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As much as I’m worried about my future as a single mom (mostly the idea of sharing custody with Harlow and not being able to protect and be with her 24/7) I’m really positive lately. I love my baby so much and I’ve been walking with her and Lou daily, visiting with friends, spending time with my incredibly supportive mom, sis, and dad, reading, lots of baby snuggles of course, and making plans for the business I want to start after mat leave. It’s amazing what a motivation my daughter is for me already. I have a lot of hurt and anger about how much her dad let me down and didn’t keep his word but I’m still positive about life. Even though things have not gone how I thought they would I’ve been making some big plans for me and my daughter’s future. ❤


Hey, it’s Emily here from MEA3Gaming. After reading through the game theory and matpat tag recently, I decided enough was enough and I was going to finally speak what’s on my mind instead of keeping my mouth shut.

When I saw the Gaster video yesterday, I knew the hate (or what you people call ‘Jokes’) to come was inevitable. It broke my heart before I even clicked on the video to watch it as I knew that he was trying to do something he once loved again but it was only going encourage the people who made ‘memes’ or ‘jokes’ of him last time. However, seeing Mat look so helpless and upset just put the icing on the cake for me. I can already see the anons now raising their pitchforks screaming at me to ‘kys’ (real mature by the way) and that he was ‘being a pussy over the fact that people didn’t find his gift the best’. To the people who are saying this, have you even watched the video? Honestly have you? If not or have a hard job understanding it I can post everything he said in a different post and explain each and every sentence if that helps. For the Sans is Ness theory, do I think Sans is Ness? No, of course not, heck mat doesn’t himself! He made it as a joke, to try something new with his favourite games. In the most recent theory Mat even says ‘Did I in anyway think that this was cannon lure to the series, no. Of course not I didn’t think that Sans is actually Ness, but at the end of the day these are theories meant to get you to think about things from a different perspective.’. 

For the Pope video, I was actually extremely proud of Mat. He was asked to give the pope something that represents his community, which is of course games. I’m glad he didn’t just give the pope a flag or something that just have no deep meaning for what he stands for, but something a lot of people within the indie gaming community can relate to. (Before everyone jumps on my back saying ‘It was just a meme!!!’, “Don’t be butt hurt!!!’ just read the rest of the post, even though most of you won’t and will just jump to conclusions like you do with the theories.) For years gamers have been linked to violence (heck as I kid I wasn’t allowed to play any games unless my parents have made sure there was nothing in it) but this game is just a breath of fresh air. Don’t get my wrong I’m not a huge fan of the game in anyway, I understand why people like it its just not for me, but for a lot of people in the undertale community the game are their lives! So why are you all so upset that he gave the pope your favourite game? If someone gave something to the man who I have grown up to loving and being a huge deal within my family, I would be ecstatic. A game no less that breaks the mold of what people stereotypically think of us. But of course some of you find something to gang up on him with. He actually did not talk about game with the pope but rather online bullying, I actually can send you the link if you still don’t believe me or even type out everything he said in a different post from when he spoke to the Pope!

Lastly, the reason why I am so mad about this is the fact that I have experienced bullying, in fact at a young age. I’m not looking for pity, heck it was years ago and I take that experience with me to help others, but I know how crushing it feels. I won’t give details just as it’s personal to me but I was told to grow up and that it was ‘just a joke’. That the names, the taunts, the pushing was just ‘playground banter’, that it was ‘just what happens’ but it’s not. A joke is to make someone laugh, not cry. A joke is to make someone happy, not that they feel like they are useless. So to the people who are still calling it a ‘joke’ just stop for a moment, think about everything you have said and think to yourself what if that was me who was receiving this? What if I woke up everyday to messages saying that I am useless, that I am am unloved. And just grow up and be mature for once, as for people like me who have experienced this first hand, it is something you honestly wouldn’t wish on ANYONE. Sorry it’s so long, I had a lot on my mind and if any of you guys have been bullied or are being bullied, or if you just want to ever talk, you are always welcome to message me.

Emily xx

Stories Update

So many stories and so little time. Here’s just a little update list of stories that I’m currently working on, stories I will be doing after and stories I have planned for the future.

