgun shells tink-tink as they hit the pavement.

As he reloads the gun, readying himself for the horde.

I was at school and zombies started attacking and I was like ‘ugh another stupid zombie apocalypse? This is so overdone I’m sick of it’

So then the dream changed and I was in Victorian England… and zombies started attacking only now I was stuck trying to kill them with flintlock weapons

Two Wettings the Night Before Christmas

This happened to me Christmas of 2015. As I do every time I have some sort of incident, I documented it and posted it onto omorashi.org. Here it is for your reading pleasure. =)


Hi everyone! Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything in this section, but today being Christmas you all deserve a gift, and it just so happens that Christmas Eve brought alcohol. I tend to drink far too much whenever there’s alcohol around, and I don’t exactly handle myself well when drunk, and that brought two interesting situations last night given alcohol is a diuretic and all.

So yeah, last night was Christmas Eve, and like most families, we had a get together here at home and partied a little. Gifts were exchanged, stories told, and many a drink consumed. In my case, throughout the course of the night I burned through an entire bottle of whiskey and almost a whole case of hard lemonade. Needless to say, I got pretty tipsy and stupid to the point that eventually I could barely walk and spent a lot of time laying on the floor laughing at stuff. Occasionally I managed to make it to my computer and rant in the IRC about god knows what, I can’t remember, and message pretty much everyone I know to tell them they’re awesome. But that’s not what you’re here for! I’m sure you can imagine that alcohol being a diuretic coupled with the fact that trying to walk from room to room felt like a level straight out of StarFox did not make for fun adventures to the bathroom…But yet again, my biggest enemy was once again my own terrible judgement.

So, obligatory description phase. You know the basics, I’m tiny, anywhere between 5'5 and 5'9. I haven’t been measured in years, but if I deliberately put it off I can give estimates like that, that make me sound taller than I actually am probably. Around 116 pounds, pale enough that I could probably blend in with the snow if we actually had any on the ground right now. Long black hair, and I’d like to think I look fairly decent when I put on my standard eyeliner and the like. This story will involve 2 outfits, but for most of the night I was wearing a black shirt that stops right above my belly button, a black and white striped buttonup overshirt (A favorite of mine) left unbuttoned, a pair of light gray jeans with a cute belt. I have a thing for cute and shiny belt buckles, in this case it was a heart. I also wore a santa hat, but that fell off at some point and went forgotten for the rest of the night.

Anywho yes, I socialized, drank, drank some more, eventually devolved into being a cavewoman slurring around on the ground. It happens to me a lot. Needless to say, I eventually developed a rather pressing need to pee, but as is usually the case when I am drunk, I ignored it entirely because almost everything else in the world seems like a far more pressing matter. I recall the first time I actually noticed it as an urgent thing was when I was sitting on the floor in the living room playing my PS4 while trying to sing opera for some reason. I twisted in a certain way, and a drop fell out into my purple panties. It took me completely by surprise. I actually had to meditate on it for a second and focus on my bodily functions and was like, WELL I am certainly very desperate to pee, how did I not notice this? I stared at the stairs. Well…Kind of. My vision was swimming all over the place, so it was more like looking in the general direction of the stairs and mulling over the concept of them. Then a zombie attacked me on the game I had neglected to even look at for the last 20 seconds without pausing, and like a true drunk I COMPLETELY forgot the need I had just realized I had for perhaps the next 25 minutes before it violently reminded me I was there again.

Midgame I shifted again and a dribble began. I didn’t even notice it, but I began to feel warm and shifted again because it felt nice. The movement, naturally, caused me to suddenly violently spurt into my pants, the area between my legs gathering a sizable wet patch. Upon the feeling of momentary loss of control, I felt multiple things. Surprise, given I had forgotten about this, and a very sudden awareness that I could burst literally any second. The desperation I had somehow managed to ignore hit like a freight train. In that moment, it was like I had never needed to pee more. The moment I spurted I moaned VERY loudly, prompting my mother to poke in the room and give me a weird eye. I crossed my legs to hide the patch, waved at the tv and said something resembling “Zombeesh”, to which she nodded in apparent understanding.

