i was a freak as a child


So I’ve only just got enough WIFI to upload photos, but I went to the National Space Centre this time last week for The FAB World of Gerry Anderson event with @little-smartass, @eireniart, @quakeroates and @tpoross and it was completely incredible! Was really nice to meet Matt Zimmerman, Dee Anderson and Liz Morgan and ask them questions. They’re really genuine and funny irl its amazing. Also yelled a whole lot about space bc spaceeeeeeeeeeeee and bumped into some of the TAG fam inc: the truly lovely IRstars, Tiylaya, Quiller and there was that one hilarious encounter with @thunderbirds-are-fab in which she knew who I was and I was awkward and ridiculous and just kept grinning at her for no good reason except she’s hella cute and seemed really familiar ??? XD

Eddie Kasprak Appreciation Post

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Ahhh my boy Eddie so small and little. HES SO FREAKING ADORABLE I CANT! My favorite eddie scenes are when the stands up to his mom towards the end and when richie tries to pop his arm back into place and hes like “DO NOT F**KING TOUCH ME!” 🤣💀 it killed me it was so funny this child is the best and i love him so so so much ❤️

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Hogwarts Houses finding out about parenthood

Ravenclaw: They either figured it out within the first five seconds of talking to them, or they’re 7 months pregnant and they are still forgetting. There is no in between. 

Hufflepuff: Freaks out, starts planning, and somehow got a cake.

Gryffindor: So. Freaking. Excited. (Fainting is a strong possibility)

Slytherin: Falls kinda quiet as they think about the meaning of this. They are going to have a child. And this might be one of the few sceneries they haven’t prepped for.

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For me personally, the most important part of IT 2017 was Billy’s love for his baby brother. I loved the clown as a character when I say love I don’t mean “love” I still wanted the freaking clown to die. I just meant that I appreciated what he brought to the movie plot. But Billy’s love for Georgie was so much more important to me.

Billy a thirteen-year-old CHILD was was willing to go into a house with a demonic monster, ALONE, in the hopes that Georgie might still be alive/kill the clown. It’s great that his friends came to help him and all. But that doesn’t invalidate that he would have gone alone if his friends hadn’t come.

Billy a thirteen-year-old CHILD decided that going into a house with a demonic monster was better than seeing that his baby brother wasn’t home.

Billy a thirteen-year-old CHILD ran after the monster rather than away from it for Georgie’s sake.

Billy a thirteen-year-old CHILD was willing to get eaten by the clown so his friends could escape. And I have no doubt that if he could have sacrificed himself to save, Georgie, he would have done it in a heartbeat. 

When Georgie was dragged into the sewers the name he screamed out was Billy. Not mommy. Not daddy. Billy. I know from personal experience that when something bad is about to happen to you, you call out the name of the person you rely on the most. That you trust to protect you the best. Billy must have been one great brother for Georgie to call out to him for help rather than his mom or dad.

It was Billy’s love for Georgie that gave him the strength to overcome his fears. 

I know the movie wasn’t as scary as it could have been. But how is Bill’s selfless and fearless love for his baby brother, not worth watching?

I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out about what Ivy did. You guys gotta remember that Ivy still has the mind of a child and gets upset when people don’t give her attention. Oswald tends to just shut her up and shoos her away when she tries to talk to him. So of course when she sees her older brother being extremely extra and getting all the attention, she is going to try to take it away from him.

Why does my 24 year old sister freak out when a guy kisses her cheek. I’m 6 years younger than her and I’m over here doing the nasty.

She a child of god I swear 😂

Love her

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Joanne put it nicely. Over you is like a child between ML and Blake. Like GR and Gwen have the boys, Blake and ML have over you. It will always be a beautiful part of both of them.

Yeah, I think there’s this automatic bristling some have when Blake mentions *anything* even tangentially connected to ML and I get it, but honestly, it’s unnecessary. I remember people freaking out about him saying her name when discussing Over You at a BSers Lounge and then i finally saw the clip, and it was so dispassionate and matter-of-fact that I felt even MORE confident about the strength and future of G and B’s relationship after seeing it, lol.

