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Summary: While filming the girlfriend tag, you and Sean reminisce over your first time meeting.

Gender: Female

Notes: This maayyyy have ran away with me a little. I originally planned to write it as a small drabble kind of imagine before I went to sleep, however, it’s now 00:30 and I have over 1.6k words. Whoops.

Y/Y/N - Your YouTube Name


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Struggles Part 3- Josh Dun

You were 36 weeks pregnant and couldn’t wait to be done with the it. You were huge, hot, and you couldn’t even shave your own legs. Josh did it for you along with helping you get dressed and undressed. You were so tired and felt like a huge nuisance having to get help with most things. Josh told you all the time that he didn’t care taking care of you. He told you he rather take care of you so the babies could stay inside as long as possible. With multiples and it being a high risk pregnancy you were put on bed rest basically so the babies would stay as healthy as possible and to not put more stress on your body.

It was early in the morning when you felt a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. You quickly woke up Josh fearing the worst and memories of the night almost 4 years ago flooded back to you.  

“Hey it’s okay. The babies are fine. You said you felt them kicking a half hour ago. Try and get some sleep. This is probably some early signs of labor. The doctor warned you this was most likely to happen.” he said calming your nervous.

“Okay, you’re right. First I have to pee though.” you said, struggling to get out of bed due to your size.

You waddled to the bathroom and you heard Josh chuckle, probably at how you walked.

You went to pee, but instead a gush of water fell from you.

“Josh.” you called for him knowing that your water just broke.

He was next to you in seconds. “I think my water just broke.” you said.

“D- does that mean it’s time?” he stuttered.

“Yeah Josh. It’s time. It’s finally time.” you felt like you were about to cry.

“Okay. I’ll help you to the car and I’ll grab the last minute stuff. How do you feel?” he was fanatic.

“Josh, honey slow down. I’m gonna call the hospital and see if we can come in and you need to breathe okay?” he nodded his head and grabbed your phone for you.

“Yes, hi my name is Y/N Dun and I’m 36 weeks with twin and my water just broke. I was wondering if I should come in now or wait it out a bit, my midwife told me to call the hospital when this happened.” you explained.

Once off the phone you went to Josh who was sitting on the bed and his leg was bouncing up and down. “Yeah, it’s time. They’re ready for us, but you need to relax a it Josh.” you said.

Josh breathed for a minute before leading you out to the car and went back in to grab last minute things while you sent out a quick text to family and close friends that you were on your way to the hospital. It was 3 in the morning and you were shaking with excitement.

“You ready for this?” Josh asked while starting the car.

“I’ve been ready for almost 5 years. I can’t go back now.” you said and he leaned over and kissed you before driving.

Once at the hospital they hooked you up to all the machines. Due to the fact that you were high risk and pregnant with twins you were going to have to get a c-section. They were going to wait until 10 am to start, allowing your body time to process it was in labor.

“Josh get some sleep. We’re in the hospital nothing will go wrong. This is probably the last chance at sleep you’ll have for the next like year.” you said trying to calm your fidgeting husband.

He sat back on the couch and closed his eyes trying to not freak out. He was about to be a father and you could tell he was a mix of nervous and overly excited.

You took a four hour nap and when you woke up Tyler and Jenna were there.

“How’s it going?” Jenna asked.

“Great we’re about to get these princesses into the real world. What time it is?” you asked.

“Jut about 8. 2 more hours and they’ll be here.” she said excitedly.

“I know. Josh is freaked out a bit, but I calmed him enough so he could sleep some.” you said gesturing to Josh who was sleeping on the couch.

“Good it’s probably the last he’ll get in a while.” Tyler added from the corner of the room.

They stayed with you until 9  when a nurse came in to prepare you for surgery. You woke Josh up so he could be aware of what’s happening.

“You could have woken me up before.” he said.

“I didn’t want to. You looked cute sleeping.” you said.

“Okay honey, we’re gonna wheel you back in a few minutes and get those babies out. Josh you can put the gown on and we’ll call you back when we’re all set up.” the nurse came in to explain.

Before you knew it you were laying face up on a table with Josh whispering in your ear about how amazing and beautiful you are. You felt some tugging then heard a cry which made you cry.

