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anonymous asked:

Hiya! I was wondering if you have any recommendations on any Johnlock Fanfics. I know I'll probably get murdered for saying this but I personally am not a big fan of fics that include smut. Plus I'm relatively new to this fandom so I'm not really sure where to start. Anyways I really enjoy your blog and you're really cool! Stay awesome my friend

It’s so hard to find non-explicit fics because I rarely read them. But here are some I could remember. Absolutely zero smut. I hope you enjoy. :D

  • A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver : Just pay me back with one thousand kisses. (Teeth rotting fluff. You may die from fluff. One of my fav fics)
  • Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) by out_there The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. There’ll be some logic to this. Some ridiculous experiment about body warmth or respiratory rates or testing a new way of picking pockets. Sherlock does the unimaginable for bizarre reasons, but behind it, there’s always logic and curiosity. Sometimes, it just takes him a while to explain it to John. (Sweet af)
  • the lingering taste of orange juice by darcylindbergh Sherlock felt the familiar heat surge in his abdomen again at the touch: hope strung taut between head and heart as in all the quiet moments between them, when Sherlock sometimes got the clues all mixed up and thought maybe John felt something too.For once, Sherlock is the idiot. 
  • and stand there at the edge of my affection by coloredink  “You’ve written love letters,” Sherlock asserted. (Sherlock asks for John’ assistance to write a love letter)
  • Duvet (green) by Mazarin221b :  Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John’s room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation. (Just read this )
  • Alone On the Water by Mad_Lori :  Sherlock Holmes never expected to live a long life, but he never imagined that it would end like this. (keep some fluffy fics handy before reading this one because after reading this your life will never be the same. Pure angst. Read the tags)
  • To Sleep Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate by Linpatootie : Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. (1st in  4 part series “Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please” universe) 
  • The Love Song of Two Idiots by  SkipandDi (ladyflowdi) : The eighth time Sherlock proposed to John, it was on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of a Tesco. And like the seven times before, he got rejected. 
  • Last Call at the Homesick Pub  by Chryse : A fic taking place in the time of Sherlock’s “death” as he wanders around the world.Bittersweet.
  • For a thousand more by mysleepyhead (Shameless self promo) : This is the ending they deserve. The life they should have. The life we want for them.
  • April Sea  by ladydirewolf1 :  After Mary leaves John, Sherlock takes John to the place he spent his childhood summers. 

Ok. So up until this point I haven’t really participated too much with meta creation simply because I struggle with subtext and I always thought myself too slow to find anything. Anyway I was singing the first part to Eurus’ song today and it occurred to me that the song may or may not have clues for us to find.

“I that am lost, oh who will find me?”

The lost special is the speaker,

“deep down below the old beech tree”

Beech trees are generally symbolic for the written word, so perhaps a link to the original story or something else (?)

“come succour me the east wind blows”

succour means ‘to give aid or assistance to’ so if this could refer to either the lost special itself or John and Sherlock. I favour John (”John Watson definitely in danger”) the threat being the east wind (Mary or Euros depending on your favoured theory)

“sixteen by six brother and under we go.”

This line is what got me. I thought that perhaps sixteen by six couldiI be a date. sixteenth of June. And then I remembered the tweet regarding Fireworks and Guy Fawkes day. Now I’ m an aussie so I have no idea what or when it is. So anyway that added up to nothing (its in November) anyway I did another search 'sixteenth June Sherlock” to see what would come up. Lo and behold the first thing that comes up was John’s blog. The entry you ask?

Fucky??? I thought so too. I’m going to track down the rest of the song see what I can find. I haven’t seen anything like this so far, if you have any thoughts feel free to add them.


This is an additional post to my Eurus shot John and TFP is his imagination while dying / John is the girl on the plane theory, so please consider this while reading this post, thanks. :)

This whole post will be a bit random because I have so much thoughts about this. I hope you don’t mind.

At the end of TLD, we see how Sherlock finds the “Miss Me?” on the paper. And that’s usually the moment where Sherlock drops all his shit (he did so in HLV with his chips) and RUNS to save John. But we didn’t see that. Weird, huh?