(Having said that, I wish we had a studio version by him, because his voice is gorgeous on it…)

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My sister was telling me about some crazy fans of the ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis who are convinced they are secretly married and even have a secret child, even though he is actually married to another woman. It made me think of PT and her delusions, so I recently showed some of PT's posts and now our new thing is saying to each other "I'm a boss at a well-known journalism" and "I have a similar net worth to Cole Sprouse, I have so much equipment."

OMG!!! You made my day, Nonnie!!! Gotta say, as someone who casually followed them, I’m not surprised fans freaked with that about Charlie….and, LBR, Tanith is like nine BILLION times hotter, anyway….and Charlie seems pretty happy with her.

Hopefully FappingTown won’t disappoint and will soon provide some other entertaining catch phrases—though, really, “similar net worth to a millionaire” is gonna be really hard to improve upon!!!

As requested by @gjoriin, here is stuff I love about Pidge :D

  • loves her family unconditionally!!!!!!
  • rambles when worried
  • also rambles when excited
  • really didn’t want to cut her hair off
  • the more tense the situation/less sleep she’s gotten, the less tolerance she has for Lance’s shit
  • loves video games
  • always wants to learn new things & know how everything works 
  • can?? think in binary code?????? how
  • tilts her head and/or readjusts her glasses when nervous
  • reprogrammed and adopted a fighting drone
  • also named it
  • gets annoyed when people touch her stuff without permission
  • carries a picture of Matt with her
  • *team does something stupid* *ignores them completely and keeps doing her own thing*
  • has allergies & used to hate the outdoors because of that
  • despite that she appreciates pretty nature surroundings
  • *glasses glint*
  • came up with the plan to steal money from a fountain to buy that one video game
  • cries openly
  • talks to her lion and modifies it with castle tech
  • is?? actually totally comfortable in dresses????
  • seems to really get along with the mice
  • has a diary
  • easily gets sweaty hands
  • built trash robots of her friends when she was lost in space - probably because she missed them
  • makes puns and waits for people to get them
  • hates peanuts but loves peanut butter cookies
  • curse her short arms
  • so small,, gets blown away easily,,, needs to be protected,,,,
  • can be unexpectedly clumsy
  • continued doing her job even when she heard how Shiro got tortured over the intercoms
  • *gets forced to leave her laptop* *whines and pouts*
  • tried to learn Altean and actually was successful to some degree
  • “aww you’ve got a cute little bayard” *electrocutes Lance* “yeah, it’s pretty cute”
  • made it into the garrison with a fake identity
  • can hack into pretty much everything, anywhere, even while talking
  • is sarcastic at times but is genuine about her feelings just as often, if not more
  • smart af
  • agreed to stay with the team despite her family being more important to her than anything else
  • fell asleep in front of her laptop
  • is self-confident and knows exactly what she’s capable of
  • but was still worried about not being the right paladin for the green lion
  • has the smuggest grin
  • sees tech: ☆*・゜゚・*٩(*▿*)۶*・゜゚・*☆

CONCLUSION: Pide is adorable,,,, I l o v e her

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My guilty pleasure is all those episodes of trashy 90′s daytime talk shows where the parents bring their alternative teens in all like “My Child Has Turned Into A Freak, Please Help Me Fix Them By Being Mean To Them On National Television”. 

I like watching them on Youtube, and twice now I’ve seen them uploaded by the very former teens featured in those episodes. Take a look at what Alan Jr. (from the Ricki Lake show):

and Sunnie (from the Jenny Jones show) are looking like then vs. now:

I love that after all these years and even after being publicly humiliated by their own parents on TV they still haven’t changed & they’re still doing their thing and being rad as hell. Love these folks <3

half-assed astrology
  • Aries: child-like or whatever
  • Taurus: something about being hungry?? idk
  • Gemini: shapeshifting personality (personalitIES??)
  • Cancer: anxious lil dude/gal/person
  • Leo: needy cat??
  • Virgo: neat freak I guess?
  • Scorpio: evil and mean or something
  • Sagittarius: Honestly overlooked a lot on these posts tbh
  • Capricorn: bubbly mom friend?
  • Aquarius: caring af but distant?
  • Pisces: some crying fish shit
old bops

