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Newcomers Pt6

“EAT IT!!!”



“GET OFF ME WOMAN!!” Hesky shouts throwing Karen off him and running out the door.

“YOU WILL ACCEPT MY VALENTINE LOVE!!!” she shouts chasing after him holding her home made chocolates above her head.

The two Humans screaming and running past Dr Loop’s door was nothing out of the ordinary these days, he liked the Humans and found them fascinating and rather good company. That did not mean that he did not find them odd to the point of thinking they were all insane. Some were quiet and preferred to be alone and other were loud and found hurting themselves to be hilarious. Suddenly his door opened with another Human limping.

“What happened to you?” Dr Loop asks.

“Sergeant Stabby got me” he replies.

“Why do you keep it around and why the Admiral allows that thing to stay I’ll never know”

“Don’t talk ill of Sergeant Stabby, he is war hero you know”

“IT is a cleaning machine”

“Irrelevant he is a hero and deserves our respect”


“SHHHHHH here he comes”

Sergeant Stabby made his way into the Dr’s office and bumped into a few wall and furniture all the while the Human stood up and saluted it until it left.

“Tell me something um…” Dr Loop said


“Cho, tell me something Cho is it the norm for you race to be so….nuts?”

Cho smiled “You’ve never been to Terra have you?”


“Shame, because if you think we are crazy you’d love to see us on our home world”

Dr Loop just scoffed and went to look at Cho’s foot. “The bleeding has already stopped”

“Well yeah he doesn’t stab us deeply”

“But still  for wound like this to stop bleeding so soon”

“Yeah it’s clotting? Wait…have you worked on Humans before”

“I have studied Human anatomy yes”

“But actually worked with one? In person before we got here?”

Dr Loop did not like his skills being questioned, his race the Seelom were a very proud race especially of their skills.

“It matters not, I know all the ins and outs of your kinds bodies, probably better than you and the rest of your backwards and primitive kind”

Cho raised an eyebrow “Give your arm for a sec” he asked.


“Just trust me”

Dr Loop gave him one of his right arms and Cho stuck out his tongue all the while looking at his face for a reaction but Dr Loop just looked confused and a little disgusted.

Cho licked his arm and a split second later Dr Loop was screaming as Cho’s saliva burned through his skin.

Dr Loop fell tot he floor cradling his arm and after a few more seconds the burning stopped and Cho was on his feet.

“Guess you forgot our saliva is like acid to your kind” he said and left without helping him up.

The Benemar Chief of Admiral Polts fleet was back on Bento Prime, he had already been disgraced for not seeking justice after one of his clan leaders was killed by a Human female. And to let the Humans gain all the glory for the liberation of Remer making their kind out to be a joke.

“Cheif Goolack of the Benemar step forward!” called one of the High Chieftains and he stpped forward.

“You are a coward and weak, you let the murder of your own kind go unanswered and these Humans push you around like your are their slave, what say you in your defence”

Chief Goolack stood up straight, the chains around his wrists were heavy and those around his legs were heavier, his pig-like nose snorted and his tusks had been cut to show his disgrace.

“I am a Benemar and I fought for our people and uphold my laws and our laws say that the STRONG!!! rule. Well the Humans have shown their strength and I saw their might in battle against a foe who outnumbered them many times over and they came away from that battle covered in the blood of their enemies. They are the only race who has ever besieged our world and you judge me as a coward for respecting strength?”

“They are the ENEMY!!! they burned our breeding pens and they must be wiped out. They are gaining too much power, power they are taking from us”

The court cheered and banged their weapons which were a combination of ancient war axes and rifles against their armour.

“Let this cry go out across to the star to all Benemar, the Alliance high command has given us the location oft heir breeding ground, we march…TO WAR!!!!”

The Benemar all over the Alliance suddenly began disappearing from Alliance ships, when asked why they were going back to their home world they simply replied “The High Chief has risen the banner”

Many thought this was the Benemar about to begin an independent push into Gal territory but they did not deny or confirm this and the army on Bento Prime continued to grow, the Humans though did not trust the Benemar and kept their eye on them.

Life in Admiral Polts fleet went on a s usual, or as usual it could be with the Humans around and with the Benemar now gone their was no hostility in the air. The Humans did their best to include the other races in their odd practices such as celebrating the anniversary of ones birth. They even as far to inquire to the other races celebrations and traditions and asked to take part which made the others rather flattered. They ranged from celebrating the unification of the Fookkarl under one banner which the Humans described as one large orgy as there was a lot of kissing but the Humans obliged.

The fun did not stop there.

Depit, an Elong like Admiral Polt was travelling in the ship main elevator to the observatory when it stopped to let a number of other crew off but only person got on. It was a Human, female by the looks of her but her stomach was huge, maybe she had just eaten he thought to himself. The elevator stopped a few more times and before long it was only him and this Human who from her tag her name was Sergeant Cathy. He started to sweat, he saw what was left of the body of the Benemar that she had attacked.

She smiled at him and gave a nervous smile back but nothing was said between them, until the elevator suddenly and harshly stopped.

“Ahhh!” Cathy screamed at the sudden change of momentum.

“Are you okay?” he asked and she nodded. “Must be a power outage” he tired raising maintenance but go response, there was no power to the that call button either. Suddenly Cathy was breathing fast and hard.

“Umm, are you sure you’re okay” he asked again but she shook her head and held her large stomach.

“The baby is coming” she panted.

“Baby? What baby?”

“I’m FUCKING PREGNANT YOU ASSHOLE!!! she screamed and he jumped.

“Oh? OH?!!! CRAP!”

Cathy sat down as her water broke and leaned back.

“What do I do!! HELP!” he shouted into the call button in some hope that someone would hear.

“What…what is your name?” she asked.


“Depit, come here I need you to help me” she said holding out her hand and he slowly came and she grabbed it.

“I don’t know what to do” Depit said.

“Just hold my hand and squeeze when I squeeze!”


“AHHHHHHH” Cathy screamed and squeezed Depits hand so hard she broke two of his fingers as he had tried to pull away when he heard the word squeeze.

“WHY YOU PULL AWAY!!!” she shouted at him.

“You’ll break my hand if you squeeze it”

It then dawn on her that Humans were far stronger than Elong, so she pulled off her trousers and tore off a piece so she could bite down on it and screamed again.

“Why are you screaming what’s happening I don’t how to help” Depit said panicking.






Another contraction came and she screamed so loud Depit had to cover his ears.

This went on for over and hour till finally Cathy stopped screaming as contractions suddenly stopped.

“Okay…okay” she said to herself with Depit fanning her with his wings.

“How long does this usually go on for?” he asked.

“My mother was in labour for 32 hours with me”

“32 HOURS!”

“Ah don’t shout, I’m lucky the contractions have stopped”

“What happens next?”

Cathy looked at him “Next comes the pushing”

“Elong births are lot…faster than this”

“You’re a bird race, you have it easy” she laughed. Then started panting. “Here it comes! Get between my legs!!”

Depit obeyed and cathy spread herself and Depit froze.

“What do I do?”



Cathy burst into laughter “I’m kidding, just guide it out”

Depit got ready and Cathy screamed again, this time louder and so much Depit thoughtt he walls were shaking.

“I can see the egg”


“WHAT!!! HOW THE…I’M SORRY…BY CREATION WHAT THE…..!” he screamed as the head appeared.

Cathy started breathing again and moved her hand to feel where the baby was “okay, one more” she positioned herself and Depit put his hands by the baby’s head and Cathy pushed with every ounce of her remaining strength and it fell into Depits arms.

After the baby began crying he handed it to Cathy who wrapped it up in her jacket and cradled it.

“It’s a boy” she said.

“No wonder your race is so tough, you endure coming into the world like that and are willingly go through it to bring one of your own into the world”

“And we do it over and over again, I’ll be doing at least two more times I think” she laughed “What did you say your name was again?”

“Depit, my name is Depit”

Cathy smiled and looked down at her son “Do you mind if I call my son Depit?”

Depit’s eyes nearly shot out of his head, for a child to bear ones name is a great honor among his people. “You would do me that honour?”

“Of course, you brought him into the world, well I did most of the work but still”

“Thankyou” he said smiling.

“Oh beware of the after birth”

“The what?” Depit said looking down just as it slumped down in front of him.

In the higher levels and completely unaware of the new addition to their family the Humans were having a friendly game of football with some of the Aliens when Captain Clerk called for a stop. Admiral Polt was with him and everyone could tell by their Captains face that something had happened.

“Men and woman of the 8th Human army” Clerk started “Approximately 16 hours ago the Benemar launched a full scale assault on Terra”

The air became heavy as if every Human and Alien had stopped breathing, no one spoke.

“The battle is still going on and all Human forces are being recalled to aid the defence force fighting there, our latest report says they have breached our outer defence net and are landing their troops. So get your stuff I want us ready to go yesterday!!”

The Humans didn’t say anything and as a single mind dropped what they were doing and ran to their quarters and collected all their belongings and things they brought with them. The cargo hold that they had made their own was dismantled within 10 minutes, every Human was found and accounted for including Cathy and her new son Depit. Hesky was thrilled to see his son but annoyed that she named him something that reminded him of cesspit.

Within 2 hours the Humans were all loaded onto their own ships, they said a quick farewell to their Alien friends and set off for Terra.

The Benemar continued their assault, unaware that word had gotten out about their attack on Terra, unaware of the armada coming for them.

Sooo... Explosions!!!

Well, this is my first ever tumblr post(Yay!), sorry if it goes a little wonky. Anyways! Found this blog a few hours ago and have been reading through it on and off. Hilarious, and I just could resist making my own little twisted and hopefully comical contribution. :D

So, we’ve seen the posts about fire, injuries, even the cleaner bot know as Stabby. Even a few about invasions and fights and the like. But what about recreational shooting? With modern-era firearms, not the super-quiet no-recoil sci-fi things everyone always thinks could be in the future. I mean, it seems like everyone enjoys a good ole giant gun going off. You just can’t help but grin! So, without further delay, here we go!

It was - insert unpronounceable alien name(Let’s just call said alien Zeb and for the sake of sanity, use the same gender pronouns as we do.) - Zeb’s first of his two recreational rotations for this cycle. After the long and boring time of this most recent cycle, Zeb figured he could go for a bit of excitement. After all, there was rarely anything to do during a lowly Level 2 patrol. Apparently the captain had… irritated someone higher up.

Shaking his head, Zeb banished those thoughts as the door to the on-ship shooting range opened with a soft hiss. Stepping inside, he checked in with the range master and headed to a free spot. Setting the case containing his personal grav-pulser onto the deck and removing the weapon, he soon fell into the comforting rhythm of shooting, all other worries being drowned by the various whines and hums of other shooter’s weapons.

A while later, during a short break as Zeb recharged his weapon’s power cells, he noticed one of the human members of the crew check in with the range master. Dismissing it after a moment, he went back to shooting. As he drained one power cell and went to smack another home, he felt a tap on his lower right shoulder. Pausing and glancing down at the human, he tried to recall the name of the figure before him.

“Ah, Human-James, may I assist you with something?”

“Nah, just wanted to make sure it was alright if I set up here,” the brown head-furred human replied, gesturing to the shooting bay beside Zeb’s.

“Certainly. I thank you for asking.”

“Thanks, not a problem.”

For a moment, Zeb watched as the strange little human placed two cases on the floor, one of which was almost as long as Human-James was tall! The short human then extracted a wood and metal contraption in the vague shape of a beam-rifle from the smaller case. Taking obvious care with it, he started to go through a series of checks that honestly left Zeb quite bored. Turning back to his shooting, he thought nothing more of the human he was now sharing the shooting range with.

Moments later, Zeb nearly dropped his grav-pulser as the human bellowed.


