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Hi, I was wondering if you could do the reaction the mcl guys when your son or daughter makes a tantrum, hahaha I can not imagine castiel enduring her daughter's tantrum ๐Ÿ˜‚, anyway I love everything you write, it's great โค


  • Nate is a firm believer of letting children “cry it out.” He doesn’t feel like they should be coddled all the time unless of course it’s something like them being scared, hurt, sick, etc.
  • He’d more than likely just let his kid sit on the floor or in their playpen until they were done screaming.
  • If it’s a baby/toddler he’s a bit more understanding and knows this is just what babies do, but I it’s a child, like 4 and up then he refuses to put up with it. The kid knows that they aren’t going to get their way when he’s around so they actually don’t even act up all that much around him.
  • With babies, as much as he believes in the “cry it out” method, he does occasionally break because it makes him feel horrible to see them so upset. “Well… I guess you can stay up for a few more minutes.” (and then they watch Doc Mcstuffins for hours)


  • He is so confused and lowkey scared. Like, are you in pain? Are you hungry? Why are you still yelling?!
  • He tries any and everything he can to get them to calm down. Singing lullabies, rocking them, playing with them, etc. Nothing works and he’s left there with a screaming child. He gives up and just sits there on the floor with the baby/toddler, his face buried in his hands. You’d probably come home and they’re still upset. He’s absolutely freaking done when all you do is pick them up and they stop crying.

  • If it’s an older kid he doesn’t take their crap. “Hey you brat, you know better than that.” Which usually causes them to stop because they do know better and they know that tantrums only make daddy Cas annoyed, so they aren’t gonna get their way.


  • I feel like Lysander is lowkey really good with kids, especially younger ones. So whenever your baby/toddler is throwing a fit he somehow can immediately calm them down with no fail. Honestly for babies he’s just so relaxing to lie on. Like yassss papa Lys gimme the cuddles, rock me to sleep, sing me a lullaby.
  • With kids he’s less affectionate and will instead talk to them. He won’t baby them at all and will try to find the source of the problem.  He feels that this way, his kids will learn how to fix their problems instead of relying on others or expect to get what they want

  • “Why are you so upset?”

  • “Because I lost my favorite toy!”

  • *favorite toy suddenly appears*


  • Armin is freaking done at the moment. He honestly wants to throw his child out the window. He loves kids but he’s just pretty clueless when it comes to them crying?? Like why is the tiny person upset, all he did was take away the sharp object??
  • He’s pretty much failing at this whole thing. He’s tried everything for the past hour and nothing will shut them up. Then suddenly, Armin gets an idea!You come hom to see him and your baby/todd playing video games together. Well, more so Armin playing the game and giving the baby a controller that isn’t even connected to the system.

  • If it’s a kid he just finds some way to distract them away from whatever the issue is. One second the kid is upset over cookies and the next they’re confused as to why the heck dad is dancing around the house


  • Kentin is the freaking softy parent. His child has him wrapped around their tiny finger completely.
  • He tries so hard not to give in to what they want but he just can’t help it because they’re “SO CUTE AND TINY” and he “hates seeing them cry.” Yeah, you told them no cookies but 20 minutes later half the pack of oreos is gone and you find Kentin and you child with crumbs all over their face. He tries to be a bit more strict with older kids but he always loses in the end.

  • With babies he definitely does not stand a chance. Oh you want to chew on my dog tag? Go ahead. You want to pull my hair even though it hurts really bad? Go ahead. You want to crawl down the stairs by yourself? Go ahea- WAIT NO STOP

“So you do want him here…” 

“Of course I do. The little guy has been through so much. I’m so sorry if you thought I didn’t want him…this is just so shocking and overwhelming” 

“I know, this is…crazy to say the least. But alright, I’ll let Ana take him for the night. That way we can figure out why she left him and if he’s actually my son” 

“He looks just like you, Hunter…” 

“Al…don’t cry baby, it’s okay” 

“I’m sorry, I…I just despise her so much for doing this to him and to us.” 

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how about Iroh x Happiness?

Let me tell you something. There are very few things in the world that I love more than Zutara and Harmony, but Iroh x Happiness is without a doubt one of them.

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

Although I’m sure Iroh probably did his fair share of sins during his military campaigns back in the day, I can only see the man he was during the actual time line of the show.
So based on that….
I want Iroh to wake up every day and be able to do whatever brings him joy. Whether if that involves playing Pai Sho, challenging Boomi and Aang to bending matches, pestering kitchen staff over their lack of skill in the art of preparing tea, or attending political meetings with his nephew (aka his most precious adopted son) so he can advise but also make Zuko crack a smile or two.

I want Iroh to open his own tea shop–one in the Fire Nation and another branch in the Earth Kingdom because of nostalgia and pretty Earth Kingdom ladies.
I want Iroh to find love and companionship again in a woman if that is what he wishes.

