i was actually planning on giffing this scene




1x06 / 1x11 // 4x02
a case of (failed) plans, arguing and development
for nadège @la-petite-fadette

[caption: eight gifs of bellamy and raven from the 100.
on the left two season one scenes. after their plan with the flares failed, raven pushes forward to yell at bellamy: “this is all because of you!” / bellamy yells back: “i helped you find the radio!” / after people have gone missing, raven tells bellamy: “we can’t just abandon our people. / show them you give a damn.”
on the right a season four scene. after their plan failed raven says to bellamy: “you’re not the only one who has to live with your call… / …as usual.” / bellamy replies: “well, go tell them. / go tell riley i should’ve left them to die.”]

Color Palette Meme coloring tutorial

So I’ve been asked how I make my color palette gif sets and wanted to throw together a super quick little tutorial on how I do it! 

(side note: after I put this together I saw that @loveforcaptainswan also put together a color palette meme coloring tutorial, so I wanna link to that as well because she’s fab at doing these, and that way people can see two different ways of going about making them!!)

For this tutorial, I’m going to be going from this

To this

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how to put two gifs on one canvas (◕‿◕✿)

Hey guys!! I’m making a tutorial on this because i couldn’t find one and its actually kind of complicated :)))

This is the gif i’ll be showing you how to make:

please like/reblog if helpful  ❤

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anonymous asked:

hi, i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you get a solid background color in your gifs like this /post/145356644942

hey, anon! i planned on working on a tutorial for you but i feel like it’d be easier to just give you a psd. but to answer your question, how i accomplish that is by choosing a scene that isn’t too busy, adding a color fill layer beneath my base and setting it to darken then brushing over the gif. i’m really not the best at explaining so here you go.



i actually had to remake it, so it isn’t the exact same but it’s pretty similar. you can download it here. please like or reblog if you choose to. thank youuu!

Ok ok ok, can we please talk about this scene from the trailers

Spoilers beyond this point. You’ve been warned. Ok so in the gif below Jyn is running with THE FREAKING DEATHSTAR PLANS. I know this was from the trailer but were they actually suppose to escape and live? I know they reshot a lot of scenes but DAFAQ. They could have lived in another alternate ending? Somebody HALP!!!!!!!!!! My babies. I cry I cry.

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is there any to save the livestream so that it can be watched for later?? in case if i miss it ; - ;

i’m actually planning on recording some of my favorite scenes for gifs. but i think someone will record and upload the whole thing!

Okay borrowing your gif myrandar for a second because I just need to say something about this scene. I’m seeing a lot of people say it was a sneaky “i got my way” grin but when I first seen this scene I didn’t think that at all. I thought he looked proud. It was as if he was thinking “That’s my girl”. He gave her a choice, he said he wouldn’t force her. Now I don’t know if he actually would have forced her or not but for at least the time being she BELIEVES she has a choice and she chose the more difficult path. So it looked to me as if he was proud of her for not being weak. I plan to rewatch the scene again and again on top of the 50 million times I already have since it leaked but yeah…I still see pride. Now that being said I don’t necessarily think Petyr is passionately in love with her. I think he’s fond of her. This is not my gif. Belongs to myrandar.


“Are we talking about the blue dress? Cuz I spent so much time walking around that dress. In rehearsals I would plan in the dress like it was actually another person in the scene. I was like ‘No no I can’t stand there’. The director would be like why not. I’d be like ‘Cuz her dress will be right here’.” - Jennifer Morrison (4x01 commentary)

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Reminder that in exactly a month we'll get the s3 dvd with the almost kiss scene (actual kiss?? i'm not sure what happened there anymore??)

One month until we all reblog the same gifs a thousand times and as a community squeal in such a high pitch we will scare every dog in existence. 

My excitement cannot be contained. 

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I think it was Gandalf who originally approached Thorin and was like, “I’ve been thinking of Erebor and I want to talk to you about it.” Which of course to somebody who’s yearning for that moment, he’s certainly up for sitting down and conversing with him. And I think when Gandalf invites the Dwarves to Bag End, I don’t actually believe in our version of the story that he just says, “Look, this is going to be the place. We’re going to find a burglar, come to Bag End at this time and we’ll make some plans.” 

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (47/100)