“One baby down, one more to go.” you heard a nurse say.

“Y/N it’s real, there’s no going back.” Josh said with tears in his eyes.

“I’m aware.” you said and then you heard a second cry.

“A and B are here.” Josh said kissing you.

After a few minutes two nurses came over to show your girls.

“They’re so perfect.” Josh said

“They are. Both healthy and beautiful.” one nurse said.

You couldn’t hold them yet and you weren’t going to be able for another hour or so due to the fact that you were being stitched up currently. They took the babies away to the nursery. You told Josh to go look after them just in case anything bad were to happen.

“You did amazing Y/N.” Josh said kissing you before he left.

You were happy knowing that Josh was with the babies while they got you ready to go back to the room.

When you got back Jenna and Tyler were there with Josh.

“How you feeling now mom?” Tyler asked.

“Surprisingly great, but I wanna hold my babies.” you said.

“So do I, but I wanted you to be the first so they’re bring them here now.” Josh said and the room door opened and two nurse came in with the babies in their beds.

Jenna let out an ‘awww’ when she saw them.

The nurse put one in each of your arms and tears started to roll down your cheeks. “I waited so long for this and it’s better than I could ever imagined this feeling.” you said.

“They’re beautiful Y/N. You did it and I’m so proud of you.” Josh placed a kiss on your forehead and looked down at his daughter’s in his wife’s arms.

After a few minutes you told Josh he could have his turn and you never saw him smile so big while crying when he got to hold them.

“Which one is which?” Tyler asked.

“The bigger one is Aria and the smaller one with the slight bruising is Braylee. They said the bruises are from the lack of space and her sister kicking her since week 16.” you said.

The rest of the day was spent with your newborn babies and people were in and out all day visiting.

“How are you going to tell them apart they look so similar.” Ashley commented while holding Aria.

“Well Aria is slightly bigger and Braylee is bruised. Other than that I have no idea.” Josh said.

“We’ll have to write a and b on their foreheads until they can tell us who they are.” you joked.

“Good thing they look like you Y/N. I wouldn’t want to have two girls who look like me.” Josh said.

“Josh they look like you too. You were an adorable baby. Who knows maybe the next will look like you.” you told him and his eyes went big.

“You want another?”

“Not for a long time, but yes.” you said and Josh released a breathe. 

You were so happy to have family around throughout the day. Just seeing everyone happy to see the tiny humans brought so much happiness to your heart.

You stayed in the hospital for the next 4 days with them until they were sent home.

“You ready for this?”Josh asked as you packed up your things in the hospital room.

“Well we can’t go back now.” you joked. “We can handle this. I’ve been looking forward to this for years.”

“And now we have 18 years ahead of us.” Josh said and kissed you on the cheek.

“Sorry to interrupt, but the girls are all ready to go home. A nurse will help you outside when you’re ready.” a nurse told you.

After putting the last few things in your bag Josh got you a wheelchair. You still were in a lot of pain seeing how they basically cut you open to deliver the babies. Two nurses helped carry the car seats out while Josh pushed you. He helped you into the car before taking the babies from each nurse and setting them in the car. When he finally got into the driver’s seat you looked over to him and smiled.

“You know what this means, right?” he said.

“Yeah. It just got real. We’re parents.” you kissed his cheek and he started driving.

At the hospital you had the nurses help when both babies were crying, but now it was just you and Josh. He had one baby and you had the other. He was an amazing help and although you were both exhausted, when you snapped at him he just took it. It had been one week since they babies came home and you were in the living room napping on the couch. Josh had told you to enjoy a nap and he would take care of the girls. You graciously accepted his offer and passed out on the couch. When you woke up the house was silent. You took in the peace before looking around for Josh.

You peaked into the nursery careful to not make noise in case the babies were sleeping. You saw Josh rocking in the rocking chair with one of the babies. He was whispering to her as she made small noises. It warmed your heart seeing him so relaxed with his daughter.

“You’re beautiful little Braylee. Yes you look just like mommy. You girls are very lucky to look like her. She’s such an amazing mom and I hope you turn out just like her.” he said and kissed her small head.

Aria started to cry so he stood carefully, laid Braylee down and picked up Aria.

