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Name: Kishi

Nickname(s): Kishi, Kish, sushi, sashimi, joke lang yung huling dalawa lol

Gender: F

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5’4”

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.. pero I still have to officially check sa Pottermore 😅

Favorite Animal: PANDA

Average hours of sleep: 5 if I’m lucky, 6 if my brain decides to shut up, 7 if I don’t have morning classes/church, 8 if nangangarap lolz

Current time: 11:49

Dog or Cat person: dog person… cats will be the death of me (I’m allergic haha)

Blankets you sleep with: 2 comforters! Can’t be just one. I get cold easily…. lalo na lumalamig na yung panahon, kelangan ko ng yayakap na comforter. 🙃

Dream Trip: just to eventually go back home in the Philippines is enough for me

When I made my blog: this blog is fairly new compared to my old one, I’m guessing around May 2016

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Reason for my url: in love with this band, and they’re also one of the reasons i keep coming back to OPM

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From a comrade who was at Charlottesville:

Took me a couple days but it’s time.
To anyone who watched Cville from a far, I want to remind you of something.
What that coward did plowing into a crowd of people from the safety of his car and then retreating to safety was not only an act of cowardice but an act of desperation. With 95% of news reports focusing on the attack, there has been very little coverage of how the rest of the day went for the Nazis, so consider this a PSA.

Make no mistake, Charlottesville was an unconditional defeat for the Nazis and the Fash. The day started out with hundreds of Nazis occupying Emancipation Park fully outfitted in makeshift riot gear and surrounded by a contingent of right wing militia in full battle rattle. It ended with 700+ antifascist protestors marching on the final 70 Nazis that were stupid enough to not leave the city. Antifascist demonstrators, outnumbered close to 4 to 1, literally fought an uphill battle through a single choke point against an army of assholes with shields, clubs, and a seemingly endless supply of OC spray with little more than our fists and our flags. The Nazis said they were going to hold Emancipation park and we choked them with their words. Within an hour, the park belonged to Charlottesville again, and the Fash were on the run in all directions. On multiple occasions I saw groups of maybe 5 or 6 protestors chasing off groups of Nazis five to eight times their size.

Festivities began at probably around 930 or 10 and by 1130, the entirety of downtown Cville belonged to Charlottesville, thanks to all of the various groups and individuals that came out to defend it. Once victory in the park was assured and the Nazis completed their general retreat, packed into their church vans and got the fuck out of dodge, all of the Cville defenders regrouped, rehydrated, and answered a call to defend a small group of protestors from approximately 70 Fash that were harassing them. We stepped off by the hundreds and marched with impunity through downtown with cheering from the sidewalks and the cars. About a block away from where the attack occurred, the bloc with which I was a part of converged with another contingent of antifascist protestors, bringing our total number to AT LEAST 700 (I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it were closer to 1,000).

That’s when the Nazis pulled out their Trump card to try to win the day. This cowardly piece of shit who’s name doesn’t even deserve being written couldn’t cope with the fact that his little group of friends had fucking lost. They came out expecting Berkeley 2 and left in bandages and shame. When the left suffers a defeat, we sit with it, accept it, and learn from it, but these assholes can’t accept that their shitty ‘master race’ is one of utter inferiority and resort to attacking innocent people from the safety of 4,000 pounds of metal.

And even in such a moment of horror, we came out on top. Faced with a situation that none of us expected, street medics and medically trained protestors responded in seconds by the dozens. The following hours long minutes were filled with the greatest acts of compassion for comrades that I have ever witnessed. Medics stayed cool, calm, and collected while providing life saving interventions and preparing accurate and complete patient assessments. By the time EMS arrived, early interventions were mostly complete, and prepared assessments were given allowing triage to be completed accurately but with haste, so that EMS could immediately begin evacing and transporting patients to higher care. It’s a devastating shame that our comrade and fellow worker Heather Heyer had to give the ultimate sacrifice for a cause in which they believed, but I have no doubt that if it weren’t for the actions of the first responders, there would have been several others that would suffer the same fate.

So with that, I would like to conclude this poorly thought out piece of writing with this: Consider the victims of Saturday’s attack. They weren’t a small isolated group of protestors, nor were they in the middle or rear ranks of the bloc marching to the final showdown of the day. They were in the very front. Our comrades were going to be the first to tell the final Nazis that their bullshit isn’t going to stand; not in Cville, not on the East Coast, not in America, and not on the entire fucking planet. Every single one of them is a hero of the highest degree, and don’t fucking forget that. From here on out, we each need to strive to be where they were, to be the tip of the spear against the rise of fascism in this country. So next time you here of a gathering of fascists, be it five or five-hundred, show up. Show up for yourself, show up for all victims of fascism past, present, and future, and show up for Heather Heyer and all our comrades at the front who risked life and limb for our cause and the greater good.

