i was amazed when she finished

“I claim you, Aelin. To whatever end.”

-Sarah J. Maas @sjmaas

Heir of Fire

I finished Heir of Fire and I’m so in love with it!!! So many amazing new characters! 

Aedion and Rowan immediately stole my heart!

I changed a minor thing about Aelin, cause I thought she was rather pale with light eyebrows. Now she looks better, I shall change that in the older ones too when I get to it.
I really hope you like this new poster, so far this is my favorite one!

Reblogs are loved :) 

I remember being 9 and I had to write a short fairytale story for homework. I wrote a beautiful story, about a girl who grew up and fell in love with a boy (or girl, although I was 9 at the time and didn’t know anything other than heterosexual relationships). But I could never think of an ending. I handed it in, and my English teacher asked me why it wasn’t finished.

I was 16 when I fell in love with a boy who was an amazing person, but the universe decided it wasn’t meant to be. But I think, out of all the heartbreak and tragedy, I finally found an ending to my story:

Our stories are not destinations, they do not need to end in happy endings. Maybe the endings are who we become because of our experiences. Endings don’t have to be “and they lived happily ever after”, maybe they just have to be “and she tried, it didn’t work, but she’s happy within herself”.

—  i-wonder-lust 
Halloween Special: Steve Edition, “I am going to spangle you till you see stars.”

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: October 31st, 2016
Warnings: Swearing, teasing, cuffing, fingering, oral, dom. Steve, ordering, strip tease, and smut.
AN: (^_^) Hehe–this is fun. 

RATED: R (18y/o+)

“Almost done.” Wanda smiled as she finished curling the back of your hair. You smiled at her reflection as you looked down at your red, white, and blue alternating toenails, “I hope Steve likes it.” You glanced back up at your best friend when you heard her scoff, “He won’t like it—He will love it. All done!” She pulled out the cord and wrapped it around the curling iron. You smiled, “Thank you!” You stood up and smiled at your 1940′s Captain America showgirl costume. She smiled, “You look amazing!” You smiled back at her, “Thank you–again.” 

It was Halloween, and Tony was having a costume party. You weren’t sure what Steve was wearing and he wasn’t sure as to what you were wearing. Walking into the sea of people, you were bombarded with too many Ironmen–and finally your eyes landed on that dorito shaped back that you love. It was as if he knew you were walking up, he turned around and you froze in your tracks at the sight of his costume. Immediately, you regretted wearing a thong because there wasn’t much protection from your wetting arousal that you were sure would be dripping down your leg. 

He was a police officer. The navy blue short sleeved shirt was tucked into the matching dress pants, the sleeves looked like they were suffocating his large arms. Silver cuffs were attached to his holster, when you finally met his eyes, he gave you a wink before stalking over with dark eyes, “Damn.” He hummed as his large hands cupped your waist, “A show girl? Who are you performing for?” He asked as he bent over and his nose traced your earlobe before he finally placed a kiss below your ear. Your body shivered under his touch as his breath ghostly grazed your skin, “Mmm?” He asked.

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Dare | Jimin, You

For my wonderful friend Cassie aka @comeherejimin​ I hope you like it! And everyone reading this, you should definitely check her out! Her graphics are amazing and she is just such a sweet person. 

Originally posted by sosjimin

Is this even real?

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Valuable Asset - One-shot - (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by recordshopchris

Summary: As the weapons and tech member of the Avengers Y/N stays at the compound. When the team leaves to take out a Hydra base they find out it was a distraction set up by Hydra to infiltrate the compound and take Y/N.

A/N: This was requested by @borderline-person a while back. Sorry it took me so long to finish writing it, you can blame my writer’s block for that, and I hope you like it. 

Request: It’s a steve x reader, where reader is an amazing techy/weapon agent that helps the avengers during missions behind the computers, one mission the avengers are raising a hydra base but turns out to be a decoy/distraction cos hydra just really wants to kidnap the reader for her skills and the avengers are super worried especially steve but when they got back they found out the reader fought all the enemies and they are suprised that she is great at fighting too, sorry if you found it weird haha, it’s up to you how you wanna go from this and thank you so much!!!

“Everything is looking good on this end,” I tell the team as I scan the monitors in front of me.

“Are you sure this is the place Fury told you about,” Nat asked.

“Yes,” I frown. “Why?”

“Something doesn’t feel right,” Steve said.

“Tony is your suit glitching,” I ask looking at the monitor that showed me a feed coming from his suit.

“No,” Tony said.

“I don’t get it,” I say as my fingers flew across the keyboard in front of me. “There seems to be no heat signatures coming from inside the building.”

