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It’s April, so you know what that means! Autism acceptance month!

So, I decided to promote my zazzle store again! I’m an autistic teenager who makes some cool shirts and pins on zazzle! All of the things you see above can come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, these pictures are just the generic models!

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flatwoulds  asked:

How do you feel about the puppy bowl?

Until today I hadn’t really watched it, and now that I’ve seen part of it… it honestly annoys the hell of out of me. 

Straight up, everything I see about the animal treatment during the actual show is A-okay. I like that the puppies are all about the same age and size so there’s no issues, they obviously keep the cheerleaders and mascots separate and use editing to make it look like they’re on the field, etc. 

What drives me nuts is the endless advertising and product placement in the actual production - I’m watching for animals, not to hear endless promotion for brands - and the sob-story-esque treatment of the rescue animals. I’m all for promoting good rescues, but when they start the player spotlights with presentations that hearken back to the gross HSUS ads… nope. 

It irks me a little bit that the brands they’re advertising that are pet related are generally some of the big but really crappy ones. I’d watch an ad for Fromm any day, but when we’re repeating on Purina I’m just not into it (at least it’s not Old Roy, though). 

I really did like a lot of the ads during commercial breaks that were animal-focused by not by animal related brands. Those were cute and well done and I’d be way happier if the rest of the advertising was done like that. 

tl;dr if you want to show me puppies, actually show me puppies and stop shoving advertising down my throat nonstop. Some of it has to exist to fund the show, and I get that, but too much is way the hell too much. 

anonymous asked:

I read your comment about the roundtable interview about YOI. Is it true that Yamada-san said how Victor and Yuuri are very clearly gay? I read some summaries, but I want to know if he or someone else really said it like that? (Idk, but I think even if he is a good/close friend of Yamamoto-san, he can not speak for her or Kubo-san...)

He is not exactly saying that “they are gay” (I mean, what he says means that, I’m just saying that he “didn’t use that exact wording”), but he is saying that they are clearly in love with each other and is commenting on how 20 years ago characters in BL would not accept themselves and think they are weird or “wrong”, but in YOI it’s all normal, which shows how things have progressed from the past.

They also comment on the fact that in YOI they could have shown their romance in a much more evident way but they didn’t, they focused on the entertainment, and that’s what made the show so popular. (So basically they are actually praising the fact that no explicit romance was shown, because that would have probably restricted its popularity and made it less appealing to people who dislike romantic or m/m elements. I think this is what most people familiar with Japanese society would say, and I agree too)

They also say how in episode 10, in the part where Victor and Yuuri go “on a date” (their words) and shopping, Yuuri’s reactions are “so much like a girl’s”. And “they have matching rings and are in their own world” (this I think he was saying about the scene in episode 11 where Victor kisses Yuuri’s ring before he goes to skate “Eros”, because then he says “and then Yuuri goes to the rink”). I laughed when then he says “I couldn’t look at it” and the other guy too “I couldn’t either”, and “guys (male viewers) were totally left out”. They are saying this in an amused way, they are not criticizing the scene, but yeah if they had shown something more evident in the series some people that are not as broad-minded as them would probably have quit watching the show. I myself wanted to hide under the table when they showed the scene at the end of episode 7 on Music Station (prime time music TV program watched by heaps of “normal people”, as in “non-otaku”) without any context at all, lol.

But yeah, he’s Yamamoto’s friend but he doesn’t know Kubo at all, and he wasn’t involved in the production of YOI in the least, so he’s just talking based on his own impressions watching the series and maybe some things Yamamoto told him. He almost never says “Yamamoto told me~” in the interview or use wordings that imply that it’s something he was told by someone (Japanese people will use this kind of sentence structure when they are referring to something they were told, they have lots of ways to express that), therefore I actually think it’s really mostly based on his interpretation. But what he thinks is probably what many people in the animation/entertainment industry, especially the ones familiar with BL and who aren’t creeped out by it, think too, though most of them will never say it out loud, so that’s why it’s interesting.

And a random note: in my experience watching interviews, reading articles and looking at people’s tweets, men are usually much more blunt about BL than women, especially creators and people involved in the production of an anime. I think that women are scared that if they say something that hints at BL people will not take their opinions objectively and just think “you see things from that point of view because you’re a woman so you like BL”, while if it’s men saying the same exact thing people are not going to think it’s because they like BL, so they don’t feel that they have to justify themselves or avoid certain topics. Kubo too actually says something like this in her interview on Febri (sorry it will be posted within today…).

Also I was told that the interview is now normally available on NicoNico as well (that’s where the Japanese transcript comes from apparently). There’s overlaying text on the footage saying that it comes from a “members limited program”, but I guess they decided to publish this part about YOI afterwards? Good to know Avex is tolerant enough to let this exist, lol. But then again they own the copyright to Osomatsu-san so yeah…

(By the way they don’t just talk about Victor and Yuuri in the roundtable, they also praise many other aspects of the series!)

“Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dishonor on your whole family!”

I’M ALIIIIIIVEEEE! (Actually this is the third project I’ve finished since the Pokemon stitch, but I can’t show those because they’re birthday presents. So you’ll have to wait til December, sorry)

Mulan is my FAVORITE Disney movie!! I love it, really, and I can never find anything related to it. So I was super excited when I saw FrigidStitch had a pattern available. I bought it the same time I bought Trinity’s Pokemon pattern.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the colors used for the two Mulan characters so I changed them. In the original pattern, Girl!Mulan was wearing the outfit she wore at the very beginning of the movie while Ping!Mulan’s colors were slightly off (they’re still slightly off but shh we’re gonna roll with it). I wanted Mulan in her matchmaker outfit because 1. She was wearing it when she sang this song and 2. She’s not comfortable in both this outfit and as soldier Ping, so I wanted to “reflect” that (ba-dum-tish, I’ll see myself out).

