i was asked to make a rebloggable version


Hey guys, since so many of you ask for me masterlist, I decided to make a rebloggable version so that you can save it to your likes :D… as I post more things I will update it  :) Hope this makes things easier for all of us :) xx ~ Lucy 

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Master List of My Writing

hello:) since most of you have been asking, i decided to make a rebloggable version of my writing. the writing is ordered from oldest to newest. i’ll add to it as i write more, so enjoy!

i have an ao3 acct, and i post stuff there. i post my fanfic on there as well!

| Non-Smut |

Ashton Irwin:

I Bet | personal

Everything| sad

Luke Hemmings:

Hidden | triggering

Calum Hood:

Friends With Benefits

Endless Love | daddy


Questions soulmate

| Smut |

Ashton Irwin:

Jealousy | frat

Time Alone| daddy

Sex Tape

Luke Hemmings:

Drunken Love [part 1] [part 2]

Bad Girl

Calum Hood:

Midnight Sex

High With Me stoner


Michael Clifford:

Don’t Love Me

| Preferences |

Post version of how to ask permission to post art from Pixiv

This probably should have been done a long time ago, whoops! But here’s a rebloggable version of my permission guide that so many of you have been wanting. Let’s make asking artists for permission before posting their art on tumblr a common thing this year! Thanks for reading this ridiculously long post!

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