Prior to Saturday, prominent neonazi Richard Spencer said that Charlottesville was going to be a turning point; that “people are going to speak in terms of 'before Charlottesville’ and 'after Charlottesville’”. Let’s show him exactly what that means.

BTW: a group of crows is called a Black Floc

Staff Sergeant James Barnes displays a classic “thousand yard stare” in this famous photograph taken in the hours after the assault on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.

Excerpt from “June 7, 1944″ of The Night War:

All of us alive Steve shot in the thigh but OK somehow thank fucking Christ we are in a church with about 45 other guys the whole place quiet as Borough Park on a Friday night just guys breathing except I think in our heads it is still loud. All any of us can possibly be hearing are the guns the 88s the way sand is under your boots when it’s red through ears ringing men screaming the buzzsaws hitting the sand like each bullet’s a lightning strike and the sand sprays up like when a guy gets hit in an artery.

Read it on AO3

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Are you Mormon? No shade or anything, just straight curiosity. You're family is always growing and Mormon is kinda the unofficial state religion....?

(( OOC: I’m not. I used to be, but I left the religion about 6 years ago. I no longer practice any form of organized religion, and lucky for me my family all kind of left at the same time, so it was a pretty smooth transition. 

My mom and I were really the only two that were “strong in the faith” though, so it wasn’t a big surprise when everyone was like “Hell yeah, finally!” ;) )) 

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headcanons for my boy poptarts???


headcannons for chris because I love him and I need more of him. 

yooo plz post poptarts hcs 

Some Chris ones would be great!


  • First of this boy is h e l l a short a whole head and a bit shorter than James probably around 5′5″ so needs help reaching things because everyone else puts things on the highest sheLF WHY
  • He needs glasses but just for reading or when it gets too late and his eyes hurt 
  • (James says he looks adorable in them but he thinks he looks dorky) 
  • DYED HIS HAIR PINK WHEN THEY GOT BACK TO THE STATES AND NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE! It’s quite a light shade of pink so with his thick fluffy hair it makes it look like candy-floss! 
  • He’s not really an animal person, but he as a really soft spot for ducklings he’s always going to the local pond to throw some old bread to them
  • Rambles when he’s nervous until words are just tumbling over each other and he struggles to breath
  • Has small freckly hands that have tanned a bit in Uganda bit are still pretty pale 
  • Attempted to learn piano when he was younger but his hands were too small and he struggled to reach the notes but he can play a mean Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Believes in ghosts 
  • Has a smile that can light up the room; it seems to glow through his face and can instantly lift your mood it’s like the sun
  • If he’s not wearing his Mormon uniform he’s wearing one of James’ baseball tees under some denim overall shorts with various pins on them 
  • These pins include: a poptart Connor got him for his birthday, a heart with the pansexual flag he bought online, a plain light green one with a smiley face from a cereal box and one that says “Don’t you forget about me.” 
  • Did I mention his favourite film is The Breakfast Club? He LOVES it. He makes a pilgrimage to watch it every couple months and cries
  • Oh and he’s pan as well because he figures that he likes people more than any physical or mental attribute - so if you’re nice and like poptarts, he’s down
  • Always has a couple of bracelets on even though he knows they’re not allowed as part of the uniform he just tucks them under his sleeve. He’s got a bracelet that was his sister’s, a friendship band from Connor and piece of string that James found and plaited to then give to him
  • He likes to paint his nails sometimes, either yellow or light blue, but he’s not patient enough so they get smudged a lot 
  • People always ask him what his ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAVOURITE poptart flavour is, he always replies strawberry because a) it’s classic so no-one questions it and b) it’s a good one to have if he can’t decide if he wants a specific one, but honestly his favourite changes all the time (atm it’s red velvet)
  • After Kevin he swears the most, just little slip-ups like the occasional ‘shit’ when he messes something up, but one Elder Davis scared him so much he screamed ‘FUCK ME IN THE ASS SATAN’ and no one could breathe for 10 minutes after it was too funny
  • He’s the clumsiest person in the world, he’ll trip over his own feet so everyone (especially James) has a habit of hovering next him to catch him whenever he’s around
  • He’s a giddy dancer because he loves old music with a soft but melodic beat that he can wiggle his hips and jump around too (his favourites are September by Earth Wind and Fire, and Twist and Shout by The Beatles) 
  • He dated a girl from the village for a couple of weeks called Jendyose who had a really pretty smile and poofy curls but they broke up after they both she realised she was in love with her best friend. They’re still both good friends and meet up to talk over tea every Wednesday

