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rfa+ v & saeran's reaction to MC having a lisp (preferably from a dental device)? Thanks! Keep up the good work!!



♬ when you talked to him over the phone he didn’t hear anything

♬ neither when you met for the first time as he saved you from the strange guy in Rika’s apartment

♬ not even when you stayed over did he ever hear anything strange

♬ at the RFA party, where you talked to a lot of people and guests; still nada

♬ it was only after the first time he’d slept over at your place that he finally noticed

♬ it was early in the morning, both of you still half asleep as you roll out of bed

♬ your hair is a mess and you have a white line of dried drool running down your chin

♬ Zen meanwhile looks like he was just reborn

♬ asshole

♬ anyway, he finds you really adorable like that

♬ definitely not a morning person, but adorable

♬ both of you make your way to the kitchen for something to eat

♬ and a coffee, in your case

♬ as black as your mood

♬ when you ask him to hand you the cup from the top drawer he freezes

♬ your voice…it had sounded off

♬ something was different about it, but he couldn’t quite pin point what it was

♬ after that you barely spoke and whenever he asked you questions you’d only kind grunt in return

♬ when you’d finally drowned your cup of coffee you leaned back in your chair with a satisfied sigh

♬ things were good in the world again

♬ you said so too, which is when he finally realized that you had a lips

♬ for a moment Zen isn’t sure whether he noticed correct or not

♬ and if so, how come he hadn’t noticed before?

♬ was he a shit boyfriend?!

♬ I mean, he didn’t even notice something like you having a lips and he talked to you every day!?!

♬ “I didn’t know you had a lisp”, it finally burst out of him

♬ you froze, eyes widening by the minute until they looked like they were about to pop out

♬ you cursed, scrambling up to run to the bathroom

♬ when you returned your face was burning hot and you avoided Zen’s eye

♬ when you apologized the lisp was completely gone and Zen was confused

♬ “I have dental retainers. They make me look like a ten year old and lips about and I though you’d find that unattractive so I usually don’t wear them when you call or when we meet. Today I forgot because I have them in my nighttime routine and forgot to take them out this morning. Sorry.”

♬ that confused Zen even more, to be honest

♬ like why were you apologizing for something like having retainers and lisping?

“Listen, princess, not everyone can be as naturally flawless as me”, he said, grinning at you cockily

♬ you couldn’t help but roll your eyes and huff a laugh

♬ “but there really is no reason to apologize for that. Wear them, get the flaw in your teeth fixed you want to get fixed and get rid of them, if you want to. If you don’t I don’t mind either way. You having a gap in your teeth or something like that doesn’t make you any less attractive. Your beauty goes beyond the physical.”

♬ it was cheesy and you were 99% sure he just quoted a line from one of his plays at you, but it was effective

♬ now being able to shamelessly wear your retainer 24/7 quickened the process and you got rid of them much sooner thanks to your goofball of a boyfriend


★ his phone is rather cheap, so when you talked he didn’t hear the faint lisp at first

★ actually, he still struggled to hear it sometimes, even when you spoke after

★ it was just so damn faint

★ which made him even more surprised to find out you were ashamed of it

★ you first met at the RFA party, where you shared your first kiss

★ it felt a little weird, but Yoosung didn’t have anyone to compare with so he figured it was just how kisses felt

★ afterwards when you actually had the chance to, you know, talk in person you barely spoke

★ he talked at you more than with you

★ you listened, happily so, but you mostly just nodded and hummed in agreement

★ he figured you were just shy with so many people around

★ also, you were totally cute with your rosy cheeks and shy glances

★ when he asked you on your first date you suggested the cinema

★ after that a club

★ a dark café

★ and an arcade

★ after a while Yoosung seriously started to question your choices of date

★ it was always so dark

★ and you really didn’t seem like one of these dark kind of people

★ you didn’t even dress that way, from what Yoosung could see

★ after a while he just had to ask

★ he was literally worried you found him ugly

★ maybe it was his hair? Not everyone liked people with bleached hair

★ when he eventually got the balls to ask you, you looked guilty and ashamed

★ his heart sank because he really thought it was him

★ then you explained it was you and showed him your teeth, covered in metallic braces

★ he then remembered how you’d always covered your mouth while laughing or talking

★ and that there was a faint lisp to the way after all, and he hadn’t just imagined

★ when it all finally sunk in Yoosung hugged you tight and kissed you again, finally understanding that the ‘strange’ feeling were the braces

★ “You don’t mind?”