It was at this point I became determined. I got to my feet somehow, and made my way up the stairs in a weird walk/crawling way, the people socializing in the kitchen next to the living room barely noticing. I dribbled more when I was going up I think. I can’t say for sure, but I do remember the warmness being more apparent the more I moved. I made it to the top…

…And completely forgot why I was there and stumbled into my bedroom before sitting at the computer. I blinked a few times, typed some crap I don’t remember into the IRC, and pondered my presence on the second floor of the house. I spurted badly again and suddenly remembered why…And just took it in. Being an omo enthusiast, the situation struck me and I became somewhat entranced and aroused. I felt the wet spot with my hand, which had grown into a very noticeable size. I vaguely remember humming lightly, an almost “mmm” sound and intentionally letting a few dribbles out to keep the warm lingering. I got a little TOO into it, because my back arched…Which pushed my belt and button into my abdomen. A very violent leak happened, spraying into my jeans with a hiss and I could feel my ass become very wet almost instantly. I shot forward and buried my hands between my legs with a noise probably sounding like a “Gah!” before remembering to appreciate the predicament I was in. I very obviously had to change now, very bad damage having been done. Go to bathroom. Change into pj’s. Plans having been laid and focused on, I stood up…and fell right into my desk, bumping into my belly more. I propped myself up, slamming my hand on my desk and squealing as I felt my muscles start to fluctuate heavily, like my pelvic floor were teetering and about to drop any second. I kept my free hand buried between my legs as I tried to stand, tried to move, tried to hold, but it was too hard.

A spray shot out. And another. I gasped and squeaked more as my pee began to warm my hand in bursts, the bursts rapidly coming closer together. My pants became damper in a larger, and larger margin each time, I could feel streams beginning to flow down my inner thighs…That’s what caused the pelvic floor to quite literally drop. The moment I got my balance it just started coming off of me, and trying to clench it shut was like trying to lift a weight way too heavy for me. I yelled out a very loud cry as I felt my pee race down the insides of my legs, trailing behind me to soak my lower ass, and otherwise pour off of me to pitterpatter onto the floor. It just kept hissing, a prolonged pssssh as I constantly cried out, “AHH A-AH AAH” as if the yelling would help my now drenched hand stem the flow (It didn’t.)

I looked down and saw it spread across the front of my jeans, the sleeve of my overshirt also becoming warm and wet from its position between my legs. The insides and back of my legs finally became soaked to the bottom, getting eachother as well as the floor wet from my constant futile bouncing and rapidly shaking legs. A stream came off my ankle and made a small river. I bit down on my hand, realizing that all the yelling was probably a bad idea, and only let out muffled panicked mewls as I stood there unable to move, constantly gripping at my completely drenched hissing crotch and pressing my legs together, unable to keep myself from completely wetting my pants right down to the last drop.

I stood there for a minute or two. Maybe more. Just taking it all in. I had many an emotion running through me at the time: fear, panic, relief, arousal, quite a bit of dizziness from alcohol if you can call that an emotion. I think I actually slapped something nonsensical into the IRC immediately afterward, something like “I peed oops.” I pulled myself together enough to change into my pj’s, some nice pink pj pants and an equally pink tank top, with some lighter red panties to finish off the ensemble. I stashed my wet clothes away so I could wash them the moment I had so much as a few minutes alone to throw them in the wash without their initial condition being seen, and wiped up the lake on my floor with a dirty towel I had used to shower earlier, and threw it in with the clothes. I was able to plan this much while bombed out of my mind. But my strife didn’t end there!

I got downstairs, and people were starting to leave. I gave goodbyes to the best of my ability, and sat down to game more (I am bad at social activities, but I was more than happy to chat games with anyone who came into the living room to investigate the zombie killing sounds of Dying Light.) Of course this only lasted as long as I could sit up. Drowsiness began to accompany the dizziness, and eventually playing the game even drunkenly was basically impossible. Mom came in and smacked me with a dish towel when I fell asleep on the floor with the controller in my hand, and I began the ridiculous process of wobbling my way back to my room. I fell right onto my mattress and that was that.

