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I’ve been asked I don’t know how many times about the official designs of the Apple Parents, Bright Mac (I’m still keeping my version’s nickname, Chief) and Pear Butter, and I decided to rehash a sketch I did of my previous designs of the pair and recolor them to better fit the canon designs. I decided to post the canon-compliant version with my own previous take on the characters, just so you guys can see them together for comparison.

Not a lot was changed from Bright Mac’s because my design (who was originally named Hard Cider for my version) was pretty damn close to start off. So all I did was add his freckles and change his eye color.

It’s the mother (of which my version was called Peach Velvet) I had to completely change: her hair, her eyes, her pelt color, although my canon-compliant version has wavy hair instead of curly hair. Truth be told I originally didn’t care for Pear Butter’s design and I still don’t quite like how she looks in the show, but I have to admit that her colors are nice. I tweaked them a bit though; made them a bit darker than what they are in the show.

But…. yeh. Here ya go; the Apple Parents, before they had canon designs, and now tweaked to fit the canon.

Tiny Patton and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Okay, inspired by @ssimplypatton a great story by @softbludemon and finding a childhood favorite in my bookshelf tonight, have some adorable Tiny Patton having a very rough time.

The day had not started well for Tiny Patton when he’d woken up and found that Momma Lo Lo had been summoned away to help Tom Tom with a new video. Usually Momma Lo Lo was his main caretaker when he was Tiny. The logical side had memorized every single one of Patton’s preferences and somehow did a fantastic job of making everything run smoothly, and things had a way of going awry when he wasn’t around.

Virgil tried his best to get Tiny Patton through breakfast, and even in his childlike state, he understood that the anxious side was doing his best. Which is why he didn’t throw a fit when Virgil gave him yucky grape juice in the wrong sippy cup. Momma Lo Lo would have remembered apple juice in the blue sippy cup, Patton thought sulkily as he sipped the icky juice, trying not to make a face.

He’d gone to color, and couldn’t find his crayons! They weren’t on the coffee table where they usually were, and Roman had helped him look, but couldn’t find them either. Then Patton had decided to play with his toys, only to realize his favorite stuffie, Pupples, the one Virge had made him, was missing! A very distressed Patton had clumsily searched his whole room, feeling more frustrated and sad with each passing moment. Momma Lo Lo always knew where everything was!

Snack time came, and while Virgil did give him apples, which Patton loved, he didn’t slice them right. Momma Lo Lo always sliced them a certain way, and it just made the apples taste better. Still, he sullenly ate his apples, because Virgil looked nervous and sad.

The usually happy child was quiet and sadly coloring with some markers from Roman’s room, which were not the same as crayons AT ALL, when he accidentally spilled the remains of the yucky juice on his favorite blue blanket! Patton’s eyes had welled with frustrated tears, but Roman had delicately taken the blanket, assuring him he would get it clean. In the meantime, Patton was stuck with the Not As Good green blanket. He settled into the somewhat itchy blanket, crossing his tiny arms and pouting. That never would have happened if Lo Lo were here!

Lunch was mac and cheese that Roman made, and usually it was his favorite, but today he picked listlessly at it, hardly eating. Lo Lo made it better. He didn’t know why it tasted better, it just did!

Sensing that Patton was having a bad day, Roman settled him on the couch and put in his favorite DVD, Winnie the Pooh. Patton perked up, maybe his day wouldn’t be so bad after all? But the DVD wouldn’t play! Roman winced when he saw the huge scratch in the disc.

And that was the straw that broke Tiny Patton’s back! He released a huge wail, sobbing uncontrollably. He threw himself on the ground, kicking and screaming. He knew he was being irrational but he couldn’t help it!!! He was emotions, and right now he was sad and mad and he WANTED HIS LOLO!!!!!

Virgil and Roman both tried to calm him down, tried to comfort him. It didn’t really work, but they did manage to get him into the right jammies and tucked into bed. As soon as the left, Patton was up and toddling towards the commons. He. Wanted. His. Lo Lo.

When Logan returned to the commons, he knew immediately that Patton had definitely had a rough day. His eyes were red and swollen, and his head was bobbing down as he tried to keep himself awake. As soon as Logan put his hand on the child’s shoulder, he had an armful of crying Patton.

“Moooomma!!!! It was so awful!!! I had the WORST day!!! ‘Irgil gave me the wrong juice in the green cup, an’ he cut my apples wrong, an’ the icky juice spilled on the good blanket, an’ Ro made bad mac and cheese, an’ I lost Pupples, an’ Winnie the Pooh is broked.” It all came pouring out with hot, angry tears. Logan rubbed soothing circles on his back, gently rocking him.

“Shhhh, there there, it’s going to be alright. Now, let’s go through all of those things, one at a time, okay?” Patton sniffled and nodded, and Logan offered him a gentle smile.