This was done on 18 count aida because I love me some 18 count mmm yeah. And I don’t want to talk about how much I had to rip out… Also-also, for my log, this was literally finished today, so, yay! Productivity!

[scenario] together, with you

Title: together, with you

Member: jihoon

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 677

“Where’s Jihoon?” Is the first question you ask upon entering the practice room, earning an accentuating pout from Soonyoung, the first to welcome you.

“Wow, rude? We’re here too, you know,” he gestures to the boys sprawled out on the floor, some waving and some too busy groaning in pain to notice your presence. You wave back, smiling.

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the walking dead starters ( season 7 episode 1.)

( also known as the meme that will destroy your soul. or as the meme where 98% is negan quotes.!!! SPOILER ALERT !!! IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED FIRST EP OF SEASON 7 YET !!!

  • “ what? was the joke that bad?”
  • “ i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “ what? i didn’t quite catch that. you’re gonna have to speak up.”
  • “ not today. not tomorrow… but i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “ well, we can just turn these people inside out, won’t we? i mean, the one’s that are left.”
  • “ let’s go for a ride.”
  • “ wow, what a piece of shit!”
  • “ ‘i’m gonna kill you’ - are you kiddin’ me?”
  • “ did you see what just happened, what i just did?”
  • “ your best chance is to stand up, grab that ax, and drive it through the back of my head.”
  • “ keep actin’ tough.”
  • “ go ahead. grab the damn ax.”
  • “ drop it.”
  • “ don’t make me get up again.”
  • “ well, look at that. dawn is breakin’. it’s a brand-new day.”
  • “ i want you to think about what could’ve happened. think about what happened. and think about what can still happen.”
  • “ that remind you of anybody you know?”
  • “ you are mine.”
  • “ let’s be friends.”
  • “ no. doesn’t work like that, ___. not anymore.”
  • “ think about what happened.”
  • “ i simply cannot decide.”
  • “ i got an idea. eenie… meenie… miney….”
  • “ you can breathe. you can blink. you can cry. hell, you’re all gonna be doin’ that.”
  • “ oh! look at that! taking it like a CHAMP!”
  • “ suck. my. nuts.”
  • “ did you hear that?”
  • “ oh, my goodness! look at this!”
  • “ sweetheart, lay your eyes on this.”
  • “ oh damn… were you– were you together?”
  • “ that sucks.”
  • “ you should know, there was a reason for all this.”
  • “ he just took one, or six or seven for the team!”
  • “ so take a damn look.”
  • “ take a damn look!”
  • “ that? oh, my! that. that is a no-no.”
  • “ that whole thing, not one bit of that shit flies here.”
  • “ do you want me to do it?”
  • “ no, you don’t kill them… not until you try a little.”
  • “ that’s not how it works.”
  • “ now, i already told you, first one’s free, then – what’d i say?”
  • “ i said i would shut that shit down! no exceptions.”
  • “ now, i don’t know what kind of lying assholes you’ve been dealing with, but i’m a man of my word.”
  • “ first impressions are important.”
  • “ i need you to know me.”
  • “ buddy, you still there?”
  • “ i just don’t know. it seems like you’re trying to speak, but you just took a hell of a hit!”
  • “ -and it is gross as shit!”
  • “ oh… oh, hell, i can see this is hard on you.”
  • “ i am sorry. i truly am. but i did say it; no exceptions!”
  • “ you bunch of pussies. i’m just gettin’ started.”
  • “ she is a vampire bat.”
  • “ people died, ___. it’s what happened. doesn’t mean the rest of ’em have to.”
  • “ i thought you were the guy, ___. maybe you’re not.”
  • “ we’ll give it one more go. now i really want you to try this time.”
  • “ last chance.”
  • “ clock is ticking, ___! think about what could still happen.”
  • “ we’re here, prick.”
  • “ this must be hard for you, right?”
  • “ i mean, you have been king shit for so long.”
  • “ that is some screwed up shit!”
  • “ you were in charge. hell, you were probably addicted to it.”
  • “ you can still lead a nice, productive life, producing for me.”
  • “ i think you’re gonna need it. i just got a feelin’. so take it.”
  • “ speak when you’re spoken to!”
  • “ the way that you looked at me, i wanted to change that.”
  • “ i wanted you to understand. but you’re still looking at me the same damn way.”
  • “ do i give you another chance?”
  • “ and here it is, the grand-prize game.”
  • “ what you do next will decide whether you crap day becomes everyone’s last crap day, or just another crap day.”
  • “ you a south-paw?”
  • “ am i a what?”
  • “ that hurt? should. it’s supposed to.”
  • “ get down on the ground. spread them wings!”
  • “ you got a pen?”
  • “ sorry, kid.”
  • “ please, please. please don’t.”
  • “ please don’t.”
  • “ me? i ain’t doin’ shit.”
  • “ now, i know- i know, you’re gonna have to process that for a second. still though, i’m gonna need you to do it, or all these people are gonna die.”
  • “ i’m gonna keep you breathing for a few years, just so you can stew on it.”
  • “ you- you don’t have to do this.”
  • “ now, i know this is a screwed-up thing to ask.”
  • “ it can- it can- it can be me. it can be me. y-you can do it to me.”
  • “ i c- i can go with- with you.”
  • “ no. this is the only way.”
  • “ not making a decision is a BIG decision.”
  • “ you really want to see all these people die? you will. you will see every. ugly. thing.”
  • “ oh, my god. are you gonna make me count?”
  • “ okay, you win. i am counting. three!”
  • “ please! please! it can be me! please!”
  • “ please, don’t do- ah… ahhh!”
  • “ just do it.”
  • “ you answer to me. you provide for me. you belong to me. right?”
  • “ that is the look i wanted to see.”
  • “ we did it. all of us, together. even the dead guys on the ground. hell, they get the spirit award, for sure!”
  • “ today was a productive damn day!”
  • “ now, i hope, for all your sake, that you get it now… that you understand how things work.”
  • “ things have changed.”
  • “ whatever you had going for you, that is over now.”
  • “ he’s got guts. not a little bitch like someone i know.”
  • “ i like him. he’s mine now.”
  • “ but you still wanna try something, i will cut pieces off of… hell’s his name?”
  • “ wow, that actually sounds right.”
  • “ i will cut pieces off of ___ and put them on your doorstep - or better yet,  i will bring ___ to you and have you do it for me.”
  • “ welcome to a brand-new beginning, you sorry shits!”
  • “ you need to sit down.”
  • “ you need to go get ready. to fight them.”
  • “ we would die, all of us.”
  • “ go home. take everybody with you. i can get there by myself.”
  • “ you can barely stand up.”
  • “ you were out– out here for me.”
  • “ i can make it now, i need you to go back, i can’t have you out here.”
  • “ we’re not letting you go, okay?”
  • “ it’s not gonna happen.”
  • “ i’m not giving you a choice.”
  • “ i need to do this, please.”
  • “ i got it.”
  • “ pl- pl- please let us.”
  • “ he- he’s out family t- he’s our family, too.”
Giving love a shot part 57

