i was a cute little bug today i think

i think my favorite people at the insectarium are the ones who are a little bit hesitant and ask to hold the bugs anyways. not outright hostile to them, but still a little bit scared. because most of the time they end up saying things like “this isn’t that bad” or even “they’re actually kind of cute” when all is said and done, and i love seeing that sense of discovery in someone that the natural world can be cool – even the intimidating bits

Today while my little sister was at school she drew this for me. We had gotten home and she threw a paper airplane at me and was like “this is for you” and I started to open the paper airplane, thinking it would be a picture of a flower or something she usually draws and SHE ACTUALLY REMEMBERED I LIKED HOMESTUCK AND DREW THIS. I AM SO PROUD OF HER. She even tried to draw the kid’s symbols and three of the trolls and the hemospectrum and I just- oh my gosh it’s so cute. I’m sorry for bugging you all but I thought that this was beautiful and felt like this needed to be shown. Goodbye while I go hang this up on a wall in my room.