“The wrong juice? We can fix that right now. Come on.” Logan carried him to the kitchen and set him on the counter. In moments, he was happily sipping apple juice from the blue cup. Logan gently ruffled his hair, then picked him up, tucking him against his hip.

“I will slice your apples before I leave from now on, should I be called away again. Bad mac and cheese? I’ll make it for lunch tomorrow.” Logan ticked problems off on his fingers as they walked, mind already leaping ahead, finding solutions.

“The good blue blanket was dirty? Hmm, let’s check the laundry. Ah, here we are! Good as new. Roman did a good job.” Patton giggled, his first of the day, as Logan wrapped him in the familiar fuzzy softness.

“Now, what else happened?”

“Lost Pupples and the crayons, and Winnie the Pooh got scratched!”

“Well, Pupples is in my room, as are your crayons. I will make sure you have both tomorrow. And as for Winnie the Pooh…” Logan flourished his hands, producing a new DVD. “That is very easily rectified.”

Patton threw his arms around Logan, feeling the awful frustration and sadness that had plagued him all day disappear. Lo Lo had only been home for 15 minutes, and he’d fixed everything!

Logan carefully took his (now empty) sippy cup and set it on the table, then took him back to his bed. He tucked the child into bed, and snuggled in beside him when he made grabby hands at him.

Snuggled in against Logan’s chest, feeling his hand card through his hair, Patton started to drift off. Before he drifted off, he slowly mumbled “I love you, Lo Lo. Will you marry me?”

Logan froze, his hand still tangled in Patton’s hair. Did….did he just hear….? No. Nope. Surely not.

The next day, a very adult Patton (who was rather disappointed to be grown up again if he was being honest) walked into the kitchen with a bounce in his step. He knew Logan hadn’t said anything, but he was still feeling optimistic. He chuckled to himself as he grabbed something from the top shelf and a marker. He scribbled a quick note, and managed to hide it behind his back just as Logan walked in.

He blinked twice, then offered a shy smile before sitting down. “It would appear I won’t be slicing apples or making mac and cheese after all.”

“I’d still eat it, if you did, Lo.” That earned him a soft laugh. God, did Patton love that laugh! He loved everything about Logan, to be honest. Which brings us to this, and if it didn’t work…well…. he’d cross that bridge when he came to it.

He smiled and started to walk past the logical side, when he tossed his little project on the table in front of him, leaning down to whisper in his ear. “I absolutely meant it. How about it, Lo?”

Logan stared at the ring pop with “Will you marry me?” scribbled on it in Patton’s messy scrawl. He turned his head, and found Patton close enough that he could smell the cologne that always muddled his senses.

When Virgil walked in a few minutes later, he immediately turned around and walked out upon seeing Dad thoroughly kissing the daylights out of Logan. He did NOT want to know!!!!

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Babysitting Business | Harrison Osterfield

Summary: While doing some serious babysitting business for one of the reader’s closest friends, Harrison and the reader fall in love with the idea of the other being so good with kids…

Warning: super cute!

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: anonymously


It was a sunlit day of late spring, and the sky held a soft blue glow in its early morning time. The blossom arrived like frosting on the trees in delicious creams and pinks. The petals burst out from the lower branches leaving the tips still in tight bud. After the denuded trees of winter, their new and splendid clothes are a joy to see.

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Gray Request

Genre: Smut I guess

Word Count: 4,375

So your agency and record label YG was pretty much giving you more freedom and apparat axes agree being trapped in the dungeon, leaving your schedule booked up to the max. Sucks to be you. Why? Your love life was on hold. On the other hand your older sister Hoody was under a reliable and newly formed label (3 years is basically new). AOMG was her home and she was forever gushing about them to you and how friendly her label mates were. You were definitely familiar with them and her relationships with them. If you could describe AOMG as a label in one word, it would be stunning. What an aesthetic group. How jealous you felt. You were surprised that Hoody wasn’t even in an official relations shop yet… She was talking to guys who were infatuated by her for ages….

You were 23 trying to make it bigger than before. Sure your modelling and rapping took you far but you needed it to make a bigger impact and collaborate with other labels. Since you and Hoody were pretty close and well she was in an already quite popular label, it wasn’t hard for you to reach out and contact them. You couldn’t collaborate as the only artist within YG so you decided to convince BLACKPINK to join you too.

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Vamp!Angus Macgyver x Reader: Hunger

A/N: You remember the time that Mac told you he was a vampire for the first time.

Originally posted by macgyverdaily

*Not my gif(s)

Mac was too bored watching the movie you picked out later in the evening. “Hey, Mac.” You kicked him in the leg lightly and he looked to you. “Hm?” “You bored?” “Uh, no.” He lied innocently. “Mac…” “Yeah, I’m…I’m pretty bored.” You shrug and turn the movie off. “So, what do you want to do?” You asked him, and he just looked at the blank tv screen. “Can you…teach me how to use an iPod?” He asked you. “Okay.” You say turning on your phone but he notices Apples is missing.

