i was absolutely obsessed with it when it came out


When my best friend dragged me into her obsession with Dragon Age after the first game came out, I honestly wasn’t as into it as she wanted me to be. And then I really started playing it, and it was almost like the characters were real with how well written they are.
After she died last year, I couldn’t play Inquisition anymore. I kept expecting Solas, her absolute favorite character, to say something about it. I kept expecting her Inquisitor’s best friend Dorian to be waiting in the library to comfort my character.
But their dialogue didn’t change. They had affected our lives so much that I expected us to have affected them, but they were the same, and it broke me. I still can’t play it very much before I have to stop.

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Wait you like Bully?? God bless man I appreciate you so much more now

Bully is probably my favorite standalone game of all time

I might be biased because I was exactly the protags age when it came out and it’s exactly my sense of humor and right up my grungy ugly aesthetic alley but it’s so nostalgic for me. I was obsessed with it for the longest time. I know absolutely every characters name, personality and daily routine lol. 

Also the soundtrack is so freaking good ahhhhh


Allen Ginsberg reads his poem America

by Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997)

America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing.
America two dollars and twenty-seven cents January 17, 1956.
I can’t stand my own mind.
America when will we end the human war?
Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb.
I don’t feel good don’t bother me.
I won’t write my poem till I’m in my right mind.
When will you be angelic?
When will you take off your clothes?
When will you look at yourself through the grave?
When will you be worthy of your million Christs?
America why are your libraries full of tears?
America when will you send your eggs to India?
I’m sick of your insane demands.
When will you re-invent the heart?
When will you manufacture land?
When will your cowboys read Spengler?
When will your dams release the floods of eastern tears?
When will your technicians get drunk and abolish money?
When will you institute religions of perception in your legislature?
When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?
America after all it is you and I who are perfect not the next world.
Your machinery is too much for me.
You made me want to be a saint.
There must be some other way to settle this argument.
I don’t want to die young.
I want to die old and unhappy.
I don’t mind dying so long as it’s not sordid.
Now Burroughs is in Tangiers I don’t think he’ll come back it’s sinister.
Are you being sinister or is this some form of playing a practical joke?
I’m trying to come to the point.
I refuse to give up my obsession.
America stop pushing I know what I’m doing.
America the plum blossoms are falling.
America I haven’t read the newspapers for months, everyday somebody goes on trial for murder.
America I feel sentimental about the Wobblies.
America I used to be a communist when I was a kid and I’m not sorry.
I smoke marijuana every chance I get - only two dollars and twenty-seven cents.
I don’t want to work, maybe too good looking for the job.
I can’t study anymore. I’ll never teach for a living.
I sit in my house for days on end without going out.
When I go to Chinatown I get drunk and never get laid.
My mind is made up there’s going to be trouble.
You should have seen me reading Marx.
The American flag is absolutely meaningless to me still just as it was in the thirties.
I won’t say the Lord’s Prayer.
I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations.
America I still haven’t told you what you did to Uncle Max after he came over from Russia.
I’m addressing you.
Are you going to let our emotional life be run by Time Magazine?
I’m obsessed by Time Magazine.
I read it every week.
Its cover stares at me every time I pass the corner of North West Street and Montgomery Street.
I read it in the basement of the Berkeley Public Library.
Time Magazine is always telling me about responsibility.
Businessmen are serious.
Movie producers are serious. Everybody’s serious but me.
It occurs to me that I am America.
I am talking to myself again.
Asia is rising against me.
I haven’t got a chinaman’s chance.
I’d better consider my national resources.
My national resources consist of two sticks of marijuana, millions of genitals, an atom bomb, twothousandfivehundred mental institutions.
I say nothing about my prisons nor the millions of underpriviliged who live in my flowerpots.
I have very few bordellos and that’s all there is.
I have abolished the whorehouses in France and Tangiers is the next to go.
My ambition is to be President despite the fact that I’m a Catholic.
America how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?
I will continue like Henry Ford my strophes are as individual as his automobiles more so they’re all different sexes.
America I will sell you strophes at $2,500 apiece $500 down on your old strophe as trade in and the rest of your life to pay.
America free Tom Mooney.
America save the Spanish Loyalists.
America Sacco & Vanzetti must not die.
America I am the Scottsboro boys.
America when I was seven my mother took me to a Communist Cell meeting they sold us bubkes, a handful per ticket a ticket costs a nickel and the speeches were free everybody was angelic and sentimental about the workers it was all so sincere you have no idea what a good thing the party was in 1835 Scott Nearing was a grand old man a real mensch Mother Bloor made me cry I once saw Border plain.
Everybody must have been a spy.
America you don’re really want to go to war.
America it’s them bad Russians.
Them Russians them Russians and them Chinamen. And them Russians.
The Russia’s power mad. The Russia wants to eat us alive. She wants to take our cars from out our garages.
Her wants to take our factories.
Her wants to corrupt our college girls.
Her wants to put us all in slave labor camps.
Her wants to emaciate us like skeletons.
Her wants Malenko or Buganin or somebody to be our boss.
Her wants to dictify us.
Him big bureaucracy running our fillingstations.
That no good. Ugh. Him makes Indians learn read. Hah. Him need niggers. Huh. Her make us all work sixteen hours a day. Help.
America this is quite serious.
America this is the impression I get from reading the newspapers.
America is this correct?
I’d better get right down to the job.
It’s true I don’t want to join the Army or turn lathes in precision parts factories, I’m nearsighted and psychopathic anyway.
America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.

Ok I've meaning to write this for a while so here goes:

Man, Tamatoa changed my fucking life. He’s the reason I’m on Tumblr in the first place. He actually helped me begin healing from some very deep personal losses. My grandfather and beloved dog Sarge died in August within one day of each other. My grandpa’s body and grandma’s ashes were buried in September. I didn’t think I’d ever be ok again. My grandma died a few years earlier and my life slowly started becoming more depressing and stressful. It culminated in the deaths of my dog and grandfather. And my grandparents’ house where my dog is now buried will probably be sold because we can’t afford the taxes. I spent half of my childhood there. It was my other home. In some ways my true home. A place I always thought would be there, in the background, a place that I could always return to. And now it might be gone.

So by the time Moana was released in theatres I was already feeling horrible. And of course we all know what happened on “Election Day”. I needed to get out of the house. I needed a distraction-something to take my mind off of things and just have some fun. I thought Moana looked cute and was curious as to how Disney would handle a story set in Ancient Polynesia. So I went and saw it. I had a blast throughout the beginning of the film and was impressed with how Disney gracefully handled the culture. It felt respectful and fun at the same time. And it was hilarious. I loved all the characters.

And then we got to Tamatoa. I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting him at all. I didn’t read up on the film prior to seeing it as I wanted to be surprised. And boy was I. At first I was uncomfortable to be honest. I cringed. I thought Tamatoa was going to be one of those characters that was trying to be funny but wasn’t. Except god bless Jemaine Clement because Tamatoa was a hoot from the get go. I was like “Ok, he’s kinda edgy what with the whole ‘I ate my gramma!’ bit. Interesting direction Disney.” And then he started singing. I cringed again because I thought “Oh crap this time it’s gonna bad.” But as the song went on I noticed him being more and more cruel. And then Maui showed up. I was like “Oh shit! Shit’s about to go down.” And then his hook doesn’t work and it’s double oh shit. And then it’s like a switch had been flipped. Tama’s voice got deeper (and sexier) and his grin when he goes “Well, well, well,” was actually creepy. He then begins beating the shit out of Maui and his cruelty goes up to eleven. It becomes personal. I started grinning like an idiot because holy shit this is dark for Disney’s recent stuff. Like explicitly dark.

And then the lights went out.

I was speechless when his bioluminescence came on. My heart sang. The bridge was so beautiful and meaningful and his markings were absolutely gorgeous and inspired. I was utterly blown away by the last third of “Shiny”. That sequence alone sealed Moana as my favorite Disney movie. No joke. And I was so disappointed that there was no more of him in the movie 😫!

And I watched the rest if the film and of course was blown away and blubbering. Watching Grandma Tala made me cry of course. But as I got out I became obsessed with this film and Tamatoa in particular. I began searching for more info and pictures of him online. I eventually joined Tumblr after lingering around for a bit and joined the fandom here and let me tell it was the best decision I have ever made when it came to my online life. I have made so many friends here and I am having so much fun. I am learning so much and encountering beautiful and hilarious and inspiring stuff here all the time. My life has been broadened by coming onto to here.

