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I hope y'all understand whenever I feel doubtful (hopeless lmfao) in ny all I have to fall back on is my online community like I can not believe how lucky I am to be able to learn from y'all to be a better more considerate more fair more understanding person every single day. Every day you all correct me and teach me to be better and understand different perspectives and help me make decisions and I wouldn’t be where I am At All without y'all.

I don’t know if y'all remember but the first time I ever ordered from Starbucks I asked y'all how to do it on here because I didn’t know how to talk to people and I was alone so I couldn’t make someone do it for me. Like… all I do is learn from y'all and feel fulfilled and have a sense of belonging because of y'all so I’m really thankful.


So I do want to apologize for my little absence. I started a new job at a hospital and I literally work from 3 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.

As you can imagine, I am tired. Lots to learn, lots to do. I will come on and work on drafts but for now I will not post anything until my week slows down a little (I will literally be working every day until the 28th/29th but to be fair, that weekend I am going to a Renaissance festival.

Anywho, thank y’all for your patience in the matter as I become accustomed to a early morning schedule. Don’t lose faith in me just yet for your reply. I promise to get to them.

Until then feel free to chat me up on message or on discord. I’ll be checking in, like I said, to do drafts.

Hi guys, idk why but I like giving you guys updates on my life even though you’re probably here for the Bojack content.

So I went back up to Davis for the career fair. And this was the first career fair where I had the mindset of “I’m looking for something more related to statistics/data and NOT computer science” idk if I mentioned before but my stereotypical asian parents made me major in computer science, and computer science is the bane of my existence, I can talk trash about computer science, and the students, and the department at my school all day. Anyway, now that I didn’t have to fake my interests/intentions, it was so much easier to talk to recruiters. Not saying it was the easiest. I’m still awkward, but I didn’t have that imposter syndrome. Like even though I still don’t know much in the field I’m interested in, I’m comfortable with that knowing I can learn stuff on the job etc.

I think I’ll get like 1 or 2 interviews from this career fair, but getting an offer is a whole ‘nother story. This whole thing is far from over. GETTING A JOB IS SO STRESSFUL. 


Also so yeah, I’m doing only 1 post a day now.

~Draw Me The Universe And Then Take Me There // Ch. 3~

A/N: I would just say that assume that all future chapters will be 3k+ words

T/W: Fuck Thomas Jefferson

It had been almost two weeks since Alex had last seen Nevis, and New York still seemed to be intent on surprising him.

To be fair, he’d seen most of these ‘Surprises’ back on Nevis, but never had they been so… Up-close and personal.

Whatever the hell a ‘Snow-cone’ was could be found just outside the front doors of the apartment complex, sold daily by a little old lady with a red-and-gold cart – Martha bought him one every day when they went for a walk, and he’d recently taken a liking to the lime one – restaurants where pizza cost anywhere between three dollars and two-hundred dollars littered the streets – he wished he was joking when he put that in an essay about New York, but just down the street was a place that sold pepperoni-and-gold-flaked pizza – and it seemed like you couldn’t go three blocks without finding some vegan coffee shop where each bean was imported from Chile and roasted to perfection or some shit.

He loved every minute of living in the bustling city, though, and that joy was doubled because of Martha and George. The Washington’s only seemed to get nicer and nicer, which utterly confused him. He had been convinced that after living with the pair for almost a week they would be sick of his shit and he would either be thoroughly ignored or consigned to his room until further notice.

But there were no shouts, no slaps, no bruises or yells or hits. Not even the slightest hint of anger.

There was just Martha, asking him how he’d slept every morning, and George, always managing to hand him a cup of tea an hour before bed. They were so nice, and Alex couldn’t help but smile a little whenever either of them called his name for something.

The doubts over how much they wanted him quickly faded – yet Alex still found it strange that he was letting people into his life with such little hesitation. Usually it took a few tries to get Alexander Hamilton to tell where he was from, and yet here he was, telling his foster parents how his mother had died or why his cousin committed suicide at such a young age.

Martha had even offered to let him stay home for another week and start school the following Monday if he wanted to.

But if there was one thing that Alexander Hamilton put his heart and soul into, it was school.

Sure, he was often made fun of for having such dedication to something that was usually universally hated, but he couldn’t have cared less. He loved learning – usually because if he fought someone more ignorant than him, he’d win – but his school in Nevis hadn’t done the best job at making sure the curriculum was correct and/or enforced.