♡Jae’s views♡

I can’t believe I am a mother now. Me Jaeha with 3 kids? If I look back at my my life, fifteen to twenty years ago, the thought of marriage give me rash, but now now I’m married with children.

Right now I’m in the room with Jay alone cause our friends and family are respectful enough to give us some privacy to process the whole thing.

Jae: so Jaehoon came out first uh?

Jay: yea, you know considering the fact that we almost missed him, I thought  he’d be last. You feeling alright?

Jae: are you alright?

Jay: I don’t know, so the hardest part of our lives begins now, ready?

Jae: you?

Jay: yes, because I have you. You should also feel that way cause you have me and we have each other.

Jae: you think we’ll be alright?

Jay: truth or lie?

Jae: make me feel better

Jay: well then, we’ll be great 

After going back home, it feels like my whole life and world change. The first few days, I might’ve cried a day or two, but I can’t cry cause my husband would cry whenever I do.

It’s strange, how much I Han Jaeha- wait I Park Jaeha, you know how SERIOUS I take my sleep, something tells me that I won’t be sleeping anytime soon.

My son is a  little gentleman,  he only fuss or cry when he need something, but the girls I feel like They're bothering me on purpose,  they cry one after the other. I’m not going to lie, I cry along with them.

Jay’s been doing his best, we tried taking “shift” like I take naps during the day, and he take naps at night. But regardless we still  help each other out.

Someone asked me why can’t I pay someone to watch the kids at night so I can sleep. They are my kids, why would I do that? When I can watch my own kids.

I try to document every little moments, cause before you know it, they’re graduating school and getting married. 😥😣 too soon Jaeha. Too soon..

《Jay’s views 》

The past few weeks has been, words can’t describe great feeling of holding my babies. Jaeha as been remarkable as if she had kids before.

Even though we split the shifts, she still does most of the works. She never complain that she’s tired, or sleepy or anything. I know it’s hard for her, I know my wife, we’ve been together for a while now, and many things I’ve learn is that Jaeha, doesn’t like to ask for help, even when it’s difficult, she handles everything by herself.

The other day I walked in the room and find her crying, she gets annoyed. I did some research and find out she has post partum depression, I didn’t know what that was until I realize that Jaejae was doing the exact same thing.

She stops caring for herself, only worrying about the kids, she get scared even when they’re peacefully sleeping. I think she feels like I’m not going to love her, because of how much her body has changed over the past few weeks, even before that, she always had that insecurity that, I’m going to leave her once she gets old.

Truthfully I’m the one that afraid that someday she’ll leave me. Speaking of let me go check what she’s up to.

Walking in our room I find her looking at herself in the mirror almost in disgust.

Jay: you like what you see?

Jae:*sigh, walks away*

Jay:*pulls her back* what’s wrong?

Jae: nothing

Jay: babe, come on

Jae: it’s just….. I’m ugly, my hair is all tangled… I’m a mess *starts crying*

Jay: okay first of all, don’t ever call yourself ugly ever again, and-and look at me I have a mustache

Jae: and you look pretty hot with it, lucky you  *She say while crying*

Jay:*smile* awe thanks babe, and you’re right I am lucky. I’m lucky to have you as my life partner. Look, my parents are coming over, how about we let them watch the kids, and we have a date.

Jae: date? We’re going to to leave the kids at home by themselves?