And all of that is thanks to a giant singing shiny coconut crab monster.

So I just want to say thank you Disney for bringing us such a memorable and wonderful character. Thank you Lin Manuel Miranda for writing “Shiny” and thank you Jemaine Clement for bringing him to life.

And thank you Tamatoa. You have helped me beyond measure. I love you.

Top Ten Underrated Horror Movies (Part 2/10)

Well, here is part two of my underrated horror movies. I hope some people find these amusing, because I realized that in part one, my dialogue was a bit on the funny side. I don’t know, I like to bring humor to my small reviews.

Anyway, here is part two. I hope you enjoy.

9. The Uninvited (2009)

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This is one of the more mild movies on this list. It is technically a horror movie, but it is really more psychological thriller. The Uninvited is a remake of the South Korean horror movie: “A Tale of Two Sisters”. I remember watching this movie over and over the year it came out and I got it on DVD, though I have no idea whatever happened to said DVD, anyway, I liked that it was more mild and had shocking moments here and there, because it reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s use of horror, where there is so much tension built up, leaving you vulnerable to the actual scares when you’re at the edge of your seat. 

It stars Emily Browning, who I am absolutely obsessed with and have been since I saw her in Ghost Ship, when I was in first grade. She plays the character, Anna, who has just been released from a psychiatric hospital, after attempting to kill herself. When she returns home, she discovers that her father is now dating the nurse who looked after her now deceased mother and soon believes that her mother did not die by accident, but actually at the hands of Rachel, played by the talented Elizabeth Banks. Anna and her sister, Alex soon try to find proof that Rachel is not who she says she is and is in fact responsible for the death of their mother.

I love this movie, because as I said, the tension is built up and when jump scares come, they are done tastefully. The acting is very great, especially from Elizabeth Banks who plays evil in a very subtle way that leaves her memerizing to watch. 

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The ending of this movie ends with a twist, which many can argue is fairly predictable, is actually very well fit for the tone, and as I said reminds me of Hitchcock. The ending is also done in a tasteful fashion that leaves it memorable by how sudden it is. 

Definitely a must watch, especially on a rainy day, when you need a good horror mystery to satisfy your horror cravings. 

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I was having a chat with @bzedan about how I somehow missed getting into things like Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie, despite, as B pointed out, being a voracious reader with an obsessive personality. And then I realised, I totally did have that—except with the Bible. Nerdy, pious little Zaf could usually be found with her nose in a Precious Moments Children’s Bible or one of the maaaaaany supplementary Bible-related history books my foster mom bought me.

Queen Esther was absolutely my Anne. I read her story when I was sad and wanted to feel happier. I had a surprisingly well-animated (same animators who did Swan Princess) version of it that came with an Esther fashion doll. I dressed up in a nightgown and a paper crown and pretended to be Esther walking into the king’s throne room without a summons, my hands trembling with imagined fear for my life as I waited to see if he would invite my approach or sentence me to death.

So yeah. Welcome to this view into who I am and why.

Watercast Appreciation Post

Oh my god it’s so fucking long, it’s like 2k words, people can ignore it, jeez, I talk too much

Since it’s Christmas time and it’s a period all about spreading love, I thought it’s a great time to share my love for @fishwrites’s Watercast (and since I can’t just draw fanart of it and be done with it, this is gonna be a veeeeeeeery long post). Now, Watercast has come to be one of the most well known fanfics in Klance, along with Dirty Laundry and On Thin Ice. For those who don’t know anything about it, it’s an AU in which humans, merfolk, avians and Galra cohabit Earth, and for obvious reasons, problems are expected to arise and Lance ends up saving Shiro and Keith and they, then, proceed to get stuck in a cave with Lance and Hunk looking after them until Shiro gets better. If you’ve never heard about it before, it’s more than worth a read. Anyway, so, obviously, since I very quickly became obsessed with it, I started going through the Watercast tag on Fish’s blog. I came across many stunning works of art and read a lot of the trivia on this world that she came up with, and I only wanted to immerse myself deeper into it as I went on, so, naturally, when I saw a post where the readers were asked if we would be interested in a printed copy, I went ‘Hell yeah!’. And then I found out that Watercast was an original work before it was a Klance fanfic and I went ‘Fuck yeah’ because this absolutely breathtaking masterpiece was an original and could possibly be published in the future? Sign me the fuck up, I want one, two, three copies, and I will pay extra to have them signed. What saddened me, though, was that Fish herself said that she didn’t think it could get published. Now, as a writer myself, I get the frustration and the uncertainty that comes with working on something, and I often don’t think I could get published, but having said that (and since my stuff is nothing to compare to Watercast), I want to move on from this painfully long introduction and tell everyone why Watercast (from what we’ve seen so far at least) is a wonderful piece of fiction (whether it be fan fiction or not) based on characters, relationships, plot, worldbuilding and overall composition. Let’s get this started.

SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT (also the important parts are in bold and italics)

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So, its time again for another recipe. This one I made recently and fell absolutely head over heels with. It’s a fairly simple sugar cookie, but its all in the ingredients and execution to make it exceptional. I honestly think anyone who loves a melt in your mouth softness to their cookie, yet still a bit of a crunch, would adore it. Personally, fairykin came to mind when I first tasted it. Magically sweet :)

It’s got this lovely granular sugar feel when you bite it, but its also so buttery and has a touch of saltiness that brings out all the flavors. My very favorite cookie ever.

Will be presenting this one without my usual obsessive crass language sprinkled in, mostly due to the fact it’s so sweet and perfect, it can’t be sullied by my tongue XD


½ cup room temperature butter

½ cup crisco shortening

2 cups granulated white sugar

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

1/8 teaspoon salt (I kinda eyeballed this one and probably ended up with closer to ¼ teaspoon. Was still awesome. Would recommend :P)

3 egg yolks

½ teaspoon vanilla flavoring

1 ¾ cup all-purpose flour

to start, preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. In a large mixing bowl, using an electric beater, or a stand mixer, beat the butter and shortening on medium high speed for 30 seconds. Add sugar, baking soda, cream of tartar, and salt. Beat mixture until well combined, scraping the sides of the bowl to work it all in thoroughly. Add egg yolks and vanilla and beat well. Add flour slowly and beat well.

Shape dough into 1 inch balls and place 2 inches apart on greased cookie sheet or parchment paper covered cookie sheet. Bake for 12-14 minutes or until it sets up along the edges. It took me 16 per batch on my oven, so keep an eye on your first batch to get it just right. Cool cookies on the sheet for about 2 minutes and transfer to wire rack to finish cooling, or be like me and just let it cool on the tray. Cause I’m a lazy bastard and they tasted just fine as they were.

Best enjoyed warm, but they are very fragile no matter the state you consume them in. Could sprinkle some colored sugar crystals over the top for funsies, or replace 2 Tablespoons of the white sugar with colored sugar and make it all colorful inside. Don’t know how it would turn out since I’ve never done it but in theory its a good idea. Wait for them to cool for about 10 minutes before enjoying. The centers will fall and make a nice flat crispy outer with a soft warm inner. Very crumbly for a cookie. Eat with caution or a bib XD


it’s been 10 years since Pixar’s Cars came out in theaters and you have absolutely no idea how obsessed with it I was when it first came out. I had this godawful style back then (this was probably about two years after I started taking drawing seriously) and tried my absolute best to draw fan art and humanizations of the Cars characters but um….. well let’s just say the one I chose (left) was one of the better ones. ;; man if 14-year-old me could have seen how I draw now she would have been in tears.

so the thing I sketched tonight wasn’t the absolute best, but I definitely needed something to compare to my old stuff and show improvement. people always focus on Lightning and Mater’s friendship but no one talks about Mack??? he was always one of my faves and I always headcanoned him looking vaguely like John Ratzenberger for obvious reasons

So, this week I have been absolutely obsessed with the song “New York” by Ed Sheeran, I’ve always loved this song, but I’ve been over analyzing the lyrics because I think their really cute. Now, when this song first came out, I didn’t think it was about Taylor at all, Like, it doesn’t seem like Taylor to drive around new york in a taxi with a guy, but recently, I’m almost one hundred percent undoubtedly sure it is about Taylor Swift.

Shall we take a look at the lyrics?

Five drinks in on Friday night, we only came to dry your eyes, and get you out of your room.
To me, i believe this line is discussing the topic of the Harry/Taylor breakup. Ed has always been there to comfort Taylor, so it makes sense that he would dry her eyes if she was crying about all the heartbreak and nonsense.
Now this bar has closed it’s doors, I found my hand is holding yours, do you wanna go home so soon? Maybe we could take a ride, though the night and sing along to every song thats on the radio, in the back of the taxi cab in Brooklyn.

