i was actually really looking forward to the apocalypse

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Do you have any book recommendations? Some of the books you were talking about seemed really cool, and since my exams are over now, I'm looking for more to read. I'm sure you've done recommended things here before somewhere, but I can't find any of the posts :(

Here are some things I am looking forward to reading

I mentioned “theatre troupe in the apocalypse” and that book is called Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It was up for the National Book Award and has a blurb by Ann Patchett so it runs a little more literary than my usual reading list but I’m actually looking forward to it more for that. Literary fiction can be “I’m trying so hard and I’m so goddamn pretentious,” but it can also be Funny Boy or Life of Pi or Time Traveler’s Wife or Timothy Findley’s stuff all of which are things I adore.

The other one I mentioned was “psychics taking field reports from dead soldiers in the first world war” and that one is called Ghost Talkers. 

I’ve been trying to read farther out of my comfort zone this year so something that runs a little more to that vibe is a good thing for me.

I’ve also been on a non-fiction kick so let me take a second and recommend the book Hidden Figures (I haven’t seen the movie but the came first) because it is great narrative non-fic.

I am currently reading Certain Dark Things by Silvia Moreno-Garcia which is about vampires in Mexico City after the vampires came out of hiding. It’s a similar premise to Coldest Girl in Coldtown: what happens if vampires are real?! How does society react? But instead of being Middle American Teens, it is Mexican cops with teenage daughters and rival vampire gangs and rival human gangs and it’s good. I’ve been slow going through it because I mostly read it on the bus when traveling but I like it a lot. It also has multiple vampire species which is fun from a worldbuilding nerd standpoint. 

I’ve also been working through Ship Out of Time on audio but it’s been really teen-romance-angst (in the ugh shut-up way) so I’ve not been listening much).  

I’m really looking forward to the new Laini Taylor (she wrote DOSAB), it’s called Strange the Dreamer. I’ve got it on audio. It’s a weird ass fantasy about being obsessed with stories but I know nothing about the plot at all so it’ll be an experience to listen to.

Other audio I’ve already bought: I’ve got a sci-fi called Sleeping Giants waiting for me. I’ve also got a ghost story by Cherie Priest called The Family Plot. (she wrote Boneshaker which is my go-to steampunk rec if anyone asks me for a steampunk book). I’ve got the rest of the Darker Shade of Magic trilogy waiting too. Also Stardust and American Gods to re-listen to. 

I’ve also got the non-fic about introverts called Quiet and the YA about dragons Shadow Scale. 

I’ve got a lot for me to read. 

I bet you that I keep buying books instead of just reading this stuff!

Liar, Liar (part one)

SoulMate Series Gabriel X Reader


Summary: Reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister. With the apocalypse starting it’s caused some conflict between you, sam and dean. After an argument at bobby’s you decided you needed some time alone and take off to clear your head.

character: Sam and Dean x Reader( Family ) Gabriel x reader.

Warnings: Reader death, swearing, mention of death, Angst 

Authors Note: sorry i had to cut Gabriel out of this one it was getting to long im bring him in for part two, which im working on right now. 

Word Count:1,420


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You could see  Dean laying on the floor being torn apart from the Hell Hounds. You could hear his screams that was something that never left you. You weren’t ready, no one was. You struggled to move, but lilith was to strong, you were being forced to watch him die. Watch the life leave his eyes. You wouldn’t believe that after all of the hard work you went through that this was the outcome. Your big Brother was gone. You remembered your first hunt that night you had laid in your bed crying. Afraid to turn your back or even close your eyes. Dean was the one to hear your sobes. He had sat down on your bed looking over you and, leaning in.

“Hey kid, I know it can be hard. That was a little more intense than we were expecting.” dean said.

you sat up and looked at him in the eyes. there weren’t any word words needed, You were scared as hell and he knew it. He came closer and pulled you into a hug. You were now crying uncontrollably onto his shoulder. After a few minutes you finally  spoke up.

“how do you do it dean?.. knowing that all of that is out there .. what if one day they get me? or-or you or sam? you asked shakily.

“Don’t you worry about that. That won’t happen as long as i’m alive. I promise”

You woke up in your room at bobby’s, every night you had that same nightmare. Bobby found out about them the night they started happening. The night he died. Even with dean back from hell they still kept coming to you, and it felt like they weren’t leaving anytime soon.

