i was about cry at this part


ok honestly i just watched the final problem and i am not ok. not in the slightest. i really need to discuss this and point stuff out yet none of my friends watch sherlock and none can discuss this with me so im just gonna express myself here. 

  • first of all??? THAT WAS SUCH A DARK AND EMOTIONALLY FUCKED UP EPISODE???? my emotions were all over the place watching this. it was so scary at some points. more than the usual “creepy scary villain guy” thing but it fucked up your mind in a sentimental emotional way. they killed innocent people. they had to choose who to kill and who to keep. SHERLOCK HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HIS BROTHER AND BEST FRIEND AT ONE POINT. i was literally about to  cry at that point (fairly surprised i wasnt crying already). it was literally spine chilling. 
  • the part at the end??? redbeard wasnt a dog it was a little boy??? i cried. it was so sad to see that poor little boy at the bottom of a well it was honestly heartbreaking
  • the scene with molly…. oh my god. i love johnlock too but literally get over it lmao that was so sweet but again heartbreaking like i love molly so much
  • when he broke the coffin???? i couldnt handle it
  • moriarty’s entrance with queen i was like YeEeEEEeeeEEsSSSSs
  • kind of disappointing that there wasnt more moriarty
  • when euros and sherlock played their duet together…..again heartbreaking
  • there were so many times in the episode i thought damn mycroft gonna die
  • and it fucked me up
  • when sherlock almost shot mycroft that was literally so painful to watch AMAZING acting by ben here 
  • i hate eurus so much 
  • literally the best villain in this damn show 
  • so sososoos evil
  • except for the ending she just wanted a friend
  • so they played a duet together
  • lovely but still i hate her
  • the ending with lestrade
  • the parts with mrs hudson cleaning
  • slay me queen hudders
  • i was an EMOTIONAL WRECK
  • mary telling them they were the baker street boys 
  • i am so attached to them
  • they need to keep solving mysteries
  • this show cannot be over
  • this show literally owns a piece of my soul
  • it is my favorite show in the universe
  • that ending made me so sad/happy
  • bc it felt like the show was ending it really fucking did
  • bc they were back in the flat solving crimes like they always used to
  • NEED 
  • MORE 
  • can i just tell you
  • i love all of these characterS SO MUCH
  • my god i am so emotional 
  • this was such a good episode and if you didnt like it because your ship wasnt confirmed……..lmao get the fuck over it and appreciate the amazing twists and writing behind this episode instead of only focusing on one part of the show 

ok thats enough thanks for reading gonna go cry and think about this for the rest of my life 

a positive of today was that i wandered, quite literally, to where @denmom​‘s place of work, not thinking she would be there at all, just craving some lindsay energy in my life in my life, but to my surprise and delight, she was working!!!!

we had a great talk, including talking more about the idea and ideally-more-than-idea of moving in somewhere when her lease is up in june (!!) i truly know this is the key to making lasting improvements and steps forward in my life, and i also know lindsay is a wonderful friend and support to do this with; the important part is just being realistic in taking these steps, taking my current circumstances into account while still pushing myself to think about my future.

anyway, today has been a day and i literally am scheduling time right now to cry for awhile, and then go pick up prescriptions and also buy some fucking bobby pins to Cope with this hair cut lmao (radical acceptance at its best)

Sherlock Finale!!

Sherlock had me like:

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Incredible episode, completely terrifying. It had me on edge the whole time; I was screaming and crying at the TV. It was beyond my comprehension that Euros as a child murdered another little boy. Part of me does feel sorry for her though; her brain can’t deal with its own intelligence, so she goes insane. Makes sense. I’m worried that locking her away again will mean another attempted break out in a few years when she’s recovered from her ordeal. 

When Sherlock cried; when he found out about Redbeard, that broke my heart.  

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John and Sherlock and Mycroft were perfect the entire episode, and I thought it was adorable how Mycroft tried to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him, because he knew that shooting John would completely destroy Sherlock. 

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Euros was terrifying and awesome, and Moriarty - brilliant. 

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I’m worried that Sherlock is over now, as the BBC usually leave it on a cliffhanger, and the scenes with Rosie provide quite a good conclusion. If that is so, my life is over, AGHHHH I NEED MOAAAARRRR! 