Now, these lyrics I’m a bit skeptical and unsure about. all I can say is that, if Taylor had a few drinks, I doubt she would object to Ed holding her hand, and I’m sure she’d honestly take it as a comforting, friendly gesture. Also, She may suggest going home, because lets be honest, its Taylor Swift and she’s far from the “party hard until the morning” type.

And if I kiss you darling, please don’t be alarmed, its just the start of everything if you want.

Now, to me, this screams sweeran. because can I please bring this up, because it explains itself.
Yesterday, you gave me a call, stressing out about it all.
This, I believe could possibly be a link to the VMA issue with Taylor.

Reason being is:
“Selena said, ‘I think Miley’s gonna win [over me]’. And Taylor was like, ‘Shut the f*** up!’ That’s all that was!”
Ed went on to reveal that Taylor was understandably mortified after video footage made it appear that she was talking about her ex.
“Taylor was like, ‘I think I messed up’,” he added.

And you don’t know where to begin, cuz you’ve spent a lifetime fitting in, only to wind up on the other side, by yourself, and everyday you’re screaming out to all the people that you used to know.”

THIS. This one is the lyric that lead me to believe that this song is about Taylor, because she was obviously bullied as a child,

And she’s spent her whole life trying to fit in, trying to express herself through her music, only to be overwhelmed with hate aimed at her, landing her on the complete opposite side of what she wished to do.
also, the “screaming out to all the people that you used to know” line reminds me of reaching out to old friends that have since seemed to fade out of Taylor’s life, such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and many more.

But that’s just the way that life goes, and you hear it in every song you know, so DJ, play it again.
This lyric, I’m unsure if he said in “every song you know” or “every song you wrote” If the lyric does happen to be “wrote” I’d have to say that it’s most likely about the blonde songwriter we all know. But if not, I feel as if this line could relate to Taylor’s love to music and the way she emotionally connects to it.

It’s okay to cry, but I’m thinking maybe that’s a waste, after all, you know I’m here for you.
Taylor has said before that he’s extremely wise and gives the best advice, and we all know that if Ed knew Taylor was upset, he’d be the first there to comfort her, and thats just how I imagine this played out. He’s always been there for her, and this lyric is basically saying he always will be. Keep in mind…
“Me and Taylor aren’t going to fall out” -Ed Sheeran

“I never want to lose Ed, and the only way to guarantee he will be in my life is not to date him” -Taylor Swift (awh)

I’ve just kissed you darling, I hope you weren’t alarmed, it’s just the start of everything if you want…
let’s just let this one linger ;)

Now, I could be wrong about this. The song could be about someone else, like Ellie, or Claire, but just wanted to let my sweeran heart be happy for a moment :)

I hate when I can’t hold in my loneliness.  This crying has been happening too often, every other week now.  What do normal people do when they get this sad?  They reach out to friends or family, I think. 

That’s not an option. 

Welcome to a new obsession. And to a scene that hit very close to home in a lot of ways….  Anyways, I loved Rami Malek’s portrayal of Elliot, it’s absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t seen Mr. Robot yet, I highly suggest giving it a shot!   

Hey Taylor! So let me tell you about my best friend of 15 years, Kassidy. We met the first day of kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. We have been the BIGGEST fans of yours since the 6th grade and we are now juniors in college. I remember asking her in 6th grade if she had heard the song “Tim McGraw”. We instantly loved the way you set yourself apart with your creative lyrics. This soon turned into rushing home after school in 8th grade to listen to the Fearless album the day it came out. We jammed to Fearless for two years and became even bigger fans. We even listened to “Fifteen” on our first day of high school because we had figured out by this time that you were OBVIOUSLY just writing songs about our lives. We would have gone to the Fearless Tour, however the day it came to our town we had a basketball game. It was devastating and I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about that yet. We did the same thing throughout high school, when Speak Now came out in tenth grade we rushed to my house and listened album. We even convinced out chemistry teacher to let us listen to the album during class (and turned everyone into swifties) and spent the next two years relating to the Speak Now songs, because like I mentioned earlier they were OBVIOUSLY meant for us. We also went to the Speak Now tour which was the absolute best night ever. Then senior year, Red came out and we did the usual go listen to the album after school and obsess over it. This album made us convinced that you really just wrote songs about us. We went to the Red Tour at the end of of senior year and it was AMAZING.  It was the best way to end our 13 years together throughout school. Then after high school we went to different colleges in two different states, over 3 hours away from each other. It was a big adjustment, but of course we still remained best friends. When 1989 came out it was a little different this time. We couldn’t listen to the songs together anymore. So FaceTime had to do. We talked after class and went through all the songs together and once again talked about the brilliance of our favorite person, Taylor. We are currently and constantly obsessing over 1989 and we will be seeing you in Nashville on September 26!!! And also seeing each other for the first time since August so that’s a big deal too. Taylor, we would absolutely LOVE to meet you, and thank you, and tell you some really hilarious stories from our friendship that involve you. You have been such a huge part of our friendship and meeting you would be an absolute dream!!! We will be in Section 224 Row E Seats 10-11. WE CAN NOT WAIT AND WE WILL SEE YOU SOON.


*talking about Hallelujah*
  • Mom: okay.
  • Me: *sings every word*
  • Me: it's an amazing song, how can I not know every word?
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me: plus I listened to it about 25 times when it first came out, and 70 the next day.
  • Mom: get a life.
  • Me: patd is life.
Chocolate Cake: Chapter 2

[Finally finished chapter 2! This chapter was quite fun to write and I really enjoyed all of the sweet messages and comments from you guys! Thank you! I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I do! :3]

Description: Adrien offers to help Marinette while she’s taking care of the bakery on her own.

Word Count: 2782

Rating: K

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Marinette stared up at Adrien with her mouth wide open and her face still red from crying. She had just told Adrien, to his face, that she was obsessed with him. Marinette wouldn’t have been surprised if she exploded just then.

Adrien looked a bit taken aback, and possibly flattered at the offhand remark, but he made no attempt to leave. Marinette had absolutely no idea what to do.

“O-oh I’m so s-sorry Adrien I thought you were Alya. I-i didn’t know. A-a-and when I said obsessed I meant over y-your work and the designs you w-wear cause I really like fashion and your super good at b-being fashion… I jUST REALLY LIKE YOUR CLOTHEs.”

Adrien blinked a few times then smiled at Marinette after a quiet chuckle escaped his lips. Luckily, Marinette was looking at the ground, so she couldn’t see the enormous blush pass over the model’s face.

“Umm, thank you. I guess? But umm, I came out here to see if you were doing alright, so are you? Uhh doing alright I mean.”

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tbh one of my favourite things about ML is that a kids’ show has a male protagonist who is completely, explicitly, and unapologetically in love. In “Dark Cupid” he literally sighs and slides down the wall in bliss when he thinks that the poem came from Ladybug. But at the same time, his feelings are not obsessive. He respects Ladybug enough to not pry or demand that she reveal her identity; he is absolutely selfless and puts her first 99% of the time. But he doesn’t place her on a pedestal; he can see when she does something wrong (like how aggressively she treats Lila) and calls her out on it. 

I just love Adrien’s characterization because it is so, so important for young boys to know that it’s okay to express your feelings, it’s okay to be in passionate and sentimental and to cry when you want to, and it doesn’t make you any less “manly” or “masculine” to be emotional. And for all children, to see such a prime example of a healthy relationship is so very important.

Alex Danvers Headcanon.

Since Alex Danvers is a brand new character for the Supergirl CBS series and is arguably the most interesting character on the show, I can’t help but obsess over who she is, and what her story is.  She is so damn mysterious.  Outside of Kara and the DEO, we know absolutely nothing about who Alex Danvers is so I’m just going to start rambling and we’ll see what falls out of my brain.


Before Kara came to earth, I imagine Alex being a super quiet introverted kid. Crazy intelligent, athletic, compassionate, but completely unable to connect to anyone.  When Kara comes to stay with them, I’m betting Alex got a long talk from her parents about how she couldn’t stay holed up in her room and how she had to set the example and take care of Kara at school.  I can see her sitting there, reluctantly nodding to her parents, thinking, “What the hell can I do for this girl? I don’t even fit in at school.”  But what can she do? They’re taking this girl in regardless of whether or not she protests, so she just goes with it.  Then, she actually meets her. This sad, wide eyed, gentle girl that despite all of her pain and loss seemed to make everything around her brighter when she smiled. Kara completely took Alex by surprise, and instead of approaching the situation with reluctance or even apathy, she found herself instead, completely drawn to her.  Alex became addicted to Kara’s smile, her laugh, the warmth of her presence and how she always made Alex feel important…like she was the only person in the room, the only person in Kara’s world.