The school system on Nevis was shit and he had always said so.

Back home, his school was a small, brick building – about the size of a regular house in the area, maybe smaller – and was meant to hold about twelve classes of sixteen students. It did not.

But it wasn’t like they had anyone to complain to, of course. Who was going to listen to a bunch of poor, public-school kids? Government officials?!

Alexander laughed bitterly at the thought.

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Manufacture paperwork to fire me? Enjoy your liquor license audit!

I was working at a corporate sports bar at the time. Barely over minimum wage, no insurance, no raises, no future. New store management came in, and it was clear that they were “cleaning house” (I.E. firing all of the old staff to hire their people). Somewhat standard, labor laws in my area allow firing for almost any reason.

I had been down that road before. I needed a paycheck until I found a new job, so I played by their new rules. I did every stupid thing they said. I saw other, more dedicated people fall by the wayside. Eventually management needed a corporate policy violation to fire me.

Finally, one day, they changed the time clock an hour ahead, and fired me for being one hour “late” to work. OK, fair play, 100% legal anyways (they paid for the total number of hours worked), they were just fabricating the lateness for company policy.

[REVENGE BEGINS] After finding that they were fighting my unemployment claim, I filed a formal complaint with the liquor bureau in my state. Their clock said that i was an hour “late”, therefore their official paperwork said that they were selling alcohol an hour after last call. Hundreds per violation, plus automatic license suspension after X violations, and every bar transaction for that hour was a possible violation.

I QUICKLY got corporate attention. My last check was double checked for hours accuracy and overnighted to my front door. Cashier’s check, not standard payroll.I eventually signed a form saying that they were not selling alcohol after hours and they would stop filing frivolous appeals against my unemployment benefits.

The GM was replaced 2 months after I left, and they had repeated staffing problems trying to fill my shoes. Corporate still gives me a stellar job reference to this day.

Picture from here: https://twitter.com/singto_u/status/892766442059251713 

It was amazing how easily one could get lost in this forest, let alone how quickly. Izuku Midoriya, an alchemist by trade; a swordsman by hobby, found himself smack dab in the middle of unexplored territory once again. 

Traveling alone wasn’t really his strong suit - and well it wasn’t normally advised either. He’d left camp without his comrades, almost positive he’d be back by morning. No problem right? No problem, except that he was a walking accident and a huge klutz.  

So while searching the area for any possible new supplies he could use in his alchemic experiments, he didn’t notice the vines that were in front of him and soon a loud yelp was all that could be heard echoing through the area. 


Now What? 

He could feel the blood rushing to his head as his weight caused the branch he was suspended from to bob up and down for several moments more. Bag hanging from around his chest, the emerald haired teen started to struggle in an attempt to free himself until emerald eyes locked with a set of very irritated crimson. 

“Just what the hell are you doing?” Their owner growled as strong arms came to cross over his chest.  

“No~th-ing~?” Izuku spoke slowly only to see the eyes glaring back at his narrow further as if to say that the warrior before him wasn’t buying any of his crap. 

Don’t lie to me like I’m stupid Deku. Why’d you march off on your own?”

An awkward chuckle emitted from the younger for a moment. “I couldn’t sleep…and I wanted to see if there were any new supplies around.” 

“Are you stupid?” 

“Excuse me?” 

“Seriously Deku, you heard me. Are you stupid or something? Do you want to die?” Emerald only blinked at the other’s questions for a moment, showing he clearly didn’t understand what he was getting at.  “You know there’s plants we’ve never seen before and you wander off. Did it occur to you that there could be monsters we’ve never seen before either?” 

“Um… no actually I…” 


It was an explosion of frustration as the blond pulled his knife free and waved it in the alchemist’s face. 

“Um… Kacchan… what are you going to… please just get me down…” Izuku squeaked. 

“Not until you admit how dumb you are! You’d be dead if I hadn’t found you and then all I’d have to listen to is round face and the rest of your merry band of idiots crying over you.”

“Kacchan… please… I’m… I’m getting dizzy.” 

“Pass out then!” Katsuki growled his frustrations more than apparent. “You know what you have to do.” 

Izuku sighed, lips twisting into a frown, which only looked like an awkward smile from his position. Drawing in a deep, disgruntled breath through his nose, emerald narrowed for a moment to glare at the other. 

“I’m waiting Deku. I can let you just hang there all day. Wha if I just leave you here? What then, huh?” 