She hasn’t hissed at him all evening. “(Y/N)?” “Hm?” You say, too grossed in your phone. “Where’s Apples?” “Oh, uh Bozers using her for a movie or something.” You answered him. “Okay, here Mac.” You were trying to teach him how to play your music and set up a playlist and stuff. “What’s Candy Crush?” He asked you. You pulled up the app and let him play it for a while.

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anonymous asked:

Lmaoo why do you have apple?

*rolls up sleeves* ok i’m going to preface this by saying if you are an Apple fan maybe don’t read my salt, also i’ve exaggerated some things for comedic effect. it’s ok if you like Apple. i’m just a leathery piece of jerky.

Why I Have Nothing But Disdain For Apple: A Manifesto

Because they’re overpriced. Because they sacrifice good aesthetics for poor design. Because as much as everyone says they’re “intuitive!” and “easy to use!” every time I’ve had the misfortune of being forced to sit in front of one of these hell-beasts I am left scratching my head wondering who the FUCK thought having a one click mouse was a good idea (yes I KNOW you can change that in the settings but I shouldn’t HAVE to). Because I constantly have to listen to rich yuppies espouse the virtues of their overpriced candy-colored thin mints when I can get a computer that does SO MUCH MORE for SO MUCH LESS from another company. I’m a graphic design major, I’m surrounded by Apple products, and y’know what? pretty sure my computer could one v one anything from Apple in a similar price range, come out on top, AND it has a rainbow light-up keyboard that i can program to oscillate in a technicolor rainbow display so suck it.

I hate Apple because it feels so difficult to change anything about them, because I can’t just take an Apple Phone to any old repair shop i have to send it directly back to APPLE. I hate Apple because i-tunes is a laggy piece of garbage that forces me to log in fifty times before I can get a damn thing done. I hate Apple because they have special screws on their bullshit that only Apple repair shops have access to so I can’t even do things myself. I hate Apple because I still remember those nausea inducing “I’m a Mac” and “I’m a PC” commercials which always made me want to pile drive that smarmy, smug, “look at how sleek :)))) and modern:))) I am” asshole into the dirt. I hate Apple because it’s branding just rubs me the wrong way, and I’m sick of people telling me I need a damn Apple product to do my freakin’ job.

But, most importantly: I hate Apple because they used to be cool and innovative and genuinely were amazing like 20 years ago but now i-phones don’t have headphone jacks and one of my friends had to get a Windows virtual machine on his Mac to do anything gaming related, because fuck making Mac versions of things, right?

As a caveat to this, I’ll say that Apple has done some pretty cool things with tablets and my opinions don’t necessarily match up with the current state of the company. I grew up with PCs, building PCs, and interacting with PCs, so Macs just don’t feel right to me, and never have. I probably wouldn’t have these strong feelings about Apple if I HADN’T had so many Apple-folks shit on me for my Android and Windows tastes, and I have a fair few problems with Windows (COUGH-8-COUGH) and various Android design decisions. Apples are probably great for consumers who want to know, without any research, they’re getting a good product because Apple quality control is overall very good. You can get a REALLY shitty PC; you probably aren’t going to get a shitty apple.


i also am a weird computer junkie who likes getting into esoteric minutia so Apple just doesn’t let me scratch that itch. :(

Y’all, mark your calendars; June 7, 2017, my life closely resembled that of a studyblr. The judge ripped through the entire Guardianship calendar in 1.5 hours… Giving me about 1.5 hours before my manicure appointment to hunker down in Starbucks to crank out tomorrow’s Environmental Law work and treat myself to an iced chai.

LAST UPDATE: june 23rd, 2015, 3:00 pm

hey there kids, welcome to the amazing, epic journey that’s gonna be this masterpost.

First things first, if you use an Apple(Laptop/Mac) I suggest using SimpleComic. For Linux users i recommend Comix. And for our majority Windows users I suggest either Comical or ComicRack to read your comics.

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If you were looking for a serie, but it isn’t on the list, send me an ask and I’ll put it on the post and give you some links so you can download it yourself.


Here we go.

- - - MARVEL - - -

Young Avengers complete series, in chronological order:

Young Avengers Vol. 1 (✓) (2005 - 2006) ★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 -

Young Avengers Presents (✓) (2008) ★☆☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - Special

The Children’s Crusade (✓) (2010 - 2012)★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009

Young Avengers Vol. 2 (✓) (2013 - 2014) ★★★

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 - 014- 015

Hawkeye (✓) (2012 - 2015) ★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 -
012 - 013 - 014 - 015 - 016 - 017 - 018 - 019 - 020 - 021 - Annual 001

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool (✓) (2014) ★★★

000 - 001 - 002 - 003 - 004

All-new Hawkeye (=) (2015 - present) ???