That’s when things started to change at school for Alex. Kara was shy and a bit awkward, as she was unfamiliar with Earth customs and their school system. She was also 100 times smarter than those other kids, so they picked on her endlessly.  Alex was in the grade ahead of Kara, so they weren’t in any of the same classes.  The first time it happened was during their lunch period, which was the only free time they had together during the school day.  Alex had grabbed a spot at a table and was waiting for Kara to meet up with her after class, when she looked up and saw some guy hassling Kara on the check out line.  Before she even realized what happened, she’s whacked some dude bro in the head with a lunch tray and doesn’t snap out of it until she feels the strength of Kara’s grasp on her arm and then hears Kara through what seems like 100 feet of water say “It’s okay, Alex.”.

And that’s when it started. When Alex became the protector. Before Kara, Alex felt lost, but with Kara there, she had purpose. Kara was important and Kara needed her protection, now and always.  

That’s how I envision Alex becoming what she was to Kara, watching over her, beating up bullies when Kara had to just bite her lip and conceal her strength. Alex didn’t mind the endless reprimands from her parents, because all that mattered to her was Kara. Kara was the only one who actually made her feel something…made her feel like her existence meant something.

After a few years, Kara could pretty much take care of herself, but Alex never stopped being her protector and Kara didn’t do anything to discourage it, because they were comfortable in that dynamic. 

Outside of her relationship with Kara, I don’t expect that Alex had many friends, at least not close ones.  She’s dated a couple of guys here and there, but it didn’t really do anything for her.  No one has really been able to hold a candle to Kara, so it’s hard to care enough to invest in anyone else or let anyone in. She just devotes herself to her work, because being a protector is all she knows and what she’s good at.


Reblog with your comments and theories. I can seriously talk endlessly about Alex Danvers and her mysterious life. Can’t wait to see if they delve more into her life outside of the DEO and Kara though. Hoping we’ll get there in season 2!


Hey Taylor my names lily and 13 years old. I have enjoyed your music since I was six back when I probably had no idea who you actually were but I remember absolutely loving love story and you belong with me. It was around 4 years ago when I became a swiftie. I really loved the story of us and mine and that made me go and listen to the whole of speak now and I fell in love with it. A few months later red came out and that’s when I became obsessed I used to always play it in the car and tell everyone at school about it and it was just my favourite thing. Since then you have helped me through so much. In 2012 my dad was diagnosed with cancer and just over a year later unfortunately he passed away. It was the most difficult time in my life and music in general especially yours helped me and my family to get through it. After that I became quite shy and was left out at school I struggled to make friends and then was picked on by some people in my class again I turned to your music. That was when I made my Instagram and tumblr accounts and made my best friends because of you I started feeling more accepted and confident and I managed to start making more friends at school who understood me. On the 27th of June last year I finally got to see you in concert and it was the best day of my entire life and a memory I will be forever grateful for. I hope so,e day I can meet you.
Thank you for everything Taylor



SO. I just found out that my employers definitely check facebook before hiring people. which is cool, i have nothing against it, i rarely and barely post anything on facebook anyway. 

so much so, that i haven’t changed my header since 2013 and i’ll tell you why that’s relevant. it’s relevant because pacific rim also came out in 2013, and along with it, that build-your-own-jaeger website, and along with that: memes. lots of people participated, my self included due to being absolutely obsessed with the movie and that website. still am, really, and can’t wait for the pacific rim 2 movie. so psyched! 

so anyway, this is the first thing you see when you go to my fucking facebook page

VM Fanfic Author Interview -- Bryrosea

This week’s author interview is with the one, the only, bryrosea. She is an incredibly versatile author who, with a simple turn of phrase, kicks you in the feels. If you have a Logan x Veronica shaped itch bryrosea has probably written a fic to scratch it. (Weird sentence. We apologize for nothing.)

A series completely from Logan’s POV? Can I interest you in the “I Fell In Love Again” series?

How about the sweet (read: HYSTERICAL) Logan and a goat fic you never knew you needed? Try “Pan’s Revenge.”

Do you like some angst or hurt/comfort on the side of your romance? Then do yourself a favor and read her “Stay With Me” series.

She’s a gift to the fandom, a very nice person, and we’re thrilled she said yes to an interview. Read on for character insights and feels galore. 

1. Describe your Veronica Mars fandom trajectory. Were you in and always in? Did you bounce out? Did you dabble and then go into full on obsession mode?

I think of myself as an old fan, but new to the fandom. I started watching the show when it first aired, right before the fourth episode. At the time, I hung out on the Joan of Arcadia boards at Television Without Pity, and people there were losing. their. shit. about this new show. It had a teenage private eye?? Trying to solve her best friend’s murder?? I mean, it sounded a little stupid, but I am nothing if not suggestible, so I caught a marathon UPN did of the first three episodes leading right into the new episode four. Needless to say, I was hooked. I watched the rest of the show religiously as it aired with my college roommates, but never really got much into the fandom side of things. I’d post on the boards, and contribute to some of the campaigns, but I never read fic, or ventured into the LJ communities, or went to any cons or events or anything. The third season coincided with my move across the country to start teaching—a job that is pretty all consuming in the first few years—so I missed huge chunks of season 3 and kind of drifted away from the show.

I’d done a few nostalgia re-watches in the intervening years, turned a few friends on to the show, etc., but it wasn’t until I did a complete re-watch in anticipation of the movie that the obsession really became full blown. For some reason, this show about a teenager resonates even more strongly with me as an adult than it did when I was roughly the age of the main characters.

Once the movie came out, it was a very, very rapid slide for me from multiple back-to-back rewatches, to obsessive posting on the forums, to searching out every single review and article about the movie, to finally giving in and reading fanfic. I got lucky and very early on happened across machawicket‘s Metal Under Tension, which was the absolute PERFECT thing to read post-movie, and once again I. was. hooked. In my memory, after that there was a months long orgy of nonstop fanfic reading before I posted my first story, but I just went back to check publication dates and I find that it was only EIGHT DAYS later. Eight days from reading fic for the first time to posting it. My mind is completely blown. It’s like a fanfic-time wormhole.  

2. Pick three of your top moments in new!canon (movie, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, and Mr. Kiss and Tell). What is it about those moments you love so much?

1) Pillar sex. 2) Pillar sex. 3) Pillar sex. No? Something a little more thought out? Okay, I’ll go with one from each of the new canon pieces.

The Movie – Pillar sex. Bear with me here; this is not prurient (okay, not solely prurient). My favorite moments in the show (both to watch and to write about) are the rare but honestly-won moments of true openness. The moments where none of the characters in the scene are dissembling, or holding back anything, or hiding, or deflecting. The scene where Veronica and Keith find out that he is her biological father comes to mind, or Veronica’s confession to Wallace about her rape in ATTtD, or Veronica and Logan’s doorway reunion in “Show Me The Monkey.” All of these are times—albeit brief—when the characters are just flat out feeling, without their walls up. The pillar sex scene is the one moment in the movie that is like that. Both Veronica and Logan are fully there, fully in it. No hiding away. Nothing is said, but nothing is exactly unsaid either. There is no way to read their faces in that moment as anything other than a true meeting of the souls, in my mind.

Plus; hot AF.  

My favorite points of new canon from TTDTL and MKAT are kind of interwoven. From TTDTL, Veronica’s growing and restructuring relationship with her father (“I’m your partner, Veronica”) and from MKAT, the struggle between doing justice and running a business that was exemplified by Veronica getting hired to investigate Grace’s case by the hotel’s insurance company. Both of these hit at one of the most interesting aspects of the nine year time jump, to me, which is the fact that Veronica is no longer a teenage private eye, but just a private eye. Lots of things that the original series dealt with because of Veronica’s age—her ability to infiltrate teen environs, being underestimated because of her age, dancing on the wrong side of law with the cushion of being a “juvenile”—lose their drawing power now that our heroine is twenty-nine years old, rather than seventeen years old. So it was really important to me that new!canon introduce new obstacles and struggles surrounding the job for Veronica. I love how real and adult these struggles are. How do you work with your reluctant father as an equal? What about when people start to prefer you over him? How do you weigh paying the bills with finding justice? What happens when they come into conflict? What is being a PI like for Veronica when it’s not just a stepping stone on the way to her future; it is her future? These are the interesting questions that can animate the series for years to come, IMO, if only they would give us mooooore!