Jay: baby no, my parents will watch the kids, and Mo the lady you trust and raised you will be here, let’s just take a night just for us. Please. I know you worrying about the kids, and I am to, but I’m more worrying about you. You have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of them.

After managing to persuade her, she agrees only if we stay in. After that we took care of the kids before my parents get here, once they came, I start getting ready for our date.

Since we’re staying in, I know exacly what to do. I start by running Jaeha a bath since it’s one of favorite things in life. Go in her closet and pick her a dress.

Minutes later she walks in surprise.

Jae: babe? What’s going on? What’s all this?

Jay: for our date

Jae: but I thought we were staying in?

Jay: we are, come on *takes her in the bathroom*  there go in

With her sitting in the water I sit on top of the tub to brush her hair.

Jae: aren’t you afraid that my hair is going to get in the water?

Jay: things like that doesn’t bother me. Do you know how many times I wake up with you hair on my face, all over my pillow.

Jae: *exhale* this feels nice. *leans her head on his knee, and holding on to his leg*

Jay: Jaejae

Jae: mhmm

Jay: I want you to know you’re not alone, you have your friends, parents, and you have me. If something is wrong with you, you have to tell me. The same way It hurts when our kids are crying and we can’t do anything about it, it hurts me 10 times more when you are crying and I can’t do anything to help you. I dont want you to be crying in the closet by yourself, or wait till I’m sleeping. If you need to cry I’m always going to have a shoulder for you to lean on.

Jae: I’m just afraid

Jay: afraid of what?

Jae: that you’re going to leave me, for someone cuter, younger, with a better body

Jay:  Jaeha, baby that is never going to happen. I’ll will never leave you, till death do us part remember. I will never love any other woman the way that I love you, you are the love of my life, and that will never change. if anything I’m more afraid that you’ll leave me

Jae: why would you think that?

Jay: because I’m always hurting you.

Jae: not intentionally, but the hard work has just begin.

After her bath, we go for our dinner.

Jae: where are we going?

Jay: well we’re going to have dinner by the golf course.

Jae: how romantic

Jay: well I figure you need some air

Jae: awe babe

Jay: I know you hate wet grass so, the sprinklers,  will be a bit late tonight.

Jae: *smile*

We had dinner, talk, laugh, I couldn’t be any more perfect. After eating we walked a bit and then head back in our room.

Jae: so what now?

Jay: whatever you want

Jae: how about a massage?

Jay: I’m at your service

Jae: no, this time I’m at your service. You worked equally hard. And I’ll help you strip *wink wink*

Jay: Jaejae, as much as I would love to get a massage I have a feeling we’re both are going to end up naked.

Jae: *walk up to him* would that make you happy?

Jay: very

Jae: okay then, let’s get naked

We had a great night for once in a while. It feel great being able to wrap my arms around her again.

Jae: shouldn’t we go check-

Jay: the kids are fine, let’s get some sleep while we can *pulls her closer to his chest* goodnight

Jae: love you

Jay: love you to babe

After she fell asleep I couldn’t help but feeling teary a bit. I spent most of the night, just admiring this woman, I cannot believe how far we’ve come.

I’m not going to say that she’s looking old,  but looking at her now and years before, she look more mature. I love taking time to just admire her, when she’s sleeping cause she gets embarrassed about it if she’s awake.

After Jaejae gets into a deep sleep, I went off to check on the kiss. Knowing them at this time they’d be awake  for food.

Walking in, my parents were feeding them.

Mom: you’re awake?

Jay: yeah I wanted to check on these guys first.

Dad: they’re good.

Mom: were you crying?

Jay: *sits on the floor* I was just looking at Jaejae and I couldn’t help it.

Dad: what?

Jay: I’ve known her for almost 10 years. In that time I realize that I dont deserve her. I’ve cause her more pain than she deserve. It freaks me out more now, I feel like one day she will have enough and she’ll just get up  and leave with the kids.

Dad: then stop hurting her, that’s just your past catching up to you.

Mom: shouldn’t you be comforting him?

Dad: Jaebum is not a kid anymore that needs to me comforting anymore. Your a married man now, you have a son that’s going to look up to you, what exactly are you going to teach him?

Jay: the worst part about it, is that she’s always taking my side even when I’m dead wrong. I really can’t count with one hand the amount of time she has embarrassed or disappointed me, but the amount of times I’ve embarrassed, humiliated, and diappointed her, was good enough reasons for her to say no 10 times when I asked her to marry me.

Dad: so now you’re having regrets?

I spent an hour talking to my parents. My mom tries to suggacoat things when she’s talking, but my dad on the other hand just tell  me to man my ass up.

Jay: I should probably go back, before she gets up and starts looking for me. I’ll see you guys later.

*next morning*

She’s not on the bed I know exactly where to find her.

Jay:*looking at her playing with the babies*

Jae: hey good morning

Jay: morning *sits next to her*

Jae: *kisses him*

Our kids are growing up very fast. It’s cute the girls are friendly, but my son, he is a serious momma’s boy. He will go to people but as soon as he sees or hear her voice, he doesn’t want anybody else.

He has a weak stomach, he vomits everything as soon he eat. The doctors gave us medicine, it’s actually working.

Jay: how’s it going?

Jae: well so far I’ve got sneezed on, vomit, drool and peed on. So I guess where having a very productive morning. Hoonie hasn’t thrown up yet, and I fed him 15minutes ago

Jay: You ready for today?

Jae: not really You?