Now we come into a dream. I was in some sort of place. A semi outdoor military base maybe? Something odd like that. I really needed to pee, so I looked around. Granted, I was basically alone, it seemed deserted so I could have just peed right there, but logic isn’t a thing in dreams. After much desperate hobbling I ran into my 7th grade math teacher, whom I told “Miss, I really have to pee, reaaaaally badly right now, do you know where the bathroom is? Please?” And she just nodded in a teacherly way and nudged her head in a direction. I bounded over there immediately, and came face to face with a row of shower stalls, each with curtains. Not another soul to be found. For some reason I thought this was the best place, so I went in one and yanked the curtain behind me.

At this point my desperation jumped to a ten, and I got that feeling like if you were sitting while desperate, and then stood up. You know, the gravity of everything in your abdomen dropping? But I was standing the whole time, which again I attribute to dream physics. Just know it made me leak. So I look down to undo the bluejeans I was wearing. It is then I discover I am wearing not one, not two, but three belts. They aren’t my usual belts either with the cute buckles. Each buckle is a puzzle straight from “Keep talking and nobody explodes”, if you know the game. Where my belt notches would normally be was an led timer literally built into the leather, counting down from a minute. Somehow I knew I had to get each belt undone before the timer was up. First I figured out a morse code one, the word was “pebble”. The moment I unhooked it, I uncontrollably spurted into my jeans, creating a wet patch. The second belt had wires. With the wirecutter that magically appeared in my hand, I read through the manual that was on the shower wall for no reason and cut the proper wires, unhooking the buckle. I leak again, much worse this time, and let out a shriek as my inner thigh darkens down to almost the knee. The final buckle, is a word jumble. With 24 seconds left on the clock, I cannot figure out the solution for the life of me. I try to think but its almost impossible, my desperation is sooo bad, I just try to mull over words with those letters, all the while just saying to myself over and over, “I’m going to piss my pants, I’m going to piss my pants, I’m going to piss my pants…”

I never did figure out the words. Right as the clock hit 1 second, the letters rearranged themselves into the words TIMES UP!

The clock hit zero. My dream bladder, right on cue, feels like its contorting. Like its squeezing itself. I immediately hunch over, my hands and nails dig into my kneecaps. I cry out, yelling “Nooo don’t make me pee my fucking pants please no!!” but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. My bladder basically wrings itself out, and I have NO control. Its like I suddenly have the muscles of a 5 year old. I strain so hard and clench but it makes no difference, as my crotch and legs darken and shine, pee flowing out of me like a river. A loud hissing can be heard as it just runs down the back of my legs, no stopping it. My dream jeans barely contain it, and I can see several streams falling off me where the fabric is too saturated. I stare into my puddle and see my eyes. And then I wake up.

The first thing I notice is that it’s 3 am according to my clock. The second thing I notice is that I’m still basically hammered, because I can hardly move and the entire room is spinning like I’m about to be in the movie “Cube”. The third thing I notice is that I am absolutely bursting. As in, I’m not about to burst, I already am bursting. My nether regions and ass are very warm and very damp, and I can feel the bed underneath me becoming warm. I realize that I’m wetting my cute pink pajama pants and panties, and my first reflex is to shoot right out of bed. Of course this is a terrible idea, as again, the room is spinning. I roll right out of bed and land on the floor, on my back, and for the life of me I CANNOT get up.

This leads to my second accident of the night. I formulate the plan in my head. Stop the flow, stand up, go to the bathroom like a big girl. But none of those things ever happened. I’m on my back there on the floor, and I shove both hands down my bottoms and grip the outside of my now very wet panties. I let out a very sleepy and frustrated moan as I realize the impact did me in, my fingers and hands getting wetter and wetter as I leak and leak and leak. I keep groggily groaning things like “No, stop, please stop, nooo, stop peeing, I’m not peeing my pants nooo.” In exactly the way you expect someone who’s too drunk to know their environment would say it. I was basically on my back, and rolling from side to side like a stuck turtle, criss crossing my legs back and forth as my jammies got wetter and wetter. I try to sit up and that alone puts pressure on my bladder just enough to turn the leaks into a stream. I fall back on my back and begin whining and moaning as I clutch at my crotch from inside my pants, soaking my hands and arms, as I feel my pee seep through and pool on the floor under me, drenching my ass and making my pajama pants absolutely sopping, from pink to a red. It pools under my legs, and up under my back getting my tank top all wet too. I arch my back, moaning anxiously, hating how much I was loving the relief.