001 - 002 - 003

Black Widow: Deadly Origin (✓) (2010) ???

001 - 004

Spider-Woman (=) (2014 - present) ???

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006

Spider-Gwen (=) (2014 - present) ★★★

{Spider-Verse} 000 - 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005

Silk (=) (2015 - present) ★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005

The Superior Spider-Man (✓) (2013 - 2014) ???

Coming Soon!

Spider-Man & The X-Men () (2014 -2015) ???

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006

Captain Marvel vol. 7 ()(2013 - 2014) ???

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 - 014- 015 - 016 - 017 the first three links are broken sorry! I’ll fix it tonight!

Captain Marvel vol. 8 (=) (2014 - present) ???

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 - 014- 015

Ms. Marvel (=) (2014 - present) ★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 - 014- 015 - 016

All-new Ghost Rider (✓) (2014 - 2015) ★★★

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012

Loki: Agent of Asgard (=) (2014 - present) ★★★

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 - 014

Secret Avengers Vol. 2 (✓) (2013 - 2014) ???

001 - 016

Secret Avenger Vol. 3 (=) (2014 - present) ???

Comig Soon!

- - - DC: pre 52 - - -

Batman & Robin vol. 1 (✓) (2009 - 2011) ★★★ (zip dowloads!)

001 - 010 // 011 - 020 // 021 - 026

- - - DC: new 52 - - -

Batman & Robin vol. 2 (✓) (2011 - 2015) ★★★

000 // 001 - 009 // 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 - 014 - 015 - 016 - 017 - 018 - 019 - 020 - 021 - 022 - 023 - 023.1 - 023.2 - 023.3 - 023.4 - 024 - 025 - 026 - 027 - 028 - 029 - 030 - 031 - 032 - Omega - 033 - 034 - 035 - 036 - 037 - Alpha - 038- 039 - 040

Robin: Son of Batman (=) (2015 - present) ???


Gotham Academy (=) (2014 - present) ★★★

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - Endgame - 006 - 007

Batman/Superman (=) (2014 - present) ???

coming soon!

Grayson () (2014 - present) ★★☆

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - Annual 001

Suicide Squad vol. 4 (✓) (2011 - 2014)

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 more links coming!

Batgirl: Endgame (✓) (2015) ★★☆


Convergence: Batman and Robin () (2015) ★★☆

001 - 002

Convergence: Superboy () (2015) ★★★

001 - 002

Superboy (=) (2011 - present) ★★★ (already secretly reading this oops)

Coming Soon!

Teen Titans vol. 4 (✓) (2011 - 2014) ???

Coming Soon!

Teen Titans vol. 5 (2014 - present) ???

Coming Soon!

- - - IMAGE - - -

The Wicked + The Divine (=) (2014 - present) ★★★

001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011

Ratings System

★☆☆ - It’s okay.

★★☆ - I liked it.

★★★ - I absolutely love it, read it now!

??? - i either haven’t read this serie yet OR it’s a new serie so i don’t wanna jump into any conclusions (give it at least five issues).

Update signs

✎ - series updated

Status System

(✓) - completed

(=) - Ongoing

(x) - cancelled (without proper ending)

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I Bought the New MacBook Pro with TouchBar: A Review


I have been an Apple fan ever since I laid my hands on the new, colorful iMacs in the 1st grade. I loved the keyboard (hey, it’s what I learned to type on), that cool circular mouse, and how my hands looked when I waved them really fast in front of the screen. Hell, I still remember how they smelled when they got warmed up. Mmmmmm, warm, colorful plastic.

Growing up, my dad was one of the few employees at the small movie theatre in my town. This meant that I was able to sit in the projection booth and play with the old Macintosh LC II that was setup. I still have it, actually! A few years ago when I booted it up, it ran with no issues and the floppy drive even functioned!

Anyway, it’s safe to say that I have fond memories from these machines. They each had this easy way for my kid brain to work artistically in both writing and making graphics through Kid Pix!

My First Mac

I always used a PC at home until I graduated high school. In 2009, I leveraged my university’s student discount and got myself a nice, shiny MacBook Pro. That thing was heavy, but I loved it. It made it through all 4 years of college (most of the time just loose in my backpack) and then some. I put a bigger hard drive in it and used it for programming classes (Windows on Bootcamp), to render 3D assignments, to write papers and notes, and record music with GarageBand. That laptop went to just about as many classes as I did. 4 years on, it was working beautifully, but obviously feeling the affects of age. 

After graduating, my on boarding gift to the company I now work for was another (late 2012) MacBook Pro. 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage. The laptop was and still is amazingly fast at everyday tasks. The storage is non-upgradable, so I suffered quite a bit there with programming. All-in-all, this laptop is still one of my favorites. Quick to boot up (compared to my 2009 MacBook Pro) and quick to use. However, after 4 years, it was starting to show some age and the storage became too much of an issue for me.