“I’m stupid.” 

It was the smallest of sounds, but still Izuku allowed them to leave his lips. Anything if only to relieve himself of the throbbing sensation that was building within his skull. 

“What was that? Didn’t hear you.” 

“Kaaaacchan…..that’s not fair….”  An annoyed growl ended his protest quickly to which Izuku only puffed his cheeks for a moment in defiance. “Fine. I’m stupid okay. I shouldn’t have left on my own.” 

A quick swipe of Katsuki’s arm was followed by the sound of the younger crushing to the ground.  “Owww.” Izuku groaned. “Kacchan that hurt.” 

“Cry about it, at least you’re not dead. Now let’s go back to camp before your idiots come looking for you and we end up losing everyone.” 

How to Avoid Conflict with Pirates

Context: We are a group of fae knights, sworn to the eternal flame. With our knighthood comes armor that had several magic properties including a short distance communication spell. One of the NPCs in our party started developing some really strong nature powers in near god-like scale. Using his newfound abilities, our party created a living boat made of trees to continue our trek. We bound some wind and water elementals to make our journey faster.

GM: As you go along, some of the tree start turning into fruit bearing trees- mostly peaches- and some nut trees. A few days of uneventful journey passes when you finally see a another ship in the distance. The crew you hired identify it as a pirate ship.

Artificer Shapeshifter: “I want to turn into a seagull and go over there to spy on them.”

Pixie fighter: “I’m going with!”

Elven Ranger (also the unit captain): I’m staying on our boat. Like a normal person.

GM: Alright. You get over there and they are busy arguing. Some of them want to board your vessel. They really want that fruit. Most of them think you are a cursed moving island and want nothing to do with you. The Captain is one of the people that want to board.

Fighter: “Can we like… Carve a fruit into a skull and throw it at the captain?”

Artificer: “Oooh, that gives me an idea.”

Ranger (over the com spell) “What are you two planning?”

Artificter: “I’m sorry kssst we must be getting out of range kssssttt you’re breaking up.“ 

Ranger(ooc): Oh god.

Artificer: Anyways, I’m going to use a shaping spell on the pit of a peach into a skull and then teleport it into the pirate captains hand.

Fighter: "Yeeeeessssssss.”

GM: Oh. My. God. So the captain looks really confused and slowing draws a knife and cuts into the peach. One of the ther pirates says “You gonna share that, Captain?” He looks down at it in horror and says “You can HAVE it." 

Fighter: "We should go back to our boat now.”

Artificer: “Yup.”

GM: As you head back to your ship, you notice the pirate ship taking off very, very fast. There are patrols over in that direction and they do not care. They want to get away as fast as possible, even if it means getting caught.

Ranger: When they get back I look at them and say “What. Did. You. Two. Do?”

Fighter: “This is what happens when we don’t have our elven handler.”

Artificer: “To be fair, we were unsupervised." 

GM: Later that day, you see the naval patrolling vessels. They circle you a couple times, trying to figure out what you even are before pulling up next to your ship and demanding your papers in a very confused tone. The captain you hired shows the papers, acting like this is all normal. They go through all the official stuff needed. The naval officer then says "One last question: are you haunted? We caught some… errm… mercantile vessel without papers- alright, I’m mincing words, they were pirates- and they said they saw a haunted floating forest?”

#the cursed child#write more bibliomom#write about draco spatting ‘potter’ when he spots harry at Albus’ and Scorpius’ wedding reception#lmao#they see each other several times a year#and draco always greets him with that#and harry always hisses 'malfoy’ back#al and scorpius roll their eyes#they know they just do it for the vine

@plumadesatada well, you kinda asked for it and this is where my head went. maybe I’ll make it a series of drabbles :p

(Apologies for the lack of cut, I’m on mobile but I can add one in later)

The platform seems unusually busy this year, and for a moment Harry wonders if it’s just his imagination but he knows it’s not. He’s had the conversation with Hermione in her office about the sudden increase in the magic population in the UK. It’s taken almost twenty years, but the birth rate has finally gone up and they’re starting to recover from the death tolls of the Wizarding Wars.

These are the children born in the aftermath. 

The realization is making him weirdly emotional. But maybe that’s just seeing Lily with her own owl on her arm, her luggage being pushed by an obliging Teddy Lupin who despite being graduated for the last three years, showed up to see her off.