Currently working on:

 -Mat and Nate ReverseTiny!verse

 -Where the Trees Grow

 -Spaceships and Septic Eyes

 Next up:

 -Dan and Phil ReverseTiny!verse

 -Friendships vs Relationships

 -Going Home

 -another au (will be revealed later, two shortish stories already planned)

Future Plans:

 -Basically the rest of the ReverseTiny!verse fics, because seriously I plan to have a least five.

 And of course I am always working on short stories and drabbles!

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I gotta say, I love how empathetic Mat and Steph are to things like abandoned toys and stuff because I'm literally the same way. The FNAC 3 streams are so cute because they're always awwing at the lost toys X3

Awww me too fam! I still can’t believe that story they told about Bleu the Bear during the That Dragon, Cancer live stream, it only proves their already apparent cinnabon-ness <3

Day 19

Hello lovelies. Today is a new day and I’ve already caught myself up by finishing yesterday’s workout. It was fairly more relaxed than other days, lots of stretching, lots of ab work.

I’m still not feeling great, It’s 1:20pm and I still haven’t interacted with any of my family members since last night, especially not my brother.

I’m currently just lying on my yoga mat with my window open breathing in the fresh air and trying to be calm.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to take Charlotte ( my stuffed rabbit - sue me I love stuffed animals) and my “bad thoughts book” with me to therapy today. Charlotte has many different types of fabric on her that helps me stay grounded in times of stress like talking in therapy which is why I take her. At least I didn’t have to take my klonopin last night.

Not sure if I should take it easy before therapy or finish my workout before therapy. There’s no telling how I’m going to be affected this session, so I’m really not sure if it’s better to get it out of the way or to wait until later tonight.

I hope everyone has a much better day than I am, I hope you all kick ass and remember that if you need a break it’s okay to take one, I hope you remember you are loved and special and strong.

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Mats likes to think he’s gotten good at reading Cal. They’ve spent so much time together, and Mats is already very perceptive of people. So he knows when that grin and laugh aren’t all they’re made out to be, just like he knows Cal’s assurances might not be completely honest. Well intended, but not honest. 

What he’s not so sure about is how to respond. Call his bluff? Let it ride? Something in Cal seems unsettled today, more so than usual, so he doesn’t want to back him into a corner. Doesn’t want to make it worse. But letting it go feels like he’s telling Cal to keep things to himself, and he can’t do that either. 

So, he settles for a middle ground. 

Definitely Pat Benatar, he says. Then, just as casually, he adds,   And just so you know, if there ever was something wrong, you could tell me. I’d want you to. Two-way street, right?  His smile is warm and non-threatening. Open.  By the way, I’ve got dibs on the shower, California.  


You could hear his childish giggles echo through the training hall. Steve had warned you Bucky loved these types of games, and did anything to win. He’d beaten everyone on your team, including Natasha.

Now it was just down to you two.

You ducked behind the wall of mats, gripping the last of your water balloons in your hand. Bucky had had the advantage through the whole game until now. You’d Clint to meet you down here after a splash errupted through the floor.

“Come on y/n, I’ve already won the fight.” He chuckled. He moved silently behind him, Clint standing in the doorway, drawing back his arrow.

“Don’t get too confident Barnes.” You peaked over the mats, eyeing his movements. Bucky was down to his last balloon too, and at your mark Clint was to pop the ballooon.

“You’re cute when your naive y/n.”

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“I don’t deserve you,” I whisper, pushing matted hair from his eyes.

“How dare you say that,” he replies breathlessly, not opening his deep sea green eyes.

“I don’t. You’re so amazing and caring and someone like me doesn’t deserve someone like you,” I assure him, his grip tightening around my bare waist. He is too pure and too sweet to love me, as I fear. Yet, I have already fallen in love with him.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #949
Snapchat (Drabble Series) P.3

Pairing: Best Friend!Bucky x Reader

Prompt: The reader loves to take snapchats of Bucky, and he likes to take snapchats of the reader.

Words: 400

Warning: LANGUAGE 

A/N: Two parts in one day, because I really love this part! I don’t know how long I should make this, so please tell me if you want more! 

Masterlist  (part 1+2 are there) Request

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It was the morning after your beach day with Bucky and Steve, and you were planning on getting revenge on Bucky for not deleting the video after you told him to do so. Today you had to go train with him so you thought that it would be the perfect time to do so.

