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Question for mun ( Hi Jay!!) I was just wondering, is Zack in this au? I can't remember if we've seen him or not. Is he missing like in KH canon or, spoilers for people who have not played ffvii or anything related to it, dead? Or does he just live far away? ( also it's so good to see you again! It's a little weird tho, usually when ever I think to myself ' hmm I wonder how Jay is doing?' You update.. it's weird.)

hello anon!!^O^ YES, zack is absolutely here!! i just havent gotten around to drawing him in anything yet… i’m a fool… i have answered a question or two abt him over on my ask.fm, but basically fret not!! zack has a pulse!! he’s married to aerith in liverpepper, making him leon’s brother-in-law since leon and aerith (and yuffie) are adoptive siblings ^O^ cloud and zack meanwhile are childhood friends who moved to radiant garden (where the gang all live now) when cloud was 10.

(and AHH! 💕💕💕 it’s so good to be back, and so lovely to reply to your ask! maybe i’m telepathic. maybe… it’s magic..!!)

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Id love to watch the new video with the girl sh*wna however, it's been brought to light that she's against gay marriage bc of her religion and I'm so deeply uncomfortable by that. As a gay in a Christian house I constantly fight about this with my family and I just cannot support someone who thinks the fact that I wanna marry someone of the same sex isn't ok. I think I'm gonna cry now bc she seems sweet but I can't support.

Ah yeah I just saw that pointed out on IDB.

The collab is still cute as fuck, and it doesn’t change my feelings on being pleased that Phil chooses collabs based on people he actually does get along with and has known for a while.

But not gonna lie, it’s pretty disappointing.

Receipts for anyone who wants - a thread on her twitter (link) and an ask.fm answer (link).

I have this schoolmate of mine and her friend; both of them are bisexual. (One of them were assumed to be a lesbian and that’s my schoolmate. She was very angry towards it for ppl labeling her as a lesbian) they were friends for about 4 yrs. I find them so similar to camren. A lot of people are telling them they are together but they kept on denying it. They even dated guys too during ppl’s assumptions towards them. They were assumed to be dating for 2 yrs now. Until one day i noticed there ask.fm answers regarding to there supposed relationship. An anon asked if they were still single and they both answered yes. And then one of my friends saw them kissing at starbucks. a couple of months passed another asked if they broke up and to what happened to them. They said they were not together anymore. And so i asked her (schoolmate) if they really did broke up she said yes. She told me they started dating 4 months ago (August) i asked her if why did they tried to hide their relationship. She said her girlfriend (bestfriend) doesn’t want to let ppl know they are a thing and that her parents are not that supportive. And her parents has a lot of trust in her. And now, they still managed to keep their breakup between them. No one knows they dated. And now they look like they are still friends but is now distant. But since both of them are in the same squad both of them acted like nothing happened between them. Both of them acted like they never were part of each other’s lives. They still look like they are ONLY friends. Similar to camren too. This is the reason why i don’t believe something i see or hear an interview regarding camren being ‘not real’ or C and L denying it bc we never know what happens between closed doors. What if camren WAS a thing? That they dated. And thats why the “so annoying” comment of L and C’s tweet regarding the pic of the moon and sun happened bc their relationship is over. Not just that but also bc of camila’s reblogs too. Remember L’s reblog about bisexuality? Yea she reblogged 2 blogs about bisexuality. And guess what? You know what i mean. I believe in one point in life, camren is real. Or WAS real. Nothing can change my opinion regarding that.