It’s been a few months since then. Dean was pissed that sam left your side after that night. You weren’t as close to him as you were to Dean, but Sam was still family and you cared. You told him you understood it was hard for both of you. It was a bit strange for you to see both of them around again, and someone new. His name was castiel you two became pretty close friends, but he felt more like a brother than a friend.

you just sat there in your bed. you were exhausted and you just wanted to lay there all day. Dean knocked on the door and came in.

“hey kid, Look sam and I are getting ready to leave soon we found a case out of town. We might not be home til later tonight.”

“wait?? you mean i’m not going with you!?!” you were surprised you guys always went together.

“looks it’s just,.. Bobby has some things he wants done, and asked for some help, and you look like you could use a break anyway, .. have you been sleeping?”

“oh .. yeah i’m fine” you didn’t argue about staying behind. You knew Sam and Dean were having a pretty loud one last night and decided he probably wasn’t in the best mood to deal with his little sister too. “ What does Bobby need help with?” you asked as Dean started to head out of your room. He stopped as soon as you asked “ uh, I’m not sure .. He never said.” he looked back at you gave you a smile and walked out of your room.

About 10 minutes later you heard Sam and Dean drive away and, watched as the Impala left the view of your bedroom window. You walked toward your dresser, changed your clothes and headed downstairs you were surprised when you found the whole house empty expecting to see bobby, But no one was home.

“Bobby?” you shouted before walking outside you checked by the garage and found nothing. You circled the maze of cars calling for him. After what felt like hours you finally decided to give up and go back inside. You stood there wondering if you should be worried. You glanced over at the kitchen and noticed a note taped to the fridge. “How did I miss that?” you asked yourself feeling stupid at the moment. you tore off the note and read it quietly to yourself.

*”Going to be gone for a while. Working with an old friend - Bobby”

You couldn’t believe it. Bobby didnt need your help he had been gone. Dean lied to you to keep you home, But why? Your train of thought crashed as you heard a flutter of wings behind you.

“ (Y/N), have you seen Dean?” Castiel spoke as turned to face him

“He took off for a hunt this morning, I haven’t seen him since.” you said and, your anger started to rise at the thought of it. “ Well, I believe I have a lead on the next seal that lilith is going for.”

Cas Said confidently. you gave him a confused look and he shot one right back at you.

“Cas.. What are you talking about?”

“haven’t they told you? Lilith is trying to bring back the Devil.”

Your jaw dropped. You couldn’t tell if this was a joke or if he was being serious, but cas wasn’t known for his jokes.

“I guess they haven’t..” Cas said awkwardly

“wait the Devil?! .. your joking .. this is a joke ..”

Cas looked and nodded his head no. “ How is that even possible?!.. is this why they’ve been keeping me here instead of going on hunts?!?.. they told me that Lilith was taken care of!! How long has this been going on?!?” there was so much emotion bursting out of you and you couldnt handle it .you were angry and  scared. Cas calmed you down a little bit but that didn’t mean you weren’t still pissed. Cas explained the situation to you as the hours passed. The darkness was starting to fill the yard outside as you waited for Sam and Dean to get home.

You heard the Impala pull up. Sam and Dean stopped in the doorway as soon as they saw you were still up . “ (Y/N) .. what are you still doing up?” Sam asked and gave dean a worried look. “and why are you here ,Cas?” Dean asked. But you stood up and started talking before he could even open his mouth. “ Oh .. don’t worry we were having a really nice conversation actually.. and I looked for bobby.. and ya know he was gone.. and he has been ALL DAY!!! HE DIDN’T NEED MY HELP YOU JUST WANTED ME HOME!! HOW LONG HAVE YOU TWO BEEN LYING TO ME ABOUT THIS APOCALYPSE THING!?!?”

Dean looked shocked to see you like that. You have never directed your anger toward him.

“(Y/N), just relax we can explain everything.” Sam said walking forward. “Don’t worry about that Cas already told me everything!!” you said taking a step back from Sam. “ Look.. she had a right to know..” Cas said jumping into the conversation “ I was trying to protect you (Y/N).. I promised I would and thats what im gonna do.” Dean said almost shouting but trying not too.


you stopped and turn to say one more thing. “ oh and Thank you Cas for telling me everything, and Dean .. you should not promise something you can’t keep..” and at that you slammed the door and walked toward your car. You turned the key and Drove as far away as you could get.

It was getting harder to see the Highway your tears were making it hard to see. You tried wiping them away but they just kept falling. You were reaching over 100 mph. you didn’t see the car  pull ahead into your lane. You turned the steering wheel as hard as you could. Before you knew it the car was rolling and you felt the ceiling close in and bash your head. Everything went Black and you felt cold.