Jay: not at all

Since Jaeha and I have the worst luck we have to take our kids to the doctor for a check up…. *sigh* also the dogs to the vet. It’s not like it’s just Gajeel, she has 3 pops.

You all know how she cares about this dog, like it’s her first child. So we’re about to take our kids and grandkids to the vet. I know I’m drinking later on.

Jae: you ready for today’s challenge?

Jay: yes let’s do it.

First it’s starts with taking the kids a bath, you put on their diapers and then they poop before you even finish with the other one. This woman sanely got evrything done, pack snacks for the kids, the dog, and me.

It shows me how strong she is, and if we didn’t have money and you know all the extra help that comes with it, she’d do fine. She’d be better than fine.

When we finish we load up, 3 car seats, dogs and head out.

Jae: okay everyone and everything is on board. 

Jay: can I ask you a question?

Jae: fire away

Jay: how can you do all of this? Do you have kids somewhere else?

Jae: it just come naturally. You automatically knows and see what you have to do.

Jay: just the dogs would drive me insane

Jae: because they dont listen to you.

The kids are doing great, except for Mr weak stomach, but the medicine are helping. They each have to take two shots, and they’re going to hurt.

Jaeha cry of course all 3 of her kids are crying. I’m just here feeling sorry for everyone. After that we head out to the vet.

Getting to the vet, they doing check up all you can hear is Jaeha’s stomach going off. 
She forgot to eat or pack anything for herself.

Jay: you gonna eat anything?

Jae: I forgot to pack mine, but I’m not really hungry

Jay: baby, come on stop doing that.

Jae: I forgot, Hoon was throwing up, and I forgot.

Jay: you want to share mines?

Jae: no there’s cinnamon in it.

Jay: I’ll go buy you something

Jae: babe, I am fine.

Jay: I do not care, I’m getting you something.

After 3 hours everyone fed, and changed we making our way back, but first I have to stop to get something for Jaejae to eat and then stop at illi office.

She fall asleep as soon as I started driving. I cannot believe I’m driving a car listening to nursery rhyme.

*Illionaire office*

Dok2: you coming in?

Jay: cant, I have my family in the car they’re all out.

Dok2: I can’t believe this, You? A family man now, with a car full of kids and dogs. How is it?

Jay: fantastic, you just have to give up sleep ing for a few years.

My life is hectic right now, but I dont think I’d want it any other way.  

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[4/100 days of productivity] 05.09.16 today’s 100 days of productivity features my biology revision and a partial shot of my bujo because I am really impressed with how this week’s spread turned out so, of course, I had to put in in my photos today! I am actually really proud because the poster you can see, I made without looking at my notes (apart from a diagram I drew on the back because I didn’t have enough room - I had forgotten the formula for a metabolic reaction) and I am so pleased I managed to write it all down, even though I missed one or two things. I then finished my respiration flashcard set which look great and whilst they look busy, contain all the key points I need to know and are a nice easy read! sixth form starts tomorrow and I am actually so excited to be back!



4/100 Days of productivity challenge

Hey guys! Another day of being productive and studying! Today I am struggling to be disciplined enough to actually focus on my tasks for long enough since I am in the middle of my test week. Any tips on motivation?

Here you can see some of my Dutch literature notes I am revising since the test is on monday! 

Writing some little poems has really helped me to relax, but I think for me it is also an excuse to procrastinate so maybe I should not spend too much time on it haha. Would you guys maybe want to see my (very bad and cliche) small poems?

I wish you all a lovely and productive day!

Love and Marriage

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Dean, Lisa, Ben, Mary (kind of an OC, but I’ve seen the Dean’s-daughter-Mary thing played out all over the place)

Summary: AU, Dean stayed with Lisa after Sam came back. You want to spend the day with Sam alone, but Dean plans a family day.

Word Count: 3,500 (oh, that makes me so happy!)

Warnings: lightly implied smut, cursing, drinking, daddy!Dean, fluff, angst

A/N: Little idea that popped into my brain as I was laying in bed last night. Hope you like it! 

*flashbacks are in bold

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Stretching and yawning, you swung your legs around to the side of the bed and placed your feet on the cold hardwood floor. As you walked to the bathroom, you scooped up your shirt and underwear, but apparently left your dignity on the floor the night before. You turned the water on and let it get warm before splashing some over your face. When you looked up into the mirror, you noticed a purply-reddish bite mark at the base of your neck.

“Damn it, Sam.” You grumbled and threw the towel down on the corner of the sink, stomping into the kitchen.

“Mm, mornin’ beautiful.” He barely turned to look at you over his shoulder, one hand holding the phone to his ear while the other covered the microphone.

You should’ve been calling him beautiful. He was standing at the counter, waiting for the toaster to pop. His bare back was to you, making it hard not to gawk at him. The way his muscles flexed even when he was standing still, the perfect v-shape that his body had, his dark grey sweatpants hanging on to his hip bones just so, it was all too much to resist. So you didn’t. You walked to him and wrapped your arms around his middle, laying your head between his shoulder blades after pressing light kisses to the skin there.

“Yeah, see ya then.” He hung up the phone and snapped the phone shut before setting it on the counter.

“Mornin’, Sammy,” you said.