“I’m getting the same thing,” Sam said and I turned to look at the monitor showing me Red Wing’s feed.

“Guys stay on your toes,” I tell them. “I’m going to get Fury on the line.”

“Y/N,” Fury answers.

“Fury, where did your source get the coordinates to the hydra base you sent me,” I ask him.

“What coordinates,” he asked.

“The ones you sent me this morning.”

“I never sent you any coordinates,” he said making me worry.

“Fury, I’m going to have to call you back,” I say ending the call.

I pull up the message I had received that morning. I quickly run a tracer on the message and let out a few curse when I finished.

“Guy’s,” I say slowly. “That message didn’t come from Fury.”

“Who sent it,” Steve asked.


“It’s a trap,” Tony said.

“No,” I breathe. “It’s a distraction.”

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X-Files Fic: Reminiscence, Chapter One

Timeline: Post-revival, but assuming that “My Struggle II” never happened.
Rating: PG, for language only.
Summary: This fic was prompted by an awesome video by the amazing @mulderswaterbed, which you can watch here.  Mulder wakes one morning to find that Scully has disappeared, and is told- by those he trusts- that she has been dead for over twenty years.  All of the evidence- and even Mulder’s own memories- seem to back it up.  But is it true?  Or can Mulder not trust anyone- himself included?

A quick note: Plenty of y’all are going to be SCREAMING at me when you finish this chapter, but please, stay with me!  I promise not to steer you wrong!

In his dreams, there are flashing lights, loud noises, the high, keening sound of the wind, and, he could swear, someone calling his name in a panic… though it could have just been more wind.  He wakes once, barely, just enough to register that it’s storming outside, raining instead of snowing because it’s been a warm winter.

When he wakes for the day, hours later, her side of the bed is cold, empty, the covers pulled up to the pillow and tightly tucked in.  He tries to think back to the conversation they’d had before bed- had she said anything about leaving early?  He could have sworn they’d decided to drive to work together today.  He retrieves his smartphone from the nightstand, but there are no new texts, no missed phone calls.  He rolls onto his back with a groan, staring up at the badly cracked ceiling that he’s been meaning to re-plaster for years.

He tells himself that maybe she’d discovered, upon waking, that she’d forgotten something important at her apartment back in DC, and she hadn’t wanted to wake him up when she’d realized she’d have to go home before heading to the Hoover building.  Or maybe she’d discovered that he’d run out of coffee earlier this week, and she’s making a quick Starbucks run so that she doesn’t have to begin the day sans caffeine.

Maybe she’s on her way back here, even now.

But when seven-thirty has come and gone, and Mulder has showered, shaved, and donned his suit for the day, and there’s still no sign of Scully, he has to conclude that, whatever the reason, she must have decided to leave the house before he’d woken up.

Without telling him.

Mulder tries to remember if there’s anything he might have said, at work or after, the previous evening, that could have offended her, could have made her decide to leave in the middle of the night… but, oddly enough, he’s having a hard time remembering anything that happened at work at all, and nothing from when they’d arrived back at the house.  He remembers her sitting across from him at the desk in their office, frowning down at something- a report?- and pushing a lock of long hair out of her face, rolling her eyes at something ridiculous he’d said.


Long hair?

He shakes his head sharply.  He must not be getting enough sleep, if his brain is this scrambled.

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Happy (belated) Birthday to my best friend in the entire world, @redredribbon; her birthday was a couple of days ago, and I had to try and finish this when she wasn’t home!! Ahhhh! But here it is, some cute Merrill/Orana lute lessons for you. <3

Riss, I love you so much and I’m so grateful for every year I’ve gotten to spend with you, thank you for being an amazing friend and one of the most kind, hardworking, patient, and hilarious people I know!!!! <3 <3 <3

[[Warning, I’m dyslexic! Grammar problems]]

Title: Feeling special.

I’ve been swimming since I live next to a indoor pool, my mother was professional swimmer and I gonna be the next. I was the best in my team and won ton gold medals “you’re amazing just like your mother” my teammate said, but I don’t want to be her.. I want to be me. I cut my short to not match my mother, but still they said I just like her…

My father work at a little company who helps young people to find their dream, I saw her just same age like me “sorry, my father is bit late” I said and bows to her “right” she said and sitting down on the couch. When I finish packing my swimwear and walk though her, she was still alone. I couldn’t let her wait so I asked “will you see me swimming? We live next to a indoor pool” and become embarrassing, but she nodded and took her bag with her.