★ “Mind what? The braces and that barely there lisp? No, not at all! It’s kind of cute, actually. Makes you look younger, which makes me look older.”

★ it wasn’t the most romantic thing to say, but you got the point and from there on you didn’t have to hide in dark places and barely talk to hide your little lisp


♨ Even after moving in with her it takes her the longest time to notice

♨ mainly because you don’t actually share a room for a long time

♨ until finally you do after you get over the first gay-fright

♨ only then does she actually become part of your final going to bed routine

♨ which includes putting in your mouth guard

♨ she’s very confused as to why you need, since your teeth seem fine

♨ you explain to her that you grind your teeth and need it to protect them, not to fix them

♨ she understands and doesn’t mention it again

♨ until one morning a couple of months into sharing a bed you forget to take it out first thing in the morning

♨ you wake up first so you decide to go to the kitchen and make Jaehee coffee

♨ she liked your coffee the best so you make it a habit to make it for her as often as you can

♨ when she comes in you smile at her

♨ and tell her good morning and that you made her coffee

♨ you’re surprised when you find her giggling

♨ when you ask her about it she only giggles more

♨ she then points towards her mouth

♨ “You maybe want to take that out. You have a lisp.”

♨ you finally realize what made her giggle and quickly stumble to the bedroom to get rid of the mouth guard

♨ how awkward

♨ she tells you she finds it cute

♨ as long as you keep your mouth guard in it’s little box and she doesn’t have to see it float about in a glass somewhere…


♛ he didn’t know you had braces for the longest of times

♛ mostly because technically you never wore them around him

♛ once you moved in together, however, things like that became impossible to hide

♛ especially when your Orthodontist told you to not only wear them at night, but day as well

♛ kissing became more complicated

♛ and fishing them out of your mouth during dinner was in no way appetizing

♛ especially in the fancy restaurants Jumin took you to

♛ he didn’t seem to mind though, which confused you

♛ how could he not mind?

♛ When he first noticed the lisp you had with braces on he didn’t even react

♛ you wondered whether he just hadn’t heard

♛ but when you asked him about it, he said he had

♛ which confused you even more, to be honest

♛ people tended to be sure rude about it, sometimes downright cruel

♛ especially considering it wasn’t your fault and you couldn’t help it

♛ which apparently reflected his sentiment

♛ he told you that wearing braces was your decision and the consequences of them were yours to bear

♛ which was true, but he still had to listen to the lisp

♛ which apparently he’d learned to tune out after about a week

“Admittedly, it was rather annoying and distracting at first, but you learn to ignore these things when you live like me.”

♛ oh well…

♛ when he noticed that you still tended to be very secretive about your retainer around him he eventually spoke up about it

♛ “I think you asking me my opinion merely reflects your own feelings about your lisp and retainer. If you dislike wearing them so much, why do you?”

♛ that was a good question

♛ why?

♛ well mostly because a huge gap between your teeth was’t pretty and you disliked looking at it

♛ “Alright. I shall call your Orthodontist and get you an appointment right away. You’re getting Invisalign right away. Non noticeable and no lisp.”

♛ sometimes it really was nice to have a rich boyfriend


☼ when he first heard your lisp he thought you were messing with him

☼ mostly because you’d complained about all the prank calls and he figured you were just getting back on him

☼ when he told you that you were being silly and should stop – in his mind still thinking this was some joke – you called him an asshole

☼ “I’m sorry I have a lisp because of my braces. No need to be rude about it, asshole!”

☼ once you’d hung up on him he’d checked your medical history and look at that, you actually did have braces

☼ well…fuck

☼ he called and apologized a lot of times

☼ you forgave him after about a dozen

☼ but made him say it two dozen more times

☼ for good measures, you know?

