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WIP: Pirate’s Cove Water Park

For whatever reason I got it into my head yesterday that I wanted to convert my Buccaneer’s Bay Pirate Ship build into a Water Park.  It’s probably because I spent a lot of time on Saturday watching Planet Coaster videos on YouTube.  (click on images for Hi-Res version)

So far it’s coming along pretty well.  I’m especially pleased with the Shark Petting Zoo in the kid’s section featuring Horace the Hapless Hammerhead. Still quite a bit of work to do, but I suspect I won’t finish it till after I see what comes with the new Vampire game pack.  I’m really enjoying recycling custom content I haven’t used in ages, and so much new EA stuff has come out since I originally built Buccaneer’s Bay.

Have Fun :)!


The first teaser for “I woke up feeling famished” (”Je me suis réveillée affamée”) is out. We’re so happy to see the first pictures. And we’re proud to be a part of this wonderful production.

🎶 Three little potatoes cooked on the thing. Three little potatoes, yum yum yum! Gonna cook potatoes and eat them up because I'm lonely, have no friends. Out on the ocean with the shark, collecting items all day long! Blah blah blah blah oh god no, existential crisis…😭

jacksepticeye,THE TREE PALACE | Raft #6

This is it y'all, the new hit single of 2017 right here! @therealjacksepticeye

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Hey um? I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I actually want to ask you why did you choose Mob to be the Muse of Void? Also can I give you my opinion about some of their classpect and dreamself? If you don't mind me asking about it.

this absolutely isnt a rude question at all! i love talking abt mobstuck.

BASICALLY im usually hesitant to give characters the master classes right off the bat but mob is a perfect character to give the passive master class to. a lot of people i feel uncharacteristically peg mob as a heart player, but being a heart player is a lot less about other people than it is about self and your relationship to the self. mob does not have a good relationship to his “self”. in fact, he has no strong sense of identity at all. identity is something he’d like to avoid. sure, hes good at reading other people and helping other people, but he is not good with himself.

void is where this comes in. void players can absolutely be the best mediators because they are the ones who forget themselves easily and often put others first before their own mental health (see: roxy lalonde). mob as a void player makes sense because of his lack of identity and how his powers stem from the unknown. mob doesnt know himself. he brings about a void. he is unknown and blends in with the crowd, easily forgotten and obfuscated. he doesnt know himself or his powers. its the perfect and tbh the ONLY classpect i can imagine him in. i quite frankly cant see him as anything else. it fits him perfectly.

and this is why i peg reigen as a seer of heart, because i believe a muse of void would feel most comfortable around a seer of heart, someone who understands the soul and the “self” and perfectly understand people and the choices they make, and being able to guide mob and others as well into the right directions 

as for other characters heres my list of sessions along with their dreamself. its been slightly edited since i last posted it and sessions and plot is slightly different as well. (mogami got into the main session by tricking dimple still)

main session with main characters:

rest of super 5 session:

scar session:

and lastly touichirou and his ex wife:

thats it! feel free to ask me about any of my placements

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Squalo having a marine biologist for a s/o who keeps spouting random shark facts throughout the day

I think someone else mentioned this headcanon that he has a marine biologist s/o and I absolutely love it.  I just image his box animal being really protective of her.  Like imagine her trying to snorkel or something to collect data in dangerous waters because they are so shark invested or something.  but she’s just like, na imma be fine, i don’t need a shark cage because she has like the largest shark in the world by her side protecting her from other creatures.  



It’s shark week. 🦈

I haven’t been in the gym since Thursday so the lazy was real this morning. 🤦🏻‍♀️☕️

But my pandora played my favorite 90’s country girl music and I got my butt in gear and went anyways. 🏃🏻‍♀️🦄