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Day 29/100 Days of productivity 

Today was interesting. emotions were everywhere but.. work had me feeling productive. needed to choreograph with notes this time since I was separating certain groups and directions… gets hectic. (if you actually see the notes you’ll probably laugh at me haha) 

and then.. after getting homework finished I strolled into guitar center, just to mess around with some guitars. and ending up leaving with this one to the left! His name is Carlile :)


day 2/100 days of productivity lol

lololol i know technically today should be 4 or 5/100 but I’d be lying if I said the last couple of days were productive. I guess it was productive on a social level because I got to see a couple of internet friends, but other than that all I did was lose a university choice.

I went to an open day and was put off. I didn’t even think that was possible. I thought open days were these artificial places where they tell you all the best bits in the hope that you don’t really see how mediocre a place is, but nah. I was actually put off so much and now I need to find more uni choices wooo….

anyway, today I managed to have a productive day I guess. I did a lot of life-related things, but not much in terms of college work which is kind of a pain but tomorrow is another day

been working on a lot of tumblr stuff today so hopefully there’ll be some new things for you guys soon

have a great day

April 23rd {18/100}

Day 18 of my 100 days of productivity! Today was another biology-heavy day. I spent most of my time re-writing my in-class notes and making sure that I actually understand all of the concepts. I was tackling nerve impulse propagation. As you can see, the notes I take in class are really rough and unorganised, all written in the same color and just general not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. I wanted to show you guys that good looking notes, always started out as messy ones. 


Skincare isn’t something I’m particularly knowledgable about, but make-up stores on every corner and the vast array of inexpensive, good quality products at my fingertips have gotten me a lot more interested in the subject since coming to Korea.

I’m still very much in the experimental stage, trying out lots of different brands and products, but here is my current routine for inquiring minds.

I’ll start with,

1. Innisfree Green Barley Multi Cleansing Tissue
This is the first step of my nightly skincare routine. I use these cleansing wipes to take off the day’s make-up. I prefer to use wipes because they’re just so easy and convenient, and let’s be honest, I’m a bum. I’m using the green barley kind right now, but I’ve tried all of Innisfree’s different versions and they’re all great. Takes off dirt and make-up, quick and easy.

2. Tony Moly Egg Pore Deep Cleansing Foam 
After taking off my make-up, I like to use a foam cleanser to clean any leftover gunk out of my pores. This one is just your basic foam cleanser. Nothing fancy, but it does what it should. The best part is that it’s cheap.

3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser
Okay, this one is my favorite cleanser I’ve ever tried. It comes out of the can in big, fluffy mousse consistency, and my skin always feels very soft and very clean after using it. I like to wash my face with this in the mornings when I wake up, before moisturizing.

4. Innisfree Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip & Eye Remover
I get most of my make-up off with remover wipes, but if I have particularly stubborn eyeliner/lip tints, or if I run out of wipes and forget to buy more (bum, bum, bum, i’m a lazy bum), I use a small dallop of this. It works well. P.S. it smells delicious.

5. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 
This is my favorite mask by far, clay or otherwise. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and tight afterwards. I love Innisfree’s entire Jeju Volcanic line, to be honest. My skin is on the dry side though, so I usually only use clay masks once every few weeks.

As you might be able to tell, I have a bit of a bias for Innisfree’s cleansing products. They’re made out of a lot of natural ingredients, and they always leave my skin feeling perfectly clean, never dry.


1. Tony Moly Goat Milk Whitening Toner & Emulsion
I apply toner, then emulsion fresh out of the shower in the morning. I’ll usually eat breakfast while giving them a bit of time to soak in, then do my make-up afterwards. I actually bought these two today, so I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but I like whitening products because they’re supposed to help even out your skin tone and fight discoloration, which I have. (hi dark circles)

2. Sheet Masks
I use sheet masks maybe 1-2 times a week for extra moisture. The thing I’ve noticed with masks is that you have to use them very consistently to see any significant effect. I have no brand loyalties when it comes to masks. I always buy them via 10+10 deals and switch kinds when I run out. The ones I’m currently using are from Tony Moly’s Pureness 100 line.

3. Eye Patches
My biggest issue with my skin is my under eye area. I have pretty dark circles/discoloration, so I like to use eye patches whenever I remember or get the urge to. I prefer the consistency of gel patches, but there are paper versions as well. Like face masks, I hop from brand to brand, but I’m currently using Missha’s Clearing Gel Eye Patch.

4. Missha Near Skin Ultimate Firming Eye Cream
As it appears we live in a cruel and imperfect world, I’ve started developing a few fine lines beneath my eyes this year. So lately I’ve been applying this firming eye cream every night before bed. I haven’t been using it long enough to tell if it has any effect or not, but I really hope it does because !!! I’m only 23 !!! I can’t be wrinkly already !!!

5. Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 Cream
I apply a layer of moisture cream to my whole face every night before I go to sleep. I bought this particular cream via a 1+1 deal, so it was a great price. And honestly there’s just something about snail cream that intrigues me?? It’s very moisturizing, and said to be good for other things like wrinkles, acne, redness, etc. as well. The consistency is light and a bit gooier(?) than most creams. That sounds mildly unpleasant, but I dig it.

Overall, I’m not loyal to any one brand when it comes to skincare. I tend to buy all of my products on sale, so whichever store is having a sale that particular day is usually who gets my money. I’ll keep trying new products as mine run out, so let me know if there are any you’re curious about!

anonymous asked:

In response to your last ask do you think the slide from the Japan anniversary event could actually be right, like you speculated? ("Project 2017 now begins")

It’s definitely weird, yeah.