“Look at you probably jealous, always taking space and time from your sister.” Josh said. “Or did you poop. Eww this one stinks. Do you think we should go wake up mommy for this one?” he joked then laid her one the changing table. “There you go. See I got this whole dad thing down.” he said after changing the diaper.

“Yes you do. I told you would do just fine.” you walked into the nursery and he was a bit startled by your sudden presence.

“I know and thank you. Not just for believing in me, but for them.” he said. “I only met them a few days ago but I love them so much.” he said.

“How old are they?” you asked realizing the days all seemed like one due to lack of sleep.

“I think it’s the 24th. So 8 days old?”he said.

“No the 24th was 2 days ago, I think. Aren’t they 10 days old?” you said.

“I’m so tired I don’t even know. If they are I’m gonna cry.”

“Why?” you asked concerned.

“My babies are growing up so fast.” he faked cried.

“They’re not even 2 weeks old Josh. We still have 18 years.”

“You’re right 18 wonderful more years.” he said and kissed you.

Le Figaro interview (google translation)

By  Nathalie Chuc Published 22/03/2017 at 13:00

New York. Cute costume and eccentric socks, very witty and laughing, Dan Stevens has a piercing azure look. Revealed by the Downton Abbey series , the 34-year-old Briton is the hero of Beauty and the Beast , a wonderfully adapted musical film by Walt Disney’s Oscar-winning classic, released in 1991.

What did the animated movie La Belle et la Bête mean to you ?
When it came out, I was 9 years old: I never imagined then playing the beast one day! I liked the movie as everyone did at the time and I remember the soundtrack that remains in the lead. On the filming of our adaptation, I have never been tired of rehearsing these songs. We added three new ones, one of which I interpret myself. My wife, a singing teacher, coached me for the audition. She then helped me to work on this song. It was a first for both of us, working together for a film.

Did you know the story of the tale by Jean Cocteau of 1946?
Of course! And there are a few winks to this beautiful version in our film. I hope the French will find them. The director Bill Condon would have even wanted to do even more “Cocteau” if he could. We were also inspired by the way of playing the Beast, very tragic, by Jean Marais, for whom I have great admiration. I also saw the version of Christophe Gans with Vincent Cassel.

One imagines that your children are proud to have a dad hero of a Disney film …
My children are in heaven! It is for them that I do it. I like, from time to time, to make a role really thinking of them - it’s very special for me, suddenly, when I play. This was also the case when I played Lancelot in The Night at the Museum 3 with Ben Stiller. I had them come on the set, it was magic for them. They’re watching this movie all the time.

Name: kristen

Nicknames: sten … literally since middle school and i’m close to 30 so… here we are

Gender: female

Star sign: taurus

Height: 5′3

Sexuality:  katie mcgrath 

Hogwarts house: gryffindor with slytherin undertones

Favourite animal: seahorses bc they’re weird af and i love cows bc they’re adorable and huge

Average hours of sleep:  8-9 otherwise i’m a disaster

Dog or Cat person: pups

Blankets you sleep with: at least one

Dream trip: anywhere there’s wine tasting, bike riding and maybe a beach i’m down 

When I made my blog: when did tumblr first come out? that should give an indication. i’m ancient