Due to the arch I’m able to get a glance underneath me, and I can now hear the hissing coming from my pants, and it begins to stream straight from under my ass through the fabric onto the floor beneath it, and that sight just kills me in more ways than one. I lose ALL control and I become a human firehose, the hissing becoming so loud its almost deafening, and the sight of niagra falls and the feeling of sopping warmth when I plop back down into my puddle wakes me up and I become absolutely frantic, realizing fully that I am laying on my floor absolutely soaking myself. I start whining and panicking, my hands shooting everywhere they can grow, my eyes going wide as I keep muttering something along the lines of “no no no stop stop stop” but I just…can’t. I push my hands into my crotch from the outside of my pants this time and the heat from my pee is just hot, in multiple ways of the word. I couldn’t stop no matter how hard I clutched, pushed, wiggled my legs and soaking wet ass, it just poured out of me as I moaned and groaned like a panicked child.

Eventually it stopped and I just laid there, in a huge puddle, just staring at the ceiling not believing I just pissed in my bed and on my floor in what were some of my favorite jammies. I actually ended up passing out there, due to the alcohol I’m assuming. I woke up later, finding I had kicked my pants halfway off in my sleep. I was soaked from almost head to toe. I threw the pants with the other clothes…I was freezing now, as the puddle had grown cold. I was feeling less drunken and a little queasy. I walked downstairs in my wet panties and tank top, knowing everyone was sound asleep and ate some lasagna while pondering whether alcohol was worth it anymore. Yes, a wetting at 3 am made me consider quitting drinking. I got back upstairs, took off the rest of my garments, grabbed my second shower in the last 24 hours, before cleaning up (again), throwing on a nightie and going back to sleep again. I had to pee again kinda by the time I got in the shower, because a whole case of hard lemonade and a quart of whiskey is a lot of liquid I assume, and I had yet to empty any of it anywhere that wasn’t my clothes. So I peed in the shower to spite my dream. I peed in a shower successfully without a belt time bladder bomb. So ha.

I woke up, had Christmas morning, got some sweet loot, visited family, had dinner, and had a great day overall. And first thing tomorrow morning when everyone’s sleeping in, I’ve got a hefty, very damp load of laundry that I need to take care of. As per usual, I got away without being caught, and thinking back on it causes me to realize that it was all very hot in retrospect. Its hard to revel in it when you’re panicking and trying not to do it, but looking back on it later is always rather fun.

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy my latest mishap. I look forward to feedback! Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me a message, whatever <3

I hope everyone had a great day! Merry Christmas!

P.S No I’m not giving up alcohol I’m basically an alcoholic I ain’t kidding myself.

Updated index of all stories, series, and poems (September 16, 2016)

Transfigurations: A small, self-published collection of my favorite short stories from 2015.