I think the “we’ve been working on this for four years” thing was probably more about the creation Hedgehog Engine 2 and experiments with that, but the formal Sonic Forces game we see today probably only entered production some time last year.

By that I mean: if somebody challenged Sonic Team on this, it wouldn’t surprise me if they came back and were like “here’s images of a Sonic game in 2013 that was an early version of Sonic Forces”

And they’d definitely show us a Sonic game that existed in 2013 that was in some basic level of production, and that would be “real.”

But that doesn’t mean the 2013 game was Sonic Forces, it just means the 2013 game involved Sonic somehow and over time coalesced in to something that ended up becoming Sonic Forces in the end, you know?

Then, when it “crystallized” in to a real project (e.g. when it was formally announced last year), real production on a real game began, and that’s when they started building levels and making something to be sold.

But before last year, the project merely existed as a nebulous collection of concepts with the knowledge that maybe one day some of them could turn in to a game.

Sort of like with Breath of the Wild. Nintendo recently showed early concepts for the game and mentioned it could have involved motorcycles and large-scale wars and even aliens from space.

They obviously had an engine at that point. Some of those assets might even still be in the final version of Breath of the Wild. They were moving in a direction, but they hadn’t committed to anything yet. They were still looking for their hook, still looking for the thing that would define the game and let them nail down the rest of the design. It wasn’t Breath of the Wild yet, it was just a collection of experiments with the Zelda name attached.

This works out fine for Nintendo, because they take their time and the end result is polished to a mirror sheen. The “Invasion” concept above could have been four years ago for all we know.

For Sonic Team, a major problem all of their games face is that they get 75% of the way to the end zone and never give them that last 25% of development. They always need a little more content, a little more balancing, a little more polish, and they don’t get it. Every Sonic Team game from 1998 until present feels unfinished in some way or another. They’re always missing something, because they ran out of time, or they ran out of money, or something changed that cut them short.

And for them to announce a game in December of last year, obviously have nothing to show for it until March, and expect it to be out by November of this year feels like the REAL Sonic Cycle: a recipe for not giving a game enough time to nail that last 25%.

The worst thing when you’re looking at an aesthetic blog is when someone puts porn in there too. I’m not here to see titty, I don’t care if the titty fits the overall theme, era, and color of the surrounding aesthetic, I see it as a disruption. There’s no room for the temptations of the flesh in aesthetics, it’s all about temptation of the mind and the spirit. To be hypnotized into a false nostalgia, to be made into a drone of the visual, a consumer of what can no longer be consumed in an unaltered, original state. E.g, you can spend all day looking at old radio shack adverts from the 80s, but you can’t actually go to a radio shack today and buy the same products. Especially not when radio shack is closing.

But I can get titty anywhere, man. Now true, porn is art and like all art, a child of its time, a reflection of an era’s ideals and as such, as susceptible to becoming part of an overall aesthetic as anything else. It’s meant to be consumed and all things consumable and exchangeable through capital can make up an aesthetic. So this may very well just be a matter of taste, but I argue that since porn and sex have been around forever, even if you factor in the time the porn took place in relation to the corresponding aesthetic of a blog, it’s still a disruption of the flow and purity of what can no longer be consumed. Porn can always be obtained, sex and decadence always finds a way to survive. It evolves along with us and along with trends of the time. Make it neon, give it bad production value, slap on VCR static, it doesn’t matter. Porn is eternal and always consumable. But you can never truly replicate the original feeling or excitement of buying a walkman for the first time.

The biggest appeal of aesthetic and aesthetic blogs is to be whisked away by memory. To be temporarily numbed by a concentration of old popular forms of capitalist fantasy with no interruption. It’s a mixture of safe consumption and sadness. You can’t go back, you’ll never be young again, the world you currently live in is so depressing, you can’t afford anything. But you can look at  old interior design catalog pages, gifs of a mall escalator, or pictures of chunky personal computers and let your mind wander freely. A temporary immortality that can only be broken by porn and the reminder of our own mortality because sex and death are two halves of the same coin.

youmustbethedoctor  asked:

Oh my goodness I'm so glad I've found someone who agrees w me ! The whole point of Skam is to get a reaction from people, we don't know nearly enough about what's going on to start hating on Julie and the characters! There's so much more that can happen and there was so much good in today's clip too (I mean imagine hello) and things are actually moving along now!

Yes! Exactly!

Ive seen Hate for all the squads and characters today and it’s just so silly because by doing that you refuse to accept the possibility that we may not know the reality of the situation.

In a way this reaction is kind of a compliment to the completely successful immersive production of Skam. But also shows that people just can’t take a step back and realise that no one is at fault here not truly. That people are not wholly bad or good because of their actions or mistakes. 

I’m hopeful to see how Skam and Julie will change people’s minds by the end.

Even said it best today:

 Imagine all the people
Living life in peace… You…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one

arias-98105  asked:

Posted that last confession about Bendis on facebook, you wouldn't believe the hate I received, coming from people who grew up reading USM and see him as the definitive version, "It's another universe, go fuck yourself".

Everyone has to be critical of the stuff they grew up with. I myself have to today admit that no there were massive problems with the 90s Spider-Man cartoon in terms of characterization and production. The same to a lessser extent goes with the 2002 film even if I don’t think it’s actually not good at the end of the day. Hell one of my favourite Spider-Man stories out of nostalgia is McFarlane’s Torment run but that was a terrible story.

With USM being in another universe isn’t an acceptable line of defence because the remit and purpose of the book was never to be something different for the sake of being different.