In a moment of utter confusion, every single Chlivloit in the range turned to look at the lone human. That human looked back at them with just as much confusion.

“Eyes and ears?” he repeated, befuddled by the lack of response.

“Yes, our visual and audial organs are functioning properly, why do you ask?”

“Look, just… put the blast shield down on your stations for a moment if you don’t have safety glasses, and cover your ears.”


“Please? Just do it?” Human-James seemed to be getting increasingly agitated, Zeb noted, as he quickly followed the instructions.

Nodding in satisfaction as the rest of occupants do the same, curious about what was about to happen, Human-James put a small box into the bottom of the rifle-like thing before moving a large lever of polished metal in what seemed to be a very specific motion. Bringing the stock of the weapon up to his shoulder, Human-James took aim down the primitive optic sights. With barely any warning, the human squeezed the trigger of his weapon.


Ears ringing, Zeb thought his heart would leap out of his scaled chest both from fright and the invisible hammer that smashed into his body. Worse was when he saw Human-James’ upper body jolt from the apparent catastrophic failure of his weapon.

“WOOHOO!!” Human-James cried out, setting the thunderous weapon down and pumping both hands into the air. “Bullseye, baby! That’s what I like to see!”

“My… congratulations on your impressive marksmanship, Human-James. But why are you so happy, if I may ask? Your weapon failed, did it not?”

“Failed?” the human seemed genuinely confused. “Why would it have failed? This was my great-grandfather’s gun, and it’s been handed down ever since. My family has taken pride in keeping it in top shape.”

“Then why did it explode so violently, as it if it was a micro-nuke launcher, not some form of rifle?”

“Nah, it didn’t explode, it’s supposed to do that. This is a gun, not those fancy grav-thingies we tend to use now. Shoots a small piece of shaped copped-coated lead down a rifled barrel using the expanding gasses of a controlled explosion. It’s much more fun than those new ones. So much less… clinical.”

“Fun. You call nearly deafening yourself and removing your arm ‘fun’?”

“Oh, that was nothing. This is just a .30-06. You should see my .50 cal! Here, I’ll show you.”

And then Human-James pulls a “gun” almost as long as he is tall out of the other case before holding up two different size cylinder-shaped pieces of brass.

“This is a .30-06,” he said, pointing to the smaller of the two. It was about the size of Human-James’ second smallest finger. “This is a .50 cal,” he finished with a grin on his face. The larger of the two was bigger than the .30-06 by almost half in length, and more than twice as large in diameter.

“What is that?! A missile?!”

“Able to penetrate some forms of armor at decent range, or take out a target at the very edges of believability. Now people just use them for fun.”



“…I think I need to talk to the captain… The briefing on your species needs to be updated… again.”

Anon: can you do an analysis on 2013-2014 ji/kook please? thank you!

Anon: Do you think there’s a relation between Jungkook’s change of behavior towards Jimin from when he was underage to when he finally turned 20??? I feel like after finally not being underage anymore, that’s when he really changed and got bolder, shy-less and stuff.. He wasn’t like this, and now he’s.. Well, basically killing us with everything he does.    

Anon: Do you think that Jimin’s fainting incident was a turning point for kook/min? I always thought that JK seemed to be a lot sweeter and softer with Jimin after that, but i could just be imagining things so I wanted a second opinion :) love you!!                    

Anon: you are my favourite kook/min blog!! kekekeke i was wondering what you think of tsundere!kook thinking that taking off his jacket for yoonji is cool when he did the same thing for jimin during their WoH shoot :))) 

That’s right: I’m going to answer all these questions and comments in one long essay. I’m not kidding. This is like.. really long. It’s Jungkook-centric and head canon-heavy. Bring your tinfoil hats.

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A Valentine’s Proposal ... After the Fact

Happy Valentine’s Day @sailorkillian!!! I’m your somewhat absent CS Secret Valentine! When you told me about your favorite CS moments I picked up that you are a big fan of the fluffy ones so here is a little Valentine’s proposal fic that doesn’t take place on Valentine’s Day and isn’t really a proposal .. read on to find out what that means!

Emma turned the key in the ignition and the yellow bug’s engine went silent. Killian’s eyes were closed as his head rested back on the seat. It had been another long adventure..

“So, I guess we can cross Narnia off the lists of realms to visit for our next vacation, huh?”

“Next vacation?” Killian replied, not opening his eyes. “We’d have to have one first, love.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” she agreed.

Killian finally opened his eyes and took her hand, bringing it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. “Shall we go inside and try to get some rest before your son decides to explore another wardrobe?”

“Yes, please,” Emma said. After slamming her door shut she looked back at Killian over the roof of the car. “And I saw Leroy walking out of Granny’s so we should probably double check the locks on the front door.”

“And barricade the windows.”

“I can’t tell if you’re joking about that,” Emma laughed as she fell into step with him. He slipped an arm around her waist and they slowly walked up the stairs to their front door.

“Keeping everyone out for a few days of solitude with you is no joking matter,” he said, turning her in his arms and pulling her into a kiss.

When they pulled apart Emma’s eyes stayed closed as the smile spread across her face. “We made it home.”

“Aye, love.” He kissed her forehead and put the key into the lock.

He turned the key and pushed open their front door. Emma took a step inside and heard a crunch beneath her feet as though she had stepped onto fallen leaves.

“Killian …  what is all this?”

“Bloody hell, I had forgotten.”

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Liberty Pt.6

Originally posted by neverlandpixy

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter, surprise ship (that wasn’t a pun)

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing

Warnings for this chapter: Alcohol, Drunk!Reader, throwing up, a few cute lil kisses, fluff, LANGUAGE

Word Count: 3889

A/N: BOOM! There’s a surprise in this chapter, (not a surprise for some) I’ve used google translate and my own knowledge for the spanish speaking parts {my cousins are bilingual and they’ve taught me a bit of shit}

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


“I shouldn’t be doing what I am- I should only be doing this once I’m married, but I say screw the rules. I’m glad it’s you, and if I’m honest, on this night, I think I’m falling for you, Captain James.”

“And I, you, Miss Y/L/N.”


The day after tomorrow ~

As the St. Brooklyn came to the Spanish harbour, you watched as the bustling Spaniards made their way through the town. It was a lovely sight to see, palm trees, sandy beaches, sunny skies. It was about 4 pm and the sun was still beating down on everyone and everything.

You looked beside you to see Wanda, who was laughing with Sam, they looked at each other as though they were in love, maybe, and a smile tugged onto your lips.

Yet again, once Bucky had anchored the ship, he tipped off the harbour manager and gave a false name. He held out his arm and you took it willingly, feeling his muscles ripple underneath your fingers.

You had walked up to a large stall and Bucky dropped plenty of Spanish reals into the hand of the owner of the stall.

Diez cajas de la mejor comida que tienes, por favor.” He smiled kindly at the man as he said a quiet ’sí, señor’ in return, Bucky requesting for some of his crew to take it back to the ship.

Shall we gather some rum, water, and port? You can get something too if you’d like.” Bucky smiled down at you, you could feel a small amount of wonder wash through you, maybe they sold some fresh orange juice around here, you heard that Spain was known for the glorious taste of the fruit.

Could we find somewhere that sells fresh orange juice, Sir?

We may, mi amor, let’s go.” As you walked alongside him, you felt the cool breeze whisper through your hair, and two familiar voices came up behind you both.

Captain!” You heard Sam chirp, you both turned to see him escorting Wanda by the arm. “May Wanda and I accompany both of you?

Of course Sam! And you know full well you can call me by my actual name when the crew isn’t around!” Bucky patted Sam on the back and gave a sweet smile to Wanda. As you all walked down the main street, the sweet smell of mangos, strawberries, and oranges filled your nostrils and you sighed happily, for it had been so long since you indulged in such food.

You approached the stall with Wanda and asked for some orange juice, “Naranja con pulpa, por favor.” Bucky was utterly surprised how you knew Spanish- as a woman who was confined to only a small island knew a language other than English. As you waited for your juice to be finished, you spoke quietly with Wanda.

So, tell me, what’s with you and Sam, hm?” You both chuckled lightly.

It um, it started when Bucky had liberated him and many others during a slave trade, he had… been branded, he was hurting and well…Bucky had taken him under his wing, helped him heal from all the abuse inflicted onto him, the rest is for him to say but… He had sought refuge with me during the nights; he had nightmares. One night, I was out on the main deck looking at the stars, he came and sat by me.


“Oh, hello Sam, how are you tonight? No bad dreams I hope.” Wanda questioned, a frown adorning her features.

“Much better now I’m with you, Miss Wanda-”

“Please, Sam, no ‘miss’, I am not your superior, I am your equal, please remember that…” Wanda whispered, her hand coming to softly rest against his jaw, her thumb stroking the slight stubble as her eyes met his. They were warm, dark, beautiful.

As a slight breeze danced across the ship, a piece of Wanda’s hair rested across her face, Sam wasted no time in gently tucking it behind her ear.

“How many stars do you think are in the sky, Sam?” Wanda murmured. Sam looked at her then up at the sky.

“At least seven hundred billion, or more.” He had turned to see her looking at him with a secret smile, seems like all they were really were doing was waiting for love, and they didn’t have to wait longer than a millisecond.

Inching closer, he had sliced the space between the both of them, pressing a tender kiss upon her soft lips.


Ah, I see. As long as you are both happy, that’s all that matters.” You smile at the brunette.

There is much more to it, but I’ll tell you once we leave port.” She whispered.

The lady at the stall cleared her throat, turning around to see the small woman holding two large glass bottles of orange juice.

Gracias, señora!” You giggled with Wanda as you carried a bottle of the sweet juice each.

You turned and saw Bucky giving you a look that almost sent you to your knees, it was full of admiration and affection, so intense and you couldn’t help but feel the bird in your chest try and break out of its cage.

You approached him and took his hand in yours, following Sam and Wanda back to the market.

Here, let me.” You heard Sam murmur to the woman in red, her blush was apparent on her cheeks and you saw a slight wink in Sam’s eyes. You knew it.

Bucky took you to multiple stalls, he bought you a new corset and some pants, a pair of new boots and some blouses, so you didn’t have to wear the same clothes every day. You thanked him with a chaste kiss to his cheek and you swear you saw him blush only slightly.


As the night fell, the cooler it had become and Bucky escorted you back to the St. Brooklyn. As you both got to the ship Bucky heard a deep voice behind him.

Well, if it isn’t the legendary Captain James Barnes…

Bucky whipped around faster than a pistol bullet, you felt the blood drain from your face as you looked at the man in front of you. Was he here to arrest Bucky? Kill him? Take him? Bucky was a wanted man.

S-Steve Rogers, what are you doing here? I thought you were up in the north east Atlantic?” Bucky went to hug the man and pat him on the back, a wide smile donning his features.

Well, I arrived here about two days ago, Peggy had never visited Spain before, and I couldn’t resist.” The tall blond man was as big as Bucky, blue eyes like the uniform he was wearing- you knew he didn’t belong to the Trading Company; his thick American accent was apparent when he spoke- most likely from New York, like Bucky.

And who would this beautiful lady be?” You jerked your head up to see 'Steve’ smiling down at you. So you took a timid step forward, shaking his hand lightly.

Y/N Y/L/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir.” You gave him a forced smile, you didn’t know whether to smile or not.

Y/N, he’s okay- I’ve known him since infancy. He won’t hurt me, love.” You felt a blush spread across your cheeks as Bucky whispered the words into your ear, you let out a sigh of relief and turned to smile at your lover.

We’re having a small celebration upon my ship tonight- Peggy turned 25- if you’d like to join us we can find another part of the coast to tie the ships together so we don’t drift apart during the night.” You stood awkwardly beside them as they spoke.

That is a brilliant idea, I’d be a fool to pass up such an offer, how about we gather both our crews and do it now, sound good?