Individual Stories


A Life Worth Living: Big changes lead to bigger results.
An Artist’s Canvas: The beauty of symmetry.
Allison’s Loss: My daughter is devastated by the death of her friend.
All Thumbs: My embarrassing habit.
A Very Bad Place to Hide: Maybe even the worst.
Amy’s Wish: Blow away the eyelash and make a wish!
An Unlucky Samaritan: Think twice before stopping to help.
Assisted Suicide: He begged me to help him die.
Attempts to Repair the Irreparable: How do you move on?
Bad Sex: Has this ever happened to you and your partner?
Bluebirds: Possibly the most reprehensible thing I’ve ever written.
Bluefin: Use caution when poaching an endangered species.
Body Hair Removal: I learned a valuable lesson.
Butt Stuff: The activity - not the other thing.
Charles Robert Olevsky: Ever Google yourself?
Coping Mechanisms: Life after losing a husband and a daughter.
Cracks in the Foundation: A relationship on the edge.
Dial Tone: What’s going on with my phone?
Dilation and Evacuation: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Double Dare: The long-lost episode never seen in the US.
Elective Surgery: I just want him to be happy.
ExpressionCaptioner.com: This website is seriously weird.
Family Tree: A unique family tradition is revealed.
Farm to Table: Fucking hipsters.
For Lena and Clair: Trapped after an earthquake.
He Went Ahead: My friends and I were into urban exploration.
House Sounds: What do we keep hearing?
I Dream of Names and Cancer: My eternal nightmare.
If Anyone Asks: An old farmer notices something about his scarecrow.
I’ll Never Wear a Condom Again: No way, no how.
In Praise of Our God: A helpful neighbor.
Jim Jameson’s Pumpkins: A dead farmer’s secrets.
Little Cows: Meet the milkmaid.
Making Their Dad Proud: A family that plays together…
Malique, part 1: An older couple adopts a troubled boy.
Medical Issue: What’s the stuff I found on a rock?
My Brother’s Fall: Horror deep below the Iraqi desert.
My Sister Found the Coolest Thing!: You’ve gotta hear about it.
My Trouble With Fairies: They’re so mischievous and unpredictable!
Nests: Ah, the great outdoors.
Otter: I’ve always wanted to be one.
Phone Sex: It all started when I realized my iPhone was self-lubricating.
Pool Cover: I almost drowned when I was 13.
Pray Away: Conversion therapy for deviant behavior.
Prosopagnosia: After an accident, my husband couldn’t recognize us.
Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: What can be better?
Quarry: Trying to beat the heat on a summer day.
Rats in the Barn: An exterminator’s apprentice.
Recycling: Parents try to understand their depressed daughter.
Regarding Danny and Micah Stevenson: Two brothers rely on one another.
Roo: An old man watches a girl grow up.
Ropes: Be careful what you eat.
Safety: Our grandfather was obsessed with it.
Seed of Man, Pollen of Angels: A family tradition.
Skincare Diary: My acne was getting out of hand.
Soft Teeth: A man used to sneak into my room at night.
Still a Family: Two sisters have lunch while waiting for their parents.
Stop Being Such Babies: The woods aren’t scary, for fuck’s sake.
The Bleakness Before Our Old Eyes: The Universe tasted us that night.
The Blissful Insensate: An experiment goes terribly wrong.
The Cotard Delusion: A new drug has a frightening side-effect.
The Day I Started Believing In Ghosts: I’m still in shock.
The Face in the Clouds: A meteorological anomaly? Or something else?
The Floor is Lava: We all used to play that game, right?
The Least Satisfying Explanation: And the biggest understatement I’ve made.
The Little Ghost: That nagging voice inside your head.
The Lord of Hosts: Lice
The Old Mine Outside Town: Everyone was too scared to go in. I wasn’t.
The Only Thing That Matters: Zombies attack a supermarket.
The Tomb of the Builders: Divers looking for treasure find something evil.
The Wisdom of Moms: Mother knows best.
To Adore: Our beautiful baby girl.
To the Kind Folks at WebMD: Just a couple questions.
Tunnel Rat: My grandfather told us the worst story I’ve ever heard. Seriously.
Uncle Liam: I never told the real story about how he died.
Walnuts: A true story from a few years ago.
What’s Wrong With My Sister?: Anyone know?
Whistleblower: I can’t keep this secret anymore.
Why I Don’t Hike Anymore: Not what you might think.


A Curious Dog: My dog won’t stop pawing at a wall in the basement.
Alternative Medicine: A wife treats her husband with an old remedy.
Bitumen: A man who loves dinosaurs.
Body Cast: The worst thing that can happen when you’re immobilized.
Centipedes: The other worst thing.
Christmas Morning With Danny and His New Puppy: Danny gets a puppy.
Comfort Food: Anything to help fill that void.
Diary of a Woman in New Hampshire: Found a diary. Wtf.
Division: Nothing is right.
Dumbwaiter: A family learns something about their house.
Fertility Treatments: Some people are desperate to have a baby.
Fluids, part 1: Monique: Just gross.
Great Potential: A lady who loves children.
Instantiations: An AI gets powerful and utilitarianism rears its head.
Licks From a Bear: Skull + electric drill = story.
Malcolm: You know those floaty things in your eyes?
My Constellation: Want to be sad? This will make you sad.
My Sweet Boy: A mom who loves her son.
My Wife, the Artist: A couple who loves Halloween.
Network Security: Two friends get a glimpse of a Russian science lab.
Ouroboros: Why cut when you can cut off?
Pretty Little Bugs: A new job as a cameraman.
Round Faces: My daughter keeps complaining about monsters.
Snapshot of a New Man: Evil (Inspiration for The Coronation Cycles series.)
Teeny-Tiny: Katie wants to lose weight.
The Chernobyl Abomination: My father saw something he shouldn’t have.
The Gray in Girl: A man finds a girl on the side of the road.
Under My Teeth: My mouth is screaming.
Uplift: A brilliant scientist works to improve the human condition.
What He Told Me: Evil (Inspiration for The Coronation Cycles series.)
Wiggle: Claustrophobia, maybe?
Windows to the Soul: A child burns.

