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Yuuri moved to Russia with Viktor. That means we have a small eternity in the timeline to imagine the kind of domestic bliss going on over there.

+ Viktor dragging Yuuri ALL OVER St. Petersburg as soon as Yuuri is no longer jetlagged, showing him everything

+ Viktor sitting in bed with a laptop while Yuuri slept, trying to see if there were any Japanese restaurant with high ratings around because he knew it’s a guarantee that Yuuri will miss home

+ petty arguments over whose turn it is to wash the dishes

+ always shopping extra for groceries because despite all of his complaining Yurio never fails to show up at their place for dinner at least three times a week after moving his home rink to St. Petersburg

+ “I survived in Detroit for five years, Vitya, I’m okay without Japanese food,” Yuuri says in amusement as Viktor dragged him out to eat. But he’s touched anyway and hey, food’s actually pretty damn good!!!

+ Yuuri actually using the kitchen appliances in Viktor’s old apartment

+ Yuuri becoming the neighborhood mystery and every granny and Viktor’s neighbors are Determined to catch him in conversation at least once a day, and Yuuri is terrified because his Russian is broken at best

+ “Alexei (the local butcher) congratulates on ‘finally finding the one after seven tries’,” Yuuri says one day as he returns to Viktor’s apartment with their grocery. “You sure are determined, Vitya.”

+ “I have to be a role model for Alexei, because he gave up after two,” Viktor replies grandly and comes over to give Yuuri a full body hug and a giant sloppy kiss on his cheek and a “Welcome home.”

+ YUURI LEARNING RUSSIAN (Viktor is Delighted)

+ Yurio is horrified when Yuuri repeated some of the things Viktor told him in bed and didn’t tell him what they meant. Yurio signed Yuuri up for a language learning class the day after and Yuuri is too mortified to protest.

+ Yakov invites Yuuri out for a drink and a talk. Yuuri seriously wondering if he should get a will put together in case Viktor’s old coach delivers the shovel talk but just stops at the “shovel” part

+ “Don’t worry, Yakov won’t hurt a fly,” Viktor tells him with barely contained mirth when Yuuri tells him this. After a moment, he also adds, “Besides, his legs are short. You should be able to outrun him.”

+ “Just watch out for the little pistol he has in his coat pocket,” adds Yurio, who is a complete shit

+ Yuuri calling Yurio “Yurachtka” instead of “Yurio”, figuring it’s a tad more friendly. Yurio pretends to blow a gasket over it but is secretly pleased; only his immediate family ever called him that, and Otabek was too formal for it

+ suspiciously, at least half of the fridge is full of things Yurio like to eat. There is a guest room that also has too many animal print stuff in it to belong to either Yuuri or Viktor. Nobody remarks on this

+ Lilia terrifies Yuuri, but they quickly form an amicable (“amicable”) student-teacher relationship after Lilia commands Yuuri to show up at her studio and dance for her. That was how she ended up getting introduced to Minako as well, who is ecstatic

+ the younger kids under Yakov flocking to Yuuri because he’s as talented as Yurio but is so much nicer. Viktor stands on the side of the rink being absolutely Smug

+ MILA AND YUURI FINALLY MEET, hitting it off right away after half a bottle of vodka. Mila has 50+ embarrassing pictures of Viktor and Yurio collected on her phone over the year. Yuuri is in awe

+ anyway I love this

Rhys looks haunted.

“Who’s going to tell them?”

He gets nothing but avoided eye contact and silent sips of coffee in return.

“I am completely serious. Someone has to say something and it really shouldn’t be me.”

He had thought that all nine of them of them taking a weekend together in the cabin would be fun–and it had been, until he’d been kept up very late by the half-muffled sounds coming from Elain and Lucien’s room. Not of sex, per say; the cabin provides what soundproofing it can, and it should be enough for all the couples to enjoy themselves without bothering each other, but Elain and Lucien had been doing something… loud. Repeatedly.

Cassian is grinning like a maniac, amused beyond all reason. “Okay, I know Rhys is uncomfortable because he’s never done anything that actually qualifies as kinky, but does anyone else think this is hilarious?”

“I object to that profiling of my sex life, Cassian.”

“You’ve never done anything weirder with Feyre than a blindfold,” Cassian says, eyebrows raised, “I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just saying.”

“A blindfold is very kinky,” Rhys asserts, affronted. Mor snorts and he ignores it, focused on Cassian. “What have you two done that’s so much more exciting?”

Nesta, sitting straight as a queen, speaks before Cassian can. “If you answer that question in front of all our friends, Cas, you will never get to do any of those things ever again.”

“We’re off topic,” Feyre announces, setting down her mug of tea decisively. “The question at hand here is who is going to tell Elain and Lucien that spanking is off-limits during their time here.” Silence. She shrugs. “I think it should be Nesta.”

“I’ll do it if you want, but it won’t go well,” Nesta replies flatly. “I have a hard time not slapping the smirk off Lucien’s face on a good day.”

Cassian brandishes a spoonful of oatmeal. “Well, apparently he’s into that, so–”

“Why not Cassian?” Rhys says pointedly, “Since, as he tells us, he’s so knowledgeable about the whole area.”

“That would mortify Elain,” Feyre says, keeping them firmly on track. “It should probably be one of the girls.” Amren, in the corner, lowers her mug of blood to look less than enthused. “It should be Mor or I,” Feyre amends.

Mor gives an casual little shrug. “The noise didn’t bother me, to be honest.”

Rhys frowns in disbelief. “Surely you heard it.”

“We did.”

She does not elaborate, and Rhys suddenly finds it suspicious how quiet Azriel’s been, and how he’s not making eye contact. Cassian seems to have the same thought as he glances between the two of them.