*dabs while crying*:

  • Remember when I said he believes in ghosts? Yeah, there’s a reason for that. He just likes to think that the shadow he sees out the corner of his eyes, the howling he hears outside his window, the things that topple on the floor without explanation are all signs that his sister is there and watching over him
  • His hell dreams aren’t as bad as when they first began, now they’re just snippets of horrible faces and guilt-inducing statements that don’t make him wake up screaming anymore, just lay still, trembling and crying softly 
  • In those moments, James seems to always subconsciously know as he sleeps, probably from the small sounds and movements that wake him up slightly and rolls over to fling his arm over his waist and nuzzle into his shoulder, which makes Chris feel a lot more grounded and warm 
  • Even though his dreams aren’t too much of problem, he still has lingering insomnia that he’s ashamed of since he knows he should be going to bed at 10 and waking up at 6:30. When the rules lax he’s usually found sat in the kitchen, nibbling on a poptart as he stares out the window 
  • When his sister first died he battled with alcoholism and joined the Mormon Church when a few talked to him about overcoming sinful addictions and he realised that he even if he didn’t believe in God too much maybe they could help him stop 
  • When Jendyose broke up with him he cried for a couple hours because he really liked her even if he completely understood why she did it

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hiya!! I just found your blog and im in love with it!! i was hoping you could maybe do an HC with the RFA about them going on a road trip with MC??? if it's not too much trouble 💕

(a/n i was fiddling with my theme all evening so so rry for the late update i apolOGISE but thank you for your really cute message!!!)


  • omg this child
  • the road trip would be like hours away because he wanted to go to this gaming convention so you agreed to drive him
  • a giddy giddy child
  • THAT person to constantly ask if you’re there yet
  • “are we there yet?!”
  • “if u turn ur head yoosung you can see our front door”
  • “thats very true”
  • brings his ds or something portable
  • starts snacking on his food a minute into the journey because he needs energy apparently
  • he doesn’t sleep for a second i mean is sleep even a thing?
  • he’s the gamer who wants to play I-Spy and would you rather throughout the WHOLE journey so you literally have to ask him if he wants to play ‘who can stay quiet for the longest’ to get him to be quiet for a while
  • he doesn’t get it at first but when he messages the RFA members they tell him that it was a ploy to get him to shut up
  • his face falls and omg the guilt
  • you quickly bring up a new topic to talk about and he forgets about what happened instantly
  • “are we there yet?”
  • sings along quietly to songs bobbing his head up and down or screaming along to lyrics head banging theres no in between
  • feeds you during the journey because you know rfa members and food
  • all of a sudden he’s quiet and you’re worried omg yoosung are you sick??
  • he just needs to pee
  • offers to drive but he? cant? drive? where are you going with this yoosung 
  • when you drive past a theme park you both end up going there first because who can pass that up
  • plus you get to see screaming happy yoosung
  • plays his game for most of the ride after though and after the 595th time of asking if he’s there yet he arrives and just speeds out the car
  • thanks 4 waiting 4 me!!!


  • you’re both going to a business conference and his driver is off sick and he sure as hell aint getting the train
  • offers to drive jaehee fears for your l i f e
  • constant reassurance that he can drive but whenever you take off your seatbelt he flips out and makes you wear it even when you’re sleeping
  • drives super slow at first omg wtf jumin we’ll be late
  • doesn’t know what a snack is so every time you both get hungry you stop at a restaurant to eat
  • you bet your ass he’d have your hand on your thigh like the whole time shit daddy jumin
  • makes you sleep for most of the ride because he wants you to be well rested
  • plays soft music throughout the whole ride and its just a really relaxing journey i mean???
  • he stares at you quite a bit when you’re sleeping
  • holy shit was she always that cute??
  • he definitely has a map, his phone and about 4 navigators so he doesn’t get lost
  • isn’t that a little bit excessive? but ur too scared to ask
  • you see him fidgeting in his suit and you suggest he should wear casual clothes - usually he would refuse but he was just about to d i e  in the suit
  • so after making making yet another stop you buy him so casual clothes and guess what for the first time you see jumin in a sweater and joggers with messy hair
  • he also takes out his contacts because he’s super sleepy so out come out the specs
  • he listens to you ramble about life and guess what
  • and HE ALSO just rambles about random topics - yes jumin han is rambling
  • you’ve never seen him be so open and just talk about anything like this before?
  • he’s just openly talking about anything and everything while he’s laughing and chatting with you i guess commoner clothes make him open up???
  • is it possible to fall in love with him even more
  • you make a mental note to take jumin on more roadtrips because cute chatty jumin comes out 
  • his hand is still on your thigh just take me right here right now