Story Series

Tales from Social Media (in progress)

Something horrible is happening to me on Tumblr
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Runners (in progress)

Prelude, 2/2

Slough: part 1
Slough: part 2

Before, 6/6

Far Too Little Progress
Far Too Little Air
Far Too Little Pleasure
Far Too Little Autonomy
Far Too Little Courage
Far Too Little Sanity

Interlude, 1/1

3D Printing

During, 6/6

Far Too Much Blood
Far Too Many Flies
Far Too Many Mushrooms
Far Too Much Distortion
Far Too Many Steps
Far Too Much Sex

After, 4/6

Just Enough Illumination
Barely Enough Contraception
Not Enough Interrogation
Never Enough Bones

Related Evidence, 1/

The Exquisite Pleasure of Physical Degeneration

The Abyssal Plain (in progress)
In our quest to drill for more and more oil, we finally went too deep.

Part 1

Tiny Wet Footprints (in progress)

Part 1     Part 2

Fairfield County (on hold)

Part 1: Lake Mohegan and the Cascades

What I’ve Seen (in progress)
I was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia after experiencing a series of traumatic events. I was told they never really happened. But I know they did.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4    
Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8
Part 9

The Coronation Cycles (in progress)
Hers were strategies of disintegration.

Cycle One: The Purpose of Joy
Cycle Two: The First Steps Toward Ascension
Cycle Three: The Christmas Party
Cycle Four: Dashcam Audio Evidence, 01022016
Cycle Five: The Wet Nurse
Cycle Six: The Drooling Womb of the Sky

Sockets (on hold)
Craigslist allows one to meeting interesting people.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3


A Wandering Stream
Extinguish the Stars

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Wip - Cow Plant Shooter

Another something possibly for Simblreen. I follow @danjaley and her sim Mira has been playing with the pea shooter that we got with the Limited Edition of the Supernatural Ep. I never put that object in my game because it doesn’t really fit, but it got me thinking….. The animation is good and could be useful in another form so I switched it to the TS4 cow plant sprout. It’s too funny when you attack it as a zombie. I changed the ball to a piece of cake. lol! :D

So it’s a Thing

For the @xfficchallenges dialogue prompt - set the Friday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend in 2000.  

“So uh, what are you up to tonight, Scully?”

“Well… There’s an article in one of this week’s JAMAs that I keep meaning to read but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really sink my teeth into it yet.”

“This week’s JAMA?”

“Yes, Mulder.  This week’s.  Why?”

“Scully!  Do you mean to tell me you’ve been chomping at the bit to read about Orgasm Technology, the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction?”

“Tell me you’re not using my JAMA articles when you’re in the bathroom, Mulder.  And anyway.  No. There’s an article in this edition about prepping our health care facilities in the event of a major biological or chemical terrorist attack.  Which I would think, given the string of apocalyptic zombie corpses we’ve managed to stumble across lately, you would be much more interested in.”

“Yeck.  I could do without the word zombies for at least a week. And seriously?  It’s Friday.  It’s a three day weekend.  The least you could do is read page 171.  Live a little.”

“Do I even want to… Really, Mulder.  How to Have Your First Mammogram?  Once more, if I find out that journal has been anywhere but my coffee table… Forget it, I don’t even want to think about it.  What are you doing tonight?”

“I was thinking about hitting up Hank’s again.”

“Hank’s?  That the place with Jake the Bartender?”

“Yeah.  Jake was on last night, actually.”

“Mulder, you go to Hank’s twice a week.”

