i was absolutely obsessed with it when it came out

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Natasha, Pierre and the great comet of 1812 takes place in Moscow!!! (It's a musical and I'm obsessed with musicals. Any hint of one and I flip)

i’ll have to check it out then!
i’ve recently went to the russian version of Tanz der Vampire and absolutely LOVED it
Ivan Ozhogin who plays Graf von Krolock is such a talented bae and a blessing for the ears and eyes

they came over to sing on one of our channels (skip the host-dude to the 1st min)
also all of the vampires usually have a ton of make-up when they’re on stage so this is a slightly more casual version


it’s been 10 years since Pixar’s Cars came out in theaters and you have absolutely no idea how obsessed with it I was when it first came out. I had this godawful style back then (this was probably about two years after I started taking drawing seriously) and tried my absolute best to draw fan art and humanizations of the Cars characters but um….. well let’s just say the one I chose (left) was one of the better ones. ;; man if 14-year-old me could have seen how I draw now she would have been in tears.

so the thing I sketched tonight wasn’t the absolute best, but I definitely needed something to compare to my old stuff and show improvement. people always focus on Lightning and Mater’s friendship but no one talks about Mack??? he was always one of my faves and I always headcanoned him looking vaguely like John Ratzenberger for obvious reasons

I hate when I can’t hold in my loneliness.  This crying has been happening too often, every other week now.  What do normal people do when they get this sad?  They reach out to friends or family, I think. 

That’s not an option. 

Welcome to a new obsession. And to a scene that hit very close to home in a lot of ways….  Anyways, I loved Rami Malek’s portrayal of Elliot, it’s absolutely brilliant. If you haven’t seen Mr. Robot yet, I highly suggest giving it a shot!   


Hey Taylor my names lily and 13 years old. I have enjoyed your music since I was six back when I probably had no idea who you actually were but I remember absolutely loving love story and you belong with me. It was around 4 years ago when I became a swiftie. I really loved the story of us and mine and that made me go and listen to the whole of speak now and I fell in love with it. A few months later red came out and that’s when I became obsessed I used to always play it in the car and tell everyone at school about it and it was just my favourite thing. Since then you have helped me through so much. In 2012 my dad was diagnosed with cancer and just over a year later unfortunately he passed away. It was the most difficult time in my life and music in general especially yours helped me and my family to get through it. After that I became quite shy and was left out at school I struggled to make friends and then was picked on by some people in my class again I turned to your music. That was when I made my Instagram and tumblr accounts and made my best friends because of you I started feeling more accepted and confident and I managed to start making more friends at school who understood me. On the 27th of June last year I finally got to see you in concert and it was the best day of my entire life and a memory I will be forever grateful for. I hope so,e day I can meet you.
Thank you for everything Taylor


*talking about Hallelujah*
  • Mom: okay.
  • Me: *sings every word*
  • Me: it's an amazing song, how can I not know every word?
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me: plus I listened to it about 25 times when it first came out, and 70 the next day.
  • Mom: get a life.
  • Me: patd is life.

tbh one of my favourite things about ML is that a kids’ show has a male protagonist who is completely, explicitly, and unapologetically in love. In “Dark Cupid” he literally sighs and slides down the wall in bliss when he thinks that the poem came from Ladybug. But at the same time, his feelings are not obsessive. He respects Ladybug enough to not pry or demand that she reveal her identity; he is absolutely selfless and puts her first 99% of the time. But he doesn’t place her on a pedestal; he can see when she does something wrong (like how aggressively she treats Lila) and calls her out on it. 

I just love Adrien’s characterization because it is so, so important for young boys to know that it’s okay to express your feelings, it’s okay to be in passionate and sentimental and to cry when you want to, and it doesn’t make you any less “manly” or “masculine” to be emotional. And for all children, to see such a prime example of a healthy relationship is so very important.

Alex Danvers Headcanon.

Since Alex Danvers is a brand new character for the Supergirl CBS series and is arguably the most interesting character on the show, I can’t help but obsess over who she is, and what her story is.  She is so damn mysterious.  Outside of Kara and the DEO, we know absolutely nothing about who Alex Danvers is so I’m just going to start rambling and we’ll see what falls out of my brain.


Before Kara came to earth, I imagine Alex being a super quiet introverted kid. Crazy intelligent, athletic, compassionate, but completely unable to connect to anyone.  When Kara comes to stay with them, I’m betting Alex got a long talk from her parents about how she couldn’t stay holed up in her room and how she had to set the example and take care of Kara at school.  I can see her sitting there, reluctantly nodding to her parents, thinking, “What the hell can I do for this girl? I don’t even fit in at school.”  But what can she do? They’re taking this girl in regardless of whether or not she protests, so she just goes with it.  Then, she actually meets her. This sad, wide eyed, gentle girl that despite all of her pain and loss seemed to make everything around her brighter when she smiled. Kara completely took Alex by surprise, and instead of approaching the situation with reluctance or even apathy, she found herself instead, completely drawn to her.  Alex became addicted to Kara’s smile, her laugh, the warmth of her presence and how she always made Alex feel important…like she was the only person in the room, the only person in Kara’s world.

That’s when things started to change at school for Alex. Kara was shy and a bit awkward, as she was unfamiliar with Earth customs and their school system. She was also 100 times smarter than those other kids, so they picked on her endlessly.  Alex was in the grade ahead of Kara, so they weren’t in any of the same classes.  The first time it happened was during their lunch period, which was the only free time they had together during the school day.  Alex had grabbed a spot at a table and was waiting for Kara to meet up with her after class, when she looked up and saw some guy hassling Kara on the check out line.  Before she even realized what happened, she’s whacked some dude bro in the head with a lunch tray and doesn’t snap out of it until she feels the strength of Kara’s grasp on her arm and then hears Kara through what seems like 100 feet of water say “It’s okay, Alex.”.

And that’s when it started. When Alex became the protector. Before Kara, Alex felt lost, but with Kara there, she had purpose. Kara was important and Kara needed her protection, now and always.  

That’s how I envision Alex becoming what she was to Kara, watching over her, beating up bullies when Kara had to just bite her lip and conceal her strength. Alex didn’t mind the endless reprimands from her parents, because all that mattered to her was Kara. Kara was the only one who actually made her feel something…made her feel like her existence meant something.

After a few years, Kara could pretty much take care of herself, but Alex never stopped being her protector and Kara didn’t do anything to discourage it, because they were comfortable in that dynamic. 

Outside of her relationship with Kara, I don’t expect that Alex had many friends, at least not close ones.  She’s dated a couple of guys here and there, but it didn’t really do anything for her.  No one has really been able to hold a candle to Kara, so it’s hard to care enough to invest in anyone else or let anyone in. She just devotes herself to her work, because being a protector is all she knows and what she’s good at.


Reblog with your comments and theories. I can seriously talk endlessly about Alex Danvers and her mysterious life. Can’t wait to see if they delve more into her life outside of the DEO and Kara though. Hoping we’ll get there in season 2!


SO. I just found out that my employers definitely check facebook before hiring people. which is cool, i have nothing against it, i rarely and barely post anything on facebook anyway. 

so much so, that i haven’t changed my header since 2013 and i’ll tell you why that’s relevant. it’s relevant because pacific rim also came out in 2013, and along with it, that build-your-own-jaeger website, and along with that: memes. lots of people participated, my self included due to being absolutely obsessed with the movie and that website. still am, really, and can’t wait for the pacific rim 2 movie. so psyched! 

so anyway, this is the first thing you see when you go to my fucking facebook page