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I know you are not in the mood for talking about 🐢 and I respect that. But... Rumor has it: 🐢 is in Vancuver. 😒 Do you know anything about it, is there a pic or tweet or anything? I'm sorry for bringing this darkness into your home, but you've always been honest with us, so naturaly, you are my first choice when this shit comes along.

I haven’t heard or seen anything about him being there. Not sure where you found this information but there’s nothing so far (to my knowledge) saying so. Fans who are stalking the set barely saw David and Gillian, so spotting PM seems unlikely. Could be wrong, though, but trust no one :)

a comprehensive list of how the CW’s supergirl dedicated their weekend to getting their PR team to beg for mercy

  • SDCC had an easy start until it was clear that mon-el (the most hated character) was at the forefront of many conversations and chris wood continued to speak over other cast members and draw attention back to himself 
  • melissa answered a question about her character where she completely ignored the existence of a season long relationship with a beloved black character, james olsen, in favor of saying that her white love interest, mon-el, was kara’s first boyfriend
  • then the supergirl cast sang a song recapping season 2 and jeremy jordan damn near derailed it as he started screaming that kara and lena are friends, they’re oNLY FRIENDS, THEYRE NOT GONNA GET TOGETHER, THEYRE ONLY FRIENDS!! melissa joined in the screaming as well while most of the cast laughed, mehcad brooks deadass started to dance on the spot
  • then melissa and jeremy patted themselves on the back for “debunking” that ship, saying it was “very brave” to do so
  • for no reason whatsoever, chris wood stated that sexuality is at its core, about how other people perceive you and not how you identify
  • then the cw dropped a trailer for a show called The Ray, in which the nazis won world war II and the jewish characters of kara zor-el and barry allen are, hey why not, they’re nazis
  • at the end of the first day, jeremy jordan wrote an apology for his actions so offensive that he had to follow up an hour later with an apology for his apology
  • this weekend it was also confirmed that the character of maggie sawyer is only signed for a handful of episodes before writing her off completely, eliminating the only gay relationship the show has (and apparently, the only one they intend to have)
  • when contacted regarding the homophobic incident at comic con, melissa benoist’s publicist claimed that her client couldn’t be homophobic (she was on glee) and then threatened to sue a black, non-straight fan for implying that she could be 

sidenote - katie, odette, david: you’re angels you deserve none of this

I’m sitting on my front porch when it happens: The ground starts shaking.
I’m a small Good Omens meme farmer, enjoying life in my small Good Omens community, but I have seen life in the big fandoms. “They’re coming…”
My youngest son, a stringy chap who only knows this peaceful way of life, stops sweeping the porch and looks at me. “Who’s coming, Ma?”
I stand up and stare at the horizon, waiting for Them. “The Tennant fans, lad. The Tennant fans.”


btvs 4x01 → ats 1x01

“This is the phone call sequence which again was a nod for the Buffy and Angel fans. […] You didn’t need to see the one to enjoy the other. But if you watched both, you understood what was happening. That there was a moment where they almost made a connection and didn’t.” - Joss Whedon