“WE go.  At least once, yeah.  And I mean I kinda thought…”

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So when you’re going to the graveyard in EBB, there are some spots that are strangely monster-free. You only really know this for sure if you’ve played M1+2, where you can check how dangerous an area is, but it’s curious nonetheless.

And yes, this happened on one of my playthroughs. Found a grove free of enemies, next step into dangerous territory I was attacked by a zombie. Good fun!

First Day of the Rest of Your Life(A 7x16 TWD Review)

Let me start off by saying I loved this episode. Every…single…minute…of..it(By admission, I never have fault with The Walking Dead because I will never watch a show I don’t like just to tell others I don’t like it). I love every boring episode as equally as the intense ones. The Walking Dead has never been perfect and to point out all the things that make it so is a waste of time. I’m going to try and hit major points. Bare with me as I keep wiping the tears away from my eyes….

Sonequa Martin-Green was AMAZEBALLS. From the opening cold sequence I just knew I was going have major feels. The feels are still there. Firstly, I loved the flashbacks. It was something I mentioned in another post of wanting Sasha to have 6 pages of sweeping dialogue about her, Tyreese, Bob, and Abraham. She had that in a way. The callback to “Nobody’s got to die today,” even the whole feel of this episode bounces back and forth like 5x9’s “What’s Happening and What’s Going On,” was for her and Tyreese.

The callback with Maggie. Sasha sitting there with the person who has gone through similar circumstances of losing 3 people back to back was so calming. They were just sitting there to enjoy the sunset. To be at peace with what’s going on around her. Seeing Bob’s jacket was so touching. Those three were the ones who left the prison together, Sasha, Bob, and Maggie. Bob and Maggie both taught Sasha it was okay to search for love. To fight for it, and it’s not just for the person you’re in love with, it’s for the family.

And of course the Abe flashbacks. The romantic in me loved that I got to see Abe so soft. So tender with her. That she was scared, and she knew something bad was going to happen, but he eased her through it.Gah! I loved the flashback sequences. I’m a sucker for disturbances in linear storytelling. Give me all the flashbacks. Give me something to explain what happened before; what I think may have happenned. Paint me a picture, and this episode did that. It painted me this picture of happiness, acceptance, bravery, humility, trust, loyalty, and knowing what the right thing is, even if it means giving up your life to save the ones you love. (Somebody help me up, I can’t).

That song. That damn song, “Someday We’ll be Free,” by Donny Hathaway broke me into a million pieces.  I loved it being repeated throughout. It was soulful and fitting for Sasha. She got her swan song. Her ballad of inspiration to ride into the sunset, and go out as the weapon that she was; that she probably was before the world went to shit. I cheered for a zombie Sasha attacking Negan. I cried for a zombie Sasha that Maggie had to put down(so fucking sad, and Jesus’ face was no better in that scene). Sasha Williams, I really loved you and I understood you through everything. You got a hero’s death.

So, onto Maggie. Maggie Rhee who is just all pregnant and leading the troops into battle. I just loved that scene. I loved how she stepped into the leadership role permanently. Negan noticed that she was alive and well, and that’s a bit concerning. I loved her speech at the end for/about Glenn.

Sidebar: Glenn and Abraham’s death will never have any heroic significant meaning. It is not supposed to make sense. That was the whole point of them being killed, there is no point to them being killed. The point was to show that even heroes have no control over their death. That sometimes there is no point to the evil that is committed by some, and Sasha realized that. That is why she committed suicide. She had absolute control over how she went out. It wasn’t going to be up to Negan, and her plan gave everyone a chance.

Onto Trashy McBangs. I had a feeling a while ago she and her kind could not be trusted. Aside from that nasty and disrespectful dig at Michonne in front of Rick(Fuck the war. Bitch would have been ninja kicked so strong if it was me, but Michonne has a more level head than I do). I just had a feeling she was going to turn. I mean, can you really trust anybody in this world? Especially with bangs like that, tf.(I only care about Michonne killing Jadis now. It is the event I’m looking for in All Out War, or sooner).