Also, we get a bit of John’s imagination/foreshadowing in TLD:

And in TFP, the girl on the plane (= John) says this:

“The lights” are very common when it comes to near-death experiences. Walking towards light, a tunnel with light at the end and closer coming lights.

Okay, that was that. So, let’s talk about TAB: There are things in TAB they included on purpose to make us think “That’s fucky!” in order to figure it out. An guess what? THE SAME SHIT APPEARS IN TFP.

First of all: Cringeworthy spinning shots.


Eurus = Emelia Ricoletti

Both of them look as if they were taken out of a horror movie. AND THEY BOTH SING A FUCKING SONG!

And Remember Me = Do Not Forget Me

Same with the graveyard scene in TAB … THAT SCENE WAS FAKE because the corpse came to life at the end.

An guess what else is fake and has fake graves …

And let’s not forget fat Mycroft:

Aaand back to TFP, where Sherlock says “Greg”:

When you watch the scene, you’ll first be like: “Oh, that’s nice, Sherlock finally got Lestrade’s name right!” But the thing is … THEY TOLD US THAT SHERLOCK NEVER GETS HIS NAME RIGHT JUST TWO EPISODE EARLIER. John had to MOUTH “Greg” to Sherlock so he could say it right:

So why the flying fuck would he suddenly remember his name? Weird AF? Yes, it’s John imagination. Because HE never gets Lestrade’s name wrong, that’s why!

Also, when I first saw the scene where they are at John’s, I had the feeling that Sherlock … looked so out of place? He’s standing in the room and has his coat on.

And then I thought … FUCK, I know this scene, it looks like the scene in “Many Happy Returns”!

This scenes too (first one from TFP, the other from MHR):

These too:

And when Mary (aka John’s imagination) said this:

I knew I heard it before … it’s on John’s fucking blog, he wrote it when he met Sherlock for the first time:

Oh, and I mentioned earlier what people see while having a near-death experience … it’s not just light, on of the things is also FAMILY.

And you know what else is fucky? This quote from “Mary” at the of TFP …

Well, the thing is … SHE CAN’T KNOW THIS QUOTE. We do, and Sherlock and John, but Mary can’t. Well, she could have made it up, BUT (!!!) John said it to Sherlock in TEH:

Mary wasn’t in that scene. Sherlock said something like that at the wedding, but it’s not the same:

Also, in her speech at the end of TFP, we see this shot from ASiP:

Well … nothing weird about that, right? Except for the fact that THIS is the first scene they used in TAB! If you don’t believe me, go and watch it.

And this:

Actually, there is more I could write about, but some things have already been pointed out. That Eurus wore a John-sweater as a kid or that John responded to Sherlock instead of the child on the plane.

So. If there is no fourth episode, then at least we know that the fandom is a million times cleverer than Mofftiss. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Anderson : I remember when I was five, hiding under the desk with all my Halloween candy. Had some peanut M&M's, went into my first anaphylactic shock and had to be rushed to the hospital. Came home, celebrated with a Snickers, went into my second anaphylactic shock.
  • Donovan : When did you figure out you were allergic to nuts?
  • Anderson : Sometime around the third Almond Joy.
In which John is an adlock blogger

So I was reading John’s blog and found this gems. I know many of you have already seen it but I thought it would be nice to have all adlock evidence form John’s blog in one place :) Also, it’s interesting to see this more detailed timeline of the ASiB events!

“She’s got to him”. Damn, John.

Devastated. We all knew but reading it from John’s POV gives me all the feels all over again, our poor Sherl clueless for arguably one of the first times in his life.

That’s our girl.

Is this Sherlock admitting missing Irene is his real self? I’ll take it.

This ends our ASiB adventure from John’s blog, BUT remember how we all want to see the events in THoB with our shipper goggles on and imagine some of Sherlock’s uneasiness in that episode comes from the recent encounter with feelings/Irene?

Oh well… Looks like we’re not the only ones. 

bihexualwitch  asked:

Hey, I happened upon your blog and saw that you believe that Sherlock is trans. How come? This is the first head cannon I've heard of this and I'm truly curious about your answer. What's your thought process? Thanks!

