i was about to go drink some soda but the kind i have stains your mouth so i took these first

Seokjin Scenario: Lonely Hearts Club.

The Costume Party Series

Genre: Fluff

Jin stared surprised at Yoongi’s back when the latter walked away from him with a deep frown furrowing his brows. Or well, not that surprised in fact. Yoongi pulled at his girlfriend’s forearm muffling what seemed like nonsense to Jin and left him alone with his thoughts. He knew this was going to happen, Yoongi wasn’t really feeling like going to the party and Jin was the one doing half of the convincing, but now he was alone and the rest of his friends were all scattered around.

Seokjin released a sigh and took in the sight of people chilling to the loud music and the drinks, but he didn’t really catch a glimpse of the boys so he walked calmly towards the stage, surfing between the moving bodies to a safer and maybe loner place if he was lucky enough. 

Actually, the one convincing him about coming here was Hoseok, who went away to park his car and seemed to be lost in the way because he never came back. Now standing at the opposite side of the crowded stage he felt somehow awkward, but tried to shrug that feeling away, not everything could be so bad right? 

He spotted a table and decided to pour himself a glass of soda and maybe grab some snacks. Once in front of the table he assessed his options and picked a few cookies, shoving one inside his mouth. After that, his hands instantly went for the Coca-Cola bottle but when he tried to open it, the cap was so hard he struggled. 

-You’re not getting away from this - he murmured under his breath kind of annoyed and pulled the Coca-Cola close to his torso, gripping the cap more firmly this time. He was oh so ready to fight that bottle and he was putting his heart to it, so deep into the task that when he moved a step forward due to the struggle and got closer the table, a little scream made him jump back, the Coca-Cola bottle fell noisily to the floor and he stared down. Peeking from underneath the table’s cloth was… a hand?

Seokjin was staring at it at a loss of words, the hand was lean and delicate and he had just stepped on it, but he didn’t have much time to think about it before that same hand got a good grip of the edge of the bright blue pants from his Super Mario costume and started to pull him down. 

-What the…- Jin had to kneel and was starting to freak out before a girl revealed her face from under the white cloth, her hand still with a deadly grip on Jin’s pants, her eyes were big whilst staring at him expectantly and her free hand was pressing her index finger against her lips motioning for Seokjin to be quiet.

You looked at him  and then back to the party’s crowd, freaking out for having to come out of your little hideout.

 -Please don’t scream- this time you grasped his arm. He stared at you, mouth hanging widely open and you ignored the aching of your hand to pull him towards you. -Come, come. Quickly!-

Your voice was all anxious and Jin stared back to the party, so you thought he was getting back to it. But he didn’t, and even if he thought you were being a total crazy, he followed you. You held the cloth up, enough for him to slid next to you under the table and take part inside your little hideout. You took the forgotten Coca-Cola bottle quickly and let the white cloth fall again, leaving you alone under the table with the handsome boy that had just stepped on your hand.

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Kuroo getting drunk and confessing to his childhood friend (female) while they are at a college partaaaayyyyyy😻😻😻😻😻 l loooooooveeee your blog darling!!!!

Yesss, gimme more requests like this! I can totally picture Kuroo waking up with a hang over and trynna picture the night before. And when he realizes what he did, he’s like super red and embarrassed and flustered! Ugh someone save this child, he is so sweet ♡^▽^♡ Alright lets just get this cute lil story ready!

When Kenma and you decided to suprise Kuroo at his new college, you werent expecting him to bring you two to a party as well. You two werent complaining, it was just unexpected. But at least you were having fun. The drinks tasted good, the people were interesting, and it was nice to see Kuroo again. Kenma declined the offer to go to the party, as expected of him, so Kuroo just brought you. Before you two left Kenma in Kuroo’s apartment, you asked Kenma to bring out some Advil just in case you or Kuroo came home too drunk. All Kenma did was sigh and nod uninterested.

But at the pace the night was going, Kuroo might be the only one who needed to Advil when you two were to go home. You’ve seen Kuroo drunk, but never like this. He was so happy and alive. It made you laugh as you heard his friends make fun of him.

“Is he always like this when he’s drunk with you guys?” you asked one of Kuroo’s friends as yo watched Kuroo dance like a robot and obnoxiously sing the lyrics to the song.

“Never,” one of his friends replied annoyed of Kuroo’s loud mouth. “If he’s throwing up, I’m not taking care of him.”

“That’s probably going to be my job tonight,” you said with a laugh. You took another sip of your drink.

“Yeah, if you’re not going to be too drunk tonight. Did you guys drive?”

“No, we walked. Thank goodness his apartment is only a couple blocks away.”

“Oh yeah, how could I forget that Kuroo-kun lives over there. Well either, be safe. I don’t want to hear you ditched Kuroo-kun on the side of the street with him drunk off his ass, ____-san” Kuroo’s friend said with a laugh. You laughed along with him.