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A Softer Family
  • “I’m raising my baby to be vegetarian. That way I don’t have to do it for very long.”
  • “I’m worried my baby will come out stupid and telling me I will love her anyway just makes it worse.”
  • “Dear my baby’s momma, regret is waking up to realize some nobody takes those quiet walks with you now.”
  • “You and me and baby makes life into a string of compromises.”
  • “When our adopted child misbehaves, we have a nickname for him. Buyer’s Remorse.”
  • “I wish Cthulhu would come out of the closet. Gay children need to know they can do anything.”
  • “Please don’t leave me alone with our stupid children.”
  • “I weep for our stupid, stupid children.”
  • “Of course the divorce wasn’t your fault, son. If anything, it was my fault for buying expired condoms.”
  • “Sometimes, son, when a man loves a woman he gets sort of creepy.”
  • “They light a candle every night hoping the son I couldn’t be comes home.”
  • “After the accident, it was just the family dog and me. I started letting him sit at the table, dressing him in my daughter’s clothes.”
  • “Hey, it’s me. I meant to take the kids and the cat to the park. But I guess we just kept driving. Anyway, you should change that message.”
  • “Thinking about the infinity of space makes me insane. I never want my kids to feel this small. So yeah, I let them eat whatever.”
  • “On my mom’s birthday, I put on my best suit. I get a haircut. I pretend she’s coming home.”
  • “Your mom came by the store to buy a statue. I honestly meant to say "I like your hair” but it came out “I’m pregnant.”“
  • "Maybe I’m not really trapped. It might even be kind of glamourous being a deadbeat mom. Maybe I’ll go back to school!”
  • “It’s my mom’s birthday and I am her wingman. I miss dad.”
  • “Everyone wants someone they can bring home to mom. I need someone to distract my mom while I raid the medicine cabinet.”
  • “Live every day like your mom said it was alright.”
  • “Dad says that Gramma is always with us even though I am sure he can’t hear her when she sings me my lullaby.”
  • “It’s not you, it’s me. It’s both of us. Actually, it’s your dad. It feels good to admit that.”
  • “My mother took off when I was just little. I want to hunt her down and tell her how proud I am.”
  • “We got drunk and had sex. How did you think your mother and I met? The tooth fairy?”
  • “My father says racist shit all the time. He hates these ones and those ones and he takes care of me and my mother.”
  • “I am a pacifist and I will be a pacifist until I die or someone threatens my mother.”
  • “Sometimes I wish I could take back all my mistakes but then I think what if my mother could take back hers?”
  • “It broke my heart when I realized my father had a whole secret second family and that they got to have a dog.”
  • “Every year on the anniversary of his death I visit my father’s grave to make sure it took.”
  • “Your father is not "a MILF-hungry DILF” and I think maybe you just lost your computer privileges.“
  • "My grandfather died in a war. My father died in a war. Me? I’m holding out hope for a zombie attack.”
  • “My parents made sure I had a good work ethic. I still hate working, but when I’m not working I hate myself.”
  • “When I see a couple where one is very tall and one is very short all I do is wonder about them having sex. Thank god my parents split up.”
  • “I’m going to dress up like a sexy orphan for halloween! I have the outfit, now I just need to kill my parents.”
  • “Sometimes I look across the table at my family, and I think, Boy, I really shat the bed on this one.”
  • “I have this dream where my sister is taking my picture, and I keep saying don’t get on the plane and she says say cheese.”
  • “My sister and I both hate antique shopping. But we love hating things together.”
  • “You were the best mistake I ever made. Or, anyway, you weren’t the worst.”
  • “Everyone should have a contingency plan for when the dead rise. Mine is to see my brother again.”

Seven Hearts Foxy :P

psst he’s still in the middle of the apocalypse when he’s in suit for an event (try to guess bruh) and he’s keeping a gun under his suit in case the zombie attacks(???) /shrugs i made this to make him more aggressive xD

i used the rose petals instead of hearts…well hearts are kinda too mainstream xD and for the number seven, well yeah that’s my fav number :P

reblogs are appreciated and hope you like it <3 xd

so I was playing minecraft because I finally caved and bought it after years and years of watching cool builders on youtube and if you do not cut down the entire trunk of a minecraft tree you end up with dumb ufo trees not attached to the ground so I stayed up until it was DARK trying to prevent a UFO tree and then I burrowed into the ground and buried myself so I would not be attacked by a zombie, heart in my throat, even though there were no mob sounds. Am I a Minecraft Player ™ yet?