WOW BOY okay this is my first time actually being asked this question so here we fucking go!?!??! (edit upon actually having typed this all out: HOLY FUCK; read more:)

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anonymous asked:

those johnlock gifs were similar to some gifs aconsulingdetective made for her legit johnlock scenes a while ago, just sayin

You’re not just saying, you’re apparently implying that I copied other people’s idea. We are all Johnlockers, and if I have similar thoughts with other people on the same episode of the same show, then it is possible to make similar gifs. That’s why there are so many similar gifs/edits of the same scene on my dash. And it’s very very natural.
But I can honestly swear I didn’t copy any idea to make my gifs. I’ve been following the amazing blog for a very long time, but don’t remember seeing anything close to what you said. Well, it might be possible that if I had seen the post at one point in the past and it remained in my subconscious and now affected when I was making my gifs…? I don’t know, yeah, it can happen. But I really don’t know.
Actually, one of my friends @Sh2jw had asked me to make a manip of John and Sherlock in a bed(naked) with a Startup bed scene, and that’s where I started to make the gifset. I first made the manip

and then thought of making the whole gifset with it. ‘They’re in bed, why? > Because somebody confessed! > Oh then John’s tears would be very good to be the start’ -> This is why I made the gifset.
So, could you give me the link to the gifset you mentioned? I just tried to find it on the blog but wasn’t sure what it was. Thanks.

OK. I was rewatching HLV, and as John is walking up the stairs in the drug house, about to see Sherlock again, the camera focuses on this heart railing for a couple seconds. Moftiss is just leaving little clues everywhere for us O_O

(submitted by @waltdisneyworlddreamer)

YES!!! Many-a-meta reference this railing, PLUS the hidden heart in the background, lovely! Can you see it? I CANNOT remember who first pointed it out; apparently I didn’t tag that the way i would have logically dones so, but I KNOW it’s on my blog somewhere, so someone who has it please link it to me:

They’re not exactly subtle in this series, that’s for sure. What kills me is that John is actually IN the heart, and he’s just about to find Sherlock up a staircase of hearts.

A little bee for every single one of you.

I put a thousand little bees (yes, those are bees 🐝) together in the first pic just to say “THANK YOU” to every single one of you. I started this blog about two and a half months ago and I swear I can’t believe there are already a thousand people following me! So thank you, little bees. Thank you for your support, for your lovely messages, for sticking with me through this hell (😂) and for being crazy-brilliant-amazing. And remember: Sherlock is a girl’s name ❤

  • me: I'll finish writing up my theories based on Series 3 sometime soon.
  • also me: I'll finish before they film the special.
  • still me: I'll finish before the special airs.
  • me again: Before they start filming Series 4.
  • meeee: If I try hard, maybe I can finish writing up the main points before they finish filming the first episode.
  • me: Dammit.
  • brain: By the way, now I have a new Series 2 theory.
♥1k Thank You: My Love Letter to You All♥

Yesterday when I woke up I had hit 1k followers, and I literally gasped because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been mulling over how I would celebrate/acknowledge this all day. I finally decided upon a (probably super lame) thank you post (ok so it is actually more of a narrative). So if you will forgive me one long text post (please don’t unfollow me for this dear lord that would just be the saddest irony of my tumblr existence), I just have some feelings about my tumblr journey that I need to express…

(If you actually “keep reading” this, bless your soul and I love you. Warning - It is long but I pretty much never post personal stuff on this site, so I figured it was time to open up to you all in case you care- which you may not. Hopefully some of you will because I mention a lot of you in it! IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE THE READ MORE LINE PROBABLY WON’T SHOW UP AND THIS IS A HELLA LONG PLS DON’T HATE ME OMG)

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anonymous asked:

hello! i'm not doubting TJLC, i'm just curious as to what a few things mean! when i first saw TAB i was confused as to why sherlock had irene in a locket? and also why she pops into his head naked in TSOT. thankyou! (ps i LOVE your blog)