“Never, I couldn’t do that to Tetsurou,”

“Well, I’m glad you’re hear. I mean so you could take care of him, but Kuroo-san mentions you and Kenma every now and then. Mostly you though,”

“Really? I wouldn’t imagine why,” you said curiously.

“Why not? You guys are best friends since forever, he probably just misses you alot, since you guys arent together as much anymore,”


“_____!” Kuroo yelled in your ear as he threw his arm around you. You leaned over a little too much, not realizing you were feeling some of the alcohol’s effect on you. And you hadnt realized your drink spilled a little onto the carpet until Kuroo pointed it out. “____, you spilled some of your drink!”

“Oh my-Kuroo! Look what you made me do! I’m so sorry-”

“Its okay, there’s already some other stains on it. I’ll just go get it cleaned tomorrow morning after the party. Kuroo-san, you okay?” Kuroo’s friend asked worried as Kuroo finished his full cup of alcohol and soda in one gulp.

You looked to Kuroo as he finished his drink, worried for him. After he finished his drink, he took the cup from his mouth and breathed in with his mouth wide open. “Man, I am gonna hurl soon.”

Kuroo’s friend’s eyes and yours widened with alert. “N-No! Tetsurou, not yet! Wait til we get home!”

“Okay, okay, _____” Kuroo slurred with a smile. He kissed the top of your forehead for a long time. His kiss brought you to lean back a little. You forgot how much Kuroo weighed, especially when he was drunk. The fact he was so much taller than you didnt help. Even though you were a little drunk, you were able to put your weigh against Kuroo so you two wouldnt fall. When Kuroo finished kissing your forehead, he leaned back. “Muuuuaaaah!”

“Okay, okay, Kuroo, you’re going to have to take a break, okay?” you asked worried. You tried your best to smile but you knew that your eyes could give away the worry. You rubbed Kuroo’s cheek and noticed how warm he was.

Kuroo leaned his forehead against the side of your head and closed his eyes. “Oooookay, ____. Whatever you say.”

Just as you were about to sigh with relief, you noticed Kuroo’s friend smiling to you two. You raised an eyebrow curiously.

“What?” you asked with a laugh. “Is there something in my teeth?”

Kuroo’s friend laughed and took another sip of his beer. “No. Its just watching you two, I would assume you were a couple if I didn’t know any better.”

You couldnt tell whether it was the alcohol making your face feel warmer or his comment, but whatever it was it made your cheeks pinker. “Re-”

“Huh?! Do you want ____ all for yourself?!” Kuroo asked loudly all of a sudden. You and Kuroo’s friend yelped frightened by the sudden loudness from Kuroo.

“Te-Tetsu, calm down!” you said as you brought your arm behind Kuroo and placed a hand on his chest. He continued to keep leaning forward quickly. If it werent for your hold, Kuroo and you would have fallen on the ground.

“Well, you cant have her! She’s all mine!”

“Kuroo-san, I have a girlfriend, remember?” Kuroo’s friend said.

“Oh yeah! You should have brought her so we could go on double dates whenever _____ visits!” Kuroo leaned back quickly. You were too busy trying to keep him from falling to feel embarrassed about what he was saying.

“Yeah, I think we’d like that,” Kuroo’s friend said as you looked to him with red cheeks. He winked to you and your eyes widened with confusion.

“Haaaa?! You winked to _____, I saw that! I told you, she’s mine!” Kuroo said as he leaned against you, wrapping his arms around your head. Kuroo held you tightly against his chest as he continued to speak loudly. Worrying about falling, you wrapped your arms around Kuroo, trying to poke your head out of his grasp.

“Tetsu, I said calm down down,” you reminded as you poked your head from Kuroo’s grasp. He loosened his grip on you and looked down.

Kuroo was silent as he looked into your eyes. You were so cute, looking up at him with worry. He missed this. He missed you.

“Are you sure there’s nothing going on with you two? Because I’m telling you, you guys look like a married couple!” Kuroo’s friend said with a snicker.

As you were about to reply to Kuroo’s friend totally embarrassed, Kuroo spoke for you. His eyes never left you.

“No, there’s nothing going on between us,” Kuroo spoke slowly. It was strange, he was just so loud earlier. As Kuroo spoke, his friend and you snapped your necks to him. “But I wish we were. I wish you loved me the way I have loved you all these years.”

The music continued to play loudly in the house. The other people attending the party didnt pay any mind to what you two had just heard from Kuroo’s mouth. You felt your heart beat harder than ever. What was going on?

But you paid no mind as you looked into Kuroo’s eyes. As he finished his sentence, his eyes looked so sad. Slowly, Kuroo closed his eyes and leaned against your shoulder.

“T-Tetsurou?” you asked worried. Did he pass out?

“I love you, ____. Don’t go.” Kuroo said quietly.

You looked over to Kuroo’s friend who smiled mischievously. You looked down to Kuroo who had gone silent then back to Kuroo’s friend. As things began to come to, you opened your mouth pleasantly surprised.

“You knew about this!” you gasped.

“What are you talking about, ____-san?!” Kuroo’s friend asked sarcastically. He held his arms up as he shrugged, playing it off like he didn’t know what had just happened.

All you could do was squint your eyes and pout with a laugh to his friend. You wrapped your arms around Kuroo and looked to him with a smile.

“You’re helping me bring him home then! He’s too heavy for me!” you said to Kuroo’s friend as you stuck your tongue out. “And I’m kind of drunk. I don’t think I can hold him up.”

Kuroo’s friend saluted you with a sarcastic serious face, causing you too laugh. You both carried Kuroo on each side as you walked out together.

The next morning…

Kuroo eyes opened slowly. The first thing he noticed was the bright sunlight peeking through the curtains. He followed the sunlight and noticed you laying next to him. At first he thought it was a dream. But you were really there. Using his arm as your pillow, breathing in and out.

“Ah! Ugh, ah,” Kuroo groaned as he sat up quickly then touched his head to ease the sudden headache. It felt as though Kuroo had gotten hit in the head by iron volleyballs.

“Wh-What?!” you yelled as your head dropped down onto the pillow.

“Its so early, why are you so loud?” Kenma asked half asleep.

Kuroo looked to the feet of the bed to see Kenma laid across. He slowly changed his view from you then Kenma then back to you. Just as Kuroo was about to ask the millions questions running through his head, he felt a breeze against his chest. His eyes looked down to his bare chest. Kuroo raised an eyebrow confused then just as he was about to ask you a question, he noticed the strap of your tank top’s strap off your shoulder and your hair messy. Kuroo couldnt help but freeze and watch you blink confused.

“What, Tetsurou? It’s so early,” you asked as you covered your mouth to yawn. You looked over to Kuroo confused then noticed his petrified state. “Tetsu?!”

“_____, did we…” Kuroo trailed off as he covered his mouth, horrified.

You looked to Kuroo concerned. But as you examined him with his bare chest and looked to yourself, you looked back to him with a red face. “Idiot, no! You threw up all over your clothes and there was no way I was going to sleep in clothes that was that close to your vomit!”

“I’m going to the living room, you two are too loud,” Kenma turned over and looked to you with eyebrows furrowed with annoyance. You two watched as he got up from bed then walked out the room.

“You’re going to have to make it up to him too, you know,” you said with a frown.

Kuroo took his eyes away from the door and back to you. Kuroo rubbed the back of his head, a little frustrated. “I know, I’m sorry.”

“You need to apologize to Kozume too, Tetsurou. All I asked him to do was get you Advil, but he stayed with you the whole night too.”

Kuroo looked down to his lap feeling horrible. It wasn’t just his headache that caused him to feel horrible. He knew he just needed more medicine. Or some good soup. But his two best friends came only for the weekend to visit him, and he wasted their times. You could see all of Kuroo’s thoughts as he looked down, lost in space. You gave him a comforting smile. As you leaned into Kuroo, you kissed his forehead. Kuroo froze with surprise.

As you departed your lips from Kuroo’s forehead, your eyes met one another. His cheeks were pink but he watched you so in awe. Your smile was so cute.

“Its okay, we know you’ll make it up today. And you owe me a new shirt anyway. You missed the garbage can and went for the dirty laundry.” you said with a small laugh. “Hurry and get ready, I’ll cook breakfast for us.”

Kuroo watched as you slipped out from his bed and tied your hair up. “Wh-Why did you kiss me?”

You looked over to Kuroo while still tying up your hair. When you finished your hair, he noticed you wouldnt look at him. Why were your cheeks so pink? Were you… Blushing?

“I can’t kiss my own boyfriend?”

“… Boyfriend?” Kuroo asked slowly. You looked to him fully with a pout.

“After you confessed at the party, you wouldn’t stop telling me to be your girlfriend. Kozume even got annoyed at one point.” you answered upset. “Geez, making me-”

“I… I confessed last night? I… I told you that-”

“You wish I loved you the way you love me?” you interrupted with a raised eyebrow. You couldnt meet Kuroo’s eyes. He almost barely heard you as you said this quietly. “Geez, you’re such an idiot. I’ve always loved you.”

Kuroo froze. The more time passed, the more red he became. You couldn’t help but laugh. “I-We-You-I-WHAT?!”

Kenma groaned annoyed. No matter what, he could hear you two yell embarrassed at each others words through the pillow covering both of his ears.

“I told ____ I shouldn’t have come. I could have just waited at home for those two to be boyfriend and girlfriend.”