1. ride wit me - nelly
2. yeah! - usher
3. in da club - 50 cent
4. buy u a drank - t-pain
5. i wanna love you - akon
6. let me love you - mario
7. my boo - usher
8. temperature - sean paul
9. i’m n luv wit a stripper - t-pain
10. suga suga - baby bash
11. ms. jackson -outkast
12. what’s luv? - fat joe and ashanti
13. one, two step - ciara and missy elliot
14. goodies - ciara
15. miss. independent - ne-yo
16. get ur freak on - missy elliott
17. work it - missy elliot
18. gossip folks - missy elliot
19. love don’t cost a thing - jennifer lopez
20. this is how we do it - montell jordan
21. promiscuous - nelly furtado
22. say my name - destiny’s child
23. survivor - destiny’s child
24. sk8er boi - avril lavigne
25. tie me down - new boyz
26. lonely - akon
27. changes - 2pac
28. i’ll be missing you - diddy and faith evans
29. i miss you - blink 182
30. me & u - cassie
31. butterfly - crazy town
32. it wasn’t me - shaggy
33. leavin - jesse mccartney
34. shake it - metro station
35. fall for you - secondhand serenade
36. mr. brightside - the killers
37. thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy
38. shut up and drive - rihanna
39. halo - beyoncé
40. i write sins, not tragedies - panic! at the disco
41. you da one - rihanna
42. countdown - beyoncé
43. beautiful soul - jesse mccartney
44. no air - jordin sparks
45. i want it that way - backstreet boys
46. snow (hey oh) - red hot chili peppers
47. it was a good day - ice cube
48. killing me softly with his song - fugees
49. miami - will smith
50. complicated - avril lavigne
51. juicy - biggie
52. whenever, wherever - shakira
53. rich girl - gwen stefani
54. as long as you love me - backstreet boys
55. stacy’s mom - fountains of wayne
56. ghetto gospel - 2pac
57. so yesterday - hillary duff
58. somebody told me - the killers
59. when you were young - the killers
60. getting jiggy wit it - will smith
61. gangsta’s paradise - coolio
62. wonderwall - oasis
63. i get around - 2pac
64. p.y.t - michael jackson
65. too little too late - jojo
66. come clean - hillary duff

Them finding out you are pregnant with their child


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  • actually melts
  • “Are you for real!?”
  • you show him the pregnancy test
  • And you assuring him that he will be a great father
  • “Peter, we are not naming our child Tony”
  • “I’m just saying-”
  • “No.”
  • Deciding to tell Aunt May
  • She is really happy and supportive 
  • “I mean, the making process was fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”


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  • will not stop smiling
  • “Are you even listening to me?”
  • Not even a single worry
  • And when you get insecure as a mother, he will be there to tell you that you are just fine
  • The Avengers freaked out, but Tony just smirked
  • “I heard you that night”
  • You got to paint the baby room together
  • “It was the most fun I've ever had”
  • “It’s because I was there”
  • Everything went smoothly as if you planned it


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  • As if he didn’t have enough kids at the manor
  • “Oh shit”
  • You’d be in tears because you were scared that something will go wrong trough out the process 
  • But of course, he was there to help you cheer up
  • “I will take care of it as if it was mine, Miss [Y/N]”
  • “I think I'll be fine Alf.”
  • You wanted to make sure the child didn’t find out about the bat
  • it ended up as the sixth robin…


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  • As if you weren’t freaking out to tell him
  • he seemed angry to you for some reason (that wasn’t true ofc)
  • but that quickly escalated to a tight hug
  • “I’ll make sure this child lives the best life possible”
  • you had to go furniture shopping together 
  • You were both so happy when you saw the decorated room after so much work went over it
  • You imagined the small child running around
  • After it was born, you both tried to get time and take care of it
  • you would read her/him stories to bed
  • all your insecurities flew away


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  • O boi
  • How did that happen  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • IT’S NOT LIKE YOU HAVE SEX EVERY WEEK OR ANYTHING  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you tried to be serious, but Tony wasn’t at all
  • he just kept smiling and giggling like the giggly bitch he is
  • but you still love him
  • “Okay so….what are you doing”
  • “I’m planning the-”



So Night in the Woods is rad. Thought I’d make some human-ish designs of the characters for fun. Maybe I’ll do more in the future? Probably.

Hey..You freaks mind not drawing Marina overly sexualized? She aint got big ass tiddies or some shit, I know you all aren’t use to black ladies not being sexualized or oiled up but stop ? Shes a child thanks.