“It’s look like nobody here today?” I said and took my clothes off. “Nice body you got there” she said made me jump “ah, right.. Thanks” I said, it’s not first I heard it. All my teacher, teammate, classmates and my friends said it but they add ‘just like your mother’. I look at her and she look bored “I got some extra swimwear, wanna swim with me?” I asked, started to blush and then the strange beautiful smile come out from her face “really? Thanks” she said and took the swimwear.

Her body look also good and the swimwear suit her very well. I couldn’t take my eyes from her and when she noticed it, she just smile at me. “You’re good to swim? I heard your mother was professional swimmer, so you wanna be like her?” She asked and I look bit sad “no.. I want to swimmer too, but not as XXX perfect daughter, I want to be me” I said and look down.

She come closer to me, lay her arm around me “why talk like this? You can’t be your mother, because you’re you, thank for invited me.. I have always wanted a friend to share hobbies with me” she said and couldn’t stop look into her beautiful eyes.

We look each other’s eyes and we couldn’t see what happen around us. She just took me into her arms in the romantic way.

-the end-


Ok so @mortalspork is writing an amazing malec fic and I couldn’t help but draw fanart for it. She’s about halfway through, so expect more art when it comes out (since I don’t want to spoil too much of it ;D)

UPDATE: Chapter one of Marijke’s fic is now up! Here’s a link to go read it!

Its Back in its cage

Him: After our first experiment things kinds died down. The sex stopped, i started jerking off again and things between us were just not as exiting. Until Saturday night.

We went out out and got pretty drunk, she looked super sexy in her LBD. We went home and had amazing sex, i came all over her pussy and she pushed me down and made me clean it up, she wasn’t finished and got the wand out and made herself cum again infront of me before forcefully pushing me back down and saying “dont you want to taste your wifes cum”. I obliged and she came again in my mouth. She loved it and chuckled to herself at the fact she had came all over my face.

Sunday morning i woke her up by gently squeezing her breasts and when she was awake enough i went down on her. I made her cum and she gently fondled my extremely aroused penis. This went on for an hour or so just teasing me and she had this devilish look in her eyes as she slowly wanked me off into her mouth. I was begging her “just please let me come” she laughed and said no not today” as she reached in the draw and pulled out my smallest cage. (the one from the photo below, that hurt) i went to the shower slid it on and handed her the keys.

I made the mistake of telling her its not that tight, its only when i get herd that it pinches a little. She laughed and said thats good then. Sunday night she tortured me in the cage, after making her cum she decided it would be fun making me as hard as she possibly could inside the steel bars. toyed with my sort of exposed helmet until it got sensitive and then sucked me to the point of orgasm, a tiny little spurt shot out but that was it. She laughed as she scooped it up and rubbed it over my lips.

Whats SO hot is that this time it was her that enforced it, it was her idea and i think after catching me wanking in the shower this has potential to be the longest i have ever been locked. She said she loved seeing me grabbing the headboard in desperation to cum and she loved the feeling of denying my knowing that each time she teases me it only makes me want her more.

They say for a female being a key holder can become addictive and this is my promise to her right here, “i will try anything once, and your in charge. You have COMPLETE control over your penis and i love you for it”  

The Power Of Love – Epilogue Part 2 – The End

Warnings – none I think

Ok guys this is it! The last EVER part of The Power of Love!

Its very short but its just to finish things up and tie everything in ;)

Thank you to everyone who stayed with me and shared this journey. It’s been amazing!


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Okay but Alex probably shoves her food down her throat as fast as she can, I mean once Kara got comfortable at the Danvers’ she probably ate everything in her path, so Alex quickly learned if it’s not in my mouth right this instant it won’t ever be

Then you have army brat Lucy who’s been in army related things since her teens. And idk if you’ve ever had dinner with someone that’s in the military (especially right after training and/or boot camp) but they are food vacuums. They finish a full entrée in the time that it takes you to finish half of yours

And finally you have Maggie who is constantly amazed by how quickly her girls can shove food down their throats (and by amazed I mean mostly repulsed). Maggie grew up knowing how to hide her snacks so she could have them when she wanted (later in her teens she just learned to appreciate and savor her fave snacks cause they’re not a constant in life)

Now Maggie has to reuse both skills, the hiding and the savoring, because her girlfriend are food vacuums and no snack lasts more than a week at their place

an art trade with the amazing @faunna !! thank you for being so patient with me ; v ; 

she drew me some gooooooood butter lobster (ryoumarx) when we met during a con so she asked me to draw fem!corrin and leo in maid outfits!! 