You entered the training room and you immediately headed towards Bucky who was already sitting on the mat stretching.

“You ready to get your ass beat boy?” You asked Bucky as you put your stuff down, and sitting next to him.

“I should be asking you the same thing (Y/N)” He responded as he got up and got ready. You stood up as well and began training.

Half an hour later, you had managed to beat his ass and now, you were both lying on the mat trying to ease your breathing. Once you started breathing normally again, you got up and headed over to where you had put your water and your phone down earlier when you came in.

You turned around and saw Bucky pulling his shirt over his head. You saw this as the perfect moment to to what he did to you at the beach.

You grabbed your phone and got ready to film. You pressed opened the app and pressed the white circle down. “DAYUM LOOK AT MY BEST FRIEND’S ABS” You exclaimed basically repeating what he had said about you yesterday.

His head shot up from looking at his own phone, and he immediately rolled his eyes. He threw the shirt he was holding in his hand at you, which caused you to stop recording. You quickly wrote ‘Payback’s a bitch’ on the snapchat and added it to your story before going over to where he was standing looking annoyed.

“How does it feel like getting objectified? Not very good does it.” You said punching his arm slightly.

“Go suck a dick.” Bucky said jokingly pulling you into a side hug.

“Ok, let me go find Steve so I can do just that.” You said with a smirk as you started walking out of the training room.

“What the actual fuck?!? (Y/N) Come back! I was just kidding!”

“I wasn’t!! Bye Buck! I’ll see you later!” You shouted back at him. When you reached the door you winked and left the room, and an extremely shocked Bucky, behind.

Jurgen Klopp in quotes

We’ve gone from David Brent to Malcolm Tucker - and I couldn't be happier!

On Borussia Dortmund’s rivalry with Bayern Munich: “We have a bow and arrow and if we aim well, we can hit the target. The problem is that Bayern has a bazooka. The probability that they will hit the target is clearly higher. But then Robin Hood was apparently quite successful.”

On defender Mats Hummels suffering a long lay-off: “We will wait for him like a good wife waiting for her husband who is in jail.”

On Hummels being linked with Manchester United: “If that’s not a bullshit story, I’ll eat a broomstick!”

On Arsene Wenger: "He likes having the ball, playing football, passes. It’s like an orchestra. But it’s a silent song. I like heavy metal.”

On his playing career: “I never succeeded in bringing to the field what was going on in my brain. I had the talent for the fifth division, and the mind for the Bundesliga. The result was a career in the second division.”

On defeat in the 2013 Champions League Final: “The only thing I can say is that it was great. London is the town of the Olympic Games. The weather was good, everything is OK. Only the result is shit.”

After beating Bayern Munich in 2011: “When Dortmund last won here nineteen years ago, most of my players were still being breast-fed.”

On signing Henrikh Mkhitaryan: "Mkhitaryan fits us like an arse on a bucket. What he offers is exactly what we need.”

Following a poor first-half performance: “I told my players during the break: ‘Since we’re here anyway, we might actually play a bit of football.’”

A Schalke fan asked Klopp the secret of winning the Bundesliga: “How do you explain to a blind person what colour is?”

On Bayern Munich’s way of doing things: “They are like the Chinese in the business world. They look at what others are doing and copy it, just with more money.”

On his wife’s literary abilities: “She wrote a book for children. It’s like Harry Potter - but it about football. There’s no Harry Potter flying on his fucking stick - just football.”

A warning to the British press: “There are some really good German explanations for some problems. But I don’t know how to say it in English.”

On being spotted in public: “In extreme situations, you have to think fast. At one of my mates’ stag parties, we all dressed up as Father Christmas - fully masked.”

Creating a unique playing style at Dortmund: “The fans should not only recognise us by our black and yellow jerseys. Even if we play in red, everyone in the stadium should think, ‘Whoa, that can only be BVB.’”

On fixture congestion: “It’s as if someone has to play the world chess championship after seventy-two hours of sleep deprivation.”

On team bus entertainment: “I couldn’t have been a rock star, although I do sing Country Road very loudly on the PlayStation karaoke game.”