3. What are your writing rituals or the environment you prefer to write in?

I can (and do) kind of type away idly anywhere, but I won’t accomplish much. For serious get-things-done writing time I need quiet (absolute silence preferable). I do my best work very early in the morning on weekends or in my classroom late in the evening after I’ve finished grading. I’m “in the closet” about my fic writing with people in my real life—not even my husband knows—so I kind of prefer to hole up like some sort of wild animal.

I need a full keyboard laptop and the ability to email my frustrations to marshmallowtasha. Anything else is gravy.

4. Let’s talk Veronica Mars movie and book timeline. You mentioned that you’re currently editing it for Mr. Kiss and Tell events. Since there are a … few … inconsistencies within canon, what is your process for deciding what is crucial and what can be bygones?

How much time do you have?

Okay, so there are two kinds of inconsistencies. There are canon versus real world issues; for example, Logan being stationed in San Diego despite the fact that there are no strike squadrons there. Or the distance between Neptune and San Diego. In these cases, I’m generally going to go with canon unless it is just too ridiculous to countenance.  This is a fictional world, after all.

THEN there are canon versus canon inconsistencies, like the continually moving target of Logan’s leave and return dates for his magically fluctuating 180 day deployment. Or the perplexing question of what year it freaking is?!** These are the ones that make me tear my hair out. Where I can, for timeline purposes, I try to acknowledge both realities, creating several possible options and letting fans/writers pick the one that works best with their own headcanon. A veritable buffet—a Golden Corral of timeline options—that’s me! This is probably what I will wind up doing for Logan’s deployment since, given things actually stated in canon, I have a minimum of three different potential leave dates and four different potential return dates. (Oh, Rob Thomas. You keep me young.)

In other places, of lesser importance to me personally (*waves at the Lianne/Hunter timeline*), I will usually just go with whatever I like best, but try to add a note explaining inconsistencies. My own personal canon preferences are always going to go with older, established information over new conflicting information. I’d say my personal chain of canon permanence goes:

Show canon > Movie canon > Book canon > Personal headcanon > Credible info from show runners (interviews, etc.) > Online info from characters’ old LJs and the like

**In my world it’s 2016/2017 in new!canon. Deal with it.

5. Was your I Fell In Love Again series your first foray into Veronica Mars fanfiction? What was it about that story (or series of stories) that you had to tell?

It was my first foray into any kind of non-academic writing, actually. I was (still am) obsessed with the idea of that phone call from Logan. I mean, nine years of no contact, no calls, no emails, no run-ins—NINE YEARS. That is time in which he (apparently) nearly bottomed out emotionally multiple times, straightened up, graduated college, joined the freaking Navy, underwent years of rigorous training, got winged, DEPLOYED TO A WAR ZONE, and he never called.

So what the hell would it be like to be in his shoes nine years later and feel like now, NOW he’s going to call? Now, it is finally going to be, “I need your help, Veronica.”

I mean, damn.

Once I discovered fanfic, I searched frantically for the story of why he made the call from his POV. Couldn’t find it anywhere, decided to write it myself, got a few nice comments…the rest kind of snowballed.

6. Your OTP is obviously Logan and Veronica. Why do you feel Logan is the one for her and Veronica is the one for him?

Fun fact: It took me a while to hop onto this ship. I always liked Logan as a character, but on my first watch through Season 1, the shift from frienemy/make-out partner to devoted boyfriend seemed too sped-up to me. (The scene on V’s couch where Logan says “I can’t take that I hurt you when all I want to do is protect you;” I actually remember rolling my eyes and snorting at the over-earnestness of that that first time it aired. Ha ha ha! Oh, past self, if you only knew.) It wasn’t until Season 2 that I got fully on board—specifically it was the fight in his room over Kendall (“that one is less a girlfriend and more a…playmate”) and their obvious mutual hurt and fucked up love for each other that pushed me into full on OTPness.

As far as why they are each other’s “one,” I actually think that if I could come up with a good answer to that, I might be able to stop writing fanfiction about them, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Their history? The constant verbal and intellectual challenge they both provide each other and clearly thrive on?  The way their broken pieces fit together so neatly? The in-fucking-sane chemistry? The fact that despite the fear and the angst and the obstacles they continue to choose each other, over and over and over?

All of it? I think that’s really it. It is a whole package kind of thing. If you take away any of the above elements they instantly become a less compelling couple to me. They are like a perfect storm of love and hate and history and need and fear.


7. I believe you mentioned in a post on Tumblr that some variation of ‘Don’t Go’ is present in each of your fics. Can you explain that a little more?

Favorite moment of new!canon strikes again! ☺

I’m just not sure you could sum the Logan/Veronica dynamic up any more succinctly than, “Wait, don’t go”/ “Okay.” She only opens herself up to him—we never see her verbalize need to any of her other partners—and he will always, always stay for her.

It’s such a central part of their chemistry that it started unconsciously working its way into their interactions in my fic, and then it just became a fun sort of internal challenge to myself to see how many different ways I could organically work it in to my stories. I write mostly Movie-verse AU and one of my favorite things to do in my writing is play around with canon details in different contexts. So sometimes the “don’t go” is a straight up verbalization, sometimes it is in the form of physical actions that convey the conversation, sometimes it’s Veronica asking, sometimes it’s Logan.

I will note that it hasn’t come up yet in With Me, my current WIP, but it is definitely planned and written.

8. Are there any oneshot or minor characters that you would have liked to have a bigger role somewhere in the Veronica Mars universe? 

One gap I’d like to see filled is that the show never really had a great, layered female villain. All of the truly menacing big bads were guys; Aaron, Cassidy, Mercer. Probably Kendall is the closest we got to a complex “bad” female character, but her storyline completely fizzled at the beginning of Season 3. Celeste—who could have been interesting—got reduced to a one-note ice bitch. Let’s not even start on Madison.

What if S2’s bus bomber had been Molly Fitzpatrick, orchestrating a scheme to send her family away in retaliation for them having Felix killed? What if Gia really had been the mastermind behind Carrie’s death, rather than just a red herring? (Although I did love Gia in the movie.) What if, instead of casting Lucky in a wig as the murderous-disgruntled TA, they had cast a woman—making the contrast and competition with Veronica that much more interesting?

I’m really happy that both Petra Landros and Marcia Langdon have been introduced in the books. Those are powerful, intriguing characters with a lot of room for moral gray-ness that I would LOVE to see played out in a mini-series or reboot!

9. Pick a character or two from Veronica Mars that you write for. What are three things you like to keep in mind when writing for that specific character(s)?

This was actually really hard for me to answer; I’m not as purposeful or thinky about my writing process as a lot of the fandom’s more accomplished and better authors are. I just kind of let the characters talk to me (one reason I haven’t written much Mac despite the fact that I LUV HUH is that I have a really hard time getting her voice right without defaulting to Female Friend #1 type tropes).

So, for Logan it’s the rhythm of his speech. The characteristic “likes” and “you knows” and the pattern of his patter that needs to be broken up with physical descriptions to translate onto the page, for me.

For Veronica it’s the constant tension between what she’s showing on the outside and what she’s thinking/feeling. It is really rare when the two are the same thing for her, so I try to be very intentional and not too indulgent about when I give her those moments of outward and inward synchronicity. Otherwise I’m doing the writerly dance of trying to portray both her outer and the inner emotions without tipping my hand too much and coming across as obvious. I’d estimate that I succeed at this to my satisfaction about forty percent of the time. Veronica Mars is smarter than me, y’all.

10. It’s the year 2030. Where are Veronica and Logan and what are they up to?

Oh god, I’m going to try not to spoil any of my WIPs with actual details here…

They are together, they are snarky, they are maturing gracefully—Logan in his early forties is slightly graying and wears glasses to drive at night and is a STONE FUCKING FOX, while Veronica is one of those women who only looks more like herself with each passing year.

She does the taxes, he keeps the house clean. Neither of them remembers to grocery shop until they are down to, like, a single lemon and a box of baking soda, so they still eat out a lot.

They are happy and sad and comfortable and living their lives. Veronica kicks ass on a regular basis. Logan brags about her constantly. They make friends who didn’t grow up in Neptune.