The New MacBook Pro with TouchBar

This brings me to the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar. If you’re an Apple fan (or hater), you’ve likely heard some snuff about the new device. I’ll discuss all the common problems and how they have/haven’t affected me.

To give some more information, I purchased the 15″ (I was coming from a 13″) MBPtb with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Since I was coming from something with 4 times less storage, I figured 512GB would be enough to suit my immediate needs.


  • The trackpad is huge and that’s the way I like it
  • The screen is very bright and crisp
  • The TouchBar is super neat and almost useful (give it time)
  • I like that I can customize the TouchBar within each app that supports it
  • It’s the same weight as my previous MacBook Pro, while being skinnier and 2″ more diagnoally
  • Force Touch is really cool on the Mac, allowing me to preview sites without opening them if I just want to peak at something on Reddit
  • Did I mention the trackpad?
  • USB C!
  • My battery life is pretty decent (I have heard mixed reviews on this). I get generally about 8-10 hours out of it while doing a mix of web browsing, music, and some game emulation (on a virtual machine)
  • Touch ID is sweet, but I hardly get the chance to use it because I’m broke from buying the damn thing, so no Apple Pay use online yet
  • My Apple Watch unlocks the laptop before I even get a chance to use Touch ID
  • The Space Grey/Gray is pretty
  • Now that I can setup a configurable button for Siri, I actually use her
  • The speakers are incredible. Like WOW. Best speakers I’ve ever heard in a laptop, hands-down.


  • The hinge seems less stationary than before. The screen wiggles slightly while moving it around, something I did not experience on my previous 2 MacBook Pros. Just a little wiggle, nothing too bad
  • The trackpad gestures sometimes fail to be recognized. This is a huge problem because I use three fingers to drag
  • The TouchBar can get wonky and sometimes move itself to a new position (it is a virtual screen)
  • The keyboard is loud and I’m still getting used to it after 9 days of use. Sometimes I’ll find myself pressing too lightly. I really miss the old, squishy keys, but I’ll learn to enjoy this keyboard in time. I’m using it now to type this up!
  • #dongleLife - not too big of an issue for me until I need a Thunderbolt 2 dongle so I can use my Ethernet dongle. Then, I have this 1-foot dongle daisy chain with an ethernet cable sticking out of it. Kind of takes away from the prettiness of this machine

It seems that the heaviest cons for me are fixable with software updates and a little time. I installed the newest public beta today, and I have not noticed my trackpad acting up… yet. I think that, once enough people purchase this machine (and others with USB C capabilities), we’ll start seeing some more peripherals that utilize this port. To be honest, all of what I need is achieved through an adapter that I personally don’t mind using.

I have yet to do any serious development on it (I wanted to get used to the keyboard first), but loading up Xcode has never been quicker! Running a cross-platform SpriteKit app for both Mac and the iPhone Simulator was simple and quick.

Do I recommend this machine?

This is a tricky thing to answer. Number one, I’m obviously an Apple fan. However, I like to think that I’m pretty good at being objective. Number two, if you’re looking for a gaming machine, this is not your laptop.

If you’re looking for a highly reliable machine to get you through the day with blogging, web development, web surfing, or other medium-to-light tasks, this is your laptop. With heavy use, this machine is still great, but don’t expect your battery life to be superb.

I’d say that the new MacBook Pro is almost worth the money. Shelling out $3000 for a machine is super tough to do psychologically. You’ll always wonder if you made the right choice - something that I do question while reading of people’s issues on Reddit. However, in my personal experience, I can live with the tiny glitches. I just hope that Apple addresses them soon.

Eoin Colfer’s Q&A on Boast – Answers

Here’s some answers we got I think everyone might be interested in.

Q. “What happened to Minerva Paradizo after The Lost Colony, since we never heard from her again. I’ve heard theories such as one about an Austrian Skier and I think a lot of us would like to know what happened to her.”

A. “The Austrian skier thing, that was me. Someone asked me at a general reading what happened to Minerva and I had to make something up on the spot so I said she met an Austrian skier at the Nobel Prize ceremony and she left poor old Artemis in the lurch. So that’s what happened to Minerva. I do sometimes fell like with Minerva I should have followed up a bit more because she was almost the love of Artemis’s life and I just kind of cut her out of the story once she saved Artemis. So that was a bit mean of me. Didn’t really repair so maybe at some point I will do a little mini essay about her just to clear that up.”

Q. “In different versions of The Eternity Code it shoes the C Cube as different colours and I was wondering, in your opinion, which should it actually be.”