Bucky and Steve decided on setting the party on the St. Brooklyn; it had a wider and longer main deck. You could hear the waves lap against the sides the ship as the men anchored it once more, you watched as Bucky and the crew tied up the sails. Wanda was slowly approaching you as you sat on the staircase towards the quarterdeck.

So, I need to ask you something,” You piped up, “Bucky… Okay well, when I first saw you use your powers, I said to Bucky that you could literally rule the seas, and well, he said something about how you couldn’t, something about you don’t have the full ability because you gave your heart to someone else?

Wanda sighed heavily and sat on the staircase with you.

Okay, so, this is the continued story from earlier. When Bucky had taken Sam in, which you already know the whole story about our… thing. Well anyway, he had a brand on his shoulder, from the slave trade, and he opened up to me about it one night. He had told me it was the root of his nightmares, bad thoughts and stress. I used my magic to make it disappear, the action I took made me realise that I was in love with him. Y/N, I would do anything for him, including…giving him my heart, I didn’t cut the beating thing out of my chest, no- I gave him my heart in the spiritual term. My heart belongs to Sam and Sam only. It’s better that I don’t have my full powers; they can take over your soul, you can make reckless decisions.”

You nodded along to everything she said, letting the words sink through your skin, it all made sense; the looks, the hidden touches, stolen kisses even.

The sun had finally set and the moon was apparent against the dark sky, both ships were illuminated with oil lamps, making the scene look like a swarm of giant fireflies if one were to look from afar. You noticed the loud music of strings playing an upbeat Irish tune and you smiled, remembering a small band that played something similar at the annual summer festival in Port Royal when you were younger.

Care to dance, miss?” You whipped around to see Bucky with an extended arm, you took his hand and he pulled you against him.

Bucky, I don’t know the steps!

Neither do I!” You both laughed as you danced along the main deck, holding each other in close proximity, this was the happiest you had felt in a long time.

As the song finished, you quickly grabbed a forgotten bottle of rum and took a few large gulps, the liquid burning the back of your mouth as you swallowed and squinted your eyes. As you opened them you saw Bucky stare at you, his mouth agape and eyebrows almost resting on his hairline.

What, you think a respectable, young, intelligent lady of Port Royal can’t drink?” You smirked, offering your captain the bottle, he took it gratefully and kept his eyes on yours as his lips wrapped around the neck of the bottle, a pang of desire drifting down to your core, you ignored it though; tonight was a night of having fun with him, no sexualness. He passed the bottle back to you and you gulped the rest down, almost half a bottle! Feeling a rush of blood go to your head, a few other songs were played and you felt your vision begin to blur only slightly as you turned back to Bucky.

W-What is it you pirates say? 'drink up me hearties yo ho’ Isn’t it? Or s-something…” You slurred, making Bucky chuckle as he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Have you ever been drunk before, Y/N?” He mumbled, you looked up at him through your lashes and pouted, shaking your head.

Oh, darling, it’s going to be a fun night…

Suddenly, you felt a gentle hand on your shoulder, you whipped around to see a woman slightly taller than yourself with wavy brunette hair and a smile as bright as the white sails of the HMS Endeavor.

Hello, you must be Y/N, I’m Peggy!” You shook her hand, giving her a once over, she wore similar clothes to you, white blouse, brown pants and black boots. Her fair skin made her dark eyes contrast against her face and you admired her beauty greatly.

“It’s wonderful to meet you Peggy!” You returned, “Steve does know how to throw a party, does he not?

Indeed he does, I believe he’s throwing this one because I turned 25 a few nights previous. Hey- have you ever fired a pistol?

The question took you aback, you’d never touched the blasted things, they were deemed dangerous and if not handled correctly you could get a backfire injury.

I believe I haven’t, why’d you ask?” You had to raise your voice just a tad and the reason made you smile, for the crew had grown loud and boisterous.

Would you like me to show you how?” You quirked a brow at her question.

“I’d like to try!” She smirked at your retort and glanced at Steve, grabbing your hand she guided you to the quarterdeck, an empty glass bottle in her hand. As Peggy approached the railing of the deck, she placed the bottle down and stepped back a few metres, gesturing for you to come hither.

Now, take the gun, hold it like this, put your fingers here… Make sure you use both hands at first,” Peggy placed your fingers and hands in the right places, shifting your form so it was at a perfect angle to shoot the bottle. “shoot.

You pulled the trigger and almost got knocked back by the force. It was in a blink of an eye that you saw the bottle explode and shards of glass fly everywhere like a firecracker and you flinched, squeezing your eyes shut.

The ringing in your ears blocked out the silence, and when you opened your eyes you were met with Peggy smirking at you. You let out the breath that was trapped in your lungs, shoulders slumping.

That was bloody brilliant! Y/N you’re a natural!” You smiled at the woman and gently handed the musket pistol in her hands for her to put it back on her affects belt.

You heard heavy footsteps come up to the quarterdeck and saw Bucky. He gave you both a confused look and turned to see the bottom of a rum bottle.

Peggy what did you do?

She didn’t cower, more like an ‘I’m innocent, I swear!’ look. “I just showed her how to fire, James. Calm down- at least she didn’t get a backfire injury like I did.

Peggy turned and showed you her hand, there was a thick white scar trailing from the inner side of her thumb to the middle her palm.

When Steve first taught me how to fire a musket, I didn’t hold it correctly and the force of it ripped my hand open, it took a few good months to heal, I had to train with my opposite hand and now I’m ambidextrous.” Your face lit up at the word; so were you! But then the fleeting moment of giddiness simmered away as you realised Peggy and Steve weren’t to stay on your voyage to Singapore, at least, that’s what you thought.

Um- Bucky! I, er, oh… fuck.” Bucky flinched, you had never cursed before! “I- I don’t feel well-” you ran to the side of the ship, a pain in your head and the feel of bile rising in your throat. You felt gentle fingers pull your hair out of your face as you threw up what was in your stomach, the foul taste of rum and and bread combined leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth.


Someone can’t handle their alcohol,” Bucky laughed, whipping a rag out of his pocket to gently wipe at your mouth. “Let’s get you cleaned up, angel, c’mon.

Will she be okay, James?” Peggy asked, shock written on her pale features.

Yes Ma’am, it’s her first time drinking, obviously one hell of a lightweight. Would you be a doll and tell Steve I’ll be back in about 20 minutes? I just need to clean her up.” Bucky slithered an arm around your waist as you leaned against him, groaning at the thump, thump between your eyes.

As you approached the doors of the Captain’s Cabin, you felt the familiar burn of bile slither up your throat. Detaching yourself from Bucky, you stumbled to the side of the ship to hurl again, this time only throwing up once and then dry heaving, leaving a nasty pulled-muscle feel in your spine and throat. You fell to your knees in exhaustion, salty tears slipping from your eyes, though they weren’t from sadness; you didn’t know what to feel right now.

It felt like an eternity or a life long prison sentence before you felt two dainty hands lift you by your underarms.

My, my, Y/N. How much did you drink?” Wanda stroked your hair from your face, as she questioned you.

Only ha-half a bottle of… well it was a biiiiig bottle of, er, rum? I think?” You felt the world spin as you mustered the words to speak. “I-I’ve never ever, ever drank alcohol before p-please don’t be mad at me.” You whimpered, feeling the same hands hold your face.

Oh, Y/N, why would I be mad? Everyone’s got to experience new things in their life, even if the outcome isn’t as good as they hope.” You smiled up at Wanda, you figured apart from Peter, she was your best friend and you hugged her tightly.

Bucky’s bringing you some mint water, oh- here he is. I’m going to go and give Sam that promised dance.” She kissed the top of your head in a motherly fashion and jogged away, you were slumped against a bannister as Bucky approached.

Here, Y/N, gargle this and spit it out.” He lifted the goblet to your lips and the strong taste of mint almost made you gag. You swivel and spit through the wooden bars of the banister.

Please take me inside, Bucky.” You rested your head against his chest as he carried you to his cabin once more, hoping you weren’t going to throw up. You were beginning to feel normal again but not enough to feel sober.

As Bucky gently placed you on the bed, couldn’t help but admire him, he shrugged his waist coat off and rolled his sleeves up his forearms, revealing the branded ‘P’ on his right wrist. He was beautiful nonetheless, even with scars, or cuts or bruises. You tugged on your blouse and yanked it over your head, finding no energy to remove your corset, you slumped back onto the bed. You kicked off your boots and groaned, wiggling your aching toes inside your trouser stockings. You leaned up against the headboard as Bucky reappeared with a damp cloth in his hand.

Bucky lightly dragged the cloth against your face and neck, the cool sensation seemed to help you breathe deeply and you couldn’t help but chuckle, for Bucky had his eyes trained onto your chest, every breath you took had your breasts straining against your corset.

My eyes are up here, James.” You giggled as you whispered, earning a quiet ‘sorry, kitten, every part of you is just so beautiful’ from his lips. “I feel kind of sober now, all I have is a pounding headache. How are you feeling?” Your body betrayed your words as you hiccuped. You looked into his icy blue eyes as your hand came to stroke his shoulder.

“I’m absolutely perfect, angel.” He bestowed a feather-like kiss to the area between your cheek and your jaw, and the previous pang of desire fired up again. As Bucky dragged the cloth down your neck, he maintained eye contact with you, watching as your pupils dilated when the damp rag came into contact with the top of your breasts, your breath hitched in your throat as he squeezed hard on the damp fabric, sending a few cold streams of water down your cleavage. Your no-sexualness-tonight-rule was trying to break out the window, but you refused to let it go. You leaned into him and pressed your mouth to his, a sweet, tender kiss was all it was.

I’m feeling quite fuzzy, I don’t know what this feeling is.”

That my dear, is a feeling between relaxation and happiness I believe. would you like to change out of these confines?” Bucky asked, stroking your hair away from your shoulders. You mumbled a ‘mhm’ and a ‘please’ as you felt him kiss your shoulder.

Let me go and get one of my shirts…” Bucky was back as soon as he left, a white shirt in hand. He motioned for you to turn around so he could unlace your corset. The feeling of his cool fingers against your spine raised goosebumps on your forearms and you gasped when you felt very familiar lips gently tease your neck, the mixture of being undressed and teeth against your skin making you tilt your head to the side with a heavy breath escaping your parted lips.

I’m not going to do anything with you tonight, angel, just a few kisses, for I don’t want to take advantage of a beautiful soul like yours.” The words sent the butterflies in your tummy into a frenzy, you heard Bucky mutter an ‘arms up’ and you slightly felt like a child, and the thought made you chuckle. You felt him slide the corset and replace it with the cool fabric of his shirt. The strong scent of him filled your nostrils and you sighed.

Pants on or off?” You answered his question by tugging them down your hips, your soft thighs grabbing his attention. He placed a loving hand upon one, squeezing only slightly. “Y’know, you look good in my shirt- scratch that, you could probably look good in a potato sack.” You gave a hearty laugh which coaxed him into a fit of giggles too. “I mean, you’re just wonderful, you’re soft, angelic, your keep your sword as sharp as your wit and you seem like the person to not be afraid of battle. I really, truly admire you, Y/N.

By then you had shifted and laid your head on his thick thighs, your hand stroking his knee. You felt his fingers stroke over the exposed skin of your neck, over your shoulder and rested on your waist.

B-Bucky can I sing you a lullaby? I-I know I’m still, er, drunk but it’s one my father used to sing to me when I was an infant.” He chuckled at your request and uncertainty.

Of course, my love, but I must get back to Steve soon, it’s Peggy’s birthday after all and I haven’t seen them in a long time and you must get some rest.