By everything good and holy in the world, let Iroh swell with pride and joy every time he notices what a wonderful, incredible man and leader his nephew has become. To have Zuko in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways show his uncle his deep respect, love and appreciation for him. All of that because it’d make Iroh so blissfully happy.

I desperately want Iroh to be able to dote on and enjoy his grandchildren; I think he’d be the most amazing grandfather, constantly taking care of the little ones, telling them stories and taking them on mini adventures; feeding them sweets before dinner time and teaching them how to play instruments and bending stances.
And of course, telling them of how ridiculously grumpy and sulky their dad used to be. Katara would laugh and play along adding her own testimony, while Zuko would sulk and pout.
Actually, I want Iroh to become everyone’s grandfather.
So have Iroh work closely to Zuko in reconstructing the Fire Nation and the New World. Have Iroh participate in the Fire Nation market and festivals, telling the young and impressionable tales of his travels and the lessons they should take from his stories. Have Iroh participate in debates, let him lecture in universities and give bending classes. Have Iroh teach children how to play pai sho and the Tsungi horn on Music Nights.
I think Iroh would enjoy feeling needed and busy again.

But most of all, let Iroh spend his days enjoying the company of his family.
Have Iroh arm wrestle with Toph while exchanging colorful advice.
Have Sokka take Iroh on wild hunts while they bounce off invention ideas off each other.
Have Iroh remind Aang he is still only human–and “still very much just a kid”–when Avatar duties get too heavy. Let them talk about their beliefs and tactics.
Please let Iroh spend peaceful evenings with his nephew full of laughter and long conversations.
Let Iroh change diapers and give baths to little water bender babies with their father’s golden eyes but with their mother’s temper. Let him get soaked from head to toe only to just create steam to his grandchildren’s delight.
Let him have tea and sweet breads with Katara every day at 3pm so they can both talk and relax from the day’s events.

As long as he is with those he considers family, he will be.

Send me a ship and i’ll rate it

thank you~

((okay but can i thank the other google nations for being super cool and friendly because i was (and still kinda am tbh) super nervous when i first made this account but you guys are so nICE so thank you. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside uwu))

((also, anyone that’s reading this, you’re super duper cool. thank you, and i really hope that you have a good day))

((and finally thanks for 30 followers wow i just made this for fun. hell, i didn’t even make this for my favorite fandom of all time ((hetalia comes pretty close though)) you guys are awesome too ahhh holy sHIT))

((god damn i cant rn))

I really hecked up. I have online math homework and we usually have like 6 assignments per chapter and I always wait the week before the test to do it, partially because procrastination partially because otherwise I wont remember it all for the test. But I just realized it’s 9 assignments and they’re all really long and it’s only half clicking in my head and I’ve been working for 6 hours straight and I wanna keep going but my brain is so tired I wanna cry @ God kill me.

Also I need to actually DO the work or else I wont get the test so no one say “use Mathway!!!”

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Could be ruining the joke. Maybe everyone understands it's so tongue in cheek that it's obviously obvious. The velociraptor sex change was because of the frogDNA that was used to fill in the missing DinoDNA. So the trans fantasy of Jurassic park is still fantasy even in a fantasy world. I don't see the appeal.

Don’ t worry I’m fully aware that the actual ‘’’science’’’ behind it is utter bullshit, as is the science of the whole movie series (don’t get me wrong I love the movies but as a scientist they do make me cry a bit) but it’s just a bit of fun y’know

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Do you thing that they will insert Near and Mello on this 2017 live action? I think that's very unlikely, but...

You know I was already in my bed, but I stood up to my computer bc I am mad. I’m tired of ppl whitewashing everything they touch, god forgives them if they adapt Mulan into live action and they don’t use chinese characters ( of course with eddie Murphy as the only exception) Ahhhh now, to answer your question: I hope they don’t. Honestly the cast was not of my liking, as much as I like Nat wolff as an actor, he was not the one I would choose for the role and god, his looks don’t even get me started with his looks! but well, what can we do? cry a lot collectively as fandom I guess.

I tend to be a person who judges by first apparence (something that I’m trying to change) so I may be wrong and despite the horrendous cast, they manage to actually play the part well. That was what happend to me when watching GOTHAM bc i’m also dc trash soooo I wasn’t pleased with the Cast either even hate some ppl for some characters and in the end, they did a marvelous job!! and I’m sorprised bc now I can’t imagine other person perfect for those roles.

