i was a teenage

I don’t think anyone will fully understand how much I want Tim to be unapologetically angry at everyone when he comes back.

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Last movie I watched: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Last song I listened to: Bonita y Mentirosa - Pastor Lopez
Last book I read: I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and boy, the translation is horrendous
Last thing I ate: Oreo cookies
Where would you want to time travel to?: Renaissance Florence
Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Uhh, given that most of my faves frighten me…Uuh…Screw it, I’d hang out with my own OCs!!
If I could be anywhere right now, where would i be?: Out with my friends!!

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where I work we have to have the customer show the receipt to receive their salad buffet thing, I ask one guy to show and he gets kinda pissed, I explain that I just need to confirm the purchase, he says "I get that but you have to know your customer base, I wouldn't steal from you, now if I were a teenager I might"... uhhh, I'm a teenager, this guy has his teens sitting at the table? poor kids I hope he's not assuming they lie and steal shit

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Not a fuck anyone just ur average late night lol It was a little past midnight when I was working and I had two stoned teenagers ask me if I had any tattoos, what music I listened to, if I was a medical marijuana patient, and then proceeded to get $6 cashback Working late, man

I love the feeling of the keys over the feeling of a screen. It feels more.. Well I guess it just feels more comfortable and authentic. When I type on my phone I see people look at me and all they probably think is “Oh there’s another teenager whose always on their phone”. They don’t know what I’m really doing. They aren’t conscious that what I’m doing is helping me regulate my feelings and emotions. I find love and peace in writing. It’s calming. It’s my place to go and clear my cloudy head. I explore others work through this beautiful ability of writing. The ability to write is a wonderful thing and it can connect all of us as a society. It just makes me feel at ease when I write. I don’t do this for the attention or the follows or the views or the whatever it is. I do this purely because this is my passion and strength. I must say though I am so grateful for the people who support what I do and I am proud of my writing. I owe my life to writing.
—  @poetpastry