  • you want to treat the overworked baby to a holiday so you decide to go on a roadtrip to an undecided location
  • you’re just going to drive
  • she’s excited that she’s having a break but she’s worried about not having a set location but you tell her she needs to let go and loosen up a bit i mean whats the worst that could happen??/
  • but she comes up with a list and you have to shut her up by kissing her
  • panics and packs everything
  • jaehee, why are you packing a toaster it’s a 6 hour car journey we aren’t moving house
  • still packs toaster
  • to get her to calm down you end up choosing a location to go to and she does tonnes of research so when you’re driving she informs you of everything and she gets super excited when passing things she recognises 
  • “.. and- and that church is 300 years old and the farm over there is a corn field!”
  • she realises she’s blabbering too much and composes herself before smacking herself mentally and going quiet again omg baby
  • she tries to take out her laptop to do work and you almost drive off the road trying to slap it out her hands
  • when jumin calls her you just hang up on him and you swear you can see her smirk
  • snacks on healthy things like almond seeds and reads for a while 
  • takes a few naps from time to time while staring out the window
  • you’ve prepared a playlist of her favourite songs (mainly zen’s) and her eyes light up and she starts humming along
  • as she starts to get more into it at a red light you record her and when she finds out she literally lets out the cutest squeal
  • like jumin she’s wearing her work clothes but shortly changes into your leggings and a oversized hoodie not to mention her hair is down (tf i’m dead bye)
  • she also relaxes a bit and you guys end up chatting about 27 different random things
  • falls asleep with the cutest grin on her face because this is her first roadtrip and wouldn’t change a single thing about it


  • you can’t come to his show because its so far away so he comes collects you a few days before nd it becomes a looong roadtrip
  • he’s forced to borrows one of jumins cars because luciel doesn’t trust anyone with his babies
  • totally unprepared so you have to make a thousand stops to buy food n drinks
  • at every stop light he’s taking a selfie of himself or taking pictures of the scenery
  • “MOVE”
  • sulks when he can’t take a picture of that really cute sunrise so once again you have another break and stop
  • he’s also taking lots of pictures of you though
  • he has one of you drooling in your sleep and oh thats his new lockscreen!!!
  • has a playlist (made by jaehee) of all the songs he’s sung in his musicals and he dramatically renacts them
  • when you sing along knowing the words he lights up and is super proud so he stares at you blushing and grinning really big
  • jaehee also slips in a few famous ballads into the cd
  • near.. far.. wherE EVER YOU” - *voice crack*
  • he gets super embarrassed but you’re literally snorting with laughter
  • feeling nosy you start searching trust fund kid’s car because what if you both find a diamond or some shit
  • you open the glove compartment in the car and theres nothing there but then
  • acHOO
  • elizabeth 3rd’s hair managed to make it to the trip
  • constant sneezing and wiping his nose for him
  • it gets so bad that you end up going to a motel for the night while the car gets thoroughly cleaned 
  • you guys continue the next day 


  • plans to take you to the seaside
  • okay fun!!!
  • takes him a few hours to choose which baby he’s taking
  • saeyoung i swear to god if you don’t pick a car in 10 seconds i’ll egg them all
  • screams shotgun even though you’re the only two going on the trip 
  • ….and he’s the only one who can drive
  • alright then
  • ends up prepared with everything?? like you didn’t see him pack but he has the world’s supplies in his boot
  • here’s a blanket in case you get cold and a hot water bottle oh and heres slippers for the journey and if u want toast its in the back
  • ?????
  • “hey mc what’s the best thing about road signs?”
  • “i d-”
  • “I think it’s the x-heights. They get me all x-heighted
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • lots of pitstops to buy souvenirs and take stupid polaroid pictures together
  • built his own navigation system and swears by it
  • but you’ve already gotten lost 5 times and you’re still in you’re own neighbourhood
  • just use the map damn it
  • hes the touch the playlist and ur dead guy
  • gets way too into songs fucking hand movements all literally jumping on the seat
  • like you join in with him  but he’s on another level
  • i can see him getting really into house/rap music
  • or he’s really into JLO
  • promises to focus
  • ..
  • has togo a little over the speed limit to prevent you from jumping out of the car
  • snacking on honey butter chips and dr pepper the whole way
  • by the end of your trip theres just potato chips and polaroid pictures everywhere
  • both of you end up ditching the seaside plan and end up just travelling around the country sleeping in car cuddled under lots of blankets
  • ( ゚ヮ゚)
When The Tide Turns (8/16)