Hope the same happens with this. And I pray that if they include wammy kids, at least the ones who play them fake a british accent. Or they could actually cast british ppl if that’s not too much to ask!! but well sweetie, that’s only my point of view. Hope I answered your question!! love ya!! <3 <3 <3

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves ๐Ÿ’™ - ali โ™ก

HI MDEAR!!! 💖💖💖 ok lets see what stuff i can say im so bad at this stuff

  1. im a japan hoe
  2. ive been meaning to learn the electric guitar since like,, 6 years ago but i got sidetracked by the clarinet (ive learnt the acoustic meanwhile atleast)
  3. my last name is 黄 and therefore i am 200% actually renjun’s real mother, hes my actual son ::::) DID U GUYS KNOW RENJUNS LAST NAME MEANS YELLOW AND HIS FAVOURITE COLOUR IS YELLOW THATS SO CUTE IM GONNA CRY
  4. i hate phySHIT (physics lmao) with every fibre of my soul dont ask me why im doing it
  5. outside of nct im basically a gg stan only HAHAHA
  6. its 11am, im still in bed, and tutor is at 12:30 
  7. i only said that because im running out of ideas so i guess im stopping at seven SORRY ALI ILU AHAHAHAHA

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hi babe! how're you doing? keeping up with this blog and school well? actually, it's should be around spring break if im correct ^^. hope ure doing well and staying healthy; i can see you're working hard on art :') <3

//om g i m— Im fine, i think Im doing good with school and with this blog?? Even tho i feel kinda bad for keeping short breaks here and there, I’ll try to do better*sobs* My break is in 2weeks since i got it moved there!! Im never healthy *ugly laughter* but thank you I appreciate u saying that!! Thank you very much!!♡♡

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You know, some people can be oversensitive about sarcasm jokes and black humor. And... it's okay, probably. I used to be the same. When the person said smt like: "god, doesn't exist, lol" I was really starting to cry, because it "hurt" me so much. But then I grew up (more or less) and became more... calm about it, don't know... My advice: just ignore such people. They always were and will say that: "it is bad to joke about it, don't do it, blah blah blah, etc."

It’s about was about the same for me really until I learned that words hardly have the same power as an actual pair of scissors being stabbed at your throat.

I had a lot of people back home that made fun at me at my expense and it upset me, when I moved here I was confused about why they still made fun of me but that when I pretty much learned that no matter where you move in the world there will always be a click of racists who think that they’re the victims despite throwing punches over perceived transgressions rather than talk it out.

As I grew up I realized that the more that words don’t hurt me unless I want them to. 

As a child I wanted to be accepted and loved which is probably why it hurt so much when I was the victim of racism and other horrible acts that I’m not going to name because seriously the internet has enough trash on it thank you so very much.

It wasn’t until they became violent when they knew their hateful words couldn’t reach me that they resorted to violence which is what Nazis and other horrible racists do. They don’t talk they attack.

As far as I’m concerned words will NEVER be equal to physical violence or be a reason to call for it.

You can fight back with words or facts but don’t you dare try to compare someone calling you a ‘a dirty Jap’ , ‘Hafu’ , ‘Gooky’ ‘Rice Cracker’, ‘Hapa’ or ‘Whitey’ with a group of students physically attacking you every time you were alone.

It’s simply not the same and anyone that has to resort to violence without getting hit first has no argument other than ‘it hurt my feelings and I’m too lazy to form an solid conversation to explain why.’

Jokes are there for a reason: to delegitimize bad people, to take the sting out of horrible situations, and try to bring some form of a lip quip to those who suffer.

Once you start nitpicking which jokes are “ good” and “bad” we go down a very slippery slope of controlling everything down to the very last thought we may or may not have in our waking moments regardless of context.

So anyway: I’m going to keep cracking jokes, I will continue to post in the Mycroft tag, no one can tell me what to do on my blog and I appreciate that you along with my other followers (who may have differing opinions but debate them civilly like adults) stand by me.

Thank you,

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22 and 31 please? (I love your work oml)

22 : Has your own writing ever made you cry?

It has not! Though sometimes I want to cry because some things are just too cute for my heart to take.

31 : What trope do you actually like?

Admittedly, I’m a little weak to the childhood friends to lovers trope (coughs at narumitsu) but there aren’t many other tropes off the top of my head that I can think of that I like! Probably anything cheesy and romantic, honestly.

Writer Ask Game Here!

i’ve been keeping a private blog for venting of big negative stuff and it’s actually really helpful in moving past things (instead of dwelling on bad thoughts constantly and crying for the rest of eternity). whenever i can’t sleep i type a huge load of shit in there and then it’s a bit better.

anyway tomorrow i’m gonna ride my bike to this noice bakery nearby really early to get breakfast then i’m gonna smash out the schoolwork i need to do and then i might work on my cross stitch

Reasons I am the Demogorgon

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot

magnus bane and alec lightwood will be the most iconic couple on tv in 2017

not only are we getting a proper respresentation of an interracial couple, not only are we getting a queer couple… but we are also gonna see them actually fall in love, depend on each other, trust each other, fight for each other

AND at the same time we are going to see two badass and independent characters who have their own stories and are so much more than just a couple

Oh, he’s no stranger, we’ve met before, once upon a dream.

goodbye, forever, i literally can’t believe this happened,,,,