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When you realise there are probably tons of other photos from Harry’s album photoshoot that haven’t been released:

Aesthetic of the month:

I dare you to contradict me….

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!!!!!!!!!! D: Please tell me the tears of blood in that latest RP was added in the computer because otherwise I'm seriously concerned over you hurting yourself in the name of method acting

(( OOC: Listen I completely understand that you would expect me to put fake blood in my eyeballs for the sake of art… because of who i am as a person and the injuries I have suffered… However, on this occasion I used special non-blinding sfx stuff that is actually meant for your eyes.

I feel like this is a moment guys. Be proud. ))


100 days of Dan and Phil! 2/100

Are we Best Friends or FIENDS?!


Some pics from the dating game i made for @lumieremorte ‘s birthday!!

Renpy is so easy to use i can’t believe there aren’t more favorite characters dating games wtf???? (i used the tutorials from this channel plus the one from renpy) 

I didn’t quite notice it when I read the manga because I was switching between different translations, but Bakugou has this habit of using derogative nicknames for pretty much everyone he interacts with, and who he thinks isn’t worth his time or attention:

Midoriya: Deku / Fucking Nerd 

Uraraka: Round Face

Kirishima: Hair-For-Brains

Kaminari: Dunce Face

Sero: Soy Sauce Face

…and I’m probably missing some, but it’s okay because that’s not why I was writing this post in the first place. The thing is, he actually stops using the nicknames on a regular basis, when he does acknowledge someone else’s strength or accepts them as his rival. I’m sure everyone remembers this:

Or this:

But there’s also this:

and we should talk about it more tbh

no derogatory nickname, this time. He doesn’t pretend not to know what her name is, nor does he hold back against her because he knows that at her full strength she does pose a threat to his victory.

Look at that elated smile. He’s so excited that he’s found someone worth fighting against! 

Just. I love Bakugou acknowledging his classmates as equals, okay?

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I find it interesting how I hear a lot of sweet and comforting things about Oranhamme but he's looked kinda pissed off and maybe a little crazy

I discussed it a little more in this post but both are correct.

Oranhamme normally is a very neutral and relaxed kind of fellow. However he hates leaving his comfort zone. Now, thankfully, he has a very wide comfort zone so there isn’t a lot that gets under his skin. But when things start dragging mud into his cozy lil lifestyle then he starts to become more prickly. 

It takes a lot to get Oranhamme mad but when he reaches the boiling point his temper can reach lethal levels. However, Oranhamme generally follows the phrase ‘dont poke the bear’ so someone would have to be trying to make him that mad, in which case I feel they completely deserve whatever is coming to them. Oranhamme feels the same, if you went through all that trouble just to make him mad he is going to enjoy dealing out the consequence. 

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I mean… his… everything is just… perfect.

His hair all disheveled, that fucking serious “I’m going to rip you all a new asshole and astrals help you if you get in my way” look in his eyes…

Like… yes. I’m not even kidding when I say that man could murder me and I’d be so okay with that. I’d channel my spirit through a seance, have the psychic call him up, and thank him for the honor he bestowed upon my flesh afterwards. I’m that deep in Ignis hell and I couldn’t give nary a shit about it.