i was aiting for video like this

Friday 16.12.16 at 2.42pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Chat : “Person who solicits cat prostitutes and his friends” (Isak, Jonas, Mahdi, Magnus)


Magnus: I have the world’s best idea for a business. Invest some money?

Mahdi: idiot

Jonas: I have absolutely no money

Magnus: boys, you’ll want to find some cash when I launch.
Magnus: *drum roll*……
Magnus: TUBEWATCHER! an app that watches youtube videos for you
Magnus: think of all the time saved!

Isak: I would’ve called NAV* already if I were you, mags
Isak: But are you coming tonight?

Magnus: To what

Isak: party at my place with the kose** group

Magnus: Hahahah. I never know if you’re messing around when you’re talking about that stuff.
Magnus: Seriously?

Isak: Seriously

Mahdi: I don’t know

Jonas: Like, it’s Friday

Isak: Ait, talk to you never, I have a party to organize
Isak: Vilde’s coming

Magnus: ok. done


* NAV is the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, the public welfare agency, administering programs such as unemployment benefits, pensions, child benefits and more.
** Kose describes the feeling of warmth and love one gets from spending time with friends.

ominaterthegreat  asked:

Hey sweet angel baby goddess quick question: I see people use songs you have to pay for on SoundCloud and other places in their speedpaints. I'm brand spanking new to this whole video making thing and would like to know how I can get a hold of good remixes and stuff to use in my videos?

just scour the net lookin’ for some juicy content? and I try at least to make sure i can use the songs or it says somewhere that it’s ait to use before doin’ so, 

171014 Lee Howon’s Official Twitter update - trans by me

Proof shot of (eating) eel ✌✌
Howon-ssi who almost burst out laughing while explaining.
*Ho-aiting for the upcoming week, too (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و💜
*Howon + Hwaiting

In the video: Shall we eat eel? Put one on sesame leaf… Looks good~ Seems like I can’t use chopsticks well. Hmm delicious.

i just want to warn everyone that there was a bad accident in men’s gymnastics so if you see any videos of a male gymnast in blue about to vault do not watch it!! it’s really graphic and trending right now so be careful. his name is samir ait said and he was vaulting for france in case you would like to temporarily blacklist. i’m doubtful people will be reblogging it a lot but i want everyone to stay safe because it’s pretty rough.