The remit was to be the Spider-Man story if it began in the modern day/happened through the lens of the story happening whilst he was in high school (a mistake frankly since it was vital that the character be allowed to grow).

With that in mind how do you take the original story and then make Jameson   and Flash basically irrelevent, or make Harry a rarely seen character? Or have Nick Fury be a recurring character?

Preference #2: Okay, you need pants


#2, requested by anonymous with Michael

“Luke! Luke give them back!” I shut the front door and was already greeted by various shouts from Michael and his band mates. Placing my keys down on the table and putting my coat and shoes away I headed upstairs, following the profanities being shouted.

As I got towards the top of the stairs I saw two bodies running across the landing, followed by Ashton’s giggle which came from the bathroom. “What’s going on?” I asked the empty corridor and all remained quiet until the door nearest to me opened and Calum popped his head out.

“We stole all of Mike’s undies.” He laughed and I couldn’t help but join in with him. I saw another door creak open and Ashton revealed himself with Luke peering underneath him. “And we all picked the rooms with locks on them so he can’t bust us.” All of them started to laugh then Michael’s voice became louder so they slammed the doors and locked them again.

“Hey, looks like someone’s having a good afternoon.” A small chuckle escaped me as I walked towards the bedroom and as I entered I saw a complete bombshell that vaguely resembled our room.

All of the drawers had been pulled out, my bras were displayed across the bed and the wardrobes were left wide open. Checking through my underwear draw nothing had been taken that I know of, letting out a sigh I went to put on suite, knowing he would be sat in the bath thinking.

As luck should have it I walked in and saw him curled up on one end of the bath, completely empty of water and wearing a towel around his waist. Remaining quiet I climbed in, sitting opposite him with my legs pulled up to my chest, waiting for him to notice me and get out of his little bubble.

Letting out a quiet cough his head shot up, an instant smile met my eyes. “Guessing you know what’s going on huh?” He shook his head as he held back a laugh, I nodded smiling at the thought of this whole thing.

“Well I warned you about the prank on them last week.” I stated as I remembered sitting in bed whilst Michael badgered on about taking all of Luke’s hair products, Ashton’s drumsticks and Calum’s t shirts. Not that Calum not having t shirts would be a problem for anybody though. And this was their payback, taking one of Michael’s necessities.

“I didn’t think they’d actually get revenge.” He sighed, “Today of all days when they know we’ve got to go to studio later.” A soft laugh escaped me as I thought how well planned this all was.

“So you have no underwear?” I asked thinking if I had any stashed somewhere.

He shook his head. “They even went through your bra draw to find any extras, that and I think they wanted to see your bra size.” He joked and I rolled my eyes, how typical. “But they took my favourite thong of yours.” My eyes widened.

“You keep one of my thongs in your draw?” I asked, surprised about this but also relieved as I assumed I’d lost it months ago.

He slowly nodded, seeing him slightly embarrassed by the bold statement. “When you’re gone it’s good to know apart of you is still here.”

“In underwear form?” I joked and his all knowing smile appeared back on his face. “How long do you have until you’ve got to go?” I asked him as I pulled my phone out of my pocket.

“At 4.” He stated.

It was 3:45.

“Well shit.” I sighed before getting out of the bath and headed towards the locked doors. “Which one of you took my thong?” I asked loudly, knowing they would all be listening.

My question was followed by mixed responses, all of them yelling each other’s names until I let out a loud sigh. “Look you guys did good, I’ll give you that.” I told them and heard some thank you’s through the doors. “But you’ve got to give him at least one pair of pants to wear, you’ve got to go in a few minutes.” All went silent until the door to my left crept open, Luke’s hand popped out passing me a black lacy thong. “You serious?” I stated as I held the small piece of fabric in my hand, as I stepped forward to enter the room it slammed in my face and locked, the laughter returned.

Holding the thong in my hand I went back to Michael who was now lying down on our bed surrounded by my bras. He noticed me enter with a hopeful look on his face until I showed him the thong. “They won’t give in will they?” He asked and I shook my head. Letting out a loud sigh he stood up and took the thong from me and the clothes on the chair by the bathroom before shutting the door.

“Michael it won’t fit you, plus it won’t work!” I explained through the door as I heard him swear, I winced at the thought of him trying to get comfortable in it.

For a few minutes I waited by the door until it opened, out he came in white shorts and a black t shirt with a denim jacket slipped on over his arms. I let out a loud laugh as I saw the look of pure discomfort written across his face, glancing down I let out an even bigger laugh. “Okay this is not working, you can’t go out like that!” I spoke through my laughs pointing down to his pants, seeing a clear bulge and a thin outline of my thong through the white material.

“Doesn’t look like we have much choice.” He spoke through gritted teeth as he walked out of the room with a different walk entirely, I continued to laugh as he banged on the doors for the guys to come out.

“Michael,” I started as he turned back around, now more was hanging out of the thong and my laugh became louder. I took a minute to compose myself before continuing, “Okay, you need pants.”  I let out a breath.

“What? It’s not like we haven’t all seen it before Y/n.” Calum said as he came back out of the door followed by Luke and Ashton opposite him, all of them agreeing.

“Just, just give him some pants.” I stated and they now obeyed, “And you are all paying for a new thong.” I told them as I saw smirks crossing their faces before turning around and heading downstairs.

“You owe me Cal, I told you she was that size not smaller.” I heard Ashton mutter to Cal as he groaned.