Okay, um, I can’t remember the full lyrics, but I know a few…

Oh, someday this chair may be a boat for another pair and you and your baby will sail the sea,” You felt him jerk at the words, making you pause, but you continued. “Within this rocking chair and as we rock and hum and sing so you will go too and dreams, with sweep and with swing will take baby and boat and you.” You hicupped and it made him chuckle lightly, you yawned and smushed your face against his thighs some more, god, they were so comfortable!


Y/N… Did your father ever tell you where that lullaby is from?” Bucky asked, he could feel the unwanted tears pool in his eyes.

Mmm, he ne’er told me, why’d y’ask Buck?” You mumbled in your relaxed state.

Doll… That’s a lullaby only pirates know.


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The One, part 4

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst, a little twist at the end of this one

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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Newcomers Pt 18

Cathy awoke rather abruptly feeling ill and quickly rolled over and vomited into a bucket that Hopkins had placed there earlier when he had come to check on her. That was hours ago and it was now the middle of the night as no sunshine passed through the gap in the tent. She sensed Hesky awake and send his concern through the Link and she responded with the sickly feeling and reassurance to let him know she was okay. He was still worried about her though and she could easily sense it even if they were not in the Link. She ached, her whole body did and the doctors could not figure out why, the symbiont had been working overtime to try and combat this infection whatever it was and was almost trying to dig itself into her body. She hit it as if to tell it to stop which only made her feel worse. She was not the only one though, a few of the others had gotten ill too, Karen among them although Cathy seemed to be at a more advanced stage. Many were thinking this could be the body rejecting the symbiont but there was no sign of that. What was odd was that only the woman were falling ill. Because of this the Human military advance across Bento had come to a halt while they dealt with this issue, Kiev’s force had been reporting the same thing with their female soldiers and even some of the men where feeling the early effects.

“Ah I hate feeling like this” she moaned to herself, she hated being ill she liked to be up and doing things, which was probably why she hated being pregnant. That thought made her laugh since she had had the desire for another, that made Hesky awake once more as he felt that desire in the Link and she sent humour to quell his fear.

She then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep again, if not a bit sweaty.

The next morning everyone was woken to the sudden shock of Cathy through the Link, she screamed and shouted and called for help in the Link making everyone aware something was wrong. Not just in her camp but on the planet and in the fleet.

Hopkins was the first in her tent and what he saw was nothing short of insane.

Cathy had changed.

Her features were sharper and more defined and her ears elongated like that of a mythical elf, her eyes were larger and a sharp purple colour that seemed to see everything. But what was most obvious were her legs, it was as if the foot had lengthened to create another knee joint that bent backwards adding to their already incredible power. At the base of her spine was now a tail, not quite a mammal one and not a reptilian either.


“Help me” she breathed.

Hopkins stared at her not sure what to do before finally getting down and helping her back into her bed.

“Cathy? What happened?”


“Where is your symbiont?”

She placed her hand on the back of her neck and felt only flesh, the symbiont was gone.

“Get a doc-”

“You called!”

“Dammit Cassion don’t sneak up on people” Hopkins shouted.

“Who was sneaking?”

Cassion sat next to Cathy and looked her over, by this time a crowed had gathered with people asking questions and even those in the Link demanding to know what had happened especially Hesky. It was an hour before they had even an idea.

“So?” Jenkins asked Cassion who was looking at some of her blood.

“Well in my expert opinion…this blood is red”


“Fine fine” he said putting it aside “She is in perfect health”

“And my shit doesn’t stink” said Hopkins who was sitting next to her holding her hand.

“It’s true she is now cured of all the natural ailments you would normally expect to find in a normal Human and even her diabetes is cured”

“You were diabetic?” Jenkins said to Cathy.

“They would not have let me join if they knew, Cassion agreed to keep it a secret” she said quietly.

“CATHY!” shouted Hesky

“Oh no” Hopkins said about to go to the tent entrance but was hit aside the moment Hesky appeared having already struck several guards. His eyes rested on his wife and his face rested with joy of seeing her. He ran to her side “Cathy, I’m here”

“You shouldn’t have come I didn’t want you to see me like this” she said tears filling her eyes as she looked at her legs now misshapen.

He turned and glared at the Conduit standing next to Jenkins and went for him but Jenkins and Hopkins stopped him.

“What have you done to her!”

“We have done nothing” it replied.

“No Hesky they are not” Hopkins said making him face him. “Search the Link you know that they are just as shocked by this as we are”

Hesky calmed for a moment as he did so, it was true in the Link no lies could be told and the Gal kept themselves open. They were just as surprised as anyone. He went back to her side and kissed her.

“You are still as beautiful as the day I met you”

She smiled “Where is Depit?”

“I left him with a friend on the ship, he is fine but misses his mother. He tried to suckle my tit last night”

Cathy laughed at that, she always loved that he could put a smile on her face.

“Aww how sweet, well my work is done” Cassion said getting up.

“You stay there!” Hesky shouted.

“Why? Does stuff still need explaining?”


“I do have other stuff to do you know, I am not just here to explain random plot points”

“Oh yeah, what else do you do?” Jenkins asked him.

Cassion stood there for a moment saying nothing but thinking heavily his eyes looking around.

“Fine” he said taking a seat “I hope you readers appreciate this”

Everyone looked to where he was looking, seeing nothing.

“Who are you talking to?” the Conduit asked.

“Errrrr don’t ask him you wouldn’t believe him anyway” Hesky said quickly.

“As I was about to say” Cassion began “This seems to be the natural course of the symbiont”

“How do you know?” Hopkins asked.

“Because two others woke up in the same state in Kievs camp this morning, they are too both fine…and both female it seems this will affect the females first before the men” he said holing up a com.


“Because all babies start off as female in the womb and then if they have the Y chromosome become males. This works the same way” Cassion said fiddling with his nails.

“So this will happen to all of us?” Jenkins asked.

“Yeah, it will affect some sooner than others but yes, gentlemen..and lady and whatever the hell you are, I present to you the new Human race”

No one spoke.

“But is she okay?” Hesky pressed pointing at Cathy.

“Yes she is fine, a bit of bed rest and she will up and about in no time and still kicking your ass in the sparing cages. Now if you excuse me I have other plot points to prepare for explanation” Cassion straightened his jacket and left and subsequently disappeared as the writer did not need him right now.

“I really hate that guy” Hesky said before looking back at his wife, he looked down at her legs and grinned. “It’s a good thing I’m a leg man isn’t it?”

This news was met with a mixture of reactions, some were horrified at the thought that their bodies were about to undergo a drastic transformation and in a sense no longer be Human. Others were intrigued by the thoughts that this had cured the ailments of those who had undergone it and for those who suffered genetic disorders this was nothing short of a god send. Others simply thought it looked cool and were fine with it. Cathy was up and about within a few hours, she went through a few physical exercises and it was found she had completely absorbed the effects of the symbiont, in fact the symbiont had liquefied and become part of her genetic code now. Cassion had to explain further to his annoyance that this was probably what Humanity would look like if the comet carrying the Gal original genetic code had crashed on Terra all those millennia ago. This was in fact a natural evolution if not a bit sped up. So over the next few weeks humanity began to die out and in their place a new race emerged. Everyone was not really sure what they should call themselves since they were now becoming something else but in the end they thought it a conversation for another day. By this time the symbiont were making their way to Terra itself along with this new information. It was not as warmly met and it took a lot of scientists a lot of time to explain it before people began warming to the idea. It was mainly because the terminally ill leapt at the chance to save their lives and once they were seen enjoying life and what their new bodies could do public opinion swayed. It was never forced on anyone though, it was always said form the beginning that the symbiont would be subject ot the personal choice and beliefs of the individual. But, soon those without a symbiont were vastly outnumbered by those who did.

It was not just their physical bodies that changed, the Link was stronger than ever, they could now hear each others thoughts and send full messages to one another with distance meaning very little.

But then it all changed when the secret the Gal had been wanting to tell the Humans for so long but had been unable to, was finally revealed.


You and Alex had become so close since you met over a year ago. The first day on set you had approached him eagerly wanting to meet all your new castmates and his infectious personality and bubbly spirit had drawn you in immediately. You spent a lot of time together seeing as you played brother and sister, going over lines and practicing scenes together but it seems that fans loved that you spent time together outside of work or scripts. You had become somewhat of a staple in Alex’s Instagram over the past year and he had more than a few starring posts on your own Instagram, causing fans to ship you together with a fanatic passion. Most recently relationship rumours had sparked when you had gone to Thailand with Alex and his family and a stream of holiday pictures with each other had emerged online. You had to admit that you did have a crush on Alex, though you had already accepted that you were only going to be friends. It had been hard initially trying to get over your feelings for him when you were working together 24/7 but you had done it and here you were, back on set for season 5B. 

You had just exited your trailer when you heard an excited voice shout your name. Turning around you saw it was Alex dressed in full costume and running towards you at a fast speed. He reached you are smothered you as he hugged you tightly. You couldn’t help but hug back with a smile. After a few moments you pulled away and looked up at him.

“Hello to you too.” You greeted with a chuckle. “I’ve only been away for a week. Can you really not function without me for a week?” Alex looked at you with an expression of mock hurt and slung his arm around your shoulder pulling you into him as you walked to your next set.

“Am I not allowed to miss my favourite fake sister? Or her brownies? You know I need sustenance and I am only a young man who cannot cook. You however can cook more than noodles so yes, I did miss you and also your cooking.” He replied, a stupid teasing grin on his face.

“Ah Alex, you always have your priorities set straight. Also, when are we going out again? Marco was telling me about a new bar in the city that we should head to for Fridays.” Once you mentioned Marco’s name, Alex’s smile lessened at he looked down at you. You were unaware of Alex’s change in mood and continued to chat a little more until you reached the first set of the day. “Ok. Let’s do this. Just like riding a bike.” You said nervously, the first day back jitters causing you to bounce on your toes.

“You’ll do great Y/N, don’t worry.” Alex said, pulling you into a hug. You were interrupted by your names being called and so off you went to work.

A long day later, you had headed over to Alex’s apartment for a pizza and a drink. Your feet were so sore and you had spread out over your friend’s couch as he sat across from you, scoffing down a pizza. Sitting up, you addresses him. “Hey, give me some of that before there’s none left. That was supposed to be my pizza anyway but since I’m such a generous person I let you have a slice. That was four slices ago. Hand it over Andersen.” 

“Fine. You should have gotten some earlier though. I’m an eating machine, you should know that no matter who’s food it is, the rule is still first in first served.” He said with a cocky grin, the one that was so familiar to you.

“Speaking of, Marco wanted to know if we were in for Friday? 7 O’Clock at Denny’s?” You watched as Alex rolled his eyes and scoffed. In turn you raised an eyebrow, confused at why he was acting like this at a simple suggestion.

“You and Marco have been talking an awful lot Y/N. Are you sure there isn’t something going on between you two?”

You laughed as you looked at him. “Between Marco and I? There is nothing between us and I highly doubt there ever will be. Why does it matter anyway?” You asked. Alex looked at his hands for a moment before he muttered out something inaudible. “What was that?” This time he spoke louder, enough for you to hear.

“It matters because I like you.”  

You were shocked. How was it possible that Alex, your best friend, liked you. The guy that you had convinced yourself would never feel that way about you was here in front of you telling you he liked you.

“What?” You asked softly, evidently in shock. “You like me?”

“Well it’s probably closer to love, but I don’t want to scare you off.” He replied voice shaking . You smiled at him lovingly and crawled down to join him on the floor. You sat next to him and took his hands in yours.

“You can’t scare me off because I love you too. I was just scared that you didn’t feel the same way and I couldn’t bare to destroy our friendship.” When you stopped speaking you could see the brilliant smile forming on Alex’s face and you couldn’t help but mirror it.