Hello! Excellent questions. First off, remember when Sherlock offered Irene his coat to cover up because he has no desire to look at naked women? How about later in the episode when he had to identify her naked corpse? He couldn’t do it. He deleted her naked body. This is why she’s shown only from the neck up in his mind palace. She makes an appearance as Sherlock’s about to crack the Mayfly Man case – a case that subtextually revolves around his heartache at the wedding. Sholto is a mirror for Sherlock, and he experienced internal injuries (heartache) at the wedding due to a ladies’ man named “Jonathan”. Irene popping up means he’s close to figuring out his own heart. She is the keeper of his heart, this is why she is in his pocket watch in TAB. She doesn’t own it, she guards it, serving as a warning in what happens when you fall in love – terrorists chop your head off. It’s the equivalent to you having a large picture of your parents on your nightstand watching you as you try to have sex. It’s a deliberate cockblock. Like purposefully not shaving your legs before a date. What I guess I’m saying is Irene is a hairy leg.

anonymous asked:

Absolutely LOVE this blog, I don't know how it took me so long to find it! I do have a quick question that I was hoping you could give your opinion on. In HLV, when Sherlock is coming back to life, he's like struggling his way up the staircase. And of course, we are all reminded of ASIP, his and John's first case together. But why are the staircases slightly different? I would've thought Sherlock of all people would remember the scene exactly as it was. Thanks a bunch :)

!! You are precious and lovely !!

*hugs you forever, if you’re into that sort of thing*

I apologize for the delayed response, I’ve been a little busy the last few days. HOWEVER, I love this observation and thank you for asking my opinion on it. I started this enormous meta on Sherlock like a year ago, but it started to look something akin to one of loudest-subtext-in-television‘s metas (because it spans the entire series) and I got overwhelmed by it and it’s fallen into neglect. Poor meta! ;A;

Anyway, I’m sure that there have been several great metas about this out there, and if anyone knows of any off the top of their head, please feel free to share those with us and I’ll reblog them. <3 But my interpretation of it is fairly straightforward. Here’s a little photo of the two stairwells in question;

Let’s consider the context of them. In the first episode Sherlock runs down the stairs, leaving John at the top of them. They’re very dirty, they’re pretty much linked with death (thanks to Jennifer Wilson) and, although John and Lestrade both try to engage Sherlock, he all but runs away from them, down those steps.

In his mind palace those stairs lead, at least in part, to the padded room where he keeps his Moriarty-esque tendencies locked up. This is indicative of his initial choice to turn away from John (who, I think, is representational not just of Sherlock’s romantic interest, but his heart itself) and stay, at least in part, down in a realm where Moriarty still lurks inside him (in so far as Moriarty is Sherlock’s dark mirror, and the part of him that’s willing to use or hurt others for personal gain).

On the other hand, in HLV, as he fights his way back to consciousness, the stairwell has taken on an entirely different look because it’s meaning has changed to Sherlock. Where once it was a dingy, cold route of escape, it becomes symbolic of the difficult task of leaving that dark, withdrawn, and bitter self behind, in order to reach a place of light and pure intent. Or, in terms of John as representing Sherlock’s heart, a life in which he no longer runs away from the pain and fear that comes with living with an open heart in a painful world. It isn’t easy for him to climb those stairs, it’s a painful struggle, where it was always very easy to run down them.

If you agree with the idea that Sherlock is intentionally given vague religious overtones (for example, the way he was tied up in TEH and tortured is reminiscent of the suffering of Christ (and there are several similar religious links set up in the imagery)), that imagery is reinforced here as well. The original railing rungs are somber, funeral-esque crosses that call to mind old, abandoned cemeteries–ones, perhaps, where criminals were buried in unmarked graves since it’s literally part of a crime scene in ASiP. They’re all tones of grey and shadows, away from the light of day and heaven.

On the other hand, the rails of the stairs in his mind palace are much more ornate. They look like the kind of things you’d see decorating an alter in a church, and they’re bathed in a crystalline whiteness, a kind of pure and heavenly light. You can even see those rays of light; they’re quite angelic. The stairs have become something difficult to scale, but intrinsically beautiful.

I think those stairs are symbolic of Sherlock’s decision to stop running away from his emotional and moral responsibility toward others, and to let go of his need to stay closed off in a selfish attempt to protect himself.