A. “So is the C Cube red or blue, that’s a tough one. What actually happened, in that case, was that it was changed to suit the cover of the book because we already had a red cover, as far as I remember, and they didn’t want to have another red colour so they asked me could they change it to blue for the US cover. So I suppose the answer is that it was originally red and then for the American cover we changed it to blue. I’m pretty sure that’s the case but my memory’s failing me at this point. So I’m not one hundred percent sure that’s the case, but I’m pretty sure.”

Q. “In the dedication for the short story of how Holly got in to recon it says “For Finn, Artemis’s best friend” and I was wondering if you could tell us anything about that.”

A. “Artemis’s best friend Finn that came from when Finn, my son, was a lot younger and when we were driving down to see my mum and dad, down the countryside he used to ask me to tell him stories and they would all be about Finn and his best friend Artemis and that’s where that came from. So that’s a very personal dedication.”

Q. “Did, at the end of the series, Artemis ever regain his memories or even remember Holly?”

A. “Yes I always imagined that it would take, like, a year or two but Artemis would come back to being himself and all his memories would return. But I think his personality might be changed a little bit. I think now he’s become a hero. So if I ever return to him in the future, maybe when he’s an older guy, I’d write about that.”

Q. “Will you every write about a grown up Artemis?”

A. “I had thought about writing as a grown up Artemis. I had an idea actually where he would run a vast corporation, kind of like a Steve Jobs kind of figure, and he’s gone straight but he’s dragged in for one last job. So maybe but not for a long time, I think I need ten years of a break at least before I go back to that guy.”

Q. “How do you write your books?”

A. “I am a lover of the mac so I have a little Apple, or a Macbook Air and I just walk around with that under my arm and wherever I sit down I open it. So I write from first thing in the morning to maybe midnight, with a lot of gaps in between, but as much as I can.”

Q. “Did Artemis decide to specialise in any field or become an ambassador to the fairies?”

A. “I think Artemis at the end of the series was a little bit muddled so it would a couple of years to get him back to full health. And then I always thought that the fairies would go public and Artemis would become the main ambassador between humans and fairies. Regarding the quantum physics I think he might have learnt to leave that alone because he had so much trouble with time travel and he caused so much trouble and got in so much trouble that I would hope he had learned his lesson at this point. But, knowing Artemis, I think that after four or five he would be tempted back into that field.”

Q. “Will you consider writing a short story about Artemis, or any of the other character, in the future?”

A. “I might consider writing some short stories just to clear up a few of the loose ends. For example how is Artemis, does he get all his memories back? Where did Minerva go? Does Butler ever get married? There’s kind of a lot of loose ends I left there that I think a short story or an article might clear up.”

Q. “Were there other types of fairies that didn’t get mentioned in the books?”

A. “One type of fairy that I was very interested in including, which I didn’t get around to, was the Russian Snow Fairy which I was going to base a lot of the Arctic Incident on. I thought they could meet a fairy up in Russia there and she could be quite a powerful being. So that’s something I might get around to.”

You’re A Plus Size & Nervous About Asking Michael Out

A/n: Hey Anon! Thank you so much. I have tried my best with this one but I feel as though it is still rather shit so I do apologise.  xx

.Michael x Reader

.Reader P.O.V



“Okay, come on. Take a deep breath Y/n you can do this… You can do this…”

You told yourself mentally at you glared at your reflection in the mirror of the communal toilets.

Other girls swanned in and out again during your mental pep talk and you knew they were staring and muttering at your strange stance, but you couldn’t worry about that right now; you had bigger fish to fry.

Finally standing back and straightening out your tee, you checked your appearance for the tenth time in fifteen minutes before gathering your courage and heading out into the deserted, early morning corridors of your college.

Today was the day you were going to ask your best friend Michael Clifford, to be your boyfriend.

You never intended to let your feelings for this boy get so out of control but you couldn’t help it. Every day when he came into class and smiled right at you, every day when his sweet laugh reached your ears and when his eyes sparkled with mischief, you swooned.

You had tried on several occasions to pluck up your courage and ask him, but it had always failed you.

When you were younger and carefree you had no problem asking guys out but the more they turned you down, the more you started to think… was your weight really such an issue?

By no means were you slim; you had always been bigger ever since childhood and it never once bothered you but as you got older, it always seemed to be a problem.

The guys would take one look at you, their eyes lingering on your love handles as they laughed, and the pretty girls would sneer at your failed attempts; you had promised yourself that you would be more reserved in the future and you had been, until Michael came along.

When you eventually arrived at your classroom door, you took a deep breath and counted to three before pushing open the door and sure enough, Michael was sat by himself in his regular seat, lost in his computer screen.

It was a few seconds before he registered your presence but when he finally glanced over to you, his face split into a grin as he pushed back in his chair.

“Y/n! I’m so glad you’re here, I was wondering if you could look over this sequence I’ve been working on and let me know what you think?”

There went your chance of just getting it over and done with.

Never mind, you would look over his work and ask him after. With a soft smile, you nodded your head and walked over to take a seat in the chair next to his.