“Can I kiss you Y/N?” He asked already leaning in close. You simply nodded and then his lips were on yours. You couldn’t believe this was happening and to think that it was better than you had ever imagined. His lips were soft and warm and moulded against your own lips perfectly. You kissed for what felt like hours and when you finally pulled away it was to gasp in air.  “That was amazing.” He said grinning like an idiot.

“Yes, yes it was. I do love you you know. I have for a while.” You rested your forehead against his own and smiled back at him. 

“I’ve think I’ve loved you since you went on that midnight walk with me in August.” Alex said, looking deep into your eyes.

“I remember that. That was the first time we held hands.”

“I hope we can hold hands more now.”

“Me too.” You whispered as you kissed him once more.

My first Alex imagine down! I hope it was ok :)

EDIT -  I changed the last Gifs at the bottom after someone said that they were having a hard time imagining the girls as a daughter of Ragnar and Aslaug so I have changed them. They are now pictures of Willa Fitzgerald, who I feel looks like a female mix of Ragnar and Aslaug. 

The First Time - Tommy Shelby

Request: Can I request Tommy seeing is child for the first time.

The First Time - Tommy Shelby

You sat on the bench in the train station. The station was full of families waiting for the train of young men to roll in from France. Polly stood with Ada near the rails, trying to see down into the distance. Finn had fallen asleep on the bench and you volunteered to sit with him. On your lap was a sleeping three year old, his face pressed against your chest as you gentle bounced him. You were glad to be sitting away from the rails as your nerves were out of control.  

Just before the call for soldiers rang through Small Heath you had gone to Polly’s early in the morning. She had been up but the boys were all sleeping. You told her that you needed to talk to Tommy, that it was urgent. You stood out on the stoop when she went in to wake him. Even today, almost four years later, you could remember the way he’d come outside half dressed, groggy from sleep.  

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anonymous asked:

This should probably be down the line for the pregnancy promts but when Mercy goes into labor it should be when Hanzo and Mcree are looking after her while Genji is away on an errand. Panicking uncles :)

This prompt has been sitting in my inbox for over a month. It is time.

Also whoops this ended up super long. *cough* like 6k words *cough*

Fighting an omnic ninja assassin sent to kill your brother counts as an errand right?


Symmetra snickered a little as she watched Genji at Athena’s keyboard, continually switching between different security feeds of the watchpoint. Genji glanced up. “What?” he said.

“You’re antsy,” she said with a smirk.

“I am not ‘antsy,’” muttered Genji, continuing to flick between different feed channels.

“Is this your way of nesting?” said Symmetra, tilting her head.

“Angela and I will be in Switzerland for three months,” said Genji, standing up and glancing away from the screen, “I don’t want anything to happen to this place while we’re gone.” He paused and then quickly turned his attention back to the screen and flicked through all the security feeds again.

“We will manage just fine,” said Symmetra, “You should relax. Go… meditate or spend time with Angela or whatever it is you do. It won’t be long until you don’t have any time to yourself.”

“Hm,” Genji seemed unconvinced.

Symmetra sighed, constructed a seat of hard-light, and sat down. “To be honest, while I believe you and Angela should do as you see fit and I understand your reasoning, Switzerland is awfully far away.”

“Well, Doctor Haberlin is one of the world’s leading obstetricians and a good friend of Angela’s, and Angela’s uncle’s old house is lovely and out of the way but not too far from Thun and—”

“I know, I know,” said Symmetra, “And I know you two will probably be terribly busy with the little one, but do try and stay in contact. Fareeha will want pictures immediately and—” Symmetra’s prosthetic made a low-pitched buzzing sound and Symmetra raised an eyebrow and brought up a projection of one of her sentry turrets. The projection suddenly turned red and blipped out of sight and Symmetra’s brow furrowed.

“Turret destroyed,” she said it mostly as a knee-jerk reaction at this point.

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Prompt: Students shipping emison and ali and emily just run with the joke

If I went to rosewood I’d totally ship emison, sorry this took so long:


Walking the too long hallway to Alison’s classroom during her free period made Emily’s heart beat out of control. Per usual for whenever she has to come in here, she wonders how long that feeling will last.

And then always remembers she’s felt it for ten years.

Approaching the classroom with a heavy sigh she relaxes her body upson seeing that the door was closed. From the small window she could peak through, the brunette notices Alison sitting at her desk. A smile drifts across her face as she watches her for a moment, until her eyes drift over and notices the three students sitting at the far back desks. Kelsey Thomson, Jayden Knowles, Kyle Hughes. All straight A students who loved hanging out together. Unfortunately for Emily, they like to use Alison’s free period.

Why might this be a problem? Over the last few weeks all three of them have caught on to the two teachers, and when they’re all around each other there’s always playful taunting directed towards the adults. Although Emily usually denies it, today she felt like playing along a bit.

Alison used the last of the milk this morning so Emily didn’t have her cereal, it was sweet revenge.

Knocking confidently now on the heavy door she smirks a bit harder noticing Alison jump at first, however when she sees Emily at the door she shoots her a pondering look. Standing awkwardly Alison adjusts her dress before mumbling something to the three, soon opening the door. Emily tries to step inside however Alison’s hand shoots up, stopping her.

“Can I come in?” Emily asks raising her brow and slightly shifting her eyes between Alison and the group of students.

“I don’t know, can you?” Alison challenges back, earning a blush from the swim coach.

“Let’s not be that teacher, they were the worst.” Emily still smiles, shaking her head and lowering her voice.

“The absolute worst.” Alison laughs back while pushing the door open, inviting Emily inside.

Stepping in the classroom she stands off to the side, waving to the whispering group of students. Behind her, the sound of the heavy classroom door shutting. In her head, she counts the number of steps behind her.

Passing by Emily slowly Alison shakes her head with a small laugh, heading for her desk. “What can I do for you Coach Fields?” Alison asks as she resumes her previous position grading papers.

Pulling a chair over to the desk as well, Emily clears her throat. Alison’s blue eyes shift across her brown delicately before her brow furrows. “I need to go over these students grades.” She says quietly, handing Alison a few individual folders of students on the swim team.

“That’s it?” Alison asks curiously, “you just need their grades and a small blurb from me?” She continues as she quickly checks who the students are before beginning to pull up their grades on her computer.

“Pretty much.” Emily shifts in her seat, her eyes gazing back at the three students who are all watching them with knowing smiles. Giving them a small smile before looking back to Alison.

Noticing her engulfed in her work, Emily takes advantage of this time. Standing up and fully knowing Alison is probably watching what she’s doing, Emily exerts her confidence and approaches the three friends.

“Hey guys, do you always study or do you allow yourselves to be teenagers sometimes?” The swim coach jokes, earning a laugh from all three.

“We all want to get into Stanford together.” Kelsey speaks for them with a sly smile.

“Ah ,” Emily mumbles, shifting a little uncomfortably at the mention of the college. Those years were behind her, it was a hard time to go through. Especially being so far from home. She had to admit to herself a long time ago that no matter how awful it may be, Rosewood was home. “I remember Stanford.” She comments with a nostalgic feel.

“Of course you do.” Alison comments without fail behind her, unknowingly giving these kids and Emily something to roll with.

“Shit, what happened at Stanford?” Kyle inquires loosely, earning a shoulder slap from Jayden and a quick “watch your language” from Emily and Alison.

In unison.

Just as expected, Emily bites her cheek and leans against the counter with a knowing smile.

“Okay we’re all adults here-” Kelsey says quickly, shifting in her seat to face a now rarely blushed Alison who points her pen at Kelsey, cutting her off.

“Coach Fields and I are adults, you three are teenagers.” Alison shoots back.

“We’re seniors.” Jayden deadpans.

“Still teenagers.” Alison chimes without missing a beat, already returning to the next folder in Emily’s pile.

“Either way,” Kelsey cuts in eagerly, “I just would like to go on record to day that you and coach fields very clearly have a thing.” The dirty blonde haired teen says confidently, turning to Emily and giving her an approving nod.

“Remember what I said about teenagers?” Alison comments back, shaking her head and Emily can see through her easily. So clearly she’s flustered, and doing everything not to laugh. “That wouldn’t be your business, I’m saying this politely.” Alison tries to warn, it’s no use.

For a moment the classroom is silent. Emily’s brown eyes take turns looking between Kelsey and Alison. They’re staring each other down however they’re both trying not to laugh. The sight puts a deeper smile on the swim coaches face, she knew she would hear about this later.

Not wanting all the fun to die down, the brunette takes this as her opportunity to jump in.

“Hey what do you mean by ‘a thing’?” Emily asks, giving it her all to act as genuinely into is as she can.

“Em-” Alison says, standing from her seat but instantly regrets it. Her hand comes to her mouth as she tries hard not to laugh and yell at Emily all at the same time.

“For example,” Jayden chimes in with her own cheeky grin “you just passionately called coach fields, em.” The teen comments before laughing with her friends and even with Emily.

Not getting a direct response from Alison yet again the swim coach decides she can push a little further. Pretending to be dramatically shocked, Emily drops her jaw and crosses her arm. It’s taking every ounce of strength to suppress her smile.

“Oh wow passionately, that’s a grand choice of words Jayden..” she laughs before Alison cuts her off.

“Coach Fields!” She calls, causing Emily to twist rapidly and face her. “Your files are done, thank you for stopping by.” The flustered english teacher says quickly before meeting Emily halfway and escorting her to the door. Opening it up she ushers Emily out into the hallway.

“Bye guys!” Emily calls back on her way out.

“Bye Coach Fields!” The three friends call back with short chuckles and adoring whispers.

“I ship it.” The pair hears Kyle say happily as they exit.

Only taking a few steps out of the doorway Emily turns around, coming face to face with Alison who is trying not to smile.

“Ali,” Emily tries to say but Alison cuts her off.

“They’re never going to let me live that down.” She explains calmly, moving in to hug Emily with a smile. “What could I have possibly done to get that?” She jokes as they embrace tightly. Through the short contact she can feel Emily’s heart beat a little faster, she allows herself to smile. She couldn’t be mad, this is the person she fell in love with. Plus, Em is lucky those are the three most loyal students either of them have ever met.

It’s a reminder of their own times roaming these halls five years ago.

With a cheeky grin and another curious “what?” from her girlfriend, Emily moves forward and plants a firm kiss on Alison’s forehead.

“You used the milk this morning.” Emily says before turning in her heels and heading back to the pool.

“Seriously?!” Alison calls from behind her in disbelief, yet wholeheartedly in love.

“Of course, see you at home!” Emily calls, turning to blow a kiss before dipping down the next hallway. Head in the clouds and heart back in the English room.

Standard Procedure 1/3

For Trek Fest 2017

Characters and Pairings: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Prompt: Is there a chance to get a new McCoy x reader story? <3 A soft story, where McCoy realizes, that he is in love with the reader. ;) (from @alternative-nerdgirl, Thanks!!)

Summary: McCoy thought he was married to the job. But when he meets you, he can’t seem get you out of his head. And oddly enough, you can’t seem to stop thinking about him either.

Word count: 2113 

Triggers: description of a wound/accident

A/N: So this is a reader insert, technically, but I’ve tried to focus on Leonard’s POV more in order to better address the request. I think it worked? Also, I have no medical experience, and it’s been years since I’ve worked in a lab (and even then, I was running tests on plant stems and roots, not blood or whatnot). I just kind ad-libbed the lab stuff based on my own lab experience.

Also, this got completely out of control (please send help), so there will be a Part 2 tomorrow, which I will queue up for 12:30 CST.

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anonymous asked:

Scenario of Hanzo leaving for a mission and s/o giving him a necklace of sorts to 'keep him safe/for goodluck?


Waiting by the helicopter pad, you nervously turned the box over and over in your pocket. It was velvety, and you could feel the edges of a small ribbon that was tied around it. There was a light little thumps as you kept rolling it in your pocket, the secret inside hitting the top and bottom of the box.