It’s likely a mixture of things. He’s about to turn to his two boys and ask them if they’ve got everything (for the millionth time because inevitably something has been forgotten—there’s always something forgotten) when Albus pushes past him with a happy whoop, wheeling his cart recklessly through the crowd. It takes him a moment to realize what has caught his attention, when he spies the blond hair and feels some of his nostalgia curdle. 

Malfoy’s face—caught off guard in an indulgent smile—also stiffens, the two fathers drawn together as their sons reunite animatedly. It’s only been three weeks since Scorpius had joined them for the Quiditch match up in Brighton, but you’d think it had been an eternity from the way Albus practically flings himself bodily at the taller boy.

Potter,” the other man spits, seemingly unable to say his name any other way.

“Malfoy.” Harry acknowledges him shortly. 

Somewhere behind him, James makes the wise decision to follow after his sister than hang around listening to his father and his oldest rival spit civilities at each other like hissing tomcats.

“Busy this year.” Malfoy comments, grey eyed gaze darting to his son when Scorpius laughs loudly at something Albus has said.

“Seems so.” Harry agrees, forced to smile hurriedly as someone recognizes him, squeezes his arm and says a hurried thank you before rushing on with their offspring towards the train.

“Still Mister Famous then.” Malfoy notes, thin smile ticking up a notch. “I do wonder people don’t have better things to talk about.”

Still infamous then, is on the tip of his tongue when he notes the wide berth people are giving the Malfoys, but he clamps down on the impulse. Scorpius might hear him, and from what Albus has told him the boy gets enough bullying from his peers without hearing it from his elders. And he promised himself long ago he’d never be That adult.

“Yea well,” Harry replies, flashing him a grin that borders of friendly but not quite. “We can’t all be married to the new Chief Sports Editor of the Prophet.”

Malfoy snorts at that, eyebrow raising as he gives Harry what he’s almost sure is an amused look. “Too true.”

“Ugh,” Albus says from somewhere near Harry’s shoulder, “Come on, they’ll be at this all day, lets get some sweets for the train.”

“You’ve already got sweets for the train.” Scorpius replies, but following after Albus anyway, dark and fair heads bobbing together as they move around each other, like planets orbiting one another, bound by an invisible force. 

“He’s getting tall.” Malfoy says, also watching the boys go and idly catching his son’s abandoned luggage cart with his foot, reminding Harry to do the same, managing to stop the listing cart before it rolls away.

“So is Scorpius.”

“Do you think we were that tall at their age?”

“I think others probably thought so.”

“Hm.” It’s a polite, almost congenial sound which Harry takes as his opening.

“I hear congratulations are in order.”

Malfoy turns to face him again, pale eyes wary but curious. “Oh?”

“I hear Astoria is expecting again.”

“Ah, yes.” Malfoy smiles, and this time there is no malice, no pretense at haughty collectedness. It reaches all the way to his eyes with a pure kind of joy, and for a moment Harry can see Scorpius’ face so clearly it hurts him to think of the kind of childhood either of them could have had were it not for the circumstances of their birth. “Yes. March of next year, we think.”

“Congratulations. I hope she’s doing well.”

Malfoy inclines his head again, his joy tempering into something gentler at the real implied meaning. “Yes,” he agrees. “Things are much better this time.”

There’s a crash by the convection stand, and without even turning Harry knows it’s something he’s going to have to pay for.

“Kids, eh?” he says, feeling sheepish at the look of paternal horror dawning on Malfoy’s face as he peers over Harry’s shoulder.

“Boys, here now.” Malfoy says, calling them like they’re well trained hounds as he pushes past Harry towards the stand. “I’m so sorry, do allow me to make amends.”

“Oh, no!” Harry rounds quickly, “My fault…probably…allow me.”

“Absolutely not, Potter, I wont hear of it.”

“Oh yes you bloody will.”

Covered in foaming pumpkin juice and sparkling tongue dancers, Scorpius and Albus share a look. 

“Do you think they’ll always be like this?” Albus asks, taking an experimental lick of his sticky hand, the juice and dancers apparently melding to make some sort of growing taffy. It’s surprisingly good. He should tell uncle Ron and George about it for the shop.

“Probably.” Scorpius replies, attempting in vain to scrape himself clean.

“Where on earth is oh.” Albus smiles sheepishly up at his mother as she comes to a halt in front of them. She glances between the boys, and then to her bickering husband who is all but manhandling Scorpius’ father out of the way. “Merlin’s Beard. Right, you two.

