i was at school and i screamed

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I went to high school online and we had to do state tests at an actual physical school that we were assigned to. In my junior year I was in Florida and I had to take Florida freshman state tests, which were algebra 1 and almost completely foreign to me by that point, because the system wouldn’t accept my records from the Colorado state tests for some f*cked up reason (even the exam proctors at the school were baffled). There were like six students there with me, one of whom was a thirteen year old girl with an ankle monitor who kept loudly announcing how boring it was being at home all day every day with no internet and how the judge was a c**t. By the time the test started I was seconds from screaming at her that is was her own damn fault and to stop being such a whiny bitch.

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@ the people complaining about the title being "useless lesbian" stories ... I assume you've never seen the meme and that's just a travesty.

it’s a stormy night in 2008. tumblr user tiffany makes a fateful post that will change history, writing about her experiences at catholic school as a lesbian. a girl falls over. her skirt flies up. tiffany is frozen in place, mystified by the exposed panties of the girl bent over in front of her. they have little strawberries on them. her friend screams, “TIFFANY YOU USELESS LESBIAN” and slams her on the ground. 2 down, one to go. a tear falls down my cheek as I read this ask, wondering what an ignorant, blissful world I could’ve lived in had I only been given a chance. but no, my fate, like the fate of many others, has been sealed. 

So when I was in middle school my friend “dated” this boy in my math class and I went over to her house and told her that that boy scared me and didn’t seem quite right. She broke up with him and he charged into math class SCREAMING at me (he was saying “it’s your fault” or something. He had his finger in my face and two guys who sat near me got up but stayed at their desks. When he reached for my shirt, the other guys pushed him away and into the hall.

So fast forward to high school.

I’m on my way to French and I see that guy (we’re seniors) and his gf (she’s like a sophomore and he was a year older than most seniors so like…gross) outside between buildings and as I was closing the door of the hall I was going to, I saw him snatch her binder and her follow.
So class is almost over and we get the announcement that we’re on lockdown. I pretended I had to pee so I could look out the window of the door leading outside. Cops. Everywhere.

Apparently she tried to get her binder back and he beat the SHIT out of her, sending her to the hospital. and he either left campus or was hiding on campus. So we missed our next class and then I guess they found him because we got dismissed on time but yeah it was wild.

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I'm lowkey screaming because I have to pack for college (I move in early tomorrow morning whoops) but I keep remembering more things I have to pack and I'm running out of suitcases. Pls help.

GOD PACKINGS STRESSFUL that’s why i stayed home for school kids. don’t gotta move SHIT

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I took Introduction to Accounting two years ago during high school! It really isn't that bad of a class if you're good with remembering vocab. The math is really simple: adding and subtracting and occasionally some percentages. I'm starting college in 3 days, so we're kind of on the same boat. -Spinning-Ninjas

Oh, well that’s good to hear… That’s the one I was most worried about cause I’m not sure what it’s like. Anyways, thanks! Good luck to you! also ajshsdkjhsdf hi I love your art *runs away screaming*

so i sent in the radio request for nct x beats and like ?? they sent the email that’s like give us your number and they might call you but i have a school thing— and i’m also ugly— and i’m also unlucky— and did i mention ugly—

  • Me: *finds a song I've never herd and enjoys it*
  • Brain: hey you know what you should do?
  • Brain: listen to it over and over until you can't stand it
  • Me:
  • Me: okay
teen wolf most iconic moments through the years

teen wolf ends soon and I decided to gather most remembered moments so here they are:

  • scott’s first big concern was finding his inhaler
  • void!stiles the most iconic villain of them all tbh
  • scott giving allison the pen
  • allison stealing condom from kate
  • first line on the show was “stiles what the hell are you doing?!” and honestly i still can relate
  • lydia martin and her famous “someone tried to strangle me and i survived, i don’t need to hide that” quote
  • lydia martin in general
  • derek hale and his constant : / mood
  • “deer”
  • scott’s unsername AND password was allison
  • when XXL condom fell from stiles’ pocket and danny was like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • scott turning from beta to the true alpha like wow what a glow up
  • derek never winning a fight
  • “my mom does all the grocery shopping”
  • when scott “found out” about stiles killing donovan and they recreated Gotta Go My Own Way song
  • “i fell in a hole”
  • “don’t be such a sour wolf”
  •  scott mccall is a hot girl
  • “have you beEN TIME TRAVELING???”
  • the lighting in season 3, R.I.P. you are missed
  • 10 year old plan that actually worked holy shit
  • mieczysław
  • scott always being switzerland while his friends arguing
  • isaac wearing a scarf while there’s 65 degrees out
  • allison moving to france after 3b ha ha :     )
  • the jeep being part of the pack
  • timeline?? what timeline??? what year is it anyway???
  • “you held your breath”
  • boyd’s last excuse to skip school was explosive diarrhea and then he died :(
  • the fidget spinner tattoo you know what i’m talking about
  • coach bobby finstock
  • malia’s character development
  • when they got trapped in a school for a night… i c o n i c
  • lacrosse scenes
  • scott being like “????????” most of the time
  • stiles + vending machines
  • matt and jackson basically being ash and pikachu cosplay
  • erica walking into a cafeteria
  • lydia’s banshee scream
  • deaton being gretchen weiners of the show, “knows everybody’s business, he knows everything about everyone”
  • scott’s tattoo
  • did i mention motel california episode
  • derek’s backstory :’(
  • “intense”
  • stiles’s bat
  • when derek gave m&m’s to children on halloween but then he scared them because he’s derek
  • “be a vixen kira” “ok” *falls down the stairs*
  • melissa mccall being mom of the year
  • scott mccall also being mom of the year
  • “dude it’s beacon hills”
  • every episode
  • every season
  • the whole show

feel free to add more

School/University Shooter Voices
School/University Shooter Voices

Audio recordings of various school or university shooters. Note: Elliot Rodger isn’t necessarily a school/university shooter, as his attack was only on the campus, and three of his victims were stabbed to death, not shot.  Still fits into the theme, in my opinion.

In chronological order: Kip Kinkel (1998) - Dylan Klebold (†1999) - Eric Harris (†1999) - Seung-hui Cho (†2007) - Pekka-Eric Auvinen (†2007) - TJ Lane (2012) - Adam Lanza (†2012) - Elliot Rodger (†2014) - Dylann Roof (2015)


“And if you maybe-sorta-kinda like me back then maybe we could sort of go on a date-ish?”


I was busy working on a school project all weekend and I had no time to draw–but now I am in class so I did this really quick, sorry for my absence!!

Even when he’s outside of his “body” Lance can still sense what goes on outside his cube, and Keith knows this too so he takes every opportunity to embarrass him lol

Wedding Sabotage au Feat. Laurent and Nik teaming up

This is an outline of like????,,, one scene and yep lemme kno if u actaully would want this bc lmaoo……*wears sunglasses to hide the tears*

  • Auguste and Damen grew up together as friends and had brought the families together after a long time of low-key petty rivalry. Laurent grew up with Damen but was much younger than both Damen and Auguste. Damen had all the qualities of a hero from his books (that and he was *que 11 year old blushing smaurent* “super pretty”). Well this crush never went away, to Laurent’s dismay, because he knew Damen would always see him as a little kid.
  • Laurent was 19, turning 20, and finally going to try and tell Damen his feelings. To which gets stopped dead in his tracks when he comes home and Damen is there, sweetly tipsy with a beautiful blonde on his arm.
  • Laurent is very bitter, and after two years he is, how do you say, extremely bitter.
  • Laurent is at the engagement party for Damen and Jokaste.
  • He is standing next to Auguste, in a circle of party goers who are all celebrating and congratulating Damen
  • Laurent is in a particularly foul mood
  • Nikandros who is also in this small circle of “assholes” (as he would put it) he is also a very bitter best friend
  • Anyways Damen leaves to go find Jokaste (she walked away to talk to other guests or something) and he kisses Laurent on the cheek before leaving and drags Auguste with him
  • Laurent’s mood worsens,,,, he gotta fight w someone and Nik is the closest victim
  • Ahh Nik and Laurent what a relationship they have had

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When bae texts you and you just stand there smiling at the notification