You were feeling a bit embarrassed about the gift you held. It was for your boyfriend, Hanzo Shimada. The archer was about to go away on a month-long mission over in Japan and in honest, you were really worried.

It wasn’t that Hanzo wasn’t a capable man. It was more that you two hadn’t been separated for more then a few days at a time since the two of you had started dating almost a year ago. Maybe this would be a good thing but it honestly just left a small hollow feeling in your chest.

The two of you had discussed it. Both of your works required your attendance, and so it was necessary you stay here at the base while he was away. Otherwise you would have tried to go with him.

Still, it was a long time and the archer was a bit old fashioned. He had promised to write to you twice a week, though you hoped that maybe he would send more. Though you understood he would be busy…

But you wanted to give him something to take with him to remind him of you.

“y/n,” you heard, causing you to snap out of your daze. Cheeks flushing slightly, you turned nervously toward Hanzo. He wore a long jacket, his hair tied up and a bow over his shoulder. He also carried a small back pack in his hand, which looked stuffed to the max.

“Hanzo!” you said, the sight of him causing your heart to ache. It would be so long…you had to be strong, you thought to yourself.

Stepping over, Hanzo cupped the side of your face in one hand and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. “I did not think you would be able to get away from work,” Hanzo murmured, thumb brushing over your cheek.

Looking rather flustered, you shook you head and just shoved the box in his free hand. “I asked for a 5 minute break but that was twenty minutes ago and i just really wanted to see you open this,” you rushed, looking away.

Curious, Hanzo looked quizzically down at the box in his hand before undoing the small ribbon. Opening it up, his face went blank for a moment before he pulled out a necklace. It was a small silver locket, and when he carefully opened it, you saw him swallow hard.

There was a picture of the both of you inside. And on the front of the locket was engraved ‘Forever Yours’ with your name in Japanese.

Looking at you, Hanzo honestly looked beyond touched. “You got this for me?” he said in a low voice.

Nodding shyly, you played with the bottom of your shirt. “You…ah…you like it? I wanted to give it to you as a good luck charm. I was hoping it might help you…you know, good voodoo,” you said, and at that moment wished you’d shut the hell up.

Stepping closer, Hanzo enveloped you in a strong, secure hug. It was so nice, you melted instantly into his touch and let out a soft sigh of joy. It couldn’t be that bad if he was hugging you.

“I love it,” Hanzo said, quite seriously as he carefully undid the chain, before putting it on. The locket sat nicely against his skin, just above his shirt. Lifting it, you saw Hanzo press a little kiss to the locket and then smiled at you gently. “It is perfect. I will not take it off unless it is dire, i promise.”

To know he loved it and was planning to wear it all the time he was gone made you happy. You hoped it would remind him of you.

“I’ll miss you,” you said softly, leaning in for one last kiss.

Hanzo’s mouth was soft and inviting against yours, and finally you were forced to let him go. “I shall miss you too, beloved. I will write to you first thing tomorrow,” Hanzo said, his free hand gently holding his locket.

Boarding the ship, you settled down for what ended up being the longest month of your life. But thank god, you received a letter almost every day. And near the end, he sent a picture of him and genji, and your heart soared at the sight of the locket poking out from beneath his shirt.

Surprise Gift Preview (Extreme alpha Yondu x omega reader)

Yondu smiled as Stakar presented him with his own ship to captain. He had been working under the leader of the ravagers for five years and now he would captain his own ship. The other ravager clans were celebrating the event, drinking and going to the many brothels on Contraxia. The centaurian had been talking to his first mate Kraglin, a man he had became friends with during his years with Stakar when Stakar came over with a wide grin on his face, a smile that usually meant trouble. 

“I got one more gift for ya Yondu. Now I know ya can’t go back ta yer planet. And I know that means ya can’t go find a mate like males of yer race do so I figured I’d help ya out. Get ya somethin’ ta keep ya busy.” Stakar said with a amused smile. 

Yondu’s face dropped at this and he knotted his brows, “Whatcha talkin’ bout’ Stakar? Whad ya do?” he asked in a somewhat nervous voice.

Stakar seemed to smile more at the boy’s nervous tone and slapped his hand on his shoulder and gave a chuckle. “Why don’t ya go see for yourself. She’s in your room.” He said pointing towards where Yondu’s ship was docked at. 

Looking towards his ship Yondu furrowed his brows. “Ah..ya know Stakar only Centaurians can mate with another Centaurians…” he said, trying to find any excuses to not have to go to the woman Stakar had ‘gifted to him’.

Seeing his own wife come up to stand with him he wrapped his arm round her and smiled at Yondu. “She is a Centaurian… well sorta. Anyway I paid a pretty price for her. She’s your responsibility.” Stakar said looking at Yondu with a firm gaze.

“Every Captain needs a woman to help keep him sane…You take good care of her Yondu." Aleta Ogord said in a motherly tone.

Letting out a sigh he gave two thumps to his chest before heading towards his ship, picking up a bottle of alcohol on the way. Walking down the halls of the Eclector he tried to keep a positive out look. Centaurians were the only race in this galaxy known to have the traits of alpha, beta and omegas. Yondu himself was an alpha and if he had grown up like the other males of his planet on his twenty fifth birthday he would have went in search of a mate, omega preferably. The omegas were a rare race and sadly were normally never found. Parents would hide their daughters away if they carried the omega trait. Thanks to his parents selling him as a child and the kree cutting off his crest he would never be able to return to his home planet. He had accepted it years ago and decided to live with the fact he would never have a mate of his own but Stakar had just changed this. 

Getting to his door Yondu brought the bottle to his lips and took a couple of gulps of the yellow liquid. Placing his hand on the knob he took a deep breath before turning it and opening the door.

A/N: Please let me know what you think. Trying to decide if I should continue or not.

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 12 – Road Trip To Embarrass… Who Again?

In which the squad goes to a talk show, wake-up calls go wrong, Neil goes live on national television, shipping goes well, and I go nuts, just a little bit.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, loving this blog! Can I ask for Peter using cheesy pick up lines like comparing the sight of tony to the starry night sky, stuff like that and tony is just so smitten with him.. thank you and I wish this blog the best of luck!

Hiya! Thank you so much for the luck! I’m sure we need it! :) Also what a cute prompt! Hopefully you like it! (i ignore the civil war and a few things in this!)


“Tony? We have a situation.”

Tony looks up from his armor at that. Jarvis had opened the door for Steve and the captain didn’t waste a second.

“A situation?” Tony asks then, because this sentence never means anything good.

Why is his life constantly like that?

“Yes. There are a few intruder.” Steve answers calmly and Tony nods.

“The good or the bad kind?” Tony asks again and then saves his work on the armor without another word. Jarvis closes his blueprints and Tony rubs his dirty hands on his pants.

“Is there even a good kind?” Steve says when they leave the workshop together and Tony grins.

“That depends. Are they hot?” Tony asks and he can see the blush on Steves cheeks and even the tips of his ears are a bit red.

Steve knows him for over 5 years now and he knows that Tony likes to flirt. But he still blushes as bad as the first time.

“See for yourself.” is the only response Tony gets at that. He chuckles.

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meet & greet | | [ kj apa ]

A/N: hey hey everyone, first time writing on my laptop and there will be some changes to things here and there so be on the imagines I will be posting in case you were wondering. I still hope you like the imagines I put out for you all! This is set up slightly after my imagine that was titled, ‘studying aboard’ so you still have U/N as university name and your two moms which of course, you may change one to dad in your head if you feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to add some diversity into my writing. YN/N is your nickname and M/N is major name. Your roommates are just two random names so change those if you have to. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me! 1 week until my 20th birthday, I’m so excited!

nonnie requested: Hello can you write a kj apa imagine where he is dating the reader and she is nervous to meet the Riverdale cast for the first time?thank youu:)

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

                                 Relationship(s): KJ Apa/Reader (dating), Riverdale Cast & Reader (first meet)

You smiled in triumph as you headed out the muggy room where you had taken your finals in, it was hot outside and inside wasn’t as cool either sadly. So, you were glad to put on your favorite superhero tank top and shorts today with your favorite shoes as you waved bye to some of your classmates that you had gotten close to. Earlier in the week, KJ said he some news to share with you and to call him after you were done with your finals which suddenly popped in your head. Oh, thank goodness as you took out your cellphone, pressing your pin to unlock it and dialed his number. You waited as it rang a few times before it was picked up as you smiled to hear the familiar New Zealander accent coming through, “Hey KJ. So, I finished my finals at U/N and you had some news that you wanted to share with me?”

KJ had a mirrored expression of yours before opening his mouth to speak on the phone, “Yeah, um part of the news is that I’m going to back to Vancouver for filming season two of Riverdale. And the other part is since you are done with your finals is that I was, well hoping that you’d come join me and meet some of the cast members. But only if you want to, I just thought it would be nice for them to know you since you’re a fan and you, know not to brag or anything but also my girlfriend.” He adds as a soft laugh came from your end of the line. “So, what do you say YN/N?”

You almost let out a squeal but kept it in so people walking beside you on the busy sidewalk didn’t look at you funny. You were a fan of Riverdale, you actually read some of the comics as young girl since your grandfather had own some of the originals. Plus, not to be biased that your boyfriend also played one of the main characters, Archie Andrews but maybe him and Cole had made you somewhat biased. Guilty as charged while almost bouncing in every step to your apartment that you shared with your roommates that you loved so much since your transfer to U/N. “I’m going to have to say um, heck yeah! I’d love to meet your fellow castmates. I mean I could I was still in NZ when you all went over there but you know how duty calls with classes and assignments. I just need to pack now, oh my god.” You say into the phone as you finished the remaining details with KJ and went straight to packing as soon as you opened the door the apartment.

You pat down F/C summer dress down as you took a breath while looking at KJ, okay so maybe you were maybe more nervous than you thought you were going to be about meeting the rest of core four plus Casey and Madelaine. “Okay, I think I’m ready despite my hands being all sweaty and that I’m going to meet your castmates that seem really cool.”

KJ chuckled as he puts his arm around your shoulder with a reassuring look on his face, “Just relax Y/N. I’m sure that they will like almost as much as I do. They won’t bite and I’m pretty sure they all are gonna ask you to tell them some embarrassing stories about me.” He says with a smile while you couldn’t help but laugh while he tugged you along to meet the oh so familiar faces of the Riverdale cast that were getting ready to be situated for the next few months of filming.

Mad and Lili were the first to greet you two as they gave a hug to KJ before turning over to you to offer one as well but you were happy obliged. “So, you’re the lucky girl that KJ has told us about that was in New Zealand before coming over to this side to study aboard.” Madelaine says with a smile on her face as you pulled away from Lili.

“Oh, that’s so cool, where do you study? Finals must’ve ended not too long, ago right?” The blonde comments as you nod shyly.

“Yeah, I go to U/N and studying M/N at the moment so it’s doing great actually. Yeah, I had finals yesterday so I’m a bit tired from all the studying with my roommates, Naomi and Melissa plus don’t get me started on how much energy drinks I had to drink.” You shuffle a laugh towards the end of your sentence as you notice the other three walking by. You were greeted the same way with Camila but shook hands with Cole and Casey as you tried not to fan out because like KJ and the rest of the cast, you also remember watching from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. You introduce yourself just like you had done earlier with Lili and Mad, KJ still helping you calm your bundle of nerves.

“Ah the infamous mystery girl that is on KJ’s Instagram is you, I was beginning to wonder who that was as he yaps about you. In a good way, don’t worry we have heard the good things about you Y/N.” Cole says as you eye squint at your boyfriend whom just innocently shrugged at you like he didn’t do anything wrong.