Followers: a lot more these days

Why I made a tumblr: came for the nonsense, stayed for the pics of hot women

Reason for my url: sten was taken so i kept adding n’s until it wasn’t

i’m always asked to fill these out so here’s a little snippet of meeeeee

#64: Pregnancy Series | Morning Sickness


Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2


The sudden sound of feet padding against the carpet towards the bathroom made Luke stir in his sleep before he opened his tired-heavy eyelids, his eyes squeezing as the lights from the bathroom illuminated into the hotel room. It took Luke several minutes before he realized what happened, the duvet from his body soon gone as he sat up on the bed, grabbing the pillow on the side you had slept on before walking towards the bathroom. To his luck, after the other episode on the last hotel they stayed at, Luke had managed to get you removed from staying in Michael’s rooms, to be in his instead. Even though Michael protested as a joke, he knew it would be the best for the two of you to stay together. Liz hadn’t questioned a thing afterwards probably thinking that it would be best to save you from awkward questions, and not to say at least that her son was actually going to be a father and she still had no clue about it. Luke’s confirmation about what was happening was positive as he came into the bathroom, taking a seat next to you as your calves and knees were pressed against the cold tiles of the bathroom, your forehead pressed against the marble toilet seat,  your eyes closing as you rested in tiredness and exhaustion. “Here.” Luke mumbled kneeling in front of you to place the pillow under your legs to make sure that it wasn’t uncomfortable sitting, helping you to get it under. “This fucking sucks.” You mumbled before another wave of nausea hit you, making your stomach twitch and another amount of puke left your mouth as you vomited into the toilet. “I think I’m done.” You announced after you had rested against the seat for a while, lifting your head to look at Luke. His eyebrows were knitting and he was chewing his bottom lip as he watched you, lifting his hand up towards your hair to pull some of it out of your face. “I’m sorry.” He mumbled, as he stood up and flushed the toilet. “its fine I guess.” You mumbled feeling awkward as you stood up, making a grimace as you watched your vomit disappear, walking over to the sink to brush your teeth and get away with the terrible taste. “Ready to go back to bed? We’ve still got like 2 hours before sound check is approaching.” He half smiled reaching his hand out for you to take it. “You nodded your head, grabbing his arm as he led you back to the beds, exhausting taking over your whole body.


“Y/N, the car is ready we can go grocery sho-“ Calum didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence as the sound of you groaning from the toilet made his eyebrows knit as he stood by the end of the stairs, a hand running through his hair when he realized what happened, sprinting over to the bathroom. The door was already open and he leaned against the door frame as he took in your small state over the porcelain toilet. Calum let out a content of sigh as he watched you for the probably 17th time this week, head hovering over the toilet as you flushed out the breakfast. He walked over to the sink to open one of your cupboards, reaching out to grab an elastic band, placing it around his wrist before turned around to kneel in front of you, kissing you on the forehead softly, being careful in a fear of you vomiting again at any second. “Sorry.” You mumbled as he started to collect your hair into a very messy braid, his hands slightly shaking as he tried to do his best, knowing how weak you were at the moment and how vulnerable you looked, your eyes dazed and your throat burning. “You’ve been going on like this for 2 weeks now; I never thought it would be this bad.” He mumbled, twisting the elastic band around the end of the braid, securing it. You didn’t had the chance to answer though, just stopping your head down the toilet as another rush of vomit appeared from your throat, your body tensing so harshly but as Calum’s warm hand landed on your back and his lips found a part on your shoulder your relaxed more by his touch. He stood up from the floor in a search for your tooth brush, taking it from being placed in a glass next to his, watering it and putting toothpaste of it. You leaned away from the toilet as there was nothing left, letting out a deep sigh before your eyes landing up on Calum, him already looking down at you with a sympathetic look. He reached out for you to grab the toothbrush and a small smile formed on your lips as you grabbed it, happy that no matter how many times he had been through this, he would always be there 100% even though that meant that you would get so many knots in your hair after his messy attempts on a braid. “I love you so much.” You hugged him as you stood up before starting to brush your teeth.


“Michael.” You groaned as you leaned onto the opposite of him, your hand flying to your mouth to prevent what else could be on the way. Michael leaned up on his elbows tiredly as he watched the time, 6AM illuminating from his nightstand and he turned his attention back to you, seeing your body starting to shake. His eyes widen as he realized what happened, his hand immediately grabbing the bucket standing next to the side of his bed, his movement fast as he turned you around on the side to lie in front of him, placing the bucket in front of your head, ready to let the content split out. You waited a few seconds, your stomach twitching as it started to hurt, your throat burning as the liquid left your mouth and started to fill up the bucket. Michael nuzzled his hand inside your T shirt on the smaller place on your back as you emptied your stomach, his warm hand feeling soothing as he constantly left pecks on your forehead. “I’m sorry you have to go through this.” He smiled sadly, leaning down to give you a kiss on the cheek as you felt like you had finished. “But I promise it will be worth it in the end.” You formed a small smile by his words, your breathing being a light pant as your body was tired after working so many muscles. After finding out about the pregnancy, morning sickness had hit you hard. Being in week 9 was harsh when it came to it and you were already growing tired of it. “Before you know it, it’s gone.” “Easy for you to say, you aren’t experiencing it.” You growled with a smile, making him let out a soft giggle. “No, but I’m here to help you through this.” He said as he gestured to the bucket, it had not left his side since the first morning sickness, and it wouldn’t leave before it was over. “Only because I’m carrying your child.” You joked, leaning your head back against the pillow. “And because I love you.” He added as he grabbed the bucket, removing himself from the bed to stand up and head out towards the toilet. The sound of water hitting water appeared, soon following after a flush with the toilet, and water rinsing something off, Michael came back in with the bucket and placed it next to him. He laid back down on the bed, opening his arms for you to cuddle close to him, his hand never leaving as it started to draw patterns on your t shirt covered still flat stomach.


