i was also half asleep when i tweeted this

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I had a dream that jack made a video packing up his shelves and when I woke up I was so confused and I started crying when I couldn't find the video again

(Dream anon again) I also scrolled through Twitter right as I was waking up and when I saw jack tweet about maybe livestreaming today I was like “but what about Mark’s stream I don’t wanna choose” needless to say I’m a super confused person when waking up. Like my goodness.

Oh my goodness, that’s emotional omg, and ultra confusing as well. I’m sure others would have reacted the same way honestly; i know I would have. Lowkey hoping Jack doesn’t do any sort of video like that tho

Isn’t reading something while you’re half asleep an experience? and then it takes you a bit to fully comprehend it and it’s just w e i r d

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Can you expand on your tweets about Age of Ultron being about maintaining heteronormativity? (sorry I'm paraphrasing but I didn't pick up that vibe strongly from the movie and was curious!)


so i will keep this brief because i am still half-asleep and also my power adaptor has stopped working so when my shitty chromebook runs out of power that’s it for me for a while, but:

1) these tweets were kind of… a joke about one particular piece of dialogue towards the end of the film. for people who missed them:

avengers age of ultron summed up: “remember what we’re fighting for, steve. the heteronormative dream.”

(SPOILER) to his credit, steve’s response to this is like, “eh.”

so like… at the end of the film, tony’s like MAYBE I’LL BUILD A FARM FOR PEPPER!!! in reference to clint’s farm with his family. and he’s like, isn’t that what you want?? to steve. and steve is like… maybe 70 years ago… but i don’t really want that life anymore… and then he goes into the FUCKING STUPID AVENGERS ACADEMY which IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST but OH MY GOD

2) i was prepared to like clint’s farm! I WROTE A FIC ABOUT CLINT’S FARM. i was prepared to like his wife and family! but they were so totally devoid of any personality. and also clint’s whole cutesy thing about home improvement just – it’s so generic. the whole thing is just like… they’re an archetype. the woman stays at home with the kids and the guy goes out and does stuff and then he comes home and he tears down walls and improves windows or whatever because he is a MAN. and men love doing DIY!!! 

3) so, also – it really is presented as like, what they’re fighting for. just the way it appears in the film – it’s this interlude in the middle between all the massive fights. normality. real people~~. the kind of people they’re trying to ~~save. it’s “well we can’t afford to pay the actresses who play any of the girlfriends who already exist in this franchise, so let’s introduce hawkeye’s wife and have her live at a safehouse, and kill two birds with one stone.” it’s the one location in the film where ultron can’t and doesn’t find them. it’s safe. the family house is safety. that’s what it stands for. but it’s impossible to read it as anything other than the archetype because there’s nothing else there.

4) you can also read the laura thing as like a response to when thor and tony argue over which high-powered girlfriend is the best. because they’re not there!! they don’t even talk to them on the phone! who does talk to his wife on the phone? clint. who reminds them what they’re fighting for? clint. who reminds them of stability and safety? clint. it wasn’t just a throwaway line when tony talks about buying pepper a farm. which doesn’t mean that he’s going to do it. i don’t think iron man 4: pepper’s farm will be in cinemas anytime soon. but it reminds us that the farm was there for the avengers to look at and think, yes. this is a good, admirable life. i need to remember this. this is what we’re fighting for. we’re fighting so we can stop fighting and so that we can go home to our farms.

5) the whole bruce and natasha thing, which is a TOTAL HORRORSHOW and which i am not equipped to go into detail about. but their whole thing is that they’re struggling to have this kind of relationship – but they kind of… want to have it? the scene where bruce is like I CAN’T HAVE KIDS YOU DON’T WANT TO BE WITH ME!!! – the clint/laura model is the model that they aspire to, even though for various reasons they both know that they can’t have it. i thought the film would be more about bruce worrying about his – volatile nature. but it seemed like they had that under control? like, it wasn’t like it was GONE and it was still at the root of his issues, but they were framing it as – this is bad because it disrupts this regular~~ life that i want to have, because it means i can’t have kids. and then he and natasha bond over like – not being suited to that life, or of having had their suitability for it taken away from them? but it’s like. they’re still super defined by it. i have difficulty believing that either character would react in this way.

SO THERE WE GO. farms and wives who are concerned the exact correct amount and who don’t do anything inconvenient like have a personality or any motivations of their own. there’s more here to tease out about steve, too, who alternately appears like a manifestation of bruce’s mind (in the scene at the party when he’s urging bruce to go for it – where did he even come from??) or as someone who missed their once chance at a heteronormative life and now can never be happy again or whatever. but i need to finish eating this toast and have a shower and then do NEW YORK things. feel free to send me more messages though!