The change in imagery is significant in that it goes from cold and grim to being bathed in the kind of bright, painful light. This calls to mind the feelings one often experiences when facing their demons. It’s a kind of burning brilliance that can be very uncomfortable, but eventually leads to clarity. And while self-growth is not necessarily linked to religion, it is in the minds of a lot of people, so I think the creators may have been using that kind of imagery to convey this idea.

Essentially, I think his climb up the stairwell, and the difference in appearance that it takes on, is representative of Sherlock’s decision to stop taking the easy route, and to put in whatever effort is necessary to grow as a person. To become a better person, for John and for his own well-being. His decision to stop doing things for personal gain and pleasure, and instead start acting out of genuine concern for the betterment of others, even if doing so is difficult and painful.

In my reading, in addition to this absolutely breath-taking love story, the show Sherlock is actually the story of a man transforming from someone who is self-serving and cold, into someone whole, open, and loving. It’s about personal growth, and the stairwell is reflective of Sherlock’s change in attitude.

That’s one of my favorite things about the show, really. That, in addiction to the layers and layers of romantic subtext, the show itself is a metaphor for transformation; from child to adult. From a great man to a good one, as Greg puts it.

It’s really beautiful. I cry over this show a lot, for a lot of reasons. *weep weep*

That’s just my feelings on it though. I’m always happy to hear other interpretations, and I know there are many. Thanks for your kind words, Anon!! ^o^

anonymous asked:

Jenna, your johnlock blog gives me life! I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been brought up yet, but how cute for Sherlock to imagine meeting John while he was hitting the corpse with the riding crop in TAB, something that didn't actually happened in ASIP, even though Sherlock made sure to comment on the riding crop in his way out? Trying to impress his new mate much? - AJ

Hi AJ, thank you so much! <3

That redone riding crop scene is one of many favourite things about TAB! And I think it’s so significant- I partly view The Abominable Bride as Sherlock ‘redoing’ A Study in Pink in his mind, and he can’t help himself from adding a few of his own idealistic changes! 

I wrote about this in ‘The Abominable Bride is A Study in Pink inverted’ but I’ll copy what I think about the altered corpse whipping scene below:

The First Meeting

Sherlock is a suave corpse-whipper. John watches instead of Molly.

Sherlock knows Molly was entranced by him beating the corpse with a riding crop. Except, John wasn’t there to see it. Drat! So, Sherlock imagines that John did get to see it, and that he definitely liked what he saw.

Sherlock makes himself into a much more dynamic, enigmatic figure for this first meeting. He remembers that John described him as “charming” on his blog, and he adores that. Staying true to his drama queen tendencies, Sherlock totally overblows that idea in his mind palace because he desperately wants to live up to the “idea” he believes John has of him (not yet understanding that John loves him for being himself.)

And that’s why Sherlock is so much more… enthusiastic when first meeting John:

Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale

John catching the riding crop/cane and “Excellent reflexes! You’ll do,” is electric, deliberately over the top compared to the comparatively subdued meeting in A Study in Pink. Sherlock is thinking: We had an instant connection! If only I was more obvious, maybe things would have been so much more straight-forward…

Thanks for your question! <3

Tbh I feel like John’s blog is one of the biggest pieces of evidence for tjlc because seriously

Even from the beginning

John can’t help himself

And even others see it from the first time they meet

Like remember when he started counting texts from Irene Adler

And he even mentioned it again at the end of a post for another, unrelated case

And then after Sherlock comes back

Look at this

And John so isn’t the only one

Like just read the entirety of this case

And you’ll get gems like this one

Where Sherlock becomes suddenly interested in a run-of-the-mill love affair case after he finds out the woman is trying to escape a marriage to be with the woman she loves

Because just because Sherlock can’t have his happy ending

Doesn’t mean he can’t help someone in the same situation

John’s blog is a goldmine of tjlc and honestly if it can be considered canon, there is zero doubt in my mind about johnlock anymore

anonymous asked:

Please help. How do I reassure my friend that TST isn't disproving Johnlock. She's about to quit the show. This is her whole life, please help. I have no where else to turn, no where to turn. I freaking out.