I JUST WATCHED THE SIX THATCHERS AND IT WAS SO UPSETTING! It was amazing but please don’t read this if you have not seen it. SPOILER ALERT! As soon as the woman aimed at Sherlock, I knew Mary would save him and I cried when she died. I was in suspense from start to finish and I knew there would be a clip at the end of the credits. The clip, although it was short, completely shook me because I thought Mary and Sherlock were okay. She then told him to ‘go to Hell.’ I loved it but it was very upsetting. I knew Mary was going to die but I didn’t think she would this episode. It was like it should be at the end of the series and should be a finale. But it was not.

What Are You Afraid Of?-Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Imagine:#3 Prompt:#87

Word count:1,227

Warnings: Talk of fears

A/n: So I wanted this to be up yesterday but I went to my moms for the day to help get ready for my sister’s birthday party today but it’s now 5:15am and I have finished this, hopefully I will finish the next one tonight when I get home from the party. I had no idea where it was going until I finished writing it, so I hope you enjoy it. (The response on the Brett imagine (and even the Isaac one) has been amazing. Remember you can request things, or just message me to tell me what you think about an imagine, I always enjoy opinions.


Coming Soon


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Author Note: I know Thanksgiving is still a few days away but I couldn’t help myself getting started on all the amazing prompts you guys sent in. Seriously some of them are so amazing I can’t wait to get to them.

This is my first official Joshaya fic and it was requested by the wonderful @beautifullyflawed25. It’s an AU so the main thing you need to know is that Josh and Maya haven’t seen each other since she was ten years old.

Prompt List | Cross Posted to FF

“I said no Maya.” Riley finished pinning her hair into a French twist, “I can’t go clubbing with you tonight its Christmas Eve.”

“Riley, I just got dumped; this is what we do when I get dumped.” Maya whined as she watched her friend put on a far more conservative outfit than what she was wearing.

Riley turned to her best friend, “I love you, but it’s Christmas Eve, I have to go to Church with Lucas and his parents.

“Why it’s not like you and Lucas are going to get married.” Maya flopped down on the bed but noticed the shift in the way Riley held herself, “Honey, what is it?”

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sunlight-tea  asked:

Can I talk to you about how amazing it is that Kat finished high school at age 14, finished her undergrad with a summa cum laude and is currently attending John Hopkins? And that she can sing, like, amazingly? And that she's gorgeous and an utter cinnamon roll but also very aware about problematic things in the fandom e.g. tweeting that article about how Shadowhunters is way better than the books, and apologising about Clary's actions to Luke in 2x07 while ShTV condoned it? She's just asdfghjkl!

I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also when someone told her that a tweet she liked was homophobic because it contained romantic clalec (she thought it was brotp) she apologized qnd unliked it like i love her

It’s only 4:30pm so obviously I’m still at the school, but I really just want to go home because we did unit planning all day. My team all had subs though and we got to take an actual lunch and went to Olive Garden! I have been in front of a computer for seven hours and currently my unit plan on comparing, adding/subtracting, and multiplying/dividing fractions is 15 pages long. Woah. Thinking I might do some printing, go home and relax/eat, and then finish up my unit and intervention plans. Oh the life of a teacher.

My sub was SUPER impressed when I told her it’s my first year. *self-five* She said my room is amazing, my students knew the routines, and my sub plans were extremely helpful (I even left her some chocolate). That really made me feel good!

Also, I tracked everything I ate at lunch and still have plenty of calories left :) I will workout after dinner I think. I am pretty hungry already! Okay bye.

Seventeen Reaction to their Girlfriend being a good dancer

Asked by: Anonymous 

This is my first reaction as a Admin. I hope you like it!

S.Coups: Holds his hands to his chest, as he secretly watches you dance in their practice room. “She so amazing…”

(He’s so precious XD)

Jeonghan: “Ow! Doesn’t that hurt?!” He asked after you did a split in the middle of the dance

Joshua: “Wow! You dance like an Angel.”

Woozi: Is completely memorized by your graceful dancing.  

Hoshi: Dances crazily behind you 

Jun: “Is that Y/n?” He thought as he saw you dance. “But she told me she wasn’t a dancer…”

Wonwoo: “Where did you come from?” He laughed as you finished. “Your amazing!”

DK: “So pretty lady. Where did you learn how to dance like that?” 

(I’m sorry XD)

Mingyu: Catches you after you practice. “So when were you going to tell me?”

Mingho (The8): “I need to have a one on one dance with you.”

Seungkwan: *Divaboo activated* “Dance battle right now.”

Vernon: Is embarrass as he’s caught looking

Dino: “I Still have a lot to learn. You have to teach me everything you know!”

Credits to original Gif makers!

~Admin J