Summary:  The plan was to go to England, finish the case and head back home in a matter of days. Of course, nothing in Emma’s life ever goes according to plan. Not only does she end up travelling across Europe, looking for a Liam Jones in order to finish her case, she ends up travelling with Liam’s brother - an annoyingly handsome Killian Jones. And she doesn’t trust him one bit.

Rating: T, for language and a bit of violence later on

Beta-reader: thank you Aina ( @forget-me-not-s )  for all your help - especially with these chapters in Barcelona!!

Artists: these artists are seriously such talentented and amazing people, and they deserve so much praise!!! @theblacksiren - check out her beautiful artwork for chapter 1 here and chapter 7 here! @optomisticgirl created the awesome banner - and @fairytalesandtimetravel has created a true masterpiece for a later chapter, and it honestly brings tears to my eyes, it’s so beautiful.

Word count: ~5646 (68k+ in total)

A/N: And it’s Friday again! I’m actually doing a bit of traveling of my own right now, visiting my sister in Scotland - and my other sister is actually in Barcelona right now with my mom, which I thought was quite the funny coincidence, huh? :) anyways, though my traveling means I can’t watch the new episode of ouat and all the glorious last captain swan moments, I’m still able to update this story, so yay! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 |


“I don’t think we can go there until five pm though,” Emma said, looking at her phone. “It’s closed for visitors from one until then, and it’s 12:15 right now.”

She scrolled further down the church’s website. Santa Maria del Mar was an old 14th century gothic church and they could reach it by foot in less than half an hour. But that would have to wait.

A foot or two to her left, Killian sat on the bed, leafing through Liam’s album once again. He looked up at her, a flirtatious look in his eyes. “What ever shall we do with all that time?”

Emma didn’t respond; her attention was drawn to the sketch Killian had turned to.

“Doesn’t that look like the church?” She jerked her phone towards Killian so he could compare the photographs of the church with Liam’s drawing. He leaned closer towards her to get a better look at her phone.

“Aye, there’s a certain similarity. That window isn’t quite the same though.”

Emma leaned closer as well to get a better look at the photo on her phone while comparing it with Liam’s drawing. Never mind that hers and Killian’s heads were nearly touching.

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Ridiculous, Reckless Grace.

My very first pastor, Pastor Paul, was a ridiculous person. What I mean is, he kept pouring out his life to other people without any kind of tactical advantage to himself, and he never asked for anything back. He took strangers to job interviews, frequented the local hospitals, sent handwritten letters to everyone in the church and across the street, volunteered for clean-up at the park, brought bottled water to the beach all the time, counseled every church member at any hour, and somehow managed a marriage while making it to 6:00 am prayer every morning and preaching three times per week. Try to picture Korean Jesus, and that’s him.

I started attending church a bit late in life, around college, and I was one of those punk kids that any pulpit-pounder should’ve written off. I showed up hung-over on Sundays and bleary-eyed from partying on Saturday nights. I talked loudly in the back-row during the sermon. Church was just an extension of socializing at the club, and I endured the service stuff because I liked the hanging-out stuff. But Pastor Paul was just one of those guys who really brought it in the pulpit, and more than that, he was the real deal outside of it. Some of his sermons started to creep into my brain, and when I met up with him, he never judged me and never flinched at how I lived. He just loved. And without really knowing it, I became drawn to that supernatural pulse that was beating in his veins. I wanted to be like him—and by extension, like Korean Jesus.

