i was aiming for colorful


[b l o o d s p o r t ] for inseparablesouls

And though you hate me, when you have a turn
I drive you crazy but you always return

Ok Voltron reminds me so much of Avatar?!?!

Now everybody knows about Space Zuko and Space Sokka. Down to the color schemes and skin tones these two are obvious. Their personalities completely reflect each other.

But how about Coran? He reminds me of someone else from Avatar…

Verrick. Tell me I’m not the only one that sees Verrick like crazy in Coran.

And Hunk? 

Reminds me of Bolin like crazy. They’re both such happy and worrisome spirits! And not bad with the rock people either ;)

Now I know what your thinking, what about Shiro?

Honestly he gives off a Mako vibe for me. Some of you may not agree, but they’re both pretty serious, both been through some rough times, got mixed up with some different people in the past, and aim to protect with good intentions.

And Pidge? 

I’m seeing Toph. Color schemes matching again, both initially seen as “just a little kid” before they really break out into some serious skill. But when I see Pidge I just can’t help but think of someone else I know…

I’m sorry.

But I can not stoop seeing connections in these two shows in all of these characters! (I literally screamed out “JET!” when I saw this guy.

Tell me I’m not the only one. If anybody disagrees, has a better idea, or more to add to the list, feel free to add on or put them in my inbox :)


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Day 20 - Dancing (ha, yeah right)

I originally just wanted to draw them doing some tango.


Another finished color palette challenge, this time Oikawa w/ #46 for @thefreakyfashionistawriter

Thank you so much for your request, I think this could very well be one of my fav Oikawas I drew so far… ♡ ♡

I took some snaps of the process and put these together in a gif \ o /

Crescent Rose Guide

So we’ve gotten a few requests for a Crescent Rose tutorial. As much as I’d like to oblige, I don’t think we can really put together a step by step tutorial. Having said that I thought perhaps some helpful tips, troubleshooting and overall dimensions might be useful.

First off, here are the dimensions for Crescent Rose. We had a hard time coming up with a size in the planning phase. Making something 7’ tall by 4’ wide (when extended) was impossible to get down as small as the size shown in the show (somewhere around 30"). So we had to cheat the overall sizing as well as adjust few other items in order to make out prop open and close and be structurally stable. The dimensioned image was something we did early in order to give us rough measurements to aim for with our paper prototype. I’ve color coded the pieces so you can start to see how they go together

To get started we made a paper board model of crescent rose out of some laser prints, cardboard and disposable chopsticks. We posted that here  After that it was a matter of scaling everything up. If you’re going to do this. Don’t be in a rush. One of the questions people ask is “How long did that take you” ? The answer is, I worked on this off and on for 8 months. If this was the only thing we were doing it would have gone much faster, but still you get the idea (lots of planning and testing)

Once we scaled up the dimensions, we made a full size mock up out of cardboard. This was immensely helpful. Cardboard is cheap and you can see how all the pieces are working, as well as start to look for materials that will work on the final. All of the hinges in the mock up are made from cardboard tubes (gift wrap rolls, packing tape spools etc). The only thing we bought was an 8’ piece of 1x2 nom hardwood (poplar) that became the extending (barrel /post). We ultimately repurposed that same piece for the final. All of the cardboard pieces in the full size mockup became template patterns for the final. We had to make a few adjustments to dimensions, but for the most part it was close enough to use as is.

The final pieces were made out of Gator foam. This is  NOT foam core. Gator foam is much more dense and hard. It is also much more expensive and difficult to cut. I couldn’t find it in the stores where I live, so I had to order it from Blick art supplies online. Cutting straight lines took a few passes with a utility knife. Some of the bigger pieces I used a table saw, but just cuz it saved some time and energy. For the curves I used a jig saw, but honestly this could have been done with a steady hand and many more passes with an Xacto or other razor. All the seams were simply glued together with hot glue.

One thing we didn’t really think about until the end, was latching. I kept putting it off because there were so many other issues to work out to get Crescent rose to even open. And to be honest I think we got a little lucky. The point of the scythe snaps to the middle section with rare earth magnets. Incredibly strong and incredibly inexpensive. We bought a pack of 12 for 3 bucks and only used 1 for the latch. The magnet is smaller than the size of an eraser at the end of the pencil. The second latch took a little thinking. We bent some metal plate and drilled a hole in it so that when unfolded a pin in the middle section would catch. As luck would have it this place also provides a catch point when the unit is closed (that was lucky), The final latch was the biggest issue. We couldn’t find anything clever or concealed that would support the cantilevered weight so we simply drilled a hole thought the exterior housing and interior hinge and insert a locking pin (carriage bolt) through. Finally we needed a way to keep the scythe extended and rifle closed. For this we drilled a pair of holes in the wood extension stocks. One hole passes through both piece of wood when it is open and a second hole passes through both pieces of wood when it is closed.

Believe it or not the most complex piece is the claw at the opposite end of the scythe. Having that pieces open close and stay shut with all the other positions of the weapon affection what could be added to the back end made for an interesting problem. For this we ended up building out own ¼ turn hinges that have built in stops so pieces don’t over rotate. As you can tell, we had to really deviate from the animated crescent rose for this piece. I’m not sure how anyone could replicate the action shown in the show..

I know this is not comprehensive or complete, but these are the big picture issues. If I had any tips for anyone trying to make something, it would be these: First off - Go for it, it’s really rewarding. Second, Be patient take your time and don’t be afraid to fail. Try not to get frustrated. the mistakes will tell you a lot about how to fix your prop. It might take a few tries. Third, Make lots of prototypes, models, practice pieces using scraps of whatever you can find. It’ll save you time and money in the end if you figure out the hard parts with recycled and repurposed material. If you guys have any specific questions we’re happy to answer. Good luck! <3


Also here’s a ton of Yo-kai. I did a 30-day challenge but only posted them on Twitter. I aim to line and color all of these soon enough also. :>

In case you can’t read my handwriting, here’s all of them:

Baddinyan, Insomni, Cupistol, Komasan, Tattlecast, Negatibuzz, Duchoo, Shrook, Manjimutt, Leadoni, Dazzabel, Blandon, Cheeksqueek and Casanuva. There’s about a dozen more I have saved up too but the sketches aren’t as nice. STAY TUNED. <3


🍃🌱Honey Suckle Lavender Shaving Bars🌱🍃

The color truly was an accident I was aiming for a pastel green. I guess the leprechauns got me last night!

Can’t wait to test these tonight though they are made with tallow, cocoa butter, Shea Butter, coconut oil, Avocado/Nettle/Green Tea Extracts, tussah silk, a little bit of green chrome oxide ((apparently even a pinch goes a long long way)) and of course the necessary water and lyes.

This batch of shaving soap didn’t seize up on me and I suspect that has a lot to do with the change in fragrance oils.

Next projects: popping rune soaps from their molds ((ha ha ha)), Lush Henna Bar dupes whooooo

Ok to be honest this is not what I wanted, I was aiming for another sic-fi piece with guns and colorful wardrobe but once I finished the composition and started to add the lines it felt nice to use a small brush and just go to town with the etching. 

That raised arm was going to be a big rifle and the dogs were suppose to be waaaaay more cute but I just went for it and ended up looking like a japanese folk tale image. 

It feels like this girl became wild, her Kimono started to torn at the bottom and she is barefoot, the dogs are nastier than her so she keeps them on a tight leash. The leash resembles one of those sacred ropes they use around shrines. She could be possessed by an evil spirit. - Gabo