It was Casey whom spoke up next as you turn your head to pay attention to his castmate talk, “It’s nice to meet you though Y/N, I hope you can stick around the set often. I mean, I’m sure everyone especially KJ over there would like to while we are filming scenes. You’ll have to go and chat with director about but unless it’s some major spoilers, I think he’ll let you hang around. I’m sure you got some good stories to tell us about our golden boy over here.”

Your smile soon turned into a mischievous grin like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland, “Oh I’m sure I could share maybe one or more. Like that one time when we had dinner at my moms’ place and well I can’t share too much right now.” You throw your head back in as you did your cheap witch laugh and put your hands together like an evil villain in movies.

“Wait you have two moms’ Y/N?” Camila asks you as you nod your head to confirm it before she soon grins to match yours, “Well I can’t wait to hear those stories about KJ guys.”

Mine (G-Dragon Smut)

Reaction Imagine: In which you get jealous of seeing G-D and CL dance together and G-D comes over to see you with another guy (your way of unintentionally making him jealous)

It was hot despite the AC going as hard as it could.

   Dressed appropriately for the YG Family Tour, I felt oddly out of place. I wasn’t used to wearing dresses compared to the jeans and casual shirts I usually adorned. Though, since you were in VIP, I was forced to dress in something other than torn jeans and t-shirts with food stains on them. I felt better about being in shorts than a dress, though I wouldn’t call these shorts… more like fashionable underwear. They were skin-tight and black, allowing little room to be flexible, paired with translucent tights and high heels that made my feet hurt. The shirt itself was loose and “fashionable”, as Seungri had described it. It had little do with fashion, I told myself as I adjusted it once again to keep it covering my stomach. The only thing I’d picked out myself was the hat- and that was because I was too lazy to do the back of my hair. Some makeup artist had come over to my home, a stranger whose name I couldn’t even catch, painted my face before disappearing. Daesung had been with me, claiming him to be a friend. I took his word- the makeup artist wasn’t bad at all. I felt as if I were wearing nothing. Even then, I was hyper-aware of the eyeliner and lipstick- both dark colors that stood out against my pale skin.

   I sat in the VIP section with one of my close friends, a boy named Haesung who I’d known since we were in the second grade. Jiyong had managed to get us to sit in the VIP section, seeing as neither of us had wanted to go backstage- the view wasn’t as nice seeing things from the side and behind. Jiyong and I had “been together” a multitude of times, but neither of us had solidified the relationship- mostly because I was too chickenshit to say anything and Jiyong hadn’t said anything either. Even then, I came out to support him, excited to see him and Big Bang perform- seeing as they were your friends, as well.

   It wasn’t until Jiyong appeared on stage, dressed in all red and looking about ready to destroy everyone in the crowd that I realized just how lucky I was to have been with him. The lights went out except for the lasers on the stage, spotlights shining onto him as he strode across the floor, mic to his lips and words spitting out. The heat in the room made his skin glisten and I clapped along to the beat, cheering him on. And then CL came out from underneath the stage and I thought I’d faint. She was perfect in every way- her stage presence was strong, but then again I wasn’t a very good judge of it.

   Jiyong and CL rapped and sang together, showing more skinship than I thought they would. But she was CL for God’s sake- of course Jiyong would be all over her. So would I, if I had the chance. Even then, I couldn’t help but feel a pit of jealousy settle into my stomach as I watched her run her hands through her hair- an action I’d done three nights before. 

     CL was beautiful, amazing, and above all else- she was CL. It was irrational for me to feel jealous. Jiyong and I weren’t even dating, he probably just thought of me as a pastime. The truth hurt, but I’d accepted it.

   “Hey,” Haesung patted my shoulder, earning my attention. “You alright?”

   “Yeah!” I shouted back over the sound of the bass. Well, I was alright until I saw the end of the performance. CL was hugging Jiyong from the front, his hands holding her by the waist as she flipped her hair and gave a little smirk. I felt sick, but I pushed it down because- come on. She’s CL. She could have anyone she wants, and Jiyong was a perfect match for her- both of them were incredible performers, and there were tons of ships for them- trust me, I was in the shipping fandom.

   After the performances were over, I was to meet Jiyong back at his place, but to be honest- I wasn’t going to. After seeing him with CL, I realized how much better he could do than some girl that works at a zoo for a job. CL was perfect for him, even someone as blind as me could see that. When everything had ended, Jiyong looked at me, looking a bit breathless from his show, and nodded his head to backstage. I made a motion of cutting my neck, which was meant to tell him I was just going to go home. He looked confused for a moment and squinted into the bright lights. For a moment, I thought he was going motion me back again, but I realized that all eyes were on him- it would be too obvious.

   “You sure you’re alright?” Haesung asked as the two of us started outside of the concert arena, coats pulled over our frames.

   “Ah, I’m fine,” I dismissed the topic with a wave of my hand. It was dumb of me to get jealous anyway- I knew what I was getting myself into, anyhow. Haesung looked concerned, nonetheless.

   “You look a bit sick,” he said, frowning. I rolled my eyes.

   “That’s just how I look,” I retorted with a nonchalant shrug and a bat of your eyelashes. Haesung grinned in amusement, though his arm fell over your shoulder and pulled you into his side.

   “I should keep you warm- I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold,” Haesung smiled down at me.Having been friends for years, him doing such an action didn’t make me uncomfortable at all. In fact, it eased the jealousy I’d been feeling minutes before. Leaning into his embrace, an idea popped into my head and I quickly looked up at him.

    “Wanna have a movie night?” I asked him eagerly.

    Haesung grinned. “We haven’t had one of those in a while!”

    An hour later, Haesung and I sat on my couch, watching one of the horror movies Netflix had recommended. I was dressed in my pajama shorts, which really had been flannel pants that I accidentally cut too short, and a long t-shirt to compensate the unintentional leg I was showing. Beside me, Haesung had changed into one of the shirts he’d left over a while ago and his boxers, seeing as I didn’t have any bottoms that would fit him. I didn’t mind it, though- Haesung and I had been friends for years.

   “Y/N,” Haesung sighed, earning my attention. I looked from the television screen to him quickly, trying to watch both the movie and him at once. I noticed he’d set down the remote and moved his blanket off his legs, so I figured he had to go home. “Can you come here a second?” 

    I gave a dramatic huff of breath, although smiling, and grabbed the remote to pause the movie. As I reached for it, Haesung’s hands closed in around my wrist, gently stopping me. I looked at him quickly. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while,” Haesung breathed, suddenly closer to me than I remembered him having been. 

    For a moment, I pictured Jiyong’s face. I pictured him in my bed one particular morning, smiling sleepily at me before he left for rehearsal. And then I pictured him on stage with CL, looking in his natural state with such a gorgeous woman. I wouldn’t compare myself to CL, so instead, I found myself staring into Haesung’s eyes. My infatuation with Jiyong had gone too far. I would end up hurting myself, but Haesung… Haesung was a constant. He’d been my best friend for years, with me through thick and thin. He was the obvious choice- we were compatible, after all, but I never thought he felt that way about me. 

    I didn’t fight him off- not that I wanted to. Haesung leaned forward, gently pressing his lips against mine. It was an action that caught me off guard- I was so used to Jiyong’s rough, passionate kisses that Haesung’s felt dull in comparison. Even then, I needed to forget Jiyong. That would never turn into a relationship, no matter how often I dreamt it would. Instead, I allowed Haesung to kiss me, slowly moving his hands from my jaw to my shoulders. 

    “Was that okay?” Haesung breathed against my mouth, sounding a bit insecure as he did confident. 

    I nodded, biting onto my lip. Jiyong’s face popped into my mind again. It only stopped when I kissed Haesung, so I knew what I had to do. Smiling in his direction, I pressed our lips together again, momentarily forgetting how smug CL had looked as she ran her hands through Jiyong’s hair. I mimicked her action, gently pulling on Haesung’s hair as I climbed into his lap. He didn’t object, but instead let out a moan of surprise. 

    Haesung held me by the hips as his tongue entered my mouth. It was nowhere near as calculative and experienced as Jiyong’s was, but it was something. I sucked gently on his bottom lip, my stomach sinking with each kiss. I felt better about myself in that moment, knowing that I was getting back at Jiyong- even if he didn’t know it. Smirking inwardly, I grabbed Haesung by the collar of his shirt, slowly lifting it up and over his head. Haesung wasn’t as masculine, but he was still fit. I ran my fingers over his chest as I sucked on his neck, listening to him moan at my actions. 

    Without warning, Haesung laid back down onto the couch, allowing me to fully sit on his lap. I could feel a bulge in his boxer briefs, obvious from the thin material pressing up against me. His hands traveled up my own shirt, squeezing my ass for a brief movement before he sucked on my neck. Just as I moved to take my own shirt off, there was a heavy fist knocking on the door. I opted to ignore it, except the person didn’t leave. 

    “Hold on,” I sighed, kissing Haesung chastely before hopping over the top of the couch. I didn’t adjust my hair or clothes, seeing as I wanted the person to know I was busy and leave. Without checking to see who it was, I unlocked the door and pulled it back, ready to tell the visitor to leave when I met his eyes. 

    Jiyong stood before me, still dressed fashionably from the YG Family concert. He raised his eyebrows when he saw me, red marks forming on my neck and my hair ruffled considerably. His eyes narrowed. “Am I interrupting something?” Jiyong inquired in a low voice. 

    “Who’s here?” Haesung called from the couch breathlessly. 

    Jiyong looked at me in surprise, then to the inside of my house. “I have the same question,” he said lowly. I heard Haesung shuffle before he appeared in the door frame beside me, shirtless with marks forming on his chest and hair ruffled- not to mention his lips were now swollen and red. Jiyong’s look of surprise conformed to one of anger, his eyebrows furrowing. “Who the fuck are you?” He demanded. 

    Haesung looked surprised, “You’re G-Dragon. What’re you doing here?” Haesung knew Jiyong was one of my close friends, but he didn’t know to an extent. Looking awkward, Haesung continued, “Think you can come back later? Y/N and I are pretty… busy,” he looked at me with a smirk and wink, then back to Jiyong. 

    Jiyong laughed aloud, “How about this. What if you left and never came back?” 

    I sucked in a breath. Why was Jiyong acting like this? He certainly didn’t care when he was in my place hours before. Plus, it wasn’t exactly like we were dating. “Jiyong,” I said suddenly, avoiding his eyes, “maybe you should leave.” 

   Jiyong gave me a devilish grin. “Me? Maybe your little fuck buddy should leave,” his darkened eyes jumped to Haesung, who looked shocked that G-Dragon, someone who he considered an idol, was speaking so bluntly. 

   “Jiyong,” I sighed exasperatedly, “go home.” 

   “I’m not going anywhere, princess,” Jiyong retorted quickly. “I would suggest a threesome but then again, I’m not up for sharing.” 

    Haesung frowned, “Look, man, she told you to leave. I don’t want to hurt you.” 

   Jiyong gave an abrupt laugh. “You have about ten seconds to get the fuck out of here.” 

   Haesung raised his eyebrows, linking his arm around my waist and pulling me into his side. “Or what?” 

   “Come on, guys,” I exhaled, “Jiyong, you’re being immature. You too, Haesung.” Haesung rolled his eyes at me, but Jiyong simply grinned. 

   “Y/N, I think we need to talk,” Jiyong finally said, in a voice that was much too calm to be his. I stared at him for a moment, not entirely noticing that Haesung’s fingers were playing with the band of my pajama shorts. 

   “It’s not going to work out,” I sighed, not looking him in the eye. “We both knew you and I wouldn’t.” 

   “So you pick up another fuck buddy?” Jiyong demanded. “When were you going to tell me this?” 

   I stared at him in shock. “I… I didn’t think you’d care.” 

  Jiyong laughed bitterly. “Why wouldn’t I?” 

  “B-Because, you and CL-” I cut myself off, realizing how childish I sounded. I didn’t get claims to Jiyong, just as he didn’t to me. 