☼ of course once he was back in your good graces he abused it

☼ the second you’d forgiven him he began giving you reasons to regret your life choices

☼ because Seven can be a dick like that

☼ you still love him, of course, but he’s a dick nevertheless

☼ he starts teasing you about them

☼ imitates your lisp

☼ reminds you just how annoying it is to constantly have to fish that damn thing out of your mouth

☼ let alone the cleaning of that bullshit

☼ “Ew, look at that thing. I can’t believe you put that in your mouth”, he said, exaggerating on purpose to annoy you

☼ “Well I mean I put your dick in my mouth as well, so this really isn’t as bad.”

☼ that silenced him for a while

☼ of course that peaceful state didn’t last forever and once Seven had gathered his wits he began his teasing once more

You know, you should really clean that more often with how much you drool with it in”, he said and then hissed like a snake to imitate your lisp again

☼ you’ve had it!

☼ you got it out of your mouth and threw it right at his face, drool all over it

☼ he never said a word again


☀ when you first met there admittedly wasn’t much talk on your part

☀ it was mostly him talking at you

☀ making demands

☀ threatening you

☀ you know all that ~romantic~ stuff girls just ~love~ guys doing

☀ (for anyone who has difficulties understanding these things; this was sarcasm)

☀ but eventually you forgave him and you started dating

☀ funnily enough, suddenly he’s not the one talking at you anymore

☀ now it’s mostly the other way around, Saeran completely withdrawn and silent

☀ most of the time you wonder whether he even listens, whether he hears what you say

☀ at first you’re a little self cautious about talking to Saeran

☀ mostly because barely anyone does – other than Seven – and he never responds anyway

☀ not to mention that your voice, with that stupid lisp, probably isn’t all to pleasant to listen to anyway

☀ you still talk to him, every single day

☀ you want him to get better and if this is something that might help, you’ll try it

☀ about a year later you finally get rid of your braces and with them your lisp is gone

☀ when you go to see Saeran you’re even more excited than you usually were

☀ as you first start to talk you notice him shift

☀ there is also a crease between his eyes like he’s focusing, confused

☀ you continued to talk, excited at his reaction because at least there is one!

☀ right before you’re supposed to leave he suddenly turns, staring right at you

☀ you freeze, feeling like all air is suddenly sucked out of you lungs

☀ it feels like he’s staring right at your soul

☀ you feel vulnerable, but also…connected?

“What happened to your lisp.”

☀ those are the first words he’s spoken to you in an entire year and you feel floored

☀ “I eh…I…it’s gone”, you stutter nervously. “Along with the braces.”

☀ he nods again, humming in understanding

☀ “You didn’t find it annoying?”

☀ “Oh, yes I did.”

☀ your face falls and your heart sinks

☀ “but I got used to it. It made you feel less threatening, safe…”

☀ you realize then, that his pale cheeks have a faint red colour to them

☀ and that your words, lisped and all, were what got him out of his shell

☀ you were never more thankful for it

Jihyun Kim/V

📷 when V met you for the first time it was also the first time heard your voice

📷 he noticed the lisp, but chose not to comment on it

📷 after all he knew how self-conscious young women could be about these things

📷 men too, of course, but it was generally the women that suffered the most

📷 so he never talked about it, not realizing that you didn’t actually have a lisp

📷 that it was just the braces causing it

📷 because he couldn’t see the actual braces in your mouth

📷 in his mind it was part of you and honestly it was kind of cute

📷 it gave you a sort of personality, a distinctive sound

📷 by the time you got in any way involved with one another

📷 romantically, that is

📷 you’d gotten rid of your braces and he didn’t feel anything while kissing either

📷 only about a week after your braces were gone he noticed that something was off

📷 you sounded different

📷 he tried to focus on the sound of your voice more so than the words and he finally got it

📷 your lisp was gone!

📷 now he wanted to know how you’d managed that

📷 but if he asked, you might feel shy about it

📷 eventually he couldn’t help himself

📷 “What happened to your lisp? A while ago it suddenly disappeared.”

📷 he looked so pained and shy about it you wanted to kiss him

📷 “I had braces, babe. They were the only reason I had the lisp.”

📷 Oh…

📷 he kind of misses it for a while

📷 just because it used to be this big part of you

📷 at least for him, since your voice is especially important to him in his blind state

📷 but he soon grows to love your lispless voice as well

📷 in fact, he really loves everything about you