Admitting to having a hair transplant: “Yes, it’s true. I underwent a hair transplant. And I think the results are really cool, don’t you?”

On whether sex is banned the night before games: “My players sleep in double rooms the night before the match. I hope that nothing happens.”

On being sent to the stands: “I’m a bit proud of my first red card as a coach. I approached the fourth official and said: 'How many mistakes are allowed here? If it’s fifteen, you have one more.’”


10x22 “The Prisoner”
11x15 “Beyond the Mat”
Between Heaven and Hell

This has probably already been done tons of times, but I just wanted these moments side by side, because I loved the callbacks with practically everything. One has to wonder what this one time divine power may do to a powerful demon as Crowley. Would it maybe cleanse him further of his demonic ways? Arguably, even if he seemed to go a few shades darker again, he still cares a lot about the Winchesters and Dean. I wouldn’t be surprised if Crowley in the end openly decided to either be cured and live as a human or if he truly died for TFW, but not in the crossfire, but consciously like Meg did.


this is mason. mason was given to us because he was the runt of a stray litter and wasn’t able to nurse without his siblings pushing him away – and he would have died due to a long-term upper respiratory infection that had gone untreated. he’s 5 weeks old, his eyes were matted shut, and he was extremely lethargic when we took him home. after a bath, eye cleaning + ointment, a heat blanket, and full bottles of formula every 3 hours he had eyes open this afternoon and was actively exploring. he’s going to the vet for a vitamin shot and antibiotics tomorrow morning and will hopefully keep improving 👌


Found a beautifully complete fox skeleton in the woods! Had to go back home to get my gloves and a mask. Definitely worth it though. I’ve already degreased most of the bones in soapy water, and put away some already relatively clean and dry ones in a tin of salt until I have time to deal with them. As I’m such a noob, I have a question for the vulture culture community. While I was scrubbing the matted fur clumps off the bones, I discarded my gloves because they were already filling up with water, and they were clumsily big ones. Is there any risk of me catching an illness? I had my mouth covered from splashes. The only sign the fox had of disease were some oddly malformed bones (I assume osteosarcoma?). I washed my hands heavily with soap and water, then I used a hand sanitiser. There are no open cuts or scrapes on my hands. Please help put my mind at ease!

[EDIT: I was so excited I forgot to even mention the badger skull! Sorry for any confusion!]

“It’s alright, I’m not a child, it’s fine.”

The episode hasn’t even aired yet and I am already a mess, because this is all of Dean in a nutshell. ;___; I talked about Dean and wrestling and childhood before here, but man the sneak peek kind of already drove the point home I was speculating about. Dean and idols and goals and identity and being recognized. I’m sorry for keeping talking about it but this season has seen truly Dean’s coming of age arc in every single episode and it’s a beauty and freaking sad too, because it shows how much Dean was denied and how much he has lost.

And then there is this one line, this one freaking line, Dean says here after he totally forgot that the kids get the gift from the wrestler, not the grown ups. And it just is one more instance of a multitude of moments showing how Dean is a kid at heart, because he was never allowed to be one when he was actually a kid. And who the hell even knows, we know Dean’s heart is special and this season again it’s all about the heart and Dean is the tin man (and scarecrow). But maaaaaaaan.


Small animal hammocks!

Hey animal lovers~

So I’ve been trying to make some extra money because I’m in a super tight jam trying to pay tuition and move out as well as care for my fuzzies! I already work two jobs to try to make ends meet but its hard. I do make hammocks for my rats, and mats for my cats, and thought maybe other people would like some! I’ve gotten good feedback from another person i sent a hammock and mat to, so I’m sure your babies will love them~ I can make custom sized mats, and enlarge the hammock pattern if it needs be, and if there’s anything custom you’d like, I’m more than willing to talk about it!

Small mats are $5
Larger mats are $7
Cat mats vary, depending on size, but generally are $15-20 (I make mini blankets tbh)
Hammocks are $10, $15 for a larger sized ones.

I’ll include pictures of some sample ones once I get home, and I’m also willing to add decals or names and such to any order, we can discuss that all if you’re interested!

Please reblog/ signal boost, I would really appreciate it, it will help a ton!! Thanks a bunch!