Please send her to my blog. Please tell your friend to realize the first few minutes of The Six Thatchers were all about how Mycroft/Mark Gatiss is able to doctor any footage easily and be an unreliable narrator. This whole episode was about love – hence the “Amo, amas, amat” lines. John and Sherlock are going through hell, we’ve always known that. Sherlock is now the one being left and going to therapy while John is off doing who knows what. This is absolutely necessary. You’re supposed to feel off-balance with this episode because everything is going wrong. Remember how you felt at the end of The Reichenbach Fall? This is supposed to be exactly the same. But this time the characters are reversed. “The wheel turns, nothing is ever new.” This show is all about John and Sherlock (just as the books were). They were happy together until Sherlock jumped from that roof – that’s where this all went wrong. Everything that’s happened since the fall has been tarnished because of it. That’s why TAB replayed The Fall. This is all about The repercussions from The Reichenbach Fall, which is why the last episode (climax) is called “The Final Problem”. Everything will be okay in the end. “Groundbreaking” - “television history” – even Benedict said at SDCC, much to the dismay of Moffat, “Love conquers all”.

A letter to my dear TJLC family, and why I'm not gonna give up

My dear TJLC family:

I’m just a small blog who has been here for less than a year. Before discovering TJLC I was just a lost girl in a world I didn’t understand. I have always felt like I didn’t belong nowhere. I have always felt misunderstood. But you? You embraced me like a real family. You told me that is okay to be different. You told me that is okay to want representation and to hope. So as family is what we chose, I decided that my family is here. Today, I’m opening my heart not just as other Sherlock fan or a TJLCer, I’m opening my heart to you as a person. Today, they decided to tell us that “Caring is not an advantage” but that’s the most stupid thing they could have ever said. Every person in this community created an space when people of all kinds could be brilliant, creative, amazing. Here I have met kind, artistic and the most comitted people in all my life. The best thing about this community is how much we CARE about each other. Yes, we had arguments, but that isnt really important, cause at the end of the day, we always trusted and loved what we created. What I really want to say today is how much everyone here INSPIRES me. The meta, fanfics, fanarts and all the fanwork I have seen produced by people in this community is ART. Seriously, I’m not kidding, everyone around here is really talented. So, you know what? I know that someday, I will be witnessing you making history, cause the history began to change the day you all started to care about representation. I would always be proud of what this community means. Cause it has changed my life and many others. And talking about myself, I wont give up. Today I’m a little tired and very upset, but tomorrow I will start planning. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I decided that I’m gonna try to do something. Maybe I’m not as good as other people, but I’m gonna try my best, because you taught me to wish for a better world.

Im gonna tag some of the people I love here:

@sherlockssolarsystem Min,you were my first friend here, and I would always remember that. I had amazing conversations with you, and I would never forget them.

@fairylainx Stef, thanks for being the amazing friend you are. Seriously, taking my phone and seeing a message that is yours always makes my days better. One of the things I’m more thankful of discovered this community is the opportunity to be your friend. I cant actually believe that our first conversation was just with emojis. Honestly, you are awesome.

@sherlock-overflow-error Soe, thanks for being a great person, for your great blog, your great metas and for literally everything. When I first came here I decided to send a message and when you answered I couldnt believe it. It made me so happy.

@shitlo Mich, thank you for always cheering me up when I doubted or feel bad. You are lovely, and that a person decides to message me first made me feel really lucky.

@sarzipanbatch Sarzi, talking to you was always amazing. We share a lot of common interests too, and the day you sent me a message I was really sad. And seeing someone who wanted to be my friend? That made my day better. You selfless corrected a thing I wrote, and that day I knew I could count on you.

Other great people around here, even I have never talked to but inspire me:

@coffeeteaitsallfine @softlysoftlyjohnlock @ifyouarelookingforbabynames @totheverybestoftimes @polk-a-dop @kimbiablue @femmejohn @salve-regina-mills @saddetective @love-in-mind-palace @johnsjawline @missartemisholmes @morphinelock @johnnlocked @johnsjawline @johnlockfulfillment @johnandsherlocks @inevitably-johnlocked
@actingchoices @queerjawn @maryleboneroad @victorianlovers @historicqueerbait @honeylocked @happierstill

I have said it before, but I would always say it. I love you guys, no matter what ❤