​I’ve thought about how my pastor’s job was often a thankless role with so much resistance against him, sometimes for no other reason than people just have their own thing going on. He took the hits and stayed around. He somehow served very personally without ever taking it personally. He was really for the other, never using ministry as a way to validate himself first, not as some kind of catharsis, but because he was invited into a story and a calling and a life that was meant to be given away. I loved that about him. I still do. He’s always looking for an angle or avenue to serve, even when he’s not wanted, not in an intrusive way, but to be available. I want to be about that, too.
— J.S.

things that have happened to me since ive started working in a retirement home:

1. I was called a sinner because I was winning at a board game

2. An old lady was wearing a pin of a pot leaf

3. Old ladies bring me flowers from their gardens daily 

4. One old lady even brought me carrots

5. I got my ass kicked in checkers by an old man and he brings it up every time he sees me  

6. One old lady stole another old ladies crackers

7. They all talk about how “retirement homes are where you go to die” like its a casual thing

8. One lady invited me into her room for half an hour so I could pet her cat

9. One time during the church service one man asked to pray for peanut nutter ice cream, because it was what he is most thankful for

10. The same man was disappointed because it was July and the snow hadn’t started yet

11. Speaking of church, like half the people fall asleep during it

12. One lady even fell asleep during exercise time

13. Ive also been told “im very nice with the internet”

Highest weight: 225
Starting weight:216
Current weight:192
Goal weight 145
Height - 5'3

Instagram - mariahqueene
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2 months ago I decided to make a few lifestyle changes and now I am beginning to reap the benefits of becoming healthy. I am the strongest I’ve ever been not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

Eat CLEAN - 6 out of 7 days a week.
I eat one cheat meal a week. Typically on Sundays after church! I had to learn to reward yourself for all of my hard work. One meal isn’t going to make you gain what you’ve lost back & this is a way to keep u from missing your favorite foods.

Drink your WATER babes - A gallon of water a day makes the pounds go away!!!

GYM flow - 30 minutes to an hour of cardio 4 to 5 times a week. Men, channel your inner gym rat. Women, channel your inner gym mouse, mice are cuter than rats!

If you are reading this, YOU CAN DO THIS! It’s never to late to take control of your life.
If you need any motivation, follow me on social media! We can do this together ❤️

Four Weddings and a Blizzard: Chapter 5

My Day 6 (and final, because it’s only an hour and 15 minutes before the premiere starts) entry in the Jonsa Season 7 Summer Challenge.  I chose the “Music” theme.  A huge THANK YOU to @jonsa-creatives for hosting this amazing event and giving me the incentive to complete another Jonsa fanfic!

Sansa Stark married Jon Snow nine months after Rickon’s wedding.  It was the first day of spring, but a fierce blizzard swept out of the north just as the ceremony began.  Snowflakes swirled around the stained-glass windows of the historic church and cast ethereal beams of light on the pews and white-carpeted aisle.  Sansa grinned as she took her last glance through the windows adorning the foyer where she and her father stood waiting for Arya, the maid of honor, to reach the altar.

The Sansa who had stared at the stained-glass windows during Robb’s wedding so long ago had dreamed of marrying in an art museum, or perhaps the St. Paul Cathedral, at the height of summer; and at the center of it all she had imagined herself in a bejeweled ball gown and surrounded by bridesmaids in identical yellow chiffon gowns carrying red roses.  But that Sansa had wanted a long engagement and a marriage to Joffrey Baratheon, and both ideas seemed equally ridiculous to her now.  In any case, the brief length of her engagement had sent Jon scrambling to his friend Sam Tarly, the church’s pastor, to snag it as their venue, and sent Sansa and her family scrambling to the Mall of America and the nearest Michaels to get cloth, candles, beads, and everything else the bride-to-be needed in order to craft her own wedding decorations.  There was no time to order custom-made dresses; so Sansa had told her bridesmaids to select the champagne-colored gowns of their choice and bought a sample gown for herself in the second bridal salon she had visited.  It was all very rushed; but Sansa had grinned madly the first time she saw the diverse assortment of bridesmaids’ dresses next to her own and thought she could never have imagined such a beautiful arrangement if she had planned it herself.  She had hummed every evening as she had assembled decorations out of the very non-uniform assortment of beads and ribbons she and her family had managed to snag at the store.  Her humming had turned to singing, and Jon had often crept up behind her to take her in his arms and hum along with her.  His voice was never quite on-key, but Sansa never cared, especially when he would slowly turn her body into his arms and begin kissing her, which made her knees buckle and her mind forget about everything but Jon’s strong arms and passionately tender kisses and and whispers of I love you, Sansa Stark.