Hope you were mildly amused by my ranting (if you want to discuss, just PM me). Violet x

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P.S. Just to let you know, none of these gifs or edits are mine.

i-just-need-music-and-youtubers  asked:

Hey! Como estas? Creo que esa es una pregunta importante luego de TFP. Queria saber qué fue lo que mas te marcó de este ultimo espisodio, y tambien saber si seré una exagerada pensando que Sherlock realmente sentia ese "i love you" Que pensas? c:

I’ll translate this while I answer:

“Hey! How are you? I think is an importatn question after TFP”

I’m ok, thanks for asking! I couldn’t sleep well last night. I finished to watch it around 2 am and went to bed almost at 4 am. Too much emotions!!

“I wanted to know what was the part that did a bigger impact on you? ”

No doubt about it the “I love you” scene. I mean the whole episode was a hell of a ride but when that scene started till the end I couldn’t stop crying. For one hand i had my OTP saying I love you to each other and it was amazing and in the other hand it hurt so much. Loo and Ben blew my mind out of this world!

“Also I want to know if I’m overreacting about thinking that Sherlock felt that “I love you”, what to do you think?”

I don’t think you’re overreacting. The first time he said it, it was awkward, he was taken by surprise (Molly was fantastic in asking him to say it first!) but the second time he meant it, being romantically or whatever, he meant it. But then he was furious for being forced to say it that way, to force Molly to say it, to feel manipulated by Eurus… that’s why he smashed the coffin, and there I started cryng again!

And now I‘ll stop writing or I’ll start sobbing all over again! lol

Thank you for asking! Loved this!

.:A decision forever Regretted:.

      Plumeria would NEVER forgive herself for this. If there was someway she could simply FORGET what was about to happen, she’d HAPPILY allow it to happen.

      But… No. This would forever haunt her. another thing to have endless nightmares about. Another PROBLEM for her to cry herself to sleep over.

                    And the FIRST problem that Guzma wouldn’t be able to UNDERSTAND, the first major event he’d play NO part in. He has been there for her through thick and thin. From High School to them witnessing each others abuse from their own families… Not to mention being on the Streets together and ENDURING those hardships together. And now she had to endure THIS alone. THIS without HIM. Their last exchange of texts had broken hear heart, honestly.

[Plumes]: I wasn’t planning on being back today
[Big G]: wait what
why not
[Plumes]: just don’t wanna
[Big G]: nonono
come home ok
i dont
want u out on the streets again or nothin
dont want u 2 leave
[Plumes]: I’m not leaving
[Big G]: ?
[Plumes]: I just won’t be back tonight or whatever
[Big G]: u promise?
[Plumes]: yahe no leavign no beign out on th streets
just ogta
do something
[Big G]: ok
imma try 2 leave u alone then
i love you
love you too………………………………………….

      Hours later, RIGHT before her phone had died she was able to send him one LAST text…

[Plumes]: i’m sory for a lot of things guzz-bear. im sorry. i love you. aight? awhole  bu nch. more than anything i ms o so sososos sorry. i lvoe yo ui love you i love you i love you i shouldnt have fucking ot said so ad just im so sory i love you i lvoe you i love you

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I watched as an Aquarius fell to her knees and begged for someone else to come back into her life. Seeing this side of her is something new to me. She always had her head and shoulders up and carried herself proudly, and “No” was not part of her vocabulary. She was known to be strong and proud, but to see her walls break it’s just a mess.

I got a call from an Aries asking to get picked up at a party. Watched her as she got in and started to ramble on about her night. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she laughed it off and told me it was his lost. A couple minutes in the ride; she stared out of the window and started to cry. “What’s wrong with me..” she turned and asked me with tears streaming down her face.

A Cancer invited me out for dinner and I arrived at the spot. She eagerly ran to me and jumped into my arms, she hugged me so tightly and then slowly let go and led me to the dinner table. We laughed and joked for hours. She was so vibrant and she cling to every word I’ve said the whole night. She didn’t want the night to be over. I told her I was heading back to watch some movies on Netflix. She invited herself over.

A Capricorn gently placed her hand in mine. A small smile on her face and our eyes met. The train’s sound went away and the crowds felt nonexistent. She slowly leaned her head on my shoulder and pulled herself closer to me. She was gentle and she was calm.

A Gemini called me asking for advice: “The only problem is that I am free. I don’t feel like I’m being smothered by these feelings, and I have no time for this. How can I even deal with this?” She asked and asked, and the more she asked the more she realized her answer. She doesn’t want to feel too pressured, no restraints like the wind.