  “Jagiya,” Jiyong sighed, “it was just for show. Let me in so we can talk, please.” 

  Haesung quickly intervened, “Not a good a idea, friend.” 

  I squeezed my eyes tightly, making snap decisions. “Haesung, I think I should talk to Jiyong. Alone.” 

  Haesung stared at me incredulously, then to Jiyong. “What aren’t you telling me, Y/N?” 

  Jiyong interrupted, “She’s not telling you that Y/N and I have been fucking for the past three months.” 

   At his bluntness, Haesung’s eyes grew wide, darting from Jiyong to me. I couldn’t exactly deny it, so I just swallowed, sheepishly nodding. “You’re kidding me,” Haesung ran a hand over his face, pinching the bridge of his nose. Shaking his head in disbelief, Haesung grabbed his shirt off the couch, then threw a spiteful look in Jiyong’s direction. “I’m not giving up on you, Y/N. Let me know when you’re done being with boys and come find me.” 

   “Oh, I’m sure I can take care of her,” Jiyong brushed past his shoulder and into my house, smirking triumphantly as he shrugged off his coat. Haesung glared at him before pulling me in for a kiss. He crashed our lips together in a way that felt mundane before smugly walking from my apartment. I could hear the low growl in Jiyong’s throat as I shut the door and locked it, turning to face him. 

   I noticed the look Jiyong was giving me and rolled my eyes. “What, you can go around fucking other girls but I make out with one guy and suddenly I’m the bad person?” 

   Jiyong scoffed, “I haven’t been fucking anyone else, princess.” 

   I laughed aloud, “I saw the look you gave CL. You might as well have had ‘I’m taking her home’ written on your damn forehead, Kwon Jiyong.” Jiyong gave you an amused look, eyebrows raised and that killer smile on his face. I scowled. 

   “You were jealous then, huh princess?” Jiyong smirked, biting down on his lower lip. I rolled my eyes, not going to give him the satisfaction. Folding my arms over my chest, I leaned back against the wall, staring daggers at him. Jiyong sat on the top of my couch, grinning. Swinging his legs tauntingly, he dropped onto his feet, sauntering towards me. “There’s no need to be jealous, jagiya… I’m all yours.” 

   He whispered this against my cheek, his teeth nibbling on my earlobe. I grabbed him by his shirt and shoved him backwards, watching him stumble into the couch. “I’m not jealous,” I told him sharply. Jiyong stared at me, one eyebrow raised in amusement. 

   “Oh, so if I were to call CL and fuck her tonight you wouldn’t care?” Jiyong retorted quickly. 

   I shrugged, “I’d be able to spend the night with Haesung. That boy has a mouth on-” before I could finish my sentence, Jiyong rushed me, shoving me up against the wall. He roughly pressed his lips to mine and I felt relief fill me- his kiss was everything Haesung’s wasn’t. Grabbing one of my legs and wrapping it around his hips, Jiyong angled himself against me, biting down on my lower lip hard enough to make me cry out. 

    “Don’t say shit like that,” Jiyong growled, his eyes narrowed to slits. 

    I made to speak but Jiyong angled his hips into my core, causing me to moan in pleasure. “Like what?” I managed to say breathlessly. “If you hadn’t come and barged in, Haesung could be fucking me into the couch right now.” 

    Without warning, Jiyong tackled me onto the cushions, feverishly planting kisses along my throat, biting and going over the marks Haesung left, making them his. “Get on your knees,” he ordered harshly. I didn’t object, sliding off the couch and staring up at Jiyong as his unbuttoned his pants. His erection sprang free, already leaking from the tip. He gave himself three quick jerks before he grabbed the back of my head. I eagerly took him between my lips, moaning and sending vibrations up his member as he fucked my mouth. “This is my couch,” Jiyong groaned out. “My girl, sucking my cock like a good little slut.” 

    At his words, I couldn’t stop my free hand from rubbing the cloth of my pajamas against my core, moaning from how good the friction felt. Before Jiyong could finish in my mouth, he picked me up and sat me on his lap, rocking his hips against the fabric of my pajamas. “Haesung will never have you like this,” he growled as he grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I was still in my bra from the concert, one that was flashy even though I figured no one would see it. Biting onto his lip, Jiyong quickly unclasped the back of it and tossed it somewhere in the living room. 

    I threw my head back, moaning in pleasure as his warm tongue swirled around my nipple. One of his hand pulled at my other breast, kneading it as he sucked on the first. My hands pulled at his hair, where CL’s hands had been hours before. This was mine, I told myself. Eagerly, I helped Jiyong out of his shirt, appreciatively kissing his chest.

    “Get the fuck out of these,” Jiyong demanded, pulling eagerly at my pajama pants. Without hesitation, I stood up, sliding them off along with my thong. Sitting on my couch, Jiyong stared at him, eyes narrowed and his expression hungry as he eyes my now-naked body. Ironically, one of CL’s songs had begun playing from my phone in its radio dock. The low bass shook from the loud speakers, shaking the floor and drowning out Jiyong’s moan. He stared at me, naked and bruising, as his hand moved quickly up and down his cock. A loud yell escaped his lips as he came in sporadic spurts of white release. 

    I fell onto the couch beside him, opting for kissing as he grew hard again. Knowing he was sensitive, I sucked at his flaccid member, licking the seed off him. Jiyong moaned, fidgeting as I did so. Jiyong leaned forward, kissing me and tasting himself on my tongue. He pressed his lips onto my throat, nibbling at it as he kissed his way down my chest. He stopped at my breasts once again, biting down on my nipples and causing me to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He moved down the couch so that his lips were angled with my thighs. He sucked on the inner part of them, ignoring the needy bundle of nerves before him. I pulled on his hair, whining softly. 

    Jiyong blew a warm breath of air onto my clit. I moaned loudly, throwing my head back and biting down on my swollen lip. “All for me,” he whispered against my sex, smirking up at me. “Only for me,” he repeated dominantly, to which I nodded quickly in agreement. “I don’t to hear anymore about Haesung, got it? Your pussy is mine and mine only- I don’t like to share, princess.” 

    “Fuck, Jiyong,” I managed to say in a hoarse voice, “just lick it.” 

   Jiyong raised an eyebrow at me, as if he hadn’t heard me correctly. “Are you ordering me around, baby girl?” I knew this all too well. Shaking my head, Jiyong smirked, pressing his tongue flat against my clit. I cried out in surprise, tugging at his platinum hair. I felt his tongue slide into my opening, licking around and tasting me. Just as I got close, Jiyong sat up, grinning widely. At the sight of his lips glistening with my juices, I clenched my teeth, my chest rising and falling with quick, sharp breaths. 

    “How far did you and Haesung go?” Jiyong whispered against my lips, allowing me to taste myself on his. He ground his hips against mine, the head of his now-erect cock sliding up against my spread legs. 

    I gasped breathlessly, “I thought you didn’t want to hear anymore about him.” 

   Jiyong grabbed one of my legs, wrapping it around his hip as he positioned himself at my entrance. “What did I say?” He growled, staring down at me. 

   I swallowed, “He… He was about to take my shirt off.” 

  He tasked in disapproval. Suddenly, he thrust into me, and I gasped loudly at the abrupt fullness. As slowly as possible, he removed himself until only the head of his manhood remained, then angled his hips and pounded into me once again. My nails were digging crescents into his back as he thrust. “He’ll never feel your walls around him,” Jiyong whispered against my throat, his thumb pulling down on my bottom lip. “He’ll never release inside you like I will.” 

   I cried out once again as Jiyong lifted me off the couch. Everything spun for a moment until I felt my back hit the wall of my kitchen. He pounded into me relentless, moving across the kitchen as if every surface were on fire. At one point we were on the floor and I was riding him, moaning loudly as his hands  cupped my breasts, pulling at my nipples affectionately. Not even a second later he flipped us over and I was sitting on the counter of the sink, hot water suddenly spewing out onto my ass as he pumped himself against my center. 

   “God, princess, you feel so good,” he moaned against my throat, sucking lightly on it. I didn’t trust myself to speak so I simply ran my hands through his hair, tugging on it when he hit my g-spot once again. 

    “You’re so big,” I threw my head back, allowing him access to my throat. My words seemed to have an effect on him, seeing as he let out a loud moan against my neck as he shoved himself into me again. “Fuck, Jiyong,” I ran my nails down his back, hoping that it’d leave marks. 

    Jiyong picked me off the counter, bumping into each wall before he found my bed. Without ever leaving me, Jiyong angled himself again, though instead of kissing me he sucked on one of my breasts. “I’m close, princess,” he said gruffly, still holding one of my legs around him. He moved so that he pressed up against that bundle of nerves. I felt the familiar heat pool at my spread legs and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. 

    “Jiyong,” I moaned. His eyes opened quickly, looking at me before narrowing into a smirk. 

    “Come with me, princess,” he groaned. I lost all ability to speak as Jiyong’s pace became more rapid. Suddenly, he thrust into me, spilling his hot release inside of me. I felt my own juices leak out, covering his cock in me. He stayed there for a moment, irregularly pounding into me, milking himself of all he had before collapsing onto my body. He stayed inside me for a moment, slowly removing himself. I winced at the sudden loss. 

    I stared up at the ceiling of my bedroom breathlessly. 

    “All mine,” Jiyong whispered, his hand drawing circles into my abdomen. He linked his arm around my waist and propped his head up with his other arm. He stared down at me, smiling genuinely. “Now, jagiya, I don’t want you jealous anymore, okay? You’re the only one who I want,” he pressed his lips down against mine. Like Haesung’s, it was a gentle kiss, except this one I felt- this one had emotion, this one had passion. This one captured everything Jiyong  and I had ever done into one moment. 

    “Okay,” I smiled against his lips, my cheeks and chest flushed.  

   Jiyong laid his head down onto my breasts, listening to my heartbeat through my torso. Knowing I was sensitive, his hand innocently traveled down to between my legs, absentmindedly playing with my clit. I stifled a moan by biting down on my tongue, but Jiyong had other ideas. “I have to ask you something,” he said, one finger teasing my entrance. 

    I sucked in a breath, “Ask me.” 

   His index finger entered me, causing me to moan in surprise. Instead of smirking, he was smiling, his tongue licking over my breast before he brought his eyes up to mine.

     “Be my girlfriend?” 

For Keeps

Originally posted by parkejimins

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Y/N

Genre: Extreme fluff / One Shot

Word Count: 1,888

March 9th, 2017.

09:36 AM

A beam of sunlight breaks through your curtains, dancing over your features. Being the light sleeper that you are, your eyes flutter open as it hits your eyelids. You groan, squeezing your eyes shut as you roll to the other side, hiding your face from the light.

Oh, how you hate those damn curtains. You make a mental note to search the web for roller shutter producers first thing after breakfast. Ah, breakfast. Your stomach rumbles at the thought.

Sighing, you sit up slowly. Puffing out a breath to gently lift your bangs into the air. Your gaze falls on what can only be described as a heap next to you in bed. All tangled limbs and sheets, messy raven black hair, and – as you lean closer to admire the boy’s face - eyelashes. You’ve always been a big fan of his face (his beautiful, soft face) but the way those eyelashes frame his deep brown eyes when he looks at you, oh boy.

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No Moon At All

so, i went to this 1940′s radio show a literal year ago and they did a tango arrangement of this song here sung by a woman by the stage-last name of Haywood. so that ruled my ass and here we are; post-war freewood.

              Ryan noticed the pilot from the second he entered the packed dance hall shyly, a slim young man in a RAF uniform, so terribly out of place in the heart of Texas. Hell, it was the end of the war, was anything out of place anymore? Certainly not here, with smoke so thick it turned the lights blue, and the singer melting into the shadows with her sequined black dress, a shimmering anomaly of stars.

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