“Sure thing Mikey, let me see…”

The longer you looked over his work, the more conscious you became on how close he was and like an idiot, as he reached across your outstretched arm to grab a pen, you jolted away.

“…You okay Y/n? You seem a little distant today.”

Trying to contain the blush that was spreading smoothly over your cheeks, you shook your head in dismissal.

“Yeah I’m fine, I’m just still waking up that’s all.”

Michael rolled his eyes dramatically as he complained.

“Tell me about it, why on Earth do we have to start so early in the morning? If I were to teach a class none of my lessons would start till at least one o’clock in the afternoon…”

Just like Michael, he chuntered on for a good long while about nothing in particular and before you knew it, the room began to fill up with your fellow students and you had missed your second chance.

“Thanks for looking at this, I really appreciate your help Y/n… Listen, if you don’t mind, I don’t suppose you could meet me in the Apple Mac suite upstairs for  lunch today? I don’t really understand some of this written work we’ve been set, could you help me out?”

Like a love sick fool, you nodded before even thinking about it but it was worth it to see Michael’s smile.
“Thanks Y/n, I owe you big time.”


By the time lunch rolled around you were beginning to think twice about asking Michael out.

You were the first to arrive in the Mac suite but as you took a seat on the middle row and proceeded to log onto the computer, you could hear muttering and snickering behind you.

Not even having the chance to turn around, a rough female voice called out with a laugh.

“Watch where you slam your arms Beefcake, you nearly took down all the computers.”

You felt your face flush with anger and embarrassment and you had no idea where to put yourself when they were so obviously laughing at you.

Taking a slow breath, you logged straight back out of your PC before getting to your feet and turning to the two girls on the row behind you.

You opened your mouth to respond but you had never been good at quick comebacks. This only caused the girls to laugh even louder and you had no choice but to hastily remove yourself from the situation.

To add insult to injury, you crashed into Michael on the way out.

“Woah Y/n, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”

Of course, what with being the whale you were how could you have not have missed nearly knocking him over?

Keeping your head down you pushed past your friend and power walked down the hall, letting the noise of the laughing girls and Michael’s questioning shouts follow you through the swinging doors and down the stairs case.

Slamming your bag down on an unoccupied bench in the courtyard outside, you took a seat and let yourself breath. You were beginning to gather a headache as you fought the tears threatening to fall.

You didn’t cry, you weren’t that sort of person and you also weren’t the type of person to let other people get to you.

You were just having a bad day.

Pulling out your phone, you swiftly rolled through your contacts to find the name of your best friend, Y/bf/n, before hitting the dial button.

She picked up on the third ring.

“Hey Y/n, what’s up?”

She mumbled, probably through a mouthful of food and the image you conjured in your head caused you to smile.

“Hey, um… I was just wondering, you know those boxercise lessons you go to… Well, I don’t suppose you would mind if I tagged along?”

There was a short hesitant pause before your friend answered.

“Er… Sure. But didn’t you say just last week that it would be a cold day in hell before you stepped foot in a boxercise class?”

Sighing, you slouched over your bag as you began to grumble down the phone.

“I know. But maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if I lost a bit of weight. You know, everyone is into all this healthy eating and exercise at the moment, maybe I should join the bandwagon?”

Again, a short hesitant pause before Y/bf/n gushed back down the phone.

“Has something happened Y/n? You don’t sound overly thrilled and it’s not like you to suddenly be into carrot sticks and running marathons.”

Sighing, you finally collapsed fully onto your bag as you began to explain.

“I don’t know, I’m just having a bad day. Some girls were picking on me earlier and I know it’s silly but today was the day I was going to ask Michael out…”

Your friend made a noise of recognition down the phone.

“And I kept on missing my chance and I practically walked into him and nearly sent him flying down the corridor… I don’t know, why would he want someone like me when he can have someone who… who at least won’t get in his way. It was silly for me to even think about it, he would have said no anyway.”

You didn’t hear much of what Y/bf/n said in response because a loud, angry voice spoke up from behind you.

“How do you know?”

You nearly jumped out of your skin and dropped your phone as you turned to see who the intruder was.

Breathing a sigh of relief when you caught sight of Michael’s unnaturally black dyed hair, you shook your head.

“Mikey, you scared me half to death… Don’t do that again.”

“How do you know?”

He asked again, frowning down at you with slightly sad eyes and you had no idea what he was talking about.

“Sorry Y/bf/n, I’m going to have to call you back.”

You ended the call to your friend and pocketed your phone before giving Michael your full attention again.

“I’m sorry, how do I know what?”

You asked in confusion as Michael took a seat tentatively by your side.

“How do you know, if you asked me out… that I would say ‘no’?”

He asked as a dark blush began to stain the corners of his cheeks, but you could only stare at him in horror. Had he heard that part of your conversation?