Sometimes he is an asshole and she calls him on it. Sometimes she tries to compartmentalize him out of her problems and he’s learned when to give her space and when to push her. She’s moody and prickly. He feels things too deeply and struggles with bouts of feeling inadequate. They yell. They both retreat into sarcasm and push each others’ buttons. They communicate. The make-up sex continues to be epic.

Times are rocky and then they are good and then they are amazing and then they are rocky again. They have learned to grow with each other. The future is no longer a scary concept. They are in love. They love each other. They both live independent lives that they have chosen to intertwine. They are each other’s solid rock and touchstone. They dwell in a world that they have built together.  

They…they…yeah, I need to stop now. I’m so insanely full of feelings and this has gotten so fluffy that I’m embarrassing even myself. I’M SORRY FOR ME!


On a last note, thank you so much to the lovely ladies of vmficrecs for letting me do this. This blog is an INVALUABLE fandom resource and a tremendous labor of love and I’m honored to be a part of it in any way I can. Thanks Suzanne and Kait and the Fic Advisory team!


Beginning . Accusation . Restless . Snowflake . Haze . Flame . Formal . Companion . Move . Silver . Prepared . Knowledge . Denial . Winter . Order . Thanks . Look

Harry loves the summer. So it’s no surprise that he falls in love with Niall over the summer.


Harry curses to himself when the bell above the door rings, signaling that someone has just walked into the bakery, because once again he’s forgotten to lock the door. He glances back at the clock on the wall behind the counter from where he’s stood on the other side of the bakery. It’s only five minutes past closing time, but the thing is Barbara’s told him at least twice to make sure he locks the door at 5 so nobody can come in while he’s closing up – except today he started to close up early, given the fact that there no customers in the sitting area, and the task of locking the door escapes his mind, as it often does. He doesn’t usually have a problem with helping customers after closing time, it’s just that it’s the first official weekend of summer vacation and Harry just so happens to have both Saturday and Sunday off and he’d really just like to get out of here as soon as possible. 

His gaze lands upon the boy who walks in: brown roots under blond tips, black ray bans, white vest, blue jean shorts and black vans – and his mouth runs dry as his breath catches in his throat. The boy is beautiful – he wonders just how beautiful the boy is behind those sunglasses too – and, not to mention, he’s incredibly fit. 

Harry leans his broom and dust pan against the wall before making his way back behind the counter to greet the stranger.

“Hey, mate,” the blond says, smiling kindly at him as he saunters towards the counter. And, oh. He’s Irish – which explains his very pale skin. “Your display’s looking a bit empty. Busy day?”

Harry blinks. “Um, sort of. The store’s also closed now.” The look the blond boy gives him makes him feel guilty for even saying anything because it’s really not that big of a deal.

“Shit, really? Sorry, mate – I’ll just go-”

“No!” Harry shouts, reaching out to stop him. He freezes when his fingers brush gently across the Irish boy’s arm before promptly pulling his hand back. “I mean, it’s not that big of a deal. It happens all the time, small town and that. I really don’t mind at all, I just-” He stops himself, mid-rant because the other boy is currently looking at him like he has two heads. “Uh, what can I get for you?”

“To be honest all I wanted was a muffin,” the boy says, shrugging his shoulders. “A friend of mine lives here and he’s always raving about how Barbara’s Bakery has the best muffins in all of Holmes Chapel.”

Harry nods once, punches in the price of a muffin into the cash register and then opens a paper bag to dump the pastry in. “Which would you like?”

The boy tells Harry to surprise him so Harry puts two double chocolate chip muffins into the bag before handing it over the counter with a smile. 

“Thanks, mate,” the blond says sheepishly, rubbing his free hand over the back of his neck. “At least now I know when you close, for future reference.”

Harry nods, ignores the way his heart has a little hiccup in his chest at the possibility of seeing this boy again. It’s ridiculous, probably, that he’s already looking forward to it, seeing as he only met the boy two minutes ago and doesn’t even know his name – but Harry’s heart is always falling prematurely.


The next time Harry sees the beautiful blond boy with the Irish accent is the very next day.

His best friend, Louis, is throwing a party to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation and since the rest of his family have gone away for the whole weekend they have the entire house to themselves. Harry’s in the midst of placing the beer Louis’ bought into a cooler with ice in the backyard when Louis shouts his name from the back door. 

“Harry, come in ‘ere a minute!”

Harry groans, because chances are Louis’ already managed to get himself into trouble, but he closes the lid to the cooler anyway before making his way inside. He freezes upon seeing a splash of blond hair peaking its way out the back of a SnapBack.

“Harold!” Louis greets him, walking around the stranger stood with his back to the door in a muscle shirt, black shorts and white converse shoes. He claps Harry on the back, pulling him further into the living room at the same moment the stranger begins to turn around. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

Harry forgets how to breathe when the boy turns around, smiling brightly at him. A sign of recognition flashes in the boy’s blue eyes – he has a weakness for blue eyes because they remind him of the ocean; once upon a time he had a weakness for Louis’ blue eyes too – and Harry’s heart does that little hiccup in his chest again. 

“Harry this is my friend Niall, all the way from Ireland. Nialler, this is my best friend Harry.”

The boy, Niall grins at him again, reaching forward to shake his hand. “Nice to formally meet ya,” he says. And if Harry spends most of the rest of the party admiring Niall and his bright hair and his bright eyes and his even brighter personality then, well. 


Sunday rolls around and Harry swears he’s still drunk when he wakes up with his head at the foot of Louis’ bed, Louis’ feet in his face. The last thing he remembers is the three of them – Louis, Niall and Harry – retiring to Louis’ room after everyone else had either gone home or passed out and Niall isn’t anywhere to be found, now. 

He groans as he pushes himself to his feet, despite every muscle in his body begging him to stay in bed, because his head is pounding and the sooner he takes something to ease it the better. On his way to the loo is when he hears a soft humming noise coming from downstairs and, Tylenol forgotten, he follows the sound down the stairs and into the living room. 

Niall’s there, wearing the same, crumpled clothes from the night before, his brown-blond hair a right sleepy mess and bare feet. He’s got a black garbage bag in one hand whilst using the other to gather the red cups and other debris left over from the party to toss them into the bag. He seems to notice Harry’s presence because he’s turned to face him, a wide, genuine smile plastered to his lips. “G'morning,” he chirps.

It’s too bad Harry’s head is still throbbing because Niall’s got a lovely, deep voice. He winces, but smiles nonetheless and waves a hand into the hair. “Hii,” he croaks, his throat dry and pasty-like. 

“Hung over?”

Harry scoffs. “Still drunk more like.”

Niall chuckles, placing the garbage bag on the floor before disappearing into the loo down the hall. He emerges with a glass of cold water and two Aspirin’s, which Harry takes eagerly as Niall goes back to cleaning.

Harry’s legs feel like jelly and he decides to sit on the bottom step of the staircase, bending over to fold his arms over his knees and rest the side of his head on the back of one hand.

He’s got a nice view of Niall’s arse from where he is now. “How are you so awake right now?”

Niall grins and shrugs his shoulders as he tosses the last red cup into the bag. “’m Irish. Don’t get hung over much – unless I really overdo it.”

“I wish I was Irish,” Harry finds himself saying – and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s developed a bit of an overnight obsession with one Irishman in particular. “Why are you cleaning?”

“Because I have a feeling Lou’ll spend all day in bed. The last thing his mother needs is to come home to her house the way it looked when I came down here.”

As it turns out, Niall’s absolutely right; Louis spends all day in bed. And since Louis does spend all day in bed, Harry gets to spend all day (alone) with Niall.


Niall comes into the bakery the next day to get another muffin, says he’s determined to try every flavour and then every other pastry in the display one day at a time. And Harry has to bite his bottom lip to keep his face from splitting open into a too-big smile. 


On Friday Niall comes in at 4:55 and then insists upon helping Harry close by lifting chairs onto tables and sweeping the floor whilst Harry counts the cash and puts everything else away. Harry offers to pay the blond boy in his own tips but Niall just sort of shrugs and says Harry’s company is payment enough. And not only does Harry have to bite his lip but he also has to turn his head away as he locks the door a final time to hide the blush spreading across his cheeks.


Harry loves summer. He loves the heat and the bright, hot sun. He loves the liveliness and the beauty of the world around him from the blue skies to the green grass to the even greener, full trees and the bright, beautiful flowers. He waits all year for summer. There’s something about the summertime that makes him feel so alive and free; makes anyone feels that way, he supposes. 

Summer has a way of lifting spirits and brightening days, of making one feel good and happy – sometimes deliriously-so.