A Leo placed her hands on my cheeks and and looked me in the eyes: “You did this to yourself. You lost me because you can’t do one simple thing, and that was for you to not like pictures other than mine.” She had a stern look on her face and she slowly push my face away and left me, standing. She turned back and had this smile on her face. “You lost someone who was willing to do everything in her power for you..” and never came back.

A Libra held the bouqet of flowers I sent her and she smiled like so happily, like a child getting their favorite gift on Christmas. She was so giddy and she was so happy, that she kissed me passionately and stared back at the flowers at awe.

A Pisces came into my life and drowned me with such passion and romance. Everything felt like a fairytale. She dreamt of things that were so unreal, but to her, she was going to make it all come true.

A Sagittarius never left my side when I was going through a tough time. She was always there when you least expect it, and that was her way of showing how much she cared for me. She was always saying these smart things which were true, but I was too stubborn to listen to her; yet she continues to preach and demand that I start something new for myself.

A Scorpio was on the phone with me a couple nights back spilling some hard problems to swallow. She loved this man. She was torn, she was lost. She has never felt like this for anyone before and she was scared. I’ve known her for years and to see her scared was something new.

A Taurus dragged me all around the downtown. We went to the mall, an abandoned building, a beautiful house, a music store, a sex shop and last a diner downtown. She finally explained as to why she brought me along with her and why she felt the need to show me. These were the places she finds herself in and who she is and each one she based it off as her as a whole. She laughed and told me how silly it was of her to do so, and I told her she was amazing for that. She blushed and asked if I was being serious. I was. She expects me to show her reflections of me around the city.

A Virgo sat me with on the couch and we talked for hours and hours to no end. We laughed and smoked, and drank coffee. She slowly shifted herself to me and she kissed me, softly. I watched her and she smiled. She said, “Look at me. Do you see what you’re doing to me. I have never felt this way before and you coming into my life means a lot to me.. I hope you will never change because I won’t. Let’s continue to grow as one, and please, don’t you ever leave me..“

—  Happenings

I haven’t seen any post about it, and I really want to talk about it.

Viktor’s (finally !) mad.

It’s the very first time, in all 12 episodes, that we’ve seen him that way.
Though he had many reasons to get mad before (Yuuri making him wait all day for practice, Yurio being childish or even punching him in the back), he always responded with a (fake) smile to it. Chill. No big deal. He never seemed too worked out about it, he always seems to have the best self-control over himself.

And now, he’s mad. He’s even crying because he’s SO mad. I find it truly interesting.
And WHAT did finally upset him that much ?

The idea of not seeing Yuuri on the ice anymore. Not being able to coach him anymore. Having his s/o make that kind of decisions without even asking him about it ! Dismissing that part of their lives together without even talking to him about it.
And Yuuri, his beloved Yuuri, having the nerve to suggest that competing on the ice without him would be any good. Maybe that’s what upsets him the most. Especially if you consider the fact that they have been training together for their surprise duet on ice, and, most likely, Victor has been enjoying dancing on the ice with him, and sharing that part of their dreams together.

Oh, I wonder what really went on inside that beautiful head of his. That must’ve been quite the storm.


the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge

so i knew moana was great about hiring south pacific actors but i just found out that alan tudyk (who they were reluctant to cast but eventually gave the bit part of the rooster) is the only actor in the film with no polynesian descent????? and now i’m crying????? please let every movie with poc characters from here on out take a note from moana’s book

ALRIGHT so here goes. short list of things i picked up on about tlou 2 during the psx livestream w neil druckmann, ashley & troy; obviously some spoilers ahead, kind of; 