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I’m heading out from a friend’s house in La Brea and start making my way to Silver Lake. I’m on Olympic and make a right onto Wilshire; I almost hit a transient wearing a ragged “God Hates Fags” shirt shambling like the lifeless bastard he is down the crosswalk. On Olympic I make my left onto Highland; an affluent couple in their 40s drags their excited-but-hungry looking Terrier with them down the sidewalk. Bowie speaks of Todd Browning, diamond dogs and mannequins on the car radio as I make my right onto Beverly; teenagers with eyeliner, Doc Martens and Fender Stratocasters wait for their bus to take them and their rock-n-roll dreams to someplace probably on Sunset - the Roxy, Viper Room or Whiskey-a-Go-Go, whatever, I don’t fucking know. The traffic begins to build as I pass Hancock Park and I make a quick left onto Rossmore; more pretty houses and picket fences, not a speck of grime or poverty to be found on this block of marble and prosperity. The derelicts return as I cross onto Melrose and zigzag onto Gower; Zevon chants of werewolves with Chinese menus in SoHo and London through my speakers as Paramount Studios passes by me on the right. Against better judgment I make my right onto Santa Monica; I can feel the resting souls in Hollywood Forever laughing hysterically at me as I turn onto the 2pm rush on the road. I cut off a trucker blasting Def Leppard as I make a left on Western; an Armenian woman pushes the shopping cart that her child rides inside of as they make their way home in the hot sun from the bodega. My luck changes unexpectedly as I turn onto Sunset; I zoom past McDonalds, Walgreens and this new Thai place as Womack croons of churches, brown leaves and L.A. dreams. At long last I have made my way to my destination, a cozy café of coffee and croissants, sounds of the Delfonics and Stevie Wonder echoing through the speakers as I sit down, and start to ponder of what to write now.
—  rush hour in Hollywood (6/1/17), thekaijusleeps

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Just looked up the distance from the town the church is in to London, and by bike (which though slower than a carriage but closer than using a car for distance), is about 6 hours or so. That doesn't seem to be too different for a distance by carriage, which would make sense for back then, yeah?

That sounds about right, I was guessing they had to live at least 5 hours away from London otherwise their town house would seem somewhat unnecessary. But if it takes them 6-8 hours to get there then they’d want someone to stay! It’s pretty cute that they live in the country-side, though we already knew that I hadn’t thought about it much :’D

Creepypasta #833:  I Was A Medic In A Medium-Sized City For 6 Years. These Are My Stories.

Length: Super long

I worked as a medic for 6 years in an metro area that consists of a grouping of small/medium sized cities. Our two largest cities are around 100k and 60k population, but the overall metro area is closer to 500k. There have been a number of excellent posts recently about the creepy things that occur in the woods and other isolated areas, but I’m here to tell you that the city isn’t any less creepy, and anyone who has worked emergency services in a metro area will tell you the same. 

I should mention that in EMS we have a tendency to be a bit crude and insensitive, not directly to patients or anything, but among ourselves, horribly non PC nicknames for patients and what not. I think it is more of a way with dealing with stress than anything else. For HIPAA reasons I’m going to change certain details and names but the rest is going to be my actual experiences.

The Devil You Don’t Know

I’ll preface this story by saying that I was raised Catholic but am not really a believer anymore, but this one made me think about going back to church. It was about 8 PM on an early fall day, the sun was just setting and the city was calming down from its normal 8-6 hustle. We worked 24 hour shifts at my company, but it wasn’t uncommon for workers to pick up extra shifts after their 24 (mainly special events like car races MMA fights, anything that needed an ambulance on scene). 

My partner and I were heading to the gas station to fuel up our squad after a long day at the local race track, I had been on duty for just under 36 hours at this point. My partners driving and I’m riding shot gun, trying to keep my eyes open, when we drive past an Impala stopped in the other lane the drivers head is down on the steering wheel and they don’t appear to be moving. I shot my partner a look, she just nodded her head flipped on the lights and circled back around the block to the Impala. 

I wish looking back on it that I had just called up the active squad and been done with it as we were technically out of service, but if it was a cardiac arrest every second matters. I hop out and approach the vehicle while my partner radios dispatch and grabs the jump bag (our name for our first response bag, has a small oxygen tank, breathing masks and the essentials to start an IV) in the drivers seat is a medium build African American woman who I would guess was around 70, her head is still down on the wheel and she is perfectly still. 