“Mother’s tits,” Cassian says, gaping. “You guys got off on it, didn’t you?”

They don’t respond, but Mor reddens incriminatingly. Cassian’s eyes go wide and he throws his head back in a howl of laugher, over Nesta’s protestations.

Amren is surveying all of them with disdain. “I have been present for some truly insipid conversations between the lot of you but I must say, this one is exceptionally awful.”

“Now THAT’S what I mean by kinky, Rhys” Cassian proclaims, wiping tears from his eyes. “Fucking to the sounds of another couple’s pain play. Cauldron. I’m so proud.”

Rhys looks long-suffering as he turns to Feyre, takes her hand, and kisses it sweetly. “I’m so sorry, darling,” he intones dramatically. “I’ve exposed you to a nest of perverts.”

“Who’s a pervert?” Elain asks with a giggle, choosing this moment to sweep into the kitchen, bright-eyed and with a sated-looking Lucien in her wake. “Are we talking about Cassian again?”

But the whole room has gone silent. Elain falters, looking from one awkward face to the next. “What’s wrong?”

When no one answers, it’s Amren who gets up and says baldly to the two of them, “Everyone from here to Velaris could hear whatever it was you were doing last night. It made these fools uncomfortable, largely. Do with that information what you will.” In the shocked silence following, she puts her empty mug in the sink, unhurried, and heads for the door. “I’m going for a walk far away from this nonsense. If anyone needs me, you are encouraged to reconsider.”

The door slams shut behind her.

“Oh,” Elain says faintly.


Amelia Potter vs Voldemort + the simpsons movie

Guys, what if, since because ‘King J.J’, if J.J had kids he nicknamed them his little prince/ss? Like, he could have a daughter and call her his little princess even into adulthood when she’s started getting embarrassed by it. Or a little prince who’s like ‘dad please, I’m twice your size now, I could flip you to the floor if I wanted to’.

Omg you know what would be funny though. Is for the mercs to end up finding Doc and them having to keep Doc with them

‘About time someone found me! You know how long I’ve been stuck in there. Oh. It’s just you two. So you’re working together now? That’s cool I guess.’

Doc criticizing Locus’ armour. ‘Y’know, that voice filter is pretty intimidating but it’s a little over the top don’t you think. And what’s up with the X on your helmet, I mean, the colour is okay, but eenh.’ 

Locus stares at Doc. ‘Stop talking.’

‘What’s with the temper, jeez, you remind me of Washington. So hostile. You should lighten up! Have you tried yoga?’

Locus looks over to Felix, and Felix just snickers “Hey it was your dumb idea to keep him alive.” Locus sighs and walks away. “Awh come on Locs, he was just joking!”

“Locs? That a nickname?”

“Yeah, he loves it.”

Jon & Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine falling in love with Robb and Jon but instead of having to pick between them, you get both.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hi can I have a jon and Robb love triangle with a smut and lots of fluff pls loved your one on Robb 👍🏻😍

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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Dennis’ Double Life

“I feel like a lot of people are assuming that the dissatisfaction with the episode stems from MacDennis and while that’s very true for a lot of people (especially the newbies), it’s not true for everyone.

I have zero stock in MacDennis. I would have been amused if it had happened, but I am just as okay with it not happening.

My dissatisfaction from the episode is that it just felt… off. Like, it didn’t feel like a good episode.

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I just want you all to know that I’ve written Peter and Stiles’ first meeting in the gladiator/hunger games fic, Peter is teaching Stiles some fighting techniques, and the sexual tension is strong with these two assholes

“One more thing before we start,” Peter says. “Don’t worry about hurting me. You won’t – most likely. And if you do, I won’t get angry. Don’t hold back.”

“I wasn’t planning to. Actually I could really get behind punching a werewolf right about now.”

Peter smirks, clearly amused. “Okay. Do it. I won’t block.”

Stiles pulls his fist back, ready to aim for Peter’s jaw, then changes his mind and punches him in the stomach as hard as he can.

Peter doesn’t flinch, doesn’t even take a step back. “Interesting choice. Punching the abdomen will protect your hands, but it won’t do much to your opponent. You’re not strong enough, not yet. You don’t have the force to knock the wind out of someone, so it’s a waste of energy.”

“I could’ve punched you in the dick,” Stiles retorts, and Peter’s smile just widens, showing teeth.

you know what? not only do i want fic, but i want an entire episode where steve has to do something with the navy, some sort of training thing or whatever, maybe some sort of “bring the old guys back to show the new guys how it’s done” kind of thing, OR OR OR maybe it’s a demonstration for people thinking about signing up for SEAL training and steve gets invited back because he’s, you know, a decorated former lieutenant commander who heads his own task force and takes down international criminals. the entire team decides to tag along. because they think they know SEAL!Steve. they think they know what he’s about because they’ve been working under his orders for the last six years, but they have no idea.

steve is a machine, and it leaves all of them stunned. he’s twice these cadet’s age and absolutely wiping the floor with them. it’s mesmerizing, watching him move.

they stop underestimating steve’s crazy after that. the steve they work with is downright lazy compared to the steve they see that weekend.

L is such a pissbaby like. This is two months past L and Light fighting. Two months past Light telling L to suck it up and get back in gear. L is still facing away from any investigation material. Light is still like ‘I am soooo sorry to interrupt your important task of being motivationless’. Implying this is really all L has been doing tWO ENTIRE MONTHS.

And then Light asks him to come over for a second and he makes that face. Look at that fucking 'ugh why do I need to move’ face. 
This man is literally insulted to have to participate in his own fucking investigation. 'How dare you make me do this thing which is my job.’