And that’s why by the second weekend in July Harry finds himself a bit in love with Niall, because Niall’s sort of the same thing. 

Niall’s bright and warm and beautiful, with his bright blond hair and beautiful blue eyes that remind Harry of the ocean and his lovely, breath-taking smile and his heart-warming laugh. He’s like sunshine; he radiates warmth and light everywhere he goes. He has a way of brightening days and lifting spirits and making Harry feel good and happy – definitely deliriously-so.

Everything about Niall just sort of shines and Harry is already so in awe of Niall, he isn’t sure he’s even going to last the summer. 


“Think you could gimme a hand, mate?”

Harry looks up from where he’s crouched in the sand next to the cooler to see Niall standing next to him, a bottle of sun lotion in hand. 

It was a last minute plan on Louis’ part, having shown up bright and early this morning at Harry’s house with Zayn, Liam and Niall in tow and announcing that they were going to the beach. After that they spent all morning packing coolers with food, water bottles and ice as well as beach towels and sun umbrellas – and lots of heavy-duty sunscreen because, “look at him, Harold, he’s so pale he’s practically translucent-" 

”-thanks, Tommo-“ 

”-Niall’s Irish skin is sensitive; he needs all the sunscreen he can get his hands on.“

"If that’s a 'no’ I can just get Zayn to do it,” Niall says, motioning to the dark-haired boy a few feet away who’s already got his sketchpad in his lap and a pencil between his fingers.

Harry blinks himself out of his thoughts, cursing himself for zoning out in the first. And only then does he realize he’s been staring at Niall for far too long. “No – no, I can – of course I’ll help,” the brunette stutters, pushing himself to his feet.

“Thanks,” Niall smiles, handing Harry the bottle before grabbing the hem of his muscle shirt and pulling it off over his head. He tosses the fabric into the pile with everyone else’s shirts and then turns around, exposing his very pale, very naked back to Harry.

Harry’s mouth runs dry, his gaze taking over the toned muscles of Niall’s back.

“I put some on earlier but I figure if I get a bit more on it’ll act as a double shield, ya know?”

Harry nods, despite the fact that Niall can’t even see him, and pops the lid of the bottle open. “Yeah, for sure,” he manages to say around the lump that’s formed in his throat at the mere thought of the fact that in a matter of seconds he’ll have full permission to touch Niall – and not just fist bumps or accidentally finger brushes. 

He squirts some of the lotion into the palm of his hand, hands the bottle back for Niall to guard, and then rubs his hands together a few times to spread it out. His hands shake a bit when his lifts them over Niall’s shoulders and he lets out a long, deep breath before touching his fingers to Niall’s hot skin. Niall shivers, murmurs something about the lotion being cold and Harry apologizes softly as he presses both palms down, mostly just to stop them from shaking. 

It’s ridiculous, really, for him to be so bloody nervous when all he’s doing is rubbing sunscreen on Niall’s shoulders. He shouldn’t be nervous, shouldn’t be letting this stupid crush affect him this way – but there are butterflies in the pit his stomach he can’t ignore, not to mention his rapidly beating heart. (Which he hopes Niall doesn’t hear through his chest the way Harry can hear it himself in his ears.)

His mind is racing with thoughts of rubbing Niall all over, of tracing his hands down Niall’s chest and over his hips, of dipping his hands beneath Niall’s swim trunks and-

“It’s so bloody hot,” Niall says, his accent pulling Harry abruptly from his thoughts. “Can’t wait to get in the water.”

“Water magnifies the sun,” Harry blurts. His eyes widen at his own stupidity because – what? Who even talks like that? He blinks, pulling his hands back and wiping them on his own swim trunks as Niall turns around to face him, a curious grin on his thin lips.

Just as he’s about to spew some sort of explanation – more word vomit, really – Louis shouts at them from the shoreline something about getting their lazy arses into the water.

And, for once, Harry’s thankful for Louis’ big mouth. 

Niall rolls his eyes, though the fond is written all over his face. “Impatient one, isn’t he?”

And then the blond is tossing the bottle of sunscreen onto someone’s discarded towel, grabbing at Harry’s hand with calloused fingers and pulling him down the sandy beach and straight into the water. 


Niall ends up getting a sunburn anyway and Harry winds up in the back of Louis’ truck rubbing aloe all over Niall’s painfully red skin and holding a cold, wet towel (from the icy water in the cooler) to his shoulders for the majority of the ride home. 


The first weekend in August is the first weekend Harry doesn’t have any plans. Louis’ met this girl, Eleanor, and he’s got plans to hang out with her both days, Liam has gone on holiday with his family and his girlfriend, Danielle, Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie have both been M.I.A for days now and Niall…well, Harry’s never actually made plans alone with Niall before. Harry doesn’t ask – he’s a little scared to, if he’s honest – and Niall doesn’t ask either so Harry sort of just assumes that Niall doesn’t want to hang out with him without the others. 

Which is probably just as well anyway because he’s barely had the chance to even see his mum or his sister, despite living in the same house, for weeks now; his mum’s been talking about having family time for days now. 

Harry’s in the middle of helping his mum make a pasta salad whilst Robin and Gemma man the BBQ when the doorbell rings. He wipes his hands on his pants, despite the scowl it gains from his mum, and rushes down the hall to the front door. Through the blurred glass window he can see a splash blond of hair and Niall’s signature tank top and shorts. His breath catches in his throat as he reaches for the doorknob.

“Hi!” Niall greets him when he opens the door. 

“Hi,” Harry replies, unable to hold back a soft chuckle as the Irish boy grins at him.

“I know we didn’t have any plans and that the other lads are all busy but I was thinking we might as well hang out anyway – you know, the two of us,” Niall says, his voice a bit soft, wavering a bit nervously as he moves his hand between their chests. “I mean, if you want to…”

Harry blinks, taken aback. He curses himself silently for not bothering to ask Niall himself. “Um, I’m kind of busy,” he replies awkwardly.

Niall frowns. “Oh. Okay,” he mutters, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck as he takes a step back on the step. “Yeah, I’ll just – you carry on and I’ll just-”

“It’s just a BBQ with my family,” Harry says quickly, eyes wide, because he doesn’t want Niall to think he has other friends. Which is weird, if he thinks about it, because normally people want other people to think they have other friends – even if they don’t. Don’t they? “You could join us? My mum wouldn’t mind.”

Niall smiles appreciatively but shakes his head. “I don’t want to impose.”

“I assure you, you wouldn’t be,” Harry says, reaching his hand out to grab for Niall’s before the blond can get any further away. “C'mon, my mum would love to meet you. And then probably put you to work.”

Niall’s laughs – music to Harry’s ears – as Harry pulls him through the house and into the kitchen where his mum’s still chopping vegetables. 

“Mum, this is Niall,” Harry explains as she turns around to face them. 

“Oh, you’re Niall,” she says, smiling knowingly. “I’m Anne.”

“I’m Niall, nice t’ meet you,” the blond replies, raising his free hand – the one that’s not still clasped in Harry’s – to shake her hand.

“I told Niall he can stay for dinner,” Harry says.

Anne grins, her smile almost identical to Harry’s. “The more the merrier, of course. Take him out back and introduce him to Robin and Gemma and then the both of you can help me finish the salad, yeah?”

Harry smiles sideways at Niall, who grins back with bright eyes, as he pulls the blond boy after him through the back door, hands still clasped together.


The rest of the day is spent cooking and preparing and then eating in the backyard under the gazebo on the back porch. And then when everyone else goes inside Harry brings Niall up the side of the house to sit on the first story roof; his favourite spot in the whole world. Niall is unusually quiet, Harry observes, as the blond observes his surroundings, his legs bent and pulled up to his chest. 

And even when Niall’s quiet he reminds Harry of summer; of the calm, sereneness of a summer day when the sun is just beginning to set in the horizon, when the wildlife begins to quiet down and nature goes back to sleep. Once again everything about Niall screams – and whispers – summer, only this time Harry thinks he’s a little more than just a little bit in love. 


Robin, Harry’s stepfather, offers the lot of them his cabin for the second last weekend before the first day of school so they pack themselves into Louis’ truck and Niall’s Ranger Rover and drive the hour it takes to get there Friday night after Harry’s shift at the bakery so they can make the most of the rest of the weekend. The sun was setting when they’d gotten there so after unpacking both vehicles and claiming all the rooms – Harry winds up with Niall which makes him both extremely nervous and incredibly excited – Harry and Liam gather wood for the fire whilst the others set up a circle of chairs.