Ashton’s body started to stir in his sleep as a constant light kept on pointing directly towards his face, the lamp burning into his eyes making his eyebrows knit at first, but afterwards his eyes started to blink and squeeze, wakening up to the faint sound of a growl coming from the bathroom. He raised himself from the bed, the covers going from resting at his chest to down past his navel as he sat up on the madras, taking a look to his right side to see you nowhere, your duvet being pushed away. His feet dangled against the bed as his arms took a stretch above his head, a small groan leaving past his lips as he stood up, walking towards the noise from you at the bathroom. At first he was confused, the time being 4.AM and you had been feeling well the night before so what could be wrong was hard to conclude in his mind. The sight of you leaning against the toilet seat with your hair tied up in a messy bun, his t shirt clutching to your now sweaty body. He leaned against the doorframe with a mind-blowing smile on his face, crossing his arms as he stared down at you in awe. There was a pause at your vomit moments, making you look up by the feeling of a presence next to you. “Why in the world are you so happy?” You grumbled, turning your head to look at him with knitted eyebrows as you rested against the toilet seat. “Because this is so fucking great, it means that you’re progressing in the pregnancy.” He cheered, watching you with a massive smile as you started to vomit again, your stomach twitching and throat burning as you fought the urge not to let out tears. “I gotta take a selfie after this.” He joked as his hand rested on your back, drawing patterns to make sure that you were okay. “No selfies.” You mumbled as you finished the last vomit, acid being the only thing coming up now. You almost flipped Ashton to the cold tiles as you threw yourself onto his chest in exhaustion, his warm chest heating you up as you closed your eyes. “I’m just happy to experience this with you. There’s nobody else I’ve imagined doing this with.” He mumbled into your hair as he left kissed along your jaw and cheek, his arm sneaking under your calves as the other placed on your back, Ash stood up taking you with him as he carried you back towards the bed.   

I Know You Like Me - Chapter 38 (FINAL)

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Aaaaannnnnddd that’s a wrap!!! I hope you all have enjoyed! I feel so happy and accomplished now! Thank you to all the Bunnies who have read! Love you! ^^

You Still Like Me


Until Forever:

“Hi Kangin, Marta isn’t ready yet.” Jenny happily let Kangin enter their dorms.

“Yeah, she always takes forever.” Bette added.

“Shut up!” Kangin heard Marta yell from the bathroom, making him laugh. When she finally came out, he couldn’t help but think she looked like the most beautiful girl in the world.

“Here, these are for you.” Kangin handed her the bouquet of flowers he bought her.

“And what did you get for SoonYee and Donghae?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t spend the gift money on you.” Kangin giggled cutely, “Want to put our money together as one gift?”

“Sure.” Marta answered as she went into the kitchen to put the flowers in water.

“Okay now that we’re all ready can we go now?” Bette whined.

“Yes, let’s go!” Marta pointed to the door, “You guys take Jenny’s car and I’ll be with Kangin.”

“You know,” Kangin held her hand as they walked out the door and to his car, “SoonYee is supposed to be the most beautiful girl today, you’re giving her some serious competition.”

“Kim Youngwoon!” Marta playfully slapped his shoulder as she blushed.  "You’re too much.“

"I know.”

They got into Kangin’s car and drove to the hall with the other girls following right behind them. Kangin was sure to sneak his hand back to Marta’s as he drove with his other hand on the wheel.

“You look so handsome in your tux.” Marta giggled, “Donghae’s definitely going to have some competition too.”