“I… I don’t know, I didn’t know you were… I didn’t mean…”

You could feel your own cheeks heat up as you stumbled over your words, causing Michael to give you a soft smile.

“Why don’t you ask me and discover the true answer right now?”

Michael challenged, causing you to bite your lips nervously. Was he being serious or just messing with you?

Well, you finally had your chance as well as Michael’s undivided attention, and you’d even said it yourself; the worst he could do was say ‘no.’

“Michael, will you go out with me?”

It was Michael’s turn to take his bottom lips between his teeth as he tried to restrain the massive grin that was beginning to take over the lower half of his face.


He shortly gushed as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

“Did you honestly think I could have said no? You’re so clever Y/n and you develop the most kick ass games in the whole college! Not to mention your pretty face… As soon as I set eyes on you, I was lost. If I weren’t such a wimp about asking you out, we would have been happy together long ago.”

You weren’t sure how to process all this information but it was a rather pleasant surprise.

“So… My weight doesn’t bother you?”

Michael screwed up his face as if you’d just said the most stupidest thing in the world.

“Of course not, you’re one of my best friends Y/n… it’s just not an issue, so it shouldn’t be for you. If you want to go to those classes that’s fine, but only if it’s for your own enjoyment. Don’t change for anyone but yourself.”

Getting to his feet, Michael pulled your bag from its resting place on the table and slung it over his shoulder before offering you his hand.

“Walk back to class with me?”

His smirk was cheeky and you felt yourself blush all over again as you reached up and intertwined your fingers with his.

“I can carry my own bag Mikey.”

You insisted as you tried to reach it, but you boyfriend was having none of it.

I’m carrying your bag, pretty lady.”

He reassured before leaning down to press a shy kiss against the curve of your cheek.

It was funny, how you could go from feeling so down to so high within the space of one conversation and even though you needed some help with it, you were so pleased you were now with the person who you always, truly wanted.


My tablet was having problem yesterday, through some glitch or miracle it got fixed, started acting uo this evening and now it just keeps saying tablket not found.

It would be less frustrating if I knew what to be mad at:

My Mac and its stupid mop of power cords and cables because idiot Apple got rid of USB ports on their new laptops forcing all sorts of adapters for everything that are starting to get shoddy?

My Tablet, even though it has never had these issues before?

Or the software, which keeps telling me tablet is not found even though its functioning as an additional monitor just fine its just not responding at all to the pens.

So what do I get mad at to make this thing WORK again. 

Travel Tips for Conventions

So, I don’t know if any of you know, but my husband was a traveling salesman and I did lead generation, so I was also purely commission-based and had to travel a lot. I think a lot of things we learned can easily apply to artists going to conventions, and are all things that I will personally be applying to my experience when I go to my first conventions starting in 2017. Some of this is stuff that’ll save you money, some that will save you patience/well-being, etc. I might be wrong and some of it might not even make a difference for you, but I think they’re worth reading (otherwise, I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing it all. lol)

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

How about favourite foods and weapon of choice?



The weapon’s simple - a gun. I’ve never shot one before, but uh I don’t think I could wield a knife or a sword (or a bow’n’arrow, or frankly anything else) very well due to my consistent state of injured/sprained wrists, so a gun would be extremely useful. And not a little gun, like a .45 or .50, big babies for an average sized girl

As for food… *clears through* in no particular order - apples, hummus, ice cream, eggs, bacon, grits, mac n cheese, ramen (which also contains lactose ugh), cake but NOT icing, lightly salted lays potato ships in the og fried version not that kettled cooked bs, steak, burgers, fresh caught washington salmon, sushi, wasabi peas, and Boars Head’s roasted black-forest ham sammich… just to name a few?

asking here for tech help before i go to the apple store

my macbook suddenly became super laggy and the fan started running really high till the point where i had to install a manual fan controller

kernal_task on activity monitor is up to +300% CPU all the time

seems to be enough storage on my mac but who knows what hidden files there are

it seems that switching to another account that isn’t my main one helps with the fan but not the lagginess

tried SMC and NVRAM reset and reinstalled macOS to no avail


so i’m looking for some laptop advice … if any of you guys have a mac laptop, would you recommend it (both in terms of how it runs, the software/programs and how easy it is to use)? 

i currently have an asus but a lot of people say that you should get a mac for studying any sort of design or it at university, and i don’t know what to do … i’ve never had an apple laptop of any sort before and wanted some honest opinions on what you guys think of them?

hey no offense but why is it so unnecessarily difficult to system wipe a mac??? I had to delete the startup disk and then reinstall the OS off the Apple store, which I need an Apple ID to access, but to access the store I need to be connected to the internet which I needed to set up before I wiped the disk but also I have to sign out of iTunes and icloud, which I WOULD have been able to do had the previous owner not lost the password to their account, which is the whole entire reason I’m WIPING THE FRICKIN THING