Harry finds himself so intently watching the way the light from the campfire dances across Niall’s face that he doesn’t even notice the other lads packing it in and saying goodnight until Louis’ ruffling his curls and planting a dramatic kiss to the top of his head. He tears his gaze away from where he realizes that Niall’s saying goodnight to Eleanor, to look up upside down at his best friend, who smirks and nudges his chin in Niall’s direction. Harry rolls his eyes, shouting out a “goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” to Liam, Sophia, Zayn and Perrie as they all head inside ahead of Louis. 

“Can’t believe you guys are goin’ to bed already,” Niall murmurs, leaning into the side of his chair on the other side of the fire pit. He, too, looks tired, but he hasn’t acted it until just now. “Ya bunch’ o’ children.”

“Says the one who can barely keep his eyes open,” Louis chirps, grabbing Eleanor around the waist and pulling her lanky, tired body against his own. 

“Leave him be, he’s a trooper,” Harry says, winking playfully at Niall, who thanks him. 

“You would defend him, wouldn’t you, Harold?”

Harry finds himself increasingly thankful of the orange light from the fire, which masks the blush creeping onto his cheeks. 

“Goodnight, boys,” Louis bids them, walking backwards with Eleanor wrapped around him towards the door. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite. However, if you want to bite each other, then by all means-”

“Louis!” Eleanor screeches, slapping him in the arm. “Rude.”

Harry’s gaze lands back on Niall when everything is quiet again to find Niall staring back at him, a tired smile on his pretty face. He smiles softly, cocking his head for Niall to move closer. 

Niall puts his empty beer bottle on the tree stump table beside him before pushing himself to his feet and walking around the fire pit. He drops himself into the chair next to Harry’s, rests his head on the back of the chair and cranes his neck to look sideways at Harry. “I guess it’s just you and me, huh?”

“Yeah,” Harry breathes. “Just you and me.”

Niall licks his lips. “I uh, I wanted to thank you.”

Harry’s brow furrows in confusion. “What for?”

“For letting me tag along,” Niall whispers, shrugging his shoulders. “For making me feel welcome all the time. I mean, I know I’m Louis’ friend – have been for years – but I…I’m glad we’re friends too, ya know? ’m glad I met you.”

Harry smiles, blinks as he watches the fire dance in Niall’s impossibly blue eyes. The butterflies come to life in his stomach. “’m glad I met you too.”


As per tradition, apparently, Louis decides to throw a party to “send summer vacation out with a bang, Harry. A bang.” (Which Harry is pretty sure has less to do with the actual party and more to do with something else entirely.) 

Harry’s drunk by midnight, which is when half of their year winds up outside around Louis’ makeshift fire pit because Niall brought his guitar and everyone wants him to play something. Everyone gathers around Niall, who’s sitting on a green and white lawn chair, his guitar in his lap. 

Niall’s drunk too – and giggly - and he has to fiddle with the strings a bit first as he gazes around at all the people. His gaze lands on Harry, a small smile forming on his lips before he drops his gaze, clears his throat and starts strumming the intro to Ed Sheeran’s A-Team

Harry’s breath catches in his throat, then, because he loves Ed Sheeran’s music.

And, as it turns out, he loves Niall’s voice too. His sweet, angelic, beautiful voice; Harry can feel himself falling even deeper, watching Niall sat within a sea of party-goers – the center of everyone’s attention, fingers plucking at the strings of his old beat up guitar, voice drifting across the whole of the backyard. Niall’s never looked more comfortable, more at peace, more beautiful.

Five songs later, Harry finds himself back in the kitchen fetching a bottle of water from the fridge when he feels a hand on his shoulder, a pair of lips grazing his ear. “Wanna get outta here?”

A shiver runs up and down his spine at the voice, low and hoarse in his ear. He cranes his head sideways, looking through heavy eyes at Niall. “Yeah,” he breathes.

Niall’s calloused hand slips into Harry’s free one, weaving their fingers together before tugging Harry through the kitchen, down the hall and out the front door. Harry follows blindly as Niall continues all the way down the driveway until he falls into step next to the blond boy, whose hand is still clasped in his. Neither one of them make any effort to let go. And Harry doesn’t even care to ask where they’re going. 

“You have a beautiful voice,” Harry murmurs softly. 

Niall’s face breaks out into a shy smile, the colour in his cheeks turning pink. “Thanks.”

“Seriously, Ni, I mean…” he trails off; the alcohol in him wants to keep talking (keep complimenting Niall over and over again) but his mind is at a loss as to where to start. “And I love Ed Sheeran,” he says instead.

“I know,” Niall chuckles.

Harry finally catches on to where Niall’s bringing him when they get to the path Harry likes to run down in the mornings and his heart soars. Along the path is a small lake – a lake Harry’s always kept to himself except for that one time he told Niall about it up at Robin’s cabin. Which means Niall remembers. 

Niall’s the first one to drop to the ground when they get there, spreading his limbs out in the grass, grinning up at Harry like a mischievous child. 

Harry giggles softly before following suite, dropping first to his knees before twisting around onto his back and lying his head down on Niall’s stomach. He hears the hum from Niall’s throat before he feels Niall’s fingers in his hair, which elicits a hum from Harry’s own throat. 

He’s not exactly sure how long they lie like this, both of them silently staring up at the bright stars in the clear sky above them, listening to the sounds of crickets and bullfrogs. Nor does he really care because he’s here with Niall and he’d be happy anywhere with Niall.
“Can I tell you something?” Niall asks, breaking the otherwise comfortable silence with his rough, Irish accent. 

“Anything,” Harry breathes – and then Niall’s moving, sitting up in the grass which means Harry has to move his head anyway so he pushes himself up into a sitting position as well. He looks curiously at Niall, taking in the sort of dazed and conflicted look in the blond boy’s bright blue eyes. His brow furrows in confusion. “What? Is something wrong? Are you-”

“No, everything’s fine,” Niall assures him. He smiles sheepishly. “At least, I think everything’s fine.”

“Well what is it?”

Niall blinks, opening his mouth to respond before swiftly closing it. “Actually, can I try something instead?” he asks, pushing himself onto his knees so that he’s closer to Harry, his face mere centimeters away from Harry’s. 

“Y-yeah,” Harry whispers, swallowing hard around the lump that’s just formed in his throat.

Nothing happens at first because Niall just stares at him. But then it happens all at once – Niall surges forward, Niall kisses him, Harry gasps as he’s caught off guard – and ends far too quickly with Niall pulling away, both of them breathing heavily, lips glistening. Harry stares at Niall, who clambers to his feet shoving both hands through his hair, eyes wide and a bit afraid. 
“Sorry, I’m – I shouldn’t have – God, I don’t even know if you’re-” Niall cuts himself off as he paces back and forth in the grass in front of Harry. “Sorry, this was – we should head back-”

Harry blinks. “W-what?”

“We should – I’ll take you back. I have to get me guitar anyway so-”

“No,” Harry says, pushing himself to his feet to stand in front of a suddenly jittery Irishman. “No, I mean, what…what just happened?”

“Nothing, we don’t have to talk about it-”

“But I want to talk about it. Talk to me about it,” Harry pleads. 

Niall sighs, rubbing his hands over his face. “I was gonna wait until Monday to say anything – I don’t really believe in summer flings because they don’t usually last past the summer, you know, and I didn’t want it to be like that. But then tonight happened and I knew you loved Ed Sheeran so I played his songs and you looked so happy so I thought 'maybe I should just do it tonight’ but then I was looking at you and I couldn’t find the words because all I really wanted to do was fucking kiss you because fuck, Harry, I’ve wanted to kiss you all fucking summer but I hated the thought of it just being a summer fling and-” he cuts himself off, swallowing hard as he looks at Harry, whose so, incredibly mesmerized, he can’t say anything. “This was a bad idea, let’s just go back…”

Niall turns to walk away but Harry remains where he is. “Kiss me again.”

The blond freezes, his shoulders tense as he turns back to face the brunette. “What?”

Harry shrugs his shoulders “It’s Sunday now, yeah, which according to the calendar is the beginning of a new week and since this week is the first week of school that means that, technically, summer vacation ended at midnight.”

A grin spreads across Niall’s whole face, touching his eyes and perking his ears. He shakes his head a little, in disbelief, as he closes the gap between them, curling both arms around Harry’s waist to pull him flush against his body before pressing his lips hard against Harry’s. 

Harry moans, his arms curling around Niall’s neck to hold him close. 

(Who knew Harry, of all people, would be so excited for summer vacation to come to an end.)