They laughed together and he blushed at her words. There wasn’t a day where he regretted asking her out. He couldn’t hide the fact he had feelings for her too, and once he finally felt like he was ready to move on from his feelings for Leenah, he was happy he had Marta to continue helping him through it. She helped make it easier, and he was forever grateful for that.

“You think we’ll ever be able to do this too?” He suddenly felt himself ask.

“Maybe next year.” Marta replied with a smirk, giving him confidence.

“It’s a plan then.”

They arrived at the hall, meeting up with Donghae’s mother, SoonYee’s mom and dad along with Ryeowook and Sungah and the other members. Jenny, Deedee, and Bette followed in shortly after. Donghae was already in his tux with his hair slicked back with just the right amount of gel and hairspray, and greating everyone.

“You finally made it!” Henry happily greeted Kangin with a hug, “we’re supposed to be starting soon.”

“Sorry but Marta took forever with her hair. You know women.” Kangin joked with him, making Marta glare.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, I said I love you with all my heart, my dearest.” Kangin awkwardly smiled and she patted his shoulder.

“That’s what I thought you said.”

“Marta, if you wanna chat with SoonYee for some moral support, she’s finishing up getting ready over there.” Henry pointed to a room which had the door closed.

“Thanks. Where is Leenah and Heechul? They haven’t showed up yet?”

“No I guess not.”

As if on cue, they both heard Heechul’s familiar screech of pain at the main entrance.

“You stepped on my foot!”

“Don’t be a baby, I did not.” Leenah rolled her eyes and walked in holding Nani’s hand.

“Uncle Kangin!” Sora happily sprinted over to Kangin and he happily picked her up into his arms, Nani following soon after.

“Heechul!” Donghae quickly ran over to give him a hug but saw another little someone being held by him already, “How is little Joon doing?”

“Oh you know, he’s just like his handsome father.” Heechul flicked his hair to the side.

“He does look like you.”


“Hey Leenah,” Marta tapped her shoulder, “want to go give SoonYee some moral support?”

“Sure, sounds good. I have to make up for all the support she gave me at my own wedding.”

“I’ll come too!” Heechul followed with Joon in his arms.

“SoonYee,” Leenah knocked on the door then entered, seeing SoonYee trying to adjust herself in her dress.

“Leenah!” SoonYee greeted her with a tight hug, “I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Don’t cry too much, you’ll ruin your makeup!”

“I know, and I swore I wouldn’t cry at another wedding!” SoonYee gently dabbed underneath her eyes with a tissue, “I guess my own doesn’t count.”

“Donghae is really excited out there so you should be too.” Marta chimed in.

“Exactly,” Leenah nodded, “Just sit back and think about all you went through that got you two to this point.”

“No more stories!” Heechul whined as he cradled Joon, “I’ve had enough of those to last me a lifetime, especially at weddings!”

“I’m guessing ours was enough for you, huh?” Leenah smiled, putting her arms around his waist.

“Ours is never enough for me,” Heechul smiled sweetly down at her then Joon who was fast asleep, “because it’ll be continuing on for a long time.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

“Okay,” Marta clasped her hands together, “Are we ready?”

SoonYee nodded her head, “Yeah, I think I’m ready now.”

“You better be,” Heechul called out to her as she walked out, “Married life will be the most stressful thing you ever go through in life!”

“Kim Heechul!” Leenah lightly hit his arm, “Just because it’s like that for us doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for her and Donghae.”

“I know, but I’m warning just in case, even though no one can be like us.”

“You’re too much sometimes, Kim Heechul.” Leenah shook her head as she walked out with him. He smiled confidently.

“I know, but you love me anyways.”

“I do. Until forever.”

At Least Out Loud

Part three of the Blood Brothers series is due in a few. Sorry about the delay. I, Dezee, am a lazy fart. But I will finish this series and maybe some one shots if my stupid creativity will allow me. But I have two possible endings. Ending A, which will be everything before the line. Ending B will be including pass the line. Ending A wll be everything neat in a little bow, Ending B will lead to possibly two more parts consisting of angst and maybe some crying. I haven’t decided. So, finally here’s Part three of Blood brothers.

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