i was actually productive today you see


Etsy store is now live and products are available here!

Just some info: 

- The actual number of packs available will be very limited (literally only 9), as this is just a test run to see if this stuff actually sells. So…sorry in advance if you miss out. 

- Shipping will be worldwide (hooray)

Thank you all, for your patience and support during this time. 

Happy holidays, happy everything xx


day 2/100 days of productivity lol

lololol i know technically today should be 4 or 5/100 but I’d be lying if I said the last couple of days were productive. I guess it was productive on a social level because I got to see a couple of internet friends, but other than that all I did was lose a university choice.

I went to an open day and was put off. I didn’t even think that was possible. I thought open days were these artificial places where they tell you all the best bits in the hope that you don’t really see how mediocre a place is, but nah. I was actually put off so much and now I need to find more uni choices wooo….

anyway, today I managed to have a productive day I guess. I did a lot of life-related things, but not much in terms of college work which is kind of a pain but tomorrow is another day

been working on a lot of tumblr stuff today so hopefully there’ll be some new things for you guys soon

have a great day



4/100 Days of productivity challenge

Hey guys! Another day of being productive and studying! Today I am struggling to be disciplined enough to actually focus on my tasks for long enough since I am in the middle of my test week. Any tips on motivation?

Here you can see some of my Dutch literature notes I am revising since the test is on monday! 

Writing some little poems has really helped me to relax, but I think for me it is also an excuse to procrastinate so maybe I should not spend too much time on it haha. Would you guys maybe want to see my (very bad and cliche) small poems?

I wish you all a lovely and productive day!

April 23rd {18/100}

Day 18 of my 100 days of productivity! Today was another biology-heavy day. I spent most of my time re-writing my in-class notes and making sure that I actually understand all of the concepts. I was tackling nerve impulse propagation. As you can see, the notes I take in class are really rough and unorganised, all written in the same color and just general not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. I wanted to show you guys that good looking notes, always started out as messy ones. 


So I went to GP Utrecht today (it was lovely thanks for asking) and i got to see RK Post again (saw him back in 2010). Not only is he illustrating a d.va for me on a avatar of woe artist proof, but I also bought this sweet Unmask print. I asked RK post to sign my name and he asked if he could write whatever I wanted.

So this is the final product, you’ve heard it here first @steveargyle . I actually made him roll it in a way I couldn’t see the message until I travelled all the way home! Needless to say this made me literally laugh out loud.

Thanks RK Post!


[4/100 days of productivity] 05.09.16 today’s 100 days of productivity features my biology revision and a partial shot of my bujo because I am really impressed with how this week’s spread turned out so, of course, I had to put in in my photos today! I am actually really proud because the poster you can see, I made without looking at my notes (apart from a diagram I drew on the back because I didn’t have enough room - I had forgotten the formula for a metabolic reaction) and I am so pleased I managed to write it all down, even though I missed one or two things. I then finished my respiration flashcard set which look great and whilst they look busy, contain all the key points I need to know and are a nice easy read! sixth form starts tomorrow and I am actually so excited to be back!

holy shit. okay i was really productive today and it’s gonna be a SUPER productive week actually. i have every intention to work through most, if not all, of my drafts until friday(ish) so for everyone who’s been so super patient with me lately: thank you so much you guys are STARS! last week’s been busy and i am so glad my low mood and real life stuff didn’t scare wanda away. nice to see the witch is still around and cooperating. anyway, i noticed that there are a whole bunch of new people on my dash and i will definitely post another starter call some time in the future. ALWAYS feel free to send in memes or tag me in things but please try to be patient with me and wanda’s picky little butt. 

i hope each and every one of you had an AMAZING weekend and an even better week ahead of you. sending you good vibes and virtual chocolate to keep you happy. <33

Squealing with delight! Just got home from vacation to find that fedex had dropped off the latest set of proofs today. These are called the F&G proofs. Basically it’s the actual-from-the-printing-press proofs (not digital like before), nearly end-product printing. It’s just not sewn and bound. This is the first time I am seeing the pages printed exactly as they will be in the final product. And they are beyond my expectations!

I’ll do a video in the next few days to post to the next kickstarter update so that you can see these pages in more detail!

#DescantsAndCadences #artbook #kickstarter

when i was 14 or so my dad asked me to make a logo for some of his products and i did because i used my tablet alot at the time and i didn’t know they’d ACTUALLY use it because like the president of this company even wanted me to do it and today i come into my dads office and i SEE the logo hanging up on the wall and they actually print them en masse and put them on products can you believe there are assembly lines in the US and Poland manufacturing these products with my logo that i made when i was 14 can you believe people get paid for putting a 14 year olds shitty art on medical products and Big Companies pay actual legal tender to buy these products and distribute them to hospitals and stuff there is a baby being born out there and the first thing they will see will be my fuckign art work and you know how much i get in royalties? nothing

Hello, Your Honor!

I took my wife and kids to see the sequel of [popular a Capella movie] and we recognized the Honorable Judge John Hodgman as one of the Tone Hangers.

A dispute arose between me and my daughter as to whether the Judge actually sang or was just there as eye candy. She thought that Judge Hodgman was just there as a recognizable internet celebrity, while I presumed that he actually sang.

Can you please ask the Judge whether he sang in the production?


A listener to the Judge John Hodgman Podcast

I received this email today. 

The answer is: everyone sang. Even the Green Bay Packers. 

We were recorded separately under the direction of the aca-genius Deke Sharon. 

Our voices were made to sound better and in tune using technology.

They played back the finished tracks in the room, and we all sang along to them. 

Everyone had also learned complicated choreography. But we had to make up all our dad-dances on our own. 

I am thrilled to have spent several nights in Baton Rouge being around so many talented people.

I am equally thrilled that the movie is the number one movie in America. 


So please don’t call me an internet celebrity. 

Thank you. 


Today’s thank yous!

A big thank you to Montiese M and Kelly M. 

I got a bendy arm for holding small products and some extension tubes for macro photography. 

You can actually add two sets of tubes to a macro lens and take a super macro. I am going to take a near microscopic picture of a ball point pen tip. So, expect seeing that very soon. 

Annnnd… some folks got Otis this reeeeally cool lion and this neato moose. 

BUT… I lost the slips your names. I am sooo sorry. I had them and then I didn’t and I don’t know where I put them. However, if you tell me who you are I will be happy to add your names to this post.  


See my wishlist here