I tap on the window, nothing, I pull on the car door, locked. Well shit, might have to break the window, I turn around to tell my partner to grab the window punch when I hear the car door open. The lady is up and about, sweet smile, telling me her car won’t start. Okay weird that she didn’t respond right away but no big deal. I’m in no way shape or form a mechanic but I’m not going to leave an old lady stranded. 

I fiddle around with the car while my partner talks to the lady, turn the key it tries to turn over but doesn’t start, that’s when I notice the tank says empty, haha that’s okay, it happens to the best of us, I can see the closest gas station from where I’m standing so I’m thinking I’ll just help push the car over and call it a day. A cop was just pulling up to see what was going on, and I walk over to tell the old lady why her car isn’t starting, and well this is where shit gets crazy.

The cops talking to my partner and the old lady, I let him know that the car is out of gas, we decide that him and I will push the car to the gas station and have my partner follow us in the squad so we don’t get run over. The cops explaining to the old lady what’s going to happen puts his hand on her shoulder and BOOM, like a light switch this lady changes. 

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closeted gay culture is partying for 9 hours at the hottest gay club in london, going to bed at 6:30am, and then accepting an invite to go to church that evening 

So Westboro Baptist Church tried to picket my school today.

Keyword: tried

hard to tell from this picture, but at least a hundred people showed up to counter protest. Versus like 6 of them. 

Honestly, I just kinda bumbled into it, and tagged along because it looked gay. 

But we basically formed a ring around them like “no, no one gets to see your signs. No one gets to hear your shit.” 

The cops were there, but everything stayed pretty chill. 

Anyway, they turned around within an hour and left lmao.

If you’re at all interested apparently some enterprising person got the whole thing on video. (my face is in there for a few frames, but it’s hard to tell). 

From my perspective it was a lot of “what’s going on? Well, whatever I guess we’re cheering now ok lmao” 

Unexpected Mutant (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Chapter 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Word Count (1,290)

AN: This is a short chapter - it’s like a filler I guess

The next half hour or so was used to get everybody left to safety, and as you backed away from a departing ship, you turned to the city. There was an uneasy feeling inside you, gaining the attention of Clint, “What’s wrong?”
“We’re out of time. They’re going for the core.”

“Guys I have a plan. Time to work for a living. Get back to the church.” Tony ordered from below, and there was a groan from beside you from none other than Pietro, who grabbed Wanda and dashed off. You huffed, and the rest of you hurried back to the church.

You were all ready for this to be over.

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Día 35

Panamá City, 6 de Abril de 2017

The weather in Panama city it’s very hot and unconfortable, When it’s dry season is extremely hot, when it’s rainy season is worst, humid and hot. Walking around feels like something you shouldn’t be doing. 

So I decided to go for a walk at noon, I was dying after half an hour, and then I found this church, with a/c. So i stayed.

I’m not religious but I’m facinated by Catholic churches, the high roof, the creepy status and wide windows. I like church light and church sound. So after that day I went often to the beautiful church with a/c to watch people pray. 

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It is 6:30 in uk on sunday in a few hours we will get the pictures of HM and PC driving to church. I expect PC head will be very red.will be an very interesting day to watch

Yes it will anon. It will be unbelievable to see both HM and PC’s reaction to this.

Have a great day anon.



You know what?
I want to drive away and never come back. I want to lay on rooftops at 3am and have a deep talk with a stranger who I’ll never see again.
I want to ride a motorbike at 230 km/h for 6 hours straight on a long road in the middle of nowhere.
I want to walk until I collapse and sleep where I fall.
I want to walk through abandoned streets and scream in a crumbling church.
I want to visit that one person in hospital who hasn’t had a visit in years and talk to them until the nurses kick me out.
I want to bring a boombox to the top of a building in the shady part of town and start singing.
I want to burst into spontaneous dance in the middle of a crowded area and inspire others to join in.
I want someone to see me for who I am and love me anyway.
I want to go to a shady bar and inspire someone to be better.
I want to go into an abandoned warehouse and set up a huge, long table and have a feast for people who rarely eat more than scraps.
I want to kiss someone under the light of the moon and have fireworks inside me when I do.
I want to disappear.
I want to stand on the top of a hill in a thunderstorm and close my eyes and let it take me away.
I want to throw myself off a cliff and trust the ocean to catch me gently.
I want to be reckless and lost and brave and impossible.
I want to see something that takes my breath away and I want to be something that takes someone’s breath away.
I want to become a figment. I want to be alone, no longer alive or human, just something distant and untouchable.
I want to be free.