“Is she talking to us or them?”

“Them,” Albus says with certainty. He knows when his mother is directing that tone at him. “Definitely them.”

170504 Kyoong Party - 1
  • Baekhyun: I will keep bringing you happiness. Thank you.
  • Fans: I love you
  • Baekhyun: You love me? Tell me that again.
  • Fans: I love you.
  • Baekhyun: Me too.
Why Are You In My Bed?

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: Just a short drabble about Bucky having too much Asgardian Booze and the morning after.

WC: 1657

“Y/N! Heeeeeyyyyy! Where are youuuuu?”

She rolled her eyes as the slurred shouting and clunky footsteps grew closer.

“I’m in my room, Buck.” she shouted back

She peered her head from behind the bathroom door to find a very drunk Bucky Barnes standing in her bedroom.

“Always a fun time when Thor shows up…” she mumbled under her breath

“Heyyy why’d you leave the party early?” he slurred

The Avengers Tower was a gleaming beacon in the center of New York City and the home of many famous and lavish Tony Stark hosted parties. Tonight was a real banger. Y/N didn’t think Oscar parties had ever seen more celebrities and she was pretty sure the guy who hit on her at the bar was a Congressman.

“I was tired Bucky. Besides, you know parties aren’t really my thing.”

She left the party just as it was in full swing, choosing to ride the elevator to the floor that held her room instead of spending more of her evening with strangers. She was grateful to swap the heels and dress for sweatpants and the cocktails for a cup of tea.

“But you told me last week that if I filed the mission report, you’d save a dance for me at the party and youuuu forgot.”

She let out a sigh.

“Shit Bucky, I’m sorry.”

“Well just dance with me now.” he replied, reaching his arms out and making a grabby motion

“Give me five minutes to finish getting ready for bed.” she said

“Fine.” he pouted

She slipped back into the bathroom and hastily brushed her teeth. She sighed before exiting the bathroom again, mentally preparing herself to deal with a super soldier with too much Asgardian liquor in his system.

But Bucky was no longer standing in the middle of the room, waiting for an awkward dance between two friends who held more than a few feelings for each other. He was sprawled out, face down in her bed.

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Thirty-Three

Summary: Jared finds out about your quickfire answers at your panel, leading to an uncomfortable discussion
Words: 3.4k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Jeff, Sam, Dallas (OC)
Warnings: mild angst
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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No one remembers how it starts, but by the end of patrol, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin are standing on a rooftop arguing about who’s the better liar.

They all maintain that they’re the best out of the four of them, but since no one’s willing to give ground, it escalates.

Of course it escalates.

When they get home and out of comms, they decide that the only way to settle this is to have a competition to see who can come up with and sell the biggest lie. 

The rules are simple: 

  • You can’t sabotage anyone else’s attempts in any way
    • Jason and Damian argued vehemently against this, but Tim and Dick said the point was to win fair and square
    • Ignoring the fact that this is a competition to prove who’s the better liar
  • It can be a lie of any caliber or category - you just have to sell it

So… basically, there’s only one rule.

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anonymous asked:

If you could make a list of modern day au! jobs for Bull that didn't play into the big guy = blue collar stereotype, what jobs would they be?

if i could make a list of some jobs he might have (by no means all) it would take his canonical skills and interests into account, and look something like this:

languages: translator– government, medical, ancient texts/poetry. professor of Qunlat in a school/university setting. advisor for historical accuracy on movie sets.

dragons (definitely a skill): preservation expert/zookeeper. educational ambassador (goes to classrooms and teaches kids about animals). trainer/breeder. 

childcare (this is a headcanon, i know): early developmental care (infants). special education (specialized education for kids with learning disabilities/nd kids and specialized education for kids who work way ahead of their grade). homeroom/language arts teacher. social worker. guidance counselor.

miscellaneous skills: writer. architect. accountant. video game coder. lawyer. advice columnist. business owner. model. art historian. astronaut. professor. editor. food critic/food blogger. nurse. lepidopterist. librarian. personal assistant/secretary. coach for competitive chess players. costume designer. travel writer. environmental scientist. therapist. detective/fbi profiler. actor. spy.

Here, take this simple doodle. The CV versions of them have been on my mind quite a fair bit lately. Also, tried something a lil more stylised. Have a good day folks. :)


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand'rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow'st.    
        So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,    
        So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

William Shakespeare, Sonnet XVIII.