  • if the first game was about love and people building relationships in a time of crisis and learning to trust, tlou 2 is about hate and ellie’s in particular
  • we’re going to PLAY AS ELLIE from what i understand she’s going to be the main protagonist this time 
  • ELLIE IS 19
  • which makes joel about 53-54? i think 
  • neil druckmann, re: the apprehension people were feeling about the idea of sequel to tlou - “trust me, we all felt the exact same way. nobody loves these characters more than we do & we would not do this unless we felt we had the right idea. we played with the idea of a sequel with other characters for ages but it never felt right. the last of us has always been about joel and ellie. all i ask is that the fans put some faith in us, trust us, we will do right by you. ”  
  • they started working on this scene TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO
  • when neil first got a recording of the song from ashley it was too good! they got a voice coach to help her sing a little more scratchy and rough and authentic and find ellie’s voice 
  • brand new facial motion capture hoo-haa technology stuff idk THERES BEEN SOME DEVELOPMENT and its great there’s a whole adorable bit where ashley’s facial expressions are mirrored in ellie’s 3d model and she’s wonderful and full of freckles 
  • MOVING ON neil said “ellie is the main character in this one and she plays a little differently than joel” - im assuming more stealth? “some mechanics are evolutions and some are reinventions” they are literally like at knife point not the reveal anything goddamn 
  • ashley cries a lot. she apparently cried when neil told her the story outline for left behind and then kept crying when he told her about tlou part 2. they were at a restaurant and people stared at neil judgementally for making her cry 
  • gustavo santaolalla IS BACK!!! thank god 
  • there’s a new musical track reveal & some concept art of environments and one of ellie <3
  • neil says he cannot see the last of us without joel and ellie. “they are the heart of this game. at its core the story is about human relationships and their relationship is the most important one in it.” 

you’re five
and you’re running around making mud pies in your backyard
with your best friend Jesus
and your mother reads you story after story before bed
Jesus cuddles up next to you with his arms behind his head
and you don’t know the feeling of sadness or loneliness
so that smile stretching wide is genuine instead

you’re 25
and you’re running around working 40 hours a week
travel time plus the hour you eat plus chores plus bills plus
you’re exhausted
and your mother is only a phone call away but
she’s busy and you’re busy and you haven’t spoken in a week
and sadness and loneliness are no longer knocking on your door
they’ve clawed their way into your skin and manifest themselves inside you
they’re a part of you
and it’s dark
and the thoughts in your head won’t leave
and you scream
and you cry
and you forget
you forget about your friend
your best friend
from when you were five
and you’re 

but He’s still there
He always was
He was simply waiting
for you to meet Him halfway

but now you’re falling and He’s worried

and you’re worried

you think you’re done
you’re drowning in sadness and loneliness
and anxiety
and depression
and PTSD
but you’ve still got one good fight left in you

so you land on your knees

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Happy  Birthday Vivien Leigh !!! (5 November 1913 – 8 July 1967)

“Scorpios burn themselves out and eat themselves up and they are careless about themselves - like me. I swing between happiness and misery and I cry easily. I am a mixture of my mother’s determination and my father’s optimism. I am part prude and part non-conformist and I say what I think and don’t dissemble. I am a mixture of French, Irish and Yorkshire, and perhaps that’s what it all is.”- Vivien Leigh

”She was very like a cat.  She would purr and scratch, and looked divinely pretty doing either.” - Rex Harrison 

“Emphatically the top. In her or anybody else’s times.” - Noel Coward


—  A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. Two is enough. (Matthew Stover)

I'm rewatching chamber of secrets.

I just got to the part where Hagrid is busting into Dumbledore’s office and defending Harry and saying he will go in front of the Ministry of Magic and swear that Harry is innocent.
Now all i can think about is 13 year old Hagrid just wanting somebody…anybody..to stand up and say that they believe that he’s not the heir. That he didnt kill Myrtle. Desperately needing somebody to stand up for him.
Then this boy. A year younger than he was when he faced those charges is getting blamed for the same crime. A boy that is seen as diffrent. Like he was. A boy with no mother and no father to protect him. Like Hagrid.

And Hagrid is willing to relive those trials. Face the same people that took everything he had left and nearly made him leave his one true home. For Harry.

I think you all are missing an important point of the proposal scene… Yuuri said, “Stay with me until I retire,” and Viktor eventually answered, “I wish you would never retire in that case.”

You can read this response in two ways. The first, of course, is it being a lovely declaration and affirmation of their mutual affections and love. The second is also lovely, and, perhaps, part of why Yuuri begins to cry.

Do not forget that Viktor is also Yuuri’s coach. He is with Yuuri initially for that purpose alone, to coach Yuuri in Yuuri’s potentially last season, while abandoning his own season of skating. So, with that in mind, Viktor saying “I wish you would never retire” is also about him making a specific declaration. That he values Yuuri above his own skating career. That he would continue to coach Yuuri for as long as Yuuri skates. That he might be willing to give up his own skating career just to